Weekly Report

October 18-22 2012

October 18


Panama City, Panama: Super Fly: Manuel Vides (13-2) W TKO 8 Cris Flores (10-6-1). Vides uses his advantages in height and reach to outbox Flores. Just when it seemed that the Costa Rica based Nicaraguan was going to last the distance a hard combination from Vides unhinged his legs and the referee stopped the fight with just 32 seconds to go in the last round. “The Leveller” Vides, 21, retains interim WBC Latino title and makes it seven wins by KO/TKO. First loss inside the distance for Nicaraguan Flores.



October 19


Kissimmee, USA: Feather: Orlando Cruz (19-2-1) W PTS 12 Jorge Pazos (20-5). Light Welter: Vicente Mosquera (31-2-1) W TKO 5 Daniel Attah (26-12-1,1ND). Fly: Jonathan Gonzalez (11-0) W TKO 6 Danny Flores (13-2). Cruz proves too fast and skillful for Mexican and wins despite coming into the ring with a rib strain and injuring both hands during the bout. Pazos had the edge in reach, but the clever movement from southpaw Cruz had Pazos frustrated as the Puerto Rican was just too elusive. Cruz scored well with his counters and although Pazos was busier and throwing more punches it was Cruz who was the more accurate and, although tiring at the end, he ran out an easy winner. Scores 118-110 twice and 117-111. Cruz, 31, retains WBO Latino title. After back-to-back losses in 2010 to Cornelius Lock and Daniel Ponce De Leon, Cruz has registered three wins including a one round kayo of prospect Michael Franco (19-0). He represented Puerto Rico at the 2000 Olympics. His revelation that he was gay has been widely publicised and, temporarily at least, has given him a very high profile. He is rated WBO 4/WBA 14. Pazos is 3-4 in his last seven fights, but all losses have been to tough opposition. Body attack by Mosquera wears down Nigerian veteran. The former WBA super feather champ went after late sub Attah with vicious hooks to the body from the first. Attah tried to combat that attack with his jab and movement, but just could not keep Mosquera out. The Nigerian’s corner pulled their man out at the end of the fifth. The 32-year-old “El Loco” makes it 17 wins by KO/TKO. He lost his WBA title to Edwin Valero in an incredible war in 2006. Mosquera was then unjustly jailed and was not pardoned until late 2010. He has scored seven wins on his comeback. He is No 11 with both the WBA and WBO. Attah, who lost to Acelino Freitas for the WBA/WBO super feather titles in 2002, has now lost his last seven fights. Impressive win by Gonzalez as he is too fast and hits too hard for game Flores. He takes the first round scoring with counters against the aggressive Flores. The Mexican has a better second round hurting Gonzalez with a left hook to the body. Flores continued to come forward in the third, but was being caught with hooks, uppercuts and straight rights and an uppercut followed by a straight left staggered Flores. The pace dropped in the fourth and in the fifth Gonzalez finally started to work on the body of Flores. The real concern though was with the nose of Flores which was bleeding heavily. Before the start of the six the Doctor was called to examine the nose injury but the fight continued. Gonzalez was scoring heavily to the head and body and the referee stepped-in to save Flores. “Bomba” Gonzalez is a former world junior champion and has ten wins by KO/TKO with eight of his fight failing to go beyond the second round. First loss inside the distance for Flores who had beaten former WBC light fly champion Erik Ortiz and experienced Faustino Cupul.


Junin, Argentina: Light: Marcelino Lopez (25-0) W PTS 10 Julio Cesar Ruiz (14-6,1ND). “Nino” Lopez retains WBC Latino title for the second time, but has to settle for a split decision over Ruiz. Lopez took the first two rounds, but then his workrate dropped and Ruiz got into the fight. The challenger kept coming forward and working inside. Lopez had chances to win inside the distance but let them slip past him. In the sixth, as Ruiz started to tire, Lopez got through with good shots to the head and body and Ruiz was forced to hold and lost a point for too much clinching. Again Ruiz got back into the fight inside. The ninth was another big round for Lopez as a right cross had Ruiz’s legs wobbling but again the champion failed to close out the fight. Scores 97-92, 96-93 and 94-95. The first score looked the most accurate, but Lopez, 26, should not have needed the judges. “Little Wolf” Ruiz is 4-5 in his last nine fights


Toowoomba, Australia: Super Feather: Jack Asis (27-18-4) W PTS 8 Max Sithsaithong (12-1). Filipino “Assassin” Asis continues to find success in Australia. He wins comfortable unanimous decision over Thai Sithsaithong. Scores 80-72 twice and 80-75. The 31-year-old Australian champion has turned a run of five losses in a row into six wins in a row now. Sithsaithong was having his second fight after being inactive for five years.


Cartagena, Colombia: Super Middle: Alex Brand (19-1) W PTS 12 William Gare (27-16). Colombian Brand wins vacant WBFederation International title with wide unanimous decision over South African. The right was the main punch for Brand and Gare seemed to have no answer to it. Although Brand won by a wide unanimous decision many of the rounds were close. Scores 120-109 twice and 109-110. One of Colombia’s most successful amateurs, Brand, 35, did not turn pro until he was 32. His only loss is a split verdict against prospect Badou Jack in May. Brand is now looking for a shot at the WBFederation champion Marco Antonio Rubio. Gare, 37, was having his first fight since June 2011. He is a former South Africa light middle and WBFederation and WBFoundation champion super middle champ. He has wins over Les Sherrington and Rigo Alvarez.


Barranquilla, Colombia: Feather: Gustavo Sandoval (11-3-1) W PTS 10 Yuri Mendez (15-2). Super Bantam: Jonathan Perez (26-9) W PTS 10 Hugo Berrio (15-3). “Hurricane “Sandoval wins Colombian title with unexpected win over champion Mendez. This was a close, hard-fought match with the superior punching power of Sandoval just giving him the edge. Scores 96-95 twice and 96-94. The 20-year-old Sandoval was coming off a stoppage loss to Nicholas Walters in July. A set back for 19-year-old Mendez, but this one was close enough to deserve a return. Perez wins vacant Colombian title with razor thin majority verdict over Berrio. “El Explosive” Perez, 25, has won 9 of his last 10 fights with his only loss being to Cris Mijares in September last year. Since then he has now won seven straight. After losses to Nehomar Cermeno and Oscar Escandon Berrio had won six in a row. This is also a fight that could go on again.


 Rome, Italy: Light Heavy: Orial Kolaj (10-5) W TKO 6 Tomas Adamek (19-7-1). Albanian-born Italian Kolaj retains EU title with win over Czech Adamek. The 29-year-old southpaw took the fight inside and gave Adamek no chance to use his height and reach advantages. Kolaj was in control all the way and a left hook in the fifth had Adamek’s legs shaking and only the bell saves Adamek. In the sixth another hook effectively finishes the fight as Adamek does not go down, but cannot go on, and the referee stops the fight. Seven wins by KO/TKO for Kolaj who was 5-5 at one time, but has won his last five. Adamek, 32, was having his third shot at winning this title. He is now 3-4 in his last seven fights.


Ontario, USA: Welter: Steve Claggett (15-1-1) W TKO 4 Ricky Duenas (12-2). Canadian Claggett battles back from first round shock to stop Duenas. In the opening round a fast combination from Duenas sent Claggett crashing to the canvas. He beat the count and saw out the round. It was Claggett’s turn in round two as he put Duenas down with a right at the end of the round and the bell saved Duenas. The pace slowed a little in the third, but in the fourth a right hook put Duenas down and although he was up and took the eight count he shipped more punishment and retired at the end of the round. The 23-year-old Claggett’s only loss was a disputed stoppage against Romeo Jakosalem in Cebu City in March last year. This is his fourth win by KO/TKO since then. Southpaw Duenas, 29, had won twelve in a row, but the opposition has been weak.



October 20


New York, USA: Light Welter: Danny Garcia (25-0) W KO 4 Erik Morales (52-9). Welter: Devon Alexander (24-1) W PTS 12 Randall Bailey (43-8,1ND). Welter: Paul Malignaggi (32-4) W PTS 12 Pablo Cesar Cano (25-2-1). Middle: Peter Quillin (28-0) W PTS 12 Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam (27-1). Middle: Daniel Jacobs (23-1) W KO 1 Josh Luteran (13-2). Welter: Dmitriy Salita (35-1-1) W PTS 6 Brandon Hoskins (16-3-1). Welter: Luis Collazo (32-5) W PTS 8 Steve Upsher Chambers (24-2-1,1ND). Garcia retains WBA/WBC titles with kayo of faded Morales. Garcia scores with hard body shots over the first two rounds. The body attack continued in the third and near the end of the round a right to the jaw had Morales unsteady on his legs. Garcia was also able to back Morales up with his jab and in the fourth he backed up Morales again and then landed a left hook and Morales went down and out. The Mexican’s corner jumped into the ring to save their man from any more punishment but Morales never looked likely to get up anyway. The 24-year-old from Philadelphia had beaten Morales (who failed to make the weight) on points for the vacant WBC title in March and added the WBA title with a stoppage of Amir Khan in July. He has 16 wins by KO/TKO. The fight was off on Friday night when Garcia learned of the positive test results on Morales earlier in the month, but he changed his mind on Saturday morning. A modern great, Morales, 36, must be at the end of the road. He will probably have one more fight in Tijuana and go out on a win. Alexander wins IBF title in a bout lacking real excitement. That was probably how Alexander was hoping the fight would go as the excitement would have come from Bailey’s bombs. These were nowhere in evidence, and if Bailey is not landing those shots he does not really have a plan B. Southpaw Alexander, a former IBF/WBC light welter champ, took no chances. He boxed cautiously keeping Bailey at a distance and just doing enough to win the rounds. It was a boring fight but the right tactics for 25-year-old Alexander. Scores 117-109, 116-110 and 115-111 with the latter two scores being generous to Bailey who was never rally in the fight as he waited too long for that one shot to turn things around.  Bailey, 38, a former WBO light welter and interim WBA champ, had been unsuccessful in four subsequent title fights before kayoing Mike Jones for the IBF title in June. No mention of retirement at this stage. Malignaggi retains WBA title on a split decision, but looks lucky to edge out Cano. Malignaggi made the better start and opened a bad cut over the young Mexican’s left eye in the second round. Malignaggi was the busier fighter, but Cano was punching harder and was effective with his body shots. The fight was close but Cano looked to have swung it his way as he floored Malignaggi with a right in the eleventh. Malignaggi survived and retained his title. Amazing difference in the scores with two judges having Malignaggi the winner by 114-113 and the third had Cano the winner at 118-109!! “Magic Man” makes first defence of the title he won by stopping Vyacheslav Senchenko on a cut in April. Cano, 23, failed to make the weight so could have not won the title. His only other loss was a tenth round stoppage when fighting Erik Morales for the vacant WBC light welter title in September last year. He won the interim WBA light welter title in July with a technical decision over Johan Perez. “Kid Chocolate” Quillin wins WBA title with points win over game Cameroon/French fighter N’Jikam in an exciting scrap. With 29-year-old Quillin scoring six knockdowns it might seem to have been a one-sided match, but it was not. N’Jikam boxed well and took the first three rounds. The fight turned in the fourth when Quillin had N’Jikam down twice from left hooks. N’Jikam got up quickly on each occasion and did not seem badly hurt. Another Quillin left hook had N’Jikam down in the sixth. This time he was on shaky legs when he got up and was floored again by a right. The champion showed real guts to bounce back after those knockdowns and his better skills saw him edging out Quillin in each of the next four rounds. In the last, knowing he was behind after the knockdowns, N’Jikam forced Quillin to the ropes. From there Quillin produced another left hook to put N’Jikam down and scored his sixth knockdown later in the round. Scores 115-107 from all three judges. Presumably the knockdown rounds would be scored 10-7 which would indicate a 115-113 outcome so Quillin would have won even without the knockdowns. He stayed focused, took his chances when they came, and deserved the win. N’Jikam, 28, had won both the interim WBA and WBO titles. He showed impressing skills and a big heart and will have increased his profile in the US and can come again. Jacobs gets it over early as he flattens poor Luteran in 73 seconds with a devastating right uppercut. The 25-year-old Jacobs was back in the ring for the first time since winning a more important battle against cancer. “The Golden Child” was twice the National Golden Gloves champion and also the US National champion. He suffered an upset loss to Dmitry Pirog in July 2010. He returned with wins in December and in March 2011, but in May he was diagnosed with a form of spinal cancer. “The Star of David” Salita has to work hard for his win against modest Hoskins. Salita was always in charge but it was a low key performance from the former WBA light welter challenger. Only his fifth fight since being blown away inside a round by Amir Khan in December 2009. Scores 59-55 twice and 60-54. Third loss in a row for Hoskins. Southpaw Collado gets a win in his first fight since losing to Freddy Hernandez in October 2011. Collado, 31, showed very little rust as he dictated the fight with his right jab and left counters and just had too much skill and experience for Chambers. The former WBA welter champion wins a unanimous decision. Chambers, 27, the younger brother of heavyweight Eddie Chambers, last lost back in 2004, but had built his record against low quality opposition on the Philadelphia shows.


Pasay City, Philippines: Bantam: Pungluang (43-1) W TKO 9 AJ Banal (28-2-1).  Feather: Rey Bautista (34-2) W PTS 12 Daniel Ruiz (27-6-1). Light Welter: Jason Pagara (30-2) W KO 1 Miguel Antoine (17-1-1). Bantam: Marlon Tapales (20-1) W TKO 2 Rasmanudin (15-3-2). Feather: Mike Domingo (45-16-2) W TKO 2 Mudde Ntambi Rabison (19-3-1). Thai Pungluang shows more power and better punch resistance and halts Banal in ninth to win vacant WBO title. Southpaw Banal got a good start taking the first two rounds, but in the third a clash of heads left him with a bad cut over his right eyebrow. The cut, which required five stitches after the fight, hampered his vision for the rest of the contest. Banal was the busier and more mobile fighter and scored with good shots in the fifth and sixth. However, Pungluang was a strong and dangerous with a jolting jab and straight right and kept up relentless pressure on the Filipino. Banal’s punches strayed low in the sixth and he was deducted a point. Banal made a big effort in the eighth but the Thai was tough and ready to trade. At the end of the eighth the fight was in the balance with two judges having the Thai in front 76-75 and the third judge having it 77-74 for Banal. Pungluang did not need the judges. He hit Banal with a left to the body and a right and Banal went down almost tumbling through the ropes. Banal made it to his feet but was on shaky legs and his face blood smeared from the cut. The referee rightly stopped the fight and Pungluang was champion. The 24-year-old former Muay Thai fighter makes it 27 wins by KO/TKO with his only loss being on a split decision against Belgian Steve Jamoye in 2009. The way that the fight ended so suddenly conjured up memories of Banal’s sudden collapse against Rafael Concepcion for the interim, WBA super fly title in 2008. He is only 23, but will now need to take stock of where he goes after this. Bautista comes through a tough scrap against Mexican Ruiz and wins a split decision. Both fighters were intent on trading and dominating which made for plenty of action. Ruiz had a big round in the third as he seemed to have Bautista on the brink of a knockdown. The Filipino survived and battled back to establish a slender lead which he held until the end. Scores 116-112, 115-113 and 113-115.  “Boom Boom” wins vacant WBO International title. The 26-year-old is looking for a second title fight after being blown away inside a round by Daniel Ponce De Leon in a challenge for the WBO super bantam title in 2008. Ruiz was 3lbs over the weight which he blamed on faulty scales at his hotel. As a result he had to use 10oz gloves. Ruiz was coming off a loss for the IBO title against Will Tomlinson. In that fight the power failed after the seventh round so the scores were then tallied with Tomlinson winning on points. Ruiz would like a return, but that might be too risky for Bautista. Tapales lived up to his “Maranding Nightmare” nickname as he floored Indonesian Rasmanudin twice on the way to a second round stoppage. The 20-year-old southpaw, a former undefeated Philippines champion at light flyweight, has won his last twelve. Indonesian champion Rasmanudin loses inside the distance for the third time in five fights. Pagara crushed previously unbeaten Antoine with a body shot followed by a right in the first. Antoine just sat out the count making no attempt to get up. The 24-year-old “El Nino”, rated No 7 by the WBO, retains his WBO International title and makes it 19 wins by KO/TKO. “Hands of Stone” but belly of clay it appears to be for the 24-year-old Barbadian Antoine holder of the Commonwealth Zonal title. A body punch from “Bruce Lee” Domingo also finished his fight against Ugandan Ntambi. At 33 Domingo is not the force that he was when beating Rolly Matsushita, Alejandro Montiel, Miguel Roman and Jose Navarro, but he is still a tough opponent for anyone. Ntambi, now based in Sweden is better than this loss makes him look.


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Super Fly: Omar Narvaez (37-1-2) W TKO 11 Johnny Garcia (16-4-1). Middle: Sergio Sanders (20-9-2) W PTS 8 Bill Godoy (26-1). Super Middle: Noe Gonzalez Alcoba (29-2) W KO 1 Miguel A Cobas (11-1-4). Narvaez retains WBO title with stoppage of Garcia. For the first five rounds it looked as though an upset was on the cards. Garcia, the taller fighter by some way, was stalking Narvaez who only responded in spurts. Constantly switching guards, Garcia was able to land with long sweeping hooks whilst Narvaez was not letting his punches go. From the sixth Narvaez started walking through Garcia’s punches and scoring with short hooks inside. In the seventh an even round turned the way of Narvaez as a burst of hooks saw Garcia go down on one knee. He got and the bell went immediately. A clash of heads at the start of the eight started a swelling under the left eye of Narvaez and the referee deducted a point from Garcia. At the end of the round Narvaez had Garcia trapped in a corner and was unloading with hooks. The bell went after 3mins 27 seconds! In the ninth Narvaez was chugging forward in his usual manner and scoring with those short hooks on a tiring Garcia. The Mexican tried to keep the fight at a distance at the start of the tenth, but was visibly tiring. Narvaez was relentless now forcing Garcia back with a stream of hooks. Garcia went down but it was more a case of exhaustion as the punch did not look hard. The challenger got up but was put down from more short chopping shots. A hook to the chin saw Garcia go down for the third time and the fight was stopped. The 37-year-old southpaw has tremendous stamina and the 23-year-old Garcia could not live with the pace. Fifth defence of his WBO title for Narvaez and his 24th world title fight. He dedicated this win to his recently deceased father. Garcia looked a good fighter for six rounds but probably played into the hands of Narvaez by setting too fast a pace. Narvaez used his greater experience to pace the fight better. Garcia had lost only one of his last 14 fights going in. Huge upset as WBC No 1 Godoy loses to unfancied Sanders. From the first bell Sanders fought a smart fight. He had height and reach over Godoy and faster hands. He stayed out of the corners, used his jab to keep Godoy out and when he did stop to trade was able to get in three or four shots before Godoy could respond. Godoy was plodding forward and was dangerous at time, but was not throwing enough punches. From the fifth Sanders was standing in front of Godoy and trading. The exchanges were exciting and this turned into a real crowd pleaser. In the seventh Sanders was visibly tiring and now Godoy was having success with short rights. In the eighth Sanders started fast but suddenly could hardly hold his hands up. He tried to mix it with Godoy but a barrage of about 20 punches drove Sanders across the ring and he slumped down by the ropes. He was up at five but was swaying with exhaustion. After the eight count the referee waived the fight on but the bell went before the action could recommence. The 33-year-old “Super” Sanders was 3-9-1 in his previous 13 fights and was not even in the Argentinian ratings. Godoy, 25, the Argentinian champion, blew his WBC rating and lost his unbeaten tag. He is strong and a good puncher, but looked very limited in this fight. He will need a quick return fight to get back a rating. This time he will want it to be over ten rounds. Easy night for Gonzalez. He got through early with a right and was stalking Cobas looking to repeat the dose. He did just that with a long right that saw Cobas stagger back to the ropes. Gonzalez followed and landed a couple of cuffs with Cobas already on the way down. Cobos sat and watched the referee toll the ten. Now 21 wins by KO/TKO for the 33-year-old Uruguayan. “El Carbonero” lost on points to Felix Sturm for the WBA middle title in 2007. This was his first fight since being blown away in two rounds by Adonis Stevenson in April. Cobas, just a prelim fighter, out of his depth.


Sheffield, England: Welter: Kell Brook (29-0) W TKO 3 Hector Saldivia (41-3). Bantam: Jamie McDonnell (20-2-1) W TKO 8 Darwin Zamora (21-7-1,1ND).  Super Middle: Kenny Anderson (18-1) W TKO 5 Robin Reid (42-8-1). Light Welter: Tyrone Nurse (24-1) W PTS 8 Santos Medrano (9-14-3,1ND). Predictable early win for Brook in IBF final eliminator. The Brit was too fast for the limited Argentinian. Saldivia started aggressively but accurate counter punching from Brook changed that. A right uppercut put Saldivia down at the end of the first and he only just survived. Brook, 26, controlled the first two minutes of round two, but Saldivia got through with a few shots at the end of the round. In the third it was all over as a hard left jab hit Saldivia on the button and he went down. He was up on very shaky legs and the fight was stopped. With the IBF No 1 spot vacant and with Brook at No 2 and Saldivia (a ridiculous) No 3 this win makes Brook the mandatory challenger to new champion Devon Alexander and that should be a fight that can be made early in the new year. A much improved performance by “The Special One” after a flat showing against Carson Jones, but Saldivia was made for him. Now 16 wins by KO/TKO for Brook. Saldivia, 28, was vastly flattered by his IBF rating. His 32 wins by KO/TKO were scored against modest opposition and he had done nothing of note since being blown away in 107 wild seconds by Said Ouali in 2010. McDonnell wins IBF eliminator with stoppage of Nicaraguan. Zamora was a lat sub in this fight and never looked like winning. McDonnell took no chances. He easily out boxed the limited Zamora. With height and reach advantages McDonnell controlled the fight with his jab. Southpaw Zamora was just too small and too slow and McDonnell put on an exhibition of boxing skills. Zamora was cut on the left eyelid in the sixth, but finally had some success in the seventh hurting McDonnell with a left. McDonnell was back in charge in and handed out a sustained diet of punishment in the eighth. At the end of the round Zamora’s corner pulled their man out of the fight.  As this was a “final” eliminator McDonnell is now in line for a shot at IBF champion Leo Santa Cruz, but how a bantamweight final eliminator can feature the No 13 super flyweight only the IBF knows. The 26-year-old from Doncaster has won twelve in a row and should get his chance early next year. Zamora, who has been in with world champions Jose Salgado and Herman Marquez, can be excused to an extent as he came in as a substitute for Vusi Malinga. However, he loses every time he tries to step up and even the No 15 super fly rating flattered him. Scot Anderson wins British title with stoppage of Reid. The 41-going on 42-year-old Reid had early success as he roughed the Scot out of his stride. Reid scored with body shots in the first, and some punches a lot lower than that. He also did well with his jab in the second frustrating the Scot. Reid was warned twice for low blows in the third but seemed to have the superior skills. The fourth was more of the same. Reid was deducted a point in the fifth for a low blow early in the fifth. After that Anderson came alive and put Reid down with uppercuts. Reid made it to his feet but was on shaky legs and a barrage of hooks from Anderson brought the referee’s intervention. Anderson, 29, a former Commonwealth gold medalist, wins the vacant British title. He had George Groves on the floor before losing to Groves in a Commonwealth title fight and deserves a second shot at Groves. Reid, a former WBC champion, really should retire. He took four years out after losing to Carl Froch in 2007 and hopefully will now walk away for good. Nurse wins ever round against Nicaraguan but fails to excite. Nurse boxes well but lacks a punch, and with Medrano just trying to survive the fight never caught alight. Referees score 80-72. The only loss suffered by Nurse was against Adil Anwar in the final of the Prizefighter.


Windsor, Australia: Welter: Gairy St Clair (44-12-2) W PTS 10 Joel Dela Cruz (17-16-2). Good ten round bout sees St Clair take unanimous decision over Filipino. The 37-year-old former IBF super feather champion wins on scores of 98-92 twice and 98-93. After losing 5 out of 6 St Clair has now bounced back with two wins. No such luck for “JoJo” Dela Cruz, he is now 2-7 in his last nine fights.


Epernay, France: Light Middle: Jean Michel Hamilcaro (17-4-3) DRAW 12 Francesco Di Fiore (14-7-2). Hamilcaro retains IBF International title, in front of his home crowd, but is lucky to do so. The Italian is doing the pressing and scoring the cleaner punches. Hamilcaro had to fight a defensive fight to nullify Di Fiore’s aggression. In the fourth a heavy right puts Hamilcaro down. He seems to get the benefit of a slow count and survives. Hamilcaro does some good work up to the eighth. But the challenger is still in front. The Frenchman is lucky to avoid a deduction after wrestling Di Fiore to the canvas in the ninth. By the end Di Fiore looks a clear winner and the body language of the French corner says they also see it that way. However, the judges score it 114-114 twice and 115-113 to Di Fiore so a majority draw. EBU No 9 Hamilcaro is unbeaten in his last 13, but was lucky here. Former Italian champion Di Fiore, 35, deserved more than a draw.


S Teresa di Gallura, Italy: Fly: Silvio Olteanu (14-6-1) W PTS 12 Andrea Sarritzu (33-6-4). Light Welter: Vittorio Oi (17-1) W PTS 6 Istvan Kiss (10-5,1ND). Light Welter: Michele Di Rocco (34-1-1) W KO 1 Laszlo Balogh (15-13-1). Welter: Luciano Abis (33-3-1) W PTS 6 Arvydas Trizno (15-20-2). Olteanu goes into the lion’s den and comes away with his European title intact with a very close but deserved split decision over Sarritzu. Sardinian Sarritzu fought with the handicap of a bad cut on his left eye brow from the second round. The Spanish/Romanian champion Olteanu made a slow start, but from the fifth was scoring well and piling up the points. Both were hurt in a frantic sixth with Olteanu maintaining his lead. Sarritzu shook Olteanu with a combination in the tenth and seemed to have made up the leeway by the end of the round. Over the last two rounds it was Olteanu who staged the storming finish to tilt the decision his way. Scores 115-114 twice and 113-115. Second defence for the 34-year-old former Romanian amateur champion. He lost on a split decision to Daiki Kameda in Japan for the WBA title in 2010. Sarritzu, 36, was trying to become a three-time European champion at this weight. He drew and lost to Omar Narvaez for the WBO title in 2002/2003 but took a bad beating from Moruti Mthalane for the IBF title in October last year. If he had lost by a bigger margin he may have retired, but now he wants another shot at Olteanu. Oi floors 20-year-old Hungarian southpaw in the second on his way to a comfortable points win. The 38-year-old Oi, a former undefeated EU and Italian champ, is unbeaten in his last 13 fights. He is No 12 in the EBU ratings. Kiss has been in tough matches losing to Tyrone Nurse, Devis Boschiero and in August was beaten on points by Chris Goodwin for the vacant WBFoundation title. “The King” Di Rocco, 30, again beats Hungarian Balogh inside a round. He had halted Balogh in one round in July 2011 but that was partially due to a cut. Di Rocco, with 16 wins in a row, is the mandatory challenger for the EBU title. With Denis Shafikov relinquishing the crown it could be an opportunity for Lenny Daws (No 2) or Paul McCloskey (No 3) to tackle Di Rocco. The No 1 Amir Khan is not going to be interested. Balogh doesn’t do long fights. Only one of his last 13 fights have gone the distance. EBU No 11 Abis, 33, wins over Lithuanian but has to survive a scare in the third round to do so. First fight since stoppage loss to Rafal Jackiewicz for EU title in May for Abis. Trizno may not win but he sees plenty of the world. That’s a run of seven fights each in seven different countries.


Mexicali, Mexico: Welter: Jorge Paez Jr (33-4-1) W PTS 10 Charlie Navarro (22-6). Super Feather: Armando Robles (22-1-2) W PTS 10 Humberto Gutierrez (28-4-2). Light: Luis A Arceo (25-11-4) W TKO 7 Adalberto Borquez (25-10-1). Welter: Jose Zepeda (13-0) W TKO 1 Jesus Alvarez (1-11).Paez defeats Navarro on majority decision. Paez started well getting through with left hooks. In the second a sneaky right from the Venezuelan put Paez on the canvas late in the round. Paez was again getting through with lefts in the third, but Navarro countered well in the fourth. The fifth went to Paez as again left hooks were getting through Navarro’s guard. In the sixth Paez evened things up by flooring Navarro with a left. Navarro survived and from the seventh it was a close battle with Paez pressing and Navarro countering. Paez looked to have just done enough to win. Scores 96-92, 95-93 and 94-94. Paez, 24, wins the vacant WBC Silver title. He won the Silver title at light middle in July with a repeat victory over Omar Chavez but then relinquished that title. He may never be as good as his dad, but he is finding himself as a pro now. Navarro, 33, is an experienced campaigner with a good chin. He took Sebastian Lujan to a majority decision and went the distance with Vyacheslav Senchenko and Thomas Dulorme. Robles pulls off a big upset with win over former WBC super feather champion Gutierrez. The first round went to Gutierrez as he found Robles easily with his southpaw jab. From the second Robles closed the distance and forced Gutierrez to go toe-to-toe. Fellow southpaw Robles kept the pressure up and by the sixth Gutierrez was looking tired and trying to get his jab working again. The former champion needed a big finish and from the ninth he took control and had Robles spitting out his mouth guard for a respite. It proved too little too late as the judges scored it 98-92, 96-95 and 95-95. Based in Salt Lake City, the 34-year-old Robles is unbeaten in his last 25 fights, but was inactive from June 2003 to August 2009, He was coming off a draw with a 13 fight novice so it did not look a tough test for Gutierrez. On the other hand “Betillo”, 23, was out for 13 months after losing to Takahiro Ao in a challenge for the WBC super feather title in April 2011. He was over the light welter limit for this fight so his conditioning was suspect. Arceo continued his mini revival with a stoppage of Borquez. After three even rounds Arceo shook Borquez with a right and was in control from then. In the seventh, with Borquez not fighting back, the referee stopped the fight. The 33-year-old looked finished after a run of seven consecutive losses in 2005/2008 but kept active. In February he upset the odds with a kayo win over Misael Casillas (21-1) so the “Vampire” can still bite. Borquez had his own black period when he lost 6 out of 7, but since 2009 only Dante Jardon and Alan Herrera have beaten him. Rubbish fight, but Californian Zepeda again show his punching power as he puts away poor Alvarez in 150 seconds. Eleven wins by KO/TKO for Zepeda who stopped experienced Cris Favela last month.


Chihuahua, Mexico: Welter: Mario Lozano (24-3) W PTS 12 Ramon Alvarez (14-4-2). Lozano comes from behind to retain his WBC Fecombox title on a split decision. “Innocent” Alvarez, the brother of Saul, took the early rounds with fast, accurate combinations with Lozano relying on counters. Over the late rounds it was Lozano doing most of the scoring and a tiring Alvarez letting the fight slip away. Scores 117-112, 116-112 and 113-115. “Eagle” Lozano has lost only one of his last 15 fights, and reversed that defeat. Alvarez, 26, was also on a good run with only one loss in his last 14 fights, and that to world rated Daniel Sandoval.


Caguas, Puerto Rico: Bantam: Jonathan Vidal (17-0) W KO 3 Josean Figuroa (8-3-1). Straw: Janiel Rivera (8-0-2) W KO 1 Omar Soto (15-8-1). This one did not need any warm-up. Both fighters were throwing bombs early. Vidal was faster and the harder puncher and as Figueroa quickly wilted Vidal produced a quality finish to put Figuroa out in the third. The 23-year-old “Pit Bull” wins the vacant WBC Fecarbox title and ends a sequence of three points wins in a row. Big wins for Rivera as an early body attack puts former world title contender Soto away after just 137 seconds. Rivera also wins vacant WBC Fecarbox title and makes it five wins by KO/TKO. Soto, 30, had challenged twice for the interim WBO light fly title and once each for the interim WBC straw and WBC light fly titles. He is now 2-6 in his last eight fights.


Leganes, Spain: Bantam: Jorge Perez (11-5) W KO 3 Ivan Pozo (32-8-1). Super Bantam: Angel Lorente (5-2-1) W TKO 8 Francisco Urena (16-6-1). Middle: Luis Crespo (8-3-1) W PTS 10 Raul Buendia (7-1-1). Feather: Ivan Ruiz Morote (15-2) W PTS 10 Cristian Montilla (3-3). Light Middle: Ruben Varon (40-6) W KO 5 Roman Dzhuman (26-11-1). The five title fight show sees a big upset as Mallorcan Perez wins vacant Spanish title with kayo of more experienced Pozo. “Coke” made a fast start showing plenty of movement and good hand speed. He hurt Pozo at the end of the second but was unable to follow-up his advantage. In the third a right hook put Pozo in a heap and he never looked like getting up. Finally some success in a title fight for 28-year-old Perez. He had lost in fights for the WBC Mediterranean, the EU and the WBO European titles and as an amateur was runner-up three times in the Spanish amateur champions. Pozo, the former European fly champ had lost to Omar Narvaez for the WBO title and in his last fight in March was kayoed in two round by Jamie McDonnell for the European bantam title. At 33 it may be time for him to retire. “Lillo” Lorente belies his lack of experience and stops Urena to win the vacant Spanish title. The Mallorcan used his height and reach advantages to keep Urena outside. In the sixth a body shot put Urena down. He recovered but in the eighth another body punch put Urena down and although he got up the referee rightly stopped the fight. Lorente had lost to Sergio Prada for this same title in June. He has won 5 of his last 6 fights. Four title fights, four losses for 32-year-old Urena. He had previously lost in fights for the IBF Mediterranean, Spanish super feather and EU feather titles. Crespo wins vacant Spanish title with wide unanimous verdict over Buendia. Buendia made a fast start, but by the second the pattern was set with southpaw Crespo banging home jabs and strong lefts. It became very one-sided with Crespo able to score easily but not find the finish. Crespo had won only one of his last five fights going in. He had lost in a challenge for the Spanish light middle title in 2011 and in his last fight had been stopped inside a round by Jose Yebes. Spanish super middle champion Buendia lived up to his “Fatty” nickname and failed to make the weight. Morote retains interim WBC Latino title in poor fight. The referee almost worked harder than the boxers as heads clashed often and Montilla did a lot of holding to frustrate the attacks of Morote. A clash of heads in the fifth saw Morote cut but at the end of the eighth on the open scoring he was well in front on all cards. From there he cruised to a unanimous decision. Now seven wins by KO/TKO for 32-year-old Morote. The fifth title fight saw experienced Varon win the vacant interim WBC Latino title by beating a Ukrainian. Varon took the first round with his superior speed, but Dzhuman came into in the second. Varon was getting through with heavy shots in the third with Dzhuman having no answer. In the fourth Dzhuman slipped and then indicated an injury to his knee. The Doctor twice examined the injury but on each occasion the fight continued. In the fifth Varon was again scoring heavily when Dzhuman went down on one knee and was counted out. Varon, 33, a former undefeated Spanish and EU champion lost to Felix Sturm for the WBA middleweight title in 2003. He has won 9 of his last 10 losing only to Matthew Macklin for the European middleweight title in 2010. Dzhuman “The Happy Wanderer” has been in tough fights with Zaurbek Baysangurov, Lukas Konecny, Jamie Moore and Sergey Rabchenko. His last seven losses have all come on the road, so perhaps he is not such a happy wanderer.


The most anticipated heavyweight non-title fight between Francis, 'Galagata'  Zulu  and Namibian Boniface Matengu  was declared a walk over as the Namibian failed to show up in the ring for the fight despite been present at the venue.
In other bouts, bantam Gibbon Kamota (5-2-1) beat Zimbawe's Kudakwashe Mwadziwana (1-9) on split point decision over ten rounds, while middle Lawrence Mwale (2-12) W PTS 6 beat Nicola Mutonora (0-2) of Zimbabweon unanimous points.
Zimbabwe's Charles Manyunchi (89-2-1)  beat W PTS 8 Zambian Dyson Mwisa (3-3) to win on unanimous decision. Light Maxwell Sosoka 3-0) W PTS 6 Tanzania's Majaliwa Fadiga(0-4-1) also on unanimous points.
Light Heavy Donald Kampamba recorded the only knockout victory of the day knocking out Sam Chisenga(1-2) in the first 15 seconds of the fight..



October 22


East London, South Africa: Light Welter: Mzolisi Yoyo (19-4) W PTS 12 Sam Malinga (22-9-3). Yoyo retains South African title in third defence as he takes wide unanimous decision over former champion Malinga. Yoyo, 34, took over after a quiet first round and built a big lead with his better boxing skills. Malinga, also 34, just did not have the speed to match the champion. Yoyo had the fight won by the end of the tenth and although he tired and Malinga had some success the verdict was never in doubt. Scores 120-109, 119-111 and 118-111. It took Yoyo three attempts to win a national title but he is now unbeaten in his last six fights. Back in 2003 Malinga beat both Colin Lynes and Ted Bami (for the WBFederation title) in Britain, but now has three losses and a draw in his last four fights.



Additional Commonwealth Results


October 19


Cleethorpes, England: Light: Kevin Hooper (13-0) W PTS 10 Amir Unsworth (13-6-1). Score 99-91. Hooper wins Midlands Area title. He already hold British Masters and International Masters titles.


Paisley, Scotland: Light Middle: Kris Carslaw (16-2) W TKO 2 Kevin McCauley (10-43-3). Light Welter: Eddie Doyle (12-0) W PTS 6 Matt Seawright (3-64-4).

Birmingham, England: Middle: Steve Spence (3-25-4) W TKO 10 Andrew Patterson (5-35-3), Spence wins vacant British Masters titles.


October 20

Accra, Ghana: Middle: Mohammed Akrong (17-5) W PTS 12 Stephen Abbey (11-4). Light: Maxwell Awuku (32-2-1) W PTS 8 Fuseni Ahmed (10-7), Welter: James Armah (19-3) W KO 1 Paul Aachab (3-10. Super Middle: Habib Ahmed (12-0) W PTS 8 David Okai (7-5). Fly: John Oblitey Commey (5-5) W KO 3 Joe Cudjoe (0-7). Light Middle: Gabriel Adoku (8-9 W TKO 4 Dan Adjato (0-6). Heavy: Selyvanus Allotey (0-8) WTKO 4 Jones Quashie (0-4). Light: John Larbi W PTS 8 Richard Caesar (0-7). Bantam: Mike Barnor (11-3-2) W PTS 8 Mustapha Pewudie (0-3).

All 8 round fights except for the Akrong fight which was for the West African title. Akrong only won on a majority decision and Maxwell Awuku on a split decision


Moncton, Canada: Middle: Brandon Brewer (4-0-1) DREW 8 Francis Lafreniere (2-3-1).