Weekly Report

August 13 - 19 2012

August 13


Tokyo, Japan: Light: Nihito Arakawa (23-1-1) W TKO 8 Takehiro Shimada (27-6-1). Super Fly: Ryo Ahako (19-0-2) W TKO 8 Yohei Tobe (4-1). Arakawa, 30, retains his OPBF title for the second time, but given a torrid time by veteran Shimada before wining in the eighth. Shimada, 41, took the fight inside and denied southpaw Arakawa the space to use his superior skills. Shimada had built a lead in the early rounds, but in the seventh Arakawa finally let his hands go and floored Shimada. Shimada survived and was again trying to keep the fight inside. However, Arakawa was buoyed by his success in the seventh, and ended the fight with a left which convinced the referee to stop the fight. With Henry Lundy beaten and Yuriorkis inactive, Arakawa is now the WBC’s No 1 with a shot at Antonio DeMarco (or John Molina) assured. Shimada, who lost to Edwin Valero for the WBA super feather title in 2008 ,and to Paulus Moses for the secondary WBA lightweight title in 2009, may now retire. Ahako, 26, retains his OPBF title for the third time with stoppage of unbeaten prospect Tobe. Rated No 5 by the WBC and No 6 by the WBA, Ahako is no fancy Dan. He is an aggressive, swarming swinger with a good punch. Tobe, with only 28 rounds of fighting made up of 2 six round and 2 eight round bouts, was the better boxer, but lacked the experience to deal with the attacks of Ahako and the referee stopped the fight late in the eighth. Ahako had been lucky to just squeeze by ordinary Yoshihito Ishizaki in March so needed a good win. Tobe 25 had been given the title shot after only four fights on the basis of wins over Wandee, the former WBC straw and interim light fly champion and former WBA and WBC super fly title challenger Kohei Kono. He can come again with more experience.



August 16


Lemery, Philippines: Feather: Rogelio Doliguez (13-0-1) W KO 2 Ariel Delgado (20-9-4). Bantam: Jetro Pabustan (18-1-4) W PTS 10 Prell Tupas (7-17-4). “Hercules” Doliguez shows his punching power as he flattens experienced Delgado in the second. Delgado started at a fast pace, but Doliguez was willing to trade in this all-southpaw shoot out. The tactics backfired for Delgado early in the second round when he was nailed with a right to the chin by Doliguez. Delgado was out cold and took some time to recover. Now nine wins by KO/TKO for the 21-year-old local hope. Only the second loss inside the distance for the durable Delgado. In a ten round bout GAB No 1 Pabustan took a unanimous decision over Tupas. The 22 year-old local southpaw is unbeaten in his last nine fights. His only loss was a technical decision. “The Joker” Tupas has not had much to laugh about recently as he has won only one of his last 13 fights.


Costa Mesa, USA: Heavy: Alex Flores (10-0) W TKO 8 Henry Namauu (10-5). Heavyweight hope Flores keeps up his winning start. He was a mile in front on all three cards before forcing the stoppage in the last round. The 6’4” 22-year-old makes it eight wins by KO/TKO, the last six in a row. Namauu had won seven of his last eight.


Mandaluyong City, Philippines: Bantam: Fredirex Rodriguez (9-2-1) W KO 5 Vincent Palicite (14-4-1). Palicite was supposed to win this one, but no one told Rodriguez. In a rough, untidy fight it was Palicite doing the boxing and Rodriguez the wrestling. However from the fourth Rodriguez was starting to find gaps for his rights. In the fifth a bout of wrestling saw both fighters on the floor. After they resumed fighting both threw right hands with that of Rodriguez landing first and putting Palicite down and out. Rodriguez had lost two of his previous three starts, now he is WBO Asia Pacific champion. Former top amateur Palicite had won four out of five going in.



August 17


Perth, Australia: Light Middle: Daniel Dawson (38-3-1) W KO 5 Marco Tuhmury. Middle: Robbie Bryant (17-1-1) W TKO 7 Jon Simamora (23-22-5).The Rock”, has no trouble with outclassed Indonesian. Dawson, 34, was walking down Tuhmury from the opening round and finding the target with shots to head and body. Late in the seventh Dawson put the Indonesian down, He beat the count, but was put down again and counted out. WBA No 15 Dawson retains PABA title. Since back-to-back losses in 2010 to Serhiy Dzindziruk, for the WBO title, and Frank LoPorto, Dawson has four wins and a draw, but has not impressed. New Zealand-born Bryant, 33, makes it ten wins in a row by halting poor Simamora. Bryant was in charge all the way until the stoppage.


Pointe-Claire, Canada: Light: Ghislain Maduma (10-0) W PTS 10 Pedro Navarette (28-16-3). Light Heavy: Nicholson Poulard (19-3) W KO 3 Anton Sjomkin (13-7-1). Super Feather: Baha Laham (10-0-1) W PTS 8 Jose Saez (21-14-6). Congolese fighter Maduma looked to be on the way to a quick win when he floored Mexican Navarette in the second. However, Navarette has only failed to go the distance twice, and he climbed off the floor. From then on was content to lose every round on his way to surviving. Maduma hurt Navarette again in the fifth, but had to settle for scores of 100-89 from all three judges. The 27-year-old represented Zaire at the 2007 World Championships. “Vaquero” Navarette, 31, had taken Logan McGuinness, Arash Usmanee and Pier Olivier Cote the distance in earlier visits to Canada. Poulard did get an early night. He floored Estonian Sjomkin at the end of the first round putting him down with a right and a following left. In the third another combination put Sjomkin down and he took the count kneeling on the canvas. Six wins in a row and only one loss in his last 19 fights for 34-year-old Poulard. There is talk of Poulard fighting Carl Froch, but he is not in the IBF top 15 (actually 14 as No 1 spot is vacant), but that can always be “adjusted”. Sjomkin without a win in his last five. Lebanese-born Laham stays unbeaten. He also comes near to a quick ending. Body shots put Argentinian Saez down twice in the first and he barely made it out of the round. He was in shaken again in the second, but then got his act together and, whilst losing rounds, he was never again in trouble and finished strongly as Laham tired. Scores 80-70 twice and 79-71. Saez went the distance with Steve Molitor in 2009, but lost inside the distance to Rendall Munroe and Alexei Collado. He has won only one of his last seven fights.


Castlebar, Ireland: Light Middle: Henry Coyle (18-2) W PTS 12 Marcelo A Rodriguez (60-20). Light: Chris Goodwin (16-2-1) W PTS 12 Istvan Kiss (10-4,1ND). Light: Andy Murray (25-1) W TKO 5 Sergio O Priotti (25-12-2). Coyle wins wide unanimous decision over rugged Argentinian. Coyle gets a good start and looks too quick for Argentinian veteran. Coyle’s right jab easily finds its way through the defence of Rodriguez, and it even looks as though an early finish is on the cards. A right has Rodriguez badly shaken in the fifth and he looks to be one punch away from collapsing. Coyle can’t find the punch and Rodriguez survives. With Coyle forgetting his jab and looking for the kayo Rodriguez finds the fight more to his liking. He avoids further troubled until the tenth when he is forced to spit out his gum shield twice when under pressure. Rodriguez was coming forward over the last two rounds, but Coyle was a clear winner. Scores 119-109 twice and 118-110. Former World Military champion Coyle retains his WBFoundation title. “Western Warrior” Coyle, 31, has lost only one of his last 17 fights. Rodriguez, 34, does not have the best chin around (15 losses by KO/TKO) but he had won 6 of his last 7 fights. Chester’s Goodwin also picks up a WBFoundation title as he takes unanimous verdict over Hungarian teenager Kiss. This was a good action fight with both willing to stand and trade. With Goodwin generally on top it was always likely to go the distance as all of Goodwin fights have been won or lost on points. Briefly in the tenth it looked as though it would finish in that round. Kiss suddenly stopped fighting, went back to his corner and then vomited violently. He was allowed to continue and did well to finish the fight. Scores 118-110, 117-111 and 117-112. After losing his first fight Goodwin’s only subsequent defeat is a split decision loss against former British champion Carl Johanneson. Southpaw Kiss, 19, is being thrown to the dogs very early in his career with inside the distance losses to Tyrone Nurse and Devis Boschiero. After a couple of scrappy rounds, Murray finally began to let his hands go. He rocked the Argentinian at the end of the second and scored with hard shots to the body in the third and fourth. It was the same in the fifth and Priotti also picked up a bad cut by his left eye. At the end of the round his corner retired their man. First fight for “The Quiet Man” since losing to Gavin Rees for the vacant European title in June 2011. Former top amateur Priotti is 3-1-6 in his last ten fights.


Guadalajara, Mexico: Welter: Jose Lopez (17-2-1) W PTS 12 Jose Perea (21-2). Super Bantam: Giovanni Caro (24-11-4) W TKO 4 Mario Macias (24-9,1ND). Super Bantam: Jose R Gonzalez (6-11-2) W PTS 6 Dennis Contreras (15-1).Lopez gets his career back on track with a majority decision over Perea for the vacant WBFederation title.  Lopez had the skill to handle the attacks of Perea. After three even rounds “Piston” better boxing and fast combinations took him into a big lead. Perea tried to claw back the points but Lopez frustrated him and was generally bossing the fight with his left jab the dominant punch. Lopez looked a clear winner, but one judge gave the local boy a draw. Scores 118-110, 116-112 and a way out114-114. Lopez, 21, had been unbeaten in his first 15 fights, but losses to Jhonny Navarette and Viktor Postl derailed him. Perea, 29, had not really been tested and was coming off a loss to a guy with a 6-1 record. Usual fireworks for “El Ruso” Caro. After 3 losses in his last 4 fights he needed a win. He almost got it in the first round dropping Macias heavily with a right. Macias survived, but was under constant pressure. In the fourth he was sporting a bad gash on his right cheek when the referee stopped the fight. After climbing into the world ratings, the 28-yeare-old Caro lost twice in South Africa, to Simpiwe Vetyeka for the WBC International title and to Takalani Ndlovu for the IBF title, and was stopped in nine rounds by prospect Oscar Gonzalez.. Revenge was sweet as Caro lost twice to Macias back in 2005, one of those losses being a first round kayo. Macias lost in four rounds to Koki Kameda for the WBA bantam secondary title in December. “Godfather” Gonzalez fails to read the script and takes a unanimous decision over unbeaten local.


Panama City, Panama: Bantam: Henry Maldonado (16-1,1ND) W DISQ 4 Luis Garcia (8-7-1). Light: Evens Pierre (22-1) W PTS 8 Dunis Linan (17-21-3). Super Feather: Jaider Parra (20-0-1) W TKO 2 Javier Coronado (6-11-2). Another win for Nicaraguan Maldonado. He was well on top in the fight and had Panamanian Garcia in trouble when Garcia’s second entered the ring with ten seconds still to go in the fourth round and that led to the disqualification of Garcia. Maldonado, is a former double Central Americans Championships gold medal winner. Since a kayo loss to useful Mexican Johnny Garcia in 2010 he has won seven in a row including victories over Jose Jimenez and Darwin Zamora. The Nicaraguan champion adds the WBA Fedcaribbean title to his collection. Haitian prospect “The Sun City Kid” Evens Pierre makes it ten wins in a row with wide unanimous decision over Colombian Linan. Scores 79-73 twice and 80-73. Pierre had beaten Linan with almost identical scores in 2010. Linan has been in tough fights throughout his career and has only failed to last distance on three occasions. Parra, the younger brother of former WBA flyweight champion Lorenzo Parra, made it ten wins by KO/TKO with stoppage of overmatched Panamanian Coronado. The 29-year-old Venezuelan lost to Vicente Escobedo in the American Olympics qualifiers in 2004.


Valencia, Spain: Light: Emiliano Casal (15-2-1) W TKO 5 Jose de Jesus Lopez (21-15-1). Fernando Luz (5-6-2) W PTS 10 Fernando Guevara (8-28). Argentinian-born Spanish champion Casal, 30, wins ever round. Lopez takes heavy punishment in the fifth and retires at the end of the round. Six wins in a row for the lanky Casal. Lopez, born in Venezuela but based in Spain, lost to Erik Morel for the WBA flyweight title in 2001 and to Volodymyr Sydorenko for the WBA bantam title in 2005. Since then he has nine losses and a draw. Luz wins WBC Mundo Hispano Intercontinental title as he floors Guevara on the way to a shut out. Scores 100-88 from all three judges. First fight scheduled for more than four rounds for Spaniard Luz who has lost only one of his last six fights. For Venezuelan Guevara it is now 22 losses in a row.



August 18


Puebla, Mexico: Super Feather: Juan Carlos Salgado (26-1-1,1ND) W PTS 12 Jonathan V Barros (34-3-1). Super Feather: Alejandro Sanabria (33-1-1) W TKO 8 Seiichi Okada (16-3). Light: Rene Gonzalez (31-5-1,1ND) W PTS 11 Ricardo Alvarez (18-2-3). As expected Salgado was doing the hunting and Argentinian Barros showing the defensive skills. Salgado suffered a cut on his left eyebrow in clash of heads in the third and his corner did a good job in not letting it become a factor. Barros lost a point in the eighth for a punch which landed at the back of the neck of Salgado. Despite of all the pressure from Salgado the Argentinian proved a tough proposition scoring with good counters and was never really in trouble. Scores 116-112 twice and 115-112. Former WBA champ Salgado retains IBF title for the third time. The 27-year-old Mexican had stumbled through  his first two defences. His first against Miguel Beltran ending as a no decision and in the second he only squeaked past Martin Honorio on a majority decision. Next up will be clash with unbeaten Cuban Yuriorkis Gamboa. Former WBA secondary champion Barros, 28, had dropped his title to Celestino Caballero in October. WBC No 12 Sanabria had to overcome a bad cut before wearing down former Japanese super feather titlist Okada. The cut made Sanabria fight a more cautious fight but he finally caught up with Okada in the eighth and forced the stoppage. The expected war between Gonzalez and Alvarez did not materialise. Both fighters preferred to box and although a good fight it lacked the expected fireworks. Gonzalez had the skill and experience to outbox Alvarez. Usually just an aggressive banger Alvarez has been adding some skill and although losing the split decision he looked a more developed fighter. Scores 107-104, 106-105 and 105-109. After a 13 bout unbeaten streak the Nicaraguan Gonzalez, 28, was close to a shot at the WBA title. However a loss to Urbano Antillon in a WBA eliminator and then others to Humberto Gutierrez, Dante Jordan and Daniel Estrada put him out of the picture. He has rebuilt to some extent by picking up and defending the WBA Fedlatin title. “Dinamite” Alvarez, 30, the brother of Saul Alvarez, was coming off a good draw with Joksan Hernandez.


Cebu City, Philippines: Super Bantam : Genesis Servania (19-0) W PTS 12 Jorge Pazos (20-4). Light Welter: Jason Pagara (29-2) W TKO 6 Rosbel Montoya (16-4-1). Welter: Jimrex Jaca (35-6-3) W KO 8 Angel Martinez (13-3-1). Super Fly: Albert Pagara (12-0) W PTS 8 Alvin Makiling (9-4-3). Fast rising prospect Servania made a great start flooring Mexican Pazos in the first. From then on he handed out a painful pasting to the too game Mexican. As the Mexicans face started to swell and bleed it seemed unlikely he would last the distance. Body shots from “Azucal” had Pazos down in the eighth and he was down from a right in the ninth. Obviously too brave for his own good. Servania won on scores of 118-107 from all three judges. With wins over Gerson Guerrero and Genaro Garcia behind him the 21-year-old Filipino is ready for stronger opposition. Pazos was taken to hospital as a precaution. Only Chris Perez and Carlos Cardenas have beaten Pazos inside the distance. Sweet revenge for Pagara. The promising young Filipino had a 15 bout winning streak ended when losing a unanimous verdict to Mexican Montoya  in February. The team behind “El Nino” had learned from that loss. That was demonstrated when Pagara landed some combinations finished off with a body shot and put Montoya down in the first round.  Montoya was not about to roll over and fought back in the second, mainly with low punches. In the third Pagara went to the body and put Montoya down again. Montoya survived, partially by spitting out his gum shield to get a rest, and with the use of some more low punches, which got him yet another warning. Once again the Mexican fought his way back into the contest but was taking a beating from those body punches. In the sixth a series of body punches saw Montoya turn away seeming to indicate an arm injury and the referee stopped the fight. The 24-year-old Pagara has 18 wins by KO/TKO. He lifts the vacant WBO International title which should get him a WBO rating. “Little Wolf” Montoya’s win over Pagara was part of a run of seven wins, but in his most recent fight he was kayoed in six rounds by WBO No 3 Claudio Olmedo in March. Experienced southpaw Jaca, 29, made it seven wins by KO/TKO in a row as he floored Martinez three times on the way to a late stoppage. Jaca put Martinez down with a left in the third. Body punches put Martinez down in the seventh, but the referee decided one of the shots was low and deducted a point from Jaca.  When he was floored again in the eighth the fight was stopped with just one second remaining in the fight. “The Executioner” lost to Juan Manuel Marquez for the interim WBO feather title in 2006, but has put on a few pounds since then. Martinez has had some tough outings with inside the distance losses to Ric Dominguez and Lucas Matthysse in his last three fights. “Prince” Albert, 18, had fellow Filipino Makling hurt on a number of occasions, but had to settle for a points victory. Scores 79-72 twice and 80-71. Pagara turned pro at the age of 16. Makling has never lost inside the distance and took Servania the full ten rounds in 2010. A winning night for the ALA gym.


Miami, USA: Light Heavy: Don George (23-2-1) W TKO 6 Dionisio Miranda (21-8-2). Light Middle: Carlos Molina (20-5-2) W PTS 10 Damian Frias (19-5-1). In a catch weight bout George wears down late substitute Miranda to keep alive the possibility of a fight with IBF top rated Adonis Stevenson. Miranda started well using his jab to keep slow starting George off balance. George was stalking Miranda in the third, but getting caught with counters. It was the fourth before George finally began to get on top and got through with a couple of heavy rights. Miranda tried to stem the tide in the fifth, but was caught again at the end of the round. The sixth was one way traffic with George getting through with more heavy rights and Miranda, badly shaken, wobbled back to his corner. Miranda’s corner had seen enough and retired their man. “Da Bomb” George, 27, makes it 20 wins by KO/TKO. After losing to Francisco Sierra in 2010, George bounced back with wins over Cornelius White (who went on to beat Yordanis Despaigne) only to lose to Edwin Rodriguez.  Dominant display by Molina. He gives Frias no room, is the busier fighter and scores well with body punches. The stronger fighter, Molina was able to keep Frias on the back foot and score with straight rights and left hooks inside. Frias, having his first fight since September, started slowly and never really got into the fight apart from the occasional southpaw left counter . Molina shipped a hard counter in the seventh but was never really troubled and won every round. Frias just seemed to shut up shop over the last three rounds allowing Molina to dictate, but again Molina’s lack of punching power was evident. Scores 100-90 from all three judges. “King” Molina, 29, hit the ratings with wins over Alex Camacho, Ed Paredes, Danny Perez, a draw with Erislandy Lara and a victory over Kermit Cintron, only to lose to James Kirkland in a WBC eliminator. He is still No 6 with the IBF and WBC so a title shot may still come his way.


Albert Park, Australia: Welter: Tim Hunt (14-3) W PTS 12 Paul King (18-4). Hunt wins vacant PABA title with convincing unanimous decision over Scot King. Scores 117-111 twice and 119-109. Home town fighter Hunt, 25yo, the Australian champion, has lost only one of his last twelve fights. Kane, 29, a loser to Lee McAllister for the Commonwealth title in 2009, was having his second fight in Australia.


Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico: Bantam: Rodrigo Guerrero (17-4-1) W TKO 5 Jonathan Lecona (10-12-2). Fly: Jonathan Gonzalez (10-0) W TKO 2 Saul Hernandez. After a rocky start former IBF super fly champion Guerrero recovered to win inside the distance. Guerrero was down and badly shaken in the first. He survived and then took control of the fight. Lecona was on the back foot from the second looking to counter the attacks of Guerrero. Although he had some success body shots from Guerrero were changing the fight. Guerrero constantly changed guards to confuse Lecona. By the fifth the left eye of Lecona was closed and Guerrero was pounding the body and landing rights to the head. At the end of the round Lecona complained of dizziness and his corner pulled him out. Puerto Rican Jonathan “Bomba” Gonzalez lit up the show. He showed a classy style and punched too hard for Hernandez. His fast and powerful shots had Hernandez down in the first, and after another knockdown in the second the Mexican’s corner threw in the towel. Nine wins by KO/TKO for Gonzalez a Pan American Games silver medalist who competed at the 2007 World Championships and 2008 Olympics.


Callao, Peru: Light Fly: Alberto Rossell (29-8,1ND) W PTS 12 Karluis Diaz (17-4). Light Middle: David Zagarra (20-0) W PTS 11 Emilio Julio Julio (24-9-2). Feather: Carlos Zambrano (16-0) W PTS 8 Alvaro Marimon (7-5-1). ”Chiquito Rossell retains WBA interim title with convincing points win over Colombian. Diaz tried to force the fight, but 34-year-old Rossell boxed cleverly and despite giving away height and reach was scoring easily with his jab and countering with sharp two handed flurries. Rossell confirmed his dominance in the eleventh with a right which put Diaz down. The Colombian lasted the distance, but Rossell was a clear winner. Scores given as 117 ½ -111 ½ , 117 ½ -113 ½ , and 117-115 ½. Only one loss in his last twelve fights for little Rossell. Diaz, 25, had been kayoed in one round by Mario Rodriguez in October and then beaten a guy who had never won a fight, but that is good enough for him to get into the WBA top 15. South American champion Zagarra retains his WBA Fedlatin title with wide unanimous verdict over useful Colombia. Scores 110-98 ½, 109-98 ½, 109 ½-100 ½. The WBA No 14 has been very well protected. Julio  has been in with Ricardo Torres, Hector David Saldavia and Omar Chavez. New Jersey-based Zambrano, 28, remains unbeaten as he floors Colombia on the way to easy win. Scores 80-71 twice and 80-72.


Mandaluyong City, Philippines:. Super Bantam: Eden Sonsona (29-6) W KO 2 Petchnamnung (9-3). Light Welter: Jay Solmiano (13-2-1) W KO 2 Alejandro Anas (4-11-1). Sonsona continues his rehabilitation with kayo of Thai. Sonsona floored Petchnamnung with a left early in the second and then effectively flattened the Thai with a right. Southpaw Sonsona, 23, has won 9 of his last 10, as tries to put some self inflicted bad times behind him. Former Philippines champion Solmiano is also rebuilding and made it two wins by KO/TKO in a row as he floored Anas in the first and finished him in the second. The 25-year-old southpaw put in a great performance in October only losing on a split decision to WBC No 3 Nihito Arakawa, but in March lost his national title on the scales and was stopped inside a round by Rey Labao.


Miedzyzdroje, Poland: Cruiser: Krzys Glowacki (17-0) W TKO 6 Felipe Romero (15-6-1). Glowacki wins all southpaw fight and also lifts vacant WBO Intercontinental title with stoppage of Mexican. This was always Glowacki’s fight and it was just a question as to whether Romero could last the distance. A left put Romero down in the second. He was close to hitting the canvas again in the fourth and suffered a cut by his left eye. A sustained barrage by Glowacki in the sixth drove Romero to the ropes and a right-left-right combination saw Romero bending down and toughing the canvas with his gloves. Another left to the body had Romero slumping to the canvas. He got up reluctantly and the fight was stopped. The 26-year-old Pole has ten wins by KO/TKO. Romero, 28, former Mexican middle and cruiser champion, had been stopped in ten rounds by Mateusze Masternak in March.


Miami, USA: Light Heavy: Yunieski Gonzalez (9-0) W PTS 10 Jermain Mackey (18-6). Welter: Breidis Prescott (26-4) W PTS 8 Francisco Figueroa (20-5-1). Super Feather: Rances Barthelemy (17-0) W PTS 8 Alejandro Rodriguez (14-7). Cuban Gonzalez outclasses Bahamian Mackey. The 27-year-old Cuban dominated from bell to bell. He rocked the former Commonwealth super middle champ with heavy shots in each round. Mackey showed a good chin and managed to get through with some of his own punches, but was never really in the fight. Scores 100-89 from all three judges. Gonzalez boxed at 200lbs as an amateur but has come down from 191lbs to 167lbs as a pro. This was his first fight scheduled for more than six rounds. Southpaw Mackey, 32, was having his first fight since December 2009. Colombian Prescott showed his power again as he floored Figueroa twice with lefts in the first round. The Puerto-Rican born Figueroa showed he has a good chin, only Randall Bailey has beaten him inside the distance, and fired back to floor Prescott with a southpaw right in the third. Figueroa went looking for Prescott through the remaining rounds but although Figueroa was always pressing it was Prescott who was pocketing the rounds. Scores 79-71, 78-71 and 77-73. The 29-year-old Colombian is 6-4 in his ten fights since blowing away Amir Khan, but his losses have been to world rated fighters Miguel Vazquez, Kevin Mitchell, Paul McCloskey and Mike Alvarado. Figueroa, 34, had a run of twelve wins in a row, but is now 0-3-1 in his last four fights. Barthelemy, 26, made it a double for Cuba as he floored Mexican Rodriguez in the first and won every round. The 5’11” tall “Kid Blast” , has failed to live up to his nickname recently having to go the distance for wins over Hylon Williams and Robert Osiobe, but with his size and power he is an animal in this division. Rodriguez is 2-6 in his last eight, but five of those were against unbeaten fighters and the other was WBC lightweight title challenger John Molina.


Hammond, USA: Heavy: Fres Oquendo (35-7) W TKO 7 Robert Hawkins (23-20).

Oquendo makes it three wins on his comeback as he beats experienced Hawkins in seven rounds. Oquendo had his jab working early and was also getting through with body shots. Hawkins was down twice in the third and continued to take punishment in each of the next four rounds. It was no surprise when he retired at the end of the seventh. The 39-year-old “Big O” had retired after back-to back losses to Jean Marc Mormeck and Oliver McCall in 2010. There are some good fights out there for him. Hawkins, 42, a pro since 1994, has lost his last ten fights.


Atlantic City, USA: Super Feather: Joel Diaz (11-0) W TKO 2 Guillermo Sanchez (13-7-1). Light Middle: Glen Tapia (15-0) W KO 1 Franklin Gonzalez (15-11). Heavy: Dorsett Barnwell (7-0) W PTS 6 Joey Dawejko (7-1-1). The 20-year-old Diaz takes a step back to face Sanchez. It is all over at the end of the second. Diaz landed a volley at the end of the round that had Sanchez staggering. His corner had seen enough and they pulled Sanchez out at the end of the round. With wins over Yogli Herrera and veteran Emmanuel Lucero behind him this was a relatively easy night for Diaz who has  ten wins by KO/TKO. Puerto Rican southpaw Sanchez is 2-7 in his last nine fights, but Adrien Broner, Eden Cherry and Ronny Rios are in that seven. Former World Cadet’s bronze medalist “ Jersey Boy” Tapia put Gonzalez down twice and out in just 125 seconds. Nine wins by KO/TKO for Tapia. Dominican southpaw Gonzalez is 2-8 on his last ten. There are no certs in boxing. Dawejko was an outstanding amateur winning a gold medal at the World Youth Championships and twice winning gold medals at the prestigious PAL Tournaments. However, he has had a stumbling start as a pro, drawing with Juan Carlos Robles and now losing to Barnwell. It was a split verdict with the scores of 58-56 twice and 55-59 but Barnwell was having his first six round fight and should have been just a name on Dawejko’s record. Back to the drawing board.


Tacoma, USA: Light: Robert Osiobe (13-5-4) W PTS 10 Jose Hernandez (13-6-1). I admit to having a soft spot for Osiobe. The Nigerian has been a boxing gypsy always fighting in the other guys backyard and plying his trade in ten different countries. This is a fight that could have gone either way. In the early rounds Osiobe could not find his way past the jabs of Hernandez. That changed in the middle rounds as Osiobe forced Hernandez to stand and fight. The decision was on a knife edge with the stronger finish of Osiobe just edging it. Scores 96-94 twice and 95-95. The 34-year-old Osiobe is finally getting some ring time. Texan Hernandez, 25, has very little luck having lost a split decision to unbeaten Mike Perez and a majority verdict to Luis Ramos


Chester, USA: Heavy: Brian Minto (37-5) W TKO 4 Mike Sheppard (20-14-1). Welter: Paul Spadafora (46-0-1) W PTS 8 Humberto Toledo (41-8-2).  Cruiser: Andres Taylor (21-2-2) W TKO 1 Justin Howes (13-4). Minto, 37, wins the vacant NABA title by halting Sheppard. Minto had a rocky start as he was nailed with right and almost hit the canvas. From the second Minto was going to the body. That earned him a warning for low blows. In the third Minto floored Sheppard twice and another knockdown in the fourth brought the referees intervention. Now 24 wins by KO/TKO for Minto, but he losses when he steps up with Chris Arreola halting him in four rounds and Marco Huck beating him in nine rounds for the WBO cruiser title. First fight for Sheppard, also 37, since being blown away in 82 seconds by Vinny Maddalone  in October. No longer a “Kid” “The Pittsburg Kid” Spadafora, 36, has his first fight since November 2010 and even with rust to shed still has too much class for Ecuadorian veteran Toledo, a short notice substitute. Spadafora showed hard combinations and out boxed Toledo to take the verdict on scores of 80-72 twice and 79-73. Two spells in jail derailed Spadafora’s career just when he was at the top and it remains to be seen how long and how far this revival goes. A right from Taylor  put Howes down. He beat the count but was still on wobbly legs and the fight was halted after just 59 seconds. Taylor’s record is deceptive as it has been built on poor opposition.



August 19


Takamatsu, Japan: Super Bantam: Daiki Kameda (25-3) W PTS 10 Mike  Por Tawatchai (25-1-1). Bantam: Tomoki Kameda (24-0) W PTS 10 Monico Laurente (22-8). A winning night for the Kameda brothers. Former WBA flyweight champion Daiki floored and outclassed the Thai winning every round. Scores 100-89. Third win for 23-year-old Kameda since losing to Tepparith for the WBA super fly title in December. Por Tawatchai’s record owes more to careful matching than talent. After beating Philippines champion Laurente younger brother “El Mexicanito” is still on track to be the third of the Kameda brothers to win a world title. The 21-year-old Tomoki is rated No 4 by both the WBA and WBC. Laurente, 28, had won his last four fights.


Kiev, Ukraine: Cruiser: Dmytro Kucher (18-0) W TKO 5 Geoffrey Battelo (25-4). Kucher crushes late substitute Battelo. The Ukrainian had his Belgian opponent down twice in the fourth round and three more times in the fifth. Kucher, 27, makes it 14 wins by KO/TKO. Battelo, who had won 18 in a row before losing in three rounds to Marco Huck for the European title in 2009, has lost his last two by KO/TKO.


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Middle: Maneno Oswald (39-25-4) W PTS 10 Rashid Matumla (47-19-3). Oswald won this battle of old enemies with a unanimous decision over Matumla. The first round went to Matumla, but then Oswald took over and swept the next four rounds with Matumla having to hold to stay in the fight. Matumla came back to win the sixth, but was in deep trouble and only just survived the seventh. Oswald held onto his lead and won on scores of 97-93 twice and 96-94. Since 2001 these two have clashed seven times with the score 3-3 with the seventh a draw.