Weekly Report

December 2011

December 1

Panama City, Panama:Welter: Vicente Mosquera (29-2-1) W TKO 3 Gutemburg Ferreira (14-6). "El Loco" too much for 40-year-old Brazilian southpaw to handle. After two rounds of punishment to body, and with a nose injury, Ferreira retired at the end of the third. Mosquera, a former WBA super feather champion has 16 wins by KO/TKO. That makes it five wins on his comeback. Back in 2006, against Edwin Valero, he climbed off the floor twice and put Valero down in the third before being battered to defeat in the tenth. After the Valero fight Mosquera was jailed, but in 2010 his conviction was quashed and he resumed his career. Next year he will campaign at light welter.

December 2

Monte Grande, Argentina: Light: Matias Gomez (25-0) W TKO 6 Alberto Roda (18-35-6, 2 ND). Gomez in another poor match. "Tsunami floors and halts poor Roda in six. Gomez, 23, has 24 wins by KO/TKO, with the other win coming on disqualification. Roda is without a win in his last 12, which says everything about the impressive figures of Gomez. Cronulla, Australia: Light Middle: Ryan Waters (22-4-2) W KO 3 Dion McNabney (5-18). Cruiser: Yoshinori Nishizawa (31-21-6) W KO 5 Chokchana Sithkrupon (5-5-2). Waters floors McNabney in the first and twice in the second and the fight is called off in the third. Waters, a former Australian champion had lost to Anthony Mundine at the end of 2010 and been kayoed by Lee Oti in October announced his retirement, going out on a win. Nishizawa, 45, comes back from inactivity with win over Thai. The Japanese fighter, who has held various OPBF titles, had Chokchana down twice in the fourth and finished it in the fifth. A pro since 1986, Nishizawa lost to Anthony Mundine Jr for the WBA secondary title in 2004. Sunshine, Australia: Fly: Omari Kimweri (11-2) W PTS 8 Lookrat Kiatmungmee (7-4). Ranee Ganoy (32-11-2) W PTS 8 Roy Tua Manihuruk (13-7-2). Super Feather: Paul Fleming (13-0) W RSF 2 Petchthongchai (5-2). Little Tanzanian Kimweri too slick for limited Thai. The 4'11" short Kimweri had Lookrat down in the first, but the Thai survived and in the end gave Kimweri eight good rounds of work. A good night was spoiled for Kimweri due to him suffering a very bad cut above his left eye which will sideline him for quite a while.. The 29-year-old "Lion Boy " has won his last nine after losing a very close decision to recent world title challenger Angky Angkotta in Indonesia. Kimweri competed at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Scores 79-72, 79-74 and 78-74. Filipino Ganoy has a reputation as a puncher, but he also had to go the distance to win. He had Roy down in the seventh, but Roy survived to hear the final bell. Scores 79-72, 78-73 and 78-74. Ganoy, 31, has 28 wins by KO/TKO and has lost only one of his last 16 fights, and that was to Michael Katsidis in 2005. Indonesian Roy, showed improvement in the chin department as Ganoy had stopped him in three rounds when they met in 2009. Roy 25 had won 5 of his last six fights. Paul "The Tattooed Man" Fleming had no trouble with another import as he halted the Thai in the second round. "Two Gunz" is almost completely covered in tattoos-he collects them. An outstanding amateur, southpaw Fleming is 23 and has 10 wins by KO/TKO. Clermont-Ferrand, France: Super Middle: Chris Rebrasse (16-2-2) W PTS 10. Hugo Kasperski (17-2-0). Rebrasse, 26, regains French title with very narrow points victory over hometown fighter Kasperski. Kasperski takes an early lead, but Rebrasse paces the fight well and comes on over the late rounds to win by a narrow, but deserved, points victory. Scores 97-93, 96-94 and 96-95. Only one loss in his last 17 fights for Rebrasse. Kasperski had won his last two fights in the first round. Massay, France: Cruiser: Faisal Ibnel Arram (15-3) W TKO 9 Chris Dettinger (16-2-1). Arram retains his French title. A tough close fight was really decided by a big right from Arram in the ninth. Dettinger was badly hurt and taking heavy punishment when his corner threw in the towel. French-born Arram, 27, is known as "The African King". This was the second defence of his title and his ninth win by KO/TKO. Although he was ahead on all cards 77-75 twice and 77-76 the fight was in the balance. Dettinger is a former French champion and was unbeaten in his last eight fights. Noisy-le-Grand, France: Heavy: Carlos Takam (24-1) W PTS 8 Samir Kurtagic (10-4). Light Welter: Ali Oubaali (25-3) W DIS 5 Almin Kovacevic (10-10-1). Not Takam's best night. His opponent from Ghana failed to get a visa. Austrian-based Serb Kurtagic comes in as a late substitute. Fighting in his adopted home town the Cameroon fighter tries to get 35-year-old Kurtagic out early, but the Serb is a clever survivor and holds slips and slides his way to the final bell. Six wins for 30-year-old Takam since surprise loss to Gregory Tony in June 2009. Not much better for "Hurricane" Oubaali, 34, as his Ghanaian opponent also fails to show. Croat Kovacevic, 26, tries every trick in the book to throw Oubaali out of his stride. The referee warns the Croat in both of the first two rounds and Kovacevic goes down in the fourth claiming a low blow, but the referee gives him a count. Finally in the fifth, when the Croat spits out his mouthpiece, the referee loses patience and disqualifies him. Ten wins in a row for Oubaali. Kovacevic has lost 5 of his last 6. Mannheim, Germany: Middle: Felix Sturm (36-2-2) DREW 12 Martin Murray (23-0-1). Once again Sturm has a handful of trouble with a British challenger, but again retains his title. Murray gave an outstanding performance. Sturm was trying to control the early rounds with his jab, but Murray was scoring well with hooks to head and body. Both fighters showed great defence and good technique but with neither fighter being able to dominate. Murray was the busier, but Sturm knew better how to catch the judge's eyes by being the last one to land in exchanges. Murray was often getting through with good combinations and keeping Sturm on the back foot. Sturm was looking to be more aggressive over the late rounds with a strong jab and combinations of his own. It looked to be a fight in the balance, but Murray took the last round and looked to have won. Scores 116-112, 114-114 and 113-115. Many of the rounds were close and fighting in Sturm's backyard, it was always going to need Murray to be the better man by a very large gap to win the title. Murray, 29, the Commonwealth and British champion, knowing he made a big step-up in class showed he belonged there and will obviously be sorry he did not get the reward his efforts warranted. Sturm, making the eleventh defence of his WBA title, struggled in taking a split decision win over Matt Macklin in June, and at 32 is nearing the end of the road. San Martino Siccomario, Italy: Welter: Giuseppe Langella (19-6-2) W PTS 10 Luca Frezza (14-3-2,1ND). An intense fight, but not a pretty or skillful one. Challenger Frezza constantly on the attack, but wild and inaccurate with his punching. Champion Langella, 30,making the first defence of his Italian title, much the better technical fighter, but comes down to Frezza's level and makes hard work of what should have been an easy defence. What clean punching there was came from Langella. Scores 96-94, 96-95 and 95-95. Only one loss in his last eight fights for Langella, and Frezza, 31, was unbeaten in his last eight. Santa Ynez, USA: Super Middle: Anthony Dirrell (24-0) W TKO 4 Renan St Juste (23-3-1). Super Bantam: Jhonatan Romero (20-0) W PTS 10 Chris Avalos (19-2). Light: Darley Perez (24-0) W PTS 8 Fernando Trejo (33-17-6). Super Feather: Gabriel Tolmajyan (12-1-1) W PTS 8 Daulis Prescott (23-1-0,3ND). Super Bantam: Glenn Porras (27-2) W PTS 8 Adolfo Landeros (21-23-2).Unfortunate ending to this WBC eliminator as St Juste retires with a shoulder injury. Over the first three rounds Dirrell used his big advantages in height and reach to outbox the Canadian. St Juste was having to take counters from Dirrell's left hook to get close, and Dirrell also kept changing to southpaw, which broke up any rhythm St Juste had. In the fourth, as St Juste was trying to throw a left, a clash of heads saw both boxers stunned and a short break was called to ensure both were unhurt. On the resumption Dirrell came forward throwing punches and St Juste tried to tie him up. Suddenly as St Juste came out of the clinch he indicated to the referee that he had hurt his left shoulder. The dislocation came as he threw that punch before the clash of heads. When the Canadian was unable to continue Dirrell was declared the winner. "The Dog", 27, is the younger brother of Andre Dirrell and is now in line to fight the winner of the fight between Carl Froch and Andre Ward. Southpaw St Juste, 39, had minimum qualifications for being in an eliminator, with no outstanding victories since losing to Martin Upshaw in May 2010. Colombian Romero, 24, had to climb off the floor in the first round to get a split decision over Avalos. Despite the knockdown, Romero got back into the fight with better mobility, and from then on it was a test of power and stamina. Romero was landing the harder shots, but Avalos, 22, was busier although leaving himself open to counters as he rushed in. The fight was close all the way. The difference could have been over the late rounds as Romero stepped-up the pace whereas the work rate of Avalos seemed to fall away. Scores 96-93, 96-94 and 94-95. Romero had run up a record against very modest opposition, but showed in this fight that he has some talent, but also some defensive flaws. It was another set-back for Avalos to go alongside his split decision loss to Chris Martin in August 2010. Colombian Perez, 21, runs into tough-chinned Mexican Trejo and has to go the distance. Scores 80-72 from all three judges. Only the sixth time Perez has had to go the distance. "The Thief" Trejo, 37, has only lost once inside the distance, and that was due to an injury, Prescott, the younger brother of Breidis Prescott, gets ambushed by underrated Armenian. Southpaw Tolmajyan takes a split decision on scores of 76-75 twice and 75-76. Filipino champion Porras, 26, wins all the way, but like many before him finds Landeros a difficult guy to put away. Scores 79-73 twice and 80-72. "The Rock" has won his last 14. Landeros has won only one of his last 15, but mostly to very good opposition. Indio, USA: Super Bantam: Randy Caballero (13-0) W PTS 8 Arturo Santiago (7-4-1). Light: Andy Cancio (12-1-2) W PTS 8 Nando Carcamo (9-3). Prospect Caballero extends his winning streak. Caballero, 21, again showed good skills, speed and accuracy of punching. Puerto Rican Santiago could not match the young Californian so decided to commit a few misdemeanors. He lost a point in the third for holding and in the sixth for throwing Caballero to the canvas. In between he did a lot more holding. Caballero doing all of the clean work wins every round. Scores 80-72 from all three judges. An eight round fight, but Caballero, US amateur champion at flyweight in 2008, retains WBC Youth title. Santiago has lost 3 of his last 4. A last gasp effort gets 23-year-old Cancio the win. Mexican Carcamo won the early rounds and was well in front after six. However, he then tired badly as Cancio staged a strong finish. Two knockdowns in the last round just gave Cancio the Majority verdict. Scores 76-74 twice and 75-75. Second win for Cancio after being inactive for two years. Carcamo had won his last five, and has not been stopped in any of his losses. Silla, Spain: Heavy: Leif Larsen (15-0) W TKO 2 Danny Williams (44-11,1ND). Hopefully the end of the line for Williams. Norwegian Leif Larsen shook Williams in the first round and then floored the Brit three times in the second to end the fight. The 6'5 ½" tall, 36-year-old, "Viking" has 12 wins by KO/TKO. Larsen competed as a shot-putter at the 1992 and 1994 World Junior championships, and played pro football for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, before turning to boxing in 2003. Williams, a former Commonwealth and British champion, who kayoed Mike Tyson in four rounds in 2004, is now 38 and past his best. He lost in eight rounds to Vitali Klitschko for the WBC title in 2004. Dover, USA:Heavy: Amir Mansour (16-0) W TKO 6 Epifiano Mendoza (32-13-1). Light: Dorin Spivey (40-6,1ND) W PTS 6 Angel Rios (9-9). Mansour throwing bombs from the start and Colombian Mendoza trying to counter, without much success. A bad tempered bout sees both boxers exchanging punches after the bell a couple of times. Mendoza was hurt in rounds 3 and 5 but survived. It came to an end in the six when Mansour trapped a tiring Mendoza in a corner and was unloading when Mendoza's corner threw the towel in. Southpaw "Hardcore" Mansour, 39, has 12 wins by KO/TKO. Mendoza was coming off an upset stoppage of Puerto Rican prospect Carlos Negron in September. Veteran Spivey, 38, makes the fight against Rios being the aggressor throughout the six rounds. The fight goes the distance and Spivey takes it on scores of 60-54, 59-55 and 58-56. Spivey has won his last six fights. Puerto Rican Rios kept his record of always lasting the distance.

December 3

Anaheim, USA: Bantam: Abner Mares (23-0-1) W PTS 12 Joseph Agbeko (28-4). Bantam: Anselmo Moreno (32-1-1) W PTS 12 Vic Darchinyan (37-4-1). Light Welter : Carlos Moreno (15-0-1) W PTS 10 Manuel Leyva (18-4-0). Light Heavy Sakio Bika (29-5-2) W TKO 3 Alfredo Contreras (11-13-2). Light Welter: Frankie Gomez (12-0) W TKO 3 James Hope (6-9-1). Feather: Richard Contreras (9-0) W TKO 4 Juan Sandoval (5-8-1). Mares beats Agbeko clearly this time, but still not totally cleanly. The Mexican had the better technique and faster hands. Agbeko was doing the pressing, but Mares found it easy to thread hard shots through the Ghanaian's defence. A jab from Agbeko opened a cut on the right eyebrow of Mares in the second and the bleeding caused him problems in the later rounds. Both fighters were warned, Agbeko for rabbit punches and Mares for low blow (what a surprise). It was a controlled and cool performance from Mares and in the end the fighter with the superior skills took the decision. Scores 118-110 from all three officials. Mares, 26, makes first defence of his WBC title and is talking of a fight with Nonito Donaire. Agbeko, the recipient of the Dennie Mancini award from the Commonwealth Boxing Council last month, still has a role in the bantamweight mix. First fight in the USA for Moreno and he shows the fans what they have been missing. The classy Panamanian southpaw played the matador to "Raging Bull" Darchinyan. Making full use of his reach advantage Moreno forced Darchinyan to come to him. As Darchinyan tried to work his way inside Moreno nailed him repeatedly with jabs and rights. The speed, mobility and skill of Moreno had Darchinyan swinging wildly to try to score. The Armenian-born Australian southpaw managed to win a few rounds with his attacks. Although Darchinyan has lost before, other than the Nonito Donaire kayo, no fighter has beaten Darchinyan as clearly as Moreno did. The scores were 120-107, 117-110 and 116-111 with a frustrated Darchinyan losing a point in the fourth for wrestling Moreno to the canvas. Ninth defence of his WBA title for 26-year-old Moreno who will now benefit from the exposure, and could be the next opponent for Mares. At 35, and after winning IBF fly and super fly and WBC/WBA super fly titles, Darchinyan's days may be numbered as his style relies on a fast pace and all-out aggression, but don't count him out yet. Californian Moreno, 26 was a good class amateur and remain unbeaten as a pro with a wide unanimous decision over Leyva. Molina was in charge scoring with short hooks and uppercuts and constantly rocking Leyva. The Mexican southpaw manage to get through and score well in the fourth, but Molina had him in trouble in both the seventh and tenth rounds. Scores 99-91 twice and 100-90. Molina was coming off a disappointing draw with novice Juan Montiel in August, so needed a convincing win. Leyva, 29, had run up impressive looking statistics down in Baja California, but had lost his previous two fights to Joel Casamayor (a split decision)and Dannie Williams ( a first round kayo). In his first fight for a year "The Scorpion" Bika made a successful return. Bika needed some rounds under his belt, but Contreras was no real test. Bika was just getting warmed against the wild swinging Mexican when in the third a punch opened a bad cut over the left eye of Contreras. At the end of the round his corner pulled Contreras out. The 32-year-old from Cameroon was returning after back-to-back looses to Jean Paul Mendy and to Andre Ward for the WBA title. Contreras has won only one of his last eleven fights. Former World Championships silver medal winner Gomez again showed his punching power, but Hope no real test. The 19-year-old flattened Hope with a thunderous right cross and the referee did not even bother with the count. Nine wins by KO/TKO for Gomez who had struggled to beat Adrian Granados in his last fight in August. Hope is 0-1-5 in his last six with all the losses coming by KO/TKO. Contreras, 21, made it eight wins by KO/TKO, the last seven fights all finishing inside the distance, as he halted Sandoval in four. Helsinki, Finland: Heavy: Alex Povetkin (23-0) W KO 8 Cedric Boswell (35-2). Heavy: Robert Helenius (17-0) W PTS 12 Dereck Chisora (15-2). Light Middle: Jack Culcay (10-0) W KO 1 Giammario Grassellini (19-6-2). Light: Eldis Tatli (16-0) W PTS 10 Pasquale Di Silvio (13-4). Heavy: Edmund Gerber (18-0) W KO 1Marcus McGee (23-19,1ND). Welter: Jussi Koivula (10-0) W PTS 8 Jose Del Rio (12-3). Heavy: Jarno Rosberg (12-0,1ND) W PTS 8 Manuel Pucheta (35-8). Povetkin retains WBA secondary title with kayo of Boswell. This was not the most exciting of fights. Boswell hardly took a forward step in the whole fight. Povetkin walked Boswell down but slowly-very slowly. Boswell used his jab just for nuisance value and in most rounds Povetkin would leap in with a quick combination but without managing to land anything too heavy. Povetkin picked up the pace from the fourth, but with Boswell not willing to take any chances, there was no sustained action. In the seventh Povetkin finally started to unload and had Boswell shaky after landing a good uppercut inside. You could hear Teddy Atlas (through an interpreter) telling Povetkin that Boswell "wanted to go home" and so it proved. Povetkin threw a series of combinations ending with a left hook and right cross, and Boswell was down for the count. The 32-year-old Russian showed almost too much patience in walking down Boswell, but he finished it in style. Povetkin has 16 wins by KO/TKO, but it was difficult to shine against the negative tactics of 42-year-old Boswell (surely he was not hoping Povetkin would get tired). The fight for the vacant European title between Helenius and Chisora was a much better fight. This time the Chisora we had been hoping to see against Tyson Fury turned up. The 27-year-old Zimbabwean born Chisora was the busier fighter from the start working his way inside the guard of the 6'7" tall Finn. Helenius was making good use of his jab and long rights but was boxing on the back foot most of the way. It was a case of whether the judges favoured the jabs of Helenius or the inside work of Chisora. The fight was close and as Helenius tired in the late rounds it certainly looked as though Chisora had sprung an upset. Unfortunately the judges saw it differently as they came up with scores of 115-113 twice and 113-115. Helenius claimed to have injured his right hand in the first, round, and he certainly seemed to lack the power that had given him 11 wins by KO/TKO. Chisora came in almost 20lbs lighter than he did against Fury, and the improvement was there to be seen. Freddie Roach was working as a commentator and was enraged by the result. Promoter Wilfreid Sauerland admitted Helenius was lucky, and that Chisora deserved a second chance. There is not likely to be an immediate rematch as Helenius has a mandatory defence against Alex Dimitrenko. "The Nordic Nightmare" lost some gloss as a result of this fight, and Chisora went a long way towards regaining prestige lost in the Fury fight. Despite being unwell in his dressing room German bright hope Culcay destroys Italian veteran in first. A right to the head and a left to the body from Culcay and it is all over. "Golden Jack", 26, born in Ecuador, has six wins by KO/TKO. He competed at the 2008 Olympics (losing to Demetrius Andrade), won a silver medal at the European Championships, and a gold medal at the 2009 World Championships. Grassellini, 34, is now 2-5 in his last seven fight with those five losses all inside the distance. Finnish hope Tatli was just too good for Di Silvio. The tall southpaw controlled the fight all the way being too skillful for the limited Italian. On the downside he again showed a lack of punching power, but took the decision on scores of 100-90, 100-92 and 98-93 . Tatli has filled out a bit as he was Finnish amateur champion at 106lbs. Di Silvio,32, has been unsuccessful in three shots at the Italian title. I doubt if German Gerber will ever have an easier or shorter night. McGee threw a tentative jab and Gerber responded with a left hook and McGee went down and out. All over in 48 seconds. Now 12 wins by KO/TKO for the 23-year-old 6'3" Gerber. McGee, 40, is usually thrown in way over his head and was beaten in one round by Hasim Rahman in October 2010. Koivula wins wide unanimous verdict over Spanish champion. Koivula did all of the pressing. The Spaniard showed good defensive skills but rarely attempted any sustained attacks. With Koivula dominating the fight, but lacking punching power it went the full eight rounds. Scores 80-72 twice and 78-75. Koivula, 27 was Finnish amateur champion 2002/03/04/05 /06. Southpaw Del Rio, 26, has not lost inside the distance, and went the full ten rounds with Jackson Osei Bonsu in March. Southpaw Rosberg looked one-paced as he just seemed content to do just enough to beat the 40-year-old Argentinian. Rosberg, a 6'5" tall southpaw, had the reach and height edge, and Pucheta did more clowning than fighting. Scores 80-73 twice and 78-74. Rosberg was also a top class amateur, but on the downside for him the No Decision was due to Rosberg's doping test coming up positive back in 2009. Tokyo, Japan: Super Fly: Ryo Akaho (17-0-2) W TKO 9 Toyoto Shiraishi (21-6-1). Super Bantam: Akifumi Shimoda (24-3-1) W PTS 10 Jonel Alibio (16-13-2). Light Welter: Yoshihiro Kamegai (20-0) W PTS 8 Eusebio Baluarte (19-5).Akhao and Shimoda score wins. Akaho retains OPBF title, but unimpressive against Shiraishi. The challenger took the fight to Akaho over the first three rounds, but in the third suffered a bad gash on his forehead from a punch. Shiraishi continued to be the aggressor but Akaho was scoring the cleaner shots, if a bit wilder than usual. Akaho was in front after eight rounds and a sustained attack in the ninth brought the stoppage. Now 11 wins by KO/TKO for Akaho who won the Orient title by beating Fred Mundraby in May. First loss inside the distance for Shiraishi, who had won his last seven fights. Former WBA champion Shimoda has too much class for durable but limited Filipino Alibio. Southpaw Shimada had the Filipino dazzled with the speed and accuracy of his attacks. Shimoda went for broke in the ninth, but Alibio survived to lose a wide decision. Scores 99-91 twice and 98-93. Shimoda, 27, lost his title to Rico Ramos in July. Alibio, 28, a former OPBF feather champion, has only been beaten once inside the distance. Kamegai continues unbeaten, but fails to put away former Philippines champion Baluarte. Kamegai scored a knockdown in the fifth, but Baluarte lasted out the eight rounds. Scores 79-73, 78-73 and 78-74. Kamegai, 29, has 17 wins by KO/TKO and is rated No 8 by the WBC. It was surprising that Kamegai could not finish the job, as Baluarte, 25, had been stopped in one round when losing his national title in July. Rosarito, Mexico: Fly: Ronald Barrera (30-8-2) W TKO 8 Arturo Badillo (20-3) W. Welter: Antonio Lozada Jr (24-1) W KO 2 Cesar Chavez (17-0). Badillo makes the same mistake twice-he fights "El Indio" Barrera again. The young Mexican tried to force the fight, but the strength and experience of Barrera proved too much for him again. Barrera constantly changed guards, and switch his attack from body to head. Badillo took a beating in the eighth and his corner retired him at the end of the round. When these two clashed in April 2010 Barrera stopped Badillo in the ninth round. Colombian southpaw Barrera, 27, has failed in four world title attempts, three at strawweight and one at light fly, and of his eight losses seven have been to world champions. Badillo's only other loss was a three round kayo by Hugo Cazares for the WBA super fly title in July. Now up at welterweight Lozada gets back to winning ways as he kayos previously unbeaten Chavez with a right to the jaw in the second round. Lozada had Chavez down twice in the first, but was himself floored at the end of the round. The 21-year-old makes it 22 wins by KO/TKO. He lost his unbeaten record when being stopped in four rounds by Roberto Ortiz in June. Mexico City: Mexico: Feather: Jhonny Gonzalez (51-7) W KO 2 Roinet Caballero (31-11-1 ). Light: Alejandro Sanabria (30-1-1) W TKO 5 Vinvin Rufino (30-15-3). Gonzalez just blows away poor challenger. In the first Gonzalez scored with hard, accurate shots to the head and body of Caballero. The assault continued in the second until a right hook to the chin followed by one to the body put Caballero down and he failed to beat the count. Now 45 wins by KO/TKO for Gonzalez. Third defence of his WBC title. Panamanian Caballero had been stopped in eight rounds by Chris John in a challenge for the WBA title in 2008, but had done nothing to deserve either title shot. Sanabria just hits too hard for Filipino southpaw Rufino. Two body shots in the fifth put Rufino down at the end of the round and the referee stops the fight with Rufino still on then canvas. Sanabria wins the WBC Silver title. Now 22 wins by KO/TKO for Sanabria and he also has a points win over Rocky Juarez. . Rufino has lost 5 of his last six. Mexico City, Mexico : Super Feather: Fermin de los Santos (19-13-1) W TKO 6 Heli Quiroz ( 6-9). Now nine wins in a row for de los Santos who has won by KO/TKO in six of those fights. Also defence No 7 of his WBC Cabofe title.. Quiroz is headed the other way as he is 3-7 in his last ten. Windhoek, Namibia: Bantam: Immanuel Naidjala (12-0) W TKO 4 Nkqubela Gwazela (20-10). Light Heavy: Vikapita Meroro (21-3) W PTS 8 Chamonorwa Gonorenda (6-10). Namibian Naidjala puts on impressive display against experienced South African. Naidjala show his edge in speed and power in the first. Steps up the tempo in the second and third and is looking for the finish in the fourth. Gwazela taking punishment and retires at the end of the round. Now 7 wins by KO/TKO for Naidjala. Gwazela, 32, a former South African flyweight and bantamweight champion, has lost his last three now. Meroro not at his best, but has little trouble with defensive minded Zimbabwean, Scores 80-72, 79-73 and 78-74. Laogo City, Philippines: Bantam: Sylvester Lopez (18-3-1) W KO 1 Chapayak Sitnarits . All over early as Lopez flattens poor Thai import in just 82 seconds. Now 14 wins by 24-year-old Lopez, the WBC Silver title holder at super flyweight, and just one loss in his last 15 fights. That was to Juan Jose Montes in a WBC eliminator. He holds wins over Everardo Morales and Oscar Ibarra and is No 1 with the WBC. Warsaw, Poland: Light Heavy: Dawid Kostecki (38-1) W KO 4 Byron Mitchell (29-9-1). Cruiser: Krzys Glowacki ( 15-0) W TKO 2 Konstantin Semerdjiev (29-14-2). Light Heavy: Pawel Glazewski (17-0) W PTS 6 Matt Barney (26-9-1). "Gypsy " Kostecki kayos veteran Mitchell. The former WBA champion did most of the pressing in the fight, but constantly ran into fast two-handed counters from 30-year-old Kostecki. Mitchell was given a count at the end of the first, but it was not a punch, but a push. Same pattern in the second round with Mitchell again going forward, but at 38, his punches were neither enough in speed or quantity to worry the Pole who was doing most of the clear scoring. Kostecki was more aggressive in the third and was getting through to Mitchell. At the start of the fourth a thunderous over arm right crashed onto Mitchell's chin and a couple of other punches as Mitchell was falling were not needed as Mitchell was flat on his back. The referee did not bother to complete the count. That's 16 wins in a row for Kostecki since losing to Rachid Kanfouah. This was for the WBC Baltic title. Not sure how American Mitchell qualifies. Mitchell is 4-9 in his last 13. Bulgarian Semerdjiev, 39, takes the fight to Glowacki in the first, but is caught with some heavy counters. In the second a left from the Polish southpaw cuts Semerdjiev over his right eye and the fight is stopped. Glazewski finds out just how frustrating it can be to fight 37-year-old Barney. The Pole forcing the fight, but Barney using all of his guile, and scoring with counters to sneak some of the rounds. From the fourth Glazewski gets through more and traps Barney on the ropes for much of the last half of the fight. Former British super middle champ Barney survives to lose close decision. Scores 58-57 twice and 58-56. Las Cruces, USA: Heavy: David Rodriguez (36-0) W TKO 2 Byron Polley (24-13-1,2ND). Light: Antonio Escalante (26-4) W TKO 7 Rynell Griffin (6-6-1). Another piece of "Rodriguez rubbish". The 34-yearold Rodriguez has yet to face a real test. Polley goes down three times before the mismatch is ended late in the second round. "Nino" Rodriguez, 34, has 34 wins by KO/TKO, but the opposition has been a mixture of no-hopers, journeymen and over the hill types. Polley, who should be named "rolly polly" for his huge spare tyre, has lost 5 of his last 6, with all the losses being by KO/TKO, and all inside four rounds. Mexican Escalante continued his rebuilding process with a stoppage of Griffin. It was not an easy night for Escalante. As he failed to sparkle. In the fourth he suffered a cut by his right eye, and looked to be tiring in the sixth. However, by then Griffin had shot his bolt and was floored three times in the seventh. After suffering back-to-back losses to Daniel Ponce de Leon and Alejandro Perez Escalante has since beaten Pipino Cuevas Jr inside a round and now stopped Griffin. 17 wins by KO/TKO for 26-year-old Escalante. Griffin out of his league. He has lost 6 of his last 7. New York, USA:Light Middle: Miguel Cotto (37-2) W TKO 10 Antonio Margarito (38-8,1ND ). Light: Brandon Rios (29-0-1) W TKO 11 John Murray (31-2). Welter: Mike Jones (26-0) W PTS 12 Sebastian Lujan (38-6-2). Light Middle: Delvin Rodriguez (26-5-3) W PTS 10 Pawel Wolak (29-1-1). Cotto gained revenge and Margarito showed plenty of guts. The was the Puerto Ricans fight from the first bell. Cotto used mobility to give Margarito angles he could not deal with. Boxing from the outside Cotto would land hard combinations on the Mexican and be out of range when Margarito fired his own punches. The first three rounds all went to Cotto with Margarito coming forward, but being picked off with hard, accurate counters . The Mexican got more into the fight from the fourth, but it was still Cotto who was doing the effective scoring. From the opener Cotto had been targeting the previously damaged right eye of Margarito, and by the seventh the eye was almost swollen shut. The first examination came in the seventh, but the fight was allowed to continue. Margarito showed guts by still taking the fight to Cotto, but with Cotto boxing beautifully, it was just a matter of time. Things got worse for Margarito in the eighth when a clash of heads opened a cut by his left eye. The end was inevitable. The Doctor examined Margarito's damaged eye at the start of the ninth, but they let the fight continue. Cotto scored with a barrage of punches late in the ninth. With Margarito unable to see out of his right eye the Doctor advised the referee to stop the fight at the start of the tenth. Cotto was ahead 89-82 on all three cards. Cotto, 31, retains WBA title for the second time in his 18th world title fight, and gains revenge for his loss to Margarito in 2008. Now Cotto wants Floyd Mayweather Jr. Margarito rightly will never live down the loaded gloves incident, but the former WBO and IBF welterweight champion took his lumps. He needed twelve stitches to deal with his injuries. Rios was already an ex-champion before he climbed into the ring to face Murray. At the Friday weigh-in, after three tries, the best Rios could do was to hit the scales at just over 136lbs, effectively losing his title on the scales. An agreement was made that if Rios weighed no more than an addition 10lbs by fight night the bout would go ahead. Rios, 25, came in at just under the agreed weight. On this basis, and with a $20,000 out of the purse of Rios going to Murray, the fight went ahead, but only Murray could win the title. That did not look impossible in the early rounds as Murray actually took the fight to Rios and chose to have the fight in close. Scoring well with hooks and uppercuts Murray was probably in front after five rounds, but then the strength and power punching of Rios started to come into play. By the sixth Murray was bleeding from the nose and had swelling around the eyes as Rios got home with uppercuts and hooks. As the pressure increased Murray lost a point in the seventh for a low blow, and his face was beginning to look a mess. Rios continued the bombardment, and by the eleventh Murray's face was a mask of blood and with the Brit under fire the referee stopped the fight. Rios will now move up to light welter. Murray showed great courage, but tried to beat Rios at his own game, and came unstuck. Two inside the distance losses in a row for Murray, having been stopped by Kevin Mitchell in July. Murray is still a very talented fighter but needs a rest before getting back into action. Mike "M.J" Jones won a wide, unanimous verdict over tough, but limited Argentinian Lujan. Lujan was the aggressor, Jones had the skill and speed to deal with the crude attacks, but was also the better man when he chose to stand and trade. Jones rarely let Lujan into the fight. He raked the Argentinian with jabs and hooks, and outmaneuvered Lujan all the way, to walk away with the decision. Scores 119-109 twice and 118-110. Jones,28, wins IBF eliminator. "Iron" Lujan, 31, lost to Antonio Margarito for the WBO title in 2005 and to Serhiy Dzinziruk for the WBO light middle title in 2006, but had won 13 in a row since a loss to Jamie Moore in 2007. Repeats sometimes fall far short of the originals, and that was the case in the return between Rodriguez and Wolak. These two had fought a tremendous battle in July, but this time Rodriguez won clearly. Despite a 4" height advantage Rodriguez boxed out of a crouch which both allowed him to get under the wide punches of Wolak and also be in the right place to score with uppercuts. Rodriguez used the tactics to perfection and was always in charge. As Wolak tired an all out assault by Rodriguez in the last almost ended the fight early, but the Pole survived. Scores 98-91 twice and 100-90 but Wolak deserved a little more recognition for his aggression.

December 30

Cabazon, USA:Middle: Jermain Taylor (29-4-1) W TKO 8 Jessie Nicklow (22-3-3). Super Middle: Andre Dirrell (20-1) W TKO 2 Darryl Cunningham (24-3). Heavy: Mike Perez (18-0) W PTS 10 Friday Ahunanya (24-9-2). Light Heavy: Luis Garcia (12-0) W PTS 8 Alex Johnson (12-1-0). Super Feather: Jose Pedraza (6-0) W TKO 5 Herbert Quartey (7-7). Taylor, 33, eases back with stoppage of club fighter Nicklow. Once he shakes off the rust Taylor has too much of everything for Nicklow. Finds the target easily with his jab and wears Nicklow down. Taylor loses a point for a blatant late punch after the bell to end the sixth. In the eighth Taylor hurts Nicklow with a right and the referee stops the fight. A bit premature, but Nicklow was getting a beating. First fight for the former IBF/WBA/WBC/IBF middleweight title holder since October 2009, when he suffered a last round kayo loss against Arthur Abraham in the Super six. That made it 4 losses in 5 fights, 3 by KO/TKO so Taylor took a break. Taylor has 18 wins by KO/TKO, but this was his first inside the distance win since 2005. Baltimore's Nicklow had been raised on a diet of undemanding opposition, and was out of his league. Taylor won a bronze medal in the 2000 Olympics, and another Olympic bronze medalist Dirrell (2004), had an easy night. In an all-southpaw fight "The Matrix" had shaken off his rust by the end of the first. He floored Cunningham with a left in the second. Whilst the referee was counting Cunningham's corner was signaling for the fight to be stopped. The referee either did not see, or ignored, their attempts, but when Cunningham was put down again this the referee acknowledged the towel and stopped the fight. For 28-year-old Dirrell this was his first fight since October 2009, when he was declared the winner on disqualification after being hit whilst on the floor from a slip in the eleventh round of his fight with Arthur Abraham in the Super Six. Now 14 wins by KO/TKO for Dirrell. His only loss was a split decision against Carl Froch in the Super Six. Cunningham, 37, had won his last 19, and this was the first time he had failed to last the distance, but again the opposition had been mediocre at best. Cuban southpaw Perez,26, remained unbeaten, and got some much needed rounds under his belt, as he went ten rounds for the first time in taking a wide unanimous verdict over Nigerian veteran Ahunanya. Perez was always first with his punches but could not find a finish. Ahunanya had a good fourth, but otherwise it was all Perez. Scores 100-90 from all three judges. A former World Junior Champion, Perez defected in 2007. The durable 40-year-old Ahunanya has lost his last four fights including going the distance with David Tua and Chris Arreola. Cuban Garcia, a stablemate of Perez, also had a good workout as he won every round against previously unbeaten Johnson. Scores 80-72 twice and 80-71. Garcia, 24, is trained by former IBF cruiser champion Glenn McCrory, and is also a former World Junior Champion. Johnson, 30, had beaten prospect Farah Ennis last April. Pedraza is a name to put in your book. The 22-year-old Puerto Rican won silver medals at both the World amateur Championships and the Pan American Championships and a gold medal at the Central American and Caribbean Championships. Pedraza dominated with a sharp jab and straight rights. Quartey enjoyed some success in the fourth, but in the fifth a two-punch combination put him down. Although he beat the count he was badly hurt and the referee stopped the fight. Five wins by KO/TKO for Pedraza. Quartey 23, was jumping-up from super bantam for this fight.

December 31

Yokohama, Japan: Super Feather: Takashi Uchiyama (18-0-0) W TKO 11 Jorge Solis (40-4-2,1ND). Feather: Celestino Caballero (36-4-0) W PTS 12 Satoshi Hosono (21-2). Super Feather: Seiichi Okada (16-1-0) W PTS 10 Koji Umetsu (18-12-3). Straw: Ryuji Hara (10-0) W TKO 2 Marthen Lumoly (3-4-1). Bantam: Ryo Matsumoto (1-0) W TKO 1 Petchjomthong (1-4). WBA champion Uchiyama made a successful fourth defence of his WBA title by crushing interim champion Jorge "Coloradito" Solis in the eleventh round. Both fighters scored well in the early rounds, Uchiyama with fast combinations, and the Mexican with good left hooks. Uchiyama had Solis on the floor with a combination in the second, but the referee ruled it a slip. The 32-year-old Uchiyama swept the third and fourth and had Solis badly shaken in the fifth. Solis, also 32, was cut badly by a punch in the seventh, and the cut continued to bleed profusely in the following rounds. Solis rallied to share the eighth, but was now constantly under pressure. Solis spent most of the tenth taking a beating on the ropes and Uchiyama produced the perfect finish in the eleventh with a left hook at the start of the round. Solis was down and out and the referee did not bother to complete the count. Uchiyama was ahead on all cards, 98-92 twice and 99-91 at the finish. Uchiyama won the WBA title with a stoppage of Mexican Juan Carlos Salgado in January 2010. He has finished all of his title defences inside the distance. This was his first defence in exactly eleven months as an injured hand kept him out of action. Uchiyama did not turn pro until he was 25. A top amateur he lost to Hungarian Gyula Kate in the 2003 World Championships and to a Syrian in the Green Hill Olympic qualifying tournament before deciding to turn pro. Solis is the brother of IBF light flyweight champion "Archie" Solis. Champion Caballero used his advantages in height and reach to keep WBA No 12 Hosono on the outside in the first round. The Japanese challenger had some success when he got inside the Panamanian's reach in the second. In the third the left eye of Hosono began to swell, and in the fourth Caballero again got through with heavy punches and smothered any attempts to counter by Hosono. The Japanese fighter had a better fifth, scoring with body shots, but again Caballero was more accurate with his punching. The sixth was one-sided and, with Caballero getting through with heavy shots, and Hosono hurt, it seemed likely that the fight would not go the distance. However, Hosono, 28, recovered and continued his aggression. In the ninth the 35-year-old Caballero looked to be tiring, and although his workrate was falling, he just stuck to his boxing. It was the same in round ten with Hosono becoming frustrated and landing a rabbit punch which resulted in a one point deduction. Caballero made a big effort to end it in the eleventh, but Hosono showed guts and was still there at the final bell. Scores 119-108 twice and 116-111. First defence of the WBA secondary title for the Panamanian, a former WBA and IBF super bantam champion. Former WBA super bantam challenger "Bazooka" Hosono, was lacking in basic technique, and had no answer to the much taller champion's reach and skills. As he comes from Fukushima, the area devastated by the earthquake/Tsunami last year, Hosono had hoped to give his fellow citizens something to cheer about. Challenger Umetsu, 35, nearly sprang an upset as Japanese champion Okada, making his third defence, and fighting in his hometown, only scraped by on a majority verdict. Scores 97-94, 96-94 and 95-95. Okada's only loss is to former WBA title challenger Takashi Miura. Umetsu is a former Japanese feather champion. Down the bill, but worth keeping an eye on, puncher Hara, 21, made it eight wins by KO/TKO by putting away Indonesian Lumoly and former top amateur Matsumoto, four times national champion, scored three knockdown in 94 seconds to mark his first pro fight. Osaka, Japan: Straw: Kazuto Ioka (9-0) W TKO 1 Yodgoen (8-1). Bantam: Nobuo Nashiro (16-4-1 W KO 2 Norasing (1-1-0). A disgraceful excuse for a title fight saw Ioka retain his WBC title by stopping Thai novice Yodgoen in 98 seconds. A left hook flattened the poor Thai, and he had to be taken from the ring on a stretcher. Second title defence for 22-year-old Ioka. Yodgoen's opposition had been pitiful. Off his eight victims three had never had a fight, and one had never won a fight and the other wins were over nobodies with 3-0, 1-0, 14-8-1 and 8-7 records, and yet he was rated No 10 by the WBC. Ioka is better than this, and the Japanese TV and public deserve better than this farce. The main support was not much better as former twice WBA super fly champion Nashiro kayoed Thai Norasing in the second. Nashiro, 20, has already fought in nine world title bouts, most recently losing in November to Suriyan in a challenge for the WBC super fly title. Norasing's traceable record consisted of just one fight