Weekly Report

October 2011

October 1

Neubrandenburg, Germany: Cruiser: Yoan Pablo Hernandez (25-1) W TEC DEC 6 Steve Cunningham (24-3). Middle: Grzegorz Proksa (26-0) W TKO 3 Sebastian Sylvester (34-5-1). Light Heavy: Karo Murat (24-1-1) DREW 12 Gabriel Campillo (21-3-1,1ND). Heavy: Edmund Gerber (17-0) W KO 7 Yohan Banks (4-6-3). Light Heavy: Dustin Dirks (22-0) W KO 8 Parfait Tindani (7-7-3). Super Middle: Henry Webber (15-0-1) W PTS 8 Stjepan Bozic (24-6). This one could, and perhaps should, have ended in the first round. Cunningham came out of an exchange with his right down at shoulder level and southpaw Hernandez nailed him with a short left which landed high on the side of Cunningham’s head and he went down heavily. He made an attempt to get up quickly but instead rolled on his side and it looked impossible for him to beat the count. However, he somehow slowly climbed up on shaky legs (I timed it at eleven seconds from him going down to getting up), but with only 25 seconds left Hernandez could not find that finishing punch. Remarkably Hernandez made no attempt to go after Cunningham in the second, but retreated and looked to counter Cunningham with his left. Hernandez probably just edged that round, but it was the last one I gave him. Cunningham was walking Hernandez down and getting through with his right, with Hernandez only countering in flurries. However, in the third Cunningham was careless with his head, and what looked like a butt, left Hernandez with cut on the left side of his head. Another clash of heads in the sixth saw Hernandez cut again over the right eye. During, the fifth and particularly in the sixth, it was Cunningham scoring and hurting Hernandez. At the end of the sixth there was discussion in the corner of Hernandez and the referee decided to stop the fight. After a great deal of confusion it went to the scorecards and Hernandez won a split verdict on scores of 59-54, 58-55 and 56-57 with the last card looking to be the most accurate reflection of the fight. The 26-year-old Cuban wins the IBF title. Cunningham, 35, was making the second defence in his second reign. His other two losses have been split decisions, and he deserves an immediate return. Impressive display from British-based Pole Proksa. This was a big step up in quality of opposition, but it seemed that no one told Proksa, because he showed no respect for former IBF champion Sylvester’s reputation. Southpaw Proksa, 26, was in charge from the start and wins vacant European title. His two-fisted aggression was just too much for Sylvester to handle and the fight was completely one-sided with Sylvester, 31, hiding behind a high guard, failing to let his shots go, and rarely throwing more than a dozen punches in any round. Carrying his hands down at belt level and switching stances Proksa was throwing punches from both hands and driving Sylvester back for all of the first round. At the end of the round Sylvester was being treated for a small cut over his right eye. In the second round it was all one-way. Ignoring defence Proksa was getting through with heavy punches from both hand and Sylvester did not seem to know how to deal with the hands down, hooking style of the Pole. Proksa was so dominant that the round could easily have been scored 10-8. To make things worse Sylvester was also cut very badly having a vertical gash above his right eye. Sylvester had brief success at the start of the third as he actually drove Proksa back, but Proksa was not hurt and resumed his attack staggering Sylvester with a volley at the end of the round. In the interval Sylvester’s corned pulled him out. Former European Union champion Proksa made Sylvester look second class as he made it ten wins by KO/TKO in a row. Sylvester never got into the fight. This the Germans first fight since losing his IBF title to Daniel Geale in May, and he was beaten so decisively that he will have a massive rebuilding job to do if he decides to continue fighting. The main feature of the Murat vs. Campillo fight was the total absence of any clinches-not one. Spaniard Campillo, a former WBA champion was the taller, and had a big reach advantage, and Murat needed to get inside. After a quiet first three rounds, which Murat just edged, the Spaniard began to let his punches go, and had Murat retreating for most of the round scoring heavily both at a distance an up close. However, Murat was firing back with hooks and uppercuts through Campillo’s guard. The pattern stayed the same for the rest of the fight with both fighters happy to stand within punching range and let go with both hands. For me southpaw Campillo swept the middle rounds teeing off on Murat in in the seventh and eighth. Although Murat was already looking tired, and dropping his hands, he was scoring well and effectively countering and getting through with his hooks and wild swings. Either both boxers had great chins, or neither is really a puncher, as they were both landing with heavy punches in every round. Murat had a big eleventh hurting Campillo with a right, but was just too tired to follow-up, and was dropping his hands from exhaustion. The last round saw Murat, who must have been running on an empty tank, just swinging and hooking wildly and Campillo answering back with clubbing shots from both hands. Murat was almost too tired to stand at the end of the fight and draped himself over the top rope totally exhausted. The scores were 117-111 for Campillo, 115-113 for Murat and 114-114. These two had fought before in 2008, and Murat won on a razor thin split verdict. For my money Campillo gained revenge, but it was also a magnificent effort by Murat. Campillo, 32, is a former WBA champion and is currently rated No 1 by them. Murat is the top rated challenger to IBF champion Tavoris Cloud. Gerber, a dark horse in the heavyweight ranks, took his time in breaking down former US footballer Banks. He finally ended the fight in the seventh with a series of hard rights. The 6’3”, 23-year-old German has ten wins by KO/TKO. He has made a habit of beating British opponents, this time he picked on a Californian. The 36-year-old Banks showed a strong chin but little else. Dirks too good for Frenchman and although getting through with some hard punches in every round it is the eighth before he finds a left hook to put Tindani down and out. The 22-year-old Dirks has 16 wins by KO/TKO. Tindani, with only one win in his last seven fights, was not in this class. The light punching Weber given a tough test by experienced Slovenian-born Croat, and has to wok hard for his split decision. The 36-yeart-old Bozic had lost to Dmitri Sartison for the WBA secondary title in 2009. Atlantic City, USA: Middle: Sergio Martinez (48-2-2) W KO 11 Darren Barker (23-1). Light Heavy: Isaac Chilemba (18-1-1) W TKO 2 Jameson Bostic (23-5). Middle: Andy Lee (27-1) W PTS 10 Brian Vera (19-6). Heavy: Magomed Abdusalamov (10-0) W TKO 1 Kevin Burnett (13-5-1).Heavy: Seanie Monaghan (9-0) W TKO 4 Kentrell Claiborne (2-4). The 36-year-old Argentinian southpaw retains WBC Diamond Belt and the Ring title, but gets a harder than expected time from Barker. The Englishmen used a high defence to catch or deflect the punches from Martinez, and was well in the fight after four rounds. From the fifth Martinez started to go to the body to bring Barker’s guard down, and was having more success. Barker, 29, inflicted a cut under the right of Martinez in the seventh, but he needed to let his punches go as Martinez was winning the rounds with his fast combination punching. Barker had a good eighth as he moved more and threw more leather, but that was his last good round. Martinez was still working the body in the ninth and a big attack at the end of the tenth had Barker hurt. There were signs of tiredness creeping into the work of Martinez, but he staged a big attack in the eleventh, flooring Barker with a right to the side of the head which saw Barker almost going down in stages for the count. Martinez has lost only one fight since 2000, a majority decision to Paul Williams, and he certainly gained revenge for that in their return. Barker gained a great deal of credit from his performance as he stuck to his game plan, but found the speed and accuracy of Martinez too much for him. Lee was on a revenge mission and he achieved his goal with a wide points victory over game but limited Vera. It was not an exciting scrap, as Lee used his skills to counter the pressure tactics of Vera, and the Texan was never really able to get into the fight until the late rounds. Southpaw Lee, 27, floored Vera at the end of the second, and although he still tasted a few rights from Vera, he was never hurt. Lee opened a cut over Vera’s right eye in the fifth and staggered him in the sixth. Vera finally managed to have some success in chasing Lee down eighth, but Lee took the last two rounds and the decision on scores of 99-90 twice and 98-91. Lee, rated No 2 by both the WBA and IBF had been stopped in seven rounds by Vera in 2007. This was his twelfth win since then. Vera has had less success being 3-4 in his last seven going in. Chilamba is impressive again as he puts Bostic under pressure throughout the first round. He finally cornered Bostic in the second and a volley punches had Bostic taking the full count on his knees on the canvas. The 24-year-old “Golden Boy” from Malawi is a former undefeated IBO champion, and the combined total records for his previous five opponents is 84-1, so they are not scared to match him in tough fights. Having said that, the record of New Zealand based American Bostic was deceptively flattering. Russian heavyweight Abdusalamov just walked through the punches of Burnett and scored two knockdowns to finish his nights work in 78 seconds. The 30-year-old southpaw Abdusalamov competed in the World Military Championships, and was Russian amateur champion in 2005 and 2006. He lost to David Price in the European Olympic qualifying tournament. US-based Irishman Monaghan easily handled poor Claiborne, and was on top until Claiborne’s corner threw in the towel early in the fourth. Six wins by KO/TKO for Monaghan. Las Vegas, USA: Light Fly: Roman Gonzalez (30-0) W KO 2 Omar Soto (22-8-2). Super Bantam: Toshiaki Nishioka (39-4-3) W PTS 12 Rafael Marquez (40-7). Welter: Yoshihiro Kamegai (19-0) W TKO 6 Hector Munoz (19-7-1). Super Bantam: Jose Angel Beranza (34-21-2) W PTS 10 Chris Martin (23-1-2). Super Bantam: Jesse Magdaleno (6-0) W TKO 1 Isaac Hidalgo (8-8-2). Mexican Soto came out determined to match Gonzalez punch-for –punch, which made for a hectic first round. These were the wrong tactics to use against a puncher such as Gonzalez. In the second Gonzalez landed a devastating combination topped off by an uppercut, and Soto sat out the count. This was a non title fight as Soto failed to make the weight. Nicaraguan “El Chocolatito, 24, a former WBA straw champion, moves to 25 wins by KO/TKO. “Little Wolf” Soto, 31, has had shots at the IBF straw and WBO and IBO flyweight titles. All of his losses have been to fighters who have held world title. To some extent the Nishioka vs. Marquez fight was one of two halves. Over the first half of the contest Marquez, 36, used his jab and was clever at cutting down the space for the southpaw champion. Nishioka, 35, had the better of the second half of the fight, with the exception of the eighth, in which he was cut on the top of his head in a clash of heads and hurt late in the round by a right. Nishioka probably felt he was behind and also that the fight might be stopped due to the cut, and he staged a strong finish over the last three rounds to retain his WBC title for the seventh time. Scores 117-111, 116-112 and 115-113, with the first one looking out of line. Marquez had looked a bit shop worn when losing to Juan Manuel Lopez but was sharper in this one. The former IBF and WBC bantam champion was taking part in his twelfth world title fight. Former undefeated Japanese champion Kamegai extends his run of KO/TKO wins by stopping late substitute Munoz in six. Kamegai, 28, has now won his last seven that way and has a total of 17 wins by KO/TKO, but the opposition has been poor. Munoz has lost six of his last seven. Big upset as veteran Beranza outscores previously unbeaten Martin. The Mexican just barreled forward in every round, crowding the light punching Martin, and never giving him the chance to use his skills. Scores 98-92, 96-94 and an out of step 93-97! The 35-year-old Beranza had lost six of his last seven fights, but all to quality opposition. This was Martin’s first fight for Top Rank and a huge setback for him, as he was rated No 5 by both the IBF and WBO. Prospect Magdaleno outclassed Hidalgo scoring at will throughout the three minutes. With his left eye closed Hidalgo’s corner pulled him out at the end of the round. The 19-year-old Magdalena, the younger brother of unbeaten Diego, is a former US and National Golden Gloves champion, and one to watch. Bayamon, Puerto Rico: Super Bantam: Jonathan Oquendo (22-2) W KO 2 Jose Luis Araiza (29-4). Feather: Juan Manuel Lopez (31-1) W TKO 2 Mike Oliver (25-3,1ND). Super Feather: Roman Martinez (25-1-1) W TKO 6 Daniel Attah (26-8-1,1ND). Another hard-punching display from “Polvo” Oquendo. He floored Araiza in the first and then put him away with a left hook early in the second. The 28-year-old is rated No 2 by the WBO and has won his last eight, six by KO/TKO, since losing to Juan Manuel Lopez in 2008. After losing his first fight to future champion Roberto Leyva, Araiza won his next 29, but has now lost his last four. Predictable early win for Lopez over talented but fragile fellow southpaw Oliver. A left to the chin from Lopez put Oliver down in the first round, and he was down again, taking a nine count at the end of the round. It was obvious he did not fancy the job and, after another knockdown in the second, the fight was stopped. Now 27 wins by KO/TKO for Lopez who lost his WBO title to Orlando Salido in April. He lifts WBO Latino title. Oliver had lost inside the distance to Antonio Escalante and Rey Lopez, but had won his last four. “Rocky” Martinez, another former WBO champion, also had an early night as he punched too hard for veteran Attah. Martinez floored Attah in the third and then caught him again in the sixth, scoring two more knockdowns, and the fight was stopped. It was the first fight for the 28-year-old Puerto Rican since losing his title to Ricky Burns in September 2010. He wins the vacant WBO Inter-Continental title and you be sure that he will a big climb in the WBO from his current No 15 spot. Nigerian Attah, 34, fought Acelino Freitas for the WBA and WBO super feather titles way back in 2002. Newport, Wales: Light: Gavin Rees (35-1-1) TECDRAW 4 Derry Mathews (29-5-1). Light Middle: Bradley Pryce (32-10) W PTS 8 Danny Butler (19-5). Super Middle; Jason Cook (29-4-1) W TKO 3 Laszlo Szekeres ( 10-13-3).A disappointing end to a much anticipated fight. Matthews used his height and reach advantages, and some cool boxing to take the first round, Former WBA light welter champion Rees found a way inside as the second closed and seemed to have edged the round. The third saw Rees enjoying more success getting his timing and distance right. Unfortunately in the fourth a clash of heads saw Mathews turning away with blood pouring from a probable broken nose, and the fight was stopped. As only three rounds had been completed the fight was a technical draw. Former Commonwealth champion Pryce, 30, won this close one thanks to a knockdown in the last round and just edged out Butler 77-75. Fighting way above his light welter division (Cook was 164lbs) former European and IBO champion (at lightweight) finished off modest Hungarian Szekeres with a left hook. Szerkeres beat the count but was in no condition to continue Gomez Palacio, Mexico: Light Welter: Roberto Ortiz (21-0-1) W PTS 12 Dunis Linan (16-19-2). “Massa” Ortiz, 25, retains WBC silver belt title with wide points victory over Colombian. Linan was coming forward from the first bell, but Ortiz used his height and reach advantage to score at distance, and found the Colombian an easy target for his counters. Linan lost a point in the third for a butt and another in the seventh for hitting on the break. Ortiz was piling up the points and mixing it more. Knowing he was behind Linan made a huge effort in the last rounds, but the tiring Ortiz was still getting through with the quality punches. Scores 119-108, 118-109 and 116-110. That breaks a streak of twelve straight wins by KO/TKO for “Massa” who is one to watch, as he beat Antonio Lozada Jr (23-0) in four rounds in his last fight. The 30-year-old Colombian again proved his durability; he has only failed to last the distance twice Puebla, Mexico: Light Fly: Sammy Gutierrez (30-6-2) W TKO 5 Rolio Golez (12-7). Feather: Alejandro Sanabria (29-1-1) W PTS 10 Pedro Navarrete (26-14-3). Super Bantam: Cruz Carbajal (32-18-2) W PTS 10 Pedro Torres (6-4-2). The bout started badly for both boxers. Gutierrez, 25, the former WBA interim strawweight champion, was badly cut over his left eye by a butt which bled throughout the bout, and Filipino Golez, 24, was deducted two points for administering the butt. It got better for Mexican “Guty” as he punished Golez with both hands from then on. The bell saved a battered Golez at the end of the third. He took more punishment in the fourth, and in the fifth, and despite the blood from the cut hampering his vision, Gutierrez landed a volley which brought the referees interception. Gutierrez wins the vacant WBC Silver Belt title. Golez is WBC Asian Boxing Council champ. Mark-time bout for world rated Sanabria. After a feel-out first round he dominates the experienced “Cowboy” Navarette and wins on scores of 100-90, 98-92 and 98-93. Sanabria beat Rocky Juarez in February. Navarette, 30, has lost six of his last seven, but has only been stopped twice. Nearly a big upset as the former WBO bantam champion “Spoons” Carbajal, 37, had a lot of problems with the aggression of the inexperienced Torres and needed a strong finish to ensure the decision went his way. Scores 97-92 twice and 96-95. Carbajal bouncing back with his third win after a spell of 5 losses in 6 fights. Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines: Feather: Eden Sonsona (28-6) W TKO 7 Godwin Tubigon (7-4-1). Feather: Mike Farenas (33-3-3,1ND) W PTS 12 Edgar Gabejan (22-26-4). Super Bantam: Dodie Boy Penalosa Jr. (7-0) W TKO 3 Doniel Marcos (10-14). Easy win for “Manila Golden Boy” 22-year-old Sonsona. For the first few rounds he was content to outbox the limited Tubigon, scoring freely with his southpaw jabs. He stepped up the pressure in the fifth scoring with good body shots. A short left hook floored Tubigon early in the seventh. After another knockdown the referee stopped the fight, but there was some controversy over the lateness of the stoppage. Twice Tubigon’s corner threw in the towel, and the referee threw it out both times. Sonsona is a former Philippines super fly and bantam champion, with four of his losses coming on the road against top class opposition. A foul filled, unruly fight, sees southpaw Farenas, 27, win a wide verdict over Gabejan to lift the Philippines title. The movement and fast punching of Farenas frustrated Gabejan who resorted to some very dubious tactics. He lost two points for throwing Farenas down and for pushing him over. Strangely he was not warned for the use of his head, with which he was always dangerous. Farenas was cut on the left eyebrow in the seventh, but the clean and accurate punching was coming from him. Farenas wins on scores of 119-115 twice and 118-116. He has lost only one of his last 28 fights, and has bounced back from the upset loss to Marlon Aguilar with wins over Daniel Attah and Fernando Beltran Jr. Young prospect Penalosa came through a real test of fire against the more experienced Marcos. In the first round a careless Penalosa was caught with wild right which had on his back. He beat the count, but only just survived to the bell. Penalosa went to the body of Marcos in the second, but was leaving himself open again. The under pressure Marcos lost a point for a low blow. The body punches were getting to Marcos, and he was in deep trouble in the third when his seconds climbed into the ring to bring a stoppage. The son of the former IBF flyweight of the same name has won all seven by KO/TKO, but this was a wake up call for the youngster. Elgin, USA: Cruiser: Willie Herring (13-9-3) W KO 6 Ravea Springs (28-4,1ND). Just having turned 40, former WBC challenger Springs gets an unwanted birthday shock. Herring jumps on him min the first round and scores a knockdown. Southpaw Springs never really recovers, and Herring finally scores kayo at the end of the sixth. Fighting mostly at heavyweight, Floridian Herring, 32, had lost six of his last seven going in. Springs lost to Wayne Braithwaite for the WBC title 2003. Tunica, USA: Light Welter: Karim Mayfield (15-0-1) W PTS 10 Patrick Lopez (20-5). Light Middle: Joe Greene (23-1) W TKO 6 Bill Johnson (9-26-1,1ND). “Hard Hitta” Mayfield, 30, floors a sliding Lopez three times on the way to a wide unanimous verdict. Scores 99-88, 97-90 and 98-90. This was for the interim NABO title. Mayfield had beaten Steve Forbes in his last fight. Venezuelan Lopez, 33, was a top amateur and something in the way of a prospect, but this was his third loss in a row. Queens hope Greene returned to action for the first time since his loss to Vanes Martirosyan in June 2010, and wears down Johnson for a stoppage win. The 25-year-old southpaw set a blistering pace and finished an exhausted Johnson late in the sixth. Now 13 losses in a row for Johnson. Kiev, Ukraine: Middle: Avtandil Khurtsidze (26-2-2) W TKO 2 Jason LeHoullier (21-7-1). Light Welter: Viktor Postol (15-0) W PTS 10 Felix Lora (14-8-5).Georgian “Tornado” Khurtsidze overwhelms LeHoullier flooring him twice in the first round. When LeHoullier is floored again in the second his corner throws in the towel. Just 5’4” tall, Khurtsidze lived up to his nickname. The IBO champion has a 19-1 record in his last 20 fights, losing only to Frenchman Hassan N’Dam N’jikam. This was scheduled for twelve rounds but, as both fighters were over the limit, I assume the IBO title was not at stake. LeHoullier, 33, has lost his last seven, but to good opposition. Postol wins a wide decision over Spanish-based Dominican Lora in a foul filled bout. Lora losses two points in the seventh, one for a butt and the other for a low blow. He was deducted another point in the ninth and also on the floor in the same round. There was plenty of clinching and wrestling, but also some good action. With the deductions and the knockdown Postol wins on scores of 100-85 twice and 100-87. Montreal, Canada:Light: Tony Luis (13-0) W KO 1 Alejandro Barrera (21-9). Super Middle: Ali Nestor Charles (12-5-2) W PTS 8 Bladimir Hernandez (18-7). “The Lightning” Luis, 23, wins vacant WBC Continental Americas title as he floors Barrera twice with body shots for a quick win. Mexican Barrera, once a prospect (he won his first 18 fights) is 2-7 in his last nine fights, six of those losses inside the distance. Canadian southpaw Charles outboxed heavy puncher Hernandez (16 wins by KO/TKO) to take a comfortable decision on scores of 79-73 twice and 78-74. Charles, who only seems to fight twice a year, is unbeaten in his last eight. Hernandez has lost his last six, five by KO/TKO.

October 4

Tokyo, Japan: Light: Nihito Arakawa (21-1-1) W PTS 12 Jay Solmiano (11-1-1). Light: Yoshitaka Kato (20-4-1) W PTS 10 Takashi Inagaki (13-10-1). WBA No 6 Arakawa, 29, has to climb off the floor to win a split verdict, and retain his OPBF title. A southpaw left had Arakawa down early in the second, but he beat the count and survived to the end of the round. He also had to overcome a badly swollen left eye. In a great little fight Arakawa was the busier and more aggressive, and Solmiano, 24, had the power. It was close all the way with both fighters staging a big finish. Scores 115-114, 115-113 and 112-115, but it could have gone either way. Kato wins the vacant Japanese title with a unanimous decision over Inagaki. This was another close one, much closer than the scores indicate as Kato takes it on scores of 98-93, 97-94 and 96-95.

October 6

Detroit, USA:Light Welter: Vern Paris (26-0,3ND) W PTS 8 Ruben Galvan (27-18-4,2ND).Super Middle: Darryl Cunningham (24-2) W PTS 8 Dante Craig (18-11-1,1ND). Ahmad Kaddour (24-2-1) W TKO 4 Vance Garvey (8-35-6). Miguel Gonzales (20-2) W TKO 2 Berto Toledo (39-7-2). Heavy: Rich Power (15-1) W PTS 6 Cleo Grover (3-15). Easy night for Paris, 23, almost too easy, as he does not seem to take the fight very seriously. Makes an effort to put Galvan away in the third, but other than that settles for winning every round, and using 39-year-old Galvan for target practice. Scores 80-72 from all three judges. The “Iceman” had registered his best win in August when he stopped Tim Coleman, so this was just a payday. Galvan has failed to win of his last twelve fights. Southpaw Cunningham, 37, finds Craig a bit more responsive as the former Olympian makes an effort over the late rounds, but never comes close to actually winning a round. All scores again 80-72. Now 17 wins in a row for Cunningham, who saw a potential fight with Kelly Pavlik fall through. Craig was an outstanding amateur winning the National Golden Gloves in 1999 and competing at the 2000 Olympics, but has flopped as a pro, and has won only one of his last ten fights. Lebanese-born Dane Kaddour has poor Garvey under pressure for the whole fight. Scores a knockdown, and with Garvey’s right eye closed his corner pull him out at the end of the fourth. Kaddour’s, only losses came in the 2004 “The Contenders” show, but needs to be more active as this only his second fight in 19 months. Garvey, 33, has won only one of his last eleven. “Silky Smooth” Gonzales, 25, makes it 15 by KO/TKO as he finishes Ecuadorian veteran Toledo in the second. Former Tyson Fury victim Power, 32, wins every round against 36-year-old Grover, who has won only one of his last 15 fights. Scores 60-54 from the officials. Not a decent match on the whole show.

October 7

Wollongong, Australia: Middle: Shannan Taylor (52-10-3) W KO 4 Sintung Kietbusaba (11-8). Welter: Adrian Campbell (9-9-1) DREW 10 Chad Roy Naidu (3-12-4). Fighting in his home town Taylor overwhelms modest Thai to win vacant WBFoundation title. The “Bulli Blaster” had the better of the first two rounds, although Sintung stayed in the fight scoring with body punches. All change in the third as Taylor came out looking to finish the fight. Combinations to the head and body put the Thai down. Sintung beat the count, but was floored again by combinations later in the round. He survived, but a two-fisted attack from Taylor finally put Sintung down for the count. Career saver for 39-year-old Taylor as he had been 3-4 in his last seven bouts. Sintung, 33, was having his first fight for 14 months. Lanky Campbell, 33 fails to win vacant WBFoundation Asia Pacific title as his fight with Malaysian Naidu too close to call. Scores 95-95 twice and 96-94. Campbell had won a split verdict when these two met in June. Naidu, 32, was coming off a win, but it was his only one in his last twelve fights. Cronulla, Australia: Light Middle: Lee Oti (15-11-1) W TKO 5 Ryan Waters (21-4-2). Big upset sees New Zealander Oti flatten Waters in fifth to revenge a stoppage loss back in 2007. Waters seemed on the road to another wins as he took the first four rounds. In the fifth two over hand rights and a left hook put Waters down. The referee did not even bother to count but stopped the fight. Not a noted puncher, Oti is better than his record might suggest, as he has only lost to good opposition such as Daniel Geale. This was the first fight in almost seven months for 31-year-old Waters, who was rated No 2 by the ANBF. Before this he had lost only one of his last 21 fights, and that loss was to Tony Mundine Jr. Waters has said that he will have one more bout in December and then retire. Surfers Paradise, Australia: Heavy: Mike Kirby (10-4-2,1ND) W PTS 10 Colin Wilson (35-28-1,1ND). The “Iron Rhino” Kirby wins Australian title at his second attempt with wide unanimous decision over veteran Wilson. Wilson had the height advantage, but at around 270lbs Kirby had the edge in weight. Kirby on top for most of the early rounds taking the fight inside and scoring with body shots. Wilson had some limited success in the middle rounds. Late in the ninth Wilson is floored by a combination topped off by body punches. He beat the count, but was floored again by body punches. Half way through the last yet another body shot put Wilson down again, but he lasted the distance. Scores 98-89 twice and 96-91. Kirby, 29 wins the vacant Australian title, as he bounces back from a 60 seconds blow out loss to Kali Meehan in June. Wilson, a pro since 1992, has been Australian champion three times, but at 39, may not get many more chances. Edmonton, Canada: Heavy: Tye Fields (49-4) W TKO 6 Raphael Butler (35-11,2ND).”Big Sky” Fields had to climb off the floor for victory. In the first round Butler caught southpaw Fields with an overhand right which deposited Fields on the canvas. Fields got up, took the eight count and never looked back. Round after round it was the long right jab of Fields dominating the fight. In the sixth Butler launched a furious attack, but when Fields blasted back Butler ended up on the ropes. Fields pinned him there and just kept punching away until the referee stopped the fight. The 36-year-old, 6’8” tall, Fields makes it 44 wins by KO/TKO. In fact with all of his losses coming inside the distance, including a 42 seconds blow out loss to Mike Perez in “The Prizefighter”, only five of his 53 fights have gone to the scorecards. Butler, 27, “only” 6’3”, fails again in the Giant Killer role as in his previous fight in April he had been stopped by 6’8” David Price in 107 seconds. Now only one win in his last seven fights for Butler. Rome, Italy: Middle: Emanuele Blandamura (16-0) W PTS 12 Manuel Ernesti (10-1) W (15-0). In this battle of fighters from Rome after a couple of good rounds, “Sioux” Blandamura completely changes his normal tactics and turns the fight against the favoured Ernesti into an exciting close quarters brawl. He was giving the harder puncher no room in which to work. Ernesti did manage to get home with some hard counters, but nothing deterred Blandamura who stayed right in Ernesti’s face throughout the fight., Scores 116-110, 116-111 and 115-111. The 31-year-old Blandamura wins vacant WBC Mediterranean title. This was the first fight scheduled for more than six rounds for “The Diamond Kid” Ernesti. Monserrato, Italy: Fly: Giuseppe Lagana (25-9-1,1ND) W TEC DEC 7 Bernard Inom (21-3-1). Welter: Michele Di Rocco (31-1-1) W TKO 1 Laszlo Balogh (13-9-2). Lagana, who will be 40 on October 13, started well scoring frequently against a slow Inom. Lagana took the first two rounds, but then Inom, 38, started to take over and it seemed that the fight would have gone Inom's way from that point on. Lagana regrouped and took control again to win the fourth. Now Lagana controlled the fight from mid range. Lagana was scoring more often with combinations, but Inom stayed dangerous with hard single punches to the body. The sixth was a quiet round with referee Mark Green urging them on to fight. Later in the round Lagana was cut over the left eye from an accidental head butt and survived a first ringside doctor inspection. The punch worsened in the seventh and it was stopped by the ringside physician. It went to the scorecards with the incomplete seventh scored. Lagana was ahead by 69-64, 68-65 and 67-66. Lagana, who had been inactive for a year, wins vacant European Union title. Frenchman Inom, a former French, European Union and European champion, lost to Omar Narvaez for the WBO title in 2005. This was his first fight for five months. Now 14 wins in a row for “The King “ Michele Di Rocco as the fight was over before it really got started. A punch opened a cut over the Hungarian’s left eye, and he did not survive the first doctor’s inspection. “The King” Di Rocco, 29, who was Italian amateur champion in 2001/2002/2003, and a quarter finalist at the 2004 Olympics, is now heading for an IBO welterweight title eliminator with Azad Azizov in December. Bacolod City, Philippines: Super Feather: Mark Gil Melligen (15-4-1) W PTS 10 Rufino Mante (6-12-1). Straw: Rommel Asenjo (21-3) W TKO 5 Arnel Tadena (11-16-3). Fighting in his hometown, southpaw Melligen, 24, made this hard for himself as he lost a point in the second for opening a cut on the right eyebrow of Mante with a butt, and in the sixth for a low blows. In between these episodes it was Melligen on top scoring well, and being the busier. Scores 98-90, 97-91 and 95-93. “Little Assassin” Asenjo, another southpaw, was in charge from the start against Tadena, who seemed only interested in survival. The one-sided fight was ended by Tadena’s corner who retired their man at the end of the fifth. Arsenjo has won 16 of his last 17, with his only loss being to Raul Garcia for the WBO title in April . Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico: Middle: Manny Siaca (23-7) W KO 1 Jhon Berrio (15-10). Bantam: McJoe Arroyo (9-0) W PTS 6 Shawn Nichol (5-7). All over in 81 seconds as Siaca puts Colombian Berrio down with a hook to the body and a right cross, and the Colombian is out. First fight since loss to Danny Green for the IBO cruiser title in April 2010, and win No 20 by KO/TKO for 35-year-old former WBA super middle champion. Fifth loss in a row for Berrio. Brawling Nichol gives southpaw Arroyo a good test as he is aggressive throughout, forcing former top amateur to fight hard in every round. Scores 59-54 twice and 60-54. Arroyo, 25, one of boxing twins, is a former World Championship bronze medalist and represented Puerto Rico in the 2008 Olympics. Denver’s Nichol has lost his last five, all to unbeaten fighters London, England: Feather: Choi Tseveenpurev (32-5) W TKO 2 Janis Puksins (1-3-1). Light Welter: Darren Hamilton (9-2) W PTS 10 Dave Ryan (12-5) Even as a late sub Latvian novice Puksins should never have been in with former WBU and WBFoundation champion Choi. The 40-year-old floors Puksins in the first and the fight is stopped in the second. Hamilton wins a messy fight which sees Ryan bundled out of the ring three times. The cleaner work comes from Hamilton who scores well with his jab, but Ryan just never got going. The referee scored it 100-91. When these two met in June Hamilton, 33, was disqualified after just 92 seconds for a butt. Hamilton wins British Masters title. “Rocky” Ryan is British Midlands Area champ. Burbank, USA: Middle: Osumanu Adama (20-2) W TKO 9 Roman Karzmazin (40-5-2,1ND. Middle: Eric Mitchell (23-7-1) W PTS 10 Derek Findley (18-7). Super Middle: Joe McCreedy (13-5-2,1ND) W PTS 8 Loren Myers (8-13-1). Huge win for the man from Ghana. Adama, 30, sets a fast early pace as Karmazin tries to use his skill to blunt Adama’s aggression. Karmazin hurts Adama with a good combination in the fourth. Adama returned the compliment early in the fifth with left hook, but Karmazin edged the round with some slick boxing. The fast pace began to tell on the 38-year-old Russian, and Adama was on top in the sixth and seventh, and hurt Karmazin with a heavy right at the end of the eighth. Adama battered Karmazin to the ropes in the ninth and was pounding away when the Russian’s corner threw in the towel. The referee did not see it until Adama called his attention to it. Now 15 wins by KO/TKO for former Ghanaian light middle and middle champ. This was a bout in the IBF eliminator tournament. With the first two spots in the IBF ratings vacant, Adama was the fourth rated (No 6) and Karmazin the fifth (No 7). Former IBF light middle champ Karmazin was having his first fight since losing to Daniel Geale in another IBF eliminator last October. “Superman Murdered”. That could be the headline for the fight between “Superman Findley and “Murder” Mitchell. In fact it was a close hard fought battle with Mitchell winning on a split verdict. Scores 96-93, 95-94 and 94-95. Mitchell, 41, was having his first fight since February 2010. Findley has lost 4 of his last 5 but to quality opposition. McCreedy the busier. Takes early and late round s with Myers having his best spell in the middle. McCreedy had Mickey Ward working his corner, Scores 79-73, 78-74 and 77-75. Las Vegas, USA: Light Sharif Bogere (21-0) W KO 3 Cisco Contreras (16-1). Light Middle: Jermell Charlo (16-0) W PTS 8 Cisco Santana (12-3-1). Bogere wins in three rounds but some controversy. Contreras, 27, takes the first two rounds using his height and reach edge to counter the shorter, aggressive Bogere, and hurts him with a good left at the start of the second. Bogere, 22, starts to dominate and has more success by turning the fight into an untidy brawl in the third, and lands a hard right which sends Contreras stumbling back into a corner. Contreras turns away to avoid the follow-up attack but another right from Bogere seems to glance of the Dominican’s shoulder and catch him on the back of the head. Contreras goes face down on the canvas seeming to hit his forehead on the floor, and is counted out. There was some debate over whether it was the first right or the second which caused the knockout. However, although the punch landed on the back of the head of Contreras, it was ruled legal due to Contreras having turned away. Contreras taken from ring on a stretcher and on to hospital. Now 13 wins by KO/TKO for “The Lion”. “Golden Boy” Charlo, one of boxing twins, wins on scores of 79-73 twice and 78-74. His classy boxing and higher work rate offsets the aggression of Santana. In the sixth a right from Santana had Charlo in trouble, but he boxed his way through the round and was never again in trouble. The 21-year-old Charlo, trained by Ronnie Shields, has eight wins by KO/TKO. Santana’s previous losses both came against undefeated Karim Mayfield. La Coruna, Spain: Fly: Silvio Olteanu (11-6-1) DREW 12 Valery Yanchi (18-2-1) . Two old foes met for the vacant European title, but neither walked away with a win. Southpaw Yanchi, from Belarus, was fighting in his adopted home town, and was well ahead after seven rounds. Romanian Olteanu came strong in the closing rounds to even things up. Scores 114-114 twice and 115-114. Yanchi, who beat Olteanu twice in 2005, was having his second shot at the title. Olteanu, who is based in Madrid, put up a creditable effort when only losing on a split decision against Daiki Kameda for the WBA title in December Nakhon Pathom, Thailand:Bantam: Tabtimdaeng (39-2) W PTS 12 Falaxona Fidal. Thai Tabtimdaeng, 28, gets another meaningless win in rough brawl with poor Indonesian. Fidal loses two points for infractions and Tabtimdaeng one. Despite having lost only one of his last 30 fights, and being PABA champion, Tabtimdaeng’s opposition has been so poor he can’t even make the WBA ratings. Fidal has won only two of his last nine.

October 8

Neuquén, Argentina: Middle: Bill Godoy (23-0) W TEC DEC 4 Claudio Abalos (23-12-3). Another controversial ending, but a teddy bear’s picnic compared to when these two fought in May. Godoy had the better start and took the first two rounds and already Abalos had a swelling under his right eye. Abalos was getting into the fight when a clash of heads saw Godoy suffer a bad cut on his right eyelid. It went to the scorecards with Godoy retaining his Argentinian title on scores of 40-37, 40-37 ½ and 39-37 ½. The last time these two fought a butt left Godoy badly dazed and Abalos floored him, and then had him helpless on the ropes when the referee stopped the fight. However, although the referee failed to hear it the bell had gone before the stoppage. A riot ensued with people entering the ring and bottles and chairs flying. When order was restored Godoy could not continue so it went to the scorecards and Godoy won a unanimous decision, but ended up in hospital with a broken nose and a large lump on his forehead. Tijuana, Mexico: Super Fly: Rodrigo Guerrero (16-3-1) W TEC DEC 6 Raul Martinez (28-2). Welter: Daniel Sandoval (22-2) W TKO 10 Jorge Silva (17-2-1). Great little fight sees Mexican Guerrero win the vacant IBF title with a technical decision over Martinez. The switch hitting Guerrero was the aggressor, but the counter punching Martinez, 29, stayed with him and the fight was full of exciting exchanges. A big moment came at the end of the third when Guerrero floored the Texan with a right hook, straight left. That seemed to galvanise Martinez who attacked hard in the fourth and boxed well in the fifth. An accidental butt in the sixth left Martinez with a bad cut over an already swollen right eye. The referee stopped the fight at the end of the sixth and it went to the scorecards with Guerrero winning on the unanimous decision on scores of 57-56 twice and 59-54.”Gatito” Guerrero had lost on points to Vic Darchinyan for WBA/WBC titles in March 2010. After a bumpy start to his career Guerrero, 23, is now 14-2 in his last 15 fights, with his other loss being on a split decision to Martinez in an IBF eliminator in November. Martinez was also having his second title shot having been stopped by Nonito Donaire for this same title in 2009.”Galeno” Sandoval,20, and “El Pantera” Silva, 19, went to war from the first round. Sandoval was cut on his right eyebrow in a clash of heads, but put Silva down heavily. It was Silva’s turn in the second as he had Sandoval reeling with a hard right. Sandoval then started to box and swept the fourth to the six before being staggered again in the seventh. Silva continued the attack in the eighth and looked close to victory until caught with a right hook and floored. Sandoval now had the momentum and in the tenth two rights put Silva down and the referee stopped the fight. All 22 of Sandoval’s wins have come by KO/TKO. Silva had won 15 by that route. Los Cabos, Mexico: Super Fly: Juan Jose Montes (20-2) W TKO 2 Faustino Cupul (23-6,2ND). In his second fight since his defeat by Tomas Rojas for the WBC title “Goofy” scores three knockdowns on the way to a second round stoppage of sliding Cupul. Now 14 wins by KO/TKO for 22-year-old from Guadalajara. Cupul, 26, a former NABF champ, has now lost 5 of his last 6. Bacolod City, Philippines: Light Fly: Donnie Nietes (29-1-3) WPTS 12 Ramon Garcia (16-3-1). Bantam: AJ Banal (26-1-1) W PTS 12 Mario Briones (20-1-1). Straw: Merlito Sabillo (16-0) W PTS 12 Rodel Tejares (13-20-3). Bantam: Albert Pagara (8-0) W PTS 8 Shabani Madilu (12-7-3). “Ahas” Nietes, 29, fighting in front of his hometown fans, becomes only the seventh Filipino two-division champion, as he outpoints champion Garcia to lift the WBO title. The former undefeated WBO straw champion got a fast start, denying the clever Mexican room. Nietes seemed to be well in front after five rounds, and shook Garcia in the sixth. Southpaw Garcia then started to dominate and had Nietes hurt on a number of occasions as Nietes appeared to tire. The Filipino got back into the fight in the last two rounds and probably just shaded it. Scores 118-110, 117-111 and 115-113. Strangely the closest score came from the Filipino judge, and looked to be the most accurate. Nietes, who was cut on his forehead early in the fight, and also had a cut, which opened in the ninth, turn into a nasty gash after a clash of heads in the eleventh. The Filipino had to survive a Doctor’s inspection. The former janitor is unbeaten in his last 20 fights. This was the first defence of the full title for Garcia and his team yelled robbery and want a return. Southpaw Banal, 22, showed good skills as he used speed and movement to outbox the taller unbeaten 25-year-old Mexican. Both fighters lost points, Banal one for a low blow, and Briones two for holding and a low blow. Banal tired near the end but was a clear winner. Scores 118-107,117-108 and 115-110. Banal, rated in the top 5 by WBA and WBO, retains WBO Asian Pacific title for third time. Filipino champion “Tiger” Sabillo, 27, lived up to his name as he easily outpointed Tejares to win the OPBF title. The aggression and combination punching of Sabillo saw him dominating. A desperate Tejares lost points in the fourth and fifth for low blows. Scores 118-108 twice and 116-110. Prospect Pagara, 17, streets ahead of game Tanzanian Madilu, but can’t put him away. Pagara has Madilu down in the 1st, 2nd and 4th rounds but has to settle for a wide unanimous decision on scores of 80-69 twice and 78-71. A good night for Team ALA . St Petersburg, Russia: Light Heavy: Dmitry Sukhotsky (18-1) W TKO 2 Nadjib Mohammedi (24-3). Impressive win by Sukhotsky. A big right in the second has Mohammedi helpless on the ropes and the towel is thrown in by the Frenchman’s corner. First defence of his WBO Inter-Continental title by 30-year-old Russian and twelfth win by KO/TKO. He lost a close decision to Juergen Braehmer for the WBO title in December 2009 and is now rated No 1 by the WBO. Mohammedi, 26, took Nat Cleverly the distance in a fight for the vacant WBO title in December. Liverpool, England: Light Heavy: Tony Dodson (28-6-1) W TKO 7 Darren Stubbs (21-7). Hard-fought, exciting war sees ”The Warrior” Dodson’s better boxing prevail as he wins vacant IBO International title. From the first round it was evident that it would be Stubbs on the front foot trying to press and Dodson using his skills to find room and counter. Dodson emerged from the first round with a cut over his left eye which seemed to be caused by the head of Stubbs. Dodson took the early part of the second, but Stubbs came blazing back to even the round out. The third was a good round for Dodson as he hurt Stubbs early, and this time it was Stubbs who ended up with a cut-over his right eye. Dodson nearly won it in the fourth as he hurt Stubbs and had him under pressure. It could have been stopped, but the referee wisely let it continue. Amazingly Stubbs came back to take the fifth and share the sixth. The end came in the seventh when a right from Dodson unhinged Stubbs and sent his on to the ropes. He took a lot of punishment before getting off the ropes. Dodson drove him back again, and just as looked as though Stubbs was going down, the referee made a well timed intervention. The 31-year-old Dodson has been unsuccessful in three shots at the British super middle title so it was good to see him get a title win. Stubbs, 39, had lost to Bob Ajisafe for the English title in May, but always gives value. Sheffield, England:Welter: Kell Brook (25-0) W TKO 6 Rafal Jackiewicz (38-10-1). Super Middle: Kenny Anderson (15-1) W TKO 3 Paul Morby (6-9-1). Welter: Dale Miles (12-0) W TKO 6 Mihaita Mutu (27-18-2). Light Welter: Tyrone Nurse (19-0) W TKO 2 Istvan Kiss(5-2). Another hugely impressive display by Brook, 25, as he takes apart Polish veteran and hands him his first loss inside the distance. “Special K” really was special as he dominated the fight from the first bell controlling the action with his jab and never letting Jackiewicz get into the fight. Brook found an easy target for his combination punches and the Pole suffered a small cut above his left eye. Brook was hardly out of first gear in the first five rounds and when he stepped up his attacks in the sixth the fight was stopped to save the pole from any more punishment. Jackiewicz could have continued but was never going to win. This was Brook’s first defence of his WBA Inter-Continental title, and win No 17 by KO/TKO, with nine of his last ten fights ending that way. It was a WBA eliminator, but Brook is only rated No 6 by the WBA and Jackiewicz is not rated at all by them. Additionally champion Vyacheslav Senchenko is to defend against Don King promoted Brad Solomon, so Brook may have to look elsewhere for his title shot. The 34-year-old Jackiewicz, a former undefeated European champion, had lost only one of his last 21 fights. He lost on a majority decision to Jan Zaveck for the IBF title in September 2010, but was outclassed by Brook. Former Commonwealth gold medalist Anderson floors Morby with a left hook in the second, and was scoring heavily in third when the fight is stopped. Scot Anderson, 28, has eleven wins by KO/TKO and had George Groves on the floor in their Commonwealth title fight in November. Southpaw Miles shines as he totally outboxes experienced Romanian and then brings the curtain down in the sixth. He floors Mutu with stunning left and although Mutu beats the count he is unable to continue. Nine wins by KO/TKO for 26-year-old Miles. Only the second time that the 35-year-old Romanian has failed to last the distance. Lanky 21-year-old Nurse also impresses against modest Hungarian opposition. He floors Kiss in the third, and finishes the fight with body shots in the fifth. Only the third win by KO/TKO for Nurse.

October 9

Rosebud, Australia: Heavy: Brad Pitt (11-0) W TKO 4 Hugo Sclarandi (41-43-8). Mismatch as unbeaten Pitt, 29, puts away Argentinian veteran in four. Sclarandi tries to take the fight to Pitt and gets in a few shots, but is too small, and too old, to trouble the Australian prospect. A right floors Sclarandi in the fourth and when he is dumped again with a left hook the towel comes flying in. Nine wins by KO/TKO for former Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medalist. The 46-year-old Sclarandi turned pro in 1988 weighing 145 ½ lbs, which says it all. Liloan, Philippines:Super Fly: Marco Demecillo (15-0-1) W TKO 9 Lowie Bantigue (21-16-7). Bantam: Marlon Tapales (19-1) W PTS 10 Martin Mubiru (8-3). It took 21-year-old Demecillo (Singwancha) a while but eventually he walked down Bantigue. Demecillo’s power made the difference. He put Bantigue down with a series of hook in the fourth. Bantigue survived, but from then it was just a matter of time. The end came in the ninth when Demecillo had Bantigue down three times, and the fight was stopped. Now 11 wins by KO/TKO for Demecillo as he wins the interim Philippines title. Singwancha is the name of his Thai sponsor and he incorporates it into his name when fighting. Third unsuccessful shot at winning a version of the Philippines title for 27-year-old Bantigue. Southpaw Tapales, 19, given ten hard rounds by Japan-based Ugandan Mubiru. Both showed good technique but Tapales had the staying power. A right to the body put Mubiru down in the fourth. He was down again in the sixth from a hard combination, and after getting up lost a point for a butt. Tapales scored another knockdown in the seventh, and Mubiru again lost a point for a butt, which opened a cut on the right eyelid of Tapales. Both fighters went at it hard over the final two rounds, and Tapales got the decision on scores of 96-90 twice and 96-89. Eleven wins in a row for Tapales. The 26-year-old Ugandan had won four of his five fights in Japan and has also not lost inside the distance.

October 14

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Feather: Celestino Caballero (35-4) W PTS 12 Jonathan Barros (33-2-1). Light Heavy: Roberto Bolonti (27-1) W TKO 4 Jose Hilton Dos Santos (31-15-1). Cruiser: Cesar Crenz (20-5) W TKO 5 Hugo Garay (34-7). Welter: Claudio Olmedo (23-3,1ND) W KO 6 Gabriel Calfin (8-5-3). Caballero gains revenge for disputed decision lost to Barros in July. The WBA had ordered a return, and with this win the lanky Panamanian wins the WBA secondary title. From the start Caballero used his huge advantages in height and reach and was able to score with his right throughout the fight. As early as the second a right sent Barros back into the ropes under pressure. Barros had a better third round as he got through with lefts, but was leaving himself open in his attempts to get inside the reach of Caballero. Again in the fourth and fifth rights from Caballero drove Barros to the ropes on rubber legs. “Yoni” Barros, 27, started the sixth well, but by the end of the round Caballero was in control again. Caballero seemed to take his foot off the pedal over the next three rounds, but again finds Barros an easy target for his rights, although Caballero was looking tired at the end of the tenth. The eleventh put the fight outside the reach of Barros. A right cross had Barros badly hurt and in deep trouble. He was staggering around the ring and deliberately spat out his mouthpiece. When the fight resumed Barros tried to fire back, but was again caught with a right and trapped on the ropes on shaky legs when he again spat out his mouthpiece and survived the round. Barros came forward throughout the last , but Caballero knew he had the fight won and took no chances, just poking out his left to break up the attacks of Barros. Scores 116-112, 116-111 and 118-111. “Pelenchin”, 35yo, is a former WBA/IBF super bantam champion. Barros was making his third defence of the WBA secondary title. Easy night for “Hemlock” Bolonti. He is able to score heavily from the start, and floors Brazilian with a right cross in the first. Dos Santos survives, but is in trouble again at the third. In the fourth a three punch combination has Dos Santos defenseless and the referee stops the fight. Argentinian champion Bolonti, 32, somehow rated No 6 by the WBC, makes the fourth defence of his WBC Latino title. Dos Santos, 41, lost for the ninth time by KO/TKO. Minor upset as 6’5” former Argentinian cruiser champion Crenz stops former WBA light heavy champion Garay. Crenz has big edge in height and reach and uses his jab to keep Garay on the outside. In the fifth a right cross from Crenz sends Garay tumbling to the canvas. Garay gets up, but a volley from Crenz brings the referees intervention. “El Ruso” Crenz, 31, had lost to Yoan Pablo Hernandez on points in 2010 and dropped his national title after a kayo loss to Rogelio Rossi, who challenges Marco Huck for the WBO title next weekend. In a non-title fight the heavier punching of Argentinian champion Olmedo, 25, decides this one. He gets through with good rights in the first, but Calfin is busier in the second. In the third a left hook to the body and a right to the chin and Calfin is out. “Little Panther” has won 22 of his 23 fights by KO/TKO. Southpaw Calfin had been unbeaten in seven going in. Mendoza, Argentina: Light: Marcelino Lopez (22-0) W TKO 7 Fabian Marimon (15-4-1). With both fighters being light punchers this was a skillful, but not enthralling fight. “Nino” Lopez, 25, finally broke through at the end of the sixth with a combination, finished off with a left to the body. Colombian Marimon, 30, survived but did not come out for the seventh. Lopez wins vacant WBC Latino title. Marimon had won his last six fights going in. Obertraubling, Germany: Heavy: Alex Petkovic (41-4-4) W DIS 6 Cisse Salif (24-18-2). Heavy: Konstantin Airich (22-5-2) W KO 1 Varol Vekiloglu (18- 3-1). Light: Massimiliano Ballisai (15-0) W TKO 7 Ravil Mukhamadiarov (8-41). Very controversial win for 31-year-old from Bosnia. A fat Petkovic takes the first three rounds. In the fourth a left right combination from Salif puts him down. Petkovic beats the count, but is floored again by the same two punches. On each occasion the referee stops the count to order Salif to go to the opposite corner. Petkovic spits his mouthpiece out to get a breather, and is not warned for it. From then on Petkovic goes down anytime he takes a body punch and the referee plays along. Twice Petkovic lands low blows but no action by the referee. In the fifth the Mali-born, US- based Salif is deducted two points for “alleged” low blows. In the sixth Salif floors Povetkin again with a legal punch. Petkovic gets up and walks back to his corner shaking his head and then the referee disqualifies Salif. The refereeing was a disgrace. Petkovic, 31, who lost to Johnny Nelson in a challenge for the WBO cruiser title in 2003, is unbeaten in his last ten. Salif, 40, lost to Henry Akinwande in 2006 and took David Tua to a split decision in 2005, but has now lost seven of his last eight fights. Kazak-born “Sandman” Airich has an early night. In a farce, his first real attack sees Vekiloglu cover up taking punches on his gloves then in a seeming delayed reaction go down after the last three punches actually miss him. All over in 65 seconds. Airich, 32, was kayoed in just 74 seconds by Canadian giant Tye Fields in the Prizefighter tournament in May, but then won the Portuguese version of the competition in June. He also lost in seven rounds to Danny Williams in Spain in 2008. He lifts vacant IBF InterContinental title. German Vekiloglu had lost only one of his previous 19 going in, but after this quick blow-out may have to think of changing his “Relentless Lion” nickname. Turin lightweight Ballisai goes to nine wins by KO/TKO as he halts 37-year-old Russian. Tokyo, Japan: Light Welter: Yuji Wauke (15-3-1) W PTS 10 Shinya Nagase (19-4-2). Light Heavy: Yuzo Kiyota (21-3-1) W KO 2 Rahman Ambodalle (14-7-1). If at first you don’t succeed…… After 13 years as a pro, and in his second attempt, tall, 30-year-old southpaw Wauke wins national title. The critical moment came early as Wauke dropped Nagase with a right in the first round. Nagase, making his first defence, pressed, but the counter-punching Wauke stayed in charge and finished strongly to win the unanimous decision on scores of 99-92, 98-93 and 97-93. Easy for Kiyota, 28, as he floors modest Indonesian three times for an automatic stoppage. The former OPBF super middle has 19 wins by KO/TKO. Wieliczka, Poland: Light Welter: Krzys Szot (15-1-1) W PTS 10 Beka Sadjaia (27-15-1). Cruiser: Krzys Glowacki (14-0) W TKO 6 Paata Berikashvili (11-12-1). Super Middle: Lukasz Wawrzyczek (12-1-1) W PTS 8 Laurent Ferra (7-5-2).Former top amateur Szot, 33, bounces back from shock loss to Felix Lora, but is given a hard night by Georgian Sadjaia. The Georgian was the aggressor with Szot fighting on the counter. Szot takes the first two rounds, but a right in the third opens a cut on his right eyebrow. Sadjaia, 24, was on top in the fourth, but from the fifth Szot was scoring well, and he held off a late charge from the Georgian. Scores 97-94 twice and 96-94. Szot was Polish national champion every year from 2000 to 2006. He lost to Frankie Gavin when representing Poland against England in 2007. Southpaw Glowacki going forward from the first looking for a quick finish Georgian stays out of trouble until the third when he is floored. Glowacki scored another knockdown at the end of the fifth, and the normally durable Berikashvili retired in his corner at the end of the round. Wawrzyczek. Given an early shock as Frenchman Ferra has him in deep trouble in the first only for the bell to save the Pole. Ferra built an early lead, but was trying too hard to find that one finishing punch. Wawrzyczek tightens-up his defence, and is busier, sweeping the last two rounds to win a split decision. Scores 77-75 twice and 75-78. Juncos, Puerto Rica: Light Welter: Mike Perez (15-0-1) W TKO 2 Tyrone Harris (24-9). Feather: Jayson Velez (17-0) W TKO 5 Jonathan Arias (16-7). Puerto Rican prospect “The Artist” Perez floors experienced Harris three times in the second, mainly with body shots, at which point the referee stops the fight. The 21-year-old Perez, based in Newark, has nine wins by KO/TKO and has won 6 of his last 7 inside the distance. Southpaw Harris has lost 5 of his last 6 but to very good opposition. “La Maravilla” Velez, 23, drops Arias with a right at the end of the second, and again with a two punch combination at the start of the fifth, and the referee stops the fight. Now 13 wins by KO/TKO by Velez. Mexican Arias has lost 7 of his last 8 fights, but took Abner Mares the distance. Bangkok, Thailand: Light Welter: Prawet Singwancha (44-3-2) W PTS 12 Kosuke Iwashita (13-11-2). Thai Prawet, 34, retains WBC International title for fourth time as he takes every round against modest Japanese opposition. Prawet on top all they way scoring well with body shots against a game but outclassed opponent. Scores 120-108 from all three judges. Prawet drew with Jose Miguel Cotto, and lost to Jose Alfaro in shots at the WBA secondary lightweight title. That loss to Alfaro is his only defeat in his last 42 fights. Iwashita had won his last four. Cleethorpes, England: Super Bantam: Alexei Collado (15-0) W PTS 10 Frank Varela (19-7). Light: Kevin Hooper (10-0) W PTS 10 Jamie Speight (10-2). Cuban Collado, 23, goes the distance for the first time. Too good for Venezuelan who loses a point in the seventh for a low blow. Score 99-91. A bloody battle which sees both fighters cut and Hooper, 27, emerge with a wide points victory, which gives him the vacant British Masters title. Referee’s score 99-93. Kissimmee, USA: Feather: Orlando Cruz (17-2-1) W KO 1 Mike Franco (19-1). When I saw this fight on the schedule I felt it was a risky fight for Franco. So it proved. At the end of the first round a combination to the chin put Franco flat on the canvas out for the count. Southpaw Cruz, 30, had been inactive since being kayoed in three rounds by Daniel Ponce de Leon in February 2010, but was an experienced quality pro. Franco, 24, will have to start all over again. Ontario, USA: Super Feather: Abraham Lopez (16-0) W KO 5 Gerardo Espinoza (28-12). Californian “Chamaco” Lopez, 24, makes it twelve wins by KO/TKO. After a quiet start Lopez floors veteran Espinoza with a left hook at the end of the second and then puts Espinoza down again. Somehow the Mexican survives. In the fifth Lopez gets through with another left hook to the body to end the fight. Twelve wins by KO/TKO for 24-year-old Lopez. Espinoza, 30, who won 17 of his first 18 fights by KO/TKO, lost to Cruz Carbajal for the WBO bantam title in 2003, but this was his first fight since July 2006. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso:Super Bantam: Alexis Boureima Kabore (16-0) W PTS 12 Sande Kizito (12-9-1). Light Heavy: Hany Atiyo (11-0) W TKO 5 Boniface Kabore (13-2). Controversial decision sees “YoYo” Kabore win vacant ABU title. Local fighter Kabore makes a fast start to try to overwhelm Ugandan, but Kizito refuses to be blown away, and shows some nice skills. Kabore ahead at the end of the sixth, but Kizito,37, makes it close. Scores 120-110, 118-111 and a more accurate reflection of the fight 114-113. The only man to have beaten Kizito inside the distance is Vic Darchinyan in a fight for the Australian flyweight title back in 2001. Three of Kizito’s first four fights were against Darchinyan. The other two fights with the Armenian/Australian went the scheduled six rounds. Egyptian Atiyo ruins the night for the Burkina Faso fans. Kabore looks to be on the way to a quick win when he floors the 27-year-old Atiyo in the second. The Egyptian survives and puts Kabore down in the third. Atiyo well on top and opens a cut on the right eyebrow of Kabore, and the Doctor stops the fight in the fifth. Atiyo wins vacant ABU title.

October 15

Los Angeles, USA: Light Heavy: Chad Dawson (31-1) W TKO 2 Bernard Hopkins (52-6-2,1ND). Light: Antonio DeMarco (26-2-1) W TKO 11 Jorge Linares (31-2). Light Welter: Danny Garcia (22-0) W PTS 12 Kendall Holt (27-5). Light Middle: Freddie Hernandez (30-2,1ND) W PTS 10 Luis Collazo (31-5) . Welter: Paul Malignaggi (30-4) W PTS 10 Orlando Lora (28-2-1). Welter: Nick Casal (22-4-1) W TKO 3 Mike Anderson (11-0-1). Cruiser: Dewey Bozella (1-0) W PTS 4 Larry Hopkins (0-4). First round not much action as Hopkins,46, content to allow southpaw Cunnigham,29, to come forward and then launch himself in to throw a flurry of light punches. Cunningham showing irritation with the cautious approach of Hopkins, edges the first, throwing punches with more purpose and trying to corner Hopkins. Pattern same in the second. Hopkins almost wrestles Dawson to the floor and fight becomes untidy with holding and wrestling. Hopkins throws himself forward. Dawson ducks his right shoulder and then lifts Hopkins off the canvas, puts his left arm behind Hopkins right leg, and throws Hopkins off. Because he was off his feet, and his right leg had been pulled up Hopkins falls backwards under the bottom rope and injures his left shoulder. Referee says it is no foul, and Dawson declared the winner on a technical knockout. Total injustice in my view as Dawson did not push Hopkins off. He deliberately lifted Hopkins off his feet and then put his left arm behind the right knee of Hopkins making it a deliberate throw. This should have been a no decision or a technical draw. Subsequently the hospital diagnosed Hopkins with a separation of the acromioclavicular or AC joint of his left shoulder. Mexican southpaw DeMarco, 25, wins vacant WBC title with a come from behind win over Venezuelan Linares. The speed skill and accuracy of “Golden Boy” Linares, 26, too much for DeMarco who makes the mistake of trying to box with the former WBC Feather and WBA super feather champ. DeMarco changes tactics in the sixth and gets much more aggressive, slicing open a cut on the nose of Linares and another cut over his right eye. Short success as Linares takes control again. By the eleventh DeMarco needs a kayo to win, but he looks the stronger of the two. He jumps on the bloodied Venezuelan throwing a series of hard punches and, although he tries to fight back, with the blood streaming down his face, Linares is overwhelmed and the referee jumps in to save him. Linares ahead on all scorecards at stoppage on scores of 98-92 twice and 99-91. DeMarco, a former WBC interim champion had lost to Edwin Valero for the full WBC title in 2010. The last fight for the ill-fated Valero. Linares, who claimed his broken nose caused by a butt, had beaten Rocky Juarez and Jesus Chavez since moving up to lightweight. “Swift” Garcia, 23, puts himself in line for a world title shot with split verdict over former WBO champion Holt in a WBC/.IBF eliminator. Holt, 30, edges the first couple of rounds, but is staggered by a heavy right in the third and from then Garcia takes control. Both have their moments, but Holt is hampered by a badly swollen left eye. Garcia is scoring the cleaner over the closing rounds. Scores 117-111 twice and 113-115. The latter was way out of line. Big win for lanky 32-year-old Mexican Hernandez, who has an advantage in height and reach. However southpaw Collazo uses his experience to counter and work on the inside. A close fight sees Hernandez take the early rounds and Collazo even things up with a good body attack, making for a brutal close quarters scrap. The fight is really decided in the eighth when a body shot puts the former WBA welter champion down. Hernandez then finishes the stronger and sneaks by on scores of 96-93 from all three judges. The Queens fighter lost his WBA title back in 2006 to Ricky Hatton on a close decision and was also outpointed by Andre Berto for the WBC title in 2009. He showed he still has plenty of mileage in his career on this showing. Hernandez was having his first fight since being stopped in just 127 second in a challenge to Andre Berto for the WBC welter title in November. Lora comes close to causing an upset as he has former undefeated IBF light welter champ Malignaggi in trouble with a right in the first. “The Magic Man” regroups and then has too much class for the 30-year-old Mexican. Lora has occasional success with his right, but suffers a cut over his left eye from the third, and Malignaggi is out boxing and outscoring him. Scores 100-90, 99-91 and 98-92. Malignaggi, a loser to Ricky Hatton and Amir Khan has said that he may go back down to light welter again. “Hands of Gold” Casal still trying to get his career back on the rails after a brush with cocaine back in 2005. Continues his comeback as he floors previously unbeaten Anderson with a right in the first and keeps up the pressure. Another knockdown in the fifth sees Anderson regain his feet, but not his senses, and the referee stops the fight Casal, 25 has 17 wins by KO/TKO. Bozella, 52, has his first pro fights and beats selected victim Hopkins. Bozella rocked in the first but works well to the body after that. In the last a tiring Hopkins spits out his mouthpiece six times and is deducted a point . Scores 39-36, 38-36 and 38-37. Liverpool, England: Light Heavy: Nat Cleverly (23-0) W PTS 12 Tony Bellew (16-1). Super Middle: James DeGale (11-1) W PTS 12 Piotr Wilczewski (29-2). Middle: Billy Joe Saunders (10-0) W TKO 1 Norbert Szekeres (9-8-3). A quick fire start sees both Cleverly and Bellew intent on dominating the fight from the outset. Both were firing punches with intent within seconds of the first bell. Referee Richie Davies shows that this grudge fight will not get out of control by giving Bellew a dressing down in the first round for being dangerous with his head. Bellew seemed to take the second round as he had Cleverly covering up from a barrage. With both boxers showing a strong body attack not surprising that Cleverly is warned in the third for a punch that strayed low. At the half way mark, with both fighters putting in quality work some of the rounds were very close, but Bellew probably had a slight lead. The body punches looked to be taking their toll as Bellew looked tired in the eighth. Bellew stormed back in the ninth and also hurt Cleverly with a right in the tenth. Cleverly showed champion class as did the cleaner work over the last two rounds. Scores 117-112, 116-113 and 114-114. The last score seemed a better reflection, as Bellew played his part in a fight which showed that both fighters are world class. Welshman Cleverly, 24, retains WBO title, but Commonwealth champion Tony Bellew gave him a tough night. Southpaw DeGale,25, wins European title but only just edges out Pole on a majority decision. The Olympic gold medal winner made the better start edging the early rounds. He shook the champion with an uppercut in the second, but suffered a cut by his right eye in the fourth as the Pole came into the fight more. Wilczewski, 33, had a good fifth staggering DeGale and having him in deep trouble, but DeGale seemed to take the sixth and seventh with his busier work rate. The eighth saw both fighters hurt in a tough all-action round. DeGale had been concentrating his attack on the body, and the Pole began to tire, and DeGale was picking up points with his clever counter punching. Both fighters put in a big effort over the last two rounds but DeGale just had the edge. It was a good, if not dominating, performance from DeGale, but this was a tough outing for only his twelfth fight as he bounces back from loss to George Groves in May. This was the first defence for Wilczewski who had won seven straight since a loss to Curtis Stevens in 2009. Scores 115-113 twice and 114-114. Nice to see two such hard fought close fights where neither loser yelled robbery and in fact both Bellew and Wilczewski improved their standing with fine efforts. Olympian Saunders, a Romany traveler, shows power and promise as he disposes of Hungarian loser Szekeres in the first. The 22-year-old southpaw has seven wins by KO/TKO. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Feather: Oscar Escandon (17-0) W TKO 7 Jesus Cuellar (17-0). Light Heavy: Pablo Farias (19-0) W PTS 6 Dario Gerez (7-19-3). Impressive win for Colombian Escandon as his power and pressure prove too much for southpaw Cuellar. From the first round Escandon getting through with his right. After being shaken in the first Cuellar uses clever lateral movement to keep the aggressive Escandon out. Rounds two through to six were close, but the relentless attack of Escandon was paying off. An exhausted Cuellar was floored twice by rights in the seventh, and the referee stopped the fight. Escandon, 27, who represented Colombia at the 2004 Olympics, holds the WBO Latino bantam title and now adds this Latino feather title to his collection. He has eleven wins by KO/TKO, his last six fights ending that way. Argentinian champion Cuellar, who fought at both the 2005 and 2007 World Championships, is 24, and was making the fourth defence of his WBO Latino title. “Pokemon” Farias, 23, returns after almost seven months out and repeats a December victory as he wins every round against modest Gerez. Montcy-Noitre-Dame, France: Light Heavy: Hakim Chioui (21-1-1) W TKO 3 Roman Vanicky(10-26-1). The 24-year-old Chioui pads his record with another inside the distance win. Now 19 by KO/TKO. Czech Vanicky, 37, lost to Kevin Anderson in 2008. Grenoble, France: Light Middle: Sebastien Madani (32-1) W TKO 5 Robison Omsarashvili (8-2-2 ). Light Middle: Michel Soro (17-0) W KO 6 Albert Starikov (16-17-1)Former undefeated French champion “Coco” Madani, 30, extends his unbeaten run to 25. Georgian Omsarashvili seemed to be losing, but not in trouble when he retired at the start of the fifth. Soro, 21, makes ten wins by KO/TKO as he drops experienced loser Starikov twice. Velten, Germany: Light Middle: Marco Schulze (31-6-1) W TKO 7 Omar Siala (17-13-2). Light Middle: Besar Nimani (8-0) W PTS 10 Erve Mbongo (13-1). Late substitute Siala gives a dogged performance, but runs out of gas and does not come out for round seven. Schulze, 34, wins vacant Global Boxing Union “world” title. Strangely Siala lost to Ashley Theophane for the same body’s welter title in 2006. Nimani, 26, dominates and, as 18-year-old Mbongo tires, has him in danger of stoppage in the ninth and tenth, but Mbongo rallies to hear the final bell. Nimani wins vacant German International title. After losing his first fight Mbongo had won his next 13, eleven by KO/TKO. Chetumal, Mexico: Bantam: Tomoki Kameda (21-0) W TKO 7 Jesus Ceja (15-13-1). Straw: Denver Cuello (29-4-6) W KO 1 Carlos Perez (12-3-3). Super Feather: Sergio Thompson (19-2) W KO 7 Azael Gonzalez (8-14). The opposition was nothing much, but young Kameda again gave an impressive performance. He was too fast, too accurate and too powerful for Ceja. Mostly he settled for outboxing the Mexican, but to please the crowd he choose to go toe-to-toe in the later ropunds. Ceja was down briefly in the sixth, and in the seventh. With the Mexican’s face badly swollen, and Kameda scoring freely, the referee stopped the fight. “El Mexicanito”, 20, the youngest of the Kameda brothers, has 13 wins by KO/TKO. Ceja is 2-7 in his last nine fights. All over in 96 seconds as a shot to the body puts Perez down and he takes the full count. Filipino Cuello, 24, wins vacant WBC Silver Belt. He has lost only once, on disqualification, in his last 25 fights. “The Frog” Perez had won his last four, but was way out of his class. Local hope “Yeyo” Thompson revenged one his two losses with a seventh round kayo of Gonzalez. Thompson was ahead on two cards after the fifth, and finally brought the end in the seventh when an overhand right sent Gonzalez down for the count. Thompson has 17 wins by KO/TKO, and lifts the vacant WBC Fecarbox title. Gonzalez had won a majority verdict over Thompson in 2009. The only other loss for Thompson was a split decision against unbeaten Uzbek Alisher Rahimov. Los Mochis, Mexico: Bantam Hugo Ruiz (29-1) W TKO 4 Francisco Arce (31-8-3). Super Fly: Daniel Rosas (12-0-1) DREW 12 Jose Cabrera (20-3-1). Super Bantam: Heriberto Ruiz (48-11-2) W KO 4 Eden Marquez (21-8-2). Super Middle: Noe Gonzalez Alcoba (28-1) W KO 2 Paul Rodriguez (11-8-3). Hugo “Little Twin” Ruiz, 25, again beats Arce. After two even rounds Ruiz puts Arce down heavily in the third. Arce still not recovered at the start of the fourth, and taking a beating when his corner enter the ring to have the fight stopped. Now 26 wins by KO/TKO for Ruiz who had beaten Arce on points in May in a wild fight that saw both fighters on the canvas twice. Second defence of the WBA interim title for Ruiz. Arce, the younger brother of Jorge Arce, had lost a split verdict to Cris Mijares for the NABF title in April last year. The only other fighter to beat him inside the distance was Giovanni Segura back in 2006. Rosas and Cabrera will have to do it all over again. Rosas looked to have the edge, but the scores were 117-111, 112-116 and 114-114 so the vacant WBO interim title remains vacant. Heriberto, elder brother of Hugo, makes it a family double as he flattens china-chinned Marquez in fourth. Heriberto, 34, lost to Rafael Marquez for the IBF bantam title in 2004 and has fought nine world champions. Seventh loss by KO/TKO for Marquez. Uruguayan Gonzalez puts Rodriguez away in the second. The 32-year-old, who lost on points to Felix Sturm for the WBA title in 2007, has 20 wins by KO/TKO. He has won his last 14, 13 by KO/TKO. Rodriguez no test as he has lost 6 of his last 7 fights. Managua, Nicaragua: Super Fly: Darwin Zamora (18-6-1,1ND) W PTS 9 Carlos Rueda (16-5-2,2ND). Southpaw Zamora looks a clear winner over Rueda, but has to settle for a majority verdict. The slicker boxing of Zamora gave him the early rounds. Rueda was coming on strong from the mid way point, but a right from Zamora put him down. Rueda survived and took the last round. Scores 87-85 ½ , 86-84 and 85-85. Zamora wins WBA Fedcaribe title. Rueda had lost to Cris Mijares for the IBF title in his last fight in May. The main event was to have featured former WBA interim strawweight champion Juan Palacios in a non-title fight, but he failed to make the weight by a mile. The same indiscipline cost him the interim title when he failed to make the weight for his defence against Armando Torres in August. Panama City, Panama: Light: Evens Pierre (19-1) W TKO 5 Joel Cerrud (20-8-2). Super Feather: Rionet Caballero (31-10-1) W PTS 8 Aristides Perez (20-7-1). “The Sun City Kid” Pierre floors Cerrud in third and stops him in fifth. Now 15 wins by KO/TKOI for 27-year-old Haitian. Four losses in a row for Panamanian. Both Caballero and Perez were on the floor in this battle. Caballero built a big early lead and although down in the seventh he was a clear winner. Caballero,27, lost to Chris John for the WBA feather title in 2008. Perez lost to Humberto Soto for the WBC title in 2009. Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines: Super Bantam: Jesse Albaracin (15-3-3) W KO 5 Marvin Tampus (27-14-2). Fly: Johnriel Casimero (15-2) W TKO 2 Ti Yamagata Sentillas (11-8 ). Feather: Marvin Sonsona (15-1-1) W PTS 10 Carlos Jacobo (16-4-1). “The Terminator” brings a lot of pain to brave Tampus. Southpaw Albaracin, 26, had the edge in power and speed as he broke down Tampus. In the third Tampus twice slipped to the canvas and was given counts. A barrage of punches in the fourth sent Tampus down through the ropes. He beat the count, but was floored twice in the fifth and counted out. Albaracin, who has 13 wins by KO/TKO retains his WBO Orient title. Some controversy over the win for former WBO interim light fly champion Casimero. A big right at the end of the first round puts Sentillas down and out. The loser’s corner claim it landed after the bell, but the referee rules otherwise, and Sentillas retires in his corner. Casimero has nine wins by KO/TKO. He won the interim title with a shock win over Colombian Cesar Canchilla in December 2009, but lost the title to Ramon Garcia in his first defence. He then lost to South African Moruti Mthalane for the IBF title in March this year, and this was his first fight since then. Good comeback win for former WBO super fly champion Sonsona. Filipino southpaw gets a fast start, and Jacobo does not really get into the fight until the third when he starts to attack the body. Sonsona, 21, scoring well, with counters and he floors Jacobo at the end of the eighth. The bell saves the Mexican. The ninth sees both fighters going toe-to-toe, and with the decision tied-up Sonsona boxes through the last. Scores 98-91 twice and 97-92. Sonsona lost his WBO title on the scales when he failed to make the weight for a defence against Alejandro Hernandez in 2009. In his next fight, in February 2010, he lost to Wilfredo Vazquez Jr for the WBO super bantam title. This was his first fight since then. Jacobo, 24, was unbeaten in his last 13 fights Katowice, Poland: Light Middle: Damian Jonak (31-0-1) W PTS 10 Alex Bunema (31-9-2). Heavy: Artur Szpilka (8-0) W TKO 4 Owen Beck (29-9). One-sided fight sees Jonak with too much skill, youth and fire for veteran from the Congo. Jonak,25, on top in every round as Bunema content to take a passive role, fighting off the ropes with a high guard. Bunema down briefly in the second but then uses his experience to last the distance. Scores 100-89 twice and 99-90 as Jonak wins vacant WBA International title, and makes his first defence of his WBC Baltic title-against a guy from the Congo! Bunema, 36, a long way down the road from the days when he beat Roman Karmazin and Vince Phillips. Szplika has little to beat in a over the hill Beck. With his hands low the Polish southpaw walks down Beck in the first scoring with occasional heavy lefts. Beck tries switching to southpaw, but the guard is irrelevant if you are not throwing punches. Beck does a bit better in the first half of the second, but a left cross shakes him badly and he is under pressure for the rest of the round. Back again shows in the first minute of the third, but again a heavy left knocks the fight out of him, and Szpilka getting through with both hands as he has Beck trapped on the ropes for the last 20 seconds of the round. Beck pulls himself out of the fight before the bell for the fourth. Southpaw Szpilka, 22, who lost to Tony Bellew as an amateur, has won six by KO/TKO. Beck, at 35, and with six inside the distance losses in a row, is just a shadow of the fighter who won his first 25 fights, and is said to be considering retirement.. Burgdorf, Switzerland: Light Welter: Gabor Veto (26-0) W KO 1 Mike Kizza (22-7). Either Veto is very good, or his opposition is rubbish. The truth probably lies somewhere in between with a lean towards poor opposition. The 22-year-old made it 20 wins by KO/TKO as he flattened Ugandan Kizza in the first round. Vega wins vacant Global Union and German International titles. Kizza, 34, was having his first fight since January 2010. Three of his losses have been to Billy Dib (2 rounds), Alex Arthur (one round) and Joseph Agbeko (2 rounds). Springfield, USA:Cruiser: BJ Flores (26-1-1) W PTS 10 Paul Jennette (11-4-1). Cruiser: Ryan Coyne (18-0,1ND) W TKO 1 James Crawford (40-14-2,3ND). Flores, 32, continues to work off some rust as he outpoints oldie Jennette. Flores wins every round, but Jennette never in real trouble. Scores 100-90 from all three judges. Second fight for Flores since loss to Danny Green in November 2010, and he wins vacant WBC Continental Americas and WBA Fedlatin titles. Jennette, 42, was having only his second fight since taking Coyne to a close decision in March 2010. “The Irish Outlaw” Coyne, 29, wastes no time in disposing of 42-year-old Crawford. Disgraceful match as this was only the second fight in nearly six years for Crawford. Additional Commonwealth Results: All boxers Commonwealth boxers

October 1

Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania: Middle: Japhet Kasseba (2-2) W PTS 10 Maneno Oswald (37-24-3). Super Bantam: Baina Mazola (5-1-1) W TKO 6 Anthony Mathias (29-21-3). Newport, Wales:Feather: Ricky Owen (15-0) W PTS 6 Doug Curran (5-8-1).

October 19

Newcastle, Australia: Light Middle: Tony Mundine Jr (42-4) W PTS 12 Rigoberto Alvarez (27-3). After revenging a shock loss to Garth Wood, Mundine, 36, gets himself back into the picture with a win over Mexican Alvarez. Mundine takes the first round scoring well with his right. Alvarez took the second with his body attack. Mundine took the next three and opened a cut above the Mexican’s left eye in the fourth. Alvarez got back into the fight, but as he tired in the late rounds it was Mundine who tied up the fight with a strong finish. Scores 117-111 twice and 114-113. Mundine wins interim WBA light middle title Mundine had come down from super middle where he held the WBA secondary title. He also holds a win over current IBF middle champ Daniel Geale. “El Espanol” Alvarez, 33, lost to Austin Trout for the WBA secondary title in February. His other losses have been to Marco Antonio Rubio and William Gare, but he has a win over Nobuhiro Ishida who destroyed James Kirkland. Panama City, Panama:Middle: Jorge Navarro (9-0) W PTS 11 Jaime Barboza (17-6).Panama-based Venezuelan Navarro, 26, dominates all the way, but Costa Rican Barboza shows durability. Navarro wins vacant interim WBA Fedlatin title with unanimous decision. Scores 108-102 ½, 107 ½ -105 and 108 ½ -105 ½. Barboza, 33, lost to Brian Magee for the vacant WBA interim super middle title in July.

October 20

Montreal, Canada:Light Welter: Dierry Jean (20-0) WPTS 10 Francisco Lorenzo (37-11,1ND). Light Heavy: Eleider Alvarez (6-0) W TKO 6 Mike Walchuk (9-5). Light: Manolis Plaitis (17-1-1) W PTS 6 Arvydas Trizno (9-14-2). “Doughy Style” Jean easily handles Dominican veteran. Floors Lorenzo in first and again in ninth. Lorenzo, once briefly WBC interim super feather champion, was just too small, and took a lot of punishment being caught with uppercuts coming in. Scores 100-88, 99-89 and 98-90. First fight in almost a year for Jean due to a fractured jaw. Lorenzo, 39 has seen better days, but he kept his record of never failing to finish a fight. He gave Erik Morales a tough test in December with one judge scoring the bout to Morales by only one point. Colombian Alvarez was just too big for Walchuk. He hurt Walchuk with a right in the first. A right put Walchuk down again in the fifth. It was all Alvarez in the sixth, and Walchuk retired at the end of the round with a hand injury. Alvarez, 27, was South American champion as an amateur, and competed at both the 2007 World Championships and the 2008 Olympics where he lost to Tony Jeffries. Walchuk, 32, has lost 4 of his last 5 fights. Second win for former undefeated Canadian champion Plaitis since returning from a year out of the ring following his shock kayo loss to Alfredo Chavez. Simply has too much class for the very limited Lithuanian who lost to Junior Witter in September. Now 3-8 in his last eleven for Trizno.

October 21

Bangkok, Thailand: Fly: Pongsaklek (83-3-1) W PTS 12 Edgar Sosa (43-7). Light Fly: Noknoi (34-4) W PTS 6 Rocky Manufoe. Light Fly: Kompayak (43-3) W TKO 3 Agus Situmorang. A master class from two of the most talented title men in boxing. From the first bell these two are rarely out of punching range and the referee is almost redundant as they continually exchange two-fisted combinations. Pongsaklek brilliant upper body movement, just swaying back from Sosa’s attacks and being in range to counter are a big factor. Although a southpaw 34-year-old Pongsaklek often leads with straight rights and shakes Sosa with this punch on occasions. Sosa, 32, pressing forward most of the time with hooks and uppercuts, but Pongsaklek banging back with fast, hard and accurate counters. At the end of the eighth Pongsaklek well in front on all three cards. Needing a stoppage to win Sosa goes up a gear. A clash of heads in the ninth sees the referee deduct a point from Pongsaklek, which actually looked to be a butt from Sosa. As Pongsaklek tires Sosa pressing hard as he knows he needs a kayo to win. Former WBC light fly champ Sosa takes two of the last three rounds, but comes up short. Scores 117-110 twice and 116-112, with the latter score being the more accurate, but both fighters showed why the will deserve a place in Boxing’s Hall Of Fame. Noknoi, 24, rated No 1 by the WBC, marks time with a points win over poor Indonesian who has now lost his last ten fights. Similarly with Kompayak who makes it 28 wins by KO/TKO and 20 wins in a row. He is rated No 3 by the WBC. Indonesian full record unknown. London. England: Cruiser: Leon Williams (9-3) W PTS 12 Rob Norton (32-5-2). Super Bantam: Ryan Walsh (13-0) W PTS 10 Liam Richards (10-2). Welter: Dean Byrne (15-0) W PTS 8 Mike Frontin (3-10-1). A controversial split verdict gives Williams the British title. Southpaw Norton, 39, used all his experience and skills to score well with his jab, and tied-up Williams in clinches whenever the younger fighter got close. Although untidy with his tactics, Norton seemed to picking up the points and pocketing the rounds. As the 39-year-old Norton tired Williams, 27, had more of the fight. From the ninth Norton spent most of each round fighting off the ropes. The question at the end was whether the closing surge by Williams had been enough to cancel out the early lead of Norton. The decision was split going to Williams on scores of 116-113, 116-114 and 114-115. Norton may have deserved a draw, but his negative tactics probably counted against him. Walsh and Richards put on a great fight. The skill of Walsh had him edging every round, but Richards put in a great effort. These two came to fight and they did. Walsh wins vacant English title on scores of 100-90 twice and 99-91. Irishman Byrne shows silky skills as he outboxes Frontin in the early rounds. Frontin never gave up and despite the handicap of a cut on his left eyebrow, went on to score with some good right late in the fight, but Byrne was a clear winner. Referees score 78-74. Byrne once held the Australian light welter title. Frontin London-based but from Mauritius has lost 5 of his last 6 but did not make it easy for Byrne. Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina: Welter: Hector Saldivia (40-2) W PTS 10 Carlos Jerez (32-15-3,1ND). Saldivia far from his best and not in top condition. Wins the early rounds and has Jerez bleeding heavily from the nose in sixth. Saldivia, 27, tires badly and loses the last two rounds clearly. He is on the canvas in ninth and tenth, but the first ruled a slip and the second due to a clash of heads. Saldivia wins on scores of 98-94, 99-96 and 98-95, but Jerez, 32, who took Saul Alvarez the distance, will want a return match. Brisbane, Australia: Heavy: Alex Leapai (24-3-3) W TKO 4 Evgeny Orlov (13-10-1). Untidy fight but great finish. Neither fight is quick on his feet, and the 6' 9” tall Russian carries a lot of his 316lbs around his waist. He loses a point in the second for pushing Leapai’s head down. In the fourth a crunching right uppercut to the chin sees Orlov go down in stages ending up flat on his back Referee gets to about 6 on the count when Orlov’s corner men climb into the ring. Samoan “Lionheart” Leapai, 32, has lost only one of his last 23 fights has beaten Travis Walker, Owen Beck, Darnell Wilson and Peter Okello. Only the second time Orlov has lost by KO/TKO. He lost to French champion Tony Gregory in the heavyweight Prizefighter in May . Aulnay-sous-Bois, France: Middle: Mehdi Bouadla (24-4) W PTS 12 Samir Dos Santos Barbosa (28-8-3). Cruiser: Chris Dettinger (16-1-1) W PTS 6 Gnenege Ble (7-6-1). Middle: Julien Marie Sainte (31-2) W TKO 4 Andrejs Loginvos (7-10-1). In front of his home fans an emotional Bouadla, 29, wins vacant WBA International title with unanimous verdict over game, but limited, Brazilian champion. The accurate, hard punching from Bouadla keeps him in front all the way. Brazilian cut over his right eye in the fourth but goes the distance. Scores 117-111 twice and 117-112. An inside the distance loss to Mikkel Kessler is the only defeat in his last 13 fights for a tearful Bouadla, who dedicated his win to his grandmother who died this past week. Dos Santos, 31, lost on points to IBF champion Daniel Geale in 2009. Dettinger has a scare as he has to settle for a majority decision against previous victim Ble. This a warm up for former French champion Dettinger’s shot at regaining the national title. Scores of 59-56, 58-56 and 57-57. French champion Sainte looks jaded as he has trouble early with tall Latvian. Finally gets into gear and finish the fight with a body shot in the fourth. Now 22 wins by KO/TKO for 28-year-old Brigadier. Frankfurt, Germany: Heavy: Francesco Pianeta (24-0) W PTS 8 Robert Hawkins (23-19). Light Heavy: Robin Krasniqi (36-2) W TKO 4 Abdel Derghal (14-11-1). Italian Pianeta too big and too young for veteran Hawkins. Fighting for his new promoter Pianeta is in charge all the way. The 6’5” southpaw was scoring freely to head and body and only the survival tactics of Hawkins keep him in the fight. Hawkins, 41, down twice, but in both cases the referee decided they were from low blows, so no count. All three officials have it 80-72. First fight in sixth months for Pianeta who has draw with Albert Sosnowski and has beaten Matt Skelton and Scott Grammer. Nine losses in a row for Hawkins but all to good opposition. Krasniqi wins vacant WBO version of the European title but has nothing to beat. Krasniqi took the first two rounds, floored Derghal in the third and again in the fourth and the referee stopped the fight. The 24-year-old Krasniqi (changed his ring name from Haxhi to Robin) in unbeaten in his last 35 fights, but has been very protected. Second shot at this title for Algerian-born Derghal. Livorno, Italy: Light Middle: Jean Michel Hamilcaro (15-4-2) W TKO 9 Lenny Bottai (15-1). Upset sees Frenchman Hamilcaro, overpower hometown fighter Bottai. Hamilcaro took the first round, but the Italian scored well in the second. However the constant pressure from Hamilcaro had 34-year-old Bottai on the back foot and took rounds 3 and 4. Bottai had a better fifth, but that was the last round he won. Hamilcaro was on top in the seventh and eighth and Bottai began to fade. A volley of punched in the ninth saw Bottai not fighting back and the referee stops the fight. Hamilcaro now unbeaten in his last ten fights wins IBF International title. Mashantucket, USA: Light Heavy: Edwin Rodriguez (20-0) W PTS 10 Will Rosinsky (14-1). Light Welter: Gabriel Bracero (18-0) W PTS 10 Dan Sostre (11-5-1). Super Middle: Dyah Davis (20-2-1) W PTS 6 Darnell Boone (19-17-3). Super Middle: Badou Jack (8-0) W TKO 5 Eddie Caminero (7-6). Light Welter: Danny O’Connor (16-1) W PTS 6 Bryan Abraham (5-8-2). Another win, but a controversial one, for WBC No 6 Rodriguez, 26, who already has wins over James McGirt Jr and Aaron Pryor Jr. The aggression comes from New Yorker Rosinsky who roughs up Dominican Rodriguez on the inside, and scores well with hooks. Rodriguez the harder puncher, but Rosinsky busier. Rosinsky, also 26, builds an early lead, but Rodriguez is strong in seventh and although seeming to be tiring, he rocks Rosinsky with a big right at the end of the eighth. Both fight hard over the last two rounds with Rosinsky seeming to do enough to win. Then came the scores. 100-90 for Rodriguez from all three judges! Big step in class for Rosinsky. Both guys were former armature champs, Rodriguez won both the US and National Golden Gloves titles and Rosinsky was US champion. Puerto Rican Bracero wins vacant NABF title with wide unanimous verdict over fellow Puerto Rican Sostre. Bracero just had too much of everything for modest prelim fighter Sostre and continually gets his punches off first. However, Bracero, who holds a win over Danny O’Connor, is not a hard puncher, so this was always a good bet to go the distance. Scores 100-90 twice and 99-91. Bracero lost seven years of his career to jail time. As usual Boone puts up a good fight, but comes up short on the decision. Davis, 30, was made to fight all the way but took the unanimous verdict on scores of 59-55, 59-56 and 58-56. Davis has lost only one of his last 13, and includes in his list of victims Ghana’s Osumanu Adama who is currently rated No 4 by the IBF (Effectively No 2 as the first two slots are vacant. Against unbeaten fighters Boone has beaten Adonis Stevenson and Willie Monroe Jr. and drawn with Lennox Allen. Former top amateur Jack is a class above late sub Caminero. Wins every round and then closes out by flooring Caminero with a body punch in fifth. Caminero beats the count, but the fight is stopped. Jack “The Ripper” is 27; he has a Gambian father and Swedish mother, and represented Gambia at the 2008 Olympics. O’Connor, another former top amateur was able to score freely against modest Abraham. O’Connor scores knock down in first and has no problems until the fifth when Abraham scores a knockdown. Both knockdowns were questionable. O’Connor wins on scores of 60-54, 59-55 and 58-54. Tlalnepantla, Mexico: Feather: Rodolfo Hernandez (23-2-1,1ND) W TKO 1 Juan Espinosa. Quick win for Hernandez. A two punch combination, the last a hook to the body, put Espinosa down. He got up but the fight was rightly stopped. “Fofo” Hernandez, 25, has 21 wins by KO/TKO. Pharr, USA:Light: Fidel Maldonado Jr (11-0) W PTS 8 Eric Cruz (12-7-3). Tougher than expected fight for unbeaten southpaw Maldonado. After flooring Puerto Rican Cruz right at the start of the first round, it is then an even match, with that knockdown being the divider. Scores 76-75 twice and 77-74. Maldonado, 20, wins WBC Youth silver title from Cruz. All of Puerto Rican Cruz’s wins have been by KO/TKO.

October 22

Ludwigsburg, Germany: Cruiser: Marco Huck (34-1) W KO 6 Rogelio Rossi (17-3-1). Middle: Dominik Britsch (26-0) W PTS 12 Billy Lyell (24-10). Heavy: Kubrat Pulev (14-0) W PTS 12 Travis Walker (38-7-1). Cruiser: Enad Licina (20-3) W PTS 8 Hari Miles (6-4). Middle: Marcos Nader (13-0) W PTS 8 Lorenzo Cosseddu (27-7-5). Huck, 26, retains WBO title for eighth time, but Rossi a very limited challenger. Very curious tactics from Huck as he just backs up and allows the slow paced and crude Rossi to come forward behind a weak, pawing jab and hardly throws any punches in return. I doubt if Huck threw more than ten punches in each of the first two rounds. You would have thought he was fighting a cruiserweight version of Manny Pacquiao. However the punches that did get through showed just how slow and vulnerable Rossi was. By the second round the Serbian born Huck has the 6’3” tall Rossi’s bleeding from the nose. In the third a low blow from Rossi angers Huck who for the first time looks serious and puts Rossi down at the end of the round. Rossi, had been penalised a point for low blows during the round. Huck steps up the pace in the fourth. He finally floors the Argentinian with a punch on the neck/ back of the head which the Argentinian corner claim landed well after the bell. Huck has a two point deduction. Rossi is given time to recover. They exchange hard punches in the fifth but Huck’s power prevails and Rossi is floored twice, the last time by a body shot. A heavy right from Huck at the start of the sixth sees Rossi down and out cold. Some concern as he is down for sometime and receives medical attention and goes to the hospital as a precaution. The Argentinians are sure to protest the after the bell punch. Huck has won 14 in a row since losing to Steve Cunningham in 2007. Rossi, the Argentinian and South American champion, had been unbeaten in his last 17 fights. Britsch, 24, retains his IBF Inter-Continental title after twelve hard rounds against Lyell. Even fight in the early rounds but from the fifth Britsch has trouble with a swelling under his right eye. This was a case of the harder and more accurate punching from Britsch and the busier style of Lyell often outworking the German. The majority decision went to Britsch on scores 117-111, 116-113 and114-114. The lack of real power from Britsch may count against him when he moves up to stronger opposition. Lyell’s high point was a win over John Duddy, and from there he went on to lose to Sebastian Sylvester for the IBF title. Toughest fight so far for “The Cobra” Pulev. The unbeaten 6’4 ½” Bulgarian always in front, but Walker makes him fight hard in the early rounds. A punch from Walker opens a bad cut on Pulev’s nose in the sixth, and later the 30-year-old Bulgarian is cut around the eyes. However, Pulev sticks to his boxing, and Walker so exhausted that he only just makes it to the final bell. Pulev wins a deserved unanimous decision. Scores 119-109, 118-109 and 117-111. Pulev wins vacant IBF International title and already holds wins over Dominic Guinn and Derric Rossy. “Freight Train” Walker, 32, looked better than he did when losing to Chris Arreola and Ruslan Chagaev. Serbian Licina wins a mark-time eight rounder as he takes unanimous verdict over British southpaw novice Miles. Scores 79-73, 79-76 and 78-74. Licina is looking for another title shot after losing to Steve Cunningham for the IBF title in February. Austrian Nader, 21, continued his successful war against Italians as he took a unanimous verdict over veteran Cosseddu. His fourth Italian victim in a row. New York, USA: Bantam: Nonito Donaire (27-1) W PTS 12 Omar Narvaez (35-1-2). Feather: Miguel Angel Garcia (27-0) W TKO 4 Juan Carlos Martinez (19-13-1). An easy night for Donaire. The aggressor from start to finish. Donaire just could not nail down the Argentinian. Southpaw Narvaez, 36, used his vast experience to stay out of trouble. He was blocking or using lateral movement to offset the attacks of Donaire. Unfortunately he was doing very little scoring himself and Donaire, 28, was allowed to fight on the front foot and dictate the pace of the fight, winning every round. Scores 120-108 from all three officials. Donaire retains WBC/WBO titles but is talking about moving up to super bantam. This was supposed to showcase Donaire, but the negative tactics of Narvaez gave him little chance to shine. Narvaez, the WBO super fly champion, still has some good fights for him at his own weight. Garcia punches too hard for Martinez. Garcia edges a quiet first round. Is on top in the second but a punch from Martinez brings a swelling under the left eye of Garcia. “Mikey” gets down to business in the third. A combination early in the round shakes Martinez and a straight right puts him down. Martinez survives the round but is badly hurt. In the fourth he is floored twice by rights and is in trouble again when the fight is stopped. Garcia makes third defence of his NABF title and goes to23 wins by KO/TKO. Panama City, Panama: Light Welter: Alberto Mosquera (16-0-2) DREW 12 Brunet Zamora (21-0-2). Light: Richard Abril (17-2-1) W PTS 12 Miguel Acosta (29-5-2). Feather: Nick Walters (19-0) W TKO 6 Irving Berry (21-3). Bantam: Liborio Solis (12-3-1) W PTS 11 Rafael Concepcion (16-6-1). Light Welter: Johan Perez (14-0-1,1ND) W TKO 4 Kenny Galarza (15-2). Super Bantam: Nehomar Cermeno (20-4-1) DRAW 8 Yoandris Salinas (13-0-1). Edwin Diaz (14-17) W PTS 8 Carlos Velarde (20-2-1). Welter: Thomas Dulorme (13-0) W PTS 9 Charlie Navarro (20-5). The WBA secondary title remains vacant after southpaw Mosquera, 24, and Zamora fought a draw. Panamanian “Machine Gun” Mosquera took the early rounds as he forced the pace and concentrated on the body of the Cuban born Italian. Despite being the older fighter at 36, it was Zamora who lasted the pace better. He almost had Mosquera out in the eleventh and won the last. Scores 114-114 twice and 117-111 for Mosquera. Amir Khan is the “Super Champion” which is why the secondary title was up for grabs. Zamora was rated No 2 and Mosquera No 5 by the WBA. Tall Cuban Abril springs a surprise as his power proves too much for Venezuelan Acosta and Abril wins the vacant interim WBA title. Once again very strange scoring at 117-108, 115-111 and 113-112. Abril scores knockdowns in the fourth and twice in the tenth, but former WBA secondary champion Acosta, 33, makes it to the final bell. Abril losses have been to Henry Lundy and Breidis Prescott. Acosta lost his secondary title to Brandon Rios in February. Big win for “Axe Man” Walters. The 25-year-old Jamaican goes to the body from the start and Berry unable to match him. Berry falls out of the ring in the second, and may have damaged his back. As Berry tiring Walkers scoring heavily and Berry allowed to take too much punishment before his corner throw in the towel. Walters, rated No 4 by the WBA, retains his WBA Fedlatin title, and makes it 16 wins by KO/TKO. Panamanian Berry, rated No 11 by the WBA, had lost only one of his last 18, and that was to Jonathan Barros for the WBA secondary title in December. Venezuelan Perez shows impressive power as he beats highly touted Puerto Rican Galarza. Galarza had a good first round, but then Perez took over. A body attack weakens Galarza and a left hook in the fourth puts him down, and the fight is stopped. Eleven wins by KO/TKO for Perez, 28, who wins WBA Fedlatin title. He fought a draw with Mosquera in June. Galarza, 26, needs to regroup. His only other loss was to Brad Solomon. Solis retains WBA Fedlatin title with wide unanimous verdict over Concepcion. Scores 108-101 twice and 109-100. Cuban Salinas, 26, shows his potential as in only his 13th fight he holds former WBA interim champion Cermeno to a draw. Salinas was Cuban National champion in 2006 and 2007. Venezuelan Cermeno, 31, had lost four of his last five but only lost on a split decision in each of two fights with WBA champion Anselmo Moreno in 2010. Journeyman southpaw Diaz, 30, exposed the padded record of Mexican Velarde as he won a unanimous decision and the vacant Fedcaribe title. Scores 76-73 twice and 77-72. Puerto Rican prospect Dulorme showcases his exceptional skills in winning a wide points victory over Venezuelan Navarro. The 21-year-old boxed beautifully with his hand speed and footwork taking the early rounds. Navarro got home with a good body shot in the fourth, and from then on Dulorme dominated from the outside. Scores 89-81 twice and 90-80. Dulorme retains NABA title. Navarro lost a close decision to Vyacheslav Senchenko for the WBA title in 2010. Bolton, England: Super Bantam: Scott Quigg (23-0) W TKO 7 Jason Booth (36-8). Middle: Kerry Hope (16-3) W PTS 10 Tony Hill (8-1). Convincing display by 23-year-old Quigg who forces experienced Booth, 33, to retire at the end of round seven. From the outset Quigg is going forward and Booth looking to counter. As early as the second Quigg is getting through with heavy shots and taking control. Quigg continues to score heavily in rounds four to six. Another painful three minutes in the seventh prove too much and Booth retires. Quigg rated No 3 by the IBF (position 1 is vacant) wins British title. He has 16 wins by KO/TKO and has won 10 of his last 11 fights that way. Booth, a former British and Commonwealth champion at flyweight, IBO champion at super flyweight, Commonwealth champion at bantam and British and Commonwealth at super bantam, only lost on a majority verdict to Steve Molitor for the IBF title in September 2010. In an all southpaw fight Welshman Hope wins a British title eliminator with a majority decision over Hill. Hope scored a knockdown in the last to just edge out Hill. Scores of 98-93, 96-94 and 95-95. Liege, Belgium: Cruiser: Geoffrey Battelo (24-2) W TKO 4 Tony Ingelrest (10-2). Battelo, 32, retains Belgium title as 37-year-old Ingelrest is rescued near the end of the fourth. First fight for Battelo since October 2010, and he now has 20 wins by KO/TKO. His losses have been to Marco Huck and Lubos Suda. Ingelrest coming off a stoppage loss to Nuri Seferi for WBO European title in September. Mississauga, Canada: Super Feather: Logan McGuinness (16-0-1) W TKO 11 Benoit Gaudet (24-3). The skillful Gaudet gets a fast start with 24-year-old McGuinness unable to match him for speed and skill and Gaudet in and out before McGuinness can counter. Additional trouble for McGuinness as he suffers a cut over the left eye in the second. However, as Gaudet tired, the fight changed, and McGuinness began to eat into Gaudet’s lead. Just as it seemed that McGuinness would run out of time he floored Gaudet with a left hook in the eleventh. Gaudet got up but was finished and the fight stopped. McGuinness wins vacant NABA title having moved down from lightweight where he holds the same title. Gaudet, 31, had won his last four after giving a good showing when losing to Humberto Soto for the WBC title in 2009. Ciudad Del Carmen, Mexico: Super Feather: Eduardo Lazcano (23-2) W PTS 10 Heli Quiroz (10-5). Tough, bloody fight sees southpaw Lazcano, 26, take the majority verdict. Both fighters throwing bombs from the start and adopting a policy that attack is the best form of defence. By the sixth round late substitute “Taliban” Quiroz is cut on his right eyebrow and “Chuky” Lazcano has nose damage. In the eighth the left cheek of Quiroz is rapidly swelling, but in the ninth he puts Lazcano down with a left hook. Both stage a big finish, but Lazcano gets the verdict, and the vacant WBC Latino title. Lazcano’s losses have been against world rated Miguel Beltran and Neri Sanguilan. Iztacalco, Mexico: Super Feather: Juan Antonio Rodriguez (19-3) W TKO 3 Charly Valdez (14-10-1). Southpaw Rodriguez makes it 18 wins by KO/TKO. Dominates the first two rounds with his right jab and heavy lefts. In the third a straight left puts Valdez down and the fight is stopped. Only one loss in his last 16 fights for Rodriguez. Valdez had won 6 of his last 7, but the step in class was too much for him. Guasave, Mexico: Straw: Mario Rodriguez (12-6-4) W TKO 1 Karluis Diaz (16-3). Light Fly: Pedro Guevara (15-0-1) W TKO 7 Jorle Estrada (13-6).A shot to the jaw followed by a left hook to the body from Rodriguez finishes this one. The referee stopped the count and called in the Doctor as it was apparent that Colombian Diaz needed medical attention. “Little Dragon” Rodriguez, who lost on points to Donnie Nietes for the WBO title in 2010, was not expected to win this, but he collects the NABF title. Guevara always in command against Colombian. He dominates with jab against defensive minded Estrada. A three punch combination in the seventh has Estrada all at sea and the referee stops the fight. Guevara, who already holds the WBC silver title, now adds the NABA crown. Guevara has fought both of the other fights on the joint main event, beating Rodriguez and drawing with Diaz. Cherkasy, Ukraine: Heavy: Alex Ustinov (25-0) W PTS 12 Denis Bakhtov (33-7). Middle: Max Bursak (23-0-1) W TKO 3 Abdul Matazimov (13-7). The physical advantages of 34-year-old Ustinov prove too much for game Bakhtov. Ustinov has problems early as Bakhtov uses his speed to get through. As the fight goes on Bakhtov spends more and more time fighting off the ropes and with one eye almost shut, and against an opponent 6’7 ½” tall, with a reach advantage, he never really gets into the fight. Scores 119-110, 118-110 and 117-111. Ustinov, rated No 4 by the WBC, retains WBA European title. He adds Bakhtov to a list of victims that includes Mike Sprott, Monte Barrett and Paolo Vidoz. "Tiger” Bursak bounces Uzbek Matazimov on the canvas four times before the fight is stopped in the third. Bursak, who holds a win over Brian Vera, has eight wins by KO/TKO Atlantic City, USA:Light Welter: Ray Serrano (17-0) W PTS 10 Angel Rios (9-8). Heavy: Vinny Maddalone (34-7,1ND) W TKO 1 Mike Sheppard (20-13-1). Heavy: Chazz Witherspoon (29-2) W KO 3 Ty Cobb (14-3). Welter: Doel Carrasquillo (16-18-1) W TKO 5 Shamone Alvarez (21-4). “Tito” Serrano, 22, marches on but Puerto Rican Rios, who had lost his last five fights, again goes the distance. Mostly fought on the inside there were few highlights as Serrano dominated the exchanges with nothing of real substance coming back from Rios. Scores 100-90, 99-91 and 98-92. Maddalone, 37, hardly breaks sweat as body punches finish Sheppard after just 82 seconds. Now 25 wins by KO/TKO for Queens fighter. Vinny is still hoping for a title fight, but when he steps up he loses, with Evander Holyfield, Tomasz Adamek, Jean Marc Mormeck all having beaten him. East night also for Witherspoon who floored Cobb three times in the second and flattened him in the third. Like Maddalone “The Gentleman” is too good for fighters such as Cobb, but has been beaten by Chris Arreola and Tony Thompson. Looks like the end of the line for former prospect Alvarez. Up against trial horse Carrasquillo he is floored right at the start of the first, and never gets into the fight. Floored again in the third, he is put on the canvas in the fifth and it is all over. After winning his first 19 fights, a loss to Joshua Clottey and defeats in two IBF eliminators signaled the beginning of a downward slide. You could argue for his other four losses being to good opposition, but 38-year-old Carrasquillo had been 3-11 in his last 14 fights.

October 24

Tokyo, Japan: Akira Yaegashi (15-2) W TKO 10 Pornsawan (23-4-1). Yaegashi, 28, wins WBA title as he batters defending champion Pornsawan to defeat in the tenth. In theory this was a big step up in class for the Japanese champion, but he just had too much aggression, and hit too hard for the Thai. The 31-year-old Pornsawan was making the first defence of his title. He won the title by beating Muhammad Rachman in what was his fifth title shot. The only other fighter to have beaten Pornsawan inside the distance was Edgar Sosa. East London, South Africa: Luzuko Siyo (10-0) W TKO 1 Sebelomzi Zimela (10-8). If you checked your program to see who was fighting you probably missed all of the fight as it finished within 40 seconds. Right at the start a body punch from defending champion Siyo had Zimela down. He got up to take the standing count and then a left hook put him down again, and the referee stopped the fight. First defence of South African title for Siyo. Midsayap, Philippines:Super Bantam: Ronnie Apilado (16-1) W TKO 1 Rex Granada (9-9-1). Fly: Edrin Dapudong (25-4) W PTS 10 Jon Ricablanca (4-30-2). Apilado, 22, puts former top amateur Granada away with a two punch combination. A Sunday School student, Apilado has ten wins by KO/TKO, and has won his last eleven fights. Former WBA title challenger Dapudong eases back with a wide unanimous verdict over consistent loser Ricablanca. Dapudong crashed the world ratings with a first round kayo of Mexican Jesus Jimenez, but a points loss to Wilbert Uicab and a stoppage by WBA champ Hernan Marquez in July have seen him drop out of the ratings.

Additional Commonwealth Results: All Commonwealth fighters except for Ivan Godor

October 20 Nairobi, Kenya:Cruiser: Joseph Lubega (2-0) W TKO 4 Mustapha Noor (0-18-3). Light Welter: James Onyango (8-3-1) W TKO 4 Hakim Waibale (2-4).

October 21

Brisbane, Australia: Super Middle: Dennis Hogan (5-0-1) W TKO 4 Glen Fitzpatrick (15-17-2). Accra, Ghana: Super Feather: Maxwell Awuku (25-2-1) W TKO 7 Smith Odoom (10-9-1). Middle: Mohammed Akrong (14-4) W TKO 6 Cudjoe Darah (0-6). Bantam: Emmanuel Quartey (11-0) W TKO 6 Isaac Okine (0-6). Light: Richard Commey (8-0) W TKO 3 Tettey Lamptey (0-3). Super Fly: Ekow Wilson (7-0) W Joe Cudjoe (0-4). Bantam: Prosper Ankrah (16-2,1ND) W KO 8 Hope Bedi (1-2). Super Middle: Habib Ahmed (3-0) W TKO 5 Osumanu Adams (0-7). Light Heavy: Emmanuel Danso (6-0) W TKO 7 Mensah Dodge (0-1-1). Light Middle: Jamiru Tyson( 1-1-2) W TKO 4 (0-3). Light Middle: Issah Samir (5-0) W KO 2 Joe Coffie (0-2). Light Heavy: Emmanuel Danso (6-0) October 22 Bolton, England:Welter: Karl Place (15-0) W PTS 6 Ivan Godor (50-17-3).

October 23

Lagos Nigeria: Super Middle: Mojeed Okedara (8-5) W TKO 4 Eric Kwardey (1-6-1). Welter: Akeem Dodo W TKO 6 Sule Olagbade. Light Welter: Saheed Olayiwola W PTS 8 Kazeem Ariyo. Light Middle: Olufemi Moses W TKO 3 EmekaGodwin. Okedara wins vacant UBC world title. East London, South Africa: Super Fly: Unathi Gqokoma (17-5-1) W PTS 10 Thabo Sishwane (8-5-1). Morogoro,Tanzania: Light: Deo Njiku (13-5-1) W PTS 10 Jonas Segu (5-2-1). Mwanza, Tanzania: Super Middle: Mada Maugo ( 13-7) W TKO 3 Joseph Odhiambo (1-14). Light Heavy: Joseph Marwa (25-18-1) DREW 6 Irambe Chacha (0-0-1). Super Middle: Rachid Matumla (45-16-2) W KO 2 Emmanuel Kichele (0-1-0).