Weekly Report

January 15 - 20 2013

January 15

Dijon, France: Bantam: Yoan Boyeaux (14-14 W PTS 10 Karim Guerfi (18-2).

A knockdown in the seventh round proves the deciding factor in this fight for the vacant French title. Local fighter Boyeaux was the stronger but Guerfi as usual showed excellent skills making for an exciting match. In the early rounds Guerfi was content to let Boyeaux make the running and score with counters. That strategy was not working so from the fourth Guerfi was trading more. Boyeaux had a big fifth where he had Guerfi shaken three times in the round with rights. Guerfi was quicker and throwing fast combinations, but leaving himself open. Guerfi was having a good seventh until he was nailed on the inside with a left uppercut and then sent tumbling to the ropes and a right put him down. He got up and was on unsteady legs but the bell went before Boyeaux could press home his advantage. Knowing he was behind Guerfi was trying to press the fight over the last three rounds and, although he looked to have shaded the last, just could not make up the difference. Scores 96-94 twice and 96-93. The 24-year-old “Yo Boy” regains the French title he held in 2011. He has now lost only one of his last nine fights. Big set-back for 25-year-old Guerfi. He had moved up to world class in his last fight giving Juan C Reveco had tough night in a challenge for the interim WBA title in May. Now he says he is retiring.


January 18

Junin, Argentina: Light Middle: Fernando Angulo (25-9) W PTS 12 Juan M Bonanni (20-4-3).

Angulo wins by a mile, but somehow one judge saw the local fighter the winner, making it a split decision. Bonanni took the first two rounds scoring with hooks to the ribs and raising a swelling on Angulo’s cheek. Angulo came alive at the end of the third driving Bonanni across the ring with rights. In the fourth a right uppercut had Bonanni going down but the referee did not count it as a knockdown. The fifth and sixth were close but shaded by Angulo and ended with both fighters sporting cuts. In the seventh Angulo lived up to his “La Fiera” nickname handing out punishment with both hands. He then floored Bonanni with a left uppercut at the end of the eighth. Bonanni tried to put on the pressure at the start of the ninth, and had some success, but paid the price in having to absorb right hooks and uppercuts. Both boxers were tiring but the experienced Angulo again scored with uppercuts to take the eleventh, and floored Bonanni with a right cross early in the last to emerge a clear winner. Scoring 118-110, 116-110 and 113-115!! The 32-year-old Ecuadorian-born Angulo wins both the interim WBC Latino and South American titles. Angulo, 32, lost to Juan Diaz for the WBA light title in 2006, but had been largely inactive with only one fight in 2010 and one in 2011. He was 2-5 in his previous seven fights. Bonanni, rated No 4 welter in Argentina, has in the past lost two majority decision, and now a split decision, but he was really well beaten on the night.


Bazeilles, France: Light Heavy: Hakim Chioui (25-2-1) W TKO 3 Parfait Tindani (9-9-3).

Easy first defence for Chioui in front of his home fans. With advantages in both height and reach Chioui dominates the first two rounds with Tindani reduced to wild swings and hooks which Chioui, 26, easily avoided. In the third a left hook followed by a right hook put Tindani down on one knee. He got up and was taking more punishment when his corner threw in the towel. Now 19 wins a by KO/TKO for EBU No 11 Chioui. Only one loss in his last 14 fights, and that was to his nemesis Jonathan Profichet. Tindani not really a fit challenger, but he qualified by winning the French League Cup tournament.


Rome, Italy: Feather: Mario Pisanti (12-1-1) W PTS 10 Emiliano Salvini (15-17-1). Super Middle: Giovanni De Carolis (19-4) W TKO 1 Zoltan Kiss Jr (26-12-3).

Pisanti vs. Salvini

A close fight sees southpaw Pisanti just clinch the decision as he sweeps the last two rounds. Salvini made the fight all the way coming forward and pressurising Pisanti who was looking to stay on the outside and counter. Salvini was the busier but could not pin Pisanti down and was getting caught with hooks on the inside. The sheer workrate of Salvini meant it was anyone’s fight at the end of the eighth, but Pisanti stepped up the pace and won a deserved unanimous decision. Scores 96-94 twice and 97-95. Pisanti, 33, a former Italian amateur champion, wins the vacant Italian title at his second attempt. He is unbeaten in his last nine fights, but has that embarrassing loss back in 2009 on a first round kayo to a guy with a 0-16 record. Local fighter Salvini, 34, a former Italian bantam champion, who has also had two shots at the European title, is 2-9 in his last 11 fights.

De Carolis vs. Kiss

A poor match sees De Carolis floor Hungarian Kiss three times in 127 seconds. De Carolis, 28, the WBC International champion, has won 5 of his last 6 fights inside the distance, but has failed in two shots at the Italian title. Kiss, 37, has lost inside the distance 11 times.


Paranaque City, Philippines: Feather: Ray Sermona (15-2-4) W TKO 1 Dexter Mendoza (11-13-2). Fly: Cris Paulino (10-0) W PTS 8 Jerald Cortes (3-6-4). Super Fly: Marvin Mabait (17-1-2) W TKO 4 Jeson Berwela (4-13).

Sermona vs. Mendoza

All over in the first as a body shot from Sermona puts Mendoza down and he takes the count on his knees. Now 8 wins by KO/TKO for 27-year-old “Foreman” who wins the vacant Luzon Philippines title. Sermona was inactive for three years after losing to Balweg Bangoyan, and this is his third win since his return. He is No 7 in the GAB ratings at super feather. Mendoza has lost 9 of his last 10 fights, all 9 losses by KO/TKO.

Paulino vs.  Cortes

Southpaw prospect Paulino, 20, dominates with ease and takes wide unanimous decision over Cortes. Scores 80-72 twice and 79-73. Only 3 wins by KO/TKO for “The King”. Three losses in a row for 19-year-old Cortes.

Mabait vs. Berwela

After losing his unbeaten tag and his Philippines title to world rated Marco Demecillo in April Mabait bounces back with stoppage of Berwela. Mabait punched too hard for Berwela and the fight was stopped with four seconds left at the end of the fourth round. The 25-year-old “Chavacano Disaster” has 11 wins by KO/TKO and says he will now box at bantam in future. Prelim fighter Berwela out of his depth.


Walsall, England: Welter: Frankie Gavin (15-0) W TKO 7 Jason Welborn (11-2). Light: Martin Gethin (24-3-1) WTKO 9 Ben Murphy (9-6-1). Cruiser: Chris Keane (9-0) W TKO 3 Shane McPhilbin (8-5).

Gavin vs. Welborn

Gavin retains British title in his first defence with stoppage of Midlands Area champ Welborn. The former World Amateur champion is getting into his stride as a pro and fulfilling his promise. From the start his speed and movement gave Welborn problems. The Midlands Area champion tried to put Gavin under pressure, but the slick movement and right jabs of the tall 27-year-old southpaw were building a lead. Welborn had some success in the second, but by the end of the round was leaking blood from his nose. Gavin again dominated the third with Welborn having a better fourth. In the fifth and sixth Gavin was scoring heavily and there was only going to be one winner. In the seventh a wicked body shot put Welborn down. He got up but a barrage of punches from Gavin brought the referees intervention. Now ten wins inside the distance for Gavin who is now looking for a shot at the European title. With nine wins in a row the 26-year-old Welborn was considered a dangerous challenger, but, despite his best efforts, he was up against one of Britain’s best young champions.

Gethin vs. Ben Murphy

Murphy got away to a good start in this one. Over the first two rounds he nullified Gethin’s height and reach advantages and worked inside with body shots. Gethin got his act together from the third and “The Quiet Man” had his jab working. Murphy was then on the end of some of his own medicine as Gethin also worked the body. Murphy’s work rate dropped from the seventh, and as he tired Gethin was on top all through the eighth. With Gethin scoring heavily in the ninth the fight was stopped. Gethin, 29, wins the vacant British title. After a dip in form in 2008/9 that saw him lose three fights in a row he has worked his way back with eight wins in a row, including a career best stoppage of Carl Johanneson in September. The 32-year-old Murphy is better than his record indicates with wins over Gary Buckland, Lee Cook and Tony Owen. He lost in a previous challenge for the British light welter title being stopped by Ashley Theophane and has now said he will retire.

Keane vs. McPhilbin

Keane hits too hard for McPhilbin and becomes the first man to stop the former British champion. Over the first two rounds the superior skills of the former British amateur champion saw him in charge. In the third two rights put McPhilbin down. He got up only to ship some more punishment and go down on one knee, with naughty Keane landing a glancing blow as McPhilbin was down. McPhilbin got up again but on the third knockdown the fight was halted. The 27-year-old Keane has four wins by KO/TKO and lifts the vacant Midlands Area title. Three losses in a row for McPhilbin.


Montlucon, France: Heavy: Michael Vieira (12-3-1) W TKO 2 Tomas Mrazek (7-38-6).

Twenty-eight-year-old local Vieira gets a win, but due to injury to Mrazek. At the end of the first a hard right from Vieira puts the Czech down and he falls through the ropes and off the apron. He gets back but injured his shoulder badly in the fall and does not come out for the second round. Six wins by KO/TKO for the French No 1 who was coming back after losing in a challenge for the national title against Newfel Ouatah in October. Six losses and a draw in his last seven fights for Mrazek.


January 19

New York, USA:  Feather: Miguel Angel Garcia (31-0) W TEC DEC 7 Orlando Salido (39-12-2,1ND): Middle: Gennady Golovkin (25-0) W TKO 7 Gabriel Rosado (21-6). Super Feather: Roman Martinez (26-1-2) DREW 12 Juan Carlos Burgos (30-1-1). Light Heavy: Sean Monaghan (17-0) W PTS 8 Roger Cantrell (15-3). Cruiser: Tony Ferrante (13-4) W KO 10 Isa Akberbayev (10-1). Light Middle: Glen Tapia (17-0) W TKO 2 Ayi Bruce (22-9). Light Middle: Mike Zewski (18-0) W TKO 4 Brandon Hoskins (16-4-1). Super Feather: Felix Verdejo (2-0) W KO 1 Tomi Archbault (1-4).

Garcia vs. Salido      

If you had canvassed opinions on how this fight would start no one would have foreseen “Mikey” Garcia almost ending it in the first. Twice in that round Garcia lured Salido inside and then floored him. The first time with a right hook and the second with a left hook. The Mexican is tough old dog and saw out the round. Salido was coming forward in the second trying to cut the ring down, but Garcia was scoring with hard shots from both hands. The third round saw Salido putting on the pressure in the early part of the round only to be nailed and put down by a right uppercut late in the round. Salido got up and did not seem badly shaken. The fourth was a reverse imagine of the third with Garcia putting Salido down early in the round with a left hook and Salido coming on strongly at the end of the round. With three knockdowns against him already Salido had to force the action and was leaving himself open to counters. He was rocked again in the fifth and was being hit with hard shots that he did not even seem to see coming. The seventh finally saw the champion’s pressure tell as he was getting through with lefts and rights and Garcia’s work rate seemed to drop. The eighth saw Garcia back on top scoring to head and body and getting through with hard left hooks. Just before the bell to end the eighth Salido’s head banged into the face of Garcia and the young challenger suffered a broken nose. The fight was stopped and went to the score cards with Garcia winning a technical decision on scores of 79-69 twice and 79-70. The 25-year-old from Oxnard wins the WBO title. He has plenty of options and of those a fight with former champion Juan Manuel Lopez could be on the cards. Salido, 32, showed remarkable powers of recuperation to recover from those early knockdowns. He felt he was starting to get to Garcia and would have got stronger as the fight went on, but was already in a position where he would have needed a kayo to win the fight. He says he will move up to super feather.

Martinez vs. Burgos

Martinez retains his WBO title with lucky split draw against Mexican Burgos. The 29-year-old Puerto Rican was making the first defence in his second reign as champion. Burgos made the better start scoring well with his left. Martinez doing better to get twhen he took Burgos to the ropes. The jab of the taller Burgos was giving Martinez problems and the young challenger had the better of rounds two, three and four as he kept to the centre of the ring and scored with well placed counters. Martinez came into the fight more in the middle rounds as his pressure at last began to pay off an he a scored well with body shots, but Burgos was still getting through with counters. The tenth was a goods round for Burgos as he scored with hard body shots and a big left later in the round. It looked as though the Mexican had built a winning lead. The eleventh was a good action round with neither seeming to dominate and they fought toe-to-toe in the last with Burgos just having the edge. The scores of 117-111 to Burgos, 116-112 to Martinez and 114-114 just did not reflect what had happened inside the ring. The 117-111 may have been a bit harsh on Martinez, but it was the most accurate. Martinez, 29, won the WBO title with a split decision over a Mexican, and hopefully he will give Burgos the chance to even the score for himself and his country. The 25-year-old “Miniburgos” (he is the nephew of former IBF light fly champion Jose Victor Burgos) had lost to Hozumi Hasegawa for the WBC feather title in 2010, but had since scored wins at super feather over Luis Cruz, Cristobal Cruz and Cesar Vazquez. Martinez had only one fight in 2011 and one in 2012 and he needs to be more active. A quick return would be a nice way to achieve that.

Golovkin vs. Rosado

Golovkin retains his WBO/IBO titles with bloody stoppage of game Rosado. The Kazak boxer used a hard left jab, superior fire power and a higher workrate to grind Rosado down. After edging the first round, a right from Golovkin opened a bad cut by the left eye of Rosado and from then it was obviously not going to be the Philadelphian’s night. Subsequently Rosado was bleeding from the nose and mouth from hard rights by the 30-year-old champion. Stiff jabs from Golovkin knocked Rosado back in the third and fourth, but Rosado got through with a hard right at the end of the round, and probably just did enough to win the round. In the sixth Rosado’s face was a mask of blood and the fight could have been stopped then. However, after a doctor’ inspection of the cut over Rosado’s left eye, it was allowed to continue with Golovkin shaking Rosado with a right before the bell. Rosado was allowed out for the seventh, and even with the blood obscuring his vision Rosado was trying to fight back until finally his corner threw in the towel. It was not vintage Golovkin against a fighter who was really only a built-up light middle, Rosado having weighed 150lbs for a fight in June (he was the WBO No 8 light middle). Golovkin did say he had been sick for a couple of days before the fight, but did not attempt to use that as an excuse. “King” Rosado, 27, managed to get in a few licks of his own with Golovkin ending with bruising under his right eye. Rosado had put in some good showings at light middle with wins over Jesus Soto Karass, Sechew Powell and Charles Whittaker and will drop down to his natural division and try to get a title shot.

Monaghan vs. Cantrell

For a while it looked as though an upset could be on the cards as Cantrell built a lead over the first three rounds, and also inflicted a cut by the left eye of Monaghan in the third. Monaghan woke up in the fourth and as they traded shots Monaghan’s strength and power began to tell. Suddenly Cantrell was being outgunned and his face was showing the ravages of the battle. Monaghan made good use of uppercuts inside and despite a brave effort from Cantrell swept the late rounds to get a unanimous decision. Scores 79-73, 78-74 and 77-75. Monaghan, 31, has been working his way through the list of usual trial horses, but he needs to step up soon. Seattle’s Cantrell had a good record on paper. His only losses were to Andre Ward (L TKO 5 in 2007) and to Andrzej Fonfara in four rounds in April 2010, but had been inactive since that Fonfara fight.

Ferrante vs. Akberbayev

Ferrante stings “Bumblebee”, as he gets upset win to take away Kazak’s unbeaten tag. This was a war from the start with both fighters being on the floor in the first and trading punch from then on. Very quickly they were both showing facial damage from the early exchanges but kept pounding away. Just when it looked as though it would go to the score cards a right hook from Ferrante flattened Akberbayev. He ended up face down on the canvas and needed attention before he recovered. The 28-year-old Ferrante makes it eight wins by KO/TKO. He had only two fights in 2012, losing to Omar Sheika and Dafir Smith, but should have no difficulty getting fights now. Fighting in Germany, Russia and Ukraine, Akberbayev had won his last five fights by KO/TKO.

Tapia vs. Bruce

The lanky, 23-year-old Tapia continues his winning ways. After edging the first round he floored the Ghanaian with a hard right in the second. Bruce made it to the upright position but was in no condition to continue and the referee stopped the fight. Tapia has in the past acted as a sparring partner for Many Pacquiao. He has won 5 of his last 6 by KO/TKO, but has yet to be really tested. Bruce, 26, is 2-6 in his last eight fights, but he is being matched tough with guys such as Rosado, Dennis Laurente and Vitaliy Demyanenko.

Zewski vs. Hoskins

Canadian Zewski makes it nine win in a row by KO/TKO. The result was never in doubt as it was a case of when, and not if, Zewski would win. He had Hoskins rocked and bleeding right at the start of the first. There was a moment in the second when he looked to have been rocked, but he was in control all the way through the third. In the fourth a right to the chin put Hoskins down. He got up but was put down by again by a left. A third knockdown followed and the referee stopped the fight with Hoskins trying to get to his feet. The 23-year-old Zewski, a quarter finalist in both the World Cadets and 2009 Senior World Championships, is with Top Rank, and is looking to move up to a shot of one of the minor titles soon. Four losses in a row for Hoskins, but no one is doing him any favours. The combined records of his last four opponents, including Zewski stands at 90-1-1.

Verdejo vs. Archambault

Puerto Rican teenager Verdejo is one to watch. The 19-year-old 2012 Olympics quarterfinalist put poor Archambault down twice and the fight was stopped after just 21 seconds. The former Pan American Youth Championships gold medalist lost to the gold medal winner Ukrainian star Vasyl Lomachenko in London.


Santa Clara, Argentina: Light Heavy: Roberto F Bolonti (31-2) W TKO 8 Franco R Sanchez (16-10-2).

 “Hemlock” Bolonti took his time in this one. He made a slow start and was content to let the smaller, stocky Sanchez do the leading. Sanchez was pressing hard in every round, but long left jab and counters from Bolonti kept blunting his attacks. Both fighters scored with heavy rights in the fourth, but the action was slow as Sanchez is himself slow and crude. Bolonti began to dominate in the fifth taking the middle of the ring and getting through with jabs and rights to force Sanchez back. After a few wild swings from Sanchez at the start of the sixth, Bolonti finally opened up in the sixth. A left hook to the ribs at first seemed to have no effect, but Sanchez stepped back, walked four or five paces along the ropes and then went down on his knees. He got up and bought himself some breathing space as his swings prevented Bolonti getting set. However, at the end of the round, Sanchez was floored again by a cuffing right to the side of the head. He got up at eight just as the bell rang. By now Sanchez was looking exhausted. However, for the first two minutes of the eighth he was again throwing wild swings and Bolonti was having to ward them off and not being able to launch a sustained attack. Once that storm blew itself out a left hook to the body put Sanchez down again. He got up and saw out the round but just before the end of the minute interval he indicated to his corner that he was finished. Bolonti, the Argentinian and South American champion, retains his WBC Latino title. The 34-year-old has 20 wins by KO/TKO, but was ruthlessly exposed by Brit Tony Bellew who outclassed the Argentinian in their December fight. Seven losses by KO/TKO for 33-year-old Sanchez who had floored and outpointed Bolonti back in 2006.


Elancourt, France: Super Middle: Hadillah Mohoumadi (14-3-1) W PTS 10 Cedric Bellais (13-5-2) Light: Marvin Petit (12-0-1) W KO 1 Joel Durand (17-4).

Mohoumadi vs. Bellais

Typical whirlwind non-stop performance from Mohoumadi in front of his local fans. Not a big puncher, he just keeps coming and coming with a remarkable work rate, and never gives opponents a moments breathing space. Southpaw Bellais might have taken one of the early rounds, but the relentless pressure from Mohoumadi saw him win a wide unanimous decision as retained his French title. Scores 99-91 twice and 99-92. The 32-year-old Mohoumadi had stopped Bellais in six rounds back in 2010. He was bouncing back after losses to Nikola Sjekloca and James DeGale. Although he lost a unanimous decision to DeGale for me a draw would have been more like it, yet one judge had it 119-109 for a rusty DeGale. The 24-year-old Bellais got the title shot by winning the League Cup tournament-which consisted of just one fight.

Petit vs. Durand

All over in ten seconds as the first hard shot from Petit has Durand crumbling. Local hope Petit wins the vacant French title. After four decision wins in a row Petit finds his punch and makes it seven wins by KO/TKO. Durand lost in two rounds to Samir Kasmi for the vacant French super feather title in 2011. He had been inactive since February 2012.


Guadalajara, Mexico: Feather: Mario Munoz (13-0-1,1ND) W TKO 5 Cecilio Santos (27-23-6). Super Feather: Miguel Roman (39-11) W TKO 2 Alejandro Barrera (20-2). Super Bantam: Dennis Contreras (16-2) W KO 1 Oscar Perales (2-8).

Munoz vs. Santos

Big win for prospect “Yayo “Munoz. Over the first three rounds both fighters were willing to stand and trade. Then the 22-year-old Munoz showed a good boxing brain as he changed to working at long range and was able to get room to punch. In the fifth a body punch put the veteran Santos down. He got up but was subjected to more punishment and was down and out later in the round. Now ten wins by KO/TKO for local fighter Munoz. He has a good win over Mario Briones (21-2-1). In his last fight he fought a no decision against local rival Moises Flores (17-0) when a clash of heads left Munoz with a bad cut. The crowd rioted after that fight, but no trouble this time. Santos, 34, is way past his best but still a test. In his last two fights he drew with WBC No 8 super fly Jose Salgado and lost on a split decision against prospect Martin Casillas. The closest Santos has come to a world title was a draw with Dmitry Kirillov for the IBF super fly title in 2008. He has had shots at the WBA and WBC bantam titles and the WBO super fly.

Roman vs. Barrera

A good looking match on paper but Barrera’s record had been built on poor opposition. After a first round of feeling each other out Roman exploded in the second flooring Barrera. Although he made it too his feet Barrera was on shaky legs and was put down again. He got up and was given an eight count but was still in a bad way and the referee stopped the fight. “Mickey” Roman has 29 wins by KO/TKO. He had lost 3 of his last 4 fights, but the opposition was Javier Fortuna, Antonio DeMarco for the WBC light title, and a win and loss against Dante Jardon. He lost on points against Jonathan Barros for the WBA secondary title in 2011. He has a great chin and can give anyone a tough fight on his night. Barrera, 26, lost his unbeaten record when he was beaten by Armando Robles in May. Only six of victims have had positive records.

Contreras vs. Perales

A total mismatch saw 20-year-old “Hammer” Contreras make it 15 wins by KO/TKO as he flattened late sub Perales in one round. Contreras returns to the winning column after back-to-back losses.


Villahermosa, Mexico: Feather: Robinson Castellanos (17-9) W TKO 1 Edgar Ramirez (13-5). Super Feather: Sergio Thompson (26-2) W TKO 5 Moises Castro (29-20-4,2ND). Heavy: Deontay Wilder (27-0) W TKO 2 Matt Greer (15-9). Super Fly: Ivan Morales (20-0) W KO 1 Patricio Camacho (16-8-1). Light: Juan Pablo Sanchez (23-11,1ND) W PTS 12 Giovanni Straffon (10-2-2).

Castellanos vs. Ramirez

All over in 109 seconds. Straight from the start “Robin Hood” was looking to put Ramirez away. A straight left put Ramirez down. He got up and took the eight count but a right cross put him down again and the referee had seen enough. WBC No 2 Castellanos, 30, wins the vacant WBC Silver title, which he relinquished late last year. He has eleven wins by KO/TKO. He has turned his career around in remarkable fashion. He was 5-8 in his first 13 fights and is now 12-1 in his last 13. Ramirez had also turned his career around with ten wins in a row but never stood a chance in this one.

Thompson vs. Castro

WBC No 1 “Yeyo” Thompson retains his WBC International Silver title for the second time and makes it a very painful night for Nicaraguan Castro. In the first Thompson landed some wicked body shots which saw Castro go down to the canvas to get a brief respite. Thompson continued the body attack in the third. In the fourth a Thompson right hook had Castro staggering across the ring. In the fifth an overhand left opened a cut on the right eyebrow of Castro, and a doctor’s inspection brought the fight to an end. The 29-year-old from Cancun has 24 wins by KO/TKO. A fight with current WBC champion Gamaliel Diaz would be big in Mexico, but Diaz will have given options to a Japanese promoter when winning the title, so that may have to wait. Southpaw Castro, 34, just did not have the fire power to hold off Thompson. He is now 2-11 in his last 13 fights.

Wilder vs. Greer

Another bit of Wilder rubbish. He floors poor Greer three times without breaking sweat. The 27-year-old 6’7” Olympian has yet to go beyond the fourth round in a fight. Greer a typical Wilder opponent, 35-years-old and with only one four round fight in the last 13 months. Wilder has done everything asked of him, but has yet to be asked to fight a “live” opponent.

Morales vs. Camacho

One right hook to the jaw and this one was all over. “Nino Maravilla” is being well matched but has talent and is ready for better things. The 21-year-old brother of Erik has 13 wins by KO/TKO and is a great prospect. At this stage his top 15 ratings by the WBC and IBF have more to do with the family name than the quality of opposition. Now seven losses by KO/TKO for Camacho who was a respectable 6-2 in his last eight fights.

Sanchez vs. Straffon

“Lizard” Sanchez wins the vacant WBC Mundo Hispano title with unanimous decision over game Straffon. Sanchez scores well with body shots in the first and staggers Straffon with a left hook in the second. Straffon gets more into the fight using good movement to blunt the attacks of Sanchez. Over the next four rounds the constant attacks featuring hard body shots saw Sanchez open an unassailable lead. Straffon put in a big effort in the ninth and tenth, but Sanchez took the last two rounds with his blistering body assault. Scores 118-110, 117-111 and 116-113. The 24-year-old Sanchez is a good pro but has gone as far as he can and loses every time he faces tougher opposition. Straffon hung tough after taking punishment in the early rounds.


Wolverhampton, England: Bantam: Khalid Yafai (7-0) W TKO 4 Gonzalo Garcia (8-7-2). Not a vintage performance from “Kal”. However, he outboxes Mexican for the first three rounds and pounds on him heavily in the fourth and Garcia retired at the end of the round. The 23-year-old has six wins by KO/TKO. The 2008 Olympian and former World Cadet and ABA champion is a great prospect.


Uncasville, USA: Light Heavy: Sergey Kovalev (20-0-1) W TKO 3 Gabriel Campillo (21-5-1). Middle: Curtis Stevens (23-3) W KO 1 Elvin Ayala (26-6-1). Middle: Marcus Upshaw (15-8-2), 1ND) W TKO 8 Vlad Biosse (14-2-1). Super Feather: Jason Sosa (8-1-3) TKO 4 Joseph Perez (10-1).

Kovalev vs. Campillo

Former WBA champion Campillo became old overnight. He just could not handle the strength and power of the 29-year-old Russian. From the first round it was obvious that Kovalev was able to hurt slow starter Campillo and that this was not going to be a long night. The second again saw Kovalev dominating. In the third he landed a series of punches which put Campillo down on his knees. Campillo made it to his feet but another barrage of punches put him down again. Campillo got up only to be floored again by a straight right and the fight was stopped. First real test for the WBC No 8 and he certainly took the chance. Now 18 wins by KO/TKO for Kovalev. Southpaw Campillo was not seen as a fighter on the way down. In his last fight in February he climbed off the floor twice in the first round (another slow start) and went on to only lose on a split decision to Tavoris Cloud for the IBF title. He may now think of retirement.

Stevens vs. Ayala

This looked an even match on paper with Ayala at No 9 with both the IBF and WBC and Stevens with a punchers chance against anyone. It was the punch that won. A left hook from Stevens put Ayala down heavily inside the first minute. Ayala made it to his feet but was in no condition to continue and the fight should have stopped then. A few more hard shots saw Ayala sent down flat out on the canvas. All it took was 70 seconds. The 27-year-old Stevens wins the vacant NABF title and now has 17 wins by KO/TKO. He was having his first fight since March (that also ended in one round). Wide points defeats against Andre Dirrell and Jesse Brinkley stunted his past attempts to climb the ratings but now he has given himself another chance. Ayala’s rating was ridiculous as he had not met any rated fighters since being kayoed by David Lemieux in 2010-also in the first round. Ayala, 32, lost to Arthur Abraham in a challenge for the IBF title in 2008.

Upshaw vs. Biosse

Mild upset as Upshaw halts Biosse. For the first two rounds it was Biosse’s fight as he was able to get inside the longer reach of Upshaw and work the body. When the 6’3” Upshaw finally began to use his edge in height and reach to score on the outside he took control. He put Biosse down in the fifth and again in the eighth. A further knockdown in the eighth and the fight was halted. Seventh win by KO/TKO for 32-year-old Upshaw who had won only one of his last six fights, but has a draw with James McGirt and a win over Renan St Juste. Southpaw Biosse, 30, had beaten Joe Spina in May.

Sosa vs. Perez

Sosa came close to winning this early as he floored Perez in the first. However, Perez survived and then traded on level terms with Sosa for the next two rounds. Early in the fourth Sosa nailed Perez with a right and put him down. Again Perez made it to his feet but was staggering on shaky legs and the referee stopped the fight. Sosa, 24, has four wins by KO/TKO and is unbeaten in his last seven fights. Perez, 26, had won five in a row.


Minneapolis, USA: Super Middle: Caleb Truax (21-1-1) W PTS 10 Matt Vanda (44-15). Welter: Mohammed Kayongo (16-2-1) W PTS 6 Gil Venegas (11-8-3).

Truax vs. Vanda

Truax just too fast, skilful and powerful for Vanda as a new king of Minnesota boxing is crowned. Truax had an answer to everything Vanda tried and was able to outbox and out fight the veteran to take a unanimous decision. Vanda, 34, has a great chin and plenty of guts and he gave this one his best shot but came up short. “Golden” Truax’s only defeat was a points decision against Jermain Taylor in a fight in which he had Taylor on the floor. With this win over Vanda-long the top dog in Minnesota-and a points victory over Andy Kolle, Truax is now undisputed top of the local heap. Vanda, 34, probably hit his peak in losing on a split verdict to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. He built a huge local following when winning his first 31 fights. Now he is 14-15 in his last 29.

Kayongo vs. Gil Venegas

The 32-year-old “African Assassin” wins unanimous decision in his first fight for over three years with all three judges giving it to the Ugandan on scores of 58-56. Kayongo won a silver medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games losing in the final to Darren Barker.


January 20

Cebu City, Philippines: Light Fly: Jerson Mancio (17-3-3) W PTS 10 Gerpaul Valero (13-14-3). Bantam: Albert Pagara (15-0) W KO 3 Jilo Merlin (12-15-2). Super Bantam: Jimmy Paypa (11-2) W PTS 10 Marvin Tampus (27-17-2).

Mancio vs. Valero

In front of his home fans 25-year-old Mancio takes unanimous decision in close battle with Valero. Mancio was doing the pressing and Valero countering with an excellent jab and left hook. There was plenty of action all the way with the aggression of Mancio just getting him the verdict. Scores 96-94 twice and 97-93. Mancio is Philippines champion, but this was a non-title fight. Two of his losses have come in Japan, one of those to current WBA strawweight champion Ryo Miyazaki. The 21-year-old Valero is known as the “Cinderella Man” after he started out by winning only one of his first 17 fights and went on to win his next 12, and rose to No 7 in the GAB flyweights.

Pagara vs. Merlin

The 18-year-old Pagara is rapidly building his reputation. “Prince Albert” used a sustained body attack to win this one. After softening up Merlin over the first two rounds a cluster of hooks to the body put Merlin down and he could not get up. Ten wins by KO/TKO for Pagara. He turned pro at 16 and was fighting ten round bouts at 17. He is already No 3 super fly with the GAB. The experienced Merlin just could not match the young prospect.

Paypa vs. Tapales

Southpaw Paypa, 19, rated No 6 bantam by the GAB, gets his biggest win so far as he is too young and too fast for the veteran. Scores 98-92 from all three judges.


January 21

Glasgow, Scotland: Light Welter: Willie Limond (36-4) W TKO 1 Eddie Doyle (12-1). Heavy Gary Cornish (12-0) W PTS 6 Tamas Bajzath (5-3-1).

Limond vs. Doyle

Limond wins the vacant Commonwealth title with a stoppage of Doyle. This fight was really over when Limond landed a thumping right to the chin of Doyle in the very first exchange. The inexperienced Doyle was staggered by that punch and Limond then blasted away with both hands. Another heavy right put Doyle down. He was up at four and took the eight count. His inexperience showed as he tried to punch with Limond instead of looking to survive. With Limond anxious to finish the action became a little messy with Doyle wrestled to the floor twice. There was nothing messy about the overhand right from Limond which put Doyle down for the second time. Again he got up but staggered to the ropes and the fight was halted after just 1 m 56 secs. Second Commonwealth title for 33-year-old Limond. He won the lightweight title back in 2006 but lost it to Amir Khan in his first defence. After losses to Erik Morales in 2010 and Anthony Crolla in a British light title fight in 2011 this Commonwealth title victory will give his career a boost. The 27-year-old Doyle, the British Masters champion, just never had the chance to get started. He is better than this result makes him look, but he needs a lot more experience before returning to this level.

Cornish vs. Bajzath

“The Highlander” wins again. The 6’7” 25-year-old Cornish is still very much a work in progress. This fight showed both the progress he has made and how far he still has to go. With big height, reach and weight advantages he started out using his jab to open up the Hungarian, and then following through with some hefty rights. One of those rights put Bajzath down in the first. He was up almost immediately and managed to spoil his way to the end of the round. In the second another right put the Hungarian down. This time he was a little slower to get up but survived by getting inside and giving Cornish no punching room. The fight looked to be over in the third when two thumping shots to the ribs put Bajzath down for the third time. This time the Hungarian was shaking his head as he got and it looked as though he wanted out. However, when the eight count was completed, he changed his mind and fought on. Over the last three rounds Cornish seemed to lose his way. He was not using his jab to set up his rights and the fight became an untidy affair and he never again looked like finishing the fight inside the distance. Referee’s score was 60-53.The big Scot is learning, but should really be putting opponents such as Bajzath away, and his habit of holding his left hand so low could prove a bard mistake as he moves up in class. Bajzath earned his money and my admiration for not taking the easy way out in the third.


Additional Commonwealth Results: Commonwealth fighters in italics


January 19

Newark, USA: Welter: Emmmanuel Lartei Lartey (14-0-1)W PTS 10 Mike Anderson (12-2-1).

Sydney, Australia: Super Feather: Billel Dib (10-1) W PTS 8 Roberto Oyan (18-26-4).

Accra, Ghana: Middle: Nuhu Lawal (12-0) W TKO 7 Steve Abbey (11-5). Light Welter: Isaac Aryee (15-5) W TKO 5 Zakaria Salifu (4-15).  Lawal wins vacant West African Boxing Union title.

Kampala, Uganda: Light Middle: Mustafa Katende (8-0) W KO 8 Med Bukenya (2-6-2). Katende wins vacant Ugandan title.


January 20

Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania: Feather: Ramadhani Shauri (14-2-1) W PTS 8 Jumanne Seleman (4-2). Ligjht Fly: Issa Omari (11-0-3) W Ko 4 Mohamed Makanga (1-1). Light Welter: Jonas Segu (10-3-1) W TKO 4 Bakari Mohamed (11-13).