The CBC took a table as usual at the BBB of C Awards Dinner in London last Friday 25th September and, once again the Awards Committee found a Commonwealth Championship , DAVE RYAN v JOHN WAYNE HIBBERT 1 to be the ‘Contest of the Year’.

With Hibbert now having reversed that decision could we see a ‘rubber’ next year, echoing the famous ARTURO GATTI v MICKEY WARD trilogy in the USA or, dare we say not completely with tongue in cheek,, ALI v FRAZIER ?

This year’s Commonwealth Boxing Council DENNIE MANCINI TROPHY was presented by CBC Chairman, PHILIP BROOK SMITH QC and the late Dennie’s niece, GINA MANCINI to reigning Cruiserweight Champion OVILL MCKENZIE of Jamaica who was there to receive his award immediately prior to flying off to Buenos Aries to challenge the following Friday for the IBF Cruiserweight Championship against VICTOR EMILIO RAMIREZ of Argentina.

Ovill is yet another whose Commonwealth Championship success has led to a World Title opportunity.

He has a big task on his hands but not for nothing is he known as ‘THE UPSETTER’.