Weekly Report

February 2011

February 10

Panama City, Panama: Light: Ameth Diaz (29-10,1ND) W TKO 4 Eric Castro (8-3-1). Light Welter: Alberto Mosquera (16-0,1ND) W PTS 11 Cristian Ruiz (15-1). Welter: Charley Navarro (19-4) W KO 1 Jose Hurley Zuniga Montano (19-8-1,1ND). Super Feather: Irving Berry (19-2-2) W PTS 8 Julio Camano (8-4,1ND). Heavy: Luis Pineda (22-9-1) W PTS 6 Walter Palacios (20-17-2). Feather: Vicente Mosquera (25-2-1) W TKO 6 Segundo Herrera (4-13-1). “Cloroformo” Diaz, 27, lives up to his name as he floors Castro, 25, in first and again in the third to bring about stoppage and retain his WBA Fedelatin title. Second win for Diaz since crushing loss to Korean Jihoon Kim in May last year. Hot southpaw prospect Mosquera makes successful third defence of his Fedelatin title as he outclasses Nicaraguan Ruiz. His speed, power and ability see him win every round. Scores 110-99 from all three officials. Mosquera, 23, one to watch, has twelve wins by KO/TKO. Ruiz, 24, record deceptive as this was his first real test. Venezuelan Navarro disposes of poor Colombian in just 32 seconds. A former top amateur, Navarro, 31, in his last fight lost a close decision to Viacheslav Senchenko for the WBA secondary title in August. Montano, 38, having his first fight since November 2008. Berry, 25, finds it hard work rebuilding. Having to overcome a knockdown in the first, he only scrapes by modest Camano on a majority verdict, needing the help of a point deduction against Camano in the fourth. Scores 78-72, 76-75, 75-75. After a run of 16 wins, Berry was halted in seven rounds in December by Argentinian Jonathan Barros for the vacant WBA secondary featherweight title. Former WBC cruiser challenger Pineda wins easily in six over Nicaraguan. Pineda needed the win after losing five of his last six. Return to the ring of former WBA super feather champion Mosquera who takes a little while to shake off the rust before stopping Herrera. Mosquera's fight with Edwin Valero in 2006 was a dramatic slug fest as Mosquera climbed off the floor twice in the first round and then had Valero down in third before being stopped in the tenth. Mosquera was jailed for murder in the same year only to eventually be declared innocent, and is resuming his career.

February 11

Hyogo, Japan: Straw: Kazuto Ioka (7-0) W TKO 5 Olyedong (35-1-1). Fly: Ryo Miyazaki (13-0-3) W KO 5 Lookrat Kiatmungmee (7-3). Amazing result as six fight novice Ioka crushes champion Olyedong to win the WBC title. A left hook from the 21-year-old puts Olyedong down in the second, but then Thai boxes on the retreat countering the young Japanese fighter. Olyedong seemed to be getting some sort of rhythm when a vicious left uppercut to the stomach puts the Thai down in such agony that the referee does not even bother with a count. A former eight-time national amateur champion who amassed a record of 95-10 with 64 wins by KO/TKO; Ioka is also the nephew of former world champion Hiroki Ioka. For 25-year-old Olyedong this was his seventh defence, but perhaps the warning signs were there when he was floored and only held on to his title with a draw against Pornsawan in September. OPBF champ Miyazaki, 22 kayos Thai in non title fight. Atlantic City, USA: Heavy: Eddie Chambers (36-2) W PTS 12 Derric Rossy (25-3). Super Middle: Don George (21-1-1) W TKO 1 Cornelius White (16-1). Super Bantam: Rico Ramos (19-0) W PTS 10 Alejandro Valdez (23-5-3).Welter: Ricardo Williams Jr (17-2,1ND) W TKO 6 John Brown (24-19-2). Chambers won this fight on a unanimous verdict as he had too much skill and speedy for the bigger and slower Rossy. Rossy started well, but Chambers, 28, had warmed up by the fourth and, after scoring well in that round, put Rossy down with a right in the sixth. Rossy had some success in the ninth, but was cut over the right eye and faded at the end. Scores 120-107, 117-110 and a way out 115-112.This was Chambers first fight since being stopped by Wladimir Klitschko in March, and was an IBF eliminator, so he remains very much in the picture. Rossy, 30 had won seven in a row since losing to Alex Dimitrenko in May 2008. “Da Bomb” George, 26, finished the over-hyped White in just 122 seconds. A combination put White down and he was then floored twice more. Now 17 by KO/TKO for George, but he was given a reality check in losing to Cisco Sierra on a technical decision in July. White’s impressive looking record had been built on the Texas circuit against poor opposition. A much better fight, and match, saw prospect Ramos stay unbeaten in his toughest test so far. Ramos, 23, scored heavily over the first two rounds, but then the power and aggression of the taller southpaw Mexican made it a war. Ramos handled the pressure well and stuck to his boxing, but Valdez, 27, was also scoring with some heavy hooks. Ramos went down in the tenth after a clash of heads, something that had been a feature of the fight, and suffered a cut, but it was not ruled a knockdown, and Ramos finished strongly. It was closer than the 97-93 twice and 98-92 scores for Ramos suggest. Valdez had given Fernando Montiel a tough time for a couple of rounds in 2009, before a clash heads ended it as a no decision, and lost to Hozumi Hasegawa for the WBA bantam title in 2008. Southpaw former Olympic silver medalist Williams launched another attempt to get his career into gear with an easy win over 42-year-old Brown. Williams led from the first and punished Brown heavily before bringing things to a close with two knockdowns in the sixth. Williams, who stopped Ajose Olusegun in the Olympics, was a hot prospect when he first turned pro, but was jailed in 2005 for selling drugs. It was the first fight in ten months for Williams. Early in his career Brown had three shots at the IBF super featherweight title and one at lightweight, but has won only one of his last 14. Montreal, Canada: Welter: Antonin Decarie (25-1) W PTS 10 Shamone Alvarez (21-4). Welter: Ionut Dan Ion (28-1) W T DEC 6 Steve Forbes (35-9). Welter: Kevin Bizier (14-0) W KO 1 Edgar Ruiz (22-9-1). Light Heavy: Nicholson Poulard (16-3) W TKO 1 Patrick Tessier (4-12-2). Impressive display by 28-year-old Decarie. After slow start he takes over with his fast combination punching and outboxes Alvarez. A right hand puts Alvarez down in the fifth. Another registers a knockdown in the seventh, and also leaves Alvarez with a cut over his left eye. Alvarez tries to get into the fight over the last two rounds, but Decarie a clear winner. Scores 99-89, 98-90 and 97-91. Second win for Decarie since losing to Souleymane M'Baye for the interim WBA secondary title in May. Alvarez looking down the slope after losing three of his last four. Romanian southpaw “Jo Jo Dan” gets unsatisfactory win as Forbes cut in clash of heads in the sixth round and unable to continue. Dan in front 58-56 on all three cards. Dan, 29, lost a split decision to Turk Selcuk Aydin for the WBC silver belt in June. Forbes, 33, has never been the same fighter since he lost his IBF super featherweight title on the scales in 2002, and is 3-6 in his last nine. Bizier, 26, blasts out Mexican Ruiz. Left hooks do the damage as Ruiz is floored three times and it is all over in just 84 seconds. Ten by KO/TKO for Bizier. The 38-year-old Ruiz had gone the distance with Cory Spinks and Vern Forrest, but is a spent force now. Poulard, 33, gets the job done even quicker as he floors and halts late sub Tessier in 77 seconds. Poulard, the brother of Jean Pascal, has lost only one of his last 16. El Paso, USA: Light Middle: Hector Camacho Jr (53-4-1) W PTS 8 Juan Astorga (14-6-1). Heavy: David Rodriguez (34-0) W TKO 2 Matt Hicks (13-6). Poor show for the spectators as southpaw Camacho, now 32, comes in at 166lbs for a fight originally contracted for 154 and shows no condition and no inclination. Showboats, clowns, holds and very little else in a poor fight that has the crowd booing from the first. Camacho wouldn't and poor Mexican Astorga couldn't. Camacho wins on scores of 77-73 from all three officials. Rodriguez pads his record with another meaningless win. Late sub Hicks gives it a try. Rodriguez, 32, floors Hicks with a low punch and then lands two more body shots whilst Hicks is down, and all the referee does is count over Hicks. This is the home town of Rodriguez don't forget. Hicks floored again and in no condition to defend himself. Now 32 out of 34 by KO/TKO for Rodriguez and not one real test in the bunch. Saint-Quentin, France: Super Feather: Guillame Frenois (21-0) W PTS 12 Eusebio Osejo (17-9-2). Light Heavy: Tony Averlant (15-5-1) W PTS 8 Jonathan Profichet (10-8). Bantam: Jerome Thomas (10-0-1) W PTS 6 Roberto Santos de Jesus (11-4). Super Middle: Hakim Chioui (16-1-1) W TKO 4 Kirilas Psonko (4-10-1). Southpaw Frenois, 27, wins, and goes the distance again. Gets wide unanimous verdict over Nicaraguan to retain IBF International title, but again shows his lack of any punching power. Averlant, another non-puncher, overcomes cut to outpoint Profichet. Although having a very ordinary record Profichet showed he could be dangerous when he kayoed previously unbeaten Chioui last March. Thomas back on winning groove as he outboxes ordinary Brazilian who loses for the fourth time in a row. Thomas drew with Joaquin Cespedes for the vacant European Union title in December. At 32 Thomas, one of the most successful amateur in the history of French boxing, has left it very late to turn pro, and with his physical disadvantages, will find it hard to get to the top. Chioui is back on the winning trail as Lithuanian Psonko took a beating before retiring in his corner at the end of the fourth round. Psonko, 24, lost on points to Commonwealth champion George Groves in Groves’ first fight. Fairfield, USA: Super Middle: Peter Quillin (23-0) W TKO 4 Dennis Sharpe (17-6-3). “Kid Chocolate” Quinlan, 27, has it easy against modest Sharpe. Hands-out steady punishment for three rounds then hurts Sharpe badly with an uppercut and the fight stopped. Poor Sharpe is getting the tough ones. He has failed to win any of his last eight and this was his sixth opponent in a row with an unbeaten record. The combined records of his last six opponents is 61-0. Miami, USA: Middle: Ermosele Albert (24-4-1) W TKO 9 Lester Gonzalez (11-3-1).Nigerian “Bad Boy” Albert wins brutal battle against Cuban southpaw. The 36-year-old Albert attacks relentless from the first round with Cuban firing back with jabs and uppercuts. They go toe-to-toe in middle rounds and head clashes result which see Gonzalez, 33, badly cut on nose. War continues with Albert on top and due to the nose injury Gonzalez does not come out for the ninth. Albert retains IBO Latino title. Three losses in a row for game Cuban.

February 12

Muelheim, Germany: Cruiser: Steve Cunningham (24-2) W PTS 12 Enad Licina (19-3). Cruiser: Yoan Pablo Hernandez (24-1) W TKO 7 Steve Herelius (21-2-1). Super Middle: Arthur Abraham (32-2) W TKO 2 Stjepan Bozic (24-5). Light Heavy: Eduard Gutknecht (20-1) W PTS 8 Olek Cherviak (9-2). Light Heavy: Karo Murat (23-1) W PTS 8 Chris Cruz (12-12-1). Middle: Dominic Britsch (21-0) W PTS 8 Joe Rea (7-2-1). Heavy: Francesco Pianeta (22-0-1) W PTS 8 Samir Kurtagic (9-2). Cunningham dominant in retaining his IBF cruiser title. Serbian Licina in the fight in the early rounds, but then the skill and technique of Cunningham allow the champion to take control and box his way to a unanimous verdict. Scores 118-110, 117-111 and a too generous (to Licina) 115-113. First defence in his second spell as IBF champion for Cunningham. Hernandez, 26, wins interim WBA title with stoppage of injured Frenchman in all-southpaw battle. The 6’4” tall Hernandez had tremendous advantages in height and reach and champion Herelius, 34, was having trouble getting inside to land any meaningful punches. The fight was virtually over when Herelius damaged his Achilles tendon in the fourth round. The interval before the start of the fifth was prolonged whilst it was established if Herelius could, or would go on. He bravely chose to continue but was floored heavily with a left the seventh and another punch had him sliding to the floor as the referee stopped the fight. Hernandez has won ten in a row since being stopped by Wayne Braithwaite in 2008. Herelius had won the interim title by beating Firat Arslan in July. During his time in the heavyweights Herelius was stopped by Albert Sosnowski in Manchester in 2007. “King Arthur” Abraham got the win he needed, but not the way he wanted. The former IBF middles champ landed heavily on Slovenian-born Bozic in the first, but in the second a left hook from Bozic landed on the Armenian’s right elbow. Bozic was in immediate pain and he could not continue due to the injury. Abraham goes on to fight Andre Ward in the Super Six semi-finals. Bozic lost to Dmitri Sartison for the vacant WBA secondary title in November 2009. As expected Kazak’s Gutknecht was given a good eight rounds by Cherviak although the former IBF super middles title challenger ran out a clear winner on scores of 80-72, 78-74 and 79-73. Gutknecht lost to Robert Steiglitz for the IBF title last April. Ukrainian Cherviak, 29, had upset the odds by beating highly touted Vitali Rusal in December. In his first fight since being halted by Nat Cleverly for the European title Iraq-born Murat has routine points win over Cruz. Scores 80-71 from all three officials. Britsch remains unbeaten with wide unanimous decision over Irishman Rea. Scores 80-70, 80-71 and 79-71. Pianeta given trouble by Austrian-based Kurtagic and wins narrow unanimous decision on scores of 78-75, 77-75 and 78-76. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Super Fly: Omar Narvaez (33-0-2) W PTS 12 Victor Zaleta (17-2). Straw: Sammy Gutierrez (27-5-2) W TKO 6 Renan Trongco (8-3). Narvaez retains WBO super fly title with a wide points win over young Mexican and retains WBO super fly title for first time. Zaleta probably won or shared the first two rounds, but then the experience and firepower of “El Huracan” takes over. Work rate, skill and technique of champion too much for Zaleta and Narvaez pours it on over the last three rounds, but Zaleta survives. Scores 119-108 twice and 120-107. Narvaez is now undefeated in 19 world title fights. Early shock for Gutierrez as Filipino novice puts him down in the first round. “Guty”, 25, hurt, but finishes the round strongly. From second a sustained body attack slows and tires Trongco. Gutierrez loses a point in sixth for use of the elbow as he goes out for a finish. A barrage of punches render the Filipino defenseless and referee stops it. Six wins for Gutierrez since losing to Raul Garcia for the IBF title in 2009. This supposedly for the vacant interim WBA title, but how novice Trongco qualifies only the WBA know as he had only one ten round fight previous to this. Liverpool, England: Light: Anthony Crolla (20-2) W TKO 9 John Watson (13-2). Light Welter: Steve Williams (10-1) W TKO 2 Paul King (17-3). Welter: Colin Lynes (34-8) W PTS 8 Bradley Pryce (21-9). Light Welter: Ajose Olusegun (29-0) W PTS 6 Arek Malek (10-34-2).Light Welter: Nigel Wright (23-6-1) W TKO 5 Jamie Speight (8-1). Impressive win for “Million Dollar” Crolla who collects vacant British title. Watson has slow start and Crolla ahead after two rounds. Watson has some success in third, but is badly shaken in sixth. Crolla now on top and breaks Watson down in seventh and eighth before flooring him with a heavy southpaw right hook and halting Watson in ninth. Williams halts former Commonwealth title challenger King in two rounds. Williams lost inside the distance to Lenny Daws for British title in July last year. King was kayoed in seven by Lee McAllister in a Commonwealth title fight at lightweight in 2009. Former British and European light welter champion Lynes, 33, relies on his boxing from the start and finds room to score with former Commonwealth light middles champ Pryce struggling to close the distance. Welshman Pryce, 29, keeps up the pressure but leaves himself open to counters and is well behind after five rounds. As Lynes tires Pryce dominates sixth and seventh, but too little too late as Lynes takes close decision with the referee scoring it 78-77. Nigerian Olusegun keeps his hand in whilst waiting to fight in the WBC final eliminator, and has a work out in going six rounds with Pole Malek. Southpaw Wright, a former British champion, too good for Speight. Uses height and reach advantages to pile up the points. Steps up the pace in fourth and stuns Speight in fifth and hurts him again and fight stopped. Now the English champ, Wright had beaten Alex Arthur and Dean Harrison in his previous two fights. Guadalajara, Mexico: Marco Antonio Barrera (67-7,1ND) W TKO 2 Jose Arias (15-2). Super Feather: Martin Honorio (29-5-1) W TKO 3 Adrian Tellez (11-7-1). Super Fly: Jonathan Lecona Ramos (7-8-2) W PTS 8 David Gaspar (16-3-1). Too easy for star Barrera. He floors Arias in both the first and second rounds and fight stopped. Only the second fight in almost two years for Barrera who is looking for a title shot at lightweight to become a four division champion. Arias, 37, record misleading as he was out of the ring from 1999 to 2010. Honorio fighting his way back into the picture after losing in an IBF eliminator to Argenis Mendez in May. Floors Tellez in the third and has him under pressure when the referee stops the fight. Honorio’s only title shot was a nightmare as he was stopped in just 56 seconds by Roberto Guerrero in a challenger for the IBF featherweight title in 2007. Local upset as unconsidered Ramos is too busy for Gaspar and wins unanimous verdict on scores of 79-73, 78-74 and 77-75. Ramos had won only two of his last eight going in. US-based Gaspar had won his last six. Maroochydore, Australia: Light: Jack Asis (22-18-4) W TKO 8 Brett Smith (9-1-1). Big upset as Filipino Asis drops Australian Smith twice in the first round and twice again in the eighth for stoppage victory. Asis had lost his last five, four of those in Australia. Herning, Denmark: Light Welter: Kim Poulsen (16-1) W PTS 8 Rudy Encarnacion (21-20-3). Heavy: Kubrat Pulev (11-0) W PTS 8 Yaroslav Zavorotnyi (14-6). Heavy: Edmund Gerber (14-0) W PTS 8 Paul Butlin (12-15). Middle: Jozsef Matolcsi (29-13) W TKO 2 Mahir Oral (28-4-2). Light Middle: Ahmad Kaddour (23-2-1) W PTS 6 Lee Noble (12-17-2). Poulsen, 24, makes it 13 wins in a row as he outboxes 34-year-old Spanish-based Dominican who lost to Kevin Mitchell in eight rounds in 2009. Bulgarian Pulev, 29, gets in some useful rounds as he outpoints Ukrainian. Third fight in a row where Pulev has had to go the full distance. In his previous fight Zavorotnyi came in as a late substitute and lost to Alex Dimitrenko when he came in as a late sub to contest the vacant European title. Gerber takes his third British scalp as he wins a wide points verdict over Paul Butlin. Gerber, 22, takes third British scalp in a row as he had already beaten Lee Swaby and Colin Kenna. Ten losses in a row for Butlin but he lasted the distance which is what he was brought in to do. Big upset as Matolcsi revives his career with stoppage of German Oral. The Hungarian went forward throwing punches from the first bell and never gave Oral a chance to settle. A dishearten Oral retired in his corner at the end of the second round. The experienced Matolcsi, 34, had lost to James Hare, Ted Bami and twice to Marcus Portman, but was fired up for this one. Oral’s only losses since 2005 had come against Arthur Abraham and in an IBF title challenge to Sebastian Sylvester. “Baby Face” Kaddour used his height and reach advantages to outbox game Noble and won every round. Kaddour competed in the 2004 “The Contender” series which is where he suffered his two losses. Villeurbanne, France: Light Middle: Michel Soro (13-0) W TKO 4 Roman Dzhuman (25-10-1). Impressive performance by 21-year-old Soro in front of his hometown fans. In his first ten rounder he has too much youth and speed for experienced Ukrainian. Wins the first three rounds and then floors Dzhuman twice in the fourth to force the stoppage. A stoppage of Chris Canclaux had made it looks as though the 34-year-old Dzhuman might experience an Indian Summer, but Soro blew that idea away. Dzhuman has lost to Jamie Moore, Gary Woolcombe, James Hare and Jawaid Khaliq here.
Additional Results:

February 11

Accra, Ghana: Middle: Mohammed Akrong W KO 3 Ed Ghartey. Welter: Patrick Allotey W TKO 4 Aflah Sackey. Bantam: Yaqub Kareem W TKO 4 Kofi Atanga. Super Feather: Prince Ofotsu W TKO 5 Kuma Doe. Bantam: Gabriel Odoi Laryea W KO 6 Isaac Okine. Super Feather: Taofik Bisuga W KO 3 Daniel Kwesi.

February 16

Neuquen, Argentina: Middle: Billi Godoy (20-0) W KO 5 Sergio Sanders (17-5-2). Prospect Godoy, 24, retains interim WBC Fecarbox title for fourth time with kayo of Sanders. Godoy trying to take out Sanders from the first bell and hands out punishment over first three rounds. Sanders has a better fourth, but volley in fifth puts him down and out. “El Nino”, who holds the Austrian International title! has beaten Javier Mamani and Francisco Mora in recent fights so is making good progress. Sanders, 31, on the slide with one win in his last seven fights.

February 18

Ljubljana, Slovenia: Welter: Jan Zaveck (31-1,1ND) W KO 5 Paul Delgado (25-10-1). Light Heavy: Denis Simcic (26-1) W PTS 10 Sandro Siproshvili (24-7). Predictably easy second defence of his IBF title for Zaveck. Thirty-four –year-old Slovenian floors poor Delgado twice in second round, and floors and finishes the cut and battered Delgado in the fifth. The Cape Verde-born Delgado, also 34, is known as “The Truth” and the truth, obvious before the fight, is that he had no right challenging for the title. Simcic, 29, wins wide unanimous verdict over Georgian. Now seven wins for Simcic since losing to WBA title challenger Viacheslav Uzelkov in three rounds in June 2008. Simcic retains WBFederation International title. Siproshvili, 28, lost to Ola Afolabi in October and to Herbie Hide in 2009. San Francisco, USA: Super Feather: Eloy Perez (20-0-2,1ND) W PTS 8 Roger Gonzalez (27-4). Light: Mercito Gesta (21-0-1) W TKO 3 Genaro Trazancos (22-14). Useful scalp for “The Prince” as 23-year-old Perez proves too fast and sharp for (the no longer) “Speedy Gonzalez. Not a puncher, Perez, rated No 2 by the WBO, wins every round to take the eight rounder on 80-72 from all three judges. That betters the results from his last two fights, each of which he won on a majority verdict. Third loss in a row for Gonzalez. Filipino prospect Gesta goes over old ground as he batters game Mexican Trazancos to defeat. Southpaw Gesta,23, had kayoed 36-year-old Trazancos in seven rounds in August, but this time the Mexican only managed to stand up to the flashing fist of “No Mercy” for three rounds. In the third he was shaken to his boots by a left uppercut and the Doctor called it off at the end of the round. Only two wins in his last 13 for Trazancos, and nine of those loses by KO/TKO. Salisbury, USA: Middle: Fernando Guerrero (21-0) W PTS 10 Derrick Findley (17-5). Welter: Shawn Porter (18-0) W PTS 10 Anges Adjho (25-5). Dominican-born southpaw “Superman” Guerrero pleases the fans in his adopted home town, as his speed and superior technique allow him to control the bout from start to finish. Findley just could not get untracked, and whilst never hurt, was never in the fight. Scores 99-91 twice and 99-90 as Guerrero, 24, somehow rated No 2 by the WBO, retains NABO title for the first time. Findley has been in tough losing previously to Andre Ward, Andre Dirrell and Matt Korobov. Also easy for Porter who wins on work rate as he lets his hands go fast and often. Benin-born Adjho looking for one big punch which never lands and loses a wide unanimous decision as a result. Scores 99-91 twice and 97-93. This was a good test for “Showtime”, former National Golden Gloves champion and Olympic alternate, who retains his NABO title for the first time. Adjho has lost his last three, but the combined records of his conquerors add up to 71-3. Flemington, Australia: Light Middle: Frank Lo Porto (14-4-2) W TKO 4 Harry Venka (8-4-1). Welter: Todd Kidd (4-0) W KO 1 Jason Kanofski (13-6-3). Super Middle: Jarrod Fletcher (7-0) W PTS 6 Kashif Mumtaz (7-22-1). Lo Porto retains PABA title for first time as he floors Indian-born New Zealander Venka in the third and twice in fourth to force stoppage. Only one loss in his last ten fights for 33-year-old Lo Porto. Kidd, 25, one of the most successful of recent Australian amateurs, puts away Kanofski inside a round. Fletcher, 27, who beat Craig McEwan and James Degale on his way to a Commonwealth gold medal in 2006, goes the distance for the first time and wins every round. Mumtaz was born in Pakistan, but now lives in New Zealand. Ceccano, Italy: Light Welter: Samuele Esposito (7-1) W TKO 4 Marino Bucciarelli (7-4). Welter: Sven Paris (28-5) W PTS 6 Lajos Orsos (1-25-1). Two relative novices contest Italian national title. The chunky little Esposito going forward from the beginning and shakes and hurts Bucciarelli in opening two rounds. Swings too wildly looking for finish in third, but floors Bucciarelli at start of fourth. Challenger slips to the floor a couple more times to avoid Esposito’s attacks, and the referee stops the fight. First defence for Esposito, 25, second shot at title for Bucciarelli. Former undefeated Italian welter and light middle champ “White Warrior” Paris, 30, in his first fight since July 2009 eases back with a comfortable points win over 37-year-old Hungarian. Navojoa, Mexico: Super Fly: Juan Francisco Estrada (18-0) W TKO 2 Jorge Cardenas (16-12-4). Middle: Luis Ramon Campas (96-15-1) W PTS 10 Matt Vanda (43-13). Light Welter: Mahroni Montes(20-0-1) W PTS 8 Ivan Alvarez (8-2). Estrada, 20, overwhelms Cardenas. Scores two knockdowns in the first and then finished the fight with a body punch in the second. Now 15 by KO/TKO for Estrada. Former IBF light middle champion Campas, 39, closes in on 100 wins, and gains revenge for a 2005 defeat, as he wins comfortably on a unanimous decision over 33-year-old Matt Vanda. Montes struggled in the early rounds against Alvarez, but stages a strong finish to win a clear unanimous decision. Ponce, Puerto Rico: Light Middle: Carlos Quintana (28-3) W TKO 9 Yoryi Estrella (10-5-2). Welter: Jonathan Gonzalez (12-0) W KO 1 Chad Greenleaf (13-18-1).Feather: Luis Orlando Del Valle (12-0) W KO 6 Irvin Hernandez (3-5-1). “El Indio” returns with a win after ten months of inactivity since losing to Andre Berto for the WBC welter title. Shows rust and is unimpressive, but is just too good for game Dominican Estrella. Southpaw Quintana,34, sprang a big surprise when he took a unanimous decision over Paul Williams for the WBO welter title in 2008. That peak did not last long as Williams stopped Quintana in 135 seconds just two months later. Quintana also lost to Miguel Cotto for the vacant WBA title in 2006. Twenty-one-year-old Gonzalez fed an easy one in his first scheduled ten round fight, and kayos poor Greenleaf late in the first round. All twelve wins for “Mantequilla” Gonzalez by KO/TKO, five in the first round, including a stoppage in three rounds of Quintana victim Estrella. As a former Pan American silver medalist and Olympian, he needs better opposition. “Orlandito”, another former top amateur, makes it ten by KO/TKO. Del Valle, who fought for the USA as an amateur is a former National Golden Gloves champion. Goya, Argentina: Light Welter: Martin Coggi (25-4-1) W PTS 7 Ricardo Chamorro (19-36-3). A strange one this for Coggi’s return to the ring after six months of inactivity. “The Prince” on his way to a comfortable points win in the eight rounder. However, due to problems with the ring canvas warping, both fighters kept falling over, so it was halted at the end of the seventh and the points went to Coggi on scores of 69-66, 68-65 and 68-66.

February 19

Las Vegas, USA: Bantam: Nonito Donaire (26-1) W TKO 2 Fernand Montiel (44-3-2). Welter: Mike Jones (24-0) W PTS 12 Jesus Soto Karass (24-6-3,1ND). Welter: Mark Melligan (21-2) W PTS 12 Gabriel Martinez (27-2-1,1ND). Welter: Mike Alvarado (29-0) W TKO 4 Dean Harrison (16-5). Feather: Alejandro Lopez ( ) W . Light Welter: Mickey Bey (16-0-1) DREW 8 Jose Hernandez (10-4-1). This highly anticipated match was decided by one thunderous left hook from Donaire which spun Montiel round and dumped him on the canvas. By some miracle Montiel managed to drag himself off the floor and incredibly the referee allowed it to continue, but as soon as Donaire jumped on the helpless Mexican the referee stopped the fight. Donaire, 28, looking bigger and stronger, was going for the big punch in the first round and landed a good right. Montiel spent most of the round on the retreat only opening up in the last few seconds. The Mexican changed his tactics in the second and began going forward and scoring well with quick accurate jabs. As Montiel moved forward he threw an overhand right and Donaire came inside it with a devastating left which landed just under Montiel’s right cheek and effectively ended the fight. Donaire wins the WBC and WBO titles. It was the first time that Montiel, a three division champion, had been beaten inside the distance, and he suffered a fractured jaw. Philadelphian Jones, 27, impresses. Pacing himself better than he did in his majority verdict over Soto Karass in November, he takes a unanimous verdict on scores of 117-111, 116-112 and 115-113. Soto Karass, 28, was hampered by cuts over both eyes from the third round, but hung in there and played his part in a tough scrap. Jones, rated No 2 by the WBA and WBO, used his superior speed, body punches and technique to retain his NABA, NABO and WBC Continental Americas titles. Filipino southpaw Melligan, 24, takes two attempts to make the weight but, dominates against fellow-prospect Martinez. Melligan takes the early rounds and finishes strongly. Has Mexican Martinez, 23, cut and hurts him in the seventh. Can’t apply the finish and settles for unanimous points victory. Scores 99-91 twice and 98-92. Only one loss, a split decision to Michel Rosales, in his last 16 fights for Melligan. Only other loss for Martinez was to WBC No 1 Saul Alvarez. Alvarado, 30, beats Brit Harrison , 27, who retires in his corner after the fourth round. After giving Alvarado some early problems, Harrison takes punishment and is cut over both eyes. With his eyesight impaired by the cuts, retires. Now 21 wins by KO/TKO for Alvarado, including eight of his last nine, and four defeats in his last five for Harrison. Bey, 27, just can’t seem to get his career going. The former 2004 US Olympic trials winner struggles to majority draw with tall, tough Hernandez. Scores 78-74 for Bey and 76-76 twice, but Bey looked to have lost this one, and was lucky. This was the first fight for Bey since December 2009. Texan Hernandez had lost his last three. Stuttgart, Germany: Felix Sturm (35-2-1) W TKO 7 Ronnie Hearns (26-2). Heavy: Manuel Charr (17-0) W TKO 5 Jon Pasi (9-19-2). Predictable result, but Hearns gives it a try. Sturm sweeps first two rounds. Hearns gets into the fight in third, but after that a matter of time as Sturm picks his punches and slowly grinds Hearns down. A big right in the seventh has Hearns helpless and the fight is stopped. Due to contract problems this Sturm’s first fight since April 2009 and he retains real WBA title. Sturm, 32, upgraded, in cynical WBA maneuver, to super champ, even though he does not hold any other title. Hearns had done nothing of note since stoppage loss to Harry Joe Yorgey, but rated and allowed the title fight on the strength of his father’s name. Lebanese-born Charr has it easy as he floors poor German Pasi twice in the fifth and forces stoppage. London, England: Welter: Craig Watson (20-3) W PTS 12 John O’Donnell (24-2). Light Welter: Ashley Theopane (29-4-1) W PTS 12 Lenny Daws (21-2-2). Heavy: Tyson Fury (14-0) W KO 5 Marcelo Nascimento (13-1).All southpaw fight sees current Commonwealth light middle champion, and former welterweight champion, Watson, 28, win vacant British welter title, and gain revenge for an earlier defeat, as he takes unanimous verdict over former undefeated Commonwealth champion O’Donnell. Watson makes better start with fast combinations which take O’Donnell out of his stride. O’Donnell gets into it in the middle rounds, but Watson takes over again and has enough rounds in the bag to hold off finish from O’Donnell in the last round. Scores 117-112 twice and 116-113. O’Donnell had taken Watson’s Commonwealth welterweight title on a split decision in 2009. Watson was the last guy to register a win over WBC light middle title challenger Matthew Hatton, winning a unanimous verdict in the defence of his Commonwealth welterweight title in 2008.Daws starts well and his work rate looks to have him in front. It all changes in the ninth as Theophane, 30, floors Daws with a right hook. Daws, 32, beats the count, but goes down again. Big round for Theophane and he goes on to win unanimous verdict to lift British title. Scores 115-111 twice and 115-112. Only defeat in his last nine for “Treasure” was on a split decision to Danny Garcia. Fury, 22, has it easy as he floors overrated Brazilian for nine in first. Showing growing maturity, Fury then boxes for three rounds, using his height, 6’9”, and reach, to dominate and then flattens Nascimento with a right in the fifth. London, England: Heavy: John McDermott (26-7) W TKO 1 Larry Olubamiwo (10-2). Light Welter: Frankie Gavin (9-0) W TKO 7 Michael Lomax (17-4-1). Huge win for McDermott. After four straight losses McDermott, 30, badly needing a win gets it in style as he floors favoured Olubamiwo, 32, twice and halts him in just 75 seconds. Olubamiwo comes out looking for a quick finish, but is shaken and then floored by a right. Gets up, but is floored again, and although he makes it back to his feet is in no condition to continue. Very impressive win for former World amateur champion Gavin, 25, as he halts fellow southpaw Lomax, who comes as a late substitute for James Cook. Gavin’s speed, accurate jab and hurtful body shots put him in control from the first round. Lomax has some success in fifth and sixth but all-out attack by Gavin in seventh brings the referees intervention. Rosarito, Mexico: Super Feather: Alejandro Sanabria (27-1-1) W PTS 12 Rocky Juarez (28-8-1). Light: Pablo Cano (21-0) W KO 4 Jorge Romero (17-6). Upset as Mexican Sanabria floors and outpoints world rated Juarez. Sanabria had looked ordinary in drawing with Abraham Rodriguez and losing to Robin Castellanos, but this one puts him high in the ratings. Scores 117-111, 116-111 and 114-113. Once rated as a great prospect, this could be the end for 30-year-old Texan. Olympic silver medalist Juarez won his first 23 fights, but the nearest he has come to winning a world title was a draw with Chris John for the WBA feather title. Cano hits too hard for Romero, 20, and finishes him in fourth. Now 16 by KO/TKO for 21-year-old Cano. Very few of “Koky” Romero’s fights go the distance. He has won 15 by KO/TKO and lost six the same way. Iztacalco, Mexico: Fly: Oscar Blanquet (26-3-1) W TKO 1 Josue Vega (16-6). WBA No 7 Blanquet overwhelms substitute Vega scoring three knockdowns. Blanquet makes it ten by KO/TKO in a row and the fifth defence of his WBC Continental Americas title. Villa del Dique, Argentina: Super Middle: Pablo Farias (17-0) W TKO 3 Cleber Alves (8-4). Light: Daniel Brizuela (21-1-2) DREW 6 Gustavo Bermudez (10-6). No contest really as “Pokemon” outclasses poor Brazilian. A left to the chin puts Alves down for a short in the first. Overhand right hands put the crude and limitedAlves down twice in the second. Another right floors him in the third and the referee stops the fight. Rated No 1 in Argentina, the 23-year-old has ten wins by KO/TKO, and retained the WBC and WBO Latino titles.Farias is a stocky short-armed puncher but he seems one-paced and slow. Tough night for prospect Brizuela against ordinary Bermudez. Dramatic first round sees the left eye of Bermudez closed and Olympian Brizuela knocked down and almost out by a left cross. Fight goes back and forth with neither really dominating and draw seemed a fair result. 57 ½ - 57 ½ , 58-57 ½ , 57 ½ -58 ½ . Brizuela, ranked No 5 in Argentina should have been able to get past Bermudez with ease. Bermudez was kayoed in one round by Jonathan Barros in his last fight. Newark, USA: Heavy: Mariusz Wach (24-0) W KO 3 Jon Haggler (23-4). No problems for 6’7 ½” tall Pole. He softens up Haggler for two rounds then cuts loose in and a heavy right floors Haggler and referee tills the full count. At 31, Wach will need to move up to better opposition soon. Ignore Hagglers impressive looking record, as it was built on the North Carolina circuit. Liege, Belgium: Bantam: Stephen Jamoye (20-2) W TKO 8 Anthony Mathias (28-18-2). Young Jamoye bounces back from loss to Jamie McDonnell with stoppage of travelling 32-year-old Tanzanian. Jamoye, 21, has been in tough fights with Tomoki Kameda and European champion McDonnell, but has shown he can hold his own in this company. Mississauga, Canada: Welter: Victor Puiu (19-1-2) W PTS 10 Junior Witter (37-4-2). Light Logan McGuinness (14-0-1) W TKO 4 Hector Avila (47-6,2ND). At his best Witter can be a flashing talent, at his worst a frustrating enigma. This was one of the latter. Puiu kept the pressure on, and after a good start former WBC light welter champion Witter, 36, with some flashes of his old skills, began to tire quickly. He resorted to holding and wrestling and was finally deducted a point in the ninth for holding. Puiu (who boxes as Lupo) won a majority verdict on scores of 97-92, 96-94, 95-95. This was Witter’s first fight since losing in nine rounds to Devon Alexander for the vacant WBC title in 2009 and he blew whatever miniscule chance there was of him challenging Amir Khan for the WBA title. Romanian Lupo, 32, who also had some rust to shed, as this was his first fight in ten months, wins the ridiculous WBC International Silver belt. McGuinness impressive as he drops Dominican veteran with a body shot and the fight is stopped. First defence of his NABA title for McGuinness and a big improvement on his lucky draw with Walter Estrada in May. Avila, now 38, was considered a hot prospect when he won a silver medal at the World Junior championships in 19990 and went on to win his first 19 fights, 17 by KO/TKO, but then lost his way. Puerto Vallarata, Mexico: Bantam: Tomoki Kameda (18-0) W PTS 12 German Meraz (29-18-1). Kameda has little trouble with modest Meraz. Punches too hard, is too busy and walks away with a wide unanimous verdict on scores of 119-109 twice and 119-110. “Mexicanito”, the brother of the two world title winners, wins vacant NABF title. Tuscaloosa, USA: Heavy: Deontay Wilder (15-0) W TKO 2 DeAndrey Abron (15-7). Yet another quick win for former Olympic bronze medalist Wilder. Too big for little Abron, and batters away until the referee stops it in second. Wilder, 25, and 6’7” tall, still has 100% record of wins by KO/TKO, but sixth loss in a row for former WBO light heavyweight challenger Abron. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Light: Matias Gomez (22-0) W DIS 3 Fabiano Ayala da Costa (9-2). “Tsunami” Gomez loses 100% record of wins by KO/TKO as Ayala da Costa thrown out in the third round for various infractions of the rules. Gomez on his way to No 22 after forcing the 37-year-old Brazilian to take a standing count in second. A reflection on the standard of the opposition is that despite his 22 wins Gomez is not rated in the Argentinian top ten at his weight. Merida, Mexico: Light Welter: Silverio Ortiz (23-13) W KO 2 Efren Hinojosa (30-9-1,1ND). Bantam: Jose Silveira (12-3) W PTS 12 Juan Jose Beltran (24-20-3). Super Feather: Jorge Perez (14-7-1) W PTS 12 Alejandro Mendez. “Chamaco” retains his IBA title for the second time with a crushing win over experienced 39-year-old Hinojosa. After an even first round, a left from 28-year-old Ortiz sent Hinojosa to the canvas and may also have broken his jaw. Hinojosa beat the count, but was flattened by another left hook and needed medical attention. Silveira looked on his way to an early night as he floored Beltran twice in the first round. Beltran survived and Silverio badly cut in the second and then boxed his way to a unanimous decision to win the vacant IBA title. Scores 118-108 twice and 115-111. In bouts in Canada Silveira lost to Martin Lindsay and beat Andrew Singh Kooner. Perez floors Mendez in second and ninth and overcomes a cut on his right eyelid, to outscore Mendez and win the vacant IBA title.

February 20

Beryozovo, Russia: Light Welter: Ruslan Provodnikov (18-1) W TKO 3 Vyacheslav Yakovenko (7-14-1). Russian hope Provodnikov, 27, gets back into winning ways as he floors Yakovenko twice and halts him in three. In his last fight in January, Provodnikov lost his unbeaten tag as he was outpointed by Mauricio Herrera.

February 24

San Bernardino, USA: Heavy: James Toney (73-6-3,2ND) W PTS 10 Damon Reed (45-15, 7ND). Feather: Jorge Luis Teron (25-2-1) W TKO 2 Jose Luis Soto Karass (21-16-1).After dipping his toe into the martial arts arena, and getting crushed, Toney returns to the ring with an easy win over veteran Reed. In a slow, boring fight, with very little action, an out of shape Toney plods to the decision on scores of 100-090 from all three officials. Now 42, Toney retains IBA title, but last time he fought in September 2009 he weighed 217lbs, this time he weighed 257lbs, which says it all. Reed, almost as old at 39, was halted in one round by Herbie Hide for the WBO title in 1998, and has never won a fight off the Missouri, Kansas and Indiana circuit. New Yorker Teron forces retirement of Karass at the end of the second round. First fight on the West Coast for the 25-year-old from the Bronx, and second win since crushing loss to Brandon Rios in February 2010. Now 17 wins by KO/TKO. Only one win in his last 13 for Soto Karass, 32, the elder brother of Jesus Soto Karass. Los Angeles, USA: Light Welter: Jesses Vargas (14-0) W PTS 8 Cris Favela (28-32-7). Light Middle: Bastie Samir (10-0) W TKO 3 Eddie Hunter (4-6-2). Late sub Favela gives a good showing as he pressurises young Vargas all the way. The Roger Mayweather trained Vargas, 21, a PAL gold medalist and National Golden Gloves silver, wins on accuracy and work rate, but Favela, 31, firing to the end. Scores 79-73, 78-74 and 77-75. Only one win in his last eight for Mexican Favela, but has only lost inside the distance once in his 67 fights. Ghanaian Samir has trouble for a couple of rounds with the slick Hunter, but then two big left hooks brought the referees intervention. All ten wins by KO/TKO for Cameron Dunkin managed Samir who represented Ghana at the 2008 Olympics.

February 25

San Diego, USA: Danny Garcia (20-0) W TKO 2 Jose Figueroa (7-9-3). Super Middle: Marco Antonio Periban (11-0) W TKO 1 Dion Savage (10-1). Two quick wins for favoured fighters. No knockdowns, but Garcia has Figueroa in trouble when referee stops it early in second round. Now 14 by KO/TKO for “Swift2, but Ashley Theophane gave 22-year-old Philadelphian Garcia a scare last February when he took him to a split decision. Puerto Rican Figueroa, 30, has now lost seven of his last eight. One right hand from Mexican prospect Periban and it is all over after just 33 seconds. A former top amateur, who won bronze medals in the Central American and Pan American championships, and competed in the 2007 World championships, Periban, 26, has eight wins by KO/TKO. Savage, 24, was also a good class amateur competing in the US championships and National Golden Gloves finals, but was out of his class here. Florencio Varela, Argentina: Light: Fernando David Saucedo (40-5-3) W KO 1 Sergio Ledesma (23-17-1). Two body shots from “El Vasco” to the out of condition Ledesma and it is all over in just 48 seconds. Saucedo, 30, a former undefeated Argentinian featherweight and South American lightweight champion, who lost on points to Chris John for the WBA feather title in December, had outpointed Ledesma twice in previous meetings. Hyeres, France: Middle: Chris Canclaux (42-5) W PTS 8 Tads Jonkus (7-9-1). Having lost three of his previous four, a much needed win for former undefeated European Union and French champ. Canclaux, 34, built an early lead, but 24-year-old Lithuanian staged a strong finish. “Rocky” Canclaux well ahead and wins clear points victory. Jonkus lost to Anthony Fitzgerald and George Groves. Jamestown, Guyana: Light Welter: Miguel Antoine (14-0) W PTS 10 Mark Austin (5-1-1). In the inaugural Commonwealth Zonal title fight “Hands of Stone” Antoine remained unbeaten with a wide points victory over game local novice Austin. The 23-year-old from Barbados almost ended the fight with a fierce attack in the first, but southpaw Austin survived. Antoine had the power, but Austin showed some nice boxing to stay the distance in losing on a unanimous verdict. Scores 99-92, 97-93 and 97-94. Florence, Italy: Light Heavy: Sofiane Sebihi (18-2) W KO 11 Vigan Mustafa (15-3). Welter: Leonard Bundu (24-0-1) W PTS 6 Zoran Cvek (6-13-3). Minor upset as Swiss Sebihi, 31, gets off the floor in the first to kayo a tiring Mustafa and win the vacant IBF International title. Albanian Mustafa in front to half way mark then both fighters began to tire. Sebihi finds finish in the eleventh as he floors exhausted Mustafa twice. Southpaw, Bundu, 36, given a good fight by Croat Cvek but wins clear decision. The former undefeated European Union and Italian champion has gone nowhere with his career. Dover, USA: Light Welter: Mike Stewart (46-7-3,1ND) DRAW 10 David Torres (21-2-2). Heavy: Amir Mansour (12-0) W KO 2 Alexis Mejias (11-7). Light Heavy: Mike Tiberi (16-1) W PTS 8 Eloy Suarez (11-10-1,1ND). Both fighters badly needed a win here and fought that way. It was close, both in points scored, and in the style of fighting, with both working inside and scoring with hooks and uppercuts. Both were rocked. Torres seemed to just do enough with a strong last round, but had to settle for a majority draw. Scores 95-95 twice and 96-94 for Torres. NABA title remains vacant. “No Joke” Stewart, 33, lost to Ricky Hatton for the WBU title in 2004 and to Sharmba Mitchell for the IBF light title in 2003. Torres, 32, had failed to register a win in his previous three fights. Another powerful display from Mansour. After an even first round the 38-year-old southpaw scores with two thunderous lefts and Puerto Rican Mejias out cold for quite a period. “Hardcore” Mansour is making up time after being released last year from eight years in jail. Mike, the latest member of the Tiberi fighting family, given a tough fight by 37-year-old Mexican. Tiberi picks up points with his better boxing and good jab, but Suarez makes it interesting with his constant pressure and strong hooking. Tiberi's jab sees him through to the decision on scores of 77-75 from all three officials. Nine wins in a row now for Tiberi Palm Bay, USA: Light Welter: Jesus Pabon (17-1) W TKO 1 Americo Santos (26-4-1). Puerto Rican southpaw Pabon , 30, wins vacant WBO Latino title as he measures a wild Santos with jabs and then floors Texan with a thunderous right, Santos beats the counts, slips to the floor, then another right puts Santos down and, although up at four, in no condition to fight on. Now eleven by KO/TKO for Pabon and seven wins since his upset loss to Luis Hernandez. First fight since October 2007 for Santos. Tulsa, USA: Super Feather: Juan Carlos Burgos (26-1) W TKO 2 Frankie Archuleta (27-8-1). Super Middle: Isaac Chilemba (16-1-1) W PTS 10 Max Vlasov (19-1). Feather: Simpiwe Vetyeka (22-1) W KO 3 Roberto Leyva (27-13-1). Light Middle: Harry Joe Yorgey (23-1-1) W TKO 5 Don Castaneda (11-8,1ND). Super Bantam: Alex De Oliveira (16-1) W PTS 6 Robert DaLuz (13-32-3). Former WBC featherweight title challenger Burgos gets a slow start with Archuleta having some success in the first round. In second Mexican floors Archuleta with a left hook and then puts him down twice more to force stoppage. Burgos, 23, has won 19 by KO/TKO, but was well beaten on points by Hozumi Hasegawa for the vacant WBC title in November. Archuleta, 35, has been a pro since 1997, but it may be time to hang the gloves up. Big win for IBO champion 23-year-old Chilemba from Malawi. Also a gutsy win. He has to climb off the floor twice in the eighth round to take unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Russian in a non title fight. Chilamba outscores Russian in early rounds with superior work rate and good body punches, before going down twice from right hands. Comes back strongly at the end of the same eighth round as Russian exhausts himself looking for win, and takes last two rounds. Scores 96-92 twice and 95-94. Vetyeka 30, shakes off rust quickly and finishes former IBF strawweight champion Leyva with a body shot in the third. First fight in 19 months for South African. His only loss was also to Hozumi Hasegawa, on a close points decision, this for the WBC bantamweight title in 2007. Southpaw Leyva is very much a spent force. He was IBF champion for 16 months back in 2001/2002. Up until losing the title he has a 23-0-1 record, but since then he is 4-13 and has lost seven of his last eight. Neither fighter made the weight, so this was a featherweight fight instead of a bantam as scheduled. Yorgey, 33, returns after 15 months with stoppage of Mexican Castaneda. Yorgey had scored a big win over Ronnie Hearns in March 2009, but was kayoed in three rounds by Alfredo Angulo for the interim WBO title in his last fight in November 2009. Highly-touted young Brazilian De Oliveira also returns with a win as he outpoints experienced DaLuz. First fight for De Oliveira since crushing one round kayo loss to Mexican Giovani Caro in December 2009. Novi Sad, Serbia: Light: Dejan Zlaticanin (12-0) W PTS 12 Felix Lora (13-7-5). Super Middle: Nikola Sjekloca (19-0) W PTS 12 Roberto Santos (16-5-1). Montenegrin Zlaticanin, 26, scores a knockdown in first, but it was never going to be that easy against tough Dominican. Turns into a tough bout with Zlaticanin winning the unanimous decision and the vacant WBC Mediterranean title. Serbian-born, Montenegro-based Sjekloca, 32, retains WBC International title. Takes early rounds with his skill, slumps in the middle rounds, but the finishes strongly to win unanimous verdict over Spanish champion Santos. Nitra, Slovakia: Light Heavy: Tomas Kovacs (19-0) W PTS 12 Hamza Wandera (12-2-2). Unbeaten Hungarian Kovacs given a scare as he just squeaks by Swedish-based Ugandan southpaw Wandera on a split decision. Kovacs, 33, wins vacant WBO European title. First fight in Europe for Wandera, and first time he has faced an opponent with a positive record. How he qualifies to fight for a “European” title only the WBO know. Glasgow, Scotland: Feather: James Ancliff (10-12-2) W TKO 5 Jason Hastie (7-1). Ancliffe, 27, adds Scottish feather title to the super feather title he already holds. Previously unbeaten Hastie, 24, gets off to the better start and takes first two rounds. After that the body attack of Ancliffe proves too much for the Edinburgh man and he retires at the end of the fifth round. Only second win inside the distance for Ancliffe.

February 26

Merida, Mexico: Light Fly: Gilberto Keb Baas (35-20-4) W TKO 8 Jose Aguirre (35-10-1). Fly: Wilbert Uicab (31-5-1,1ND) W PTS 12 Edwin Diaz (12-17). Light: Juan Pablo Sanchez (16-8,1ND) W PTS 10Rodolf Lopez (24-5-1,2ND). Light: Juan Carlos Salgado (23-1-1) W PTS 10 Lupe Rosales (28-7). Keb Baas decisively wins this battle of veterans in front of his home crowd and retains his WBC title in his first defence. Keb Baas attacked Aguirre from the start and the only early round that the challenger took was the second. Keb Baas, 33, shook the 35-year-old Aguirre with hooks in the fourth and fifth at which point an idiot threw an object into the ring, which luckily missed everyone. From then on Keb Baas did very little missing as he pounded Aguirre over the next three rounds, and the challenger retired at the end of the eighth. Keb Baas or “Babe Luis V” won the WBC title with an upset victory over Omar Nino Romero. “Jaguar” Aguirre, 35, is a former WBC strawweight champion. He retired in 2008 and had only one fight on his comeback before being gifted this title shot, which was his fifth unsuccessful try for a title at light flyweight. Aguirre announced his retirement after this loss. “Babe Luis V” gained revenge for the family as Aguirre beat his brother Juan Alfonso Keb Baas (Babe Luis IV) in a strawweight title defence in 2003. “Huracan” Uicab, 27, lived up to his name as he had his southpaw opponent on the back foot from the first round with a barrage of hooks and uppercuts. Diaz was able to use his height and reach advantages briefly in the fifth, but Uicab regained control in the sixth and from then on it was a matter of survival for the Panamanian. Scores 119-108, 119-109 and 116-111. Uicab, rated No 2 by the WBC, retained his Silver Belt , and is now unbeaten in his last twelve fights. Only one win in his last twelve for Diaz. Sanchez springs a minor surprise as he outboxes former WBC featherweight champion Lopez. These two had fought a no decision in March last year when a clash of heads brought an early finish. This time Sanchez, with only one loss in his last eight fights, boxed his way to a unanimous points victory. Former WBA super featherweight champion Salgado, 26, boxed his way to victory over the aggressive Rosales. He had Rosales hurt in the fifth, and his more accurate punching saw him collect the decision on scores of 97-93 twice and 98-92. Salgado won the WBA title with a 73 second destruction of Jorge Linares, but lost the title to Takashi Uchiyama three months later. This was a return bout as when they met in June Rosales had to retire when he injured his right leg. Rosales is tough, but slipping for a fighter who won 26 of his first 27 fights. Las Vegas, USA: Light: Brandon Rios (27-0-1) W TKO 10 Miguel Acosta (28-4-2). Super Feather: Robert Marroquin (19-0) W PTS 8 Gilberto Sanchez Leon (30-8-2). Rios wins secondary WBA title in impressive style as he crushes champion Acosta. Rios, 24, forcing action in early rounds, but Acosta staying out of trouble with clever in-and-out movement and accuracy. Rios rocked in third and Acosta on top in fourth. Rios closes distance in fifth and then in sixth changes whole course of the fight as he floors Acosta with a left hook and jab. Now fired-up, “Bam Bam “ scores another knockdown in eighth and batters Venezuelan to the floor in the tenth just as Acosta’s corner enter the ring to save their man. Now 20 wins by KO/TKO for Texas-born, Oxnard-based Rios who injured his hand during the fight. Good night for manager Cameron Dunkin. Acosta had won title with win over Namibian Paulus Moses in May 2010 and had a winning run of 19 bouts going in. Texan Marroquin, 21, in good leaning fight with experienced Sanchez Leon. Gives away height and reach, but remains unbeaten with higher work rate earning him a close unanimous verdict on scores of 77-75 twice and 78-74. Queretaro, Mexico: Fly: Julio Cesar Miranda (35-5-1) W TKO 4 Arden Diale (14-6-3). Miranda, 30, has to climb off the floor to retain his WBO title against Filipino. Diale surprises Miranda with a right to put the champion down in the first. Miranda gets into his stride in second and scores knockdowns in third and fourth and referee stops the fight. Third defence for Miranda, but 22-year-old Diale has never faced a rated opponent and only gets title shot because he is WBO Orient champion. Bolton, England: Super Feather: Ermano Fegatilli (23-4) W PTS 12 Stephen Foster Jr (28-3-1). Bantam: Craig Lyon (12-0-1) T DRAW 3 Josh Wale (11-3-1). Feather: Joe Murray (10-0) W PTS 8 Daniel Kodjo Sassou (29-16-4,1ND). Light Middle: Siarhei Rabchenka (16-0) W TKO 2 Martin Concepcion (17-9). Super Middle: Robin Reid (40-6-1) W PTS 4 Jamie Ambler (9-46-2). Shock defeat for Foster, 30, as he loses his European title to lightly regarded Belgian Fegatilli. Fegatilli started fast, targeting Foster’s body with some success. Foster got his act together from the fourth but suddenly in the seventh he looked exhausted. Fegatilli, 26, took control with his body punching. A left hook to the body put Foster down in the ninth and he was floored three more times in the tenth and again in the eleventh. Foster deserves credit for lasting the distance in his exhausted state, but his title was gone as the Belgian won on scores of 114-109 twice and 114-110. Foster, who had looked class when kayoing Russian Levan Kirakosyan for the title in October, had suffered from a virus before the fight and may have struggled to make the weight. This loss ruins the plans that Ricky Hatton had of getting Foster a world title fight. Former European Union champ Fegatilli has won his last nine. Good little fight between Lyon and Wale just warming up when a clash of heads in the third sees both fighters too badly cut to continue so under new BBB of C rule bout ruled a technical draw. Lyon, 29, retains English title. “Genius” Murray, 24, uses excellent boxing skills behind a sharp jab. Floors tough man from Togo briefly in third then boxes his way to comfortable victory on score of 80-71 from referee. Sassou better than his record indicates as he won only two of his first 16 fights. Rabachenko too strong for Concepcion. Going forward from the bell he puts Concepcion down twice and referee stops the fight. Now twelve by KO/TKO and eleven in a row, for the fighter from Belarus, who represented them at the World Junior and Senior championships. Former WBC super middleweight champion Reid, now 40, launches a comeback, and in his first fight since being stopped by Carl Froch in 2007, edges out lanky Ambler on score of 39-38. Reid took fight so that he could show some recent activity and so enter the next Prizefighter tournament. Grand Island, USA: Light: Antonio DeMarco (25-2-1) W PTS 12 Reyes Sanchez (20-4-1). Light: Marvin Quintero (21-3) W TKO 3 Lowell Brownfield (11-7-1). Cruiser: Alejandro Berrio (32-5) W TKO 3 Antwun Echols (32-15-4).Cruiser: Brad Pitt (7-0) W PTS 6 Joshua Harris (7-4-1). Light Welter: Terry Crawford (13-0) W KO 1 Anthony Mora (15-7). In all-Mexican battle, southpaw DeMarco, 25, looks to be in for an early night as opens a cut over Sanchez's left eye early in the first round. Sanchez ignores cut and takes fight to DeMarco. However, Sanchez lacks power and DeMarco’s more accurate and powerful punches give him the edge over the busier Sanchez. Scores 117-111, 116-112, and 115-113. This was for the WBC Silver Belt held by Sanchez, and also an eliminator. DeMarco’s only loss in his last 19 fights was a stoppage by the late Edwin Valero for the WBC title last February. Sanchez, 25, had stopped Ali Chebah in seven rounds in 2008, but suffered a big set back when he was kayoed by Ric Dominguez in the Azteca tournament in 2009. Southpaw Quintero, 24, rebuilding after shock kayo loss to Daniel Attah in November has an easy night with Brownfield. Forces a standing count in third and then follow-up attack brings referees intervention. Former IBF super middle champion Berrio, 34, halts sliding veteran Echols in third after hurting Echols with big right hand. Only three of the Colombian’s 37 fights have lasted the distance. Berrio lost his IBF title to Lucien Bute in 2007, but has put on weight since then. Only one win in his last 15 fights for 39-year-old Echols. A big drop for a guy who had three world title shots. Australian hope Pitt has to climb off the floor in the third round to retain his 100% record with a unanimous verdict over Harris. Scores 58-53 twice and 57-54. Another impressive display by Crawford who flattens Mora with a left hook after just 118 seconds. Now ten by KO/TKO for former top amateur 25-year-old Crawford. Mora has turned his career around-the wrong way! He won his first 15 fights and has lost his last seven, six by KO/TKO. Aberdeen, Scotland: Light Welter: Lee McAllister (32-2) W TKO 6 Istvan Nagy (15-9). McAllister’s skilful boxing see him in charge of this fight against the rough, brawling Hungarian. A clash of heads in the third leaves “The Aberdeen Assassin” cut badly above the left eye. Worried about the cut McAllister, 28, goes for the finish. Punishes Nagy in fourth and fifth and floors him at the start of the sixth. A second knockdown and the fight is stopped. Commonwealth lightweight champion McAllister wins vacant IBO International title. Nagy lost in one round to Gary Buckland in 2009 and in five to Paul Appleby in 2007. San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic: Light Middle: Jean Carlos Prada (18-0-1) W T DEC 4 Jose Soto (23-7-2). Unbeaten Venezuelan Prada, 26, made the faster start and that proved decisive. A clash of heads in the fourth saw southpaw Prada badly cut and due to his better start he was in front on the cards and won on a technical decision. He wins the vacant WBA Fedebol title. Prada represented Venezuela at the 2004 Olympics and the 2005 World championships. Dominican Soto was having his first fight since October 2008. Atlantic City, USA: Light Middle: Gabriel Rosado (16-5) W TKO 12 Jamaal Davis (12-8). God fight between two Philadelphians with contrasting styles as Rosado wants a war and Davis wants to box on the outside. Close contest until Davis starts to tire and Rosado on top. Shakes Davis with barrage of punches in last and with Davis not firing back the referee stops the fight. “King” Rosado, 25, now has nine wins by KO/TKO and showed his potential when only losing on a majority decision to Derek Ennis in July. This was for the interim NABA title, and only the second time Davis has failed to go the distance. Guanajuanto, Mexico: Feather: Robinson Castellanos (10-9) W PTS 12 Chris Perez (19-1). Feather: Eduardo Lazcano (22-2) W PTS 12 Alejandro Barrera (21-6). This was not supposed to happen, as it was meant to be an easy fight for unbeaten “Huracan” Perez. He looked on his way to a win when he floored Castellanos with a right in the second. However from then on Castellanos, 28, was stronger, and he was the one putting on the pressure, with Perez reduced to holding to smother the constant attacks from Castellanos. Scores 118-113, 117-112 and 115-111 as Castellanos takes interim WBC Fecombox title from Perez. “Chucky" Lazcano retains WBC Mundo Hispano title with split decision in bloody battle with Barrera. Southpaw Lazcano has Barrera hurt in second and fifth, but Barrera has Lazcano bleeding heavily from the nose from the fourth, and badly cut on his right eyebrow in seventh. Scores reflect how hard this one was to score as one judge had Lazcano winning by 117-114 and another had Barrera winning 117-111. The third official gave it to Lazcano by 115-114. General Santos City, Philippines:Fly: Arthur Villaneuva (19-0) W TKO 2 Ruben Santillanosa (9-25-2). Prospect Villaneuve makes it 18 by KO/TKO as he floors experienced Santillanosa twice in the first round and finishes him with a big left in the second.

February 27

Davao City, Philippines:Bantam: Glenn Porras (26-2) W PTS 12 Richard Pumicpic (9-4-1). “The Rock” Porras had to live up to his name in winning the vacant Filipino title against No 4 rated contender Pumicpic. The 25-year-old Porras was floored in the third, cut around both eyes and suffered a sprained wrist, but was easily the better boxer and won on scores of 116-111 twice and 117-111. Porras has won his last 13. Additional Commonwealth Results

February 25

Newcastle, Australia:Cruiser: Daniel Ammann (21-4-1) W PTS 6 Walter Pupu’a (12-10). “The Doberman” wins unanimous verdict in warm up in fight for vacant Australian title with Brad Pitt.

February 26

Accra, Ghana: Light: Theo Quaye W TKO 5 Kofi Aduana. Super Bantam: John Amuzu W TKO 1 Kasum Baba. Isaac Quaye W TKO 6 Mike Tetteh. Super Fly: Yaqub Kareem W TKO 5 Alfred Quaye. Super Feather: Prince Ofotsu W TKO 5 William Commey. Isaac Selom W TKO 5 Ed Brew. Welter: Patrick Allotey W KO 3 Abdul Majid .Middle: Ernest Amuzu W TKO 3 Osumanu Saidu. Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania: Cruiser: Joseph Marawa (24-16-1) W TKO 3 Chuku Dusso (0-11). Light Welter: Abdallah Mohammed (10-7-3) W TKO 2 George Mtagwa (0-8-1). Tandika, Tanzania: Feather: Bakari Mohamed (6-7) W PTS 6 Rashid Ally (17-16-9). Walsall, England:Light Middle: Jamie Ball (11-0-1) W KO 8 AA Lowe (8-4). Southpaw “Bully” Ball kayos Lowe with body punch to win vacant Midlands Area title.

February 27

Derby, England: Light Welter: Dave Ryan (10-4) W PTS 10 Leo Lothian (10-9-2). Ryan regains vacant Midland Area title. Score 98-90. Chanika, Tanzania: Super Middle: Said Mbwela (11-5-4) W TKO 5 Mbwana Ally (0-8).