Weekly Report

November 2011

November 3

Zapote, Costa Rica: Super Feather: Bryan Vazquez (28-0) W PTS 12 Santos Benavides (23-3-2). Heavy: Carl Davis Drumond (27-3) W KO 1 Henry Saenz (22-10-1). Light Welter: Elvin Perez (21-5-4) DREW 8 Nelson Lara (15-3-4). "El Tiquito overcomes a slow start to win a wide unanimous verdict over experienced Nicaraguan southpaw. Benavides, 29, took the first round, and inflicted a cut on the right eyebrow of Vazquez in the third, but from then on the 24-year-old Costa Rican was in control. Most of the fight was at close quarters and some of the rounds were close, but Vazquez just wanted the win that much more and was always scoring the heavier punches and was the busier fighter. Scores 119-109 twice and 118-109. Vazquez wins the interim WBA title. Benavides had won nine in a row since losing to Roman Martinez in 2008, but admitted that he just was not on top form on the night, and had no complaints about the decision. Davis has his first fight since March 2010, but it can hardly be called a fight. He had no trouble finding the target of bloated Nicaraguan Saenz and the fight was stopped at the end of the first round with Saenz not fighting back. Davis had lost to Ruslan Chagaev (for the WBA title), Derric Rossy and Odlanier Solis in successive matches. The 36-year-old Saenz started out as a super middle but he looked to be up around the 250lbs + mark. Perez looked a little unlucky to have to settle for a draw against Lara. Both fighters are Nicaraguans based in Costa Rica, Perez was trying to regain the WBA Fedcentro title which he lost to Walter Castillo in July. Lara was without a win in his last three going in, but his two losses in those three fights were to good opposition in Ali Chabah and Alberto Mosquera Kobe, Japan:Super Bantam: Yukinori Oguni (7-0) W PTS 12 Roli Gasca (17-2). Former top amateur Oguni win s OPBF title with unanimous verdict over WBA No 11 Gasca. Gasca, 22, pressing the taller Oguni hard over the early rounds, and the bout is close at the end of the fourth. That all changes in the fifth as a powerful right from Oguni, 23, puts Filipino Gasca down heavily. Gasca beats the count, but is floored for a second time and only just survives the round. Oguni on top for a couple more rounds, but a recovering Gasca tries to claw his way back into the fight with a rally over the late rounds, but Oguni boxes his way to victory. Scores 119-109 (too wide), 116-111 and 115-111. Great display for a fighter with only six pro fights behind him. Gasca had won his last six, which included victories over Thai Tabtimdaeng and Jap Hiromasa Ohashi.

November 4

Moscow, Russia: Cruiser: Denis Lebedev (23-1) W PTS 12 James Toney (73-7-3,2ND). Super Bantam: Alex Bakhtin (28-0) W PTS 10 Luis Melendez (31-7-1). Cruiser: Ismayl Sillakh (17-0) W TKO 4 Ali Ismailov (18-8-1). Heavy: Vyacheslav Glazkov (10-0) W TKO 5 Daniil Peretyatko (17-30). A farce of a title fight sees Russian Lebedev, 32, wins every round against 43-year-old Toney. After a quiet first round Lebedev began to score heavily with his jab. Toney was noticeably nursing his left leg in the round. He tried to turn things around with some hooks in the third, but it was a short-lived effort. Toney used his experience to stay in the fight, but was was often a static target and was tiring from the mid way point. Lebedev made a big effort in the ninth and had Toney reeling around the ring, but could not find a finishing punch. Toney spoiled his way to the final bell. Scores 120-108 from all three judges. Lebedev wins the vacant WBA interim title. Having beaten Roy Jones and Toney ,Lebedev is now talking about fighting Antonio Tarver. Seems like age discrimination to me. The Russian should be screaming for a return with WBO champion Marco Huck, who beat Lebedev on a spilt decision in December. First fight since 2009 for Toney. He weighed 257lbs then so he must have been a weakened fighter. "Lights Out" should turn the lights out on his time in boxing. Bakhtin, 30, finds it hard to impress against negative Colombian southpaw Melendez, who is only interested in survival. The 30-year-old Bakhtin scored heavily in the second and floored Melendez with a body shot in the third. From then on Melendez went even deeper into his shell and lost every round. Bakhtin is trying to make up for lost time. He was on the verge of a title shot when campaigning in Japan, but his involvement in a street brawl blotted his copy book and he was stripped of his Japanese title and had his contract cancelled by his promoter. Melendez was halted in twelve rounds by Fernando Montiel for the WBVO super fly title in 2007. Easy night for Ukrainian Sillakh. He has big height and reach advantages over stocky Azeri. The Ukrainian just can't miss the brave Azeri with his jab, and when Ismailov does get close he is caught with hard right uppercuts. Ismailov continues to march into the fire in the third. He has some success when he takes Sillakh to the ropes, but the Azeri pays for it as Sillakh scores heavily with uppercuts and hooks to the body. Finally in the fourth a crunching right uppercut put Ismailov down. He climbs to his feet and leans against the ropes watching the referee count. At eight he just shakes his head and walks back to his corner, and the fight is over. Sillakh, 26, has 13 wins by KO/TKO and is rated No 3 light heavy by the WBC. Ismailov, 37, only lost on a split decision to Victor Ramirez for the WBO title in 2009, but has lost five in a row now. Ukrainian Glazkov, 27, floors big Peretyatko heavily in the first. Surprisingly the 38-year-old Norwegian-based Russian stands up well in the second and third with some good counter attacks. In the fourth Glazkov was completely on top and got through with heavy shots. At the end of the round the corner pulled Peretyatko out. Glazkov is a former World Universities champion and World Championship silver medal winner. Bangkok, Thailand: Super Fly Suriyan Sor Rungvisai (20-4-1) W PTS 12 Nobuo Nashiro (15-4-1). Super Feather: Napapol (57-3-1) W PTS 12 Eddy Comaro (24-13-4). Suriyan retains WBC title with unanimous verdict over former WBA champion Nashiro. The 22-year-old Thai made a good start and was well ahead after the first four rounds showing improved skills in outboxing the more aggressive Nashiro. The challenger managed to get inside and seemed to pick up some of the middle rounds as Suriyan showed that his defence is still a work in progress. The last four rounds saw both fighters looking to wrap up what looked a close fight with Suriyan probably just doing enough to stay ahead. The scores 115-113, 116-113 and 119-110 from the Thai judge, which was a disgrace. The unheralded Suriyan has lost only one of his last 13 fights, and that was a close decision to Pongsaklek for the WBC fly title in October 2010. Nashiro, 30, won the WBA title in only his eighth fight. He lost the title to Alex Munoz, regained it and then lost it again to Hugo Cazares and also had an unsuccessful challenge to Tomas Rojas for the WBC title. Napapol, 34, retained the WBC Asian Boxing Council title for the second time with a unanimous points win over poor Indonesian Comaro. Napapol has had two title shots losing to Oscar Larios for the WBC super Bantam title in 2008 and to Toshiaki Nishioka for the interim version of the same title. Those are the only losses he has had in his last 57 fights. Comaro has won just two of his last twelve fights, including being blown away in 62 seconds by Filipino prospect Lorenzo Villanueva. That tells why Napapol has such impressive, but misleading, statistics. Florence, Italy: Light Welter: Leonard Bundu (25-0-2) W PTS 12 Daniele Petrucci (28-1-2). Bantam: Pietro Marceddu (4-0) W PTS 8 Rodrigo Bracco (13-3) . Light Middle: Orlando Fiordigiglio (10-0) W PTS 8 Ronny McField (13-13-2,1ND). Repeat of great drawn fight in June, which ended in a technical draw, sees veteran Bundu take a comfortable decision over Petrucci to win the vacant European title. Sierra Leon born Bundu, 36, sets a fast pace and scores well with his quicker hand speed. He keeps the fight inside. Petrucci, 30, tries to match Bundu as a slow start cost him dear in their draw in June. Southpaw Bundu just getting off quicker and too strong for Petrucci, giving him no room. Petrucci has a good ninth and tries to make up the leeway with a strong finish, but Bundu has it wrapped up. Scores 117-111, 117-113 and 116-113. Bundu represented Italy at the 1997, 1999 (where he won a bronze medal) and 2003 World championships. An upset sees four fight novice Marceddu, 36, win a clear verdict over Italian champion Bracco in a non-title fight. To add insult to injury the fight was in Bracco's hometown. Marceddu only turned pro in October last year at the age of 35. Tall 27-year-old Fiordigiglio outboxed the aggressive Nicaraguan McField, and was always in front. A three punch combination floors McField in the seventh, and he is down again from a hook, but holds on to see out the round. Fiordigiglio is badly cut on the right eyebrow, but eases his way to the decision. Now ten losses in a row for McField but he has only been beaten once inside the distance. Toa Baja, Puerto Rico: Middle: Manny Siaca (24-7) W TKO 7 George Rivera (13-7). Light: Jose A Gonzalez (18-0) W PTS 10 Fernando Trejo (33-16-6). Really just a workout for former WBA super middle champ Siaca in front of his hometown fans. In his second fight since moving down to middle (he lost to Danny Green for the IBO cruiser title in April 2010) the only problem Siaca, 35 had with Rivera was catching up with him. Siaca showed good conditioning at the lighter weight. No knockdowns but scores of 100-90 twice and 99-91 tell the story. Siaca wins vacant WBA Fedcaribe title. "Chelo" Gonzalez, also from Toa Bajo, has his kayo streak broken by Mexican oldie "The Thief" Trejo. Gonzalez took the early rounds with some good combination punching. When Trejo did get into the fight he was scoring well and Gonzalez started switching southpaw to break up the Mexican's attacks. Gonzalez took charge again over the closing rounds to retain his WBO Latino title on scores of 99-91 from the three judges. Gonzalez was on a run of eight successive wins by KO/TKO, but in his 55 fights former NABF super feather champ Trejo has lost only once by KO/TKO-to Bobby Pacquiao. Gonzalez was reported to have suffered from tendinitis in his shoulder prior to the fight which affected his performance. Indio, USA: Middle: Sergio Mora (23-2-2) W TKO 7 Jose Alfredo Flores (45-12,1ND). Former WBC light middle champ Mora, 30, made a slow start which allowed the veteran Flores some success. However, "The Latin Snake" was rolling by the second and was always on top from there. His slick boxing, switch hitting and fast hands saw him scoring well to head and body. Southpaw Flores, 39, spent more and more time being pounded on the ropes. Mora put the former WBA title contender down at the end of the seventh and the referee decided to call the fight off after the bell for the finish of that round. Mora won and lost the WBC title in two fights with the late Vern Forrest in 2008. He moved up to middle and got back into the title picture with a draw against Shane Mosley in September 2010, but was then knocked back by a split decision loss to Brian Vera in February. Mexican "Shibata" Flores lost to Fernando Vargas for the vacant WBA light middle title in 2001 and was inactive from December 2002 until January 2010. He is now 2-2 in his comeback. Ontario, USA: Super Bantam: Efrain Esquivas (15-0) W PTS 10 Fernando Beltran (37-7,1ND). Only a majority decision, but a big win for Esquivas. To get there he had to overcome a bad cut suffered in a clash of heads in the fourth. The fight was in the balance until Esquivas, 28, floored Beltran in the eighth, which gave him the edge. Scores 97-92, 96-93 and 95-95. A big step up in class of opposition for Esquivas. The 30-year-old Mexican Beltran has had three title shots, losing to Joan Guzman for the WBO super bantam title in 2005, and to both Steve Molitor for the IBF version and Takalani Ndlovu for the IBO title version in 2008. Salta, Argentina:Welter: Luis Abregu (31-1) W TKO 2 Javier Mamani (37-12-1). They packed the arena with a crowd of 8,000 for this clash of local fighters. Mamani tried to box, but Abregu was stalking, just looking for a chance to throw his bombs. He found the chance at the end of the round and put Mamani down heavily with a right. Mamani got up but was shaky, and he was lucky that the bell went before Abrgeu could finish it. The second started the same way, but this time Abregu struck earlier and floored Mamani twice, and it is all over. The 27-year-old Abregu has 25 wins by KO/TKO. His only loss was on points to Tim Bradley in a non-title fight in July 2010. This was his second fight since then. "La Cobra" Mamani is 2-5 in his last seven, but most of his losses have been to top rate opposition.

November 5

Quebec City, Canada: Super Middle: Lucien Bute (30-0) W PTS 12 Glen Johnson (51-16-2). Light Welter: Pier Olivier Cote (18-0) W KO 2 Jorge Luis Teron (25-3-1). Super Bantam: Steve Molitor (34-2) W PTS 10 Sebastien Gauthier (21-3). Super Middle: Allan Green (31-3) W PTS Sebastien Demers (31-5). Welter: Kevin Bizier (16-0) W KO 3 Christian Bladt (38-13-2). Super Feather: Rances Barthelemey (14-0) W TKO 2 Alejandro Barrera (21-10). Bute continues his campaign of sweeping up behind the Super Six as he easily outpoints veteran Johnson to retain the IBF title. The 31-year-old Romanian makes it one-sided as Johnson, 42, begins to show signs of being on the wrong side of the slope. Bute able to both box and scrap with Johnson and with his higher work rate he is always in charge. Over the closing rounds Bute looking for an inside the distance finish, but Johnson survives. Throughout the fight Johnson never really got his shots off and blamed this on an injury to his right arm suffered early in the fight. Scores 120-108 twice and 119-109. Bute makes it nine defences, but sees his run of six inside the distance wins ended. The "Jamaican Road Warrior" took Carl Froch to a majority decision in June, which should have been unanimous. Bute is now he is well positioned to meet the winner of the Ward-Froch fight. Electrifying display by 27-year-old Cote. He goes out after New Yorker Teron from the bell and is scoring heavily and looking liable to finish it in the first round. However, he gets careless and is caught with a right counter at the end of the round which almost puts him down. Undeterred he comes out fast in the second and floors Teron with a flurry of punches. Teron gets up, but is flattened by a left hook. "Apou" has 13 wins by KO/TKO and collects the vacant IBF Inter-Continental title. The way he put away the 6'0" Teron, who on paper was a big step-up in opposition, and had himself won 17 of his fights by KO/TKO, will have counted more than the title. In his first fight since losing his IBF title to Takalani Ndlovu in March, southpaw Molitor, 31, given a tough night by his former sparing partner Gauthier. The former IBF and Commonwealth champion made a slow start and Gauthier, 29, built an early lead. Both suffered cuts with Molitor's being the worst of the two. Molitor was shaken in the fifth, but he had paced the fight better than Gauthier and was clawing back the deficit. Even then Molitor needed a knockdown in the tenth to win the split decision. Scores 96-94 twice and 94-96. The other losses suffered by Gauthier had been on stoppages against modest Mexican opponents, but he revived his standing with this performance. Both Green and Demers were badly in need of a win, and it was Green who came out on top. Green failed to make the contract weight and Demers was probably hoping that Green, 32, might fade later. It proved to be that way as Green went in front at the start. Green was using his height and reach advantages and landing the harder and cleaner punches. Although he did tire and seemed in trouble in the seventh, Demers best round, Green had already built a substantial gap and took the decision on scores of 100-90, 98-92 and 97-93. Losses to Andre Ward and Glen Johnson had shunted Green to one side, but this win shows there is still a place for him in the super middle mix. Demers, 31, was even more in need of a win after back-to-back inside the distance losses to Brian Vera and Renan St Juste, and even in losing his showing will also give him a way back. Bizier, 27, continues to look a real, name to watch in the welters. He had the experienced Dane on the back foot and looking to survive from the start. Former European champion Bladt, 36, saw out two punishing rounds, but a thunderous left hook put him down and out in the third, with the Medics in the ring to make sure he was ok. Bizier has 12 wins by KO/TKO, the last six in a row. Cuban Barthelemey, 25, nearly ended this in the first as he floored Mexican veteran Barrera twice. Barrera survived but probably wished he had not as Barthelemey put him down twice more for a stoppage victory. The lanky Cuban has eleven wins by KO/TKO and almost managed to make this his seventh one round finish. Barrera, 32, once looked on as a prospect after winning his first 18 fights, has lost his last six, five inside the distance. London, England: Light: Ricky Burns (33-2) W PTS 12 Michael Katsidis (28-5). Super Middle: George Groves (14-0) W TKO 2 Paul Smith ( 31-3). Light Middle: Billy Joe Saunders (11-0) W PTS 10 Gary Boulden (5-3-2) . Burns beats tough Aussie to win interim WBO title. The Scot showed against Roman Martinez that he could handle pressure fighters by boxing when he can and mixing it when he must. As expected Katsidis was the aggressor, but Burns used a high guard to deflect Katsidis punches and scored well throughout the fight with fast accurate counters. Burns built a commanding lead over the first half of the fight. Katsidis had his best spell in the middle rounds, but over the closing rounds Burns was back on top and was a clear winner. Scores 117-111 twice and 117-112. Former undefeated WBO super feather and Commonwealth champion Burns has really been the darling of Scottish fight fans, but this comprehensive win over Katsidis, who destroyed Kevin Mitchell in three rounds and beat both Vicente Escobedo and Jesus Chavez , will get him the recognition he deserves . At 31 Katsidis is not finished, but he will have to try to land some big fights if he is to get back into the picture. Another impressive win for Groves. The first round was quiet with Smith coming forward and Groves spearing him with light jabs. At the end of the round Smith gets through with a right as Groves is getting set to throw a punch of his own. The shot lands on the chin of Groves who is clearly hurt, but before Smith can follow up the bell goes. In the second Groves suddenly arcs a right round the side of Smiths guard and Smith goes down. He gets up immediately but his legs are shaky and Groves throws another right and Smith goes down again and the referee stops the fight. Smith protested but needed help to get back to his corner, so it was a good call be the referee. Groves, 23 makes third defence of his Commonwealth title and first defence of the British title he won by beating James DeGale in May. Smith, 29, had lost his British title to DeGale in December, but lasted nine rounds then. These losses to Groves and DeGale may start Smith thinking about retirement. "Superb" Saunders wins his first title as he outpoints game Boulden to collect the British Southern Area title. Saunders set a fast pace and although some signs of tiredness were there at the end Boulden could not match it. Sunders had Boulden hurt in the sixth and made a big effort to finish it the ninth, but Boulden hung on and survived a torrid last round to hear the bell. Sunders, who represented Britain at the 2008 Olympics, is a Romany traveller and lives in a caravan. He is proud of his heritage, but has the talent to earn enough money to buy something a bit grander-if he should want to. Cancun, Mexico: Light Middle: James Kirkland (30-1) W TKO 6 Alfredo Angulo (20-2). Super Middle: Peter Quillin (26-0) W TKO 6 Craig McEwan (19-2). Heavy: Deontay Wilder (19-0) W KO 3 Daniel Cota (17-4-1). Super Bantam: Sergio Thompson (20-2) W KO 1 Juan Carlos Espinoza (5-9-1). Kirkland wins stirring contest. He showed he still has the defensive flaws which saw him blown away by Nobuhiro Ishida in 112 seconds, but also showed his chin was not china, and he has plenty of guts. Just 30 seconds in to the fight Kirkland found himself on the canvas from a right. He was badly hurt and Angulo went crazy throwing punch after punch to try to end the fight right then. Kirkland survived and Angulo suffered for his wild attacks as Kirkland repaid the Mexican with a knockdown at the end of the round. In the second Kirkland, 27, took over and hurt Angulo with a southpaw left hook. Neither fighter was backing away, but Kirkland now had the edge. In the third Angulo was the one taking punishment and was cut and visibly tiring by the end of the round. Again in the fourth it was Kirkland on top with Angulo showing great heart, but not able to turn the tide. In the fifth Angulo put in a one last effort, but by the end of the round had nothing left. Kirkland brought the curtain down in the sixth as he battered away at the exhausted Mexican and the fight was stopped. A great win for the "Mandingo Warrior" and his management deserve praise for taking the gamble of putting him in with the WBC No 1 who had won 17 fights by KO/TKO. Angulo should have finished the fight in the first, but he threw away his chance with his wild attacks. All he had to do was win this one and then get the big payday for a fight with Saul Alvarez. Now he has to start again. Quillin wins but stoppage seems premature. For the first three rounds McEwan seemed able to match Quillin, but the greater strength and harder punching of Quillin saw the fight become more one-sided. Scottish southpaw McEwan was handicapped by a bad swelling around his right eye. Quillin made this a target and was on top, and on the way to a win, when the fight was stopped, although McEwan was in no trouble at the time. Quillin, 29, has moved his career forward much quicker now he has relocated from New York to the West Coast. He now has 20 wins by KO/TKO. McEwan, 29, now has back-to back losses to Andy Lee and Quillin. Another easy night for Wilder. The 6' 7" tall Olympic bronze medallist floored Cota late in the first round and then put the tubby Mexican down again in the third. The 26-year-old "Bronze Bomber" has won all of his 19 fights inside the distance, but the opposition continues to be poor. Now six first round wins for local favourite "Yeyo" Thompson in a total of 18 wins by KO/TKO. A body shot has Espinoza taking the count on his knees at the end of the first. Six wins in a row for Thompson since a split decision loss to Russian Alisher Rahmov in September last year. Hollywood, USA: Cruiser: Guillermo Jones (38-3-2) W TKO 6 Mike Marrone (20-4). Light Middle: Joey Hernandez (20-1-1) W PTS 12 Elco Garcia(25-8). Light Welter: Angelo Santana (12-0) W TKO 1 Brod Antoine (11-12-1) . Super Middle: Gusmyr Perdomo (18-3) W PTS 8 Laferrell Bunting (18-4-1). Cruiser: Francisco Palacios (21-1) W PTS 8 Joell Godfrey (13-5-1). Light Middle: Juan Ubaldo Cabrera (18-0) W PTS 8 Steve Scott (8-3). Light Heavy: Marcos Oliveira (22-0-1) TKO 4 Chris Eppley (10-2). Yet another piece of WBA rubbish sees Jones make one of his infrequent appearances and retain his WBA title with a stoppage of Marrone. The 39-year-old Panamanian used Marrone for target practice for much of the fight. Marrone, 26, did manage to get through with some left hooks but spent much of the time with his back to the ropes. A right had Marrone in trouble at the end of the fourth. Marrone was down again in the fifth and totally spent. He fell to the floor after missing with a punch in the sixth and was again floored with a combination at which point his corner climbed into the ring to have the fight stopped. Now 30 wins by KO/TKO for Jones as he makes only the second defence of his title since winning it in September 2008. Jones started out as a light middle where he drew and lost to Laurent Boudouani for the WBA title in 1998. He drew with Johnny Nelson for the WBO cruiser title in 2003 and lost a split decision to Steve Cunningham in a non-title fight in 2005. This was the first fight at cruiserweight for Marrone and he has now lost 3 of his last 4 fights. Hernandez , 27,wins the vacant WBC USNBC title in a tough scrap with Garcia. A furious first couple of rounds saw Hernandez on the floor in the first and Garcia down in the second. It then settled into a good close fight with Hernandez using good movement, despite a foot injury suffered during the fight, and fine skills, and Garcia looking to land the big punches. Hernandez was the busier and that gave him the edge. Scores 114-112 from all three officials. Five wins in a row for Hernandez since losing to Ed Paredes in February 2010. Mexican Garcia, 40, had won his last six and had in the past been in with good opposition such as Vern Forrest and Raul Marquez. Cuban Santana may be one to watch. The 23-year-old retained his WBA Fedcaribe title in an all-southpaw battle with Antoine. That was where the similarity ended. Santana smashed home a two-punch salvo which sent Antoine down heavily. He made it to his feet, but was being punished on the ropes when the fight was stopped. Nine wins by KO/TKO for Santana, and the last five in a row have finished that way. He has five first round finishes. New Yorker Antoine has lost 4 of his last 5. Venezuelan Perdomo, 35, another southpaw, was in charge all the way against Bunting. With his height advantage good use of his right jab kept him in charge and Bunting's cause was lost long before he was deducted a point in the seventh for holding. Scores 79-72 twice and 80-71. Perdomo's losses have come at super middle against Mario Veit, Dimitri Sartison and Mikkel Kessler, the last one being for the WBA title. This win was his first fight for almost 20 months. "Fabulous Fairway" Bunting, 31, took almost three years out after losing on points to Jean Pascal in 2007, but had beaten Canadians Junior Moar and Matt O'Brien on his comeback. "The Wizard" Palacios, 34, really just used game Godfrey for a bit of paid sparring. The Bronx born Puerto Rican stayed busy, switched guards and scored well ,on the inside with hooks and took the unanimous verdict at a canter. First fight for Palacios since his controversial split decision loss to Krzys Wlodarczyk for the WBC title in April. As WBC No 1 he is in line for a shot at the winner of the Wlodarczyk vs. Danny Green fight. The lanky Godfrey, 31, had won his last four, but was in over his head with Palacios. Former top amateur Cabrera won every round, but never came close to stopping late sub Scott. The Dominican southpaw just had too much of everything for the limited Scott and won 80-72 on all cards. At 32 and a pro for six years, Cabrera has spent a lot of time getting nowhere, and needs to be moved soon or never. WBO No 6 Oliveira took almost four rounds to hunt down Eppley, but a hard right had Eppley in trouble and the fight was stopped. Oliveira owes his ranking to a kayo of Otis Griffin, but the rest of his opposition would be flattered by the word modest. City Bell, Argentina: Super Middle: Ezequiel Maderna (16-0) W TKO 1 Dario Balmeceda (9-5-2). Heavy: Emilio Zarate (12-7-2) W PTS 8 Gonzalo Basile (52-6,1ND). Maderna retains national title with a one round stoppage of Balmeceda. The outcome of the fight was decided in the very first attack. A right to the body sent Balmeceda down. The challenger looked very apprehensive when he got up and Maderna sent him down again with a right hook to the chin. Again Balmeceda got up only to go down again immediately. It was discovered later that Balmeceda had suffered a fractured rib from that first punch and had been in agony from then on. Maderna, 25, who represented Argentina at the 2008 Olympics, has 13 wins by KO/TKO. Balmeceda, rated No 3 in the Argentinian rankings, was unbeaten in his last eight, but at prelim level. Zarate gained revenge for a points loss in March as he took a split verdict over Basile. The heavily tattooed Basile made the better start scoring well with right crosses whilst Zarate was short with his punches. It changed in the fifth. Zarate scored with a right cross of his own. Basile was badly hurt and cut over his right eye. The referee gave Basile a standing count, and only the bell saved Basile. Zarate had another good round in the sixth as another right had Basile holding on. Zarate also took the seventh as they both tired, and Basile just edged the last. Scores 76 ½ -75, 78-75 ½ and 75 ½ -77 ½ . Shediac, Canada: Super Middle: Eric Roy (6-2) W KO 2 Jonah Arbuckle (7-3). Roy, 27, gains revenge and wins Canadian title. A hard right put 34-year-old Arbuckle down in the second and he was unable to beat the count. Roy had lost a wide unanimous decision to Arbuckle in a six round fight in August. It was the first time both fighters had been in a bout scheduled for ten rounds. Toulon, France: Cruiser: Faisal Ibnel Arrami (14-3) W PTS 12 Jeremy Ouanna (9-7). Super Bantam: Jeremy Parodi (32-1-1) W PTS 12 Jose Luis Graterol (14-9-4,1N ). "The African King" Arrami overcomes a cut to retain his French title. The first two rounds saw little action, but in the third a clash of heads left Arrami with a bad cut. Despite this handicap he boxed his way to a clear points victory holding off a big effort from Ouanna in the last round. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-94. Arrami lost to Finn Juho Haapoja for the European Union title in September, so will, be looking for another shot. Despite his indifferent record, Ouanna had won his last five including the National tournament. Parodi, 24, takes a wide unanimous decision over Venezuelan Graterol to win the vacant IBF International title. Four wins for Parodi since his loss to Arsen Martirosyan in May 2010. Scores 116-109, 116-110 and 115-110 Tijuana, Mexico: Bantam: Tomas Rojas (37-13-1,1ND) W TKO 2 Dario Azuaga (82-22-2,2ND). Super Bantam: Raul Hirales (15-0-1) W PTS 10 Enrique Bernache (18-3). Rojas eases back with blow out of Paraguayan Azuaga. Rojas, 31, has both reach and height over Azuaga and lands heavily in the first with southpaw lefts and right hooks to the body. All over in the second as a left hook to the body sees Azuaga taking a count on his knees. He gets up but the fight is stopped. First fight for "Gusano- Worm" since losing his WBC super fly to Suriyan in August, and his 25th win by KO/TKO. Azuaga, "El Indio de Oro" is 37, and is no longer the Golden Boy. He has won 67 fights by KO/TKO and lost 17 that way. Great little fight between Hirales and Bernache. Hirales wanted this fight to be a boxing match and Bernache wanted a brawl. Bernache had his way in the first two rounds, but from the third Hirales was keeping Bernache out and scoring well with combinations. The referee checked on the left cheekbone of Bernache in the corner at the end of the sixth and stopped the fight in the middle of the seventh to check Bernache's right cheekbone, which was also noticeably swelling. Knowing he was behind Bernache stepped up the pace, Hirales was cut on the eyelid in the eighth, and wobbled in the ninth. Hirales gutted out the tenth to just edge Bernache out, Scores 96-94 twice and 95-95. Hirales, one of the fighting Hirales /Garcia clan, had beaten useful Charles Huerta in January, and is one to watch. Bernache, 23, has lost only one of his last 17 fights, and that was on a cut. He has recent wins over Ramon Maas (24-0 at the time) and former title contender Alejandro Valdez, so he is also a good prospect. Leon, Mexico: Heavy: Chris Arreola (34-2) W TKO 3 Raphael Butler (35-12,2ND). Super Feather: Miguel Roman (37-8) W PTS 10 Pedro Navarrete (26-15-3). Super Middle: Julio Cesar Garcia(44-5) W TKO 2 Jose Luis Zertuche (21-8-3). This fight was never going to go the distance, and was just a "keep busy" fight for Arreola. "The Nightmare" floored Butler twice in the first round and put him down again in the second. Another knockdown in the third saw the fight stopped. Six wins in a row for Arreola since his majority decision loss to Tomasz Adamek in April 2010. "The Silencer" Butler has won only one of his last eight fights, and has lost the last three inside the distance. After an even first round, "Mickey" Roman, 25, is in total control. Navarrete, an experienced survivor, spends a lot of time covering up on the ropes as Roman looks for a stoppage. "Cowboy" Navarrete goes the distance, but Roman wins in scores of 100-90 from all three judges. Roman has now scored four good wins since losing on points to Jonathan Barros for the WBA secondary title in March. " Baby Face" Garcia gets a needed win as he overwhelms experienced Zertuche in two rounds. Garcia, 24, just punched too hard for Zertuche and the referee stopped the fight after two heavy knockdowns. Garcia, who turned pro three days after his fifteenth birthday, at one time had a run of just one loss in 35 fights. However, after a couple of losses, he was inactive from September 2008 until April this year. He is 2-2 in four fights since then, but this win puts him back on track. Zertuche has lost his last three inside the distance, but all to tough opposition. Windhoek, Namibia: Bantam: Paulus Ambunda (17-0) W PTS 12 Bongani Mahlangu (12-4). Welter : Bethuel Ushona (25-1,1ND)TEC DRAW 2 Francis Gakpetor . Super Middle: Wiberforce Shihepo (16-6) W TKO 5 Johannes Pieterson (4-14-2). "The Rock" Ambunda, 31, wins and retains his WBO African title, but only just. The Namibian spent the whole fight trying to get inside the long reach of Mahlangu, who lived up to his "Dancing Shoes" nickname. Ambunda was a very frustrated fighter. Both fighters exchanged heavy punches in the second, and Ambunda seemed to have the South African in trouble in the sixth and seventh rounds. However, he was never able to nail it down, and Mahlangu was picking up points round after round with his jab. The busier work rate and aggression of Ambunda just saw him through to a split decision. Scores 115-113 twice and 113-115. Fifth defence for Ambunda. Mahlangu lost a split verdict to Tshifhiwa Munyai in 2008, but was coming off a loss to Cleutus Mabhele in February. Disappointing end to the Ushona vs. Gakpetor fight. Ushona gets through with some heavy punches in the first, but in the second a clash of heads leaves Gakpetor with a bad cut, and the fight is a technical draw. "Black Mamba" Shihepo punches too hard for South African Pieterson who retires at the end of the sixth round. Shihepo, 28, has 13 wins by KO/TKO and has lost only once, on a disqualification, in his last eight fights. Pieterson without a win in his last nine fights. Uncasville, USA: Heavy: Mariusz Wach (26-0) W TKO 6 Jason Gavern (21-9-4). Middle: Jose Miguel Torres (23-5) W KO 6 Patrick Majewski (17-1). Heavy: Artur Szpilka (9-0) W KO 2 David Saulsberry (7-4).Polish giant Wach is always in command against late sub Gavern. The 6' 7 ½" Wach, 31, had Gavern on the floor in the first and down twice in the second. Gavern, 34, showed guts to take punishment over the next three rounds, but another knockdown in the sixth saw the fight stopped. "The Viking" Wach has 14 wins by KO/TKO the last five in a row, He retains the WBC International title, which he won by beating Kevin McBride in July. Gavern had a good spell of results when he beat Manuel Quezada and Darnell Wilson and drew with Jonathan Banks, but he has lost two of his last three now. In fairness he came in as a substitute with only three days notice. Big upset as Colombian veteran Torres, 32, puts away unbeaten Pole Majewski. Using a high, tight guard the Polish fighter stayed in the centre of the ring and kept picking up points with his jab without every really putting the much shorter Colombian Torres, 32, under pressure. Majewski was winning the fight, but Torres looked dangerous with his hooking attack. Majewski changed his tactics in the fourth and fifth and was coming forward mixing in hooks with his jab and driving Torres back. Now he was fighting the fight Torres wanted and in the sixth Majewski walked into a thunderous left. Suddenly he was badly shaken and a left and a right deposited the Pole on the canvas. The referee stopped the count at six as he realised Majewski was not getting up. Torres wins vacant NABF and WBO NABO titles. This was a risky fight with Torres having 19 wins by KO/TKO, and not having lost inside the distance. Majewski, 31, will need to rebuild, but he is a good ticket seller, so will get another chance. Farce of a fight saw Szpilka stop 292lbs Saulsberry. It was difficult to believe Saulsberry had ever had a fight before. He was totally inept without the first idea of defence and incapable of throwing anything resembling a punch. A left and a right "hit" Saulsberry and he went down on his knees and was counted out. A total disgrace. Now seven wins by KO/TKO for Szpilka, but no kudos in beating Saulsberry. Port Elizabeth, South Africa: Straw: Siviwe Ntsiko (6-3) W KO 2 Tshepo Lefele (16-6). Surprise as local fighter Ntsiko kayos champion Lefele to win South African title. Despite his modest record, Ntsiko had won his last four and was a known puncher. However, this was the fourth defence of his title by Lefele and he had stopped Gideon Buthelezi, whereas Ntsiko had lost to him, also Lefele had had been close to a world title shot before losing to Japanese fighter Katsunari Takayama in an IBF eliminator, so had been fighting at a much higher level than Ntsiko. Tacoma, USA:Heavy: Vince Thompson (10-0) W TEC DEC 8 Jonte Willis (8-2-1). Poor ending to this local battle. Thompson, 28, fighting out a southpaw stance, when he is usually orthodox, controls the fight and Willis can't get untracked. Willis managed to get inside in the seventh, but in the eighth a rabbit punch from Thompson had Willis unhinged. The referee stopped the fight, deducted two points from Thompson for the foul and as Willis could not continue it went to the scorecards for the shorter distance. All three cards had Thompson in the lead 80-72.

November 6

Tokyo, Japan: Super Feather: Takahiro Aoh (22-2-1) W PTS 12 Devis Boschiero (29-1-1). Bantam: Shinsuke Yamanaka (15-0-2) W TKO 11 Chris Esquivel (24-3). Fly: Toshiyuki Igarashi (15-1-1) W PTS 12 Wilbert Uicab (33-6-1,1ND). Aoh retains WBC title in his second defence with razor thin decision over Italian champion. Early rounds even with southpaw Aoh, 27, going to the body and Boschiero, 30, scoring with left hooks from behind a high, tight guard. Aoh continued his body attack over the middle rounds scoring well with right hooks. The Italian's face began to mark up, but despite this over the last four rounds he did his best work as Aoh seemed to tire. A bit too much holding rather than working inside for it to be a classic. The decision was split with Boschiero perhaps just not forcing the fight enough to get a win away from home. Scores 115-113 twice and 113-115. Yamanaka wins vacant WBC title with late stoppage of Mexican Esquivel. Southpaw Yamanaka, 29, seemed to take the first three rounds, but Esquivel took the fourth with some hard punching. Just when it seemed that Esquivel was getting into the fight he was floored at the end of the sixth. Yamanaka threw himself into the attack in the seventh looking for a finish, and paid for his carelessness and was floored by a counter. The face of the Mexican was marking up badly but he still mixed it with Yamanaka. There was a brief respite when the ring light failed. When action resumed it was all Yamanaka and in the eleventh he floored Esquivel with a left and a right hook. Esquivel got up and the fight could have been stopped at that point. However, Esquivel was allowed to continue only to be floored again, at which point the fight was stopped. Yamanaka has won his last nine fights by KO/TKO. "Italiano" Esquivel, 25, had 18 wins by KO/TKO, including eleven of his last 13 fights. Igarashi rated No 3 by the WBC wins a unanimous verdict over No 2 Uicab in a WBC eliminator. The 27-year-old southpaw had huge height and reach advantages over the Mexican and that, combined with his speed, were just a bit too much for Uicab. They shared the first four rounds, but Uicab suffered a cut on the sides of his head from a clash of heads in the fourth. The Mexican battled back to take the fifth. Igarashi edged ahead on two cards after eight rounds and added to that lead with fine boxing in rounds nine and ten. Uicab took the eleventh, but when an accidental clash of heads in the round saw Igarashi suffer a cut on his eyebrow, under the stupid WBC rule Uicab lost a point. Igarashi took the last round and the decision, but he had been in a tough fight. Scores 116-111, 116-112 and 114-113. Igarashi represented Japan at the 2004 Olympics and the 2005 World Championships. Uicab, 27,had been unbeaten in fifteen fights going back to 2008.

November 7

Nong Khai, Thailand :Straw: Paipharob (19-0) W PTS 12 Jesus Silvestre (23-3). Thai wins vacant WBA interim title with controversial decision over Mexican, Very much a fight of two halves with Silvestre, 21, winning the early rounds and Paipharob, 28, pacing himself better in the humid atmosphere, sweeping the later rounds. It was case of whether Paipharob had done enough to claw back Silvestre's early lead and he certainly came near to stopping the Mexican at the end. Scores 116-112, 115-113 and 115-114. Only three of Paipharob's fights have not involved some title. Silvestre had lost only one of his last 16. That was to Donnie Nietes in January 2010, and he scored eight wins in a row since then. Silvestre's management will protest the result. Additional Commoinwealth fights

November 5

Windhoek, Namibia:Fly: Abmek Shindjuu (11-3-2) WPTS 6 Kudakwashe Mwadziwana (1-7). Light: Julius Indongo (9-0) W PTS 6 Silas Mandeya (0-5)

November 6

Mtwara, Tanzania: Super Middle: Rashid Mastumla (46-16-2) W PTS 10 Ken Oyolo (3-20-3) Tanga, Tanzania:Super Bantam: Jay Jay Ngotike (2-0) W PTS 10 Zuberi Kitandula (2-2). Welter: Athuman Rashid (4-2) W PTS 10 Mohamed Sudi (8-3).

Novemmber 7

Tanga, Tanzania:Feather: Rajabu Maoja (18-10-3) W PTS 10 Rashid Ally (18-19-9)

November 8

Laval, France:Welter: Luciano Abis (32-2-1 W KO 2 Stanislas Salmon (22-2-2). "Bazooka" Abis 32 bounces back in style. The EU champion floored the local fighter in the first with a left hook. Later in the round Salmon was down again from another left hook and a right. When the second round started Abis put Salmon down again and the fight was stopped. The Italian retains his European Union title for the second time. Sardinian Abis has 15 wins by KO/TKO. In his last fight in July, Abis suffered a shock first round kayo loss to travelling loser Semjons Morosek. The only other defeat Abis has suffered was on points to Rafal Jackiewicz for the European title in 2009. French champion Salmon, 27, was unbeaten in his last 13 including a draw with Frank Haroche Horta in a national title defence in April.

November 9

London, England: Welter: Colin Lynes (36-9) W PTS 12 Lee Purdy (16-3-1). Heavy: Mike Perez (17-0) W PTS 8 Zach Page (21-37-2). Heavy: Albert Sosnowski (46-4-2) DREW 6 Hastings Rasani (23-61-5). Lynes upsets younger Purdy to win British title. The 33-year-ol Lynes took control with his jab in the first round and Purdy found it hard to launch any strong attacks of his own. Lynes had a good fourth round getting through with rights to the champion's head. Purdy again had some success in the fifth, but even then Lynes was matching him punch for punch. Purdy was cut by his right eye in the seventh. A counter from Lynes put Purdy down in the tenth, and although Purdy pressed hard over the last two rounds against a tiring Lynes, it was never going to be enough. No sense in the scoring as two judges saw it 119-110 and 117-112 for Lynes, but the third had it 114-114. Lynes, a former British, European and IBO champion at light welter revived his career with this win. Purdy, 24, was making the second defence of his British title which he won in April by stopping Craig Watson. He is young enough to come again. Another win for Cuban Perez. He shakes Page with practically the first punch of the fight, but Page uses his experience to stay out of further trouble. Perez hunting Page down but not able to nail the American. Page touched down briefly in the third from a push/punch and was genuinely floored with a left to the body in the same round. There was some good action in the fourth as Page fired back and also switched guards. Perez tested Page's chin with some heavy shots in the fifth, but Page was not about to roll over. An untidy sixth saw Page fall to the canvas and take Perez with him. Perez pressed throughout the last two rounds trying for a stoppage, but Page lasts the distance-again. Perez had outpointed Page in 2009. Sosnowski held to a draw by veteran Rasani. Perhaps he took Rasani too lightly, but this was a fight he should have won without breaking sweat. The Pole started well scoring with his jab and mixing in right hands, but Rasani was having one of his good nights, and was always looking to take the fight to Sosnowski. Rasani is cut by his left eye in the third and the referee has a look at in the fourth, but lets the fight go on. The wild swinging attacks of the 37-year-old Zimbabwean get through over the late rounds. Sosnowski, 32, just seems to have done enough, but the referee scored it 57-57, and it was close enough for there to be no real argument over the decision. A long way down for Sosnowski from being European champion and challenging Vitali Klitschko for the WBC title. Rasani breaks an 18 fight losing streak. Khon Kaen, Thailand:Super Bantam: Sod Kokietgym (54-2-1) W TKO 5 Falazona Fidal. Straw: Pigmy Kokietgym (45-6-2) W KO 1 Hengky Elleuw. Sod pads his record with another meaningless win. The 34-year-old southpaw, rated No1 by the WBO, makes it 28 fights without a loss. His two losses came against Daniel Ponce De Leon in WBO title fights. Indonesian Fidal, 32, is typical of his opposition, 2-8 in his last ten fights. Pigmy is rated No 2 by the WBA (position No 1 is vacant) and this travesty saw him kayo an Indonesian of interminable record in 30 seconds. One loss in his last 35 for Pygmy and that was to Kwanthai for the WBA secondary title last year.

November 10

Washington, USA: Light Welter: Prenice Brewer (16-1-1) W PTS 8 Manny Taylor (14-1). Close fight between two promising fighters. Taylor takes the first scoring with a hard uppercut at the end of the round "Greatness" Brewer, 23, takes next two rounds with his faster combination punches. Taylor has Brewer on the back foot over the 5th and 6th as Brewer tired. Brewer wins the 7th, again with some god combinations. Last round about even. Brewer takes split decision on scores of 78-74, 77-75 and 75-77. First fight for former National Golden Gloves champion Brewer since loss to Patrick Lopez in August 2010. Taylor, 20, who looked unlucky not to get a share of the points, was having his first eight rounds fight La Paz, Bolivia:Welter: Franklin Mamani Jr (11-1-1) W PTS 12 Eduardo Flores (11-6-3). Feather: Jans Barrera (9-0) W KO 2 Nestor Diaz (4-3-4) "Matador Junior", 22, wins the World Boxing Commission Continental title with wide points victory over Ecuadorian Flores. This was mainly a close quarters battle and Mamani was always in control. Scores 119-112, 118-111 and 118-113. Mamani's only loss was in France in June when he lost on points to Sebastien Madani. Flores, 25, has only one win in his last seven fights, but two of his recent losses were to Carlos Baldomir and unbeaten Diego Chaves. "El Terrible" Barrera wins vacant Fedebol title with kayo of Uruguayan Diaz. Seven wins by KO/TKO for 22-year-old Barrera.

November 11

El Paso, USA: Light Middle: Austin Trout (24-0) W TKO 6 Frank LoPorto (15-5-2). Middle: Michael Oliveira (16-0) W DIS 8 Xavier Toliver (23-8). Super Feather: Jose Pedraza (5-0) W KO 4 John Wampash (1-5-1). Easy defence of his WBA secondary title for southpaw Trout. He floors LoPorto in the first and it looks like an early night. However, LoPorto guts it out, only to take heavy punishment in the remaining rounds. Trout, 26, is too fast and too skilful for the awkward Aussie. As early as the third round his corner is asking LoPorto if he wants the fight stopped. He declines, and Trout continues to punish LoPorto in each round. In the sixth, with LoPorto trapped in a corner, and in trouble, the referee stops the fight, just as LoPorto's own corner men climb into the ring. Second defence of his title for El Paso-born Trout, and 14 wins by KO/TKO. This stoppage snapped a streak of six decision wins in a row for Trout. First time that Australian LoPorto, 33, had failed to last the distance. "The Brazilian Rocky" Oliveira, 21, stops late sub Toliver in confused ending. Toliver flies out of the blocks in the first, but Oliveira weathers the storm and than takes control of the fight. With a wide repertoire of punches and good movement Oliveira initially counters the aggressive Toliver, but as Toliver tires Oliveira is consistently scoring on a static opponent. In the fifth Toliver loses a point for use of the head. At the end of the seventh Toliver's corner want to stop the fight, but Toliver wants to come out for the last. Both fighters tired and as the referee parted them from a clinch Toliver landed a punch on Oliveira. The referee disqualified Toliver for the illegal punch, only for the fight to be announced as a stoppage win for Oliveira, and then changed back to a disqualification. Toliver's first fight since losing to Tony Mundine Jr in June. Hot prospect Pedraza makes it four wins by KO/TKO. As an amateur the 22-year-old Puerto Rican won a bronze medal at the 2007 Pan American Games, a silver medal at the 2009 World championships, and a gold at the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games. One to watch. Las Vegas, USA: Light: Mercito Gesta (24-0-1) W PTS 10 Ricardo Dominguez (34-8-2). Super Feather: Diego Magdaleno (21-0) W PTS 10 Emmanuel Lucero (26-8-1). Middle: Matt Korobov (17-0) W KO 4 Latif Mundy (10-4,1ND). Super Bantam: Jesse Magdaleno (7-0) W TKO 1 Gil Garcia (5-2). Another impressive win by Filipino "No Mercy" Gesta. The 24-year-old southpaw scores well over the first two rounds with his overhand right and hooks against the taller Mexican. In the third left-right combination sends Dominguez across the ring and down. The referee gives him a count despite Dominguez protestations that was a slip. Dominguez fights back for the rest of the round and has his best round in the fourth, but Filipino Gesta still scoring with solid hooks and uppercuts. The Mexican had another good round in the sixth using his jab to break up Gesta's attacks. Gesta goes all out in the eighth and comes close to putting Dominguez down again. The Filipino takes the last two rounds with right uppercuts and combinations. Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 97-92. WBO No 5 Gesta had stopped 5 of his last 6 opponents, but Dominguez, 26, had gone the distance with Humberto Soto for the WBC title and Miguel Vazquez for the IBF title, and had taken Brandon Rios to a split decision in 2008. Southpaw Magdaleno, rated No 6 by the WBC, wins one-sided points victory over Lucero. The speed and accuracy of Magdaleno's punching and his work rate were just too much for the Mexican veteran. Magdaleno a bit more aggressive then usual at the start but then he settles down and gets more focused. Lucero is cut on the bridge of his nose by a straight left and then has to take a standing count in the seventh. Only Magdaleno's lack of a real kayo punch lets Lucero last the distance. Lucero was unbeaten in his first 22 fights before losing inside the distance to Manny Pacquiao for the IBF super bantam title in 2003. He has slipped a long way since then. Russian southpaw Korobov, 28, kayos modest Mundy in four. The former double world amateur champion has ten wins by KO/TKO but five of his last six fights had gone the distance, so he needed to get back in the grove. Philadelphian Mundy, 28, is 2-4 in his last six fights. Jesse, the younger brother of Diego, again impresses as he floors Garcia twice and the referee stops it at the two minute mark. Five wins by KO/TKO for Jesse who just might be an even better fighter than his brother. Halifax, England: Light Heavy: Ovill McKenzie (19-11) W TKO 1 Jeff Evans (8-2-1). Heavy: Dereck Chisora (15-1) W PTS 6 Remigijus Ziausys (19-44-3). Light Welter: Tyrone Nurse (20-0) W PTS 6 Ivan Godor (6-18-3). One punch and 15 seconds is all it took for McKenzie to regain the Commonwealth title. McKenzie took Evans to the ropes and slammed home an overhand right. Evans was badly shaken and McKenzie piled on the punches until Evans went down stretched out over the bottom rope and the referee stopped the fight without a count. Jamaican-born McKenzie 31 had put Tony Bellew on the floor twice in their first fight for the Commonwealth title in December, but Bellew came back to stop McKenzie and then outpoint him in a second match. Bellew had vacated the title. For Welsh Area champion Evans, 29, it was his first loss inside the distance. First fight for Zimbabwe-born Chisora, 27, since losing his Commonwealth and British titles to Tyson Fury in July. Just some rounds in the bag for Chisora as he is much too good for the Lithuanian and wins every round as referee's 60-54 card shows. Nurse, 21, again goes the distance. Has big height and reach advantages and catches game Godor with heavy shots as he tries to get inside. Pattern the same throughout the six rounds with Nurse scoring with his jab and combinations but never quite able to subdue the Slovakian. Godor takes a count in the last. Referees score 60-53. Only three wins by KO/TKO for the tall boxer from Huddersfield. Rosario, Argentina: Heavy: Irineu Beato Costa Jr (10-0) W TKO 8 Matias Vidono (10-1). Brazilian Costa, 31, wins vacant WBC Latino title as hometown fighter Vidono unable to come out for round eight. Costa had the better technique and home fighter Vidono was just a little faster and more accurate, "although the words "technique" and "faster" are probably stretching it. Costa took the first four rounds by being just that little bit busier. Vidono made a huge effort to turn the fight around in the 5th and 6th, But the effort proved to be his undoing as he was exhausted before the end of the sixth. An amazing seventh round saw Costa fall to the canvas twice and Vidono, 35, three times, but from exhaustion, not from any punch. At the end of the round Vidono was only able to walk back to his corner with difficulty and at the bell for the eighth his corner threw in the towel. Now nine wins by KO/TKJO for Costa. Neither fighter had previously gone beyond five rounds, and it showed. Newcastle, Australia: Light Welter: Chad Bennett (27-4-3) W KO 6 Decho (33-15-2). Cruiser: Daniel Ammann (22-5-1) W TKO 2 Walter Pupu'a (12-14). Easy night for "Hollywood" Bennett, 38, as he scores four knockdowns against Thai. Bennett put Decho down in the second with a body punch, but the Thai got up and fought back. Bennett finally finished it the sixth as he put Decho down three times with rights. Bennett wins vacant IBF Australasian title. He also holds the interim WBO Orient title and the WBFoundation title. Former Australian champ "The Doberman" Ammann, 28, floors Tonga Pupu'a three times for stoppage win. Southpaw Ammann lost his national title in two rounds to Brad Pitt in May. Pupu'a, 36, has won only one of his last twelve fights, and this is the third time he has lost to Ammann. Malvern, Australia: Light Heavy: Manny Vlamis (11-2) W TKO 10 Joel Casey (14-9-3). Upset here as Vlamis, 29, stops WBA No 11 Casey to win the PABA title. Southpaw Casey boxes his way into a commanding lead against the slow starter Vlamis. Outworking his challenger with right jabs and straight lefts it looked Casey's fight until the sixth. Then the stalking Vlamis caught-up with Casey and a left hook at the end of the round had Casey in deep trouble, but he was saved by the bell. Vlamis continued to hunt Casey down and had him hurt again at the end of the ninth. The closure came in the tenth as Casey was nailed with another left hook and hit the canvas hard. It did not look as he could get up, but somehow he did. Vlamis was scoring heavily and after a big right shook Casey the ringside Doctor ordered the fight stopped. Eight wins by KO/TKO for 29year-old Vlamis and he now has eight wins in a row. Casey, who was making the second defence of the PABA title he won by beating world rated Tim Bell in August last year, will now tumble down the ratings. Coburg, Australia: Middle: Pradeep Singh (18-3-1) W PTS 12 Zhang Yon (0-2). Indian-born Singh wins something called vacant WBC Asian Boxing Council Continental title with points victory over obscure Chinese boxer. Singh, 24, was unbeaten in his first 15 fights but is 4-3 in his last 7. Deurne, Belgium: Light Middle: Osie Bonsu Jackson (37-5) W PTS 8 Jimmy Colas (30-7). Light: Rudy Encarnacion (23-22-3) W TKO 8 Innocent Anyanwu (21-1-2). Former European champion Jackson wins his third fight at light middle with a close, victory over tough Frenchman Colas. Boxing in a more controlled manner than usual, Jackson picked his punches well, keeping the aggressive Colas, 31, on the outside, and scoring regularly with fast combinations. Colas was badly shaken at the end of the third by a left hook. Colas picked up points with his aggressive attacks, but Jackson deservedly won on scores of 78-75, 77-75 and 77-76. Ghanaian-born Jackson, 30, has won his last three as he tries to put the pieces of his career back together. Colas, a former French and EU champion has never been stopped, and always comes to fight. Dominican-born Encarnacion springs a surprise with stoppage of Nigerian-born Anyanwu. Encarnacion floored in the first as he obeys referee's order to stop boxing, but Anyanwu does not. Encarnacion bounces back and wins the rest of the round. Plenty of action as both fighters looking to dominate. Encarnacion gets revenge in the second as he floors Anyanwu with a right uppercut. Anyanwu getting back into the fight until a big right in the fifth again has him badly hurt, and the referee gives him a standing count. Encarnacion, 32, looks to be tiring, but in the seventh another right has Anyanwu in trouble and he only just survives the round. In the last a punch from Encarnacion has Anyanwu briefly touching down, but the referee stops the fight. Encarnacion had won only one of last seven going in so it was a much needed win. Another set-back for Anyanwu in his second fight since being kayoed by Antonio Joao Benito in May last year. Turin, Italy: Super Feather: Benoit Manno (8-1) W PTS 10 Luigi Mantegna (1-26). Hometown fighter Manno wins vacant Italian title with unanimous points win over poor Mantegna. Manno, 29, with superior skills is pressing Mantegna from the start. Mantegna never gets into the fight and can't match the skills or the pace set by Manno. In the ninth an uppercut to the body puts Mantegna down, but he survives to the final bell. Scores 100-89 twice and 99-90. Manno had outpointed Mantegna over six rounds in 2009. Mantegna, 35, proved his durability, but little else. Pontedera, Italy: Super Middle: Mouhamed Ali Ndiay (21-1) W TKO 12 Andrea Di Luisa (12-1). Welter: Gianluca Branco (45-3-1) W TKO 6 Janos Petrovics (19-45). Senegal-born Ndiay, 32yo, fighting in his adopted hometown, wins vacant European Union title in all-out war with Di Luisa. Both fighters start fast with defence not a priority. The more accurate work of Di Luisa gives him an edge in the early rounds. Ndiay shows why he is known as The Power" as his strength starts to get him into the fight. The pace is fast and furious and both boxers tire quickly. Di Luisa is warned in the fourth for pushing Ndiay to the floor. A body shot from Ndiay puts Di Luisa down in the fifth, and when he gets up he grabs Ndiay to survive and gets his second warning. Di Luisa bounces back to take the sixth. Ndiay is lasting the pace better and floors Di Luisa again with a body shot at the end of the tenth. Somehow an exhausted Di Luisa, with a probable broken nose pouring blood, holds out to the bell. Ndiay scores another knockdown and although somehow Di Luisa gets up again, he is defenseless and the referee stops the fight. Ndiay's only loss was on a split decision to Lolenga Mock for this same title in 2008, and this was his eighth win since then. Ndiay was a silver medalist in the African championships and kayoed Di Luisa for the Italian national championship in 2004. Di Luisa is a former undefeated Italian champion. As an amateur he was Italian champion in 2001 and 2003, twice won bronze medals at the World Military Games and lost to Darren Barker in the 2005 European championships. Branco, 41, takes a few rounds to shake off the rust in his first fight since November 2010. Hungarian just looking to survive. Branco finally floors Petrovics at the end of the fifth. Another knockdown early in the sixth sees the referee stop the fight. Branco, who lost to Arturo Gatti for the vacant WBC light welter title in 2004, and for the WBA welter title to Miguel Cotto in 2006, was having his second fight since losing to Matthew Hatton for the vacant European title in March 2010. St Paul, USA: Super Middle: Matt Vanda (44-13) W KO 3 Harley Kilfian (9-8). "The Predator" Vanda hits too hard for modest Kilfian. Despite the height and reach advantages and an early effort from Kilfian to exchange bombs it was never going to be a long fight. A right and a left hook finished Kilfian in the third. Vanda, 33, won his first 31 fights, but has found it tougher against better opposition, although he did take Julio Cesar Chavez Jr to a split verdict in their first fight. Kilfian has lost 6 of his last 7 by KO/TKO. Urheilutalo, Finland:Middle: Timo Laine (5-1) W PTS 10 Kai Kauramaki (18-18). Super Middle: Niko Jokinen (15-0) W TKO 4 Andrejus Cepuras (3-5). In his first ten round fight Laine, 27, wins vacant Finnish title with majority verdict over 44-year-old "Ironman" Kauramaki. Scores 99-92, 97-94 and 95-95. Lanky prospect Jokinen remains unbeaten with a stoppage over Lithuanian Cepuras. Jokinen, 23, represented Finland at both the World Junior and World Senior championships

November 12

Las Vegas, USA: Welter: Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2) W PTS 12 Juan Manuel Marquez (53-5-1). Light Welter: Tim Bradley (28-0,1ND) W TKO 8 Joel Casamayor (38-5-1). Super Feather: Juan Carlos Burgos (29-1) W PTS 10 Luis Cruz (19-1). Light Welter: Mike Alvarado (32-0) W TKO 10 Breidis Prescott (24-4).Welter: Dennis Laurente (41-4-5) W KO 7 Ayi Bruce (20-5). Super Fly: Fernando Lumacad (25-3-3) W PTS 8 Joseph Rios (10-6-2). Light Welter: Jose Benavidez (14-0) W PTS 6 Sam Santana (4-5-2). This fight did not produce the fireworks that were expected, and also produced more questions than answers. For once Pacquiao put in a less than sterling performance, but walked away with a hotly disputed majority verdict. In a technical battle Pacquiao had the edge in speed, scored consistently with his right jab and was the busier fighter, but Marquez was scoring the harder punches, particularly some eye-catching uppercuts and combinations. It was the last four rounds which swung this fight Pacquiao's way. Pacquiao made the better start and after four rounds the scorecards showed him in front by two points on two cards and level on the third. Marquez had the better of the middle rounds and after eight rounds one card still had Pacquiao in front by two points, but the other two had it level. What pitched it Pacquiao's way was two judges giving three of the last four rounds to Pacquiao. Scores 116-112, 115-113 and 114-114. Many felt that Marquez had been robbed. Part of that may have been disappointment at Pacquiao's less than dominant performance, but many of the rounds were close and there was going to be controversy whichever way it went. Pacquiao is now 2-0-1 in his three bout series with Marquez (a split decision a draw and now a majority decision), but the stock of Marquez climbed a few more notches, and Pacquiao's dropped a few. Pacquiao, 32, may have moved his fight with Floyd Mayweather closer with this display. When they met Mayweather floored Marquez and beat him by 9, 11 and 13 points on the judges cards. There is already talk of a fourth fight, and it would be a big draw than this. World title fight No 16 for 32-year-old Pacquiao, who was making his fourth defence of his WBO title, and No 13 for 38-year-old Marquez the current real WBA and WBO lightweight champion. Bradley demolishes veteran Casamayor. It was not a pretty fight with the 40-year-old Cuban southpaw holding, slipping and sliding to avoid the attacks of Desert Storm". Bradley, 28, was on top from the start pressurising Casamayor. As Bradley began to walk Casamayor down the Cuban lost a point in the fourth for holding. In the fifth a shot to the body floored Casamayor, but he saw out the round. Casamayor was down again in the sixth, but more from a push than a punch. The end was near, and after handing out more punishment in the seventh, Bradley floored Casamayor again in the eighth. Again Casamayor got up but as Bradley started handing out more pain the towel came flying in from the Cuban's corner. Fourth defence of his WBO title by Bradley who is hoping to get the next shot at Pacquiao. Puerto Rican hope Cruz has his world title ambitions dented by Burgos. Mexican Burgos, 23, got off to better start as after an even first round he hurt Cruz with hooks in both the second and third rounds. Cruz started to counter well from the fourth. The fight was evenly balanced but from the seventh Cruz was fighting with his right eye almost swollen shut. They battled it out down the stretch with Burgos catching the eye with his left hooks and doing enough to win the majority decision. Scores 98-92, 97-93 and 95-95. This was the third win for Burgos since losing to Hozumi Hasegawa for the vacant WBC feather title in November 2010, and he wins the NABO title in this higher division. Cruz was the top rated contender by the IBF, No 2 with the WBO and No 4 with the WBC, so this was a big set back for the 26-year-old "El Artesan". Last gasp effort by Alvarado saves his unbeaten record. Alvarado, 31, made a slow start and Colombian Prescott took the first two rounds with his better boxing. Alvarado had a better third, but in the fourth a right from Prescott opened a bad cut over Alvarado's left eye. By the end of the round Alvarado also had a swelling under the same eye. By the end of the ninth Alvarado was in more trouble, bleeding from his nose and mouth and behind on all three cards-87-84 twice and 86-85. He needed a kayo to win, but Prescott had shown signs of tiring over the previous two rounds. Just before mid way in the tenth Alvarado nailed Prescott with a left-right-left combination and Prescott went down. He made it to his feet, but Alvarado unleashed another series of power punches (stats showed Alvarado scoring with 28 power punches in the round) and the referee stopped the fight. Prescott was rated No 6 by the WBA and Alvarado No 11, but now "Mile High" has put himself in the title picture. Prescott, 28, is 3-4 in his last seven fights, but his losses have been to Miguel Vazquez, Kevin Mitchell, Paul McCloskey and now Alvarado. Filipino veteran Laurente, 34, rated No 9 by the WBC, made it 17 wins in a row as he finished off Ghana's Bruce with a southpaw right in the seventh. The Filipino was always in command and just when it seemed that he was on his way to a comfortable points win he produced a stunning left to put Bruce down for the count. Philippines champion Laurente, a pro since 1994, now has 22 wins by KO/TKO. "Bruce Lee" Bruce has a win over Shamone Alvarez, but now has two back-to-back losses by KO/TKO, having been stopped by Gabriel Rosado in July. Lumacad started the evening well for the Philippines as he took a unanimous decision over Rios. Lumacad had Rios down in both the second and fifth rounds. Rios always bounced back but could not do enough to overcome the two 10-8 rounds. Scores 78-72, 77-74 and 77-73. "Trigger" Lumacad, 25, has lost on the road to tough opposition in Jorge Arce, Wandee Singwancha and Mexican Juan Jose Montes, but has won his last four. Texan Rios, 29, had been unbeaten in his last four going in. Red hot prospect Benavidez has nothing to beat in Santana, but still looks impressive. In the first round the 19-year-old former National Golden Gloves champion almost had Santana out scoring two knockdowns. Santana was down again in the second and a body punch put him down again in the fourth. The 26-year-old Puerto Rican showed guts to get to the last bell. Benavidez wins on scores of 60-50 from all three officials. Oldham, England: Welter: Denton Vassell (19-0) W PTS 12 Samuel Colomban (20-4). Cruiser: Matty Askin (12-0) W TKO 3 Roman Kracik (33-8-1). Light: Paul Truscott (18-2) W TKO 5 Graeme Higginson (13-10- 1). Testing fight for 27-year-old Vassell as he retains Commonwealth title in his second defence. Vassell took first couple of rounds by being busier than Colomban. The Cameroon fighter had some success in the third and the bonus of Vassell losing a point for low blows. The fourth was also a good one for Colomban as a cut opened up over the left eye of Vassell. Vassell started picking up rounds again with his higher work rate and accuracy and built a lead as the Australian-based Colomban tired. Colomban tried to step up the pace over the last two rounds, but Vassell had it won by then. Scores 116-11 twice and 117-112. Two tough defences in a row for Vassell who outpointed previously unbeaten Namibian Bethuel Ushona in March. Colomban, who represented Cameroons under his real last name of Kaldjob at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, had won ten in a row since losing to world rated Wale Omotoso in 2008. "Assassin" Askin wins again. The 22-yer-old Central Area champion takes the first two rounds against veteran Kracik. In the third a volley of punches from Askin drove 40-year-old Kracik to the ropes and after savoring some heavy rights Kracik turned away and the referee stopped the fight. Eight wins by KO/TKO for the 6'4" Askin. Kracik lost only one of first 31 fights, but is well on his way down the slope now. Slick display of boxing from former Commonwealth champion Truscott. He is too fast for Higginson mixing his punches from head to body and avoiding Higginson's attacks. Higginson's corner retires their man at the end of the fifth. Five wins in a row for Truscott. Higginson was 6-2 in his last eight fights. Manchester, England: Heavy: Tyson Fury (17-0) W TKO 3 Neven Pajkic (16-1). Welter: Adil Anwar (13-1) W TKO 8 James Finn (10-1-1. Welter: Lenny Daws (22-2-2) W PTS 6 Stuart Green (15-12). Super Middle: Chris Eubank Jr (1-0) W TKO 4 Kirilas Psonko (8-16-1). Fury climbs off the floor to stop Pajkic and retain his Commonwealth title. Another roller coaster ride with the 6'9" Fury. Fury tentative with his jabs in the first. Pajkic's tactics consisted of crudely rushing with his head down and both fists flying and it was an untidy first round. The second started out the same except that Fury was letting his punches go. However, as he moved in to throw a punch he was slammed to the canvas with an over arm right from Pajkic. Fury got up quickly and took the standing eight count, but he was badly shaken. Pajkic went wild looking to land another haymaker, but Fury held and dodged was caught by another wild right, but before Pajkic could follow-up the bell rang. Fury came out for the third and finally used his huge reach advantage and had Pajkic holding on. As Pajkic tried another one of his rushes he was nailed with a huge right uppercut and went down. He got up and took the eight count but his legs were wobbly. Fury nailed him with anther hard combination and the Canadian went down again. He was all at sea, and when another right had him staggering the referee stopped the fight. Tyson, WBC No 11 has eleven wins by KO/TKO, but it has to be a worry that he has been in trouble against Nicolai Firtha and Pajkic, neither of whom are rated as punchers, and in each case it was a right to his unprotected chin. At 23 he is still young for a heavyweight, but he has to correct that flaw before he meets a puncher. Pajkic, 34, who bitterly contested the stoppage, was disappointing as he looked a crude swinger, but he is Canadian champion and has beaten Grzegorz Kielska, Jason Gavern and Firtha. "The Platinum Kid" Anwar won the English title with a stoppage of Finn. Twelve wins in a row now for Anwar. Former British light welter champion Daws returns with a win. Eubank Junior shows many of his father's moves and looks a real prospect, but Psonko was decidedly pacifist, and hardly ever dropped his high guard to throw a punch. The Lithuanian was never in trouble, but the referee decided to stop the one-sided target practice in the fourth. Viedma, Argentina: Middle: Billi Godoy (24-0) W TKO 1 Luciano Silva (17-2). A right cross from Godoy puts Brazilian Silva down. He gets up but is ready for the taking and a series of hooks dumps him down by the bottom rope and the fight is stopped without a count. The 25-year-old Argentinian champion retains the WBC Latino and wins the vacant WBO Latino title. He now has 13 wins by KO/TKO. Silva, 30, who turned pro in the USA, had been kayoed in two rounds by Elvin Perez for the WBC Latino light middle title in February. Verviers, Belgium: Bantam: Stephane Jamoye (22-3) W KO 4 Julio Buitrago (11-11,1ND). Super Middle: Dimtri Sartison (28-1) W PTS 8 Arturs Kuliauskis (7-12-2). Light Welter: Steve Jamoye (8-0) W PTS 6 Sergio Jose Olivas (12-4). This show was billed as "The brothers of the Ring", the two Jamoyes are twins. Stephane has an easy win over poor Nicaraguan Buitrago. Stephane boxed well behind his jab and found the wild swinging Buitrago an easy target. Southpaw Buitrago, 25, did some clowning early on, but by the third was looking for the exit door, and went down theatrically claiming a low blow. The referee was unimpressed and told Buitrago to fight on. In the fourth Buitrago suddenly stepped back claiming to have suffered a blow to his eye. Again the referee was not impressed and picked up the count and counted Buitrago out on his feet. Again Jamoye shows what a skilful little boxer he is. Buitrago without a win in his last seven fights. Poor display by WBA No 1 Sartison. The Kazak-born fighter was coming back after almost 16 months out from a serious knee injury, and struggled against late sub Kuliauskis having to settle for a majority verdict. The 21-year-old southpaw took the first two rounds boxing on the outside and scoring well with both hands. Sartison, 31, finally got into the fight in the third and then dominated the action. Scores 79-77, 78-75 and 77-77. Six wins for Sartison since losing on a last round stoppage to Mikkel Kessler for the WBA title in 2008. Steve Jamoye had a more difficult task than Stephen as he needed all of his skill, a higher work rate, and quite a bit of determination to over come dangerous Nicaraguan Olivas. Steve won a wide unanimous decision, scores of 60-55 from all three judges, to keep his unbeaten record intact. Olivas, 33, returned to action this year after almost seven years out of the ring. Villeurbanne, France: Light Middle: Michel Soro (18-0) W TKO 6 Sergei Melis (18-7). Super Middle: Hakim Zoulikha (16-2) W PTS 8 Anouar Boumejjane (9-7). Soro, 22, please hometown fans with stoppage of Estonian Melis. Soro wins all the way and in the sixth a left to the body puts Melis down. Two more knockdowns see the fight stopped. Eleven wins by KO/TKO for Soro. "The Baltic King" Melis, 29, is 5-7 in his last twelve fight, all the losses to good opposition. Zoulikha, 25, makes it 13 wins in a row with unanimous verdict over Boumejjane. Gdynia, Poland: Cruiser: Pawel Kolodziej (29-0) W TKO 2 Mauro Ordiales (26-9): Heavy: Andrzej Wawrzyk (24-0) W TKO 2 Nelson Dominguez (11-1-1). Welter: Rafal Jackiewicz (39-10-1) W PTS 6 Andre Deobald (4-2-2). WBA No 2 Kolodziej had little to beat in Argentinian. In the first round Kolodziej only followed Ordiales round and threw a few jabs, and Ordiales did even less. In the second a punch/push sent Ordiales down. He did not seem hurt, and then actually started to throw a few punches. Suddenly a hard right over the top put Ordiales down heavily. He got up and took the eight count and was ready to fight on when the towel was thrown in. The 33-year-old Pole retains his WBA International title and has 17 wins by KO/TKO. Ordiales, 36 now has eight losses by KO/TKO. Wawrzyk at 6'5" tall towered over the stocky little Argentinian, and it looks like a man versus a chubby little boy. Dominguez had some success in the first round leaping in with left hooks to the body and overhand rights. In the last 20 seconds of the round Wawrzyk comes to life and hurts Dominguez with a right. Wawrzyk comes out looking to finish it in the second. As Dominguez turns away from a Wawrzyk attack he is floored with a right that landed on the side of his head. Dominguez started to walk back to his corner claiming a rabbit punch, but then decided to fight on. A thunderous right inside from Wawrzyk flattened Dominguez and no count needed. The Pole wins vacant WBA International title. He has 13 wins by KO/TKO, but this was a poor match. Former undefeated European champion and IBF title challenger Jackiewicz gets back into the winning column with unanimous decision over German novice, but does not impress, and Deobald gave him a tough fight. Jackiewicz was stopped in six rounds by Kell Brook in October. Cleveland, USA: Feather: Mark Davis (16-0) W PTS 10 Memo Sanchez (13-4-1). Former top amateur Davis, 24, moves up to the ten round distance and wins vacant WBC USNBC title with unanimous verdict over Puerto Rican Sanchez. Davis won the US amateur championships in 2005 and 2006. Southpaw Sanchez, 24, is 2-4-1 in his last seven fights. Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia:Super Middle: Max Vlasov (22-1) W TKO 3 Roman Shkarupa (24-3-2). Cruiser: Alex Kotlobay (21-2-1) W TKO 7 Mantas Tarvydas (18-11). Russian Vlasov, 25 wins vacant WBC Baltic title as he outclasses Ukrainian Shkarupa, and has him in deep trouble when the towel comes flying in. Third win for Vlasov since losing to Isaac Chilamba in February. First loss inside the distance for Shkarupa who was unbeaten in his last 13 going in. Kotlobay makes successful second defence of his WBC Baltic title with stoppage of Lithuanian. Now 15 wins by KO/TKO and only one loss in his last 16 for Kotlobay, 31, but that loss was a one round blow out by Enzo Maccarinelli for the vacant European title in April 2010. Tarvydas has lost four of his last five, all by KO/TKO.

November 18

Flemington, Australia: Middle: Sam Soliman (40-11) W PTS 12 Ermosele Albert (24-6-1). Light: Czar Amonsot (22-3-2) DRAW 12 Solomon Egberime (21-3-1). Cruiser: Brad Pitt (12-0) W TKO 5 Victor Oganov (31-5). Light Heavy: Blake Caparello (10-0-1) W TKO 7 Mike Van Nimwegen (5-2). Soliman moved a step closer to a world title fight with unanimous decision over Nigerian Albert. Albert made all of the running but Soliman counter-punched his way to victory. Spending most of the fight on then back-foot, Soliman's awkward/unorthodox style gave Albert problems that he could never solve. The fight picked up some excitement in the later rounds as Albert had some success, but Soliman was a clear winner. Scores 118-110, 117-111 and 116-112. This was listed as an IBF eliminator, but with Soliman No 6 and Albert No 14 that is stretching things a bit. Soliman is a former Australian champion at middle, super middle and cruiser, and also a former Commonwealth champion at middle. He lost to Tony Mundine Jr for the WBA secondary title at super middle in 2008. This was his fifth win since then. Albert lost a wide points decision to Daniel Geale in a title challenge for the IBF title in August, and is 2-4 in his last six fights. Filipino southpaw Amonsot, 26, and 33-year-old Nigerian Egberime, had a hard fought battle for the WBO Orient title with champion Egberime retaining his crown. It was as close a verdict as you could get with the scores being 114-113 for Egberime, 114-113 for Amonsot and 113-113. Amonsot had Egberime down in the seventh, but the draw looked a good decision. Amonsot, who lost to Michael Katsidis for the interim WBO title in 2007, is unbeaten in his last five fights, but had been inactive since September 2010. Egberime has lost only one of his last eleven fights. The 38-year-old Australian Brad "Hollywood" Pitt wins vacant IBO Asia Pacific title with stoppage of Russian-born Oganov. Pitt looking to be well in command when he is caught by hard-punching Oganov in the third and badly hurt. In the fourth a shot from Oganov lands on the back of Pitt's head is given recovery time. In the fifth a Pitt left to the body floored Oganov and although Oganov got up he made it clear that he did not want to continue the fight. Pitt, 30, the Australian champion, won a gold medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. He has ten wins by KO/TKO. Only three of Oganov's fights have lasted the distance. Southpaw Caparello wins vacant Australian title with stoppage of Van Nimwegan. Southpaw Caparell, 25, in control all the way and had Van Nimwegan out on his feet in the seventh when the referee stopped the fight. Caparello already has good wins over Mike Bolling and Joseph Kwadjoe. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Welter: Joan Guzman (31-0-1,1ND) W KO 1 Florencio Castellano (17-5). Super Feather: Argenis Mendez (19-2) W TKO 2 Alex Perez (23-43-4). Once Guzman made the weight the rest was easy. The former WBO super bantam and super feather the proceeded to flatten Colombian Castellano with a right uppercut in the first, putting him down for the count. The 35-year-old Guzman wins vacant IBF Caribbean title in his first fight since his no decision against Jason Davis in December 2010. Castellano, 31, was having his first fight since May 2010. The only other inside the distance loss the Colombian has suffered was a four round kayo against Lucas Matthysse in 2009. Mendez, 25, makes a quick return after losing to Juan Carlos Salgado for the vacant IBF title in September. Mendez takes a round to look at 39-year-old Cuban Perez then floors and halts him in second. Now 18 losses in a row for Perez. Cuxhaven, Germany: Heavy: Manuel Charr (20-0) W TKO 8 Marcelo Nascimento (15-2). Cruiser: Alex Alexeev (22-2) W TKO 8 Daniel Bruwer (22-3-1). Middle: Goekalp Oezekler (12-1) W TKO 8 Gogi Knezevic (21-4-1). Middle: Ante Bilic (26-2) W PTS 8 Geard Ajetovic (19-6-1). Syrian-born Charr, 27, has some early difficulties against the 6'5" tall Brazilian, but once he had figured out how to get inside it was one-way traffic. Nascimento was under pressure over the middle rounds and retired in his corner at the end of the eighth. Charr wins the vacant WBC International silver title. Now eleven wins by KO/TKO, including a controversial stoppage of Danny Williams in June. Nascimento, 31, was kayoed in five rounds by Tyson Fury in February. Former WBO title challenger Alexeev changes his technique to box a bit more and is successful. South African Bruwer looking to change the fight with his big right thrown from behind a high guard never gets the opportunity, and his work rate is very low. By the eighth Bruwer is bleeding from a cut by his left eye and from a cut on his lower lip. Two right uppercuts shake Bruwer and in a delayed action he walks away from Alexeev and goes down on one knee. The referee stops the fight as it is clear that Bruwer has had enough. Uzbek-born southpaw Alexeev, 30, has 20 wins by KO/TKO. He has now won his last three, but has previously lost big fights to Victor Ramirez for the vacant WBO title and to Denis Lebedev. Alexeev wins vacant WBC International title. "Billy The Kid" Bruwer is a former South African light heavy champion, who lost to Thabiso Mchunu for the South Africa cruiser title in November 2010, and had been inactive since a win in January. German Oezekler, 29, found Austrian-based Serb Knezevic a tough nut to crack. However, Oezekler, despite a cut by his right eye, was always on top and as Knezevic tired Oezekler began to hand out a steady diet of punishment. The Serb retired at the end of the eighth. Croatian Bilic, 28, looked very lucky to win a majority verdict over British-based Serb Ajetovic. Scores 78-74, 78-77 and 77-77 but Ajetovic, 30, looked worth at least a draw. Eleven wins in a row for Bilic. Ajetovic, a former European Junior champion, is 3-5 in his last eight, but in the eight losses were fights against Daniel Geale, Dmitry Pirog and Matthew Macklin. Salle Hracha, Algeria: Light Middle: Salim Larbi (17-1-1) W PTS 12 Isaac Selom (14-5-1). Light Heavy: Nadjib Mohammedi (25-3) W KO 8 Ayitey Powers (16-17-1). Larbi, 24, wins vacant WBO Inter-Continental title with a hard fought points victory over the tall Ghanaian Selom. In the early rounds Selom, 25, was coming forward and doing the pressing, but Larbi, not a noted puncher, was getting inside the long reach of Selom, boxing coolly and picking his punches. Selom was in the fight until the last two rounds when Larbi staged a strong finish to clinch the verdict. Scores 118-112, 116-114 and 115-113. Mohammedi, 26, has no trouble with veteran Powers. The Frenchman won every round and found the Ghanaian an easy target. Powers stuck around for seven rounds but was counted on his knees in the eighth. Now 14 wins by KO/TKO for Mohammedi who lost on points to Nat Cleverly for the interim WBO title in December, and was stopped in two rounds by Dmitry Sukhotsky in October. Powers, 31, is 3-10 in his last 13 fights. Powers lost to Richard Williams for the Commonwealth light middle title in 2004 and to James Toney for the Commonwealth middleweight title in the same year. Bleriot-Plage, France: Super Feather: Romain Jacob (14-0) W PTS 10 Sylvain Chapelle (8-13-2). Despite injuring his right hand in the second round, Jacob retains French title in his first defence. Having the advantage in both size and speed, once Jacob had injured his right he had to keep Chapelle out with his jab, only using the right sparingly. Chapelle started well, but was never able to sustain his attacks, although some of the early rounds were close. Scores 99-91, 97-93 and 97-95 with the second score looking the most accurate. First defence of his national title for 23-year-old Jacob. Fourth loss in a row for 25-year-old Chapelle Sant'Angelo in Vado, Italy: Light Middle: Emanuele Della Rosa (28-1) W PTS 12 Jozsef Matolcis (30-17-1). Cruiser: Mirko Larghetti (15-0) W TKO 6 Laszlo Hubert (30-10). Good display of skill from Della Rosa. In the past he would have gladly stood tot-to-toe with Matolcsi, but he has matured, and controlled the fight with his jab and showed improved technical ability. Hungarian Matolcis, 36, tried to force the fight, but Della Rosa had all the answers and boxed his way to a wide unanimous verdict. Scores 119-110 twice and 119-109. Second defence of his WBC International title for "Ruspa". Della Rosa beat Matolcis over six rounds in June 2010. His only defeat is to Sebastian Zbik for the WBC interim title in December 2009. Only one win in his last six for Matolcis. Local hero Larghetti, 28, is too strong for journeyman Hubert. The Hungarian southpaw gives his usual gutsy show, but Larghetti walks him down. Hubert tires and is floored twice in the fifth. Larghetti continues the bombardment in the sixth and floors Hubert with a right hook. The Hungarian gets up, but is down on his knees again almost immediately, and the fight is stopped. In his first bout scheduled for more than six rounds, Larghetti wins WBC International Silver title and makes it eight wins by KO/TKO. Hubert, 36, is 4-4 in his last eight fights, with all of them ending inside the distance. Mexico City, Mexico: Welter: Cosme Rivera (34-14-3,1ND) W PTS 12 Antonio Pitalua (52-6-1). Rivera finally gets a win over Pitalua at the third time of asking. The "younger" Rivera (35 to Pitalua's 41) Rivera decided to box his way to victory. He fought a clever defensive fight never letting Pitalua get into his stride. Rivera's accurate counter-punching nullified the big punch of the Mexican-based Colombian. The scores of 119-109 twice and 117-111 tell the story. Rivera lost to Zab Judah for the IBF/WBA/WBC welter titles in 2005. Pitalua lost to Artur Grigorian for the WBO light in 2000 and to Edwin Valero for the vacant WBC title in 2009. Rivera and Pitalua first met in 1999 when Pitalua won the decision. Their second meeting was in September this year, more than twelve years later, and it ended in a draw. Mexico City, Mexico: Super Feather: Gamaliel Diaz (34-9-2) W TKO 2 Adriel Juzaino (18-10-2). Super Feather: Edgar Riovalle (33-12-1) W TKO 5 Enrique Mercado (7-6). Diaz just overpowers poor Juzaino. Despite a big advantage in height southpaw Juzaino absorbs heavy punishment throughout the first spending most of his time on the ropes trying to block the punches. Same in the second and with Juzaino getting rocked repeatedly with punches from both hands the referee stops the fight with three seconds of the round remaining. WBC NO 7 Diaz makes it eleven wins in a row and the seventh defence of his WBC Cabofe title. Juzaino is 22-6 in his last eight. Mexican champion Riovalle stops game Enrique Mercado in five rounds. Riovalle was always on top in this one, but Mercado soaked up the punishment. Finally at the start of the fifth round the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. Riovalle, 24, has 22 wins by KO/TKO and has won his last six fights. Auckland, New Zealand: Light Heavy: Soulan Pownceby (18-0-1) W TKO 4 Peter Tovi'o (2-11-1). Cruiser: Vaitele Soi (19-0) W TKO 1 Filipo Masoe (2-3). Samoan late sub Tovi'o no match for Pownceby, and takes a beating before fight stopped at the end of the fourth. The 36-year-old Pownceby retains his WBO Asia Pacific title. The 35-year-old Tovi'o has lost his last 8 fights, 6 by KO/TKO. Another very poor match sees Samoan Soi padding his record with a stoppage of New Zealander Masoe. Now 14 wins by KO/TKO for 24-year-old Soi, but his last two victims have had combined records of 2-3 going in. London, England: Light Heavy: Enzo Maccarinelli (33-5) W TKO 1 Gyorgy Marosi (12-1). Cruiser: Tony Conquest (8-0) W PTS 10 Toks Owah (20-6). Former WBO cruiser champion Maccarinelli moves down to light heavy and blows away previously unbeaten Hungarian. Maccarinelli started fast throwing heavy jabs and thumping home rights, and the Hungarian super middleweight champion had no chance to get into the fight. A left hook drove the Hungarian back to the ropes. A follow-up right had Marosi helpless and the referee stepped in to save him. The 6'4", 31-year-old Welshman looked fast and comfortable at the weight in his first fight since suffering a brutal kayo loss to Alex Frenkel in September 2008. "The Conqueror wins the vacant Southern Area title with wide unanimous verdict over Owah. From the outset Conquest, 27, found Owah an easy target. For four rounds it was Conquest busier and more accurate in his work, but Owah banging back to stay in the fight. Conquest had a big round in the fifth and from then it was a case of a tiring 39-year-old Owah surviving to the end. Referees score 99-91. Tokyo, Japan: Bantam: Ryosuke Iwasa (10-1) W PTS 10 Zerofit Jerope Zuiyama (24-3-3). Straw: Takuya Mitamura (11-0) W PTS 10 Takashi Kunishige (22-7-2). Twenty-one-year-old southpaw Iwasa wins the Japanese title at the second attempt. The tall classy southpaw took the early rounds with his skilful work and scored a flash knockdown in the fifth. Filipino Jerope tried to turn the tide in the sixth and seventh, but Iwasa took the last two rounds to win on scores of 98-92 twice and 97-92. Iwasa, an outstanding amateur, could have been fight for the WBC title. In March he was well in front of defending national champion Shinsuke Yamanaka, only to fade and be stopped in the final round. Last month Yamanaka beat Christian Esquivel for the vacant WBC title. Iwasa was a top amateur and will almost certainly get a world title shot some time down the road. The least said about the Mitamura vs. Kunishige fight the better. It was boring, lackluster fight. There were too many clinches and not enough fighting. Mitamura won the vacant Japanese title on scores of 98-93, 97-94 and 96-94. Miami, USA:Light Middle: Charles Whittaker (38-12-2) W PTS 12 Giorbis Barthelemy (25-9-2). Cruiser: Yunier Dorticos (13-0) W TKO 3 Livin Castillo (16-10). Light Middle: Antwone Smith (21-3-1) W PTS 8 Yoryi Estrella (10-7-2). Light: Yuandale Evans (16-0) W TKO 3 Andres Ledesma (16-19-1). A poor fight saw Cayman Islander Whittaker, 37, win a comfortable victory over 39-year-old Cuban southpaw Barthelemy. The styles just did not mix well, and there were long periods when neither fighter was working hard. "Killa" Whittaker has lost only one of his last 24 fights, but this was only his second fight in 18 months. It was advertised as an eliminator for the No 2 spot in the IBF ratings, but Whittaker is rated No 15 and Barthelemy No 10! Dorticos, 25, wins his 13th fight, but flirts with disqualification. Dorticos scoring with heavy rights in the first, but is lucky to only lose one point for a punch to the back of Ecuadorian Castillo's head. Dorticos again the one getting through with heavy shots in the second, but lands a punch after the bell. In round three the unbeaten Cuban is again handing out punishment and with nothing coming back from Castillo the fight is stopped. After the stoppage the referee then claims that Dorticos punched him on the back of the head whilst his head was turned to the Commission's table. Stupid, but Dorticos gets his 13th win by KO/TKO. He needs four more consecutive wins by KO/TKO to pass the record for a Cuban boxer. The record is currently jointly held by Florentino Fernandez and Jose Luis Gonzalez. Castillo, 35, has lost 5 of his last 6 fights. Smith bounces back from controversial loss to Kermit Cintron in August with unanimous decision over Dominican Estrella. Prospect "Money Shot" Evans beats veteran trial horse Ledesma at the end of the third. Evans, 22, looks a good prospect. He has 12 wins by KO/TKO including 7 in his last eight fights. Colombian Ledesma has lost 8 of his last nine.

November 19

Houston, USA: Middle: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (44-0-1-1ND) W TKO 5 Peter Manfredo Jr (37-7). Light Middle: Joshua Clottey (36-4) W TKO 2 Calvin Green (21-7-1). Light Middle: Jose Pinzon (20-2-1) W PTS 8 Larry Smith (10-8). Mickey Bey Jr (18-0) W PTS 8 Hector Velasquez (51-17-3,1ND). Welter: Wale Omotoso (20-0) W PTS 8 Lanardo Tyner (25-5-2). Light Heavy: Marcus Johnson (21-1) W PTS 6 Bill Bailey (11-13). JCC Jr. may just be on his way to emerging from the shadow of his father. In the first defence of his WBC title Chavez Jr. showed a dominant jab, good lateral movement and strong right hand punching. Manfredo was behind from the start, but never stopped pressing. However, when he did get Chavez to trade, he was caught with hard rights inside. Manfredo got through with some rights of his own in the third and fourth, but Chavez showed a good chin. In the fifth Manfredo was caught with a hard right and was visibly staggered. Chavez jumped on him, and although not finding the one big punch to put Manfredo away, Chavez was getting through with some heavy shots. With Manfredo not throwing anything back the fight was stopped. Now 31 wins by KO/TKO for 25-year-old Chavez, who showed some of his defensive faults, but some improving skills. Manfredo, one week exactly short of his 31st birthday, just can't win a big fight. Joe Calzaghe stopped him in three rounds for the WBO super middle title in 2007 and he has also lost to Sakio Bika, Jeff Lacy and Sergio Mora. He had won his last six fights, but had been inactive since January. Clottey returns with a win. In his first fight since putting up a poor performance against Manny Pacquiao in March 2010, the 34-year-old Ghanaian had a look at Green in the first and then forced the finish in the second with a left hook and right to the chin. The former undefeated IBF welter champion, with his win over Zab Judah and a split decision loss to Miguel Cotto, will make an interesting addition to the light middle scene. Green, 33, has lost four of his last five fights. All by KO/TKO. A poor fight sees Mexican Pinzon, 24, get a needed win and "Slow Motion" Smith live up to his nickname. Pinzon has Smith down in the third but has to go the distance. Scores 79-72 from all three judges. Second win for Pinzon since losing to Pawel Wolak in December. Smith has lost six of his last seven. Bey, 28, continues to win, but again makes hard work of it. Bey's better skills and hand speed seem him picking up points in all rounds except the second. In the second Bey went down on his knees after a hard shot from veteran Velasquez. Bey got up, but was badly shaken, and only just survived the round. After that Bey went back to his boxing and took the unanimous verdict on score of 78-73, 77-74 and 76-75. Only 17 fights in six years is a poor return for someone who was an outstanding amateur. Velazquez, 36, is no pushover. Although he has won only one of his last eight fights, two of those were world title fights. Good test for 26-year-old Omotoso as Tyner takes him the distance. The tough Nigerian started slowly but then picked-up the pace and began wearing down Tyner. Omotoso wanted to keep the fight on the outside and generally succeeded. Tyner showed he had a sound chin, and hurt Omotoso with rights in the sixth, but never looked like winning. Scores 79-73 twice and 78-74. Omotoso, a former undefeated Australian champion, was inactive for almost ten months whilst relocating from Australia, and this was his second win in the US. Texan Tyler, 36, kept his record of never losing inside the distance despite having faced Lamont Peterson, Mika Arnaoutis and Saul Alvarez. He holds a stoppage win over Antwone Smith. "Too Much" Johnson, 26, returns for the first time in seven months with a win. Johnson much too good for Bailey and takes every round. First fight for former US amateur champion since being floored and outpointed by Dyah Davis in April. Johnson beat Anthony Dirrell twice in the US Olympic trials, but lost out to Andre Ward. Bailey, 33, has lost 8 of his last 9. Los Mochis, Mexico: Super Bantam: Victor Terrazas (32-2-1) W PTS 12 Fernando Montiel (46-4-2). Middle: Jorge Cota (19-0-1) W TKO 8 Luis Ramon Campos (99-16-1). Light: Jose Felix Jr (19-0-1) W PTS 8 Tadeo Cerecer. Terrazas gets upset victory. A painful night for Montiel. He starts well but slowly gets broken down. Terrazas scores a knockdown in the fifth with a right to the jaw. Montiel has to soak up punishment in a painful eighth. By this time Montiel is showing signs of wear. Cut over both eyes and with swellings also hampering his vision. Like a real champion, despite the handicaps, Montiel fights hard over the closing rounds to try to close the points gap, but just fails. Scores 115-112, 115-113 and 114-113. Despite all of the facial injuries and the big rounds for Terrazas it was the knockdown that separated the fighters on the scorecards, but there were periods when the referee would have been justified in stopping the fight due to those injuries. Big win for 23-year-old Ceja. "The Demon" is just too young and too quick for the 40-year-old former IBF light middle champion. "Yori Boy" is almost a stationary target for the fast hands and sharp jab of Ceja. With Campas never in the fight, and taking a steady beating, the referee stops the fight. All of Ceja's wins have come by KO/TKO (local reports credit him with 13 wins by KO/TKO). Campas, who had won his last seven fights, was trying to make it 100 wins, but maybe next time. Felix, 19, has an easy night against modest Cerecer. Has Cerecer down in the seventh, but has to settle for the unanimous decision. Sydney, Australia: Feather: Billy Dib (33-1,1ND) W KO 1 Alberto Servidie (31-1-2). Cruiser: Danny Price (9-3-2) W PTS 8 James Chan (5-10-2). Super Feather: Paul Fleming (12-0) W TKO 2 Sonny Manakane (14-11-3). Dib gets the job done in quick time. After 30 seconds of studying Servidie he starts throwing hard shots to the body. The Italian makes the mistake of backing to the ropes. Two rights see Servidie slump down against the ropes and touch the canvas with his gloves. The referee does not rule it a knockdown but Servidie is obviously hurt. Dib, 26, moves in. A hard right to the head opens up Servidie, a left to the body puts him down again, and the Italian makes no real effort to get up. For Dib it is the first defence of the IBF title he won by beating Jorge Lacierva in July. Southpaw Servidie, 36, is a former undefeated Italian and European champion. In a non-title fight Price, 31, the WBU champion, wins a clear unanimous verdict over Chan. The bigger man in both height and weight, and with a better work rate, Price is in control all the way. Chan has some success with body punches, but never really in the fight. Scores 80-72 from all three judges. "Showtime" Fleming has no trouble with poor Indonesian. Two knockdowns see the fight stopped in the second. The 23-year-old southpaw is one of the best prospects in Australia. Now nine wins by KO/TKO for Fleming who represented Australia at the 2007 World Championships and the 2008 Olympics. One win in his seven for Manakane. Johannesburg, South Africa: Heavy: Mike Grant (48-4) W KO 12: Frans Botha (48-6-3,1ND). Light Welter: Ali Funeka (31-3-3) W PTS 12 Zolani Marali (21-5). Super Feather: Malcolm Klassen (25-5-2) W PTS 12 Daniel Lomeli (21-3). Bantam: Lubabalo Msuthu (13-2-1) W PTS 12 Dennis Tubieron (12-1-1). Cruiser: Ilunga Makabu (10-1) W TKO 11 Pedro Otas (23-2). Welter: Mthobisi Buthelezi (11-1) W TKO 7 Gerald Nekhubvi (5-1-1).Grant pulls the fight out of the fire with a last round kayo of Botha. Not a great deal of skill on show and too much clinching and wrestling. "The White Buffalo" Botha gets the better start, and Grant looks pedestrian and tentative and making no use of his 6'7" height to outbox Botha. The South African, 43, builds big lead through the middle rounds and seems to have nailed down the win with a strong eleventh round. Perhaps overconfident after shaking Grant in the eleventh, Botha goes looking for Grant. With less than a minute to go in the fight Grant lands a string of punches. Botha staggers back across the ring and goes down heavily with his head half way through the bottom rope. His corner try to push his head back inside the ropes in an attempt to help him get up, but Botha is still slumped prone as the ten is counted. Grant, 39, makes it 36 wins by KO/TKO and wins the WBFederation title. Grant has made a habit of losing the big fights, being kayoed in two rounds by Lennox Lewis in 2000 for the WBC and IBF titles and losing to Jameel McCline (43 seconds), Dominick Guinn and Tomasz Adamek. Botha has had a controversial career. At one time he won the IBF title by beating Axel Schulze only to test positive for steroids. It was also alleged that he again tested positive when he defended his WBFederation title against Pedro Carrion in Germany. The "win" over Schulz was as close as Botha has come to a real world title, as he lost to Michael Moorer, Lennox Lewis and Wladimir Klitschko in world title fights. He had lost his WBF title to Evander Holyfield in April 2010, but came back in June this year with a stoppage of Flo Simba. Former IBF lightweight title champion Ali Funeka returns to action and wins vacant WBFederation title, but it was not a popular decision. Marali always seemed to be a step ahead of the rusty Funeka despite losing a point for holding in the sixth. When he floored Funeka in the eleventh it seemed that southpaw Marali had wrapped up the verdict. The judges gave it to Funeka on scores of 116-112, 115-111 and 112-115. First fight for Funeka since losing to Joan Guzman for the IBF light title in March 2010, after which he was given a ban for testing positive for a diuretic. Marali, 34, has won a string of titles with South African, IBO and the WBFederation. After losing three out of four IBO title fights he was inactive for six months until beating prospect Kgotla Baeti in April 2010. This was his first fight since then. Former IBF champion Klassen, in his first fight for over two years, showed touches of his old skill as he out boxed Mexican Lomeli. Lomeli tried hard, but could never match the class of Klassen, and the unanimous decision gave Klassen the vacant WBFederation title. The 29-year-old Klassen gave Roberto Guerrero a good fight when losing his IBF title to him in August 2008, and can once more get himself in the mix. Lomeli, 26, has a good chin. His previous defeats were to former WBC feather champ Cesar Soto and world rated Eduardo Escobedo. Southpaw Msuthu also looked very lucky to get split decision over young Filipino Tubieron. The 21-year-old "Scorpion" looked to have won the fight easily and the decision was loudly booed. Msuthu, 28, making the second defence of his WBFederation title. Makuba from the DCR had an easy time with yet another Brazilian with a heavily padded record. Makabu just wore down the limited Brazilian and almost toyed with him before the fight was stopped in the eleventh. After losing his first fight on a one round stoppage, the Congolese fighter has won ten by KO/TKO, but like Otas, very poor opposition. Otas, 31, a former Brazilian cruiser champion, had lost in eight rounds to Jackson Junior for the Brazilian light heavy title in his last fight in August. Nekhubvi had sprung a surprise when he kayoed former Commonwealth champion Ali Nuumbembe in two rounds in April 2010 for the WBO African title. However, that was his last fight, so he had quite a bit of rust to shake off. Buthelezi was in the same position not having had a fight since losing a close decision to Stefan Stefanovic in Serbia in October 2009. It was "The Terminator" Buthelezi who came out on top as he stopped Nekhubvi in the seventh. Seven wins by KO/TKO for Buthelezi who will hope to be more active. . Villa Del Tortoral, Argentina: Super Fly: Roberto Sosa (22-0) W TKO 2 Tadeu Pantoja (11-2). Argentinian champion Sosa hits too hard for modest Brazilian flyweight champion Pantoja. "Incho" Sosa looking to finish the outclassed Brazilian in the first, but just fails to nail Pantoja. Two minutes into the second a right to the jaw has Pantoja staggering and the towel comes in before Sosa can apply the finish. Now 13 wins by KO/TKO for the Argentinian champion. Seven of Pantoja's opponents had never previously had a fight and three more had never won one. Acapulco, Mexico: Light Welter: Roberto Ortiz (22-0) W TKO 6 Carlos Urias (45-22-1). Bantam: Hugo Cazares (36-7-2) W TKO 7 Adan Garcia (17-6-1). Ortiz gradually breaks down veteran Urias. The first four rounds are fairly even. The constant aggression and hard punching of Ortiz pays off in the sixth when a body shot puts Urias down. Urias beats the count, but is stopped when caught with another barrage. "Massa" Ortiz, 25, retains his WBC Silver title and has 19 wins by KO/TKO, including a four round pounding of previously unbeaten Antonio Lozada Jr. Certainly one to watch. Only 2 wins in his last 7 fights for 36-year-old Urias. Brave Garcia gives. "El Incredible" Cazares a tough night. Garcia gave Cazares all he could handle and on a couple of occasions Cazares had to use all of his southpaw skills and experience to stay out of trouble. Cazares took over in the fourth flooring Garcia and kept the pressure on. When Garcia went down from a left in the seventh the referee stopped the fight. Former WBO light fly and WBA super fly champion Cazares, 33, has taken part in 15 world title fights and has 27 wins by KO/TKO. Garcia, 21, had lost only one of his last 12, to Salvador Sanchez, and won nine of those twelve fights by KO/TKO. Mazatlan, Mexico: Light Fly: Jose Alfredo Rodriguez (28-0) W PTS 12 Nethra (27-2). Super Bantam: Mikayl Arreola (19-0) W DIS 4 German Meraz (34-22-1,1ND). Super Feather: Oscar Cortes (18-0) W TKO 7 Charly Valdez (14-12-1). Super Bantam: Horacio Garcia (17-0-0) W TKO 5 Edgar Martinez (7-3)."Torito" wins vacant WBA interim title with split verdict over Thai Nethra. Nethra lost a point as early as the first round for a low blow. Local fighter Rodriguez tested the chin of the Thai over the first half of the fight. He was scoring with heavy rights and left hooks and despite being cut in a clash of heads in the fourth, looked to be on his way to a comfortable victory. A big right from Nethra in the seventh had Rodriguez badly shaken. Nethra again lost a point in the seventh for a low blow and Rodriguez was now on the back foot and trying to keep the fight at a distance. Nethra staged a strong finish, but Rodriguez got the split decision. Scores 114-112, 113-111, 111-114. This fight was a big step-up for the 22-year-old local. Nethra, 29, had won his last ten since losing to Juan Reveco for the vacant WBA secondary title in 2007. Arreola remained unbeaten after Meraz was disqualified for holding in the fourth. Cortes, 18, continues to look a hot prospect as he stopped late sub Valdez to win the WBC Youth title. Cortes, who turned pro at 16, has eleven wins by KO/TKO. "Violento" Garcia, 21, makes it 13 wins by KO/TKO as he batters Martinez, another late sub, in the fourth, and forces the stoppage early in the fifth. Kharkov, Ukraine: Light Welter: Serhiy Fedchenko (29-1) W PTS 12 Willy Blain (24-2). Light: Valentyn Holovko (15-0) W TKO 3 Kakhaber Avetisian (20-16-1). Light Heavy: Viacheslav Uzelkov (25-1) W TKO 4 Dzmitri Adamovich (7-27). Welter: Viktor Plotnykov (26-1) W PTS 8 George Ungiadze (17-11). Welter: Valeriy Brazhnyk (27-0-1) W PTS 8 David Makaradze (17-8). Bad luck again for Frenchman Blain. His only pro loss had been to Lamont Peterson when an arm injury forced him out of the fight after seven rounds. In the fight with Fedchenko he was in a slight lead until he injured his arm in the tenth and Fedchenko was able to sweep the last two rounds. Even then Blain looked worth at least a draw. "The Professor" Fedchenko, 20, makes a successful first defence of his WBO European title and has six wins since his loss to Kaizer Mabuza in 2009. Blain, 33, "The Little Leonard" was an outstanding amateur and has great skills, but may have left it too late to turn pro. Ukrainian Holovko 24 gets another win as late sub Georgian Avetisian is pulled out in the sixth with a cut. Former WBA challenger Uzelkov looks to be on the way to an early night as he floors Adamovich in the first. The Belarus fighter survives, but only until the fourth when he is taking too much punishment and the fight is stopped. Now 16 wins by KO/TKO for 32-year-old "Steel Power" and his third win since losing to Beibut Shumenov for the WBA title in July 2010. Plotnykov, 34, returns in his first fight since November 2010 and gets a unanimous verdict over Georgian Ungiadze. Plotnykov a clear winner, but one judge sees it 77-75 with the others more accurate at 80-72 and 80-73. Southpaw Brazhnyk, 32, given a good work out by Georgian Makaradze and takes unanimous decision on scores of 79-74 twice and 78-74. Atlantic City, USA: Cruiser: Garrett Wilson (11-5-1) W KO 12 Chuck Mussachio (17-2-2). Welter: Ronald Cruz (15-0) W TKO 5 Anges Adjaho (25-7). Dramatic ending to this one as Wilson, far behind on the cards, and needing a knockout, came up with just that in the last round. Mussachio was moving up a division to try to lift the USABA title from Wilson. The fight started well for Mussachio as he found Wilson easily with his sharp jab and straight rights. Wilson, 29, was looking for the big punch as he could not match the speed of Mussachio. Wilson had a good fifth when he got through with heavy left hooks and rights. "The Professor" Mussachio, 32, was back in command in the sixth. As the fight moved into the later stages Mussachio was still picking up the points with his busier work rate. However Wilson kept digging. After looking to be tiring in the eighth, Wilson came out firing in the eleventh and had Mussachio hurt. In the last a big right put Mussachio in trouble and another right put him down and out. Wilson won the USBA title by decisioning Omar Sheika in April and is unbeaten in his last five. Mussachio had scored four wins since losing to Tommy Karpency in August 2009, but the additional poundage did him no favours. Puerto Rican prospect Cruz, 25, gets another impressive win. He attacks the body of the Benin fighter and takes the first two rounds, then switches guards and does even better in the third. The fourth was a closer round, but again Cruz was hurting Adjaho to the body. A right put Adjaho down early in the fifth. Cruz scored another knockdown with a left hook. A sustained attack by Cruz saw the referee stop the fight. Has twelve wins by KO/TKO including the last eight in a row. Adjaho has six losses in a row, but it has been against opposition such as Brad Solomon, Antonio DeMarco and Shawn Porter. New York, USA: Light Welter: Chris Algieri (12-0) W PTS 10 Bayan Jargal (15-3-3). Algieri gets clear unanimous verdict over Mongolian Jargal. The better boxing skills give Algieri the edge over the aggressive Jargal. Scores 97-93 twice and 98-92. First fight in eight months for 27-year-old Algieri. Jargal, 29, had lost his last two, but to Steve Chambers on a split decision and Breidis Prescott. Elzach, Germany: Light Welter: Gabor Veto (27-0) W TKO 5 Thomas Hengstberger (20-37-3). Easy first defence of GBO "world" title for Hungarian. Veto has no problem. Walks Austrian Hengstberger down and floors him three times in the fifth for 21st win by KO/TKO. The 22-year-old Hungarian is still to face a real test. Hengstberger, 38, is not in this class and has lost his last three inside the distance. St Charles, USA:Light: Dannie Williams (20-1) W TKO 2 John Willoughby (3-11). No test for the talented 20-year-old Williams. He belabors Willoughby, 36, around the chin in the first with Willoughby employing a high guard. In the second Williams goes to the body to bring the guard down, and a three-punch combination finishes the fight. Now 16 wins by KO/TKO for Williams and eight wins in a row since loss to Eloy Perez in 2009.

November 20

Hamilton Hill, Australia:Heavy: Mark de Mori (17-1-2) W TKO 4 Dom Alexander (20-13-1).De Mori marks comeback with a quick win. He takes the first round, then floors Alexander with a body punch in the second. Alexander beats the count only to be floored again. The American just survives the round. Alexander tried to avoid de Mori's bombs in the third, but again was floored by a body punch. Alexander was under pressure in the fourth and near the end of the round he was floored again and the fight was stopped. First fight since July 2009 for De Mori, 29, who has signed a promotional contract with Don King. Fourth loss in a row by KO/TKO for Alexander. Additional Commonwealth Results

November 18

Auckland, New Zealand: Middle: Lee Oti (16-11-1) W TKO 4 Dick Peirera (0-5). Walsall, England: Welter: Jason Welborn (8-1) W TKO 3 Sean McKervey (8-5-2). Midlands Area title. Accra, Ghana:Welter: Fred Lawson (11-0) W TKO 7 Charles Tetteh (2-3). Welter: Tackie Annan (1-2) W TKO 4 Atta Kofi (0-4). Light Heavy: Emmanuel Danso (7-0) Huseini Kpenze (0-4). Middle: Peter Ato Ricketts (4-1) W TKO 6 Issaka Ali (0-7). Welter: Kofi Darkwa (1-0) W TKO 5 Johnson Kotey (0-1). Welter: Frank Dodze (8-7) W TKO 2 Yaw Asamoha (0-3). Light Middle: Patrick Allotey (18-0) W TKO 6 Badu Akuetteh (2-4-2). Light: Sam Amoako (14-4) W TKO 5 Richard Caesar (0-4). Super Middle: Habib Ahmed (5-0) W TKO 7 Solo Adama (0-5-1). Middle: Mohammed Akrong (15-4) W TKO 3 Moro Tahiru (0-9). Light Middle: Jamiru Tyson (3-1-2) W TKO 3 Aflah Sackey (0-6). Super Middle: Sanah Agbeko (8-0) W TKO 4 Joe Mawuli (0-7). Light Middle: John Agulugu (1-3) W TKO 3 Ezekiel Afeli (0-4). All bouts scheduled for 8 rounds, none of them went the distance. Eleven of the losers have never won a fight. Total records for the 13 losers 4-61-3.

November 19

Calgary, Canada: Light Middle: Janks Trotter (7-0-1,1ND) W TKO 8 Richard Reittie (8-2-1). Light Middle: Albert Onolunose (19-1) W PTS 6 Martin Desjardins (7-21-4). Light Welter: Steve Claggett (12-1-1) W TKO 4 Antonio Dos Santos (2-4). Rostov, Russia, Cruiser: Rodion Rastukh (8-0) W KO 3 Mbaruku Kheri-Tanzania (12-7). Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago: Heavy: Kertson Manswell (22-3) W KO 1 Leon Gilks (6-16-3). Nairobi, Kenya: Middle: Robert Kamya (18-13) W PTS 10 Charles Kakande (4-9-1). Super Middle: Mustafa Katende (6-0 W KO 2 Alex Batwawula (1-1-1). Aberdare, Wales:Welter; Barrie Jones (17-9) W PTS 10 Gary Cooper (3-10-1). Welsh Area title.

November 20

Ibadan, Nigeria:Middle: Sunday King Hammer W TKO 7 Emeka Godwin. Light Welter: Saheed Olay W PTS 8 Mike Dada. Welter: Akeem Dodo W PTS 8 Tunde Ojo.

November 23

Pittsburg, USA: Light: Monty Meza Clay (30-3,2ND) W PTS 8 Leon Bobo (18-9-1). Cruiser: Andres Taylor (20-1-2) W PTS 8 Gary Gomez (19-13-2). Clay, 30, wins split decision over Bobo. Clay sluggish, and his jab not working until well into the fight, but picks up the points needed for the win. Clay claims he had over trained including a five week spell as sparring partner to Steve Molitor. Fourth win for Clay since loss to Fernando Beltran in 2009. Clay is rated No 15 by the WBO. Southpaw Bobo, 33, was a good class amateur, competing in the National Golden Glove and US championships, but has not made the transition required to succeed in pro boxing. He is now 2-9-1 in his last twelve fights, including seven losses in a row. Taylor, 32, extends his current unbeaten run to 13 with unanimous verdict over 37-year-old Gomez. Impressive figures for Taylor, but built on poor opposition. Roy Jones Jr, who promoted the show, went three rounds with Bobby Thomas in preparation for his fight with Max Alexander on December 10. Kempton Park, South Africa: Super Middle: Thomas Oosthuizen (17-0-1) W TKO 11 Francisco Sierra (24-5-1). Super Feather: Sipho Taliwe (14-2-1) W PTS 12 Jasper Seroka (19-4). Light Welter: Jason Bedeman (15-1-3) DREW 8 Sam Malinga (22-8-3). Cruiser: Zack Mwakassa (12-2) W KO 1 Kizito Ruhamnye. Oosthuizen retains IBO title with a late stoppage of Mexican Sierra. There are still flaws there, but the South African southpaw was always boxing better and hitting harder than Sierra. The South African scored with big shots in every round, and Sierra showed durability-but little else. Oosthuizen was on his way to a comfortable points win when a big left had Sierra badly shaken and the referee stopped the fight. Sierra complained bitterly, but he was just soaking up punishment, and the fight could/should have been stopped earlier. Third successful defence for the 6'3" tall 22-year-old, and win No 12 by KO/TKO, as Oosthuizen adds to his prestige after his win over Aaron Pryor Jr in September. Sierra, 23, a former Mexican champion, has only lost to good opposition: Jesus Gonzales, Rigo Alvarez twice and Edison Miranda. Taliwe, 30, makes successful second defence of his WBC International title with unanimous verdict over former South African champion Seroka. Not a thrilling fight, lacking excitement and littered with fouls. WBC No 13 Taliwe always in command and Seroka not able to get his game plan going. Scores 117-111 twice and 118-111, Taliwe now 2-1 up in his series with Seroka, who has lost 3 of his last 4. Bedeman, 22, fights draw with the more experienced Malinga. A good learning fight for the youngster, even if former South African champion Malinga is on the down slope. Scores 78-74, 76-76 and 75-77. Third fight for Bedeman since his shock kayo loss to Argentinian Dorrego a year ago. Malinga has only two wins in his last seven fights, but in better days he took Kaizer Mabuza to a majority decision and beat Colin Lynes in eight rounds. In a fight between two boxers from the Congo (DRC) "Black Warrior" Mwekassa makes it 11 wins by KO/TKO as he ignores defence and goes after Ruhamnye and scores the kayo with just one second left in the round. Mwakassa had beaten the previously undefeated South African champion Thabiso Mchunu in six rounds in September. Panama City, Panama: Fly: Ricardo Nunez (23-2 W DIS 7 Juan Esquer (27-9-2). Not a satisfactory win for Nunez, 23, but a win is a win. Nunez better skills frustrate Mexican Esquer and Panamanian on his way to retaining his WBC Latino title. Low blows from Esquer a feature of the fight, and the referee takes a point from him in the sixth. More low punches in the seventh see Esquer thrown out. Only one loss in his last 14 for Nunez, but that was a big one to Drian Francisco in a WBA super fly eliminator. Nunez now WBC No 5, needed three tries to make the weight. Esquer lost to Ivan Calderon in a challenge for the WBO light fly title in 2007. Kawasaki, Japan:Light Fly: Masayuki Kuroda (21-3) W PTS 10 Hayato Yamaguchi (7-3-1). Kuroda, 25, retains Japanese title with split decision over previously unbeaten Yamaguchi. Third defence for Kuroda, rated No 9 by the WBA. Scores 97-94, 96-94 and 94-95.

November 24

Enghien, France:Light Middle: Cedric Vitu (33-1) W PTS 6 Konstantins Sakara (9-21-2). Super Middle: Rachid Jiktou (20-0) W PTS 6 Mike Algoet (32-39-1 ND). Bantam: Redouane Asloum (7-0-1) W PTS 6 Thomas Barbier (2-7). This should have been an easy, uneventful fight for European Union champion Vitu. However, just after the bell for the first round, a clash of heads saw the 26-year-old French southpaw with a bad cut on the bridge of his nose. From then he boxed cautiously against Latvian Sakara until the fifth round when he tried for the kayo. It did not come so Vitu had to settle for a points win. Scores 60-54, 59-55 and 59-56. Vitu unbeaten in his last 15 now. Same story for French champion Jiktou. An easy fight turns into a bloody struggle. Again a clash of heads in the first has blood flowing from a cut by his right eye. Another head clash in the third sees a vertical cut open by his left eye. "The Lion" Jiktou, 26, trying to finish this one inside the distance, scoring heavily with hooks from both hands in fourth and fifth, but Belgian southpaw Algoet, 37, with his own face swollen, gets applause for his brave showing. Jiktou wins on scores of 60-54 twice and 59-55. Algoet has only failed to last the distance four times in his 39 losses. Asloum, the younger brother of former Olympic gold medalist and WBA light fly champion Brahim, showed his skills in countering the aggression of Barbier and ran out a comfortable winner on scores of 59-55 twice and 60-55. The show was held in the ballroom of the luxurious Grand Hotel.

November 25

Motherwell, Scotland: Light: Anthony Crolla (23-2) W PTS 12 Willie Limond (34-4). Light Middle: Matt Hall (24-4) W PTS 10 Kris Carslaw (14-1) .Crolla retains British title in his first defence as he outpoints experienced Limond. Corolla, 25, was always in control with his superior skills. Over the first six rounds Crolla used a tight defence to block the attacks of Limond and fired back with his quick-fire combinations counters through the defence of the Scot. Limond stood right in front of Crolla and Crolla was able to dominate the fighting inside hurting Limond with body punches. Limond had more success in the late rounds, but the scores of 120-108 twice and 120-109 tell the story of the dominance of "Million Dollar" Crolla. Ten wins in a row now for the fighter from Manchester. Limond, 32, was simply outboxed by a fighter with superior skills and speed. This was the second fight for Limond since his loss to Erik Morales in September last year. His other losses had been to Alex Arthur and Amir Khan. Limond will now be reviewing his options. Kris Carslaw lost his unbeaten record with a very close points defeat against former Commonwealth champion Matt Hall. The scores were 96-94 twice and 97-95. Carslaw made this close despite suffering both a broken hand and a fractured jaw during the bout. A brave effort by the Scot. Hall had lost 3 of his last 4 fights (including losing his Commonwealth title to Anthony Small, and a loss against Lukas Konecny for the vacant European title) and had been inactive for over a year. This win, in a British title eliminator, puts him back in the picture. This is the second time that Carslaw has suffered a fractured jaw, so it could raise a doubt over his future. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Feather: Jesus Cuellar (18-1) W TKO 4 Ramon Esperanza (16-5-1). Super Middle: Jose Clavero (32-9-1) W DIS 5 Pablo Farias (19-1). Easy night for WBO No7 Cuellar in an all-southpaw match. Scoring with hard shots from both hands Cuellar takes the first round. He has the Paraguayan in trouble in the second and the referee deducts a point as Esperanza resorts to holding to get some relief from the punishment. More heavy shots from Cuellar in the third and only the bell saves Esperanza. In the fourth a right from Cuellar opens a deep cut on Esperanza's right eyelid. When another right lands in the same area, and has Esperanza staggering the referee stops the fight. The 24-year-old Cuellar has 15 wins by KO/TKO and bounces back from his first loss to Oscar Escandon in October. Controversial ending sees "Pokemon" Farias, 23, lose his unbeaten tag. Clavero, 36, is faster out of the blocks and a right cross in the first has Farias in trouble and the referee gives him a standing count. Farias gets his act together in the second and he scores heavily in this and the next two rounds but Clavero very much in the fight. In the fifth, with the fighters in a clinch, the referee, calls "break" and Farias instead of stepping back lands a left and a right to the unprotected chin of Clavero. Clavero was flat on his back and did not rise for some time, but it was difficult to know how badly he was hurt. There was some confusion but the referee then disqualified Farias for hitting on the break. Clavero was booed out of the ring, and Farias cheered out. There will be an appeal against the decision. Mendoza, Argentina: Light: Daniel Brizuela (23-1-2) W PTS 8 Miguel Cacares (26-32-7). Comfortable points win for 25-year-old Brizuela. Southpaw Cacares has some success in the middle rounds, but Brizuela wins early and late rounds for unanimous verdict. Scores 79 ½ -72 ½, 78-73 ½, 78-74. Brizuela, who represented Argentina at the 2004 Olympics, is 6-0-1 since losing his unbeaten record on a shock one round kayo by Daniel Dorrego. Cacares is durable with only one of his 32 losses coming inside the distance. Sydney, Australia: Welter: Victor Chernous (14-1) W PTS 8 Joel Dela Cruz (16-11-2). Welter: Adrian Campbell (10-9-1) W TKO 4 Chad Roy Naidu (3-13-4). A great little fight sees Ukrainian Chernous outpoint Filipino Dela Cruz. The aggressive style of 27-year-old Chernous, and the counter-punching of DeLa Cruz, made for a good mix. Chernous was throwing bombs, but Dela Cruz belied his poor record as he took the punishment and fired back. The Filipino lost a point at the end of the fourth round for a punch after the bell, and in the sixth for a head butt. Chernous was edging every round, but only just, and takes the unanimous verdict. Now 11 wins in a row for Chernous. Fourth fight in the series goes to Campbell, 33, but in a disappointing end. Naidu twisted his knee in the fourth round and could not continue. Campbell wins the vacant WBFoundation Asia Pacific title. He is now 3-0-1 in four fights with Malaysian-born Naidu, 32, including a draw for this same title. A fifth fight needed after this ending. Richmond, Australia: Feather: Joel Brunker (21-0) W PTS 12 Ti Yamagat Aguelo (15-7-1). A great battle sees Brunker coming from behind to win unanimous decision. After a quiet first round Filipino Aguelo takes charge. Scoring well with body punches he sweeps rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5 with Brunker under pressure in each round. Brunker finally wakes-up in the sixth and starts to score with good jabs and rights. As Aguelo tires from his exertions in the first half of the fight Brunker starts to eat into Aguelo's lead. Plenty of toe-toe exchanges, but Brunker edging the rounds. Brunker has a big eleventh as he bangs away at exhausted Filipino. Both fighters throwing plenty of punches in the last, but again Brunker's round. Scores 116-112 twice and 115-114. The 25-year-old Brunker, a former undefeated Aussie champ, retains interim WBO Orient title. He is No 5 with the WBO. Adones (his real name) has lost 4 of his last 5, but won plenty of fans with this showing. Moncton, Canada: Middle: Steve Boyd (11-3-1) W TKO 5 Paul Clavette (15-3-1). This was expected to be a close fight, but it ended up a one-sided win for Boyd. In the first Boyd was controlling the fight with sharp jabs and good combinations from both hands. Body shots hurt Clavette in the second and more of the same saw Clavette on the floor twice from body punches. Boyd was on top in the fourth and punishing Clavette in the fifth when the towel came in from Clavette's corner. In his first fight since March 2010, the 36-year-old from Toronto wins the vacant NABA Canadian title, and gains revenge for a split decision loss to Clavette in 2007. This was Clavette's first fight since April 2009. His only other inside the distance loss was to Ronald Hearns in 2008. Pompeii, Italy: Light Welter: Samuele Esposito (9-1) W PTS 10 Renato De Donato (7-1). Middle: Endrit Vuka (3-3-1) W PTS 6 Elio Cotena (18-7-5). Good battle between two relative novices, as Esposito retains Italian title in his third defence. With De Donato at 5'10 ½ ", having height and reach advantage, Esposito has to work his way inside. Southpaw De Donato boxing cleverly slightly ahead after three rounds, but Esposito gets through with some hard shots in the fourth. Fifth sees Esposito, 25, still pressing. In the sixth he traps De Donato on the ropes and scores with a hard volley which sees the referee give De Donato a standing count. Esposito gets through heavily again in the seventh resulting in another standing count. De Donato edges eighth and ninth, but Esposito on top in the last. Scores 97-92, 97-93 and 96-92. Esposito's only loss was due to an injury. De Donato, 25 can come again as he has good skills. Upset sees Albanian Vuka outpoint Italian Cotena. Vuka was without a win in his previous four fights. Cotena, the nephew of the promoter, lost to Henry Coyle for the vacant WBFoundation title in August. London, England:Light: Ben Murphy (8-4-1) W TKO 4 Tony Owen (12-1). Light Welter: Ryan Barrett (25-9-2) W PTS 8 Dan Stewart (8-4,1ND). Despite giving away height and reach to unbeaten Owen, Murphy, 31, gets inside and bullies southpaw Owen to defeat. Murphy took the lead in an untidy first round that saw him suffer a cut in the corner of his left eye from a punch. Murphy continues to rough Owen up in the second, but loses a point for illegal use of his head. Owen, 24, gets his jab working at the start of the third, but by the end of the round is drawn into close quarters and shipping some heavy rights. It is all Murphy in the fourth and a series of rights sees the referee stop the fight. Murphy retrains Southern Area title. Good, close fight sees southpaw Barrett open a gap over the later rounds to take the referee's verdict on a score of 77-75. Next for Barrett is said to be former IBF super feather champion Steve Forbes in January.

November 26

Mexico City, Mexico: Light Middle: Saul Alvarez (39-0-1) W TKO 5 Kermit Cintron (33-5-1). Middle: Gilberto Ramirez (20-0) W TKO 4 Sam Miller (24-5). Middle: Nobuhiro Ishida (24-6-2) W TKO 1 Edson Espinoza. Feather: Salvador Sanchez (27-4-3) W PTS 12 Alex Monterrosa (17-8-3. Light: Daniel Estrada (27-2-1) W TKO 3 Carlos Parra (14-7-2). Bantam: Andres Gutierrez (19-0-1) W TKO 7 Franklin Varela (19-7). Super Fly: Leo Santa Cruz (18-0-1) W TKO 3 Jorge Romero. Alvarez retains WBC title for third time as his power proves too much for game Cintron. Alvarez starts well, letting his punches go and pressurising Cintron. The Puerto Rican uses his reach advantage to stick his jab in the face of Alvarez to try to spoil the Mexican's momentum. Alvarez, the stronger fighter, dangerous with his overhand rights and in the fourth as thunderous right puts Cintron down. The former IBF welter champion makes it to his feet but is caught with more power shots and is left draped over the ropes at the bell, and only just manages to walk back to his corner. Alvarez looking to finish it in the fifth. He walks forward throwing hard shots from both hands, but is caught with a left from Cintron that makes him take a few steps back. He then just gestures for Cintron to try it again. Alvarez stalks Cintron from corner to corner. Cintron looking exhausted tries to fire back but Alvarez just marches forward looking to land that overhand right. When it does explode on Cintron's chin the Puerto Rican begins to tumble but the referee jumps in, holds him up, and waives the fight over. The 21-year-old "Canelo" makes it 29 wins by KO/TKO. He has defensive faults, but he is relentless with tremendous power, and a good chin. Cintron, 32, who himself has 28 wins by KO/TKO, and drew with Sergio Martinez in 2009, showed lots of courage, but did not have the strength to keep Alvarez off. Prospect Ramirez had to climb off the floor to beat Colombian Miller. Having overcome that shock, the 6'2 ½" southpaw proceeded to punish Miller until the fifth. With Miller trapped in a neutral corner and taking heavy punishment the referee stopped the fight. Now 18 wins by KO/TKO for 20-year-old Ramirez, the last13 in a row. Miller, 32, was a tough test on paper. He had gone the distance with Marco Antonio Rubio and David Lopez, lost a majority decision to Brian Vera, and won the WBC USNBC title in October 2010 with a stoppage victory over previously unbeaten Isaac Rodrigues in Verona. Not previously considered a puncher Ishida made it two first round wins in a row as he flattened late sub Espinoza with a right. The 36-year-old Japanese fighter, a former WBA interim light middle champ, put away James Kirkland in 112 seconds in April. Salvador Sanchez "Sal II" gives value for money, but sometimes seems to want to win the hard way. Over twelve exciting rounds Sal II and Colombian Monterrosa fought a hard toe-to-toe battle. Sal II had to bounce back from a knockdown in the eighth and stage a big finish to just get the close unanimous decision. Scores 115-113 twice and 115-112. The 26-year-old nephew of the great Salvador Sanchez retained his WBC Cabofe title and makes it eight wins in a row. Monterrosa is better than his record suggests as he failed to win any of his first five bouts, and after that poor start has only lost to good quality opposition. He has never been stopped. WBC No 4 Estrada, 26, had to recover from the shock of finding himself on the floor in the first round of his fight with Parra. He recovered and a right in the third had Parra out on his feet when the fight was halted. Estrada has 20 wins by KO/TKO and has lost only one of his last 24 fights. Fellow Mexican Parra was unbeaten in his last seven fights. Parra was the fourth victim in Tim Bradley's career being stopped in the first round by "Desert Storm" in 2005.Teenager Gutierrez wins the vacant WBC Fecarbox title with a stoppage of Varela. The 18-year-old Mexican took the fight inside and had Varela on the defensive from the opening bell. In the seventh Gutierrez had Varela trapped in his own corner, and in deep trouble when the referee stopped the fight. Gutierrez has 16 wins by KO/TKO. Venezuelan Varela, 34, has lost 3 of his last 4, including losses to Scott Quigg and Cuban Alexei Collado. Santa Cruz extends his unbeaten run with a stoppage of Romero. A sustained body attack from the 23-year-old Californian-based Mexican was just too much for Romero. In the third a left hook to the body put Romero down on his knees in pain and the referee stopped the fight. Ten wins by KO/TKO for Santa Cruz. The last eight in a row. Mazatlan, Mexico: Bantam: Jorge Arce (59-6-0,2ND) W PTS 12 Angky Angkotta (25-6). Super Fly: Juan Alberto Rosas (36-6) W PTS 12 Zolani Tete (15-2). Light: Mahonri Montes (24-0-1) W KO 4 Jorge Pimentel (24-134. Light Welter: Ricardo Alvarez (12-1-2) W TKO 6 Victor Dominguez (7-15-2). No feeling-out in this fight. Indonesian Angkotta scores with two hard rights early in the first and war commences. Arce throwing lots of punches in the second, but gets a warning for a low blow. Arce has a big third round with a volley of punches that has Angkotta reeling, but Angkotta fires back at the end of the round. The pace then dropped for a couple of rounds but in the seventh Angkotta scores with a hard overhand left and a clash of heads sees Arce with a slight cut on his left eyebrow. Angkotta has a good eighth rocking Arce with two rights. From the ninth, feeling he was well in front, Arce changes his tactics and boxes more. Arce picking up the points despite another warning for a low blow in the tenth. Back to a war footing in the eleventh as Arce batters Angkotta around the ring, but Angkotta is brawling back at the end of the round. Arce just trying to keep out of trouble in the last with Angkotta trying to find a punch to turn the fight. A clash of heads sees Angkotta badly cut but too late to have any impact of the fight. Scores 117-112 twice and 118-110. Arce, 32, in his 18th world title fight (not counting interim title fights-which I don't) wins vacant WBO bantam title. His fourth in different division (fifth if you count interim titles-which I don't). An amazing career when you consider that he won his first world title in 1998. Indonesian Angkotta was looking for revenge after losing on a technical decision to Arce for the vacant WBO super fly title in January 2010. Angkotta had had only one fight since then. Rosas gets very debatable majority verdict over South Africa southpaw Tete. The tall, slim Tete controls the fight with his jab and good movement when it on the outside with Rosas doing better work inside. Despite a strong finish from Rosas, and the deduction of a point for a low punch in the last round, Tete looked to be worth at least a draw. Scores 115-112 twice and 113-113. Former IBF champion "The Monster" Rosas, 26, has won 8 of his last 9 fights. In the loss he dropped his IBF title to Cris Mijares in December. Tete's only other loss was to IBF flyweight champion Moruti Mthalane in September 2010. IBF No 12 Montes, 22, hits too hard for soft-chinned Pimentel and puts him away in round four to make it 19 wins by KO/TKO. One of the best fights on the card sees "Dinamita" Alvarez stop late substitute Dominguez in six rounds. Ricardo is the elder brother of Saul Alvarez. Cincinnati, USA: Super Feather: Adrien Broner (22-0) W KO 3 Vicente Rodriguez (34-3-1). Super Bantam: Gary Russell Jr (19-0) W KO 1 Heriberto Ruiz (47-12-2). Heavy: Deontay Wilder (20-0) W KO 1 David Long (11-2-2). Broner, 22, wins vacant WBO title. The hometown fighter shows good skills against modest Argentinian. Rodriguez has a good second round but Broner closes the show in the third. Turns Rodriguez onto the ropes and lets go a barrage of punches. Rodriguez ducking and weaving but hurt with a right and put down and out with a left hook to the chin. "The Problem" has 18 wins by KO/TKO and looked a class act, both in defence and in power. He has now won 12 of his last 13 fights by KO/TKO. For Rodriguez, 26, it was his first loss inside the distance. The form book said Broner for sure. Rodriguez had lost to Australian William Kickett and Broner floored Kickett twice on the way to a sixth round kayo win. Olympian Russell look sensational in flattening experienced Ruiz in just over two minutes. Ruiz opens with a body attack and southpaw Russell looking to counter with his right hook. As Ruiz comes in close a right hook slams into his jaw and he is out cold. Russell, 23, won the National Golden Gloves and US championships at the age of 16. He won an Olympic berth, but lost consciousness in the dormitory and missed his weigh-in, so never got to fight. Ruiz, 34, a pro since 1994, lost to Rafael Marquez for the IBF bantam title in 2004. Another rubbish match for Wilder. Long hardly throws a punch. The first punches Wilder, 26, throws in anger, a left and a following right, put Long out and the referee does not even bother to count. Wilder has won all 20 of his "fights" by KO/TKO (Tyson won his first 19 that way, but fought James Tills in fight No 20). The 6'7" tall Olympic bronze medalist is trained by Olympic gold medalist Mark Breland, but there is no substitute for fighting a real opponent in the ring. Playa del Carmen, Mexico: Light Welter: Humberto Soto (57-7-2,1ND) W KO 4 Adailton De Jesus (29-7). Welter: Jose Luis Castillo (63-11-1) W TKO 2 Sammy Ventura (26-22-1,1ND). Light: Marvin Quintero (24-3) W TKO 3 Virgilio Ramirez (4-4-2). Light Fly: Luis Ceja (20-1-3) W TKO 3 Jose Aguilar (10-4-2). Bantam: Julio Ceja (17-0) W TKO 2 Elvis Guillen (7-5-2). Soto just rolls over Brazilian. The former undefeated WBC super feather and light champion looking to take De Jesus out from the first bell. De Jesus tries to stem the tide but does not have the power to match Soto. In the third round punches from Soto cause a swelling by the left eye of the Brazilian and he is floored at the end of the round, and saved by the bell. Another barrage of punches in the fourth dumps De Jesus on the floor and the referee stops the fight without a count. Now 34wins by KO/TKO for the 31-year-old Soto. De Jesus, 33, went the distance with Marco Antonio Barrera last year, but was also stopped in two rounds by Ric Dominguez. Oldie Castillo has no trouble putting away fellow-veteran Ventura in two rounds. Southpaw Quintero makes it four wins since kayo loss to Daniel Attah in November last year. The Ceja brothers both scored quick wins. Elder brother Luis, 21, made it 17 wins by KO/TKO and Jorge, 19 moved to 16 wins by KO/TKO, the last 15 in a row. Trabzon, Turkey: Welter: Selcuk Aydin (23-0) W PTS 12 Ionut Dan Ion (29-2). Middle: Ben Simon (22-1) W TKO 1 Ruslan Rodivich (8-5).Heavy: Ondrej Pala (30-2) W PTS 12 Darnell Wilson (24-13-3). Heavy: Erkan Teper (7-0) W TKO 2 Cisse Salif (24-19-2). "Mini-Tyson" Aydin goes over old ground and again outpoints Romanian Jo Jo Dan. Dan, 27, has the reach and height edge, but Aydin the speed and power. The classic example came in the very first round. Dan was jabbing his way to putting the round into the bag when a two punch combination floored him. Up quickly he took the standing count, and then went back to work with his southpaw right jab and straight lefts. The pattern was almost the same in every round. Dan was the busier fighter throwing 3 or 4 punches to each one thrown by Aydin. The 28-year-old Turk was the heavier puncher and caught most of the punches from the Romanian southpaw on his high guard. The fight was untidy at times and the refereeing fussy beyond belief. Aydin floored Dan again in the eleventh, but lost a point in the last for holding. Scores 113-112 twice and 115-111. Those two knockdowns were the deciding factor. Dan could be excused for feeling unlucky as he both threw, and landed, many more punches than Aydin, but did not have the power to impose himself on the fight, and Aydin was always dangerous with his right crosses. Dan had cuts around both eyes and it was said that he may have also suffered a fractured jaw. These two had fought each other in June 2010 when Aydin won a split decision for the WBC Silver Belt. Despite winning that fight Aydin has not had a sniff of a title shot and finds himself at No 2 in the WBC ratings, behind Devon Alexander-who has never had a fight at welterweight! "Iron Ben" Simon pads his record with a one round stoppage of Belarus southpaw Rodivich. Simon has 21 wins by KO/TKO and has won his last 18, but the opposition has been modest at best. Rodivich has lost 4 of his last 5 fights, and this was his second kayo loss in 21 days. Czech Pala makes first defence of his WBO European title by beating American Wilson! Pala too big and strong for Wilson who is really just a beefed-up light heavy. Scores 118-110 twice and 120-111. Now 19 wins in a row for Pala. Wilson, 37, has won only one of his last nine fights. That was a win over an injured Juan Carlos Gomez. Germany heavy Teper, 29, halts late sub Salif in two. The 6'5" Teper was a good class amateur. Salif, 40, has won only one of his last ten fights, but the last time he failed to go the distance was against Ray Austin in 1999. Rotherham, England: Light Welter: Curtis Woodhouse (16-3) W TKO 4 Gary McArthur (16-3). Middle: Ryan Rhodes (46-5) W PTS 8 Siarhei Khomitski (23-9-2). Light Welter: David Barnes (25-2-1) W PTS 6 Isaac Quartey (8-8-1).Former pro soccer player Woodhouse (he played for Sheffield United and Birmingham with his transfer costing Birmingham £1 million), is building some useful skills and shows improvement with every fight. Late sub McArthur did not really get into the fight and spent almost every round fighting of the back foot to contain the attacks of Woodhouse. With Woodhouse scoring well with both hands to head and body McArthur was always under pressure. A disappointing end saw the Scot retire at the end of the fourth with an injured hand. The 31-year-old Woodhouse gave a good indication of his potential when only losing a split verdict to unbeaten prospect Frankie Gavin in July. McArthur, 29, whose only other losses were both in Prizefighter tournaments, only came into the fight at two days notice. Rhodes eased himself back with a comfortable points win over Khomitski. Rhodes, 35, used it as a good workout and found an east target in the 37-year-old from Belarus. Constantly changing guards, Rhodes hurt Khomitski with a left in the second but the Belarus fighter survived. Khomitski had some success in the third and fourth rounds. Rhodes floored him in the seventh, but it looked more of a slip. Referees score 79-74. First fight for the former undefeated British and European light middle champion since his stoppage loss to Saul Alvarez for the WBC title in June. "The Ghost" Khomitski, whose stoppage win brought an end to the career of Jaime Moore, drew with unbeaten Swiss fighter Yves Studer for the IBC world title in August. Former British light welter and welter champion Barnes had his first fight since December 2009 and boxed his way to a points win over willing, but limited Quartey. The 30-year-old southpaw showed some rust but was too good for the Ghanaian and won every round. Referees score 60-54. Quartey lost on points to Lee McAlister for the vacant Commonwealth title in June. Geneva, Switzerland: Light: Guillame Frenois (24-0) W PTS 12 Patrick Kinigamazi (16-1). Excellent match-up for this fight for the UFB title. It was a hard fought battle featuring the sharp accurate punching of Frenchman Frenois against the constant pressing of Ruanda-born, Swiss based Kinigamazi. The skills came out on top with the unanimous verdict going to unbeaten Frenois on scores of 116-112, 116-113 and 115-113. The UFB stands for the Union Francophone de Boxeo. This is not yet another "world" title. Rather it is like the Commonwealth title as it is open to fighters from the 56 French speaking countries around the world. The Honorary President is Jean-Claude Bouttier. The Francophone tournament has been a regular fixture in amateur boxing for many years. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Welter: Diego Chaves (20-0) W KO 3 Jorge Miranda (44-13). Light Middle: Javier Maciel (20-2) W KO 1 Nestor Faccio (15-4-2,1ND). "The Jewel" Chaves, 25, keeps his winning run going as he kayos outclassed Miranda in three rounds. It was pain for Miranda from the first round. He was sent reeling by a right cross and hurt by body punches. More in the second as Chaves adds straight rights and more body shots. In the third Chaves gets through with a left hook to the body, a right uppercut and then a left hook to the body that left Miranda gasping on the floor for the full count. Fifth defence of his WBO Latino title and win No 16 by KO/TKO. Chaves represented Argentina at the 2005 and 2007 World championships, but losses to Erislando Lara and Demetrius Andrade in the Americas qualifiers cost him a spot at the 2008 Olympics. Maciel, 27, gets the job done inside a minute. A left hook to the body, a right to the chin and another left hook to the body and Uruguayan "Bonehead" Faccio unable to rise before the ten. "La Bestia" has 14 wins by KO/TKO and retains his interim WBO Latino title. His only loss in his last ten fights was a good, but unsuccessful, challenge for the WBO middle title against Dmitry Pirog in March. He then moved down to light middle and this was his second one round finish since then. Nadi, Fiji: Super Middle: Joseph Kwadjo (21-5) W KO 2 Zulfikar Joy Ali (31-13-6). Light Welter: Farzan Ali Jr. (27-5-2) W PTS 8 Oli Filimaua (6-1-1). Ghanaian Kwadjo, 26, just too strong and powerful for Fijian Ali and scores kayo in second. Now 15 wins by KO/TKO for Kwadjo as he bounces back from two consecutive losses in Australia. He beat Ali on points in December 2009. Kwadjo is said to be facing WBFoundation champion Francesco Passanante in his next fight. The 32-year-old Ali is 2-4 in his last six. Younger brother Farzan saves the night for the family by taking unanimous decision over Samoan Filimaua. The 31-year-old Furzan has been Fijian champion at bantam, super bantam, feather and at light welter, and is current welter champion. Saint Maur, France: Welter: Loic Foure (17-8-2) W PTS 10 Stefan Worth (12-2-1). Hometown fighter gets a close unanimous verdict over German Worth. Scores 96-94 twice and 97-93. Foure, 31, in best condition of his career, needs all of his strength to win against younger Worth in close, exciting contest. Despite losing four of his last five fights going in Foure is now WBFederation Intercontinental champion. Worth, 26, had won his last seven. Saint-Nazaire, France: Light Welter: Abdoulaye Soukouna (13-10-6) W PTS 10 Bastien Laforge (14-2-1). Soukouna, 31, retains French title for third time with unanimous decision over official challenger Laforge. The challenger coming forward all the time and Soukouna boxing cleverly on the counter. The experienced Soukouna uses every trick in the book to break up the attacks of hometown fighter Lafarge, 33, and picks up enough points to take the unanimous decision. Scores 97-93, 96-93, 96-94. Soukouna lost to Lee McAlister and Gavin Rees . Podgorica, Macedonia: Super Middle: Nikola Sjekloca (23-0) W PTS 12 Peter Mashamaite (19-9-1).Light: Dejan Zlaticanin (14-0) W PTS 12 Godfrey Nzimande (22-4-3).Sjekloca makes third defence of his WBC International title. The 33-year-old Montenegrin started well and had a good lead after the first four rounds. Former South African champion Mashamaite, 29, came into the fight more over the next four, but was behind by three points on two cards and six on the other going into the last four rounds. As Sjekloca tired Mashamaite began to close the gap and Sjekloca lost a point for holding, but took the majority decision on scores of 116-112, 115-113 and 114-111. First fight since July 2010 for Mashamaite. Zlaticanin wins vacant WBC International title with decision over South African feather champion Nzimande. Zlaticanin, 27, in charge due to his higher work rate and more accurate punching. Wins wide unanimous verdict, but many rounds were close and scores do reflect the effort put in by the South African. Scores119-110 twice and 119-109. Zlaticanin represented Montenegro at the 2003 World championships and was a quarter finalists at the 2006 European championships. Nzimande is in his second reign as South African champion. Bialystok, Poland: Light Heavy: Doudou Ngumbu (28-3) W PTS 12 Aleksy Kuziemski (22-4). Light Heavy: Dariusz Sek (14-0-1) W PTS 8 Mantas Tarvydas (18-12). Minor upset as French-based Congolese boxer Ngumbu wins vacant WBFederation title with unanimous verdict over Kuziemski. The speed and accuracy of Ngumbu always gave him the edge. Scores 118-111 twice and 116-113. The intent had been to import an easier opponent for the Pole, but TV refused to accept the nominated opponent and insisted on a better match. It proved too good a match for Kuziemski, who blamed a lack of suitable sparring partners for his loss. Of the two of the losses suffered by Ngumbu, one was a majority decision and one a split decision. All three of his losses have been in the opponent's backyard. Kuziemski lost to Juergen Braehmer for the WBO interim title in 2009 and for the full title to Nat Cleverly in May. Prospect Sek, 25, who represented Poland at the 2007 World championships, makes it six wins by KO/TKO with stoppage of Lithuanian Tarvydas who has lost 4 of his last five fights by KO/TKO. Jefferson City, USA: Heavy: Chauncy Welliver (51-5-5) W DIS 7 Galen Brown (36-18-1,4ND). Brown gets thrown out in the seventh for excessive holding. Now 16 wins in a row, and sixth defence of his WBC Continental Americas title, for 28-year-old Welliver. Mexico City, Mexico:Welter: Pablo Munguia (13-3) W TKO 9 Juan Jesus Rivera (9-6). "The Gravedigger" Munguia retains Mexican title for the first time with stoppage of Rivera. Fight is even over the first four rounds, but then Munguia puts on his usual pressure show, wearing Rivera down, with the referee saving the exhausted challenger in the ninth.

November 30

Mt Claremont, Australia: Cruiser: Krzys Wlodarczyk (46-2-1) W TKO 11 Danny Green (31-5). Feather: Chris John (46-0-2) W PTS 12 Stas Merdov (32-8). Super Feather: Will Tomlinson (18-0-1) W PTS 12 Alan Herrera (26-4).Feather: Daud Cino Yordan (28-2,1ND) W RSF 4 Frankie Archuleta (27-9-1). Heavy: Anthony McCracken (14-5-1) W TKO 4 Shane Tilyard (5-6). Pole Wlodarczyk, 30, retains WBC title with come from behind win over Green. The Australian showed no ill effects from his loss to Antonio Tarver in July, and started the bout well scoring with his left jab and hard rights to the body. Wlodarczyk seemed to be pacing himself and using a tight, high defence to fend off Green's attacks. Green had a good fifth and Wlodarczyk later admitted that he was in some trouble during the round. Green, 38, was winning most of the rounds, but was starting to show signs of slowing. A nose injury was hampering his breathing, and he lost his mouthpiece twice in the sixth. Wlodarczyk got into the fight more in the ninth and tenth, but Green looked to have built an unassailable leads. It all became academic in the eleventh when a heavy right shook Green, and a left hook pout him down. Somehow he made it to his feet by the count of nine, but was finished and the fight was stopped. Third successful defence of his WBC title for "The Devil", a former IBF champion. Back in July there were serious concerns for the health of Wlodarczyk when he was rushed to hospital after an accidental overdose of sleeping tablets, but he was released one day later. "The Green Machine" a former holder of the secondary WBA title at light-heavyweight, must be considering retirement, but no announcement yet. Indonesian John made it defence No 15 of his WBA title as he took a unanimous verdict over Ukrainian Merdov. Showing more aggression than usual, the 32-year-old John seemed determined to make it an early finish against the lanky Merdov. Using the full range of his skills, and throwing more right hands than normal. It looked as though the change might work as Merdov was floored in the second. John had the challenger shaken again in the fourth and opened a cut on the bridge of Merdov's nose. The Ukrainian hung on and got into the fight as John was cut and faded over the closing rounds. "The Dragon" had done enough to take the verdict with scores of 115-112 twice and 116-111.He has held the WBA title since 2004. The 5'11" tall, 35-year-oldMerdov, was having only his second fight outside the Ukraine. "Wild Will" Tomlinson wins the vacant IBO title in bloody scrap with tough Mexican Herrera. Both fighters had to contend with injuries as Tomlinson was cut over his right eye, under his left eye, and on the bridge of his nose. "Explosivo" Herrera also had a damaged nose and a cut over his left eye. The Mexican was coming forward throughout the fight with Tomlinson countering well and catching many of Herrera's punches on his gloves. The fight seemed to be close, but the 25-year-old Tomlinson handed out a lot of punishment to Herrera in the tenth and swept the last two rounds. Scores 118-111, 116-111 and 116-112. A good win for Tomlinson over a tough opponent. Former WBA title challenger Yordan was too young and too quick for veteran Archuleta. The man from Albuquerque was never in the fight and the referee halted the contest after Archuleta had been down twice. Yordan wins the vacant IBO Asia Pacific title. The only defeats that 24-year-old Yordan has suffered were to Celestino Caballero, and to Chris John in a title challenge in April. He is very talented, but his big chance to impress in the USA ended in disappointment when his fight with Robert Guerrero was ruled a technical draw when Guerrero was cut. Not much skill on show in the battle between McCracken and Tilyard. It was bombs away and McCracken's right hand proved decisive as he forced a stoppage in the fourth. McCracken won and lost in fights with former Commonwealth cruiserweight champion Dominic Vea, but is now campaigning at heavyweight.