Weekly Report

April 2011

April 8

Kobe, Japan: Feather: Jhonny Gonzalez (48-7) W TKO 4 Hozumi Hasegawa (29-4). Super Bantam: Toshiaki Nishioka (38-4-3) W KO 9 Mauricio Javier Munoz (21-3). Super Feather: Takahiro Ao (21-2-1) W KO 4 Humberto Gutierrez (28-3-1). Bantam: Carlos Cuadras (19-0) W TKO 2 Phisanuthep. One punch finish from 29-year-old Gonzalez wins him the WBC title. Southpaw Hasegawa, 30, busier and coming forward for the first three rounds, but not really getting through with any big shots as Mexican Gonzalez has height and reach. Behind on all three cards Gonzalez cautious and not letting the punches go, but throwing the occasion right as a range finder. Finds the range in the fourth and a right hook floors Hasegawa. He gets up but in no condition to fight on and the fight is stopped. Former WBO bantam champ Gonzalez wins WBC title and makes it 42 wins by KO/TKO. Only ten of his 55 fights have gone the distance. First defence for former WBC champion Hasegawa. Nishioka, 34, easily retains WBC title for sixth time. Patiently outboxing his Argentinian challenger, southpaw Nishioka ahead on all three cards when southpaw left hook unhinges “Chucky” Munoz, 25, and follow-up attack, finished by another left, ends the fight. Nishioka, who stopped Gonzalez in a title defence in 2009, lost two of his first five fights pro fights, and only won the title in his fifth shot, has proved a strong champion. In an all-southpaw fight, champion Ao, 27, too fast and busy for Mexican Gutierrez. Ao hurt by a right hook in the third, but steps up the pace and a devastating body shot in the fourth puts Gutierrez down, and he takes the count on his knees. The former WBC feather champion retains WBC title in this division for first time. Gutierrez, 22, had lost to Vitali Tajbert for the interim title in 2009. Mexican banger Cuadras, 22, makes it 17 by KO/TKO with stoppage of unknown Thai. Montreal, Canada: Middle: Marco Antonio Rubio (50-5-1) W TKO 7 David Lemieux (25-1). Super Middle: Adonis Stevenson (14-1) W KO 3 Derek Edwards (25-2). Light: Arash Usmanee (12-0) W PTS 8 Aldo Valtierra (25-14). Experience tells as Rubio rides out the aggression of Lemieux, and as the storm blows itself out the taller Mexican starts to hand out some punishment, and wins this WBC eliminator. An overhand right hurt Rubio, 30, in the first, and through to the fifth Lemieux ,22, was storming forward firing with both hands, and even finding times to show off a little. However, Rubio was still strong and rocked Lemieux in the sixth. Lemieux had a better seventh, but as he tired a big right from Rubio, that seemed to land high on his forehead knocked him backwards and he slumped over in a corner being held up by the ropes and ring post. His legs were shaky as he got up to hear out the mandatory eight, and had nothing left. With Rubio scoring heavily Lemieux’s corner man climbed on the apron and the fight was stopped. This was never going to go the distance. Rubio made it 43 wins by KO/TKO and seven wins in a row since losing to Kelly Pavlik in a WBC/WBO title fight in 2009. The only loss for Rubio in his last 17 fights. Lemieux had won 24 of his fights by KO/TKO, but the strength of the opposition was open to question. Rubio is now in line for at a shot at the winner of the Sebastian Zbik vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr fight. Stevenson returned to the ring with a crushing victory over former top amateur Edwards. Stevenson, 33, scored a knockdown in the second before finishing it with a left in the third. This was southpaw Commonwealth silver medalist Stevenson’s first fight since a shock stoppage loss to Darnell Boone in April last year. Edwards, 31, also fighting for the first time in a year, has a deceptive record as his wins have been on the Carolina’s and surrounding States circuit. Usmanee, 29, wins, but it is not pretty. Red Deer prospect generally in charge of a rough, foul filled contest and wins wide unanimous verdict on scores of 79-72 twice and 80-71. Melbourne, Australia: Welter: Samuel Colomban (20-3) W TKO 4 Sapapetch Sakaorat (22-8). Light Fly: Omari Kimweri (9-2) W TKO 2 Mongkol (10-6). Feather: Will Tomlinson (16-0-1) W PTS 10 Billy Sumba (18-4-1). Super Bantam: Daniel Iannazzo (20-1) W TKO 4 Pichit (28-6). WBO No 9 Colomban, 25, much too good for Thai. Pressures him all the way and wins in fourth to retain WBO Orient title for third time. Cameroon fighter unbeaten in last ten. In seven fights outside Thailand Sapapetch has yet to go the distance. Little Tanzania Kimweri has no trouble with another poor Thai. Australian fly champ Kimweri wins vacant WBO Orient title, so he will suddenly leap into the WBO ratings as a reward. Seven wins in a row for Kimweri, but Mongkol has failed to last beyond the second round of any of his last three fights. Typical all-out aggressive display by prospect Tomlinson as Wild Bill” wins by a mile, 100-88 on all three cards, over Indonesian who had lost his last two by kayo. Iannazzo, 22, continues to rebuild and halts Pichit in fourth to win vacant WBO Asia Pacific Youth title. Junín, Argentina: Light: Marcelino Lopez (21-0) W PTS 10 Alberto Santillan (17-7). Cruiser: Hugo Hernan Garay (34-5) W PTS 6 Martin Islas (11-24). Tough, close return bout. Santillan scores well and cuts Lopez on left eyebrow in the first. Lopez starts to get on top in fourth. Two lefts from Lopez put Santillan down in the sixth, but “El Puma” comes back with heavy punches of his own, and takes the eighth to make it close. Both fighters too tired to stage a strong finish and Lopez wins on scores of 97-92, 97-93 and 95-94, with the last scores looking the best reflection of the fight. Lopez retains WBC Latino belt. He won a majority verdict over Santillan in May. Santillan has won only two of his last 7, but is a good test. Now up at cruiser, former WBA light heavy champ Garay, 30, wins, but does not impress. Sweeps the first four rounds, but then tires badly and is under pressure from Islas at the end. Garay wins on scores of 60-55 ½, 58 ½ -56 ½ and 58 ½ -57. Second win for Garay since being blasted out inside a round by Chris Henry last March. Islas has won only one of his last eleven. Edmonton, Canada: Cruiser: Ryan Henney (18-3) W PTS 10 Jason Douglas (9-5). Henney, 33, retains Canadian title, but only just. In close, tough battle two point deductions against Douglas, one for use of the elbow and the other for a butt, proves the difference, as Henney wins on scores of 95-93 on two cards whilst the third saw it for Douglas by the same score. Douglas won a gold medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games where he beat current pros Shane Cameron and Kertson Manswell and David Haye-on a walk over as Haye was injured. As a pro Douglas has lost to some pretty ordinary opposition, but this was his best showing so far. Clichy la Garenne, France: Light: Anthony Mezaache (20-6) W PTS 12 Aristedes Perez (19-5-1). Super Feather: Samir Kasmi (13-8-1) W PTS 10 Sylvain Chapelle (8-11-2). Colombian made a war out of this by walking forward throwing punches from the first bell to the last. Mezaache forced to box on the retreat and dragged into furious exchanges. However, Perez wild with his punches and constantly walking on to hard counters, and shaken on occasion. Referee takes away two points from Perez for hitting on the break and a butt leaves Mezaache with an ugly gash over his left eye. Former unbeaten European champion wins hard-fought decision and vacant WBC Inter-Continental and IBF International belts. Scores 118-110, 117-110 and 116-108. Second win for Mezaache, 32, since shock loss to Carlos Vinan in USA in July. First distance loss for Perez, who has never won a fight outside Colombia, but has been matched tough with Humberto Soto and Jhonny Gonzalez stopping him. Kasmi makes successful second defence of his national title with unanimous verdict over game Chapelle. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-94. Kasmi lost to Paul Truscott on points in 2008 but was unbeaten in his last seven. Hamburg, Germany: Heavy: Danny Williams (43-9,1ND) W KO 1 Lazslo Toth (9-3). Bit of rubbish as sloppy 39-yrear-old Toth falls over in just 43 seconds against 37-year-old Williams. The former British and Commonwealth champion, who halted Mike Tyson in 2004 and lost to Vitali Klitschko in a WBC title fight in the same year, is now boxing with a Latvian license,. Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy: Middle: Matteo Signani (11-3-2) W PTS 10 Gaetano Nespro (17-7). Hometown fighter Signani, 31, makes successful third defence of his Italian title and moves 2-1 ahead in series of national title fights with Nespro. Scores 98-92, 98-93 and 96-94. Las Vegas, USA: Welter: Jesse Vargas (15-1) W TKO 1 Vivian Harris (29-6-1,1ND). End of the road for Harris as 21-year-old Vargas hurts him early, shakes him on a couple of other occasions as Harris, 32, holds and covers up to last out the round. Harris retires in his corner. The former WBA light welter champion, who lost to Junior Witter for the WBC title in 2007, has lost to Lucas Matthysse and Victor Ortiz inside the distance in 2010 and this is hopefully the end of the line for Harris. Vargas is trained by Roger Mayweather. Barranquilla, Colombia: Fly: Carlos Tamara (22-6) W KO 2 Jorge Ballesteros (4-6-3). Former IBF flyweight champion “Olympico” Tamara, 28, wastes no time. Has Ballesteros in trouble in the first and then ends it with a left to the body and right to the chin in the second. Tamara, who was a silver medalist at the Pan American Games in 2003 and competed for Colombia in the 2004 Olympics, was returning after back-to-back losses to Luis Lazarte and Milan Melindo last year. Laredo, USA: Light Heavy:Dyah Davis (19-2-1) W PTS 10 Marcus Johnson (20-1). Light Welter: Gabriel Bracero (15-0) W PTS 8 Danny O’Connor (14-1). Welter: Vincent Arroyo (11-1) W PTS 8 Willie Nelson (16-1-1). Three good matches put on by Shobox. Davis, 29, boxes a smart fight against undefeated puncher Johnson. Uses good jab and plenty of movement to frustrate 25-year-old Johnson and wraps up the points as he floors Johnson in ninth with a body shot. Scores 98-91 twice and 96-93. Davis fought in Bristol back in 2009 when he beat Hastings Rasani. Puerto Rican Bracero wins the battle of undefeated non-punchers. Good fight as both fire away in all of the rounds. Although many rounds close, Bracero, 30, the busier and more accurate than southpaw O’Connor, 26, and piles up the points to take the unanimous verdict on scores of 8-72 twice and 79-73. Plenty of incidents as Arroyo takes majority verdict over previously unbeaten Nelson. Arroyo loses a point in third for holding, but floors Nelson in the same round. Nelson boxing better, but is floored again in the sixth and seventh. Those knockdowns make the difference as Arroyo wins majority decision on scores of 75-73 twice and 74-74.

April 9

Las Vegas, USA: Light Welter: Marcos Maidana (30-2) W PTS 12 Erik Morales (51-7). Light: Robert Guerrero (29-1-1,2ND) W PTS 12 Mike Katsidis (27-4). Welter: Paul Malignaggi (29-4) W PTS 10 Jose Miguel Cotto (32-3-1). Light Welter: Danny Garcia (21-0) W PTS 10 Nate Campbell (33-8-1,1ND). Light Middle: Nobuhiro Ishida (23-6-2) W TKO 1 James Kirkland (27-1). Cruiser: Rakhim Chakhkiev (10-0) W TKO 3 Harvey Jolly (11-17-1). Tremendous battle, although it looked as though it might be an easy night for Maidana as he had the better of the early rounds, and with the right eye of Morales swollen shut from an uppercut in the first. However, despite the handicap of only being able to see out of one eye, Morales overcame the slow start and took the middle rounds and had the slower and less skilful Maidana rocking with a good left hook in the eighth. The decisive rounds were the closing ones where the youth and strength of the Argentinian allowed him to pull away, but even then it was a majority verdict with two judges seeing Maidana the winner 116-112 and the third a draw at 114-114. Maidana,’s finish probably earned him the decision, but it was a great, gutsy effort by Morales who certainly showed he was not a spent force, and could have taken the decision but for the handicap of one eye closed for almost the whole of the fight. Important and impressive win by “The Ghost” as Guerrero, outboxes Australian and also shows that he can mix the rough stuff as well. Guerrero’s left jab is the dominant punch in the fight. He takes the first round, but is almost floored in the second. The jab makes Katsidis fight on the back foot, and he has no real answer, and can’t get his punches off. Katsidis is wobbled in fifth and outboxed in sixth and seventh, and is staring to mark up on his face. Katsidis loses a point in eighth for a low blow but also lands well to the body. Guerrero loses a point for a low blow in the ninth. Guerrero takes the last two rounds and wins interim WBA and WBO titles on scores of 118-106, 118-107 and 117-108. Up at welterweight, Malignaggi looks back to his best as he outboxes aggressive Puerto Rica. Cotto makes the better start, hurting Malignaggi in first. Malignaggi also shaken by clash of heads in second. Former IBF light welter champ gets into the groove in third and great work with the jab puts him in charge. Malignaggi still dominating in fifth when another of many head clashes see him cut by left eye. Cotto continually pressing, but Malignaggi scoring freely and far enough in front to coast the last. Scores 99-91 twice and 97-93. Some measure of revenge for Malignaggi who was beaten by Jose’s younger brother Miguel Cotto in 2006, but he may have paid a big price for this win as he injured both hands during the fight, and the left may be broken. “Swift” Garcia just too busy for former world lightweight champion Campbell. The veteran, now 39, just does not have it any more and was outworked in almost every round. Scores 100-90, 99-91 and 98-92. Ishida exposes the flaws in Kirkland’s defence and scores win in just 112 seconds. Left puts Kirkland down after just twenty seconds, combination puts Kirkland down again. Kirkland trying to fire back, but another right puts him on the canvas and the referee stops the fight. Ishida, 35, a former WBA interim champion, is unbeaten in his last twelve. Back to the drawing board for Kirkland who must tighten his defence. Easy for former amateur star Chakhkiev as Russian southpaw bangs away at the body of Jolly, scores a knockdown in the second and sends Jolly down again with a right cross in the third for the kayo. Seven wins by KO/TKO for Chakhkiev, but Jolly has lost five of his last six. Magdeburg, Germany: Super Middle: Robert Stieglitz (40-2) W DIS 10 Khoren Gevor (31-6). Light Middle: Jack Culcay (8-0) W TKO 3 Mikheil Khutsishvili (15-14-3). Light Heavy: Haxhi Krasniqi (35-2) W PTS 8 Ben Nsafoah (9-5-2). Champion Stieglitz takes control is generally quicker to the punch and cuts Armenian southpaw over the left eye in the third. Late substitute Gevor tough and determined as usual, but playing it rough and gets warnings and deducted a point for various infractions of the rules. Confused ending in the tenth as the referee deducts a point from Gevor fighters get tangled up and wrestle each other to the floor and Stieglitz cut ion melee. Referee decided that it was Gevor’s fault and disqualified him Gevor loses it and attacks the referee and had to be taken away by security. Successful, if eventful, fourth defence for Russian. Southpaw Gevor, 31, had lost to Felix Sturm and Arthur Abraham in previous title shots at middleweight. Former World amateur champion “Golden Jack” Culcay 25 marches on. Ecuadorian-born German handles young Georgian loser with ease before sinking him in third with a body shot. Khutsishvili typical Georgian abroad. Won only three of his last ten fights and never won outside Georgia. Newark, USA: Heavy: Tomasz Adamek (44-1) W PTS 12 Kevin McBride (35-9-1). Light Heavy: Andrzej Fonfara (17-2,1ND) W KO 4 Ray Smith (9-6). Welter: Sadam Ali (12-0) W KO 3 Javier Perez (8-5). Twelve useful, if uninspiring rounds for Adamek. He is too fast and accurate for the slower, sloppier boxing of McBride. No knockdowns and McBride, apart from perhaps winning the sixth, never in the fight and loses a point for holding in the seventh. Predictable wide, unanimous verdict for Adamek on scores of 119-118 twice and 120-107. The 34-year-old former WBC light heavy and IBF cruiser champ has won his last 13 and next up is Vitali Klitschko, but he needs to fight much better to have a chance against the WBC champion. McBride, 37, has now lost 5 of his last 6, including a loss in the Prizefighter tournament. A long way from beating Mike Tyson, as he did in 2005. Tall Fonfara gets expected win. Takes every round before kayoing poor Smith with a barrage in the fourth. Fonfara wins vacant NABO title and is unbeaten in his last seven, but has lost a couple of fights you would have expected him to win. Smith 2-4 in his last six. Impressive former Olympian Ali, 22, floors Puerto Rican in first and then put him out late in third. The Brooklyn prospect has seven by KO/TKO. Bacolod City, Philippines: Feather: Lorenzo Villaneuva (20-0-0,1ND) W KO 5 James Mokoginta (15-5-1).Light Fly: Donnie Nietes (28-1-3) W KO 1 Armando Vazquez (18-6). Light Welter: Jason Pagara (26-1) W KO 2 Deo Njiku (11-5-0,1ND). Bantam: Roli Gasca (16-1) W TKO 3 Ngaotawan (8-6-1). Super Fly: Anthony Villaneuva (16-0) W TEC DEC 6 Mark Anthony (19-3-3). Yet another power punching young Filipino is emerging. The aggressive southpaw Villaneuva floored his Indonesian opponent in the first and second rounds, may have broken Mokoginta’s ribs, and flattened him in the fifth. Now 19 wins by KO/TKO as he makes successful third defence of his WBO Orient title. One crushing overhand right from “Ahas” Nietes, the former undefeated WBO straw champ, and Vazquez is down and out. Nietes, 28, is in line for a shot at the WBO interim light fly title, and needs the action after only two fights in 2010, the last in August. Pagara, 19, floors Tanzanian Njiku in first and then finishes him with left hook in the second. Now 15 by KO/TKO by ALA promotions prospect as he wins vacant WBO Asia Pacific title. Gasca, 21, not a noted puncher, put his Thai opponent down twice in the second and once in the third finishing it with a hook/uppercut. Gasca also holds a November stoppage win over world rated Thai Tabtimdaeng who had a 34-1 record at the time. Villanueva wins technical decision as clash of heads in sixth ends the fight. Scores 58-56 twice and 57-57. Loncopue, Argentina: Middle: Bill Godoy (21-0) W KO 3 Luis Arrieta (10-8-2). Prospect “El Nino” Godoy, 24, has no trouble with modest Arrieta and makes it 12 wins by KO/TKO, but fourth loss in a row for 33-year-old Arrieta. Bruay-la-Buissiere, Paris: Light: Guillaume Salingue (29-0) W PTS 12 Domenico Urbano (23-3-1). “William” Salingue, 29, wins but is not impressive. He takes early rounds with his better boxing but Urbano roughs him up and Salingue gets drawn into a scrap. Both fighters get warnings as it hots up, but Salingue scoring the cleaner shots against tough Italian throughout. Salingue wins WBFederation Inter-Continental title on scores of 115-111, 115-112 and an out of line 117-109. Former European Union feather champ Urbano retired in 2007 and returned in November last year with a win. Alnay-sous-Bois, France: Bantam: Mohamed Bouleghcha (16-5-2) W PTS 12 Michael Arango (32-11-3). Former French champion “Little Joe” Bouleghcha, 28, wins IBF and WBA Inter-Continental titles with wide points win over modest Colombian. Bouleghcha‘s sharper punching and better boxing put him in charge. He floors Arango with a left hook in the fourth and coasts the rest of the way. Arango also has two points deducted for persistent fouling in the eighth. Scores 108-107, 108-108 and 116-109. Arango, formerly the Colombian strawweight champion, has again never won a fight outside Colombia and is 3-4 in his last 7. Hamburg, Germany: Light Heavy: Gregory Soszynski (20-1) W PTS 12 Geard Ajetovic (18-5-1). Heavy: Jovo Pudar (26-3) W TKO 4 Serdar Uysal (13-14-2). Cruiser: Alex Alexeev (20-2) W TKO 6 Deandre Abron (15-8). This one could have gone either way as Soszynski was the better boxer and landed the more punches, but defending champion Ajetovic was scoring with the heavier shots. Majority verdict goes to Pole Soszynski, 29, on scores of 116-113, 115-114 and 114-114. Thirty-year-old British-based Serbian Ajetovic deserved a draw, but has now lost four of his last six. In a match-up of 39-year-olds, Bosnian Pudar wins vacant PABA title. Hurts Turkish southpaw with some borderline punches. Serdar goes down in fourth from low punch and referee somehow both counting Uysal and deducting a point from Pudar. Uysal’s corner throw in the towel-in disgust. Uysal lost on points to Mike Sprott in March. One of Pudar’s losses was to Simon Peter when the Bosnian was fighting in the USA. Easy for Russian Alexeev as 38-year-old Abron seems a shot fighter. First fight for southpaw Alexeev, 29, since brutal kayo loss to Denis Lebedev in July and for Abron, once an outstanding amateur, now seven losses in a row five by KO/TKO. Tokyo, Japan: Super Fly: Yota Sato (21-2-1) W PTS 10 Kohei Kono (25-6). Sato, 27, retains Japanese title for third time with unanimous victory over experienced Kono. Scores 97-93 twice and 96-93. Sato unbeaten in his last 17. Kono, 30, lost to Tomas Rojas and a split verdict to Nobuo Nashiro in world title shots. Texoco, Mexico: Super Feather: Gamaliel Diaz (31-9-2) W PTS 12 Cesar Soto (63-23-3). Feather: Eusebio Osejo (19-9-2) W PTS 10 Juan Antonio Rodriguez (16-3). Diaz wins ugly. Former WBC feather champ Soto brings all his tricks into play. Low blows, rabbit punches, butts, holding etc., and eventually Diaz comes down to his level, making it an ugly brawl. “Cobrita” Soto came out the worse with a badly swollen face, and Diaz came away with the clear points win in the sixth defence of his WBC Cabofe title, and makes it seven wins in a row. Soto lost his WBC title to Prince Naseem Hamed in 1999. Another of those “that’s not supposed to happen" results. In all-southpaw battle Nicaraguan Osejo took away the southpaw jab of Rodriguez and took the early rounds. Rodriguez, making the seventh defence of his WBC Youth title, got going in the fourth and it was toe-to-toe from there. However, Osejo scored heavily late in the fight, hurting Rodriguez badly with right hands in the last. Scores 96-94 twice for Osejo and 95-95. Rodriguez loses WBC Youth title, but as he is 24, Osejo wins the fight, but not the title. Second good win in a row for Osejo who beat American John Jackson in March. Hartford, USA: Heavy: Tony Grano (18-2-1) W TKO 6 Dom Alexander (20-11-1). Really just a needed workout for hometown fighter Grano, 30, as he has no trouble with loser Alexander. Scores three knockdowns in the sixth to bring finish. Now 13 by KO/TKO as Grano rebuilds after upset loss to Nicola Firth in June. Alexander now 3-6 in his last nine with a six losses by KO/TKO. Hammond, USA:Light Welter: Yakubu Amidu (18-2-1) W PTS 8 John Revish (10-3-2). Light Middle: Henry Coyle (14-2) W TKO 6 Bill Prieto (5-5-1) Ghanaian Amidu, 26, is too strong and aggressive for Louisiana’s Revish, but the “Black Mamba” does not have it all his own way and Revish is in the fight until the late rounds. Scores 78-74 twice and 77-75 for Amidu who wins the vacant NABA US title. Amidu lost to Ricky Burns for the Commonwealth title in 2008 at super feather. Revish had been stopped inside a round by Adrian Broner in January. Ireland’s Coyle batters away at Prieto and hands out a one-sided beating until it is stopped in sixth.

April 8

Barnsley, England: Welter: Neil Beavers (6-0-1 W TKO 3 Sean McKervey (8-4-2). Vacant British Masters. Accra, Ghana: Welter: Ben Ankrah (13-10) W TKO 6 William Commey (0-11). Super Bantam: John Amuzu (5-0) W TKO 5 Sam Adotei (0-6-1). Super Fly: Isaac Quaye (14-4-1) W PTS 8 Isaac Okine (0-3). Light: Sam Amoako (10-4) W KO 5 Kuma Doe (2-6). Light Middle: Joseph Lamptey (10-3-1) W TKO 5 Ezekiel Afazie (0-4). Super Feather: Samuel Kotey Neequaye (8-0) W KO 5 Mohammed Laryea (0-7). Super Fly: Ekow Wilson (4-0) W TKO 7 Issah Suleman(0-2). Light Welter: Ben Ashley (2-1) W TKO 6 Ed Bawa (0-4). Light Welter: Isaac Aryee (3-4) W TKO 3 Yaw Sakiya (1-4). Middle: Peter Ato Ricketts (1-1) W TKO 5 Joe Alkakpo (0-3). Combined traceable records of the losers 3-50-1

April 9

Port Vila, Vanuatu: Super Middle: Kali Jacobus (15-3) W KO 11 Rocky Junior (11-2). UBO world title. Houghton-le-Srping,England:Light Welter: Karl Place (13-0) W TKO 5 George Watson (8-4-2).

April 10

Altona North, Australia:Light Middle: Frank LoPorto (15-4-2) W TKO 4 Aswin Cabuy(11-23-1). Welter: Todd Kidd (5-0) W PTS 6 Alex Ahtong (5-10-3). Super Bantam: Mark Quon (10-3-1) W PTS 6 Kiatpracha (5-8-1)

April 13

Brisbane, Australia: Middle: Anthony Mundine (41-4) W PTS 10 Garth Wood (10-2-1). “The Man” Mundine described this as redemption after revenging his shock kayo loss in December to the winner of the Australian super middle “Contender” series. This was a hard, close, ugly fight most of the way, with Wood trying to turn it into a brawl, and Mundine getting sucked in. The referee warning both boxers as early as the start of the second round. Mundine builds a small early lead with his better boxing. Wood has Mundine cut over the right eye in the sixth, and the cut, which later required seven stitches, continued to bleed for the remaining rounds. Wood also had a strong eighth round, to probably edge himself in front. In the ninth Wood was given a standing eight count, although his corner felt it was a result of a slip. Mundine lost a point for fouls in the tenth, but crucially also forced a second standing count in the round, and his stronger finish gave him the close unanimous decision on scores of 96-92 twice and 95-93. Mundine, twice a WBA champion at super middleweight, had only been stopped once before Wood turned the trick last year, and that was against Sven Ottke for the IBF title in 2001. Mundine, somehow still rated No 7 light middleweight despite the previous loss to Wood, is hoping to land a title shot with Austin Trout for the WBA secondary title. Wood, 32 has made a name for himself over these two fights. He is strong but limited so it will be interesting to see where he goes from here. New York, USA: Light Middle: Dmitry Salita (33-1-1) W PTS 8 Ronnie Warrior Jr (13-5-1,9ND). Light Middle: Luis Collazo (31-4) W TKO 3 Franklin Gonzalez (13-9). Despite a late scare, an easy night for Salita against a game, but limited Warrior. The “Star of David” was too skilful, busy and quick, for the 34-year-old Oklahoma southpaw, and was in charge until the last round when he was cut in a clash of heads. The Ukrainian, 29, wins on scores of 80-72 twice and 79-73, for his third victory since his disastrous wipe out in 76 seconds by Amir Khan for the WBA title in December 2009. Brooklyn southpaw Collazo is too much for overmatched Gonzalez. Collazo scores knockdown in second, and two more in third to force the finish. First fight since June 2009 for the former WBA welter champion. Collazo came off the floor in losing his title on a close unanimous verdict to Ricky Hatton in May 2006. Still only 29, Collazo, subsequently lost to Shane Mosley for the interim WBC welter title and to Andre Berto for the full title in 2009. Gonzalez has lost six in a row, including a decision to Salita

April 15

Bahia Blanca, Argentina: Super Fly: Omar Narvaez (34-0-2) W PTS 12 Cesar Seda (20-1). Fly: Nestor Narvaez (17-0-2,1ND) W PTS 10 Luis Singo (14-7-2). Experience and strength tell in this all-southpaw battle as Narvaez, 35, retains WBO super fly title in his second defence. Puerto Rican Seda, 25, has a good start as he scores well with hard, sharp punches to head and body and wins the first two rounds. In the third, after Seda again scores well and is on top, Narvaez finally shows some sign of solving his challenger’s style. From the fourth “El Huracan” closes the distance and gets on top with his clever bobbing and weaving and two-fisted aggression. Under pressure, Seda loses a point for butting. From a painful sixth for the challenger to the eleventh Narvaez is dominant with Seda unable to stem the tide. With the decision wrapped-up Narvaez floats through the last despite the desperate efforts of Seda to find a big punch. Scores 117-110 twice and a too close 115-112. Seda gave it a good try throwing fast combinations and looking to take Narvaez out. He still has the potential to win a world title in the future. A good night for Narvaez clan as younger brother Nestor, 29, won the interim WBC Latino title with a wide points verdict over 35-year-old Ecuadorian Singo. Narvaez had big advantages in height and reach against little Singo. Narvaez scores a knockdown in sixth, but game Ecuadorian stays to the final bell. Narvaez wins on scores of 100-89, 99-90 and 98-91. Madrid, Spain: Super Bantam: Kiko Martinez (25-3) W TKO 10 Jason Booth (36-7).Middle: Grzegorz Proksa (24-0) W KO 9 Pablo Navascues (25-2-1). Light Heavy: Gabriel Campillo (21-3.1ND) W TKO 5 Sergey Beloshapkin (9-7). Cruiser: David Quinonero (26-0) W KO 5 Ali Ismailov (18-6-1). Middle: Ruben Varon (37-6) W PTS 8 Daniel Perez (13-3). The strength of Martinez was a big factor in this fight as he gradually wore down the British fighter. Martinez had Booth hurt in the fifth, Booth tried to rally in the eighth, but was looking shaky at the bell for the ninth. When Booth was floored by a left in the tenth, the referee stopped the fight. “La Sensacion”, 25, wins the vacant European title which he first won by halting Brendan Dunne in a round in 2007, but then lost to Rendall Munroe in 2008. He lost a unanimous decision to Munroe in 2008 and also lost to current IBF champion Takalani Ndlovu in an IBF eliminator in 2009. The 33-year-old Commonwealth and British champion Booth lost a majority verdict to Steve Molitor for the IBF title in September. Southpaw Proksa retained the European Union title in an a times untidy battle with experienced Navascues. It was fairly even in the early rounds with Navascues the aggressor and Pole Proksa boxing at a distance. Proksa was warned twice for low blows in the fifth and was deducted a point for the same offence in the sixth. Navascues was in with a chance until the ninth British-based Proksa unleashed some heavy firepower and put Navascues down and out. Now 17 by KO/TKO for “Super G”. “Hurricane” Navascues, a former Spanish light middle champion, had drawn with former WBA middle champion Javier Castillejos in 2009. Former WBA champion Campillo, 32, in his first fight since May last year, has Russian southpaw hurt in second and has the Russian bloody and in trouble in the fifth when it is stopped. The crude, but effective, WBC silver belt champion Quinonero, 35, walked down Azeri Ismailov and ended the fight with a big left in the fifth. Quinonero’s title was not at stake and he now has 25 wins by KO/TKO. Ismailov,36, lost a split verdict to Victor Ramirez for the WBO title in May 2009, but has won only two of his last six, with all of losses coming by KO/TKO. Varon and Perez put on a spirited, good quality, eight round bout with the experience of Varon giving him the edge and he took the unanimous decision on scores of 80-74, 79-73 and 78-73. Varon gave Matthew Macklin a good fight for the European title in December and lost to Felix Strum for the WBA title in 2003. Perez has had shots at the Spanish title at welter and light middle, but on each occasion has come out on the wrong end of split decisions. Mt Claremont, Australia: Light Welter: Steve Wills (16-0-2) W TKO 2 Venance Mponji (18-14-3). Cruiser: Pieter Cronje (12-4-1) W TKO 2 Shane Tilyard (4-5). Cruiser: Victor Oganov (31-4) W KO 1 Walter Pupu’a (12-11). “The Surgeon” Wills, 27, goes inside and to the body as usual. Tanzanian Mponje under pressure from the first bell, and after a wicked body shot in the second half turns away, and a volley of punches brings the referee in to save Mponje. Southpaw Wills retains WBC Asia Pacific title for third time. In a bash/crash heavyweight fight Cronje and Tilyard parked skill in the corner and exchanged bombs from the bell. Novice Tilyard shook Cronje badly with a looping right in the first only for Cronje to send Tilyard sprawling with a left. Cronje broke through again with a left hook to floor Tilyard at the end of the first. It was more of the same in the second until Cronje put Tilyard down again and he was counted out. The 6’5” tall South African makes it three wins since he was blown away in 48 seconds by Anton Nel in March last year. Oganov and Pupu’a also go toe-to-toe until a left to the body from Oganov put Pupu’a down for the count. The 34-year-old Russian has 29 wins by KO/TKO and was bouncing back from losses to Garth Wood in The Contender series and to Mike Bolling. Samoan Pupu’a has lost 8 of his last 9. Mansfield, Australia: Middle: Johannes Mwetupungha (11-2) W TKO 8 Omar Shaick (8-2). Namibian Mwetupungha, 34, retains Australian title in fourth defence. Southpaw Shaick cut by a punch in the third and floored three times in eighth. Mwetupungha, who has won his last nine fights, represented Namibia in the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Sydney, Australia: Super Middle: Daniel Pawsey (13-4) W TKO 7 Les Piper (13-7-3). Tall, slim former Rugby League player “Condo Crusher” Pawsey makes first defence of his WBO Asia Pacific title with stoppage of Piper, another contestant in the Australian “Contender” series. Condom, France: Light Heavy: Doudou Ngumbu (24-2) W PTS 12 Mohamed Belkacem (19-4-1). Congolese-born Ngumbu, 29, retains ABU title in war with Swiss-based Algerian Belkacem. After a poor first round, Ngumbu moves ahead as he uses his superior skills to build a lead. Unfortunately Ngumbu, six points ahead at the end of the eighth, then started to mix it with Belkacem and was under pressure for the rest of the fight. Scores 116-112 twice and 115-113. Louvroil, France: Light Middle: Moez Fhami (21-1-1) W PTS 12 Carlos Herrera (22-4). The quick hands and excellent technique of 30-year-old Tunisian-born Fhami sees him controlling the bout. Herrera tries to bull his way into the fight, but is always behind. Scores 118-110, 117-111 and 116-112 as Fhami, now unbeaten in his last 16, wins vacant WBC Latino title. Argentinian Herrera was halted inside a round by Saul Alvarez in 2009. Capoterra, Italy: Welter: Lucian Abis (31-1-1) W T DEC 7 Mark Lloyd (15-4). Bantam: Andrea Sarritzu (32-4-4) W PTS 6 Sergei Tassimov (9-36-2). Super Middle: Mouhamed Ali Ndayie (19-1) W PTS 6 Ruslans Pojonisevs (12-15-1). Welter: Phil Lo Greco (21-0) W TKO 4 Semjons Moroseks (8-17-1). “Bazooka” Abis, 31, retains European Union title as he wins every round against Brit Mark Lloyd, 35, before a clash of head takes it to the scorecards with Abis winning by 69-60 on all three cards. Fifth win for Abis since losing to world rated Pole Rafal Jackiewicz for European title in early 2009. European flyweight champ wins mark-time fight against 36-year-old Estonian. Sarritzu lost and drew in WBO title fights with Omar Narvaez. Tassimov has won only one of his last 25 fights. Senegal-born Ndayie, 31, has routine win over Latvian. Ndaye’s loss was to Lolenga Mock for the European Union title in 2008, and he has had five wins since then. The “Italian Sensation” Lo Greco, who has dual Italian-Canadian citizenship, halts unpredictable Latvian. Lo Greco, 26, is current WBC International champion. He was Italian champion as an amateur and also lost twice to Neil Perkins. Moroseks blotted his copybook as a reliable loser by beating Frenchman Denis Saioni in March last year. St Louis, USA: Light: Dannie Williams (17-1) W TKO 1 Manuel Leyva (18-3). Impressive win for former National Golden Gloves champion Williams in front of his hometown fans. Floors Mexican southpaw twice with rights and referee waives the count and stops the fight. Now 14 wins by KO/TKO and fifth win in a row since loss to Eloy Perez for Williams who wins vacant WBC Continental Americas title. Leyva’s record a bit misleading as all the wins have been on the Baja California circuit, but five weeks ago he only lost on a split decision to Joel Casamayor Temecula, USA: Light Welter: Marvin Quintero (22-3) W TKO 3 Juan Santiago (13-7-1). Light Welter: Ruslan Provodnikov (19-1) W TKO 8 Ivan Popoca (15-1-1). Mexican southpaw Quintero, 24, has to adjust to facing a substitute but has no trouble with Santiago. Shakes him in first and second. Hurts Santiago in third and has him under pressure when the referee steps in. Second win for Quintero since shock kayo loss to veteran Daniel Attah in November. Santiago, from Denver came in a four days notice and has now lost 4 of his last 5. Russian prospect Provodnikov, 27, hits too hard for Chicago-based Mexican. Provodnikov always on top scoring with left hooks and the out-gunned Popoca trying to stay in the fight with his jab. Popoca in trouble from left hook in fifth and after slower sixth, Provodnikov scores heavily again in seventh. Floors Popoca with right in eighth and follow-up attack brings referee’s intervention. Second win for Russian since losing close decision to Mauricio Herrera in January. Popoca record all built in Illinois. San Francisco, USA: Super Feather: Eloy Perez (21-0-2,1ND) W PTS 10 Alejandro Rodriguez (12-2). Super Feather: Gary Russell Jr (15-0) W PTS 6 Adolfo Landeros (21-19-1). “The Prince”, 24, wins every round against Mexican. Perez scores heavily in the early rounds and then coast to the finish without any trouble. Scores 100-90 from all three officials. Perez is no puncher, but with wins over Domenico Salcido and Rene Gonzalez is making progress. First fight outside Guadalajara for 23-year-old Rodriguez. Russell, 22, scores first round knockdown over Landeros, but then settles for outfoxing the veteran loser and wins on wide unanimous verdict on scores of 60-53. Southpaw Russell was in the US team in Beijing, but the pressure of making the weight was too much and he collapsed before the weigh-in for his first bout. Landeros, 31, has lost nine of his last ten but does his job by testing these young prospects and going the distance. Troy, USA: Emmanuel Lucero (26-6-1NY State title) W PTS 8 Carlos Rivera (16-9-2). Mexican Lucero, 32, wins vacant NY State title with one-sided victory over game, but very limited Rivera. Lucero scores knockdowns in first and sixth and boxes his way to comfortable victory on scores of 80-72 from all three officials. “The Butcher” was undefeated in his first 22 fights before being stopped by Manny Pacquiao for the IBF super bantam title in 2003.Six losses in a row for Floridian Rivera.

April 16

Bayamon, Puerto Rico: Feather: Orlando Salido (35-11-2,1ND) W TKO 8 Juan Manuel Lopez (30-1).Super Feather: Luis Cruz (18-0) W PTS 10 Martin Honorio (29-6-1). Heavy: Victor Bisbal (19-1) W PTS 8 Willie Herring (12-9-3). Light: Jose A Gonzalez (15-0) W TKO 3 Miguel Angel Munguia (18-19-1). Heavy: Carlos Negron (12-0) W TKO 4 Emerson Chasing Bear (4-2-2). Huge upset and slightly controversial ending. Lopez scores heavily over the first three rounds, but Salido stays in there and also scores with some hard shot of his own. The fifth is the turning point as at the end of the round with both exchanging bombs, Salido lands with a hard left hook and a thunderous right which send Lopez to the canvas. Lopez beats the count and survives to the bell. Salido goes looking for a finish in the sixth, but a gutsy Lopez makes it through the round. In the seventh Lopez begins to recover and is scoring heavily himself and the worst seems to be over. However, in the eighth Salido has Lopez badly hurt and staggering and batters the Puerto Rican around the ring. Lopez is trying to counter but is taking heavy head punches when the referee stops the fight. Lopez, and many in the partisan crowd, thought the stoppage was premature and the ring was pelted with objects as a protests, and the referee needed to be accompanied by security guards on the way back to the dressing rooms. If you believe the judges then prospect Cruz either beat experienced Mexican Honorio by a mile or just scraped by him on the narrowest of margins. This was a great learning fight and a step-up in opposition for Cruz. Honorio’s body attack was the main feature over the opening rounds, but in the middle rounds Cruz began to time the attacks of Honorio and his hooks and uppercuts had the Mexican shaken on a number of occasions. It was a tough test for young Cruz and both fighters had their moments with Cruz just having the edge and deserving the decision. The scores were ridiculous, 100-90, 98-92 and 95-94. Too easy for Bisbal who batters poor Herring for eight rounds, has him in trouble many times, but can’t put him away. Scores 77-64 twice, 78-63. Bisbal, 30, is still fighting poor opposition. Herring has only been stopped once and also took Carlos Negron the distance. Hot prospect “Chelo” Gonzalez, 27, halts veteran loser Munguia in three. Ten by KO/TKO for Gonzalez, but Munguia, who lost on points to John Murray in 2007, 3-16 in his last 19 with twelve losses by KO/TKO. Meaningless win for Negron over South Dakota’s Chasing Bear. Ten wins by KO/TKO for Negron, who has moved up to heavyweight, but has yet to impress. Chasing Bear, 35, and inactive for ten months. Manchester, England: Light Welter: Amir Khan (25-1) W TEC DEC 6 Paul McCloskey (22-1). Welter: Lee Purdy (15-2-1) W TKO 5 Craig Watson (20-3). Middle: Martin Murray (22-0) W TKO 4 John Anderson Carvalho (21-5-1). Super Feather: Gary Buckland (22-2) WPTS 8 Oscar Chacin (13-16-1. Super Bantam: Rendall Munroe (22-2) W PTS 12 Andrei Isaeu (23-3). Light Welter: Andy Murray (24-0) W PTS 8 Graeme Higginson (13-9-1). Khan retains WBA title for fourth time with technical verdict over Derry’s McCloskey. Khan was the aggressor from the start, but found the clever and awkward southpaw McCloskey a difficult target. All of the cleaner work was coming from Khan, with McCloskey, 31, seemingly intending to give away the early rounds with a view to coming on strong over the second half of the fight. Those tactics were ruined when European champion McCloskey, suffered a cut in the sixth, and the Doctor decided that the cut was too bad for McCloskey to continue. The referee ruled it was caused by an accidental clash of heads, but the McCloskey corner were furious as they felt the cut was not as serious and that as the end of the round was near, they should have been given time to work on it. It went to the scorecards, with the sixth also being scored, and the scores of 60-54 from all three judges showed Khan winning every round. McCloskey’s tactics frustrated Khan, and this was not one of his best performances. Another upset on a night of upsets as “Lights Out” Purdy floored champion Watson with a right in the fifth to win the British title. Southpaw Watson, 28, looked the better boxer, but the aggressive Purdy was always dangerous with his right and trying to lure Watson into a brawl. After four fairly even rounds, the right from Purdy put Watson down and although he beat the count, he was in no condition to continue. Having already been stripped off his Commonwealth light middleweight title earlier in the week, Watson lost his British welterweight title with this loss. Purdy had lost to Denton Vassell for the Commonwealth title in April last year. Murray, 28, again showed his punching power. After a competitive first round he was scoring with heavy punches in each of the next two rounds. A combination hurt the Brazilian at the start of the fourth and a wicked left hook to the body put the Brazilian down for the count. Murray, the Commonwealth champion, retained his WBA International title. Although Carvalho had a “typical” Brazilian record (no wins outside Brazil) he had gone the distance with current WBC champion Sebastian Zbik. Comfortable points win for Prizefighter winner Buckland against experienced substitute Chacin, a Venezuelan travelling loser. Buckland, who lost to John Murray for the British lightweight title last May, takes decision on referee’s score of 80-73. Eight losses in a row for Chacin. Tougher than expected night for former WBC title challenger Munroe. Belarusian Isaeu looks to make the better start and the better finish, with Munroe winning the middle rounds, but it was a competitive, close fight with former Commonwealth and European champion Munroe winning on scores of 117-112, 116-114 and 115-114. Isaeu was stopped on cuts by Kevin Mitchell in 2006 and his only loss in eleven fights since then had been on points to Oleg Yefimonvych for the European featherweight title in February last year. Andy Murray continued unbeaten, but was given eight competitive rounds by Higginson, who had lost only one of his last seven bouts. Higginson came into the fight after two slow rounds and was holding his own until Murray stepped-up the pace over the last two rounds to ensure the verdict went his way. Referees score 78-75. Mashantucket, USA: Welter: Victor Ortiz (29-2-2) W PTS 12 Andre Berto (27-1). Light Middle: Deandre Latimore (22-3) W PTS 8 Dennis Sharpe (17-7-3). Yet another upset as Ortiz, in a battle that saw both fighters on the floor, takes both Berto’s WBC title and his unbeaten tag. From the first bell this one had fireworks as southpaw Ortiz had Berto down twice; the first being ruled a slip. Berto, 27, fired back in the second and floored Ortiz. Ortiz put the pressure on in the third and had Berto hurt again. Ortiz was the aggressor with Berto being forced onto the back foot and fighting off the ropes. In a wild sixth round Berto managed to find space and floored Ortiz with a right, only for Ortiz to fire back and score a knockdown of his own. The fight continued at a fast pace with Ortiz losing a point in the tenth for a punch that landed behind Berto’s ear. Over the last two rounds Berto seemed to feel the pace more than Ortiz and looked a tired fighter. Ortiz won on scores of 115-110, 114-111 and 114-112. Berto was the favourite as Ortiz was moving up from light welter where he had been stopped by Marcos Maidana in June 2009 and in his last fight had just scraped a draw against Lamont Peterson in December. This was the sixth defence of his WBC title for Berto, who had been hoping to get into the mix for a fight with Manny Pacquiao. Southpaw Latimore had an easy night with modest Sharpe. Latimore, 25, who lost a split verdict to Cory Spinks for the IBF title in 2009, and a majority decision to Sechew Powell in March last year, was too sharp for Sharpe and was able to land with quality punches throughout winning every round as the 80-72 score from all three judges attests. Sharpe without a win in his last eight fights. Pigue, Argentina: Light: Matias Ferreyra (25-2) W TEC DEC 12 Oscar Bravo (17-2). Tough night for 28-year-old southpaw Ferreyra in his hometown. Having moved up from super feather where he lost in two shots at the South American title, Ferreyra finally won a title, the vacant WBC International, but in controversial circumstances. Chilean Bravo, 23, showed that he was dangerous, as he put Ferreyra down in both the third and fifth rounds. Ferreyra worked his way back into the fight, but it was still in the balance when a clash of heads in the last round saw Ferreyra cut too badly to continue. It went to the cards, with the last round being scored and Ferreyra was given a hotly disputed split verdict on scores of 115-112, 114-112 and 110-118. Ferreyra lost to Vince Escobedo in the 2004 Americas Olympic qualifiers. Bravo’s only other loss is to Australian prospect Will Tomlinson. Barrio Santa Paula, Argentina: Jesus Marcelo Cuellar (16-0) W TKO 4 Ramon Torres (23-9-1).Southpaw Cuellar, 24, wins the vacant Argentinian title with a one-sided win over Torres. Cuellar scoring heavily in first and then floors Torres with a chopping right to the jaw in the second. More heavy punishment for game Torres in the third but Cuellar swinging widely in his eagerness to put Torres away. Torres walks forward throwing leather in the third, and then Cuellar explodes a right and Torres is down. His corner throws in the towel during the count. Fort-de-France, Martinique: Middle: Julien Marie Sainte (30-2) W KO 3 Michel Mothmora (15-20). “Brigadier” Marie Sainte retains French title with easy third round kayo of modest challenger. After a quiet first round, Marie Sainte puts Mothmora down with a right. The challenger beats the count and lasts out the round, but another right in the third finishes the fight. Fourth defence of national title for Marie Sainte, and now 21 wins by KO/TKO. Mothmora, not noted for the strength of his chin is now 3-4 in his last seven. Texcoco, Mexico: Bantam: Christian Esquivel (22-2) W TKO 2 Francisco Marquez (19-19). Light Welter: Antonio Sanchez W KO 5 Cris Lopez (25-9). “Italiano” Esquivel, 24, marches on. The WBC silver belt champion and No 2 rated bantam took a round to look at southpaw Marquez and then floored him twice to make it 15 wins by KO/TKO. Esquivel wins the vacant WBC Continental Americas title. Minor upset as 22-year-old unsung Sanchez floors Lopez twice and retains his WBC Youth title. Second upset win for Sanchez as he beat Ramon Ayala (record 18-1-1) for the title in September. St Petersburg, Russia: Middle: Gennady Martirosyan (22-2) W TKO 6 Valentin Ochoa (20-19-2). WBO European champ Martirosyan gets a good workout from modest Argentinian. Martirosyan, 31, always in charge but not able to nail Ochoa. Finally in sixth the Argentinian suffers a bad cut over his right eye from a punch and the fight is stopped. Fifth win for Armenian-born Russian, since kayo loss to Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam in 2009. Ochoa now has seven losses and a draw in his last eight fights. Chur, Switzerland: Light Middle: Francesco Passanante (23-2-1) W TKO 7 Flash Issaka (17-11).Swiss Passanante, 43, wins vacant Global Boxing Union and vacant WBFoundation titles to become a double “world” champion as he wins every round before 35-year-old Ghanaian retires at the end of the round. Passanante was inactive from late 2000 until late 2009. I find it difficult to believe the age given for Issaka as he turned pro in February 1988, which would make him eleven at the time!

April 17

Jakarta, Indonesia: Feather: Chris John (45-0-2) W PTS 12 Daud Cino Yordan (27-2,1ND). Heavy: Alex Leapai (23-3-3) W KO 3 Peter Okhello (20-7). In the first world title fight between two Indonesians, John, 31, shows his class yet again. The young, aggressive Yordan, 23, takes the first three rounds with his aggression, but from the fourth the counter-punching, footwork, defensive skills and accuracy of the champion see him dominating the fight with his jab and retaining his WBA title for the 14th time. Scores 116-112 twice and 117-111. John holds a unanimous victory over Juan Manuel Marquez scored in a title defence in 2006. Yordan’s only other loss was to Celestino Caballero in April last year. Samoan Leapai, 31, leaves Ghanaian veteran Okhello, 38 draped over the ropes in the third as he makes it 18 wins by KO/TKO and adds Okhello to the list of recent victims alongside Owen Beck and Travis Walker. Okhello lost to Oleg Maskaev for the WBC title in 2006 and this was only his third fight since then.

April 19

Bangkok, Thailand: Muhammad Rachman (64-10-5) W KO 9 Kwanthai (31-1-1). Super Bantam: Poonsawat (44-2) W TEC DEC 6 Eric Barcelona (51-20-4). Major upset as Rachman, 39, was very much yesterday’s man. Kwanthai, making the first defence of his WBA title, looked to be on the way to an early night as he floored the Indonesian veteran in the second and was well on top. Rachman had a better spell in the middle rounds, but was still behind when he battered the previously unbeaten Kwanthai to the canvas in the ninth. The WBA champion was in trouble and a body shot put him down for the count. Former IBF strawweight champion Rachman had won only two of his last seven fights. Poonsawat retains his PABA title. He is in control when a clash of heads leaves the Filipino too badly cut to continue. Scores 59-54 twice and 58-55.

April 27

Liverpool, England: Feather: Steven Smith (12-0) W PTS 12 John Simpson (22-8). Heavy: David Price (10-0) W TKO 1 Raphael Butler (35-10,2ND). Liverpool’s Smith, 25, hurts Scot Simpson, 27, in the first round and had him in trouble. Simpson used his experience to see out the round. Smith had the edge up until the end of the fourth and then Simpson began to work on the inside and had the better of the middle rounds. Both fighters were tired and the closing rounds were close and hard to score. This was reflected in two cards, one of which had them even at 114-114 with the other having Smith ahead 115-114. The shock was the third official’s card which had Smith winning at 118-112. “Swifty” Smith wins the British title. These two fought for the Commonwealth title in September, with Smith winning a split verdict, so they are well matched. Simpson, a former Commonwealth champion, was making the first defence of his British title. Impressive display of punching power by 27-year-old, 6’8” Price. A big right floors Butler. The American beats the count, but a left hook puts him down again and the referee halts it there. All over in 117 seconds. Eight wins by KO/TKO for Price. Twenty of Butler’s fights have ended in the first round, with Butler winning 18 of those. Rome, Italy: Light Middle: Emanuele Della Rosa (26-1) W TKO 3 Tadas Jonkas (7-10-1).Easy for “Ruspa”. In a non-title fight, the reigning WBC International champion scores heavily hurting Jonkas with a shot to the body in the first, and continues the punishment in the second. The Lithuanian does not answer the bell for the third. Della Rosa’s only loss was a split decision against current WBC champion Sebastian Zbik for the interim title in December 2009. This his fourth win since then. Jonkas, 24, has won only one of his last six fights.

April 28

Los Angeles, USA: Light Welter: Frankie Gomez (9-0) W KO 1 Jason Davis (11-9-1,1ND). Light Welter: Fidel Maldonado Jr (10-0) W TKO 1 Jorge Cordero (4-7). All over in 25 seconds as one right from prospect Gomez puts Davis down for the count. Now seven by KO/TKO for 19-year-old Gomez. Davis without a win in his last nine. A left from 19-year-old southpaw Maldonado floors Cordero and although he beats the count Cordero in no condition to continue after 63 seconds. Nine by KO/TKO, six in the first round, for Maldonado. Seven losses in a row for Cordero, four of those in the first round.

April 29

Reno, USA: Super Middle: Peter Quillin (24-0) W TKO 3 Jesse Brinkley (35-7). Super Feather: Lonnie Smith Jr (13-2-2) W PTS 6 David Rodela (15-3-3). Big win for 27-year-old Quillin. He proves to be bigger and stronger than veteran Brinkley. “Kid Chocolate” Quillin has Brinkley shaken with a right cross in the first and could not miss him with rights in the second. A big right hook and right cross unhinges Brinkley in third and he is in deep trouble from the follow-up attack when the referee stops the fight. Now 18 wins by KO/TKO for Quillin who wins vacant USBO title. Brinkley lasted nine rounds against Lucien Bute for the IBF title in his last fight in October. Brinkley, who had won nine in a row before the loss to Bute, competed in “The Contender” and lost to Robin Reid here in 2007. The aggression of Smith negates the height and reach advantages of Rodela. Although wild at times, Smith, 24, outworked the better boxer and took a unanimous verdict on scores of 59-55 twice and 58-56. Eight wins in a row for Smith, but Rodela, 28, has now won only one of his last five. Las Vegas, USA: Light Middle: Carlos Molina (18-4-2) W TKO 7 Allen Conyers (12-5). Welter: Time Coleman (19-1-1) W PTS 8 Sergio Rivera (25-7-2). Light: Hylon Williams (14-0) W PTS 8 Marcos Herrera (6-5-1). Light: Rances Barthelemy (12-0) W TKO 2 Rynell Griffin (6-5-1). Both fighters were coming off upset results, but it was Chicago-based Mexican Molina who came out on top. The awkward Conyers was under constant pressure with a cut suffered in a clash of heads in the third making it even worse for him. Molina, 27, suffered a flash knockdown/slip in the fourth, but was slowly breaking down Conyers with body shots. After Conyers absorbed some heavy punishment, in thew seventh a heavy right cross had him wobbling badly and the referee stopped the fight. In March Molina had looked unlucky to have to settle for a draw against highly rated Cuban Erislandy Lara, and is now unbeaten in his last eleven fights. The Bronx “Dream Shatterer” Conyers was fresh from an upset win over previously unbeaten James De la Rosa. After some big matches fell through, “The Baltimore Pit Bull” Coleman had to settle for a points win over Mexican southpaw Rivera. Coleman put Rivera down in the first, but then allows his work rate to drop and Rivera comes more into the fight. Coleman wakes up and sweeps the later rounds. Scores 80-72, 79-73 and 78-74.Williams, 20, remains unbeaten as he is too skilful and outworks 23-year-old modest Colombian. A good prospect, but not a puncher, Williams wins on scores of 79-73 twice and 77-75 as he has the skills to deal with the aggressive, but limited. Cuban Barthelemy, 24, much too sharp for Griffin. Slows him with body shots and halts him in two rounds. Ten wins by KO/TKO for Barthelemy including seven in his last seven fights. Soissons, France: Welter: Stanislas Salmon (22-1-2) DREW 12 Frank Haroche Horta (26-8-5). Light Middle: Sebastien Madani (30-1) W TEC DEC 8 Ionut Trandafir Ilie (13-10-1). Light Middle: Karim Achour (7-2-2) W PTS 6 Damien Bertu (22-6-1). Super Bantam: Jerome Arnould (24-4-1) W KO 2 Nordine Barmou (12-16-1). Super Feather: Guillaume Frenois (22-0) W PTS 6 Rey Cajina (8-9-2). The classic fight of two halves. Southpaw challenger Horta, 30, a former holder of the French title, dominated the first half of the bout as his aggression gave him the edge over the better boxing of Salmon. Over the second half of the fight Salmon, 26, making the third defence of his French title, found room to use his skills and took the later rounds, but ended up with cuts under both eyes. A draw was a fair result. Scores were almost identical to when the met in 2009 at 95-95 from two judges and one card having Horta the winner by 97-95. These two have fought four times and Salmon has won twice and their last two meeting have each ended in a draw. Salmon is unbeaten in his last twelve fights, and Horta has lost only one of his last 13. Horta lost a razor thin verdict to Mark Thompson in 2007. Former undefeated French champion “Coco” Madani wins technical decision over modest Romanian. The WBO European champ has won his last 23. Minor upset as the strong hooking attack of Achour, 24 gives him the edge and the points victory over the rusty Bertu. First fight since May 2009 for Bertu, 28, who has been unsuccessful in three shots at the French title. A right uppercut from Arnould finishes his fight with Barmou. Last time these two met in 2006 Barmou was kayoed in six rounds. Second win for the 26-year-old Arnould, a former WBA bantamweight title challenger, since he was halted by Jamie McDonnell for the vacant European title in March 2010. Just a good workout for talented southpaw Frenois. The former undefeated French champion wins every round against Nicaraguan. Pontault Combault, France: Heavy: Carlos Takam (23-1) W TKO 6 Gbenga Oloukun (19-7). Light Welter: Ali Oubaali (24-3) W TKO 4 Alek Vakhtangashvili (7-3-1). Takam, 30, wins vacant ABU title with win over slipping Nigerian Oloukun. Takam who represented Cameroons in the Olympics, boxing well, but Oloukun, 27, dangerous with his swings. Takam gets on top in fourth and fifth. Floors Oloukun three times in sixth with the Nigerian being saved by the bell and retiring in his corner. Now 19 wins by KO/TKO for Takam. Oloukun, who beat Takam in the amateurs, is 3-7 in his last ten fights after winning his first 16. “Hurricane” Oubaali, 33, has a quiet start for him. Warms up in the second scoring frequently to both head and body. Cuts loose in the third, floors inexperienced Georgian twice and only the bell saves Vakhtangashvili. Body attack in the fourth brings the referees intervention. Oubaali, who was out of the ring from August 2008 to last November, has 19 wins by KO/TKO. Oubaali beat Ashley Theophane in 2008 and Vakhtangashvili, 21, was halted by Steve Foster last May. Texcoco, Mexico: Super Feather: Alfonso Perez W TKO 2 Marco Lopez (18-1) W. Light: Carlos Cardenas (16-5-1) W KO 1 Jorge Pazos (9-4). Big upset as unheralded Venezuelan Perez puts away previously unbeaten Reyes in Two rounds. The 5’10” tall Perez floored an unfit looking Lopez in the first and again in the second and was handing out more punishment when the Commissioner hit the buzzer signaling the referee to stop the fight. Perez, 26, who claims a 16-4 record, wins WBC Youth Intercontinental title. Mexican-based Venezuelan Cardenas needed just 41 seconds to finish poor Pazos. A left hook puts the Mexican down and after he gets up another followed by a right sees the referee stop the fight. Podgorica, Montenegro: Middle: Predrag Radosevic (23-0) W PTS 12 Jozsef Matolcsi (29-15). Light: Dejan Zlaticanin (13-0) W KO 5 Hoang Sang Nguyen (25-6-1,1ND). Super Middle: Nikola Sjekloca (20-0) W KO 6 Chris Pohle (7-7). All of the locals come out on top. Radosevic, 26, wins vacant WBC International silver belt with points win over experienced Hungarian Matolcis. Hometown fighter Zlaticanin, 27, kayos Spanish-based, Vietnam-born, European Union champ Nguyen in first defence of his WBC Mediterranean title. WBC International champion Sjelkloca continues diet of poor opposition in non-title fight. Durban, South Africa: Heavy: Wiseman Dlomo (8-8-2) W TKO 4 Anton Nel (16-12-3). Old Father Time catches up with 42-year-old Nel as former victim Dlomo halts him in four for the vacant South African title. Nel never really got into the fight before being halted. Nel had kayoed Dlomo in a title defence in 2003, and they had also fought a technical draw in 2002. Nel was looking to become champion for the third time, and Dlomo was having his third shot at the title. Nel retired in 2006 after four straight losses and in his comeback in March 2010 destroyed Pieter Cronje in 48 seconds. Dlomo had won only two of his last ten going into the fight. Khon Kaen, Thailand: Fly: Panomroonglek (33-1) W PTS 12 Jecker Buhawe (11-5-1). Controversial points win for Panomroonglek. Every time the young Filipino had the Thai in trouble the referee interrupted to hand out a warning. Panomroonglek boxed well but had difficulty with the aggression of Buhawe and was in trouble in the last round, when again the referee found a reason to break up the attack of Buhawe. Panomroonglek retains his WBC International Silver belt title for the third time. Scores 115-113 twice and 116-112. The 20-year-old “Bambam” Buhawe had lost two of his last three going in. Kissimmee, USA: Super Bantam: Jose Nieves (18-2-3) W PTS 12 Cuauhtemoc Vargas (15-5-1). Light: Darley Perez (20-0) W PTS 8 Jose Reyes (23-10). Tough fight with very little between the fighters. Southpaw Nieves, 30, has better start but Vargas, 26, finishes the stronger and looked to be worth a draw. Scores 116-110, 116-112 and 113-115 as Nieves wins vacant WBO Latino title. First fight for Puerto Rican since being stopped by Chris Avalos in January 2010. Mexican Vargas comes from a famous fighting clan, but has now lost 5 of his last 6. Colombian Olympian, and big prospect Perez, 27, finds it tough against 33-year-old Puerto Rican Reyes. Has to overcome a rocky fourth round before winning on scores of 79-73 from all three officials. Six losses in a row for Reyes, but he has a good chin and usually goes the distance. Ontario, USA: Welter: Mauricio Herrera (17-1) W PTS 8 Cris Favela (28-33-7). If you are only as good as your last fight then Herrera, 30, will hope this one gets forgotten. He was too busy and too fast for journeyman loser Favela, 31, but never looked to have the experienced Mexican hurt or in trouble. Herrera wins on scores of 80-72 twice and 79-73. He had taken an impressive twelve round decision over previously unbeaten Ruslan Provodnikov in January. Only one win in his last nine for Favela. Ciudad Acuna, Mexico: Super Middle: Julio Cesar Garcia (42-4) W PTS 10 Juan Carlos Rojas. Comeback win for “Baby Garcia” as he floors “Nutty” Rojas in the second with a body punch and overcomes some rocky rounds to almost have Rojas out in the ninth. Garcia takes unanimous decision. Garcia, 24, turned professional at the age of 15 and at one stage had a run of only one loss in 35 bouts.

April 30

Mar del Plata, Argentina: Light Fly: Ulises Solis (33-2-3) W PTS 12 Luis Lazarte (48-10-2). Heavy: Gonzalo Basile (50-5,1ND) W PTS 8 Manuel Pucheta (34-6). All action fight and a roughhouse at times. IBF champ “The Mosquito” Lazarte gives away the first four rounds as Solis dominates with his jab and combinations from centre ring and Lazarte just circles, occasionally stopping to launch wild swinging attacks. Lazarte, 40, starts to come forward more in fifth, but again Solis doing the cleaner work and looks to have taken the middle rounds. From ninth Lazarte going forward all the time and scoring with short hooks inside but too little too late. Scores for Solis 116-111, 115-112 and an unbelievable 113-114. Wild stuff at times. Solis warned three times and loses a point in for hitting low. Lazarte continually warned for use of the head. Solis down in ninth from punch to the back of the head which cost Lazarte a point and down again in the last round from the same punch, but no count and no deduction! Both fighters exchanged words and had to be separated at the end of a couple of rounds, so the referee was a busy man. Solis regains IBF title which he lost to Brian Viloria in 2009, and gains revenge for hotly disputed loss to Lazarte in title challenge in December. Third defence for Lazarte.Good punch-up between two limited heavies. Pucheta is floored in the fourth and Basile takes a standing eight count in the seventh. Basile takes the win on scores of 79-74 ½, 79-78 ½ and 79-75 ½ Mexico City, Mexico: Straw: Raul Garcia (30-1-1) W TKO 3 Rommel Asenjo (20-3). Light Fly: Ramon Garcia (16-2-1) W KO 4 Jesus Geles (12-2-1). Rodrigo Guerrero (15-3-1) W KO 4 Leo Arrocha (10-16-2).”Rayito” Garcia, 28, retains his WBO straw title with a two round demolition of young Filipino. Garcia hurts 21-year-old Asenjo early and is well in control forcing the action from the start when a southpaw left floors Asenjo in the third. He beats the count but a barrage of punches from Garcia brings the referees intervention. First defence of the full title after Garcia was promoted from interim champ. His only loss was a beating he took from South African Nkosinathi Joyi in March last year, which cost him his IBF title. Revenge for Ramon “Prince” Garcia makes it a great night for the Garcia twins. A body punch puts WBO champion Geles down in the first, and he is only saved by the bell. Geles complains of low punches with Garcia, being given two warnings. Geles, 23, stages a minor recovery in the third, but southpaw Garcia wraps it up in the fourth with a vicious right hook to the body which puts the Colombian down and he watches count whilst on his knees, and only gets up as ten is tolled. Garcia had lost a split decision to Geles in Colombia in February in a fight for the interim title, with Geles being promoted to full champion. Guerrero overcomes a cut over his right eye in the second to finish Panamanian Arrocha with a body shot. Texcoco, Mexico: Light Fly: Adrian Hernandez (21-1-1) W TKO 10 Gilberto Keb Baas (35-21-4). Super Middle: Marco Antonio Periban (13-0) W KO 2 Jose Clavero (30-8-1). Cruiser: Giacobbe Fragomeni (28-3-1) W TKO 7 Laszlo Hubert (29-8).Great little fight, but disputed ending. With “El Confesor” Hernandez pressing the action, and “Babe Luis V” Keb countering well. It was an even fight for the first four rounds with Keb shown to be in the lead on the open scoring used by the WBC. This stung the 22-year-old Hernandez into action and he set a pace that Keb, 33, could not match. Hernandez dominant from the fifth to the tenth with Keb in trouble in the tenth. Surprisingly at the end of the round the Doctor examined Keb and ordered the fight stopped due to the punishment Keb had taken, and some damage to his nose, leading to protests from Keb’s corner and the crowd. Hernandez wins WBC title. His only loss was on a stoppage against Oscar Ibarra in 2008, the same year in which he stopped Keb in four rounds. Keb loses his title in his second defence. Periban again shows his punching power as he blows away 35-year-old Argentinian Clavero in two rounds. Now ten wins by KO/TKO for 26-year-old Mexican. Clavero had lost in four rounds to Anthony Mundine for the WBA secondary title in 2007. Former WBC champ Fragomeni wins vacant WBC International title with stoppage of 35-year-old Hungarian southpaw Hubert. Fight fairly even until the fourth and then the strength of Fragomeni tells and a tiring Hubert is stopped in the seventh. Second shot at this title for Hubert who was kayoed by Silvio Branco for the title last year. Leon, Mexico: Super Feather: Miguel Roman (33-8) W TKO 7 Hugo Salas. Middle: Marco Reyes (20-1) W TKO 2 Ruben Oropeza. Plenty of bombs from the first round. Favoured Roman, 25, floored in the first by a right and it takes all of his experience to survive. In the second a body shot from “Mickey” freezes Salas who is given a standing count. Roman totally in control from then, floors the game Salas again in the fourth. At the start of the seventh “Mickey” stuns Salas with a left to the chin and the follow-up attack has Salas helpless when the fight is stopped. “Mickey”, who lost to Jonathan Barros for the WBA secondary title in March, wins vacant WBC Fecombox title. He now has 25 wins by KO/TKO. “Dorado” Reyes has it easy. A body attack has Oropeza hurt from the first bell and Reyes scores two knockdowns in the second to force the stoppage. Reyes, 23, has 18 wins by KO/TKO including his last seven fights since loss to Amilcar Funes in January 2010. London, England: Middle: Darren Barker (23-0) W PTS 12 Domenico Spada (32-4). Fly: Ashley Sexton (11-0-1) W PTS 8 Mike Robinson (4-2-2). Feather: Patrick Hyland (22-0) W PTS 6 Daniel Kodjo Sassou (30-17-4). In his first fight for a year Barker,28, retains the European title with a unanimous decision over tough 30-year-old Italian Spada. Despite some rust Barker started well scoring freely with his fast accurate punching as the Italian marched forward. A clash of heads left Barker with a swelling by his left eye, but he continued to dominate with his superior skills. However, from the eighth “Volcano” Spada came into the fight more as he was able to get inside and brawl and take Barker out of his stride. Despite this Barker was still doing the cleaner work and clearly deserved the decision. Scores 116-113 twice and a too close 115-113. First defence for Barker. Two of Spada’s losses were to current WBC champion Sebastian Zbik, both times for the WBC interim title, and in one of those Spada lost by only a single point on all three cards, so this was a tough one for Barker after his long lay-off. Sexton, 24, scores his second win in four weeks but is unimpressive in decisioning Robinson. Fight even until sixth when the superior work rate of Sexton just gives him the edge. Score 78-76. Tough Togoleses Sassou gives “Pajo” Hyland, 27, a good workout . Sassou comes forward from the start and keeps Hyland on the defensive, but the Irishman’s clever counter punching earns him a close verdict. Score 58-56. Puerto Colombia, Colombia: Feather: Daulis Prescott (22-0,2ND) W KO 5 Wegner Ortega (5-5). Super Bantam: Jhonatan Romero (17-0) W KO 1 Rufino Valdez (1-5). Light: Likar Ramos (24-3) W TKO 1 Edinson Teheran (6-10-2). Easy night for the favourites. Prescott, 24,makes it 17 wins by KO/TKO, but the record is deceptive as he has never fought outside Colombia, or really been tested. Romero, who represented Colombia at the 2007 World championships and 2008 Olympics makes it eleven by KO/TKO as he destroys poor Valdez in 47 seconds. Former WBA interim champion Ramos also finishes a poor opponent in first and has 18 wins by KO/TKO. Ramos lost his WBA interim title to Jorge Solis in February 2010. Bacolod City, Philippines: Straw: Merlito Sabillo (16-0) W KO 7 Roger Echavez. Sabillo retains his national title for second time with stoppage of Echavez. In the early rounds Echavez had some success countering the aggressive attacks of 25-year-old Sabillo. However, Sabillo scores two knockdowns in the fourth and eventually wears Echavez down for stoppage in seventh.

May 1

Petchaburi, Thailand: Super Fly: Tepparith (16-2) W PTS 12 Drian Francisco (20-1-1). Former Muay Thai exponent Tepparith moves up from flyweight, and in his first fight at the new weight, wins WBA interim title with close decision over defending champ Francisco. Tepparith floors 28-year-old Filipino with combination in third and almost finishes the fight then. Thai is more aggressive and effective and his body attacks slow and weaken Francisco but Filipino gets back into the fight with his trademark uppercuts and finishes strongly in the end to make it close. Scores 114-113 twice and 117-111. Tepparith, 22, unbeaten in 15 now. This was the first defence for previously unbeaten Francisco. Dar-ES-Salaam, Tanzania: Bantam: Mbwana Matumla (20-6,1ND) W PTS 12 Gabriel Ochieng (2-2-1).Southpaw Matumla, 36, retains UBO Intercontinental title with unanimous verdict over Kenyan Ochieng. Matumla floors Ochieng with a left in the first and has him down again in the eleventh. Ochineg has best spell during the middle rounds and shakes Matumla in the fifth. Matumla’s losses have all been to world rated fighters on the road. General Piran, Argentina: Light Heavy: Roberto Bolonti (25-1) W PTS 10 Martin David Islas (12-25). Too easy for Bolonti in his hometown as he records second points win over Islas. Bolonti in charge from the first bell with his strength, speed and power too much for his modest challenger. Bolonti retains WBC Latino title for third time on scores of 100-90 twice and 99-90. Bolonti now unbeaten in his last 21, but Islas only two wins in his last 14 fights. 27yo, 2 wins last 14. Additional Commonwealth Results:

April 28

Kingston, Jamaica: Middle: Rikardo Smith (4-0) W TKO 8 Devon Moncrieffe (3-1). Former top amateur Smith wins Contender series and $Jamaican 1,000,00 as well as Jamaican title. Smith was Caribbean Junior champ, competed in the World Championships and won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games. Hull, England: Light: Tommy Coyle (9-0) W PTS 10 Mark McCullough (6-8). Coyle wins British Masters title. Score 97-93.

April 29

Sydney, Australia: Light Welter: Bob Whaley (6-2) W PTS 12 Stevie Ferdinandus(8-4).Light Midle: Virgil Kalakoda (25-6-2) DREW 6 John Akauola (4-5-1) Whaley beats modest Indonesian and wins PABA title. Brisbane, Australia: Light Heavy: Manny Vlamis (8-2) W TKO 6 Mark Flanagan (6-3). WBF Asia Pacific title. Accra, Ghana: Super Fly: Gabriel Odoi Laryea (7-2-1) W PTS 8 Alfred Quaye (1-18). Feather: Razak Netty (4-2) WTKO 5 Albert Yeboah (0-4). Light Middle: Ismael Tetteh (24-6-2) W TKO 4 Ed Brew (0-6). Light: Richard Commey (3-0 W KO 3 Kuma Doe (2-7). Super Bantam: John Amuzu (6-0) W TKO 4 Solomon Oku (0-5). Light Welter: Ebenezer Lantei Lamptey (16-1) W TKO 7 Joseph Lartey (0-12). Good to see resulkts from Ghana being made available. All fights scheduled for eight rounds, but some of the matching leaves a great deal to be desired. Pathum, Thailand: Welter: Sirimongkol (64-2) W KO 3 Mohammad Suka ( Tanzanian ? no record available).

April 30

Vienna, Austria: Cruiser: Prince Anthony Ikeji (12-3-1) W TKO 2 Elvir Behlulovic (0-3). Accra, Ghana: Light Middle: Obodai Sai (14-0) W TKO 7 Eric Kwardey (0-3-1). Light Welter: Isaac Aryee (4-4) W TKO 1 Baba Clay (0-7). Light Welter: Fred Lawson (3-0) W TKO 1 Gideon Agbosu (0-1). Light: Rafael Mensah (7-0) W TKO 3 Mike Ansah (1-2-1). Chippenham, England: Super Fly: Lee Haskins (21-2) W TKO 4 Fikret Remziev (5-16). Middle: Nick Blackwell (8-0) W TKO 4 Andrejs Loginovs (5-5-1). First fight in 14 months for Commonwealth champ Haskins. Sheffield, England: Middle: Liam Cameron (9-0) W TKO 1 Jason Ball (3-2). Welter: Nick Smedley (14-0) W PTS 6 Bill Warburton (3-18-2).

April 22

Uncasville, USA: Light Welter: Breidis Prescott (24-2) W PTS 10 Bayan Jargal (15-2-3). Middle: Demetrius Andrade (13-0) W KO 2 Omar Bell (8-2). Joe Hanks (16-0) W TKO 4 Terrell Nelson (8-11,2ND). Colombian Prescott, 27, at 5’11”, has height and reach advantages and is also too fast for Mongolian. Against a come forward brawler, Prescott controls the fight all the way with his lateral movement , work rate, jab and superior firepower. No knockdowns, but Prescott , scoring repeatedly with crosses, hooks and body shots wins wide unanimous verdict on scores of 100-90, 99-90 and 99-91. Back in 2008 Prescott kayoed Amir Khan in 54 seconds, now Khan is WBA champion and Prescott is down at No 11 in their ratings. After beating Khan, Prescott lost important decisions to current IBF light champ Miguel Vazquez and to Kevin Mitchell. “The Mongolian Mongoose” Jargal had lost and drawn with Steve Usher Chambers coming in. His real last name is a Bayanjargal and he represented Mongolia at the 2003 and 2005 World championships. “Boo Boo” Andrade, 23, has another easy task as he puts away Bell with a southpaw left to the body in the second, and Bell takes the count on one knee. The former World Amateur champion is being brought along slowly. Georgian-based Jamaican Bell had been inactive for 13 months. “The Future” Hanks (where do they get these nicknames?) hits too hard for Nelson. Floors him in the second and always dominates the exchanges until Nelson retires at the end of the fourth round. Now eleven wins by KO/TKO for 28-year-old Hanks, but Nelson without a win in his last ten fights, well he did win one, but tested positive for a banned substance, so that became a no decision Agnosine, Italy: Bantam: Rodrigo Bracco (13-3) W PTS 10 Pio Antonio Nettuno (7-2). Middle: Simone Rotolo (32-3) W PTS 6 Attila Kiss (10-59-3). Bracco, 31, makes successful first defence of his national title with unanimous verdict over Nettuno. In a fast-paced bout Bracco started slowly, but dominated the middle rounds as his lateral movement kept the aggressive Nettuno, 25, from scoring. A left knocked out Nettuno’s gum shield in the seventh, and a tiring challenger lost a point in the ninth for deliberately spitting out his gum shield. Bracco, who won the vacant title by stopping Nettuno in March last year, wins split decision on scores of 96-92, 95-93 and a surprising 94-94. Bracco was halted in three rounds by Jamie McDonnell in an EBU title challenge in July. Former European title challenger Rotolo easily outpoints consistent loser Kiss. Rotolo, in his first fight since December 2008, takes three rounds to shake off the rust, and then pressures Kiss over the last three rounds. Kiss does what he is best known for-as little as possible but enough to survive. Rotolo wins every round. Rotolo lost a split verdict to current IBF champion Sebastian Sylvester for the European title in October 2007. Kiss has won only two of his last 16, but has gone the distance in all of those 16 fights. Hamburg, USA: Light: Memo Sanchez (13-2-1) W PTS 8 Eddie Ramirez (6-7-1). Light Welter: Nick Casal (21-4-1,1ND) W TKO 3 Martin Tucker (7-9). “The Vampire” Sanchez, 23, has it easy against game Texan. Buffalo-based Puerto Rican floors Ramirez in second and has him rocking in the seventh, but has to settle for points win on scores of 80-71 twice and 79-72. Much needed win for Sanchez who had won only one of his last four. He collects vacant WBC Youth title. Ramirez, also 23, has now lost 5 of his last 6. Once promising Casal, 25, blows away modest Tucker. Casal floors Tucker late in the first then floors him again and forces the stoppage in the third. “Hands of Gold” was an outstanding amateur and won his first eleven fights by KO/TKO, seven in the first round, but one of those losses was changed to a no decision when Casal tested positive for cocaine, and he has never really gotten his career back on track. Fifth loss in a row for Tucker Isidro Casanova, Argentina: Super Feather: Domingo Damigella (37-5) W PTS 12 Juciel Lima Nascimento (21-11-3).Easy third defence of his WBC (World Boxing Commission!) title for 43-year-old Damigella. Easily takes wide unanimous verdict over 33-year-old Brazilian. Scores 120-107, 120-111 and 119-109. Damigella lost to Steve Robinson for the WBO feather title in 1995 and, after a stoppage defeat by Phil Ndou, was inactive from June 2001 until April 2007. He has now won his last eight. Nascimento has lost 4 of his last 5. Ratchaburi, Thailand: Super Bantam: Larry Canillas (15-3) T KO 9 Sukkasem (6-1). Straw: Ivan Soriano (9-1) W KO 2 Durong (3-3). The two Filipino imports did not read the scripts. “Bon Jovi” Canillas, 22, floored PABA champ Sukkasem early and then had to withstand a fierce series of attacks from the previously unbeaten Thai. It all became academic in the ninth when a right from Canillas put 23-year-old Sukkasem down again and although he beat the count the referee stepped in to save him. The warning was in the recent record of Canillas, the new PABA champion who now has 13 wins by KO/TKO and has won nine of his last ten that way. Soriano, 22, puts away novice Durong with na powerful right in the secondApril 23 Los Angeles, USA: Bantam: Vic Darchinyan (36-3-1) W TEC DEC 5 Yonnhy Perez (20-2-1). Heavy: DaVarryl Williamson (27-6) W TKO 7 Mike Marrone (19-3). Light Welter: Omar Figueroa (11-0-1) W TKO 2 John Figueroa (7-10-3 ). With the main event between Abner Mares and Joseph Agbeko falling out because of an attack of sciatica suffered by Agbeko the Darchinyan-Perez moved to the top spot “The Raging Bull” southpaw Darchinyan was back to what he does best. His aggressive two-fisted attacks put Perez under pressure from the start. Scoring heavily with hurtful left hooks, Darchinyan, 35, had Perez looking shaken every time he landed. A short left uppercut floored Perez in the second, and the Colombian showed nothing with a clash of heads leaving him with a vertical gash over the right side of his left eye. All three officials had it 50-44 for Darchinyan. Now 27 wins by KO/TKO as the Armenian-born Australian-based Darchinyan, as he bounced back from a split decision loss to Abner Mares in December. First loss inside the distance for former IBF champion Perez, who suddenly looked a shot fighter. A good crossroads fight at heavy saw Williamson batter Marrone to the canvas in the seventh for a win. Marrone made the busier start, but Williamson had a better second and floored Marrone with a two punch combination at end of the third. Marrone, 25, made it to his feet as the bell sounded, and bravely fought back in the fourth and fifth, but “Touch of Sleep” Williamson, 42, was always dangerous and after scoring heavily in the sixth in the seventh he floored Marrone with another combination, and the referee stopped the fight. Williamson’s fights rarely go the distance and he has 23 wins by KO/TKO. He had Wladimir Klitschko on the floor before losing to him in 2004. He also lost to Chris Byrd for the IBF title in 2005 and to Ray Austin in a WBC eliminator in his last fight in October 2009. After winning his first 18 fights, Marrone has now lost three of his last four. “Panterita” Figueroa had little trouble with his namesake. The 21-year-old Texan hurt the other Figueroa, a 30-year-old Puerto Rican, in the first and floored him in the second at which point John Figueroa’s corner men climbed up onto the ring apron and the referee stopped the fight. Now nine by KO/TKO for Figueroa , but Puerto Rican Figueroa has now lost eight of his last nine although with his opponents in his last four fights having combined records of 58-0-1. Miami, USA: Heavy: Luis Ortiz (8-0) W TKO 2 Bert Cooper (38-23,1ND). Predictable one-sided win for Cuban former amateur star Ortiz. “El Mercedes”, 32, finds the pudgy veteran Cooper and easy target and has him hurt with a left hook at the end of the first. Heavy punches floor Cooper twice in the second and although he gamely beats the count is not fighting back when the referee stops the fight. The 6’4” southpaw has six wins by KO/TKO but this was no real test. Cooper, 45, who had unsuccessful shots at the IBF, WBA and WBO world titles, was inactive from September 2002 through to June 2010. When he turned pro Cooper weighed 191lbs, for this fight he was 53lbs heavier. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Super Feather: Vicente Martin Rodriguez (33-2-1) W DIS 6 Alejandro Gomez (11-21-4). A painful victory for interim Argentinian champ Rodriguez. Against a static and limited opponent Rodriguez scored repeatedly with his left jab right cross one-twos. Heads were constantly banging together as they worked inside and Rodriguez was scoring with hooks to the body. A right from Rodriguez knocked the gum shield out of the mouth of Gomez in the fifth. Having beaten Gomez, 33, twice before, he was well on the way to making it three when in one of the toe-to-toe exchanges at the start of the sixth round Gomez, for no apparent reason, suddenly bit a chunk out of the lobe of Rodriguez’s left ear. Rodriguez, 26, now unbeaten in his last 13. Lille, France: Light: Karim Chakim (22-7) W PTS 8 Rudy Encarnacion (21-20-3). European Union super feather champ Chakim gives away the first round studying experienced Spanish-based Dominican Encarnacion, but then takes the remaining rounds for a unanimous points verdict to make it eleven wins in a row. Chakim, 35, who lost to Kevin Mitchell in 2005, is in line to face EBU champ Ermano Fegatelli. Encarnacion, 32, also lost to Mitchell but in 2009. Texcoco, Mexico: Light: Fermin de los Santos (15-13-1) W TKO 6 Juan Pablo Sanchez (16-9,1ND ). Light Welter: Ramon Ayala (20-2-1) W PTS 10 Edgar Puerta (11-4-1).Super Feather: Salvador Sanchez (22-4-3) W PTS 8 Jose Lupe Carmona. After being shaken by a combination in the first Juan Pablo Sanchez uses his speed and skill to take the next two rounds. After that the strength of de los Santos dominates and Sanchez is under pressure in the fourth and fifth. After being floored in the sixth he is saved by the referee. de los Santos continues to turn his career around. He lost four of his first five fights, and also had a run of four consecutive losses later in his career. However, with this third successful defence of his CABOFE title, he has lost only one of his last nine. “Nino de Oro” Ayala wins unanimous decision over game Puerta. The 22-year-old prospect cuts and closes Puerta’s left eye as he dominates with his jab and strong right crosses. Salvador Sanchez, Sal II, 25, was lucky to just edge out Carmona taking the verdict on a split verdict on scores of 77-75, 77-76 and 75-77. Atlantic City, USA: Cruiser: Garrett Wilson (10-5-1) W PTS 12 Omar Sheika (30-11). Welter: Ronald Cruz (12-0) W TKO 3 Manuel Guzman (7-11-2). Upset as former victim Wilson shows he learned the lessons from his stoppage loss to Sheika and this time won a wide unanimous verdict. Wilson’s jab was the dominant punch in the early rounds with Sheika cut and showing facial damage as early as the second round. Sheika was setting a fast pace hoping that Wilson would run out of gas, as he had in their fight in March 2010. Instead Wilson came through a rough patch and found his second wind. Sheika was soon cut over both eye and his face was showing more swelling. His body attack was straying low and the referee deducted a point for a low blow in the seventh. Sheika had a good tenth, scoring heavily at the end of the round, but Wilson took the eleventh and both men were hurt in the last. Wilson, 28, wins vacant USBA title, and an IBF rating, on scores of 118-109 twice and 119-108. Despite his modest record, Wilson had beaten prospect Aaron Williams in his last fight in November. Sheika, 34, has had four shots at various versions of the super middle world title and lost to former WBC light heavyweight champ Adrian Diaconu in October. Puerto Rican prospect Cruz and durable Guzman have two close rounds with Cruz, 24, having the edge. A furious attack from Cruz in the third has Guzman under pressure,and Guzman retires with an arm injury at the end of the round. Thackerville, USA: Feather: Franky Leal (15-5-3) W PTS 10 Robert Marroquin (19-1). Middle: Matt Korobov (15-0) W PTS 6 Marcos Primera (20-25-2). Super Feather: Casey Ramos (13-0) W PTS 8 John Jackson (15-3-1). Cruiser: Cedric Agnew (15-0) W TKO 2 David Robinson (26-64-4). Big upset as unsung Leal takes the unbeaten tag from Texan Marroquin. The first two rounds go Marroquin’s way and he looks on the way to another win. Leal starts to get into the fight at the end of third and with a strong body attack has Marroquin on the back foot. Leal has a big round in the seventh, but the last three are close as both fighters realize the decision is there for the taking. Marroquin handicapped by cut from clash of heads in ninth and at the end his left eye almost shut by Leal’s punches. Hard fight to score as two officials see Leal win 98-92 and 96-94 and one sees Marroquin the winner by 97-93. Marroquin is young enough to come back and will have learnt a great deal from this fight. Leal, who lost to Celestino Caballero for the IBF/WBA super bantam titles in August 2009, had only one fight since August 2010. Former double world amateur champion Korobov, 28, taken the distance by experienced 36-year-old Venezuelan but wins unanimous verdict. The “Wizard” Ramos wins eventful bout against Jackson. Ramos floors Jackson in the first with a punch after break had been called and Jackson is give time to recover. Ramos repeats sin in the second round and this time loses a point. The body attack of Ramos, 25, puts him in command and he floors Jackson again in the fourth. This time, as Jackson landed on the rope it parts, and there is a long delay whilst repairs are carried out. Jackson also loses a point for spiting out his gum shield. Jackson tried to turn the tide by switching to southpaw, but Ramos was scoring freely and won a very wide decision on scores of 79-70 from all three officials. Former top amateur Agnew, 24, wins a pointless return and makes it seven wins by KO/TKO as he halts 43-year-old Robinson. Agnew, from Chicago, had stopped Robinson in 81 seconds in January. Pittsburg, USA: Super Feather: Monty Meza Clay (29-3) W PTS 8 Oscar Cuero (13-5). Switch-hitting Meza Clay,30, hurts Cuero in the first and builds a lead in the middle rounds. A strong finish by Cuero makes it a close fights but Meza Clay just about deserves split verdict on the basis of his work in the middle rounds. Scores of 78-74, 77-75 and 75-77. Meza Clay’s losses have been to top opposition in Edner Cherry, Jorge Solis and Fernando Beltran, and he halted Allen Litzau in August Cargese, France: Light Welter: Willie Blain (23-1) W PTS 8 Albert Starikov (15-16-1). Routine points win for southpaw Blain over 37-year-old Estonian. Third win in row for former outstanding amateur “Small Leonard” Blain, 33, trying to get back into challengers slot after hand injury loss to Lamont Peterson for interim WBO title in April 2009.

April 24

Kanazawa, Japan: Bantam: Rolly Matsushita/Lunas (28-8-1) W KO 5 Rasmanudin(13-1-2). Former WBA title challenger Lunas, 27, kayoes young Indonesian.

April 25

Petchboon, Thailand: Light: Jose Ocampo (14-4-1) W TKO 6 Thai Tor Silchai (21-3). The successes for Filipinos in Thailand continues as young puncher Ocampo registers an upset as he halts Silachai in sixth to win WBO Orient title. Only one loss in his last 14 for Ocampo and nine wins by KO/TKO. Seventh title defence for Silachai who had won his last eleven, nine of those by KO/TKO and was rated No 2 by the WBO. Additional Commonwealth Results

April 23

Nairobi, Kenya: Super Feather: David Kiilu (35-10-2) W KO 2 Stephen Njuguna (0-14). Light Heavy: Douglas Otieno (23-6) W KO 1 Robert Ochiengo (0-11). Middle: iDaniel Wanyony (8-4-2) W TKO 4 Ken Oyolo (3-19-3). Bantam: Emilio Norfat (11-1) W PTS 4 Tony Kariuki (2-5-1). Miami, USA: Light Middle: Innocent Fiz (6-0) W PTS 6 Chris Henry (24-23).

April 24

Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania: Welter: Abdallah Mohammed (11-7-3) W PTS 10 Fabian Lyimo (7-3-1). Feather: Rashid Ally (18-16-9) W PTS 4 Ed Luanda (1-2).

April 1

Wagga Wagga, Australia; Cruiser: Anthony McCracken (13-5-1) T DRAW 1 Mohamed Azzaoui (25-5-3). All over quickly and in an unsatisfactory way. A punch from Australian No 2 McCracken, 27, unintentionally caught Algerian-born Azzaoui on the back of the head and he was too dazed to continue. It is declared a technical draw and PABA title remains vacant. The 35-year-old Azzaoui, who lost to Enzo Maccarinelli for the WBO title in 2007, was twice All-African amateur champion and competed for Algeria in the 2000 Olympics. McCracken is 1-1 in two fights with Commonwealth champion Dominic Vea. Malvern, Australia: Light Heavy: Blake Caparello (7-0-1) W TKO 7 Komgrit Nanakom (16-16). Southpaw Caparello has no problems with modest 37-year-old Thai, and halts him in seven rounds. The 24-year-old southpaw is rated No 2 in Australia and last time out beat the Australian super middle champ Mike Bolling in a non-title fight. Nanakom is a reliable 0-12 in fights in Australia. Ghent, Belgium: Welter: Karlo Tabaghua (17-3) W PTS 8 Jackson Osei Bonsu (34-5). Light: Jean Pierre Bauwens (19-0-1) W TKO 8 Kakhaber Avetisian (16-13-1). Welter: Sasha Yengoyan (14-0-1) W KO 1 Hassan Ait Bassou (9-4). Upset and perhaps the end of the road for Ghana-born Bonsu. Jackson floored three times and Swedish-based, Georgian-born Tabaghua, 26, down once. Scores 77-71, 76-72 and a too close 75-72. At 30, Bonsu already looks to have had too many hard fights. Prospect Bauwens shines again. The 23-year-old, fighting in his hometown, has too much class and power for Georgian. Floors him twice and almost finishes him with body punches in the seventh, and the fight stopped after another knockdown in the eighth. Avetisian lost here to Stephen Foster Matt Edmonds and Dan Broadhurst. Tall Armenian Yengoyan wins Benelux title by destroying champion Ait Bassou in first. Puts Dutchman down in the first minute and the fight could have been stopped then. Ait Bassou is hurt again and put down and out from another heavy punch and it took several minutes for him to recover. Ponte-Sainte-Maxence, France: Abdoulaye Soukouna (12-10-6) DREW 10 Yvan Mendy (21-1-1). Excellent title fight between two evenly matched fighters who knew each others style well, and draw looked about right. Scores 98-92 Soukouna, 96-95 Mendy and 95-95. First defence of French title for 30-year-old Soukouna, who lost to Lee McAllister in 2009. Set-back for Mendy, 25, as he was favourite to wins this in his hometown. Lichtenberg, Germany: Heavy: Ondrej Pala (29-2) W TKO 7 Oleksiy Mazykin (16-6-2). Light Heavy: Varol Vekilogu (16-2-1) W TKO 7 Mohammed Rasuli (13-4-3). . Heavy: Michael Wallisch (7-0) W PTS 10 Yakup Saglam (27-1). Welter: Selcuk Aydin (21-0) W KO 1 Dzmitry Lubachkin (18-1). Cruiser: Firat Arslan (30-5-1) W TKO 3 Michal Bilak (19-16). Czech Pala, 26, dominates fight all the way and is just too fast and accurate for overweight Ukrainian. Mazykin, 36, retires at the end of the seventh. Pala wins vacant WBO European belt. Now 17 wins in a row, 20 by KO/TKO, for Pala who beat Mazykin on points in 2009. A former top amateur, Mazykin was a World championships silver medalist, but lost to Audley Harrison in the 2000 Olympics. Vekilogu stops Rasuli in seventh and wins IBF East/West European title. Big upset as 25-year-old 6’5” tall German novice Wallisch snaps the unbeaten run of Turk and wins German International title. Sometimes record are just numbers and conceal more than they reveal. In a non-title bout the WBC Silver belt holder Aydin destroys previously unbeaten Belarus fighter Lubachkin in 169 seconds. Aydin cuts Lubachkin early then shakes him with left hooks and floors him, and the referee calls it off. “Mini-Tyson” Aydin, 27, has won 15 by KO/TKO and is rated No 2 behind Floyd Mayweather. Lubachkin had been blowing away nobodies. Former WBA champion Arslan, 40, continues his stuttering comeback with a routine win over Czech Bilak who has lost his last nine now. Arslan body punches and uppercuts too much for Czech. Only the second fight in 30 months for southpaw Arslan who lost to Steve Helenius for the WBA interim title in July. Bilak lost on points to Paul Smith here in 2009 Mazatlan, Mexico: Straw: Carlos Velarde (18-1-1) W KO 2 Gabriel Ramirez (6-14). WBC Youth champ Velarde, 20, retains his title. After a fairly even first round a left to the body from Velarde put Ramirez down for the count. Caguas, Puerto Rico: Super Fly: Juan Mercedes (25-3) W PTS 10 David Quijano (13-2-1). Super Fly: McWilliams Arroyo (7-1) W TKO 5 Erickson Martell (4-3-1). Good, close fight sees Dominican Mercedes, 28, take unanimous verdict over hard punching Puerto Rican Quijano, who had won his last nine. Scores 97-93 twice and 96-94. Former World Amateur and Pan American champion Arroyo has too much class and power for victim Martell. Arroyo, 25, scores knockdown in first and has Martell ready to go in the fifth when the fight is stopped. Indio, USA: Super Bantam: Eric Morel (44-2) W TKO 4 Luis Maldonado (35-6-1). Super Bantam: Randy Caballero (9-0) W TKO 2 Felix Perez (7-3). Two experienced boxers heading in different directions. Puerto Rican Morel take control as he floors Mexican southpaw at the end of the first and cuts him over the right eye in the second. With Morel on top, and the cut worsening, the referee stops the fight in the fourth. “Little Hands of Steel, 35, has rebuilt his career after being in jail from 2005 to 2007 and is unbeaten in eight fights since his release. As WBA flyweight champion Morel made six title defences from 2000-2003. “Titi” Maldonado, 33, a late substitute, looked a future champion when he lost only one of his first 33 fights beating current champions Gilberto Keb Baas and Tomas Rojas, and drawing with Cris Mijares, but he lost to Vic Darchinyan, Nonito Donaire and Fernando Montiel in title shots and had been inactive since July 2009. Local prospect Caballero floors Puerto Rican at the end of the first and as Perez turns his back to Caballero when taking punishment in the second the referee stops the fight. Mashantucket, USA: Light: Henry Lundy (20-1-1) W PTS 10 Patrick Lopez (20-4). Great little fight but a somewhat controversial scoring. Lundy made the better start and his aggression had the Venezuelan southpaw on the back foot for many of the early rounds. However, southpaw Lopez was scoring well with counters, and was the stronger over the late rounds and had Lundy hurt. It was not an easy fight to scores but the scores of 99-91, 97-92 and 95-94, all for Lundy, did not do justice to Lopez. Lundy, 27, wins vacant NABF title and bounces back from stoppage loss to John Molina in July. He is one of the most skilful fighters around, when he does not get careless. Former amateur star “El Elegante” Lopez, 33, again loses a chance to springboard to higher ranking and has lost his last two, having been kayoed in three rounds by Tim Coleman in October. Chicago, USA: Super Middle: Don George (22-1-1) W TKO 8 Maxell Taylor (15-3-1). Light Heavy: Sergey Kovalev (14-0) W KO 2 Julius Fogle (15-7-1,1ND).Pressure, pressure and more pressure do it for hometown fighter. “Da Bomb” George, 26, goes forward throughout the fight against the light punching southpaw. Taylor’s right jab gives him an early lead, but he begins to tire in sixth and George gets his jab working. George slows Taylor with body shots then puts him down with a right. Taylor beats the count but is in bad trouble and follow-up attack brings the referee’s intervention. George makes it 18 by KO/TKO and wins vacant USBA title, second win for George since technical decision defeat at the hands of Francisco Sierra in July. “The General” Taylor, a National Golden Gloves silver medal winner in the amateurs, in only his third fight after four years out of the ring. Two former World Military championships competitors clash in a one-sided light heavy fight. Russian Kovalev overwhelms veteran Fogle. After a slow first round he floors Fogle twice in the second round to bring about the stoppage. Olympian Kovalev, 27, was World Military champion and a World championship silver medalist. Fogle was US Military champion time after time, and won a bronze medal in the World Military championships. The difference is that the Russian won his Military medal in 2007 and Fogle, now 39, won his in 1997, and is now without a win in his last seven fights.

April 2

Mexicali, Mexico: Light Fly: Giovani Segura (27-1-1) W KO 3 Ivan Calderon (34-2-1). Feather: Jorge Lacierva (39-7-6) W PTS 12 Fernando Beltran Jr (35-4-1,1ND). Feather: Joksan Hernandez (22-3) W PTS 12 Ricardo Castillo (39-10-1). Super Bantam: Enrique Bernache (16-2) W DIS 4 Ramon Maas (24-1). In this all-southpaw battle the smaller Calderon edges the first round with his boxing skills, but Segura, constantly switching guards, is looking to attack the body and scores well to the body at the end of the round. Segura goes to the body again in the second. He loses a point in the second for a low blow, but a succession of body punches in the third sees Calderon taking the full count on his knees. Great win for veteran Lacierva as he takes this IBF eliminator against southpaw “Wary” on scores of 119-110 twice and 118-109. Lacierva, 32, who challenged for the IBF super fly title in 1999, has lost only two of his last 24 fights, one to Cruz Carbajal, and in a challenge to Celestino Caballero for the WBA super bantam title. Hernandez gets big win as he takes majority verdict over experienced Castillo. Strange scoring with one judge seeing Hernandez win 118-110, another for Hernandez 116-112 and the third a draw 114-114. Maas loses his unbeaten record to switch-hitting Bernache. Having been out boxed and floored, Maas twice butted Bernace and caused a bad cut. The Doctor let the fight continue, but after another examination at the end of the round the fight was stopped and Maas disqualified for the butts. Halle, Germany: Cruiser: Marco Huck (32-1) W PTS 12 Ran Nakash (25-1). Heavy: Robert Helenius (15-0) W TKO 9 Samuel Peter (34-5). Light Heavy: Artur Hein (14-1-1) DREW 12 Tony Averlant (15-5-2). Super Middle: Sergej Rozvadovski (5-0-2) W TKO 7 Thomas Ulrich (32-6)). Light Heavy: Dominik Britsch (22-0) W PTS 8 Jozsef Matolcsi (29-14). Fly: Ashley Sexton (10-0-1) W PTS 6 Salim Salimov (2-5). Heavy: Kali Meehan (37-4) W TKO 2 Valeri Semiskur (17-28-1). Late substitute Nakash has the better of the first two rounds, and champion Huck only really comes alive from the fifth. Nakash is cut in the seventh and badly hurt by a good combination in the ninth, but lasts the distance. Many of the rounds were close, but the taller Huck generally had the higher work rate and deserved his 118-110 twice, 116-112 victory. Huck retains his WBO title. The battle of the “Nightmares” saw a huge win for “The Nordic Nightmare” Finn Helenius over an overweight “Nigerian Nightmare” Peter. Helenius boxes well within himself and uses height and reach to hold off the more aggressive Nigerian. As Peter tired, a Helenius left hook put him down in the start of the ninth. The Nigerian beat the count, but the follow-up attack saw a right and another left hook put him down and the referee called it off without completing the count. The punch that floored Peter the second time was a good one, but the way that Peter went down and then spread his arms out on the canvas looked overly dramatic. German Hein, 25, and Frenchman Averlant, 27, end up all even and the European Union title remains vacant. Scores 116-112 for Hein, 115-113 for Averlant and 114-114. Difficult to know what was the biggest upset. Ulrich losing or a Lithuanian winning outside of Lithuania. Perhaps unkind to Rozvadovski who showed skill, power and guts to comprehensively beat former double world title challenger Ulrich. He had Ulrich cut and on the floor before the fight was stopped. May be the end of the line for the 35-year-old former European champion and world title challenger. Light punching Britsch, 23, remains unbeaten with unanimous verdict over Hungarian on scores of 78-71, 78-74 and 77-74. Hungarian Matolcsi had beaten Mahir Oral in his last fight, but lost here in the past to Marcus Portman (twice), Ted Bami and John Hare. No problems for Brit Sexton as he wins wide unanimous verdict over poor Romanian on scores of 60-54 twice and 59-54. Mismatch as New Zealander Meehan, 41, a former WBO title challenger, halts poor Estonian who has now lost six in a row. Panama City, Panama: Flyweight: Hernan Marquez (30-2) W TKO 11 Luis Concepcion (22-2). Heavy: Johann Duhaupas (26-1) W TKO 2 Saul Farah (30-15-2). Welter: Vincente Mosquera (26-2-1) W KO 3 Gilbert Quiros (19-15-1). Bantam: Karim Guerfi (17-0) W KO 3 Daniel Deago (4-5-2).This was a war from the first bell and a candidate for “Fight of the Year, with both the champion Concepcion, and challenger Marquez, on the deck in the opening round. Concepcion floored Marquez with a right and southpaw Marquez then put Concepcion down, also with a right. Concepcion had Marquez in serious trouble in the second, only for the Mexican to fire back and floor Concepcion in the third. It continued to be a war with “El Nica” Concepcion, 25, doing the pressing and Marquez boxing on the retreat until the tenth when Marquez battered Concepcion to the canvas for a third time. The Doctor examined Concepcion at the end of the round and due to a bad gash over his left eye refused to allow him to come out for the eleventh.” Tyson” Marquez wins WBA title for Mexico. Duhaupas hits too hard for Bolivian Farah. Scores knockdown in first and forces stoppage in second. Way up at welterweight, come backing former WBA super feather champion Mosquera has too much power and class for Quiros and puts him away in third. French prospect Guerfi entertains the audience with a little dance before the fight and then gets down to business. Scores well over first two rounds and then registers two knockdowns in third for stoppage. Bydgoszcz, Poland: Cruiser: Krzys Wlodarczyk (45-2-1) W PTS 12 Francisco Palacios (20-1). Cruiser: Lukasz Janik (22-1) W KO 2 Cris Dolzanelli (16-3-1). Light Middle: Damian Jonak (29-0-1) W PTS 8 Albert Starikov (15-15-1). Cruiser: Krzys Glowacki (12-0) W TKO 3 Levan Jomardashvili (21-4).Cruiser: Tomasz Hutkowski (20-0-2) W TKO 2 Henry Saenz (22-8-1). Welter: Lukasz Maciec (13-1-1) W PTS 6 Bronislav Kubin (10-6-1).Wlodarczyk retains WBC title with very controversial split decision over Palacios. The Pole just not busy enough and one-paced. Palacios outworks him and outboxes him. Scoring well with his jab and switching to southpaw on occasion, Palacios looks to have done enough to win, but judges see it differently. Scores a ridiculous 118-112 and a 116-113 for Wlodarczyk and 113-115 for Palacios. Could be that Palacios thought he had it in the bag and did not pressure enough to convince the judges. All of the remaining hometown fighters padded their records with predictable wins over imports. Le Cannet, France: Middle: Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam (26-0) W PTS 12 Giovanni Lorenzo (29-3). Super Bantam: Ali Hallab (10-0-1) W PTS 10 Amor Belahdji Ali (8-1-1). Feather: Khedafi Djelkhir (9-0) W TKO 5 Mikheil Avakian (7-3). Cameroon-born N’Jikam is too skilful for experienced Lorenzo. The Dominican starts well and has a good round in fourth, and knocks the N’Jikam through the loose ropes in the fifth. When the ropes are tightened the WBA interim champion gets back on track as he hurts Lorenzo with a body punch in the seventh and then boxes his way to wide unanimous win. Scores 119-109, 119-110 and 116-110. Former amateur star Hallab wins vacant French title in thrilling rematch with unbeaten Ali. Hallab always in front, but a determined Ali gives a good showing. Scores 97-93 from all three judges. Southpaw Hallab, 29, represented France at two Olympic Games. These two had fought a draw for the title in October. Olympic silver medal winner Djelkhir has too much class for Georgian teenager and wins all the way before stoppage in fifth. Djelkhir beat Stephen Smith in the European Olympic qualifiers for 2008. London, England: Light: John Murray (31-0) W PTS 12 Karim El Ouazghari (11-2-2). Middle: Billy Joe Saunders (8-0) W TKO 2 Turgay Uzun (35-16-2). Feather: Ryan Walsh (12-0) W TKO 7 Gavin Reid (6-9-1). European champion, and WBO No1, Murray has a much harder time than expected against unheralded, and largely unknown, Spanish champion. El Ouazghari starts well and Murray frustrated and caught with some good left hand counters as his pressure does not see the Spaniard crumble. However, Murray dominates from the middle rounds and in the eleventh scores a questionable knockdown and the Spaniard is deducted a point for a low blow. Murray himself is docked a point in the twelfth for a rabbit punch, but is a comfortable, if unimpressive, winner on scores of 117-111, 116-110 and 115-112. Quick win for Olympian Saunders. The 21-year-old prospect’s fast combination punching to head and body saw him take the first round, and he floored Uzun with a left in the second. Uzun decided to retire at the end of the round claiming and ear injury suffered in the knockdown. Walsh wins one-sided fight against game Reid. Walsh scoring repeatedly with fast combinations to head and body and had won every round when the referee stopped the fight. Commodoro Rivadavia, Argentina: Welter: Hector Saldivia (37-2) W TKO 4 Nestor Faccio (14-3-2,1ND). Saldivia hands out a solid beating to Uruguayan. Scores well through out the first three rounds with right crosses and body shots. Faccio wilting but strange ending as a punch from Saldivia grazes Faccio’s chin but hits him full on shoulder which is dislocated. Faccio’s looking for medical help even as the count going on and his corner throw in the towel. Fifth defence of his WBA Fed Latin title as “El Tigre” makes it 29 wins by KO/TKO. First time Faccio has been beaten inside the distance. Herning, Denmark: Heavy: Francesco Pianeta (23-0-1) W TKO 3 Ivica Perkovic (15-11). Light Welter: Kim Poulsen (17-1) W KO 3 Ferenc Szabo (13-14-2). Light Welter: Kasper Bruun (10-0) W KO 1 Janos Vass (3-5). Middle: Patrick Nielsen (9-0) W PTS 8 Gary Boulden (4-2-2). Light Middle: Christian Bladt (36-11-2) W PTS 8 Cliff Soukka (7-2). Italian southpaw Pianeta, 26, rated No 9 by the WBO, halts 36-year-old Croat. Pianeta holds inside the distance wins over Matt Skelton and Scott Gammer. Prospect Poulsen, 24, is too good for Hungarian Szabo and registers a rare kayo win. Poulsen unbeaten in his last 13, but Szabo has lost his last six, and this was his first fight for eleven months. Bruun moves to ten wins as he finishes Hungarian Vass with body punches. Nielsen remains unbeaten with a points win over Boulden. Brit is the aggressor and came to fight, but Nielsen in command. Dane almost finishes it in the last as he floors a badly cut Boulden, but has to settle for winning 80-71 on all three cards. Former EBU welter champion Bladt, now 36, given a tough night by 36-year-old Zambian and wins wafer thin unanimous decision. Scores 77-75 twice and 78-74. Tokyo, Japan: Straw: Akira Yaegashi (14-2) W PTS 10 Norihito Tanaka (13-4). Feather: Satoshi Hosono (20-1) W TKO 3 Kazuyoshi Yasuda (8-8). Super Feather: Seiichi Okada (14-1) W KO 9 Hero Bando (22-11-7). Easy third defence for Japanese champion Yaegashi, 28, as WBA No 3 is just too fast and skilful for his limited challenger. Scores 100-91, 99-91 and 99-92. “Bazooka” Hosono, WBA No 13, takes a little while to catch up with Yasuda, but forces the stoppage in the third in also making his third defence of his national title. Hosono, 27, lost to Poonsawat in a challenge for the WBA secondary title in January 2010. Okada, 28, retains Japanese title in his first defence as he has veteran Bando in trouble in the middle rounds, but it takes him until the ninth to close the show. Okinawa, Japan: Bantam: Daiki Kameda (20-2) W KO 5 Jesus Martinez (18-7). Just a work out really for Kameda who has relinquished the WBA fly title and moved up in weight. Scoring well with his jab and right hand counters he is comfortably ahead when two lefts to the body in the fifth puts Martinez down and he is counted out. Mexico City: Fly: Edgar Sosa (42-6) W TKO 8 Kenichi Horikawa (20-10-1). Super Bantam: Giovanni Caro (22-8-4) W TKO 3 Genaro Camargo (35-10). Feather: Robinson Castellanos (11-10) W TKO 8 Alberto Garza (23-5-1,1ND). Former WBC light fly champ Sosa, 31, continues his flyweight campaign with an easy win over modest Japanese fighter, and retains WBC International title. Sosa much too good for 31-year-old Horikawa. Hurts him with body shots in the first, bloodies his nose in the second, and cuts him on the left eyebrow in the sixth. The cut examined by the Doctor, but the fight goes on until the eighth when with the cut worsening the Doctor calls it off. Caro, 27, retains WBC International title for third time. Usual wild, all-action, Caro fight with Camargo holding his own in some furious exchanges until combination puts him down and although he beat the count Caro was landing at will when the referee stops the fight. Now 16 by KO/TKO and eight wins in a row for Caro since losing to Chris Avalos in 2009. Upset as journeyman Castellanos explodes in the eighth round flooring WBC Silver Belt holder Garza, 25, and then sending him through the ropes to finish the fight. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico: Flyweight: Wilbert Uicab (32-5-1,1ND) W PTS 12 Silvio Olteanu (11-5). Light Middle: Roberto Ventura (7-6) W TKO 6 Antonio Mesquita (35-2). Light Welter: Jose Emilio Perea (21-0) W TKO 5 Manuel Garcia (11-7-2). Heavy: Shawn Cox (14-1) W TKO 3 Francisco Alvarez (12-3). “Huracan” Uicab, 27, builds early lead, has Romanian hurt in second and fifth and badly cut in seventh. Olteanu survives inspection and then stages a strong finish to close the gap. Uicab’s better start just about gives him the edge and he retains WBC Silver belt on majority verdict, and is unbeaten in his last 13. Olteanu, 33, unlucky for second time after losing to Daiki Kameda for the WBA fly title on a split decision in December. Big upset as prelim fighter Ventura beats Brazilian Mesquita. Crowd boos lack of action for first five rounds, and then Ventura shakes Mesquita with good combination and lands another dozen unanswered shots to force stoppage. First fight since July 2009 for Mesquita whose only other loss was to Lamont Peterson. Ventura, really only a welter, had lost 5 of his previous six. Perea has a terrible start as he is cut in a clash of heads in the first and floored at the end of the round. The cut continues to bleed, but in the fifth a big right from Perea floors Garcia, who is unable to continue. Weighing a career heaviest, Barbadian southpaw “Sniper” Cox stops Puerto Rican Alvarez in third to make 13 wins by KO/TKO. Liverpool, England: Light: Derry Matthews (27-5) W TKO 1 Amir Unsworth (13-4-1). Quick win for Matthews as he sends Unsworth reeling with a right and a volley of punches with anther hard right brings the referee’s intervention with eight seconds left in the round. East London, South Africa: Super Bantam: Macbute Sinyabe (16-1) W KO 1 Thabo Sonjica. Super Fly: Miniyakhe Sityatha (11-2) W TKO 10 Unathi Gqokoma (16-4-1). Sonjica comes out firing, but Sinyabe, 24, weathers the storm and then flattens his challenger with on left hook and it is all over. Defending champion Gqokoma, 26, a southpaw, makes the better start and sets a fast pace to open lead in the early rounds. His speed and skill seem to be too much for his less experienced opponent. However, Gqokoma pays for the early pace, and as he tires 20-year-old Sityatha hunts him down. Sityatha wins fourth and fifth with Gqokoma constantly switching guards to try to confuse Sityatha. By the seventh the champion showing signs of tiring. He survives the ninth, but has nothing left and collapses to the canvas from a volley in tenth. First of all the referee counts the ten and then lets the fight continue, but Gqokoma was out on his feet and the referee stops the fight. Jupiter, USA: Heavy: Jason Gavern (20-7-4) W TKO 7 Darnell Wilson (23-12-3). Heavy: Luis Ortiz (7-0) W TKO 3 Jerry Butler (8-11-1). A busy style and a good jab give Gavern early control and he constantly frustrates Wilson who is looking for the one big punch finish. Gavern clearly in front when in the seventh a punch from Gavern opens a bad cut over Wilson’s left eye and the fight is stopped. “Big Thing” Ortiz has no trouble with loser Butler and makes it five wins by KO/TKO. The 6’4” Cuban southpaw was a silver and then gold medalist at the World championships and may be better than Odlanier Solis, if he has not left it too late to turn pro, as he is now 32. Atlantic City, USA: Super Middle: Alex Johnson (11-0) W PTS 10 Farah Ennis (17-1). Heavy: Ali Mansour (13-0) W KO 1 Hector Ferreyro (21-10-2). Good tactical fight between two prospects. Southpaw Johnson manages to get Ennis to fight on the back foot and scored the higher volume of punches. Ennis just could not seem to get untracked. Johnson was attacking in the eighth when a clash of heads saw Ennis cut badly, but the fight was allowed to continue. Ennis tried to mount a charge in the last, and although a left from Johnson opened the cut again they traded punches to the bell. Johnson wins majority decision on scores of 98-93, 97-93 95-95. One big right hand from “Hardcore” Mansour and it is all over in 68 seconds with Ferreyro out for a few minutes and taken from ring on a stretcher as a precaution. Bernalillo, USA: Archie Ray Marquez (11-0) W PTS 8 John Frazier (2-6-3). From rounds one to six it is a good contest with the Marquez making the running with his attacking style. However in the seventh late substitute Frazier floors Marquez heavily and Marquez only just survives to the bell. Controversy in the eighth as an apparent knockdown against Marquez only results in a point deduction against Frazier for hitting Marquez behind the head. Scores for Marquez 78-72 twice and 77-74, which he may just have merited from his early dominance, but not an impressive performance against a very modest opponent. Additional Commonwealth results:

April 1

Malvern, Australia: Light Middle: Eddie Delic (17-9-2) W PTS 8 Venkatesan Harikrishnan (8-5-1). Super Middle; Pradeep Singh (16-3-1) W PTS 6 Peter Tovi’o (2-6-1 ). Accra, Ghana: Super Fly: Gideon Odoi Laryea (6-2-1) W TKO 5 Bill;y Quaye (0-2). Light: Corley Collison (6-3-1) W TKO 5 Peter Musah (0-7). Light Welter: Isaac Quartey (7-6-1) W PTS 8 Joseph Lartey (0-11). Light: Bilal Mohammed (18-4,1ND) W PTS 8 Mohammed Lartey (0-2). Light Welter: Prince Doku Jr (12-2) W KO 6 Francis Lamptey (0-2). Middle: Thomas Awinbono (13-4-1) W TKO 5 Moro Tahiru (0-5). Super Feather: Geroge Ashie (19-3-1) W TKO 5 Zakaria Salifu (1-6). Middle: Stephen Abbey (4-2) W TKO 6 Abdul Jalal (0-2). Northampton, England: Light Welter: Jamie Spence (9-3) W PTS 10 Kris Laight (6-92-6 ).

April 2

Kalgoorie, Australia: Cruiser: Moses Sorovi (21-16-1) W TKO 3 Pat Brennan (7-15-1). Accra, Ghana: Bantam: Emmanuel Quartey (1-0) W KO 1 Rashid Musa (0-2) New York, USA: Bantam: Leon Moore (28-2) W PTS 6 Felipe Almanza (18-23-1)