Weekly Report

September 13 - 16 2012

September 13


Las Vegas, USA: Welter: Jessie Vargas (20-0) W PTS 10 Aaron Martinez (18-2-1). Light: Jose Felix Jr (21-0-1) W PTS 10 Luis Cruz (20-2).  Heavy: Andy Ruiz (16-0) W KO 1 Maurenzo Smith (11-3-2). Light: Terrance Crawford (18-0) W TKO 4 Hardy Paredes (15-11). Light Middle: Mikael Zewski (16-0) W TKO 1 Xavier Toliver (23-9).Top Rank prospect shows skill and entertainment value in winning unanimous verdict over Martinez. The better tactician with superior speed, Vargas was also willing to go toe-to-toe with Martinez. After a slow start both fighters exchanged hard punches in the third and fourth with Martinez trying to force the fight. He scored with some good shots inside, but Vargas was firing back and had more power. At a distance Vargas was scoring well with straight lefts and inside he more then matched Martinez. Vargas ended the seventh with a precise and powerful combination to head and body which shook Martinez. The ninth was Martinez’s best round, but Vargas swept the last to run out a clear winner. The 23-year-old, who has a win over Josesito Lopez, set a face pace and although Martinez was never outclassed he just could not match the workrate and accuracy of Vargas. Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 96-94 with the last score making you wonder which fight that judge was watching. Vargas was a National Golden Gloves silver medalist. He was also a runner-up in the Mexican championships and represented Mexico at the 2007 World Championships. Mexican Martinez, 30, had won ten in a row going in, including victories over Pavel Miranda, Joe Elegele and Prenice Brewer. Mexican 20-year-old Felix, having his first fight in the USA, climbed off the floor to decision Puerto Rican Cruz. Felix started well rocking Cruz twice with heavy shots in the first. However that changed when a left from Cruz put Felix down in the second.  Scores 96-94 twice and 97-92. This was a slow paced fight with Cruz tracking Felix, but eating counters in every round. Felix was on top in the last three rounds as Cruz slowed looking for another big punch. Felix turned pro at 17 and this was a big step-up in opposition for him. “El Artesan” Cruz, 26, was close to a world title fight after wins over Martin Honorio and Antonio Davis, but a majority decision loss to Juan Carlos Burgos in November derailed him. Cruz is No 9 with the WBC and No 11 with the IBF, so this was a big win for Felix. Mexican “Destroyer” Ruiz, 23, makes it ten wins by KO/TKO as he floors Smith and forces the stoppage in less than a round. Ruiz was twice Mexican amateur champion and as with Vargas competed at the 2007 World Championships. At 6’2” and 250lbs Ruiz needs to shed some pounds, but he hasa fast hands and is a prospect to watch. “T Diddy” Smith, 34, was unbeaten in seven going in. This is his first loss inside the distance. Crawford continues to improve and to win whilst remaining under the radar. The 24-year-old from Omaha beat both Danny Garcia and Diego Magdaleno in the  amateurs. He has 14 win by KO/TKO, winning 10 of his last 11 fights that way, and is ready for better opposition. Chilean Paredes is 4-9 in his last 13 fights, but scored an upset in Argentina last year when he stopped Daniel Dorrego (30-2-1) in two rounds. Canadian hope Zewski just hit too hard for Toliver. Heavy punches from Zewski forced Toliver to go down on one knee. When he arose Zewski continued the battering and at the end of the round Toliver retired. Now 12 wins by KO/TKO for 23-year-old Zewski. He represented Canada in World Championships at Cadet, Junior and Senior level. He got to the semi-finals in the 2009 World Championships beating Cuban Olympic silver medalist Carlos Banteur on his way there. The record of Toliver is deceptive as most of his wins have come on the Boxing Backwoods circuit.


Bangkok, Thailand: Super Feather: Terdsak (47-4-1) W TKO 2 Lin Li Quan (0-1). Strawweight: Pigmy Kokietgym (49-6-2) W TKO 3 Wang Xin Yu (1-3-1). Fly: Paipharob (20-0) W PTS 12 Wang Xin Hua (8-5-1). Rubbish match sees WBC No 11 Terdsak halt Chinese novice Quan in two rounds. The 31-year-old southpaw gets nothing out of the mismatch except a payday. Same with “Pigmy” against another obscure Chinese victim. The 30-year-old WBA No 2 retains his WBC Asian Boxing Council(ABC) title as he floors Yu three times to force the stoppage. Yu’s last traceable fight was in 2007. Paipharob also wins vacant WBC ABC title. At least his Chinese opponent had some traceable fights and gave Paipharob a good test. The Chinese fighter was badly hurt in the fifth but survived. Over the later rounds he staged a strong rally as the Thai fighter tired. Scores 117-112, 116-112 and 116-113.



September 14


London, England: Middle: Billy Joe Saunders (15-0) W TKO 2 Jarrod Fletcher (12-1). Welter: Bradley Skeete (9-0) W PTS 10 Peter McDonagh (18-25). Light Middle: Steve O’Meara (16-2) W TKO 3 Tony Randell (12-28-2). Southpaw Saunders does impressive destruction job on unbeaten Fletcher in the second defence of his Commonwealth title. The punch power and speed of Saunders proved more decisive than the height and reach advantages of Fletcher. In the first a left from Saunders almost had Fletcher down, and he was shaken again by a jab and following left later in the round. It was more of the same in the second as a left made the Australian’s knees wobble. Saunders bloodied Fletcher’s nose and shook him again. Saunders kept up the pressure and another barrage saw the referee stop the fight. “Superb” Saunders, 23, a Romany Gypsy, has ten wins by KO/TKO. He made what looked like a tough assignment seem easy. Fletcher,28, was an outstanding amateur winning a gold medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games by beating Craig McEwan, James DeGale and Adonis Stevenson on the way to that medal. However he was out of his depth here. Skeete given a tough test by experienced McDonagh. A hard right from the Irishman in the first round told Skeete he was in a fight. McDonagh bustled the unbeaten Skeete over the first four rounds and built a lead. Skeete was busier over the second part of the fight upping his work rate and scoring well with body punches and uppercuts to take control of the fight in the late rounds. Referee’s score 97-95 as 24-year-old Skeete wins British Masters title. McDonagh’s negative record owes a lot to short notice fights in the other guy’s backyard. However, wins over Lee Purdy, Frenchman Chris Sebire and Curtis Woodhouse show how he can be a stiff test for anyone on his night. O’Meara halts Randell in third. O’Meara found Randell and easy target in the first. The second was a messy round but again it was O’Meara doing the scoring. In the third rights from O’Meara had Randell reeling into the ropes. A vicious uppercut dumped Randell on the canvas. He beat the count but was in no condition to continue and the fight was stopped. O’Meara,28, has won his last three by KO/TKO. Randell has lost 8 of his last 9.


La Plata, Argentina: Light Middle: Luciano Cuello (31-2) W TKO 11 Samir Barbosa Santos ( 30-10-3). Super Bantam: Sergio Estrela (15-8-2) W TKO 2 Gabriel Ramirez (9-4). Light Welter: Martin Coggi (27-5-2) W TKO 7 Cris Solis (17-6). “Prince” Cuello handed out a ferocious beating to Brazilian Santos, but could not put him down. From the opening bell this fight was one-sided. Cuello was able to score easily with left hooks to the body and rights to the chin, but Santos somehow stayed on his feet. Every round followed the same pattern with Cuello getting through with heavy punches from both hands and Barbosa, not know for a concrete chin, soaking up the punishment. Finally in the eleventh, with Barbosa again on the ropes, the Brazilian began to unravel. After a barrage of shots to the head he was not fighting back and on the point of going down when the referee stopped the fight. Cuello, 28, retains the South American title. He now has 15 wins by KO/TKO. His two losses were a very close decision defeat against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and a stoppage by Saul Alvarez. Brazilian middle champ Barbosa, 32, went the distance with Daniel Geale in 2009. Both Estrela and Ramirez came out throwing punches with defence nowhere in evidence.  Ramirez was just walking in throwing wide swinging hooks. He took Estrela to the ropes but being so wide open he was nailed with a left and right. Estrela continued punching until Ramirez dropped on his haunches. He up quickly and took the eight count. Ramirez then repeated his earlier mistake of walking in with wild hooks and was nailed again. Estrella was bombarding Ramirez on the ropes when the referee stepped in and gave Ramirez a standing count. You had to either admire Ramirez guts or shake your head at his stupidity as he again wildly attacked in the second. He drove Estrella back to the ropes and again was nailed by counters which put him down. Estrela was unloading on him again and after another standing eight count the referee stopped the fight. Home town fighter “Enigmatic” Estrela, 26, has nine wins by KO/TKO. The Argentinian No 5 retains WBC Latino title. First ten round fight, and first loss inside the distance for Ramirez. He seems to think defence is something you put around de garden. Coggi, 29, the son of the former WBA champion, wins the vacant WBC Mundo Hispano title with stoppage of Solis. “The Little Prince” a southpaw like his father, dominated with his right jab. He had at least six inches in height over Solis and a similar edge in reach. Solis was just crude boring in throwing wide wild punches and walking into hard counters from Coggi. In the fifth, as Solis was steaming in again there was a clash of heads. Coggi staggered back holding his head, but it was Solis who had a bad cut up on his hair line. A right staggered Solis in the sixth and knocked him back on his heels. The referee applied the eight count and Coggi was getting through with hard punches from both hands. Solis lasted out the round but when the bell sounded to start the seventh his corner threw in the towel. Coggi has 14 wins by KO/TKO. He showed improvement after training with big punchers Lucas Matthysse and Luis Abregu. Coggi makes it two wins since stoppage loss to Brunet Zamora in July 2011. “Maravilla” Solis (he must be joking) was 13-2 in his previous 15 fights.


Baradero, Argentina: Light: Juan Ramon Solis (18-6,1ND) W KO 8 Pablo Rodriguez (13-6). Solis continues his good run with kayo of Rodriguez. After being 5-5 in his first ten fights, Solis, 29, has won 14 of his last 15. The loss in that run being to WBC No 1 Sergio Thompson in May. Rodriguez has lost 4 of his last 5 fights.


Halle an der Saale, Germany: Heavy: Timo Hoffmann (40-7-2,1ND) ND 6 Steffen Kretschmann (16-2,1ND). Heavy: Erkan Teper (9-0) W PTS 8 Gbenga Oloukun (19-9). Welter: Roman Belyaev (9-0) W TKO 7 Semjons Moroseks (17-20-1).Super Middle: Uensal Arik (15-1) W TKO 3 Gyorgy Marosi (15-6). Rain stopped play. This outdoors show was halted in the sixth round of the fight between Hoffmann and Kretschmann. In the first round the superior southpaw speed of 32-year-old Kretschmann had him on top against the ponderous 6’7 ½” Hoffmann. It was the same in the second until late on the round when Hoffmann got through with some hard punches. Kretschmann seemed to edge the third. In the fourth Hoffmann,37, finally got rolling and had his fellow German under pressure throughout the round. Kretschmann was back in charge in the fifth as Hoffmann slowed. In the sixth, after Kretschmann had slipped twice on the wet canvas, the fight was abandoned. Hoffmann promoted this show and took the microphone to offer by way of compensation free entry for a return fight in December. Indoors I hope. Teper remains unbeaten, but only just. The fleshy 6’5” German had height and reach on the Nigerian and built a big lead. Tepper was coming forward in the sixth when a right to the temple sent him tumbling backwards to the canvas badly hurt. He beat the count and the bell went before Oloukun could follow up. Oloukun was trying to repeat that success over the last two rounds, but Tepper boxed on the defensive and did a lot of clinching. Tepper wins unanimous decision, but his reputation suffered a bit of a dent. Oloukun is 3-9 in his last twelve fights. Russian Belyaev, 22, makes it eight wins by KO/TKO in nine fights as he halts Latvian Moroseks in seven. German Arik punches too hard for Hungarian. Floors him in the second and halts him in third. After losing his first pro fight on a first round stoppage Arik has now won 15 in a row. All inside the distance. Marosi has gone in the opposite direction. After winning his first twelve fights he is now 3-6 in his last nine.


Tampa, Florida: Fly: Omar Soto (23-9-2) W PTS 12Glenn Donaire (19-5-1). Mexican veteran Soto keeps his good form going with an upset victory over Donaire, the elder brother of Nonito Donaire. The aggressive Soto never let Donaire settle and was just too busy for his world rated opponent. Scores 118-110 twice and 116-112. “Little Wolf”, 32, collected the WBO NABO title. He has had three world title shots.  In the most recent he failed to make the weight for a challenge to Ramon Gonzalez for the WBA light flyweight title, and was then kayoed in two rounds. With Donaire No 3 with the WBA and No 6 with the WBO Soto could get a fourth title shot. Donaire, also 32, lost to Vic Darchinyan for the IBF flyweight title and to Ulises Solis for the IBF light flyweight title. He was inactive for three years after the loss to Solis in 2008 but had beaten Alex Sanchez and Omar Salado since his return.


Monteria, Colombia: Light Middle: Juan Urango (24-3-1) W KO 5 Oney Valdez (22-16-1). Former IBF light welter champion Urango continued his comeback with a kayo of experienced Valdez. Urango floored Valdez with a body punch in the fourth and finished it with a shot to the chin in the fifth. The 31-year-old southpaw held the IBF title twice. Losing it to Ricky Hatton the first time and to Devon Alexander the second, but one of his defences saw him stop the current IBF welter champion Randall Bailey in eleven rounds. Urango took two years out after his loss to Alexander in 2010. Six losses in a row for Valdez, five of them inside the distance.


Chester, USA: Light: Naim Nelson (8-0) W PTS 10 Victor Vasquez (15-7-1) . Nelson, 22, remains unbeaten with unanimous verdict over more experienced Vasquez. Nelson had his jab working and took the first round. The second was a test of his mettle for unbeaten Nelson. A clash of heads opened a bad cut over his right eye and he was also on the floor following a hard right. Nelson got up and went back to his boxing and survived the round. Vasquez continued his dominance into the third, but Nelson was steadying himself. Although Vasquez continued to press Nelson was just quicker, more accurate and busier. Vasquez kept up the pressure for all ten rounds but Nelson had the edge and wins on scores of 98-91, 97-92 and 96-93. The 22-year-old Nelson wins Pennsylvania State title in his first ten round test. Vasquez, 29, had won three of his last four fights, and made the younger man fight hard for the decision.


Tlaxcala, Mexico: Super Fly: Efrain Perez (13-4) W TKO 9 Humberto Hernandez (11-11-1). Perez wins vacant interim Mexican title with stoppage of Hernandez. “The Matador” floored Hernandez in the third. When he battered Hernandez to the floor again in the ninth the referee stopped the fight. Eight wins by KO/TKO for 23-year-old Perez and 5 wins in his last 6 fights. Second shot at the title for Hernandez, who has won only one of his last seven fights.



September 15


Las Vegas, USA: Middle: Sergio Martinez (50-2-2) W PTS 12 Julio Cesar Chavez (46-1-1). Super Bantam: Guillermo Rigondeaux (11-0) W PTS 12 Robert Marroquin (22-2). Super Feather: Roman Martinez (26-1-1) W PTS 12 Miguel Beltran (27-2,1ND). Middle: Matthew Macklin (29-4) W TKO 1 Joachim Alcine (33-3-1). Light Middle: Willie Nelson (19-1-1) W PTS 10 John Jackson (13-1). Welter: Wale Omotoso (23-0) W PTS 8 Daniel Sostre (11-7-1). Middle: Mike Medina (26-3-2) W PTS 8 James Winchester (15-5). Alvarez takes wide unanimous decision over Chavez to get back the title that the WBC stole from him. For eleven rounds Martinez was in total control winning every round on two cards. However, a dramatic twelfth almost saw a sensational ending as Chavez had Martinez down twice, once a genuine knockdown and the second where a stumbling Martinez was pushed to the floor. That gave a very rocky Martinez some extra recovery time. For two minutes Chavez was within touching distance of a comeback as dramatic as his father staged against Meldrick Taylor. Throughout the fight the classy Argentinian was quicker, busier and more accurate than the Mexican and Chavez found Martinez a very elusive target. The southpaw jab of Martinez gave him domination of the fight from the start and with following lefts to the head and body he was winning all the way. A fiery fourth saw Chavez have some success, but late in the round Martinez scored with a series of hard shots and even found time to taunt Chavez. Again it was Martinez all the way as Chavez walking in behind a high guard, just did not seem able to get his punches off. As the fight progressed Chavez seemed to be slowing, and Martinez was boxing slickly piercing Chavez’s guard with his right jab. Freddie Roach threatened to pull Chavez out of the fight if he did not start throwing more leather but in the eleventh, when Chavez did score with a hard right Martinez fired back with a volley of shots to the head and body of the young Mexican. At the start of the last Chavez was again throwing very little. Martinez was dancing around Chavez with his hands at waist level and spearing the static Mexican with light jabs and little flurries. Suddenly a hard right from Chavez had Martinez backing off on wobbly legs. Chavez sensed Martinez was badly hurt a pursued him to the ropes. Martinez was ducking, bobbing and weaving and trying to fire back. Chavez refused to be denied and he nailed Martinez with a powerful left that sent the Argentinian down. Martinez got up but was badly hurt. Chavez followed Martinez around the ring unloading heavy head shots but in his anxiety wrestled Martinez to the floor. The referee indicated it was not a knockdown. Chavez was still throwing hard shots, but instead of running or holding Martinez was trading with Chavez until the bell. Great, if shaky win for the talented Argentinian. After the fight Martinez’s team reported that he suffered a broken left hand in the fourth round and damage to a knee tendon which would require surgery. Naturally Martinez will not fight again until 2013. Already there is talk of a return with Chavez and that looks likely in 2013. This time it will be Martinez looking to take the big end of the purse. That last round was redemption for Chavez. Up until then he was on his way to such a comprehensive defeat that there could be no talk of a return. Having come so close to winning the fight in the last round raises the question of whether if he  let his punches go earlier he could finish the job he started in that dramatic  round. There again, an uninjured Martinez would also be expected to perform better. Roman Martinez and Beltran put on great little scrap for the vacant WBO title with Martinez winning a controversial split decision. The deciding moment came in the eleventh when Mexican Beltran was deducted a point for a dubious rabbit punch. Beltran got the better start catching the 29-year-old Puerto Rican with hard shots and shaking Martinez with rights in both the fourth and fifth rounds. They traded hard punches in rounds 6,7 and 8 with Martinez probably having the edge. Martinez took the ninth as he was the busier fighter, but Beltran came back to win the tenth getting through with more hard rights. An even eleventh went to Martinez due to the point deduction and he just edged the last. Scores 114-113 twice for Martinez and 116-112 for Beltran. Puerto Rican “Rocky” regains the title he lost to Ricky Burns in 2010. Lack of activity may have cost him those early rounds. This was only Martinez’s second fight since the September 2010 loss to Burns and his first fight for eleven months. Beltran looked unlucky not to get at least a draw. The 22-year-old seems to be unlucky in world title fights. His challenge to Juan Carlos Salgado for the IBF title ended in a no decision. Salgado was unable to continue in the second round due to a cut caused by a clash of heads. Beltran can come again. The plusses and minuses were evident in Rigondeaux’s wide unanimous verdict over Marroquin. The first minus was his sluggishness over the early rounds (don’t tell Willie Casey that-Casey was floored three times and stopped inside a round). Only after being shaken by a Marroquin left hook in the third did the Cuban wake up. From then we saw the plus in the exquisite boxing skills of the former amateur star. He carried out a master class of southpaw boxing spearing his right jab through the guard of the young Texan getting home with lefts and being too good on the defensive for Marroquin to have any chance of repeating that left hook shaker from the third round. Unfortunately the minus was there again as it was almost an exhibition and was too clinical, giving the fans very little to get excited about. Second defence of his WBA title for the 31-year-old “Jackal. With his skills he would be a match for Abner Mares or Nonito Donaire. Marroquin had no real credentials going in, having done nothing of note since losing to Francisco Leal last year. However, he is a talent and although this title shot came too early, at 23 time is on his side. Big win for Brit Macklin. He jumped on Alcine from the start and put the Haitian-born Canadian down with a right uppercut. Alcine beat the count but was floored by a left hook. He got up again looking to survive, but Macklin pounded away and the referee stepped in to save Alcine. Macklin, 30, was coming back after a controversial split decision loss to Felix Sturm for the WBA title and a stoppage defeat against Martinez-where one judge had them level at the finish. Now 20 wins by KO/TKO for the former undefeated European and British champion. He is No 7 with the WBC and can look forward to some big fights in the USA. A return with Martinez being his preferred option. It may signal the end of the road for former WBA light middleweight champion Alcine. He had been stopped inside a round by Alfredo Angulo in 2010, but bounced back with a points win over David Lemieux in December. At 36 this might be one devastating loss too many. Nelson, 25, had shown good skills in beating Cuban Yudel Jhonson in May and he added Jackson to his list of victories with a close unanimous verdict over the son of former world champion Julius Jackson. At 6’3” Nelson had a big edge in height and used the jab well. Both were eager to get into heated exchanges but Jackson was the more aggressive but the accurate work came from Nelson who was able to catch Jackson with heavy counters on the way in. A left hook in the eighth had Jackson on shaky legs, but he survived to keep up his charge and stay in the fight. Scores 96-94 twice and 98-92. WBC No 11 Nelson makes it two in a row over unbeaten fighters. He has bounced back well from a points loss to Vincent Arroyo in April last year, which saw Nelson on the floor three times. He wins the vacant NABF title. This was a step-up in class for 23-year-old Jackson who had won 12 of his previous 13 inside the distance. He is still a good prospect. Nigerian Omotoso also comes into the prospect category. The 25-year-old banger found Puerto Rican Sostre to be short on skill, but long on chin. Omotoso was always in command hardly dropped a round, but just could not put Sostre away. Scores 79-73 twice and 80-72. Omotoso had won 12 of his last 13 fights by KO/TKO. Sostre “The Hudson Valley Kid” has lost his last four. Medina starts with a knockdown and ends with one. A right put Winchester down at the end of the second round but he was saved by the bell. Medina won the next five rounds before flooring Winchester again at the end of the last round. Scores 80-70 from all three judges. NABF champion Medina, 26 , has won three of his last four. His losses have been to Vanes Martirosyan, John Duddy, a split decision against Saul Roman. He was coming off a points win over the dangerous Grady Brewer in December. Winchester’s record has been mainly built on the backwoods circuit in the Carolinas, but he kept his record of never losing inside the distance.


Las Vegas, USA: Light Middle: Saul Alvarez (41-0-1) W TKO 5 Josesito Lopez (30-5,1ND). Feather: Daniel Ponce De Leon (44-4 W TEC DEC 8 Jhonny Gonzalez (52-8). Bantam: Leo Santa Cruz (21-0-1) W TKO 5 Eric Morel (46-4). Welter: Marcos Maidana (32-3) W TKO 8 Jesus Soto Karass (26-8-3,1ND). ). Super Feather: Sergio Thompson (24-2) W TKO 2 Cris Palma (18-7-1). Feather: Andres Gutierrez (23-0-1) W PTS6 Carlos Valcarcel 12-6-4. .Alvarez destroys Lopes in five one-sided rounds. The WBC champion was too fast handed and just punched too hard for the game but outclassed Lopez. After winning the first round Alvarez took Lopez to the ropes where a combination finished off with a left hook by to the body put Lopez down. Alvarez handed out more of the same in the second and another left to the body had Lopez down. The third saw Lopez down again from a left hook but after getting up he fired combinations of his own and was still there at the bell. In the fourth a low punch from Alvarez put Lopez down and the challenger was given time to recover. For a while in the fourth Lopez fought his way back into the fight with combinations, but it was apparent that he did not have the power to hurt Alvarez. Later in the round, with Lopez again on the ropes, Alvarez cut loose with a volley of punches to the head and body. In the fifth Alvarez stepped-up the pressure and trapped Lopez in a neutral corner. A volley of hard punches to head and body ended with a stunning right that had Lopez slumping sideways and the referee stopped the fight. Five successful defences for Alvarez and 30 wins by KO/TKO. At 22 he is still developing and with Floyd Mayweather 35, and Miguel Cotto 31, he looks like the future of the division. Lopez, 28, losing inside the distance for the first time, is really just a pumped-up light welter and was no match for Alvarez. De Leon beats Gonzalez on a technical decision. Disappointing end in this match-up of two Mexican bangers. Too often it was heads that were banging together. In the second a clash of heads left De Leon with a bad cut high on his head. Gonzalez made the better start using his reach advantage to outbox Ponce and keep him on the outside. After that Ponce got his right jab working and also scored with good left hooks. Gonzalez found himself under pressure. Try as he might to get onto the front foot, it was Ponce who was in control. Near the end of the sixth a left hook from Ponce put Gonzalez down. Ponce was in control again in the seventh when another clash of heads left Gonzalez with a bad gash above his right eye. They went into round eight, but with the cut leaking blood, the injury was too bad for the fight to continue. It went to the score cards with De Leon in front on scores of 79-72 twice and 77-74., He wins the WBC title. After back-to-back losses to Adrien Broner and Yuriorkis Gamboa in 2011 the 32-year-old De Leon was the underdog here. The former WBO super bantam champion fought a smart fight and resurrected his career with this deserved win. Gonzalez, 30, was making his fifth defence of the WBC title. He had won 10 of his last 11 fights by KO/TKO. A return looks likely. Santa Cruz retained his IBF title with an impressive drubbing of experienced Eric Morel. Santa Cruz made the running being willing to trade with Morel and concentrating on the body. He also mixed in some overhand rights which shook Morel. In the fourth it was Santa Cruz doing the impressive work with uppercuts and more body shots. Morel tried to change the course of the fight with some choice uppercuts of his own, but Santa Cruz just kept getting through with those body punches. Morel made a big effort at the start of the fifth, but by the end of the round those vicious body shots from Santa Cruz were breaking the Puerto Rican down. At the end of the rounds Morel’s corner retired their man. First title defence for 24-year-old Santa Cruz who has twelve wins by KO/TKO. This was his tenth win that way in his last eleven rounds. Morel, 36, had lost on points to Abner Mares for the vacant WBC super bantam title in April, and at 36, it might be time for him to retire. Maidana halts tough Mexican Karass in a war. The Argentinian was throwing hard hooks from both hands and Karass, continually coming forward, was willing to go toe-to-toe with him. It became bad tempered in the third with both fighters continuing the exchanges after the bell and having to be forcibly parted. In the fourth both fighters were deducted a point for hitting on the break. Despite facial damage Karass looked the fresher in the sixth scoring with rights. Maidana, who seemed to be tiring was backing up and lost another point for hitting on the break. The 29-year-old Maidana bounced back in the seventh. Late in the round he landed a straight right which put Karass down. Karass got up but was ready to be taken only for the bell to save him. Maidana went for broke in the eighth and a volley of heavy rights saw the referee stop the fight. “El Chino” , now up at welterweight, wins the vacant WBA Intercontinental title. There are good fights for him in the division. Maidana has 29 wins by KO/TKO and a kayo punchers fight with IBF champion Randall Bailey would be exciting while it lasted. An unbeaten streak of eleven fights, including wins over Chris Smith, David Estrada and Carson Jones  pushed Karass into the ratings. However that was followed by a run of five fights without a win, one of those a loss by majority decision against Mike Jones, has turned him into the role of useful opponent. WBC No 1 Thompson uses body attack to defeat Chilean Palma. In the second a right to the body put Palma down and even as he was climbing to his feet his corner had already thrown in the towel. “Yeyo” Thompson” , 27, broke into the ratings with a stoppage of Jorge Linares in March. The Mexican has 22 wins by KO/TKO. He has won ten in a row, eight by KO/TKO. Palma, 27, had won 8 of his last 9, but poor opposition. Andres Gutierrez was to have faced Salvador Sanchez II but instead ended up fighting Puerto Rican Carlos Valcarcel. “Little Jaguar” Gonzalez found Valcarcel willing to trade with him and both scored with good body punches but Gutierrez was just that bit sharper and busier and won a wide unanimous decision on scores of 60-54, 59-55 and 59-56. The 19-year-old Mexican, who turned pro at 15, is No 12 with the IBF. He was disappointed that his first fight in the USA was not a big match with Sanchez. Four losses in a row for 30-year-old Valcarcel. He had his best days as an amateur where he competed at the 2000 Olympics as an 18-year-old.


Bamberg, Germany: Cruiser: Yoan Pablo Hernandez (27-1) W PTS 12 Troy Ross (25-3). Middle: Roberto Santos (18-6-2) W TKO 8 Dominik Britsch (26-1-1) . Middle: Marcos Nader (16-0) W PTS 10 Damien Bertu (25-7-1). Cruiser: Mateusz Masternak (28-0) TKO 7 David Quinonero (27-1). Heavy: Edmund Gerber (21-0) W TKO 4 Michael Sprott (36-19). Hernandez retains his IBF title with unanimous , but hotly disputed but points win over Ross. With huge advantages in height and reach Hernandez was expected to be able to keep Ross on the outside and win without too much trouble. After taking the first round with his reach and skills Hernandez was forced to mix it with Ross in the second. A shot from Ross suddenly had Hernandez badly shaken. If the Canadian had steadied himself and picked his punches better he might have brought off a big upset. However, he was swinging wildly, even unbalancing himself when he fired wide, and Hernandez was able to get back into the fight. Hernandez looked to have the edge in the fourth. In the fifth a left hook from Ross put Hernandez down. He got up and again Ross let the chance slip due to his wild punching. Ross naturally came out swinging in the six, but Hernandez had his act together and in this round and the seventh got his southpaw jab working and was picking up points. The ninth was the best round of the fight. First Ross shook Hernandez with a right. Hernandez steadied himself and rocked Ross with a punch. Ross hurt Hernandez again this time with a left, only for Hernandez to get through with a combination that hurt the Canadian. The last three rounds were close as both fighters tired, but Ross seemed to have staged the stronger finish. The decision, scores of 116-112, 115-112 and 114-113, all for Hernandez were loudly booed by the crowd who saw Ross as a clear winner. The 27-year-old Cuban successfully defends his IBF title for the second time, but looked a lucky winner. Ross 37, lost to Steve Cunningham for the vacant IBF title in 2010, but was inactive from October 2010 until February this year, so he came into the fight with only eight rounds of action in over two years. Spaniard Santos comes from behind to halt Britsch. These two had fought to a draw in February for the vacant EU title. This time it looked as though Britsch was going to box his way to a comfortable victory. He was outboxing Santos over the first four rounds, but things changed in the fifth. Santos was the stronger and he began to take control. A body punch from Santos put Britsch down at the end of the saeventh. Although Britsch survived Santos was on top and early in the eighth was scoring with heavy shots when referee Daniel Van de Wiele stepped in to save Britsch from taking too much punishment. Quite a turn around by 30-year-old Santos. Before the draw with Britsch he was coming off a loss in a six round fight with a nine fight novice. Now he has a win over the IBF’s No 2 middleweight and will be in demand. Britsch,24, goes back to the drawing board. Poland’s Masternak ruins unbeaten record of Spaniard Quinones. It was Quinones coming forward and Masternak using his fine boxing skills to score with effective counters. Quinones seemed to have set too fast a pace as he began to tire from the fourth, and was also cut above his left eye. Masternak was on top in the fifth, sixth and seventh and with a swelling also under his left eye the Spaniard did not answer the bell for the eighth. He later went to the hospital after feeling sick in the dressing room. The 25-year-old Pole is No 3 with the WBO and in the top 15 with the other three bodies. He has 21 wins by KO/TKO, but has been very carefully matched and is yet to face a rated fighter. There is talk of a fight with Alex Alekseev before the end of the year. Quinones, 36, has been matched even more carefully with seven of his victims never having won a fight and seven more with negative records. You could almost write the script for all of Nader’s fights. They go the distance and Nader wins. The 22-year-old Spanish-born Austrian, the EBU No 11, has only two wins by KO/TKO. This one followed the script with Nader hardly losing a round. After some success for Bertu in the first it was all Nader. He had the Frenchman hurt on a few occasions but just did not have the pouching power to find a finish. Nader takes wide unanimous verdict. Scores 99-91 twice and 98-92. Nader is being aimed at a title fight in November, but right now it is not known which title that will be. The referee and both fighters had a bad night in the Gerber vs. Sprott fight. Sprott started brightly spearing Gerber with his jab and following up with hooks to the body. Gerber was going backwards and the steady jabs from Sprott were stifling the German’s attacks before he could launch them. It was more of the same in the second with Sprott again forcing Gerber back with the jab and Gerber only throwing one punch at a time and then only infrequently. Gerber let his hands go at the start of the third, but then faded back into his high guard. Sprott was by far the busier. Even if most of his jabs were caught on the gloves of Gerber at least the Brit was throwing punches. It looked as though the fourth was going to follow the pattern. However Gerber showed Sprott a left jab and promptly changed to throw a crushing right that sent Sprott down. Sprott was up quickly and initially his legs looked shaky. He then walked over to a neutral corner. The referee stood in front of Sprott tolling off the eight. Sprott put both arms up in the air presumably to show he was fine but the referee waved the fight over. Sprott was rightly enraged at the ridiculous stoppage, but was completely in the wrong as he followed the referee first pushing him backwards and then pushing him off his feet. There was no excuse for that action. The controversial stoppage and his attack on the referee made it a bad night for Sprott. Gerber looked slow, predictable and one-paced, which puts a question mark against his qualification as a prospect. The referee simple made an awful call which was an injustice to Sprott. The Kazak-born Gerber, 24, has 14 wins by KO/TKO, but has to be better than he was in this fight. At 37 Sprott showed that he still has the skills to test any upcoming fighters


Guelph, Canada: Super Feather: Logan McGuinness (18-0-1) W PTS 10 Krzys Szot (16-4-1). McGuinness remains unbeaten, but Pole Szot proved a tough opponent. With a big advantage in height and reach for three rounds the Canadian was able to use his jab to set up combinations and it looked like a routine win was on its way. However Szot was getting through with shots of his own. The work rate of McGuinness dropped and he was suddenly showing facial damage bleeding from his nose and mouth. McGuinness listened to his corner and instead of standing in front of the Pole he was moving more in the fifth and he took the round. Szot came back at him in the sixth and scored with a hard volley of punches at the end of the round. Szot was also showing sings of tiredness and although still coming forward was being caught with hard punches from McGuinness. In the ninth McGuinness was under pressure again with a cut beneath his left eye and blood again leaking from his nose and mouth. The young Canadian dragged it up to win the last round, but he knew he had been in a fight. Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93 with the last being a better indicator of the action. McGuinness, rated No 8 by the WBA, holds wins over Benoit Gaudet and Meacher Major. The 34-year-old Szot is 2-3 in his last five fights, including a points loss to Nate Campbell in June. He probably left his best days behind in the amateurs where he was Polish champion for seven years in a row.


Seinajoki, Finland: Cruiser: Juho Haapoja (18-2-1) W TKO 4 Francesco Versaci (18-2). Heavy: Jarno Rosberg (14-01ND) W PTS 8 Ivica Perkovic (17-16). Welter: Jussi Koivula (12-0) W PTS 8 Giorgi Ungiadze (20-14). Haapoja retains EU title for second time as Italian Versaci pulls out with an injured shoulder. Haapoja shook Versaci with a right in the first. The Finn easily took the second but already Versaci was indicating a shoulder injury and the Italian went for broke trying to end the fight. The Italian’s corner gave their man one more round, but Haapoja was unmoved and put Versaci down in the third. At the end of the round Versaci retired. Haapoja, 31, makes it eleven wins by KO/TKO. He outpointed Brit Ian Tims in his first defence in January. Former Italian champion Versaci, 22, needs to be more active. He had only one fight in 2010 and only one more in 2011. Southpaw Rosberg, 31, won all the way against Perkovic but disappointed in not stopping the Croat. Scores 80-73 twice and 79-75. The 6’5” Rosberg has only four wins by KO/TKO. He outpointed Haapoja for the Finnish heavyweight title in 2009, but the result was changed to no decision after Rosberg tested positive for a banned substance. Perkovic, 38, is 3-8 in his last eleven fights. Koivula was given eight good rounds by Georgian Ungiadze but won a wide points verdict on scores of 78-73 twice and 80-70. Koivula, 28, has been sensibly matched and is making good progress. Ungiadze, also 28, has never won a fight outside of Georgia, but has been thrown into some very tough assignments. Haapoja, Rosberg and Koivula were all star amateur boxers for Finland. They turned pro after failing to qualify for the Olympic Games in 2008.


Jacksonville, USA: Heavy: Eugene Hill (28-1,1ND) W TKO 4 Stacy Frazier (15-12).Cruiser; Isiah Thomas (9-0) W PTS 6 Ric Campillo (7-4-1). Hill wins vacant World Boxing Foundation International title but gets a shock on the way. What should have been trouble free win suddenly looked like an upset when Frazier floored Hill in the second. The Texan got to his feet and then took control again before halting Frazier in the fourth. The 34-year-old Hill has impressive looking statistics but his opposition has been the usual suspects in the loser’s union. He has reversed his only loss by outpointing Zack Page. Frazier has lost 9 of his last 10 fights. Thomas has Campillo down three times, but can’t keep him there. Scores 60-51 from all three judges. The 6’4”, 23-year-old southpaw was a very promising amateur being trained by Manny Steward. He won a gold medal at the World Cadet Championships in 2005 in Liverpool and won a bronze medal in the 2007 National Golden Gloves, losing 3-2 to Deontay Wilder. After turning pro he won eight bout but was then inactive for almost two years only returning to the ring in July. He could be worth keeping an eye on.



September 16


Rome, Italy: light Middle: Emanuele Della Rosa (30-1) W PTS 10 Ronny McField (13-20-3). WBC International champion Della Rosa has an easy night as he wins every round against popular loser McField. The 32-year-old Italian, rated No 7 by the WBC, never had to get out of second gear as he won every round. Scores 100-90 twice and 100-91. Della Rosa’s only loss was a split decision against Sebastian Zbik for the interim WBA middle title in 2009. Nicaraguan McField now has 17 losses and a draw in his last 18 fights, but only big puncher Luca Giacon has knocked out McField.



Additional Commonwealth Results:


September 14

Accra, Ghana: Bantam: Cobbina Johnson (15-5-1) W PTS 8 Hope Bedi (1-6). Feather: Patrick Okine (13-2-1) W KO 4 Peter Dorbor (0-5). Super Middle: Thomas Awinbono (22-4-1) W TKO 3 Sammy Abu (0-4). Light Welter: Prince Doku Jr (18-3) W PTS 8 Badu Akuettey (3-8-2). Super Feather: Richard Amenfu (7-2) W PTS 8 Yusif Salifu (0-11). Light Welter: Fuseini Ahmed (9-6) W TKO 7 Ben Tutu (2-7-1). Light: Jon Yartey (14-5) W KO 5 Sam Danso (2-11). Super Middle: George Amuzu (12-7-1) W TKO 4 Kwesi Tutu (2-10). Super Bantam: John Oblitey Commey (3-4) W TKO 6 Billy Quaye (2-6).


London, England: Light: Billy Morgan (7-0) W PTS 8 Youssef Al Hamidi (11-46-2). Super Middle: Frank Buglioni (6-0) W TKO 2 Joe Rea (8-9-1).


September 15

Guelph, Canada: Middle: Fitz Vanderpool (25-7-4) W PTS 6 Phil Rose (4-2-1). Pity to see former Canadian champion Vanderpool return to the ring at the age of 44 and after being inactive for over 7 years.


Seinajoki, Finland: Middle: Alan Higgins (2-0) W TKO 2 Richard Hajdu (3-7-1). London, England: Light Middle: Kris Agyei-Dua (5-1-1) Drew 10 Nat Graham (13-4-1). Light: Richard Commey (13-0) W TKO 4 Kris Hughes (15-3). Agyei-Graham fight for BBB of C Southern Area title. Second win in Britain for Ghanaian Commey who has won all of his fights by KO/TKO.

Norwich, England: Super Bantam: Mike Walsh (9-0) W KO 1 Geroge Gachechiladze (9-9-1). Super Bantam: Ryan Walsh (14-0) W TKO 1 Mikheil Gogebashvili (11-14). Mike Walsh wins Vacant British Masters title. Third one round win in his last 4 fights for Walsh. Both fighters down in the first round. Brother Ryan also wins in first.