Weekly Report

September 25 - 30 2012

September 25


Iligan City, Philippines: Super Fly: Marco Demecillo (18-0-1) W KO 4 Marjun Tabamo (8-1-1). Demecillo was dominating this from the start. Tabamo just did not have the punch to hold off the national champion. The body attack of Demecillo was already having an effect in the second. In the third Demecillo floored Tabamo. The challenger survived but not for long. In the fourth a body punch had Tabamo in trouble and a volley of punches from Demecillo put Tabamo down for the ten count. The 22-year-old Demecillo, who boxes under his sponsors name Singwancha, retains the GAB title and makes it 14 wins by KO/TKO. He has won 9 of his last 10 bouts that way. The previously unbeaten Tabamo, the PBF champion, was rated No 11 by the GAB. There are two titles in the Philippines, the Games and Amusement Board title (GAB) and the Philippines Boxing Federation (PBF) title with the GAB being by far the more prestigious.



September 26


Kawasaki, Japan: Light Fly: Masayuki Kuroda (21-3-2) DREW 10 Toshimasa Ouchi (14-6-3). What should have been a routine defence for Japanese champion Kuroda, 26, almost turned into a banana skin. Hometown fighter Kuroda retained his title on scores of 96-94, 93-97 and 95-95. Fourth defence of his title by Kuroda whose four defences have consisted of two split decision wins and now two split decision draws. First ten round fight for Ouchi, who strangely now has a majority decision win, a majority draw and now a split decision draw in his last five fights.



September 27


Isla Verde, Puerto Rico : Super Bantam : McJoe Arroyo ( 11-0) W TKO 4 Jose Lopez (18-6-1). Fly: McWilliams Arroyo (13-1) W TKO 5 Ron Ramos (32-11-3). McJoe has little trouble in disposing of former WBO super fly champion Lopez. It was a one-sided fight with McJoe flooring Lopez in the second and the referee stopping the fight after Lopez went down again in the fourth. As an amateur, although he won a bronze medal at the World Championships and competed at the 2008 Olympics, the 26-year-old Puerto Rican southpaw was overshadowed by twin brother McWilliams. However, McJoe has really come on as a pro with six wins by KO/TKO. After losing his WBO title in 2009 the 40-year-old Lopez had only one fight in 2010 and one in 2011, and this was his first fight in 2012. Current IBF bantam champion Leo Santa Cruz is the only other fighter to have beaten Lopez inside the distance. Lopez announced his retirement after this fight. McWilliams took his time in breaking down the tall, thin, Colombian southpaw. It wasn’t an easy fight with Ramos scoring well with his left jab. However, the body attack of McWilliams slowed him and a left hook dumped him down by the ropes. Ramos made it to his feet but was in a bad way and the referee stopped the fight. The former World Amateur Champion retains his WBO Latino title. He now has eleven wins by KO/TKO having ended 8 of his last 9 fights that way. Ramos, 35, lost to Julio Cesar Miranda for the WBO fly title in 2010.




September 28


Ghent, Belgium: Welter: Aslanbek Kozaev (22-0) W PTS 12 Sasha Yengoyan (21-1-1). Cruiser: Ismail Abdoul (46-24-2) W PTS 12 Chris Dettinger (17-3-1) . Light: Jean Pierre Bauwens (25-0-1) W TKO 3 Zoran Cvek (7-21-3). Super Feather: Ermano Fegatilli (26-5) W PTS 8 Michael Isaac Carrero (11-18-3).Yengoyan fails in his first major test losing a clear unanimous points decision to Kozaev. To the surprise of the local boy, Kozaev took the initiative from the opening bell with strong and accurate combinations. The Russian was much faster and more precise. The usual wild swinging “La Bestia del Este” Yengoyan, 27, found himself having to cover up and box on the retreat. There was an accidental head-butt at the start of the third and blood started streaming later in the same round. Kozaev was deducted a point in round four for dangerous headwork and another for the same infraction in the tenth. However, the visitor had built up a big lead. The first round which Armenian-born Yengoyan won was the fifth. He also took the eighth, when he briefly shook Kozaev, but as it was close to the end of the round Kozaev was able to survive . Yengoyan was cut in the fourth and he was a bloody mess for most of the fight. He survived a doctor’s inspection in round nine. Yengoyan was brave and knowing he was well behind on points he never gave up trying to knock out his well-schooled opponent. Scores of 115-111 twice and 116-111. Good win on the road for 24-year old Kozaev who retains his EBU External title. Huge setback for the local boy. Something of an upset as veteran Abdul was given a rare chance to win a title and seized it. His win over Frenchman Dettinger makes him WBC Mediterranean champion. Abdoul built up a big lead winning the first four rounds but as the veteran tired Dettinger began to eat into the lead. The Frenchman just ran out of rounds. Scores 118-110 (which looked too wide), 116-112 and a too close 115-113.  Nice to see 36-year-old Abdoul finally win a title. In his 72 fights, and after facing seven world/future world champions, he has only lost inside the distance once, and that was to Krysz Wlodarczyk in 2002. Dettinger, 31,a former French champion, had won nine of his last ten fights. Bauwens Junior, 24, made his ring return after an operation and his legal problems (he was cleared of the murder of his father). His opponent was Croatian Cvek but there was never really a fight. Bauwens was on top from the start and the very limited Cvek seemed to be looking for a way out. The Croatian was down for the first time at the end of the second round. He was down three more times in the third, once without a count, before the mismatch was stopped. EBU No 5 Bauwens has a win over Andriy Kudryavtsev and halted Ryan Barrett inside a round. Non fights like this are just a waste of his talent. Cvek has now won only one of his last twelve fights. In his first fight since losing his European title to Devis Boschiero in July Fegatilli was much too good for Nicaraguan Carrero. The first was fairly even but once Fegatilli found his distance it was all one-way as he handed out a beating to the too brave Carrero. Scores 80-72 twice, and 79-73. Carrero was 2kg over the contracted super featherweight limit at his first attempt. As it was a non-title bout they agreed to make a second weigh-in on the morning of the fight. Before losing to Boschiero “Il Dottore” Fegatilli, 28, had won eleven in a row, including a European title victory over Stephen Foster and a title defence. He is No 14 with the WBC. Carrero, 26, has won only two of his last 19 fights.


Quebec City, Canada: Super Bantam: Sebastien Gauthier (22-3) W TKO 1 David Kanalas (8-4). Farcical win for Gauthier. He took the Hungarian novice to the ropes, fired a right through the middle and a left to the body and Kanalas went down. Gauthier was disgusted at the non-performance of Kanalas and stood over him urging him to get up. The referee sent Gauthier away to a corner and just counted the ten as Kanalas made a feeble attempt to make it look as though he was trying to get up. Now 14 wins by KO/TKO for 30-year-old Gauthier who lost a split decision to Steve Molitor in his last fight in November. In some ways Gauthier was lucky to even be there. A five-time Canadian amateur champion he almost drowned off a beach in Rio when there for the Americas Olympic Qualifiers in 2004. Kanalas will not be welcomed back in Montreal that’s for sure.


Santiago, Chile: Super Fly: Miguel Gonzalez (14-0) W KO 2 Carlos Alberto Rodriguez (7-15-1). No real test for Chilean prospect Gonzalez .The 23-year-old Chilean dropped the Argentinian with a right that had a delayed effect which saw Rodriguez step back and then go down. He lasted to the end of the round, but  a right to the body in the second put Rodriguez down for the count. More of a boxer, this is only the fourth win by KO/TKO for Gonzalez. Rodriguez, has won only one of his last ten fights.


Gottingen, Germany: Super Middle: Geard Ajetovic (21-7-1) W TKO 4 Chris Mafuta (11-3). Heavy: Sanel Papic (14-0) W KO 1 Laszlo Toth (17-8). Heavy: Christian Hammer (12-3) W TKO 4 Danny Williams (44-13,1ND)Middle: Goekalp Oezekler (14-1) W PTS 10 Albert Ayrapetyan (20-3). Welter: Naoufel Ben Rabah (36-3) W TKO 2 Mariusz Biskupski (17-22-1). Welter: Patrick Bogere (11-1) W PTS 8 Nasser Athumani (23-9-3,1ND). Ajetovic wins vacant WBO European title with a fourth round stoppage of German-based Congolese boxer Mafuta. After just one loss in his first 18 fights the 31-year-old British-based Serb lost three in a row to Daniel Geale, Dimitry Pirog and Matthew Macklin. Luck has certainly abandoned him as he has subsequently lost to three other well rated fighters, twice on a majority decision and once on a split decision. Mafuta, 22, had never been in a bout scheduled for more than six rounds which shows the level of competition for the WBO European title. The EBA are even worse. Serbian Papic blew away 40-year-old Hungarian Toth in just 33 seconds. Seven one round wins in a row for 34-year-old Papic, but four of those seven victims had never won a fight, and two others had combined records of 5-23. Toth had been kayoed by Danny Williams in 43 seconds in 2011. Just about the quality to be expected in EBA title fights. Everyone associated with British boxing must be wishing that Danny Williams would hang up his gloves. He suffered his third loss in a row in being stopped in four rounds by Hammer. A right put Williams down in the first. He fought back well in the second and third rounds, but a left hook put him down again in the fourth. Williams beat the count but was on shaky legs and the fight was halted after another attack from Hammer. The 24-year-old Romanian had, under his real name of Ciocan, been a World Junior Championships gold medalist, but lost to David Price in the 2008 European Olympic qualifiers. He was only eight years old when Williams turned pro. Williams, 39, had lost to 11 fight novice Janne Katajisto just 20 days earlier. Once again you can judge the value of the WBO European title by the quality of their title matches. Turk Oezekler wins the vacant German International title with unanimous decision over Russian Ayrapetyan. The Russian was the more technically correct boxer and busier, but a lot of his punches were being caught on the gloves of Oezekler who did most of his most impressive work in close. Many of the rounds were hard to score but the judges saw it 98-92, 97-94 and 96-94 with the last score looking the best reflection of the action. Four wins in a row for the 30-year-old Turk. The records of his last three opponents collectively add up to 62-6-2. Ayrapetyan,31, lost on a stoppage in eleven rounds to Sergio Martinez in 2005 and only returned to the ring in April this year. Ben Rabah, Tunisian/Australian, and now German- based made it 19 wins by KO/TKO with second round stoppage of Pole Biskupski. Ben Rabah, 34, who was unsuccessful in fights for the vacant IBF title against Juan Urango and Lovemore Ndou, has won his last twelve fights including wins over Solomon Egberime and Isaac Hlatshwayo. Biskupsi has won only three of his last 22 fights. Ugandan–born Bogere makes it six wins in a row with a points win over experienced Kenyan Athumani.  The only loss for 30-year-old Bogere was a razor thin points defeat against Brit Young Mutley in 2010. Bogere beat Paul McCloskey in the European qualifiers for the 2004 Olympics. Southpaw Athumani, 43, lost to Tim Bradley in five rounds back in 2007.


Rome, Italy: Super Middle: Giovanni De Carolis (18-4) W PTS 12 Roman Shkarupa (25-4-2). Light: Emiliano Marsilli (25-0-1) W PTS 6 Luis Garcia (5-9-3). Light Middle: Tobia Giuseppe Loriga (24-2-2) W PTS 6 Orlando Membreno (11-14-1,2ND). De Carolis gets the split decision over Ukrainian Shkarupa in the fight for the vacant WBC International title. Hometown fighter De Carolis was the better boxer, but Shkarupa wanted to brawl and for long periods the Italian fell into the trap. It was Shkarupa who was setting the pace and dictating the tactics. In the fifth Shkarupa lost a point for holding and also in that round De Carolis finally started to use his jab and picks up some rounds. The result was in the balance but a critical factor in the outcome was when Shkarupa looked to have scored a knockdown in the last but the referee ruled it a slip. Scores 115-112, 114-113 and 113-114. If the referee had ruled differently in the ;last round it would have been a majority draw. The 26-year-old De Carolis, rated No 16 by the EBU has won his last six fights. Shkarupa, 33, had lost only two of his last 16 fights, and they were tough matches against unbeaten Nikola Sjekloca and Max Vlasov. Classy southpaw Marsilli much too good for Nicaraguan. After a round of seeing what Garcia had Marsilli stepped up the pace. Garcia was on shaky legs from a right hook in the third and floored with as left to the body in the fifth. Garcia guts it out and lasts the six rounds. Former undefeated Italian champion Marsilli, 36, he did not turn pro until he was 26, is IBO champion having halted Derry Matthews in seven rounds for the title in January. In his first fight in four years former Italian champion Loriga is given a good fight by Nicaraguan Membreno. Loriga gets the unanimous decision but it was an all-action show closer. The 35-year-old Loriga suffered his first defeat when losing in nine rounds against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in April 2008, and retired after losing his Italian title to Stefano Castellucci on a 107 second kayo in July 2008.


Mexico City, Mexico: Julian Rivera (13-6) W PTS 12 Edgar Jimenez (15-8-1). Rivera retains his WBC Latino title with a unanimous verdict over previous victim Jimenez. The challenger was the aggressor with Rivera content to counter and build a lead with his superior skills. After eight rounds Rivera was ahead on all three cards, but it was close. From there Jimenez tired and Rivera came close to a stoppage in the ninth. Jimenez rallied but Rivera was a clear winner. Scores 117-112 twice and 117-111. Rivera , who is also the Mexican champion, had beaten Jimenez on a split decision in a fight for both titles in July. Rivera has good wins over Odilon Zaleta and Faustino Cupul, but is inconsistent. Jimenez had beaten former WBC light fly champion Erik Ortiz and Filipino Juanito Rubillar, but has now lost three in a row.


Muntinlupa City, Philippines: Welter: Dan Nazareno Jr (17-9) W TKO 1 Ade Alfons (16-17-3). Fly: Ardin Diale (19-7-3) W TKO 6 Ryan Bito (21-11-3). Light Welter: Jay Solmiano (14-2-1) W KO 5 Rachamongkol (13-5). Light Fly: Ivan Soriano (13-1-1) W PTS 10 Michael Landero (16-8-4). Nazareno gets it over quickly. The 23-year-old “Iron Man” floors Alfons twice for first round win. Much needed win for Nazareno who had lost 4 of his last 5, but all to very strong opposition. He collects WBFederation Asia-Pacific title. Indonesian light middle champion Alfons, 35, had bounced back a little from eight losses in a row to two wins in a row. “The Spoiler” Diale retains the Philippines title with stoppage of Bito. Diale, 24, lost in four rounds to Julio Cesar Miranda for the WBO title in 2011. He then had good wins over Lolito Sonsona and Mhar Jhun Macahilig, but that run came to a stop when he lost in two rounds to Mexican Juan Francisco Estrada in June. Bito has lost his last three fights. Prospect Solmiano finishes Thai with a body punch in the fifth. The 25-year-old Solmiano is getting his career back on track. He put up very good performance in only losing on a split decision to WBC No 1 Nihito Arakawa in October, but then failed to make the weight for a defence of his Philippines title against Rey Labao and so lost his title on the scales. Injury was then added to insult as he was stopped in the first round by Labao. Rachamongkol is a former WBC International feather champion, but this was his first fight since March 2010. Soriano wins PBF version of Philippines title with wide unanimous decision over experienced Landero. Scores 100-90, 98-92 and 97-93. Soriano, 23, in unbeaten in his last ten fights. Former GAB and OPBF champion Landero, 25, has lost 4 of his last 5 but to top opposition such as Raul Garcia and Hekkie Budler


Rotherham, England: Light Welter: Curtis Woodhouse (17-4) W PTS 10 Dave Ryan (13-7). Woodhouse wins English title with majority decision over Ryan. Woodhouse made the better start just shading the first, but was hurt by a right uppercut in the second. In the third a right hook had Ryan down and a body shot later in the round had him wincing. From then on Woodhouse concentrated on body attacks. He had built a good lead by the end of the fifth. Ryan then took control as Woodhouse seemed to tire. Woodhouse was holding more and despite having his nose blasted by a Woodhouse punch in the eighth Ryan was still eating into that early lead. The last two rounds were untidy as Ryan was staging a big finish and Woodhouse was spoiling to hold on to his advantage. That knockdown in the third was the determining factor. Scores 96-94, 95-94 and 95-95. The 33-year-old Woodhouse, a former professional footballer, was coming off an upset stoppage loss to Dale Milles in June. Ryan 29, the Midlands Area champion, deserves a return fight.


Lawton, USA: Middle: George Tahdooahnippah (31-0-1,1ND) W TKO 3 Gundrick King (18-8). “Comanche Boy” extends his unbeaten run and wins vacant NABA title.

with stoppage of King . Tahdooahnippah, is scoring freely from the opening round and takes that and the second. He is still on top in the third when a clash of heads sees King suffer a cut over his left eye. At the end of the third King’s corner pulls him out. Now 23 wins by KO/TKO for 33-year-old “Comanche Boy”. He has come to boxing late after excelling at Greco-Roman wrestling, American Football and Kick Boxing. He has yet to be really tested, but with Star Boxing behind him he will get his chance to climb. King, also 33, usually gets stopped when he tries to step-up.


Balamban, Philippines : Bantam: Albert Pagara (13-0) W PTS 10 Marvin Tampus (27-16-2). Yet another unbeaten Filipino prospect wins through. Eighteen-year-old “Prince” Albert took a wide unanimous decision over experienced Tampus. The younger man had the edge in speed and movement and dictated the pace. Tampus used all of his experience to stay in the fight, being competitive in the early rounds, but Pagara was always in front. Scores 100-90, 99-91 and 99-92. Pagara, who fights out of the ALA Gym, is No 2 super fly with the GAB. He got ten good learning rounds from the 28-year-old Tampus.



September 29


Hamburg, Germany: Heavy: Alex Povetkin (25-0) W TKO 2 Hasim Rahman (50-8-2,1ND). Heavy: Kubrat Pulev (17-0) W KO 11 Alex Ustinov (27-1). Light Middle: Jack Culcay (13-0) W TKO 5 Mark Thompson (24-2). Light Middle: Reda Zam Zam (27-1) W PTS 6 Ciro Ciano (7-9-4). A farce it looked to be on paper, and a farce it was. In the fight that never should have happened Povetkin retrained his secondary WBA title by stopping a washed-up Rahman in two rounds. Looking trimmer than in the past Rahman made a positive start coming forward throwing his jab and trying to nail Povetkin with right crosses. Povetkin was backing up, but gave a preview of thing to come when a right cross momentarily had Rahman’s legs quivering. The former WBC champion regained his composure, but every time Povetkin landed Rahman looked shaky. In the second a left hook to the chin which curved round the guard of Rahman had the American staggering back across the ring to the ropes. Povetkin unleashed a barrage of blows with more than one causing Rahman’s head to jerk. The referee broke the action and should have stopped the fight right then as Rahman’s was on unsteady legs propping himself up on the ropes with his right arm. Instead, the referee let the fight continue and Rahman took some more sickening punches before the referee had seen enough. For Povetkin this was a no-win situation as everybody knew that Rahman was way over the hill. Third defence for 33-year-old Povetkin who has 17 wins by KO/TKO. Rahman, 39, had not fought since June 2011 and was having only his second fight in almost two years. The WBA should be ashamed of themselves for giving Rahman a rating which he had done nothing to deserve. The Bulgarian Pulev retained his European title with a commanding performance over the big Russian based Belarus fighter. Pulev found an easy target in the 6’7 ½” tall Ustinov. He was able to catch the slow, plodding giant with jabs and rights and it showed. Ustinov suffered a nose bleed early and together with a cut on his left eyelid and a bruised face he was becoming discouraged. It was a messy fight with the referee constantly handing out warnings to both fighters for holding. The end came in the eleventh when a left put Ustinov down and he made no serious attempt to get up as the referee tolled the ten. Bulgarian Pulev, 31, goes to No 1 after winning this IBF eliminator. He could give Wlad Klitschko a run for his money. Ustinov, 35, will be gradually built up again, but apart from his height he is a very ordinary fighter. Culcay gets controversial stoppage win over Brit Thompson. The Ecuadorian-born German has fast hands and great reflexes but in the first Thompson was boxing well using his jab to stifle Culcay’s attacks. The German picked up the pace in the second coming forward and catching Thompson with some good overhands rights. In the third Thompson stopped backing off and took the centre of the ring and was more aggressive, but Culcay was the one doing most of the scoring, although at the end of the round Thompson rushed Culcay across the ring and got home with a couple of punches. In the fourth the crowd started getting restive and Culcay responded suddenly shaking Thompson and forcing him back to the ropes. Culcay just kept throwing punches. Thompson monetarily got off the ropes but was forced back and was getting caught with hard shots. However he was bobbing and weaving and did not seem to be in distress when the referee stopped the fight. Even the home crowd booed the stoppage. Culcay was well ahead and showed his talents but Thompson had given him a good test with his stiff jab and the result did not reflect his performance. The 27-year-old Culcay, a European silver medalist and World Amateur champion is a great prospect. He has nine wins by KO/TKO. On the verge of a British title fight in 2010, Thompson, 31, was then inactive for over two years due to out of the ring problems. He had a six round win in April and will improve as he gets more active. Lebanese-born Dane Zam Zam continued his comeback with a unanimous decision over poor but durable Ciano. It was really just a paid sparring session as Zam Zam won every round without exerting himself. Ciano was down in the first and resorted to spitting out his mouthguard when in trouble. The 32-year-old Zam Zam took four years out after a shock first round loss to Carlos Donquiz in 2007. This is his fourth win since his return.


Rosarito, Mexico: Light Welter: Antonio Lozada Jr (27-1) W KO 4 Daniel Valenzuela (28-13-1). Light: Arturo Gutierrez (13-7-2) W PTS 10 Ivan Hernandez (26-6-1). Lozada starts fast and has Valenzuela down in the first. Lozada was scoring freely in the second and third. Valenzuela finally crumble in the fourth being down three times from body punches and taking the full count kneeling on the canvas. The 22-year-old “Canitas” wins the interim WBFederation title. He has 24 wins by KO/TKO and had outpointed Valenzuela in March. Valenzuela had lost only one of his last eight fights. He has a win over Carlos Zarate Jr, but that was due to an injury. A surprise in the main support as Gutierrez bounces back from a run of six losses and a draw with a split decision over former WBO super fly champion Ivan Hernandez. In the early rounds the experience and skill of Hernandez  saw him build a lead. A clash of heads in the fourth saw both fighters cut and from then on it was more of a brawl with the counter-punching of Gutierrez the basis for a good finish down the stretch. In 2009 Hernandez lost to Toshiaki Nishioka for the WBC super bantam title and in 2010 he lost to Wilfredo Vazquez Jr for the WBO version. This was his first fight in almost two years.


Morelia, Mexico: Feather: Robinson Castellanos (16-9) W KO 4 Omar Estrella (16-5-2,1ND). Light Fly: Denver Cuello (32-4-6) W PTS 10 Ivan Meneses (18-11-1). Light: Carlos Jimenez (8-2) W TKO 6 Oscar Cortes (21-1). It looked as though an upset was on the cards as Estrella floored WBC No 7 Castellanos with a right in the first round.  Castellanos fought back and in the fourth had Estrella on the floor. The war continued over the next two rounds with Castellanos just having the edge. Castellanos ended it in the sixth as he shook Estrella with an uppercut then poured on the pressure to force the stoppage.  The 30-year-old Castellanos makes successful fifth defence of his WBC Silver title. “Robin Hood” has turned his career around with eight wins in a row. Estrella, 25, had won 5 of his previous 6 with the loss being to Daniel Ponce De Leon in January. A fight which saw De Leon floored by a body punch in the second. There was another first round knockdown in this fight as WBC No 1 Cuello floored Mexican Meneses in the first. Meneses got up and stayed out of trouble for the rest of the round. The fight changed after the third when the Filipino injured his right shoulder. Cuello’s corner told him to stop pressing the action and box his way through the remaining rounds. Those tactics were also endangered when a clash of heads opened a bad cut by his right eyelid. There were other head clashes and southpaw Cuello was seen as the guilty party and was deducted a point. Cuello continued to box rather than brawl and won the unanimous decision on scores of 96-92 twice and 98-90. The 25-year-old Filipino has lost only one of his last 28 fights, but will be laid up for a while after these injuries. Meneses is an in and out performer, but is better than his record indicates. He lost to Roman Gonzalez for the WBA straw title in 2010 and was 4-4 in his last eight fights, but that sequence includes wins over Juan Kantun (18-1-2) and in July he beat Luis Ceja (22-1-3). A big upset saw highly touted prospect Cortes lose his unbeaten record against inexperienced Jimenez. Both fighters were willing to stand toe-to-toe and there was nothing in the fight after five rounds. In the sixth Jimenez got home with some hard body shots and suddenly Cortes was under pressure and not fighting back and the fight was stopped. Still only 19 (he turned pro at 15) Cortes is young enough to regroup. “Torito” Jimenez had lost 2 of his last 3 fights so it will be interesting to see if he kicks on after this upset win.


Hermosillo, Mexico: Super Fly: Carlos Cuadras (26-0) W TKO 7 Ronald Barrera (31-10-2). Super Bantam: Drian Francisco (23-1-1) W KO 1 Jose Carlos Vargas (12-7-1). Super Fly: David Sanchez (18-2-1) W TKO 5 Omar Rosales (12-4-1). Good win for Cuadras over experienced Barrera as he wins vacant WBC Silver title. Cuadras was the aggressor throughout. He was more accurate and busier and had Barrera in trouble on numerous occasions coming close to an early stoppage. Barrera had some success when hr switched to orthodox and hurt the Mexican with body shots. Late in the seventh Cuadras trapped Barrera in the Colombian’s own corner and after six or seven unanswered shots the referee stopped the fight. “The Prince” now has 22 wins by KO/TKO. As WBC No 1 is looking to get an early title shot. Southpaw Barrera, 27, has had shots at the WBA straw, WBO straw, IBF straw, interim WBA light fly and WBC light fly titles, but this is his second stoppage loss in his last three fights. Filipino Francisco hits too hard for late sub Vargas. Francisco cuts Vargas in  half with wicked body shots and scores three knockdowns for a first round win. The 29-year-old Francisco is a danger to anyone in this division. He has 18 wins by KO/TKO with his only loss being a unanimous verdict against now WBA champion Tepparith. The difference in that fight was a third round knockdown as two of the judges had it to the Thai by only 114-113.  The “Tornado” Sanchez blows away Rosales. Sanchez came out from the first bell looking to put Rosales away. Rosales was on shaky legs in that first round and was again under pressure throughout the second.  The third was a bit more even as Rosales fired some counters. The fourth was painful for Rosales and only his guts got him through to the bell. The battering continued in the fifth until the towel came in to save Rosales. Hometown fighter Sanchez has 15 wins by KO/TKO and has lost only once in his last 14 fights. Rosales has won only one of his last six fights.


Windhoek, Namibia: Feather: Gottlieb Ndokosho (12-3,1ND) W KO 1 Rajabu Maoja (19-11-3). Ndokosho wins vacant IBF Australasian title  with first round kayo of Tanzanian Maoja. A hook to the body put Maoja down ands he was counted out with just two seconds left in the round. Only his third win inside the distance for former Namibian champion Ndokosho. Maoja, the Tanzanian Pugilistic Syndicate champion, had won his last three fights.


Paranaque City, Philippines: Welter: Dennis Laurente (43-4-5) W KO 1 Jamed Jalarante (20-15-1). Southpaw Laurente gets easiest win of his career as he disposes of Indonesian in just 37 seconds. Laurente took Jalarante to the ropes and bombarded him with body shots. Jalarante went down and took the full count. The 35-year-old Laurente is unbeaten in his last 19 fights reaching back to 2006, including wins over Steve Quinonez, Marvin Cordova and Ben Tackie. All four of his losses have come on the road. He is a well deserved No 5 with the WBC. Now eight losses in a row for Jalarante, five by KO/TKO.


Indio, USA: Welter: Julio Diaz (40-7) W TKO 5 Hector Sanchez (19-3). Super Feather: Roger Gonzalez (28-6) W PTS 10 Andrew Cancio (14-2-2). Former IBF light champion Diaz too experienced and hits too hard for stumbling Sanchez. Diaz had Sanchez down from a hard right in the second but Sanchez recovered quickly. In the following rounds Diaz was able to get inside the reach of Sanchez and work the body. The end came in the fifth when a counter right stunned Sanchez and Diaz jumped on him getting through with hard shots from both hands which forced the stoppage. The 32-year-old Mexican needed a win here as he was 3-3 in his last six fights. He now has 29 wins by KO/TKO. Tall, slim Puerto Rican Sanchez, 26, won his first 18 fights but is 1-3 now in his last four. Not a good night for prospects as Gonzalez just edged out Cancio on a majority verdict. It was a close fight all the way. Cancio forced the action, but Gonzalez picked up the points with his better boxing using good lateral movement to dodge Cancio’s punches and scoring with accurate counters. Cancio had his best spell in the middle rounds and had Gonzalez in trouble briefly in the ninth, but Gonzalez finished strongly to take the tenth. Scores 96-94 twice and 95-95. The 34-year-old Gonzalez was in a must win situation after five losses in a row. Cancio, 23, was on a high after an easy win against Rocky Juarez in June so this may just be a blip on his way to better things.


Mashantucket, USA: Super Middle: Edwin Rodriguez (22-0) W TKO 8 Jason Escalera (13-1-1). Super Bantam: Vic Darchinyan (38-5-1) W PTS 10 Luis Orlando Del Valle (16-1). Welter: Antonin Decarie (27-1) W TKO 6 Alex Perez (16-1). Light Welter: Danny O’Connor (19-1) W TKO 3 Josh Sosa (10-4). Light Heavy: Isaac Chilemba (20-1-1) W PTS 8 Rayco Saunders (22-17-2).  Super Feather: Ryan Kielczewski (14-0) W PTS 6 Jerry McLaurin (9-4). Super bantam: Luis Rosa (11-0,1ND) W TKO 6 Vic Valenzuela (8-3). Rodriguez impresses as he outclasses previously unbeaten Escalera. “La Bomba” almost finished it in the first as he came out throwing power punches. He sent Escalera’s gumshield flying almost with his first punch and had Escalera badly hurt and on the verge of a knockout. Escalera survived, but that round was scored 10-8 by all of the judges. Although the fight settled to a less explosive pace, after that first round Escalera was never in the fight. Rodriguez was bigger, stronger and by far the heavier puncher. Only a good chin and courage kept Escalera in the fight but when a Rodriguez left hook unhinged Escalera at the start of the eighth the referee stopped the fight.  Rodriguez, rated in the top three by both the IBF and WBC, retains his USBA title and goes to 15 wins by KO/TKO. The 27-year-old Dominican already has wins over James McGirt, Aaron Pryor, Will Rosinsky and Don George. He is ready for the best and his action style will give HBO an incentive to get him those fights. For Escalera, 27, Rodriguez was a different class of opponent from those he has faced in the past-and it showed. Armenian-born Aussie Darchinyan showed he is not yet ready to become a stepping stone. The “Raging Bull” fought his usual all-out aggressive pressure fight and young Del Valle just could not match him. Darchinyan gave the Puerto Rican prospect no room to use his skills and he was constantly rocked by left uppercuts on the inside. Del Valle only really got into the fight over the last two rounds, rocking Darchinyan in the ninth. Scores 99-91 twice and a much too close 96-94. A first fight at super bantam for Darchinyan and he wins the vacant NABF title as he bounces back after wide points losses to Anselmo Moreno and Shinsuke Yamanaka. There is life in the 36-year-old yet. There is also time for the 25-year-old Del Valle to take lessons from his first loss. He was rated in the top 15 by all four sanctioning bodies, but this was just too tough a test too early. Good win for Canadian Decarie. Despite giving away height to the much taller Perez he was getting through with hard rights from the second round. The good defensive skill of Decarie were frustrating any attempt Perez was making to get into the fight. In the sixth a left hook, and yet another right, sent Perez down in the ropes. He got up, but the follow-up attack from Decarie saw the referee stop the fight. The 29-year-old Decarie retains WBC International title. His only loss is to Souleymane M’Baye for the interim WBA title in May 2010. He hopes to be more active in future . He had only two fight in 2011 and this was his first this year. Southpaw Perez , 30, was coming off a good win over Francisco Figueroa in March. O’Connor continues to look a real prospect as he halts the outclassed Sosa in three rounds. Sosa just could not take the body shots that O’Connor was handing out. The 27-year-old southpaw, who won both the National Golden Gloves and US Championships in 2008, makes it five wins since a loss to a then unbeaten Gabe Bracero in 2011. Three losses in a row for Sosa.  “Golden Boy” Chilemba from Malawi, No 6 with the WBC and No 5 with the IBF, had a routine win over experienced Saunders. Chilemba,25, controlled the fight with his jab and scored well with body punches. The pace he was setting was too fast for Saunders and Chilemba had the superior ring skills. There was never any question of an early finish, but Chilemba won every round. Scores 80-74 from all three judges. Chilemba is unbeaten in his last 13 fights. He reversed his only los, has a draw with Tommy Oosthuizen, and wins over Max Vlasov and Edison Miranda. The durable Saunders, 38, has only been stopped once in his 41 fights. The “Polish Prince” Kielczewski gradually winds up the pressure from the second and from then on there is only one fighter in it. Hooks to the body kept Kielczewski in control but it was only in the last round that he really let his punches go. Scores 60-54 twice and 59-55. Nine points wins in a row for the local. McLaurin is 2-4 in his last six fights, but three of those losses were to unbeaten fighters. Rosa just too strong for Valenzuela. Both fighters were looking to dominate and at times it got out of control with both fighters losing a point for low blows. Rosa was gradually wearing southpaw Valenzuela down and handing out heavy punishment. In the middle of the sixth round Valenzuela’s corner threw in the towel to save their man. The 21-year-old Puerto Rican has six wins by KO/TKO. Now four losses and a no decision for Valenzuela in his last five fights.


Atlantic City, USA: Middle: Patrick Majewski (20-1) W PTS 10 Latif Mundy (10-5,1ND). Welter: Decarlo Perez (8-2-1) W TKO 3 Shamone Alvarez (21-6). Pole Majewski gets second win over Mundy and shows coolness and skill to overcome bad cut. Over the first couple of rounds Majewski was working inside and scoring with good combinations whilst the smaller Mundy was not as busy. In the third Majewski suffered a bad cut over his right eye and blood from the cut affected his vision for the rest of the fight. Despite this he kept the pressure on Mundy, finding the target with chopping rights. The pace was too fast for Mundy who was having his first fight for 10 months. As Mundy tired Majewski increased the pressure and Mundy was just looking to survive in the last. Weird scoring with two judges giving it to Majewski on scores of 100-90 and 98-92 and the third having it 95-95! Third win for Majewski, 32, since upset loss to Jose Miguel Torres in November. First fight for Mundy since back-to-back losses to Ossie Duran and Matt Korobov in 2011. Alvarez slips a bit further down the hill after stoppage loss to Perez. This was a grudge match and southpaw Alvarez came out firing from an orthodox stance and threw a barrage of punches. Perez was temporarily put on the back foot, but had recovered by the end of the round. In the second Alvarez reverted to southpaw, but at the end of the round was shaken by a right. In the third a right unhinged the legs of Alvarez. Perez followed-up with a volley of punches and with Alvarez still wobbling the referee stopped the fight. This was the first eight round fight for novice Perez. The 21-year-old local, with the nickname of “3mendo”, only had two wins by KO/TKO before this fight. Alvarez, 35, won his first 19 fights and whilst losses to Joshua Clottey, Delvin Rodriguez and Antonin Decarie might be explained away, back-to-back losses to Doel Carrasquillo and now Perez indicate he has a past in boxing, but no future.




September 30


Nonthaburi, Thailand: Bantam: Suriyan (22-5-1) W KO 4 Ricky Manufoe (17-16-2). Former WBC super fly champion Suriyan wins vacant WBC ABC title with kayo of Indonesian. It was call one-way traffic as Suriyan picked his punches and scored heavily in all three rounds. He ended the fight in the fourth with a right to the body which put Manufoe down for the full count. Second win for Suriyan since losing his WBC title to Yota Sato in March. Just three wins in his last 18 fights for Manufoe.


Hartlepool, England: Super Bantam: Martin Ward (15-1) W PTS 10 Jason Booth (36-10). Newcastle’s Ward wins English title with unanimous decision over experienced Booth. It was a close fight with Booth fighting hard and pressurising Ward. The 24-year-old Ward stood up to the pressure and although it was an even battle southpaw Ward was a good winner. Scores 97-94, 97-95 and 96-95. Eight wins in a row for Ward who had his original opponent pull out and then had the fight postponed again due to a hand injury. Booth, 34, a former IBF title challenger, has lost his last five fights but is still a tough test for any ambitious young fighter.


East London, South Africa: Feather: Sydney Maluleke (11-3) W TKO 7 Sabelo Jubatha (10-2). Jubatha built an early lead, but Maluleke slowly took control and by the sixth was in command and Jubatha was fading. A strong attack from Maluleke in the seventh had Jubatha in trouble and the referee stopped the fight. It was the second shot at the title for Maluleke who had lost to then champion Ludumo Galada in 2007, but he has now won his last five fights. Jubatha was in his second reign as champion and had won eight in a row.


Additional Commonwealth Results:

September 28

Inverness, Scotland: Heavy: Gary Cornish (9-0) W PTS 6 Peter Erdos (4-1-1). Feather: David Savage (14-1-1) W PTS 6 Ryan McNicol (4-19-3).


September 29

Hamburg, Germany: Cruiser: David Graf (8-0) W PTS 6 Martyn Grainger (8-6).

Accra, Ghana: Light Middle: Issah Samir (9-0) W PTS 12 Ishmael Tetteh (26-8-2). Middle: Sena Agbeko (12-0) W TKO 3 Eric Kwardey (1-8-1). Welter: Patrick Allotey (26-0) W PTS 12 Ben Akrah (16-11). Super Middle: Habib Ahmed (11-0) W PTS 12 George Bamson (2-4). Super Bantam: Joshua Barnor (8-0) W TKO 3 Alfred Quaye (1-23). Super Bantam: Alfred Tetteh (20-3-1) W TKO 2 Aminu Turkson (0-29)

Samir wins vacant Ghanaian title. Agbeko wins vacant Ghanaian title. Allotey wins WBC International Silver title. Ahmed wins vacant Ghanaian title.

Tauranga, New Zealand: Super Middle: Gunnar Jackson (14-3-2) W PTS 6 Faimasasa Tavui (7-12-1)

Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania: Super Middle: Francis Cheka (26-6-1) W TKO 6 Karama Nyilawila (13-9-2).

Cheka wins UBO International title.


September 30

East London, South Africa: Light Fly: Bongani Silila (7-1) W PTS 12 Mfundo Gwayana (12-5-1).

Silila wins interim South African title.

Hartlepool, England: Welter: Gary Fox (9-1) W TKO 5 Neil Hepper (3-2).

Fox wins vacant BBB of C Northern Area title.