On behalf of the Directors of the CBC, our best wishes to the former FRANK MALONEY, promoter of so many Commonwealth Championships and manager of Commonwealth Champions in the new life chosen. A difficult and transitional time but one that the guts and self-belief shown in finding success in such a tough and competitive business at the very highest level will stand in good stead.

Our best wishes too, to former 2-time Commonwealth Lightmiddleweight Champion, JAMIE MOORE,

and a sincere ‘get well soon’ as he recovers in hospital in Spain from a shooting incident.

I have already been in contact with his former manager and promoter, Steve Wood, who has visited Jamie in hospital and passed this on.

Congratulations are due to new Welterweight Champion, LEONARD BUNDU, born in Sierra Leone, now resident in Italy, who, much to his surprise, became our newest Champion when successfully defending his European Title against then Commonwealth Champion, Frankie Gavin on 1st August. A brief glance through the history of Empire/Commonwealth Championships since the 19th century indicates he is our only Champion from that country. He becomes the 5th current Commonwealth Champion not hailing from the UK, something of a record in recent times, an affirmation of the wishes of the CBC Directors that our Championships should be open to boxers from as many countries in the Commonwealth as possible (see RESULTS).