PLEASE NOTE : Contenders are listed in alphabetical order and not in any order of preference.

GENERAL NOTE : A Champion is required to defend within the time period set against any of the listed contenders in his weight division except in the case where a particular mandatory challenger has been specified, either of such defences to be considered a mandatory defence.  Should a Champion wish to defend against a challenger not listed then application must be made to the Hon Secretary of the CBC by him, his manager or a promoter on their behalves. Permission will be granted subject to approval by the CBC of the challenger and such defence will be considered a voluntary defence. The winner will be obliged to make a mandatory defence within the time period specified if this has not already taken place.


Promoters must send copies of contracts to the Hon Secretary together with the appropriate Sanction Fee otherwise the contest may not receive formal sanction.


Commissions, federations and other boxing regulatory/sanctioning authorities receiving this notice are requested to advise all interested parties within their jurisdictions and the local press.



Hon Secretary


HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION                         LUCAS BROWNE                                Australia

                                                                                Won Title 26th April 2014



                                                                                Derek Chisora                                    England        

                                                                                Gary Cornish                                      Scotland                                                            

                                                                                Tyson Fury                                          England

                                                                                Anthony Joshua                               England

                Lateef Kayode                                   Nigeria

                                                                                Kali Meehan                                       Australia

                                                                                Joseph Parker                                   New Zealand

                                                                                David Price                                          England

                                                                                Sam Sexton                                        England               

                                                                                Carlos Takam                                     Cameroon

                                                                                Bowie Tupou                                     Tonga


BROWNE to defend against any of the above by 31st March 2015.



CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION                     OVILL MCKENZIE                              Jamaica

                                                                                Won Title 12th April 2014

                                                                                Last defence 7th July 2014 (mandatory)



CONTENDERS                                                    Matty Askin                                        England

                                                                                Tony Bellew                                       England




  Cruiserweights cont’d                                  Nathan Cleverly                                Wales

                                                                                Tony Conquest                                 England

                                                                                 Denton Daley                                Canada                                                                   

Olanrewaju Durodola                     Nigeria

                                                                                 Mark Flanagan                                  Australia

                                                                                Anthony McCracken                       Australia

Thabiso Mchunu                              S Africa

Vikapita Meroro                               Namibia

Steve Simmons                                                 Scotland


MCKENZIE to defend against any of the above by 30th June 2015





                                                                                Won Title 17th August 2013


CONTENDERS                                                    Bob Ajisafe                                      Nigeria

                                                                                Robert Berridge                                New Zealand

 Blake Caparello                             Australia

                                                                                 Isaac Chilemba                              Malawi

                                                                                Travis Dickinson                                England                                                                 

                                                                                Ryno Leibenberg                              S Africa                                                                   

                                                                                Johnny Muller                                   S Africa

                                                                                Thomas Oosthuizen                        S Africa

                                                                                 Jean Pascal                                        Canada



MACCARINELLI to defend against AJISAFE by 30th April 2015



SUPERMIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION         ISAAC EKPO                                        Nigeria

                                                                                Won title 28th June 2014


CONTENDERS                                                    Sakio Bika                                            Cameroon

                                                                                Luke Blackledge                                England

                                                                                Frank Buglioni                                    England

                                                                                Liam Cameron                                   England

Jake Carr                                              Australia

                                                                                James DeGale                                   England

                                                                                Zac Dunn                                             Australia

                                                                                George Groves                                 England

                                                                                Mark Heffron                                    England

                                                                                Schiller Hyppolite                             Canada

                                                                                Rohan Murdock                                Australia

Wilbeforce Shihepo                        Namibia

                                                                                Callum Smith                                      England





Supermiddles cont’d.                                     Paul Smith                                           England



EKPO to defend by 31st March or title may be declared vacant.



MIDDLEWEIGHT  CHAMPION                      BILLY JOE SAUNDERS                      England

                                                                                Won Title 28th April 2012

                                                                                Last defence 29th November 2014 (Mandatory)


CONTENDERS                                                    Nick Blackwell                                    England 

                                                                                Chris Buthelezi                                  S. Africa

                                                                                Danny Butler                                      England

                                                                                Adam Etches                                      England

                                                                                Chris Eubank Jnr                               England

                                                                                Jarrod Fletcher                                  Australia

                                                                                Daniel Geale                                      Australia

                                                                                Simeon Hardy                                    Guyana   

                                                                                Gunnar Jackson                                New Zealand                                                                 

Tureano Johnson                             Bahamas

                                                                                David Lemieux                                  Canada

                                                                         Martin Murray                         England

Eamonn O’Kane                               N Ireland                                                                   

                                                                                John Ryder                                         England

                                                                                Les Sherrington                                Australia

                                                                                Sam Soliman                                      Australia


SAUNDERS to defend against any of the above by 30TH June 2015




LIGHTMIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION           LIAM WILLIAMS                                Wales

                                                                                Won title 24th November 2014


CONTENDERS                                                    Joshua Clottey                                  Ghana

                                                                                Brandon Cook                                   Canada

                                                                                Nkululeko Mhlongu                        S Africa                                                                    

                                                                                Anthony Mundine                           Australia

                                                                                Brian Rose                                           England

                                                          Liam Smith                                                England

                                                                                Sammy Vargas                                  Canada




WILLIAMS to defend against any of the above by 30th June 2015









WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION                       FRANKIE GAVIN                               England

                                                                                Won Title 29th November 2014


CONTENDERS                                                Kevin Bizier                                             Canada

                                                          Steve Clagget                                          Canada                                                                

                                                                                Antoine Decarie                               Canada

                                                                                Sam Eggington                                  England

                                                                                Cameron Hammond                       Australia

                                                                                Vivian Harris                                       Guyana

Jeff Horn                                          Australia

                                                                                Amir Khan                                           England

                                                                                Joseph Lamptey                             Ghana

                                                                                Frederick Lawson                           Ghana

Sakima Mullings                             Jamaica

Oyewale Omotoso                          Nigeria

                                                                                Ahmet Patterson                            England

                                                                                Sackey Shikikutu                             Namibia

                                                                                Shane Singleton                             England

                                                                                Bradley Skeete                               England

                                                                                Ashley Theophane                         England

Bethel Ushona                                Namibia

                                                                                Chris van Heerden                           S.Africa

                                                                                Mikael Zewski                                 Canada


GAVIN to defend against any of the above by 30th June 2015


JOSPEH LAMPTEY to box BENJAMIN ASHLEY in an official Eliminator




LIGHTWELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION           DAVE RYAN                                        England

                                                                                Won Title 4/10/14


CONTENDERS                                                Chad Bennett                                        Australia  

                                                                                Jack Catterall                                      England

Lenny Daws                                        England

                                                                                Darren Hamilton                               England

                                                                         Julius Indongo                                          Namibia

Dierry Jean                                      Canada

                                                                                Chris Jenkins                                   Wales 

                                                                                Willie Limond                                     Scotland

                                                                                Tony Luis                                             Canada 

                                                                                Tyrone Nurse                                  England

                                                                                Ajose Olusegun                              Nigeria

                                                                                Bradley Saunders                           England

               Mzolisi Yoyo                                        S Africa






Lightwelters cont’d.                                         Lennie Zappavigna                         Australia


DAVE RYAN to defend against any of the above by 30th June 2015



LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION                           RICHARD COMMEY                         Ghana

                                                                                Won title 20th July 2014


CONTENDERS                                                    Sharif Bogere                                     Uganda

                                                                                Ricky Burns                                         Scotland

                                                                                Luke Campbell                                  England

                                                                                Scott Cardle                                    England

                                                                                Tommy Coyle                                 England

                                                                                Anthony Crolla                               England

                                                                                Terry Flanagan                                  England

                                                                                Ghislain Maduma                             Canada

                                                                                Derry Matthews                             England

                                                                                Rafael Mensah                               Ghana

                                                                                Kevin Mitchell                                England                                                                

                                                                                Paulus Moses                                    Namibia

Xolisani Ndongeni                             S.Africa


COMMEY to defend against any of the above by 31st March 2015




SUPERFEATHERWEIGHT CHAMPION       LIAM WALSH                                      England

                                                                                Won Title 23/10/10

                                                                                Last defence 29/11/14 (Mandatory)


CONTENDERS                                                    Maxwell Awuku                                 Ghana                                                                                           

Edner Cherry                                      Bahamas 

Billy Dib                                                   Australia

Mzonke Fana                                        S Africa

Maxi Hughes                                         England

                                                                                 John Kay                                            England

                                                                                Malcolm Klassen                                 S. Africa

                                                                                Kye MacKenzie                                                    Australia

                                                                                Jasper Seroka                                       S.Africa

                                                                                Mitchell Smith                                      England

                                                                                Stephen Smith                                   England

                                                                                Gary Sykes                                          England

                                                                                Will Tomlinson                                  Australia

Arash Usmanee                                 Canada 

Martin J Ward                                       England


WALSH  to defend against any of the above by 30th June 2015.






FEATHERWEIGHT  CHAMPION                    JOSH WARRINGTON                                 England

                                                                                Won Title 2nd November 2013

                                                                                Last defence 21st May 2014 (Mandatory)


CONTENDERS                                                    Kris Hughes                                                   Scotland

                                                                                Martin Lindsay                                          N Ireland

                                                                                Marco McCullough                                   N.Ireland

                                                                                Samir Mouneimne                                    England

                                                                                Joe Murray                                                 England

                                                                                Takalani Ndlovu                                            S. Africa

                                                                                Gottlieb Ndokosho                                    Namibia

                                                                                Lee Selby                                                     Wales

                                                                                John Slowey                                                Scotland

                                                                                Simpiwe Vetyeka                                         S. Africa


Winner of the contest between Walid Usman (Nigeria) and Felix Williams (Ghana)


WARRINGTON to defend against any of the above by 30th June 2015




SUPERBANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION       KID GALAHAD                                                    England

                                                                                Won title 10th May 2014                



CONTENDERS                                                    Paulus Ambunda                                              Namibia

Tyson Cave                                                    Canada

                                                                                Oscar Chauke                                                    S.Africa

                                                                                James Dickens                                               England

                                                                                Siviwe Hasheni                                               S Africa

                                                                         Gavin McDonnell                                         England

Tshifhiwa Munyai                                          S Africa

                                                                                 Lewis Pettitt                                                 England

Manyo Plange                                                Ghana

Macbute Sinyabi                                           S Africa

Josh Wale                                                            England

                                                                                Ryan Walsh                                                         England

                                                                                Martin Ward                                                      England


GALAHAD to defend against any of the above by 31st March 2015 .










BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION                    ROSS BURKINSHAW                                        England

                                                                                Won title 6th September 2014



CONTENDERS                                                    Prosper Ankrah                                             Ghana

                                                                                Jason Booth                                                       England

                                                                                Ryan Farrag                                                        England

                                                                                Stuart Hall                                                           England

                                                                                Lee Haskins                                                    England

Vusi Malinga                                                  S Africa 

Mfusi Maxhayi                                                  S Africa                                                                 

                                                                                Immanuel Naidjala                                       Namibia 

                                                                                Isaa Nampepeche                                           Tanzania

                                                                                Nick Otieno                                                    Kenya

                                                                                Nasibu Ramadhani                                          Tanzania

                                                                                Lesley Sekotswe                                            Botswana

                                                                                Thabo Sishwane                                                S Africa


BURKINSHAW to defend against any of the above by 30th June 2015




SUPERFLYWEIGHT CHAMPION                   KHALID YAFAI                                                    England

                                                                                Won title 21st May 2014



CONTENDERS                                                    Paul Butler                                                          England

                                                                                Jamie Conlan                                                 N Ireland

                                                                                Elton Dharry                                                       Guyana

                                                                                Mohammed Matumla                                 Tanzania

Siphosethu Myula                                           S Africa

Anthony Nelson                                               England



YAFAI  to defend against any of the above by 31st March 2015.




FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION                                KEVIN SATCHELL                                            England

                                                                                Won Title 19th May 2012  

                                                                                Last defence 8th March 2014 (Mandatory)


CONTENDERS                                                    Don Broadhurst                                             England

                                                                                Juma Fundi                                                     Tanzania  

Julius Kisarawe                                                   Tanzania

Mzuvukile Magwaca                                        S Africa






Flyweights cont’d.                                

                                                                                Dexter Marques                                                  Guyana

Thabiso Moorosi                                                 S Africa

Louis Norman                                                       England

                                                                                Doctor Ntsele                                                   S Africa

                                                                                Thembelani Nxoshe                                          S Africa

                                                                                Abmerk Shindjuu                                                Namibia

Makazola Tete                                                     S Africa

                                                                                Luke Wilton                                                      N Ireland 


SATCHELL to defend against any of the above by 30th June 2015.









1.       When a Commonwealth Champion wins a ‘World’ Championship whether or not recognized by the Council or by any individual Member Federation of the Council the relevant Commonwealth Championship shall automatically be declared vacant. It follows that a Commonwealth Champion cannot lose his Championship as a result of losing a ‘World’ Championship contest when the opponent would otherwise qualify as an eligible contender.


2.       In view of varying medical standards and requirements for boxers throughout the Commonwealth, promoters are urged to ensure that boxers from abroad competing for Commonwealth Titles are capable of meeting the standards of the host governing authority.


3.       It is the obligation of the Champion and his manager and/or any promoter with whom they are currently working to meet the defence requirements set by the Council. In the event of difficulty in attracting listed contenders the Council will exercise its reasonable discretion but it will be the obligation of the Champion to ensure that there is Championship activity in the relevant weight division.


4.       There are currently no Women Champions nor listed contenders due to lack of sufficient interest in any weight division. The Council has already decided to introduce these as and when enough boxers or their managers and/or any promoters with whom they are currently working have applied to the Council for Championship or Eliminating contests.