Weekly Report

February 27 - March 2 2013

February 27

 Kawasaki, Japan: Fly: Juan C Reveco (30-1) W PTS 12 Masayuki Kuroda (21-3-2). Argentinian “Coton” Reveco retained his WBA secondary title with a unanimous decision over Kuroda. Reveco, the smaller man, was faster, busier and more accurate with his punching than his challenger. It was Reveco’s left that dominated the fight as he consistently got though Kuroda’s defence with hooks to head and body. Reveco was cut in the second round, but that was not a factor. More of a factor was Kuroda’s inability to keep the aggressive champion out. Kuroda had some success when he shook Reveco badly with a left hook in the fifth, but Reveco recovered and was soon banging in those left hooks again. Reveco had set a fast pace but manage to sustain it throughout the fight. Kuroda was at his best when he was making use of his advantages in height and reach and working his jab, and, although he picked up a round here and there, Reveco was a clear winner. Scores 117-111 twice and 116-112. Now 13 wins in a row for the former secondary WBA title holder at light flyweight.


February 28

Brisbane, Australia: Light Heavy: Dan McKinnon (21-6-1) W PTS 12 Mark Flanagan (11-4) . Light Middle: Shannon King (7-0) W TKO 9 David Galvin (4-6-3). Light: Yoann Portailler (14-3) W TKO 4 Brett William Smith (15-2-1).

McKinnon vs. Flanagan

New Zealander McKinnon wins a split decision that should have been unanimous. Flanagan tried to use his height and reach edge to control the fight, but McKinnon was getting inside and scoring freely. For a moment in the sixth Flanagan had a chance to turn the fight his way as he floored McKinnon with a right. McKinnon saw out the round and then was  back in control using his aggression and better skills to stay in front. McKinnon wins on scores of 116-111 twice and 112-115. “The King”, a former WBO Oriental super middle champ, lost on points to Daniel Geale back in 2008. He has now won  7 of his last 8 fights and lifts the WBO Oriental title. Flanagan, 22, the Australian No 1, was making the first defence of the title he had won with a good victory over Kariz Kariuki in November.

King vs. Galvin

King pulled this one out of the fire. Galvin was just coming forward throwing punches from the start. King was always under pressure and, not being to hold Galvin off, was looking for a punch to get him back into the fight. He did more than that in the ninth when a hard right and a following left put Galvin down. The gutsy Galvin got up, but was an easy target and the fight was stopped. The ANBF No 5,”Shaggy” King, 35, wins the vacant Australian title. It was the first ten round fight for King who had less than 15 rounds of activity going in. “Kid “Galvin”, 34, loses inside the distance for the second time. He was ANBF No 10.

Portailler vs. Smith

They should have written the script in French then Portailler would have realised he had been imported to lose-not win. The Frenchman was a class above Smith and was too quick and accurate. Smith never got into the fight and his corner threw in the towel in the fourth to end the one-sided contest. Portailler, 26, the French No 3 super feather, had won his last six fights, but there was nothing to suggest he would handle the Australian, who had also won his last six fights, and was ANBF No 2


San Jose, Costa Rica: Super Feather: Bryan Vasquez (30-1) W KO 1 Luis E Jose (31-11-2). Light Welter: Santiago Icabalceta (7-3-4) W PTS 10 Elvin Perez (24-9-4).

Vasquez vs. Jose

Too easy for “El Tiquito” . Tall southpaw Jose was coming forward and having some success with right jabs and overhand rights. Vasquez dug in a left hook to the ribs and Jose was going backwards. He was hurt by a left-right combination and actually turned sideways and was busy hitching up his protector when Vasquez came after him took him to the ropes and got through with four or five shots. Jose slumped sideways to the canvas. He made it to his feet, but his legs were shaking and the fight was stopped with just one second left in the round. First fight for 25-year-old Vasquez since being halted in eight rounds by Takashi Uchiyama for the WBA title in December. Now 16 wins by KO/TKO for Vasquez  who is WBA No 6. Dominican Jose, 37, is 2-6 in his last eight fights, all of which have ended inside the distance. Two first round defeats in a row. He claimed that his protector had slipped and it broke his concentration. Sounds like a load of testicles to me. Both fighters were over the contract weight but as it was not a title fight it went ahead anyway. A downer for Vasquez was that his wife Hanna Gabriel lost her WBO title when she was stopped in two rounds by Oxandia Castillo on the same card.

Icabalceta vs. Perez

All-Nicaraguan battle saw Icabalceta get revenge for a split decision loss in December to the more experienced Perez. It was a close fight all the way with Icabalceta pulling out the win with a strong finish. Scores 97-93 twice and 93-97. Icabalceta had lost three and drawn one of his last four fights. Now one win in his last four fights for Perez.


Panama City, Panama: Light Fly: Leroy Estrada (9-1) W TKO 5 Luis Quintana (6-3-1). Feather: Jorge Sanchez (9-0) W TKO 8 Luis Garcia (8-8-1).

Estrada vs. Quintana

Southpaw Estrada wins vacant Panamanian title. His fast, accurate attacks slowly wore Quintana down. Estrada was getting home with heavy combinations in the fourth when the referee stopped the fight. The 18-year-old new champion “El Sansacion” turned pro at 16. He still holds his hands too low, as was shown in his kayo loss to Modesto Concepcion, so he still has faults to work on. Quintana had lost only one of his last eight fights.

Sanchez vs. Garcia

The fans were treated to a real war here. Both were willing to stand and trade in the first. In the second the underdog Garcia landed a straight right that put Sanchez down. Garcia was looking to end it, but instead he ran into a right from Sanchez and took a cont himself. The battle continued and in the fourth when Sanchez hit the canvas again. He survived and they were soon banging away again. The fight was close going into the last with both fighters ignoring defence and just looking for one big punch. Sanchez found it and put Garcia flat on his back. Garcia tried hard but could not beat the count. The 22-yea-old “Bufalo” makes it eight wins by KO/TKO and 7 in his last 8 fights. 


Costa Mesa, USA: Heavy: Alex Flores (12-0) W TKO 1 Harold Sconiers (18-27-2). Flores overwhelms Sconiers. The unbeaten 22-year-old stunned Sconiers with a punch late in the first and then banged in seven more unanswered shots which brought the referees intervention. The 6’5” Flores makes it nine wins by KO/TKO. Sconiers 36, has now lost 7 of his last 8 fights, but the win was over Jameel McCline.


March 1

Mashantucket, USA: Feather: Evgeny Gradovich (16-0) PTS 12 Billy Dib (35-2,1ND) W. Light Middle: Willie Nelson (20-1-1) W TKO 1 Mike Medina (26-4-2). Super Feather: Ryan Kielczweski (16-0) W PTS 8 Gil Garcia (5-4-1). Super Bantam: Luis Rosa (13-0,1ND) W PTS 8 Jhovany Collado (4-7-2).

Gradovich vs. Dib

Substitute Gradovich wins IBF title with split decision over Dib. Dib had the better of the first round as he had his jab working early. Gradovich came into it more in the second scoring with rights,. But Dib looked sharp and again scored well with his jab. The fight turned rough in the third with both boxers working on the edge of the rules. After an even fourth Gradovich got through with a pair of left hooks that hurt Dib and the champion was also cut on the side of his head from an accidental clash with Gradovich’s elbow. The sixth and seventh were close but Gradovich was the busier. Both fighters lost a point for holding in the eighth but a left hook from Dib was the best punch in the round. The ninth and tenth saw Gradovich walking forward pressing Dib and again his rights were getting through. The last two rounds were again close with Gradovich still forcing the fight but Dib countering with sharp hooks. Dib was also showing a bad cut by his right eye and it was Gradovich who made the stronger finish. Scores 114-112 twice and 112-114. In theory this was a big step-up for 26-year-old Gradovich but he took his chance when it came. Dib, 27, was making the third defence of his title. After losing on points to Steve Luevano for the WBO title in 2008 he was unbeaten in 15 fights with wins over Jorge Lacierva and Eduardo Escobedo. He will want an early return fight if he can get it.

Nelson vs. Medina

Nelson retains NABF title with stoppage of Medina. Nelson was using his height and reach advantage to snap Medina’s head back. Medina had to get inside and he did on a couple of occasions throwing hooks to the body from both hands. That Nelson jab was still knocking Medina backward. Medina pushed Nelson back to the ropes and was again letting fly with hooks. Unfortunately he was wide open and a short left and a pulverizing overhand right sent Medina to the canvas. As he went down his right leg folded under him. He got up at eight, but was gingerly testing his right leg. The fight recommenced and Nelson threw two punches, which did not catch Medina full on, but he was already tumbling due to his right leg collapsing. Medina could not make it to his feet. Whilst the injury may have ended the fight that overhand right from Nelson showed the fight would probably not have gone much further anyway. The 6’3”, 25-year-old WBC No 6 Nelson makes it twelve wins by KO/TKO, building on victories last year over unbeaten fighters Yudel Jhonson and John Jackson.  Mexican Medina, 26, a former holder of this NABF title has lost to Vanes Martirosyan, John Duddy (a split decision) and been stopped by Saul Roman, but bounced back with a win over veteran Grady Brewer.


Kielczewski vs. Garcia

Pole Kielczewski was give a good fight by aggressive Garcia. “The Polish Prince” had the better skills and used a sharp jab and good body shots to build a lead and ran out a clear winner on scores of 80-72 twice and 79-73. The 23-year-old has yet to face a real test, and with only three wins by KO/TKO lacks power. Texan Garcia now has three losses and a draw in his last four fights.

Rosa vs. Collado

It looked as though Puerto Rican-born Rosa was on his way to an early night when he put  Dominican Collado down in the first. In the end, although he was always the boss, and was able to score throughout with heavy hooks, he had to go the full eight rounds. Scores 80-71 from all three judges. Six wins by KO/TKO for 21-year-old Rosa. Only two wins in his last eleven fights for Collado.


Richlands, Australia: Heavy: Lucas Browne(15-0) W KO 1 Masataka Takehara (7-8-3). “Big Daddy” Browne ends it in quick time. One right from Browne puts Takehara down and out after just 68 seconds. The former undefeated Australian champion had a couple of wins in Britain and in his last fight beat Jason Gavern in China. Only one opponent has managed to take the 33-year-old Australian the distance. Only one win his last eight fight for Takehara.


Mexico City, Mexico: Fly: Ulises Lara (12-13-2) W KO 2 Omar Soto (23-10-2). The “Little Mouse” beats the “Little Wolf”. Underdog (too many animals in this report)Lara springs a major upset by wiping out experienced Soto in two rounds and is the new Mexican champion. It was obvious from the first round that an upset was about to happen as Lara unloaded heavy shots on Soto.  In the second Lara floored Soto twice before finishing him off with a hook to the body. Going in Lara was 2-6 in his previous fights. However, he was coming off a win in December in which he had captured the WBC CABOFE title. Soto, 33, was WBA No 3 and WBO No 4 on the back of a win over Glenn Donaire in September. He had lost to Roman Gonzalez, Brian Viloria (a split decision), Omar Narvaez and Muhammad Rachmann in title fights but had won 4 of his last 5 going in.


Czestochowa, Poland: Middle: Lukasz Wawrzyczek (17-1-2) W PTS 8 Pavol Garaj (5-12-2). Wawrzyczek wins unanimous decision over Slovakian. The 29-year-old Pole is no puncher but a good pressure fighter. Since an upset ninth round stoppage loss to Brit George Katsimpas in 2007 he is 9-0-2 in his last eleven fights. Garaj kept his record of never losing inside the distance, but is without a win in his last eleven fights.


Barcelona, Spain: Light Middle: Ivan Sanchez (21-2-1) W TKO 5 Javier Garcia Roche (12-2-1). Feather: Juli Giner (8-0) W KO 2 Franklin Teran (33-8-1). Light Welter: Santos Martin 12-0) W KO 2 Juan Zapata (13-11-2)

Sanchez vs. Garcia

Sanchez retains Spanish title in his fifth defence. It looked as though another result could be on the cards when Roche dropped Sanchez twice in the second round. The champion came back into the fight using his better technique and experience. In the fifth a hard combination from Sanchez had Roche reeling and the referee stopped the fight. Very disputed, Roche was cut and hurt, but looked capable of carrying on. “Dinky” Sanchez, 37, won the title way back in 2008 and has 17 victories in a row. Local fighter Roche, 31, loses inside the distance for the second time. He is the WBC Mundo Hispano champion. A return looks likely.

Giner vs. Theran

Good win for novice Giner. He controlled this fight in the first round with his jab constantly knocking Teran’s head back. Teran was just too slow with his counters. Near the end of the round Giner staggered Teran with a right, and knocked the Colombian back across the ring into a corner, where Giner desperately tried to apply a finishing punch. Teran survive and came out more aggressively for the second. Again that Giner left was stabbing through Teran's defence. Now Giner was throwing more combinations and sitting down more on his punches. A combination finished off with a hard right put Teran down by the ropes. Half way through the count Teran started to rise, then sat back down and took the full count. The 29-year-old Giner showed good technique and power. Colombian-born Teran, who has lost 4 of his last 5 fights, announced his retirement.

Martin vs. Zapata

Martin looks to be the best young prospect in Spain. The 19-year-old southpaw shows good skills and punching power. The first round of this fight was messy with Zapata throwing himself forward as he attacked. As a result Zapata was pushed over once, fell once, and went down a third time in what looked like a genuine knockdown, only for the referee not to acknowledge it. Zapata tried his rushing tactics in the third and as he lunged in a right from Santos put him face down on the canvas. He made it to his feet, but walked back to his corner as the referee counted the ten. Martin scored eight wins last year and it seems the plan is to keep him busy. The 37-year-old Zapata was 5-2 in his last 7 fights.


Southampton, England: Light: Santiago Bustos (4-2-1) W KO 3 Matty Tew (12-1). Big disappointment for local crowd as Tew kayoed. There was not much between them at the start of the third but a right hand swing from Spaniard Bustos put Tew down and out. Three wins by KO/TKO for the unfancied Mallorcan. At 30 Tew finds himself facing rebuilding.


Sheffield, England: Middle: Jez Wilson (11-1-1) W TKO 1 Taz Jones (13-8-3). Fireman Wilson gets it over in 99 seconds. After some light sparring a right from Wilson puts Jones down and the referee did not need to count as Jones was not going to get up. Central Area champion “Smoking” Wilson, 33, adds the vacant British Masters title. Welshman Jones was having his second fight after three years of inactivity and loses for the fourth time by KO/TKO.


March 2

Cebu City, Philippines: Light Fly: Donnie Nietes (31-1-4) DREW 12 Moises Fuentes (16-2). Super Bantam: Genesis Servania (19-0) W TKO 7 Angky Angkotta (26-9-1). Light Welter: Jimrex Jaca (37-6-3) W TKO 7 Rachamongkol (13-5).

Nietes vs. Fuentes

A great little scarp decides nothing as the judges score the fight a draw. Nietes hurt Fuentes with a right in the first and took the first two rounds, with Fuentes fighting back over the next two to have it even on two cards at that point. The middle rounds saw Nietes tactics affected by two bad cuts. He was cut over his right eye by a punch in the fifth, and over his left eye in a clash of heads on the sixth. Fuentes was scoring with hard counters and good body shots, and with Nietes hampered by the cuts it was the Mexican who edged in front. He was walking down Nietes and seemed to have more power in his punches. Nietes needed a strong finish and, as Fuentes continued to come forward, Nietes was landing with some of the power he had shown early in the fight and he did enough to cancel out the Mexican’s lead. Scores 114-114 twice and 115-113 to Nietes. Both thought they had won the fight, but it was too close for either fighter to have a convincing argument of that. Any return will have to wait as Nietes needed a total of twelve stitches on his cuts. Nietes retains his WBO light fly title. The former undefeated WBO strawweight champion last lost a fight back in 2004. He was beaten on a split decision by Angky Angkotta in Indonesia when the local fighter scaled 6lbs over the contracted weight. Since then he has scored 21 wins and two draws, the other draw being of the technical variety. Fuentes, 27, came out of nowhere to win the WBO strawweight title in 2011 but has shown he belongs in the top class after his win over Ivan Calderon and this effort here. His WBO straw title was not on the line.

Servania vs. Angkotta

Servania may be the next star on the Filipino horizon. The 21-year-old wore down experienced Indonesian Angkotta for a stoppage in the seventh. Servania took charge in the first catching Angkotta with heavy shots to head and body. Angkotta tried to force the pace and work inside, but he was walking into punishment round after round. Finally in the seventh, with Angkotta battered and bloody, the referee stopped the fight. “Azucal” retains his WBO Asia Pacific title. He is not a big power puncher, with only seven wins by KO/TKO, but he is a sharp and accurate puncher who chips away at the opposition. He is WBO No 10. Angkotta has had unsuccessful shots at both the WBO super fly and WBO bantam titles. He has early career wins over Donnie Nietes, Rocky Fuentes and Sonny Boy Jaro. This was the first time he had lost by KO/TKO since his second pro fight in 2001.

Jaca vs. Rachamongkol

“Executioner” Jaca does a job on Thai Rachamongkol. Both southpaw were willing to trade in the early stages, which was a mistake by the Thai. In the second round Jaca floored the Thai with a left. Again Rachamongkol decided to stand and fight and was competitive until the seventh. He had taken a lot of punishment and was on the canvas again in the seventh. He made it to his feet and the referee stopped the fight.  The 29-year-old Jaca has 21 wins by KO/TKO. He lost in nine rounds to Juan Manuel Marquez for the interim WBO featherweight title in 2006. Three losses in a row in 2008 saw him take 15 months out. Since then he has run up nine wins, eight by KO/TKO. Rachamongkol has lost his last three fights by KO/TKO and this was his first fight since March 2010.


Las Vegas, USA: Light: Richard Abril (18-3-1) W PTS 12 Sharif Bogere (23-1). Feather: Gary Russell (22-0) W PTS 10 Vyacheslav Gusev (20-3). Light Middle: Jorge Melendez (26-2-1) W KO 4 Ryan Davis (24-10-3). Light Heavy: Thomas Williams Jr (13-0) W TKO 3 Kevin Engel (20-8). Light: Jeff Fontanez (11-0) W PTS 6 Daniel Attah (28-14-1). Super Middle: Luis Arias (4-0) W KO 1 Arsenio Terrazas (4-0).

Abril vs. Bogere

Abril wins, but it is not pretty. The Cuban retained his WBA title in a scrappy untidy fight filled with clinches and head clashes and without real highlights. The scene was set in the first two rounds when both fighters fell to the canvas in wrestling sessions. Bogere was giving away height and reach to Abril and found it hard to get inside. Abril was able to land on the onrushing Ugandan and looked to be in charge. Abril had the better of the fourth round, but also suffered a cut over his left eye in a clash of heads. Bogere was having more success in the middle rounds and had a good seventh where he got home with hard shots. The round was made even worse for Abril as he was cut again, this time over his right eye from a clash of heads. Bogere was on top again in the eighth and Abril resorted to holding to get some breathing space, and suffered a one point penalty for those tactics. Abril took charge again in the ninth and had his best round of the fight as he was letting his hands go and getting through to head and body. Bogere tried to turn the fight around over the last two rounds, but despite his big finish he had not done enough. Any chance he had ended with the referee deducting a point in the last round for butting. Scores 116-110 twice and 115-111. Having previously been the interim champion, the 30-year-old Cuban had been awarded the WBA title before the fight. He is not pretty to watch, but he is effective. “The Lion” Bogere just could not figure out how to fight the awkward Abril and tried to rough the Cuban up. That did not really work. At 24 Bogere can come again and next time may not have such a frustrating night.

Russell vs. Gusev

Another sparkling display from the talented Russell. His movement and hands speed were just too much for Gusev who never won a round. Russell had Gusev badly shaken with a right at the end of the first round with the bell saving the Russian. Both landed heavy rights in the second, but Russell’s was the harder and Gusev had to take a count. Russell scored a flash knockdown in the third but in the eighth round suffered an injury to his left hand which limited his attacking options. Gusev is not a hard puncher and he had nothing in his armory to help him combat the much faster Russell. Despite the hand injury Russell gave Gusev a boxing lesson for the remainder of the fight and ran out a winner on scores of 100-89 from all three judges.  The 24-year-old southpaw feels he is ready for anyone in the rankings, but this was not an acid test for him. Gusev’s only other loss was a wide unanimous decision against Juan Carlos Burgos, and his No 15 rating with the WBA and No 7 with the WBO flattered him.

Melendez vs. Davis

Melendez again shows his power as he floors Davis twice on the way to a fourth round stoppage. The 24-year-old Puerto Rican was pressurising from the start and looking to nail Davis. In the third round he finally found the target and put Davis down. Davis survived into the fourth when a right uppercut put him down heavily and the referee stopped the fight without completing the count. Melendez has won 25 times by KO/TKO. He has won his last 13 fights, 11 by KO/TKO. The big questions arise over his two inside the distance losses to trial horses Doel Carrasquillo and Clarence Taylor. He is No 5 with the WBO, but then again he is Puerto Rican. Davis, who went the distance with Zab Judah in an IBC title fight 2007, had lost only one of his last six fights.


Williams vs. Engel

Second quick win in seven weeks for Williams and seventh in a row. The 25-year-old from Maryland was in control over the first two rounds and provided the finish in the third. A body shot hurt Engel and a follow-up barrage put him down on one knee. The referee had seen enough and halted the fight. Now six wins by KO/TKO in a row for Williams, and his tenth overall, with six of those coming in the first round. Engle, 32, is an experienced campaigner, who has been in with Edwin Rodriguez, Marcus Johnson and Anthony Dirrell.

Fontanez vs. Attah

No problem here for relative novice Fontanez, but at least he got in a few rounds against an experienced opponent. Attah is well on the way down the slope and was never really in the fight against the younger man. Scores 59-55 twice and 60-54. The 20-year-old Puerto Rican had scored six first round wins. The 34-year-old Nigerian is just a shadow of the guy who lost on points to Acelino Freitas for the WBA/WBO super feather titles in 2002. Now 7 losses in his last 9 fights for Attah, with the two wins coming in the Dominican Republic where they have developed their own version of the Philadelphia Death Squad.

Arias vs. Terrazas

Second first round win in a week for big puncher “Cuba” Arias. A left to the body put Terrazas down for the count. All over in 115 seconds The 22-year-old Arias won a silver medal at the World Cadet Championships, a bronze at the World Junior championships and was US Champion in 2008. He is one to watch. Very poor match. Terrazas a lamb to the slaughter. Now four inside the distance losses in his last five fights. Three inside the first round.


Windhoek, Namibia: Bantam: Paulus Ambunda (20-0) W PTS 12 Pungluang (43-2). Welter: Bethuel Ushona (29-2-1) W PTS 12 Emmanuel Clottey (27-10). Light Heavy: Vikapita Meroro (23-4) W TKO 3 Hamza Wandera (15-6-2,1ND). Light: Paulus Moses(31-2) W TKO 4 Mzonke Fana (31-6).

Ambunda vs. Pungluang

Egg on face time as I had strongly tipped Pungluang to win this one easily, but instead Namibian Ambunda is the new WBO champion. In the opposite of anticipated tactics it was Ambunda who took the fight to the Thai and forced the pace, he was getting through with heavy hooks throughout the fight. Although being forced to fight on the back foot Pungluang was not dismayed and did some good work of his own keeping the fight close. Ambunda had a big fifth round as he had Pungluang hurt with a series of uppercuts. Pungluang continued to work well with a sharp jab and steady pressure, but Ambunda was still scoring with those hooks. Ambunda turned up the gas in the eleventh and had the champion reeling only for Pungluang to fire back in the twelfth, cause a big swelling which shut the left eye of the challenger, and landing with a left hook that had Ambunda on the verge of a knockdown. Scores 116-112 twice and 115-113. The 32-year-old “The Rock”, a sergeant in the Namibian forces, is only just ½” over 5’0” tall, but he showed power and determination to take his big chance. Pungluang, 24, was making the first defence of the title he had won by grinding down Filipino AJ Banal in October. He will have to regroup, so back to the Indonesian and Filipino diet for a while.


Ushona vs. Clottey

Ushona just too good for veteran Clottey and retains his WBO African title. Ushona out boxed Clottey in every round never letting the Ghanaian into the fight and won every round. Scores 120-108 from all three judges. The Namibian’s losses have been to Jan Zaveck and to Denton Vassell for the Commonwealth title. Both on the road, but both clear defeats. Four points wins in a row for 30-year-old WBO No 3 Ushona. Clottey, 38, lost three in a row in the USA to Germaine Sanders, Victor Ortiz and Mike Alvarado. He then took two years out and had scored three wins, the last in January 2012, in the sort of terrible matches that are common in Ghana now.

Meroro vs. Wandera

“Beast Master” Meroro wins the vacant WBO African title with stoppage of Ugandan. Meroro just punched too hard for southpaw Wandera and had him in deep trouble in the third when the referee stopped the fight. The durable Namibian regains his old title. He has been the distance with Isaac Chilemba, Braimah Kamoko and Juergen Braehmer. Southpaw Wandera, 20, the brother of Kassim Ouma, has four losses by KO/TKO, but they have all been to top opposition.

Moses vs. Fana

Good win for Moses. He punched too hard for the faded double former IBF super feather champion. Moses had Fana under severe pressure in the third and ended it in the fourth as he floored the South African with a left hook. Fana managed to get up but was floored again and the referee stopped the fight. Now 20 wins by KO/TKO for the 34-year-old “Hitman”, a former holder of the WBA secondary title. Three wins in a row for Moses since losing to Ricky Burns for the WBO title in March last year, including a close decision over former IBF super feather champion Cassius Baloyi. Fana, 39, who beat Baloyi in 2010 for the IBF title, then threw it away by just refusing to defend it. He now has two losses in a row.


Johannesburg, South Africa: Welter: Chris van Heerden (19-1-1) W PTS 12 Matthew Hatton(43-7-2). Light Heavy: Matty Clarkson (9-1-2) W TKO 7 Tshepang Mohale (9-6). Welter Kaizer Mabuza (25-9-3) W PTS 8 Isaac Hlatshwayo (30-6-1,1ND). Heavy: Osborne Machimana (19-7-1) DREW 6 Elvis Moyo (3-4-2).

Van Heerden vs. Hatton

Southpaw van Heerden wins a unanimous decision and retains his IBO title. The tall, rangy South African established his jab early and set a fast pace.  After winning the first two rounds, despite a warning for use of the elbow, van Heerden suffered a bad cut on his right eyelid in a clash of heads in the third. He won that round, but from then the blood running into his eye affected his vision. Despite this he was still in charge of the fight, although he forgot to use that jab effectively, which allowed Hatton to get inside and rough-up the South Africa. Hatton tagged the South African with a right in the sixth only for van Heerden to score with a great left hook at the end of the round.. A hard shot had Hatton sagging in the seventh. He was able to blunt many of van Heerden’s attacks although the clinches increased and detracted from the fight as a spectacle. Hatton tired over the late rounds and van Heerden ran out a winner on scores of 118-110, 117-112 and 116-112. The 25-year-old southpaw was making the second defence of his IBO title. His only loss was to Nikola Stevanovic in Serbia. He has wins over Mabuza and Sebastian Lujan. He is No 11 with the WBO, but not rated by the other bodies. At 31 and with three losses in his last five fights, Hatton may be past his best. However, the other two losses were to Saul Alvarez for the WBC light middle title and Kell Brook. Wins over unbeaten Andrei Abramenka and in one round over useful Michael Lomax would say otherwise.

Clarkson vs. Mohale

An early knockdown put Clarkson in charge in this fight and he did not relinquish that dominance. He trapped a tiring Mohale in a corner in the seventh and was scoring with hard shots from both hands with nothing coming back from Mohale and the fight was stopped. Only the second win by KO/TKO for 26-year-old Clarkson. His only loss was to Courtney Fry in October. South African champion Mohale has now lost 3 of his last 4 fights by KO/TKO.

Mabuza vs. Hlatshwayo

Ten years ago Mabuza and Hlatshwayo fought each other. They were both having their first professional fights. Hlatshwayo stopped Mabuza inside a round. Hlatshwayo went on to win the IBF welterweight title and Mabuza to challenge for the IBF light welter title and win the IBO title. Mabuza dominated this one with Hlatshwayo on the back foot and rarely able to launch any meaningful attacks. Scores 78-74 twice and 79-73. Despite losing 3 of his last 4 fights Mabuza, 33, still has a future after this fight. Hlatshwayo   with 5 losses in his last 6 fights may not have.

Machimana vs. Moyo

Machimana looked on the way to defeat here as he lost the first three rounds to Zimbabwean novice Moyo. However, “Big Daddy” took over from the fourth and did just enough to get a draw. Scores 57-57 twice and 58-56 for Machimana. The 34-year-old former undefeated South African champion’s best result was a one round kayo of former WBO champion Corrie Sanders. After a win in March 2010 he was inactive for eleven months before losing to David Price in three rounds when weighing a disgraceful 50lbs more than he had when beating Sanders. Moyo, who has done all of his boxing in South Africa, has lost only one of his last six fights, but is just a prelim fighter.


Rio Bravo, Mexico: Super Fly: Carlos Cuadras (28-0) W TKO 7 Victor Zaleta (20-4-1). Cuadras retains the WBC Silver title and continues unbeaten. After bringing blood from Zaleta’s nose ( probably broken) in the first round and causing a large swelling on Zaleta’s left cheek in the second he went on to hand out a steady beating. Zaleta showed guts to stay in the fight, but from the fourth it was just a matter of when he would crumble as he had no answer to the power or speed of Cuadras. That came in the seventh when a couple of hooks followed by a left uppercut crashed into Zaleta’s jaw and he slumped to his knees. Zaleta managed to get up, but was trapped on the ropes, and with Cuadras unloading with both hands, the referee stopped the fight. The 24-year-old “Prince, No 1 with the WBC, has 23 wins by KO/TKO. “Nene” Zaleta lost to Omar Narvaez for the WBO super fly title in 2011. He was having his first fight since losing in nine rounds to Leo Santa Cruz for IBF bantam title in November.


San Antonio, USA: Light Middle: Jermall Charlo (12-0) W TKO 3 Gilbert Venegas (12-9-3). Light Welter: Omar Figueroa (20-0-1) W KO 1 Henry Aurad (14-7-1). Light Middle: Errol Spence (4-0) W PTS 4 Luis Torres (4-3-3).

Charlo vs. Venegas.

Young Charlo just has too much of everything, including being too big physically for late substitute Venegas. With Charlo having the edge in both speed and power this was never going to be a long fight. Charlo was working the body and picking his punches well. It took Charlo until the third to catch-up with Venegas. After trapping Venegas on the ropes a combination finished with an overhand right put Venegas down and out. Twin Jermell is the one making the headlines, but 22-year-old Jermall has won his last six by KO/TKO. Venegas, 35, is now 2-2 since returning to action after almost three years inactive. In his early days he stopped Ed Paredes and fought a draw with Jesus Soto Karass.

Figueroa vs. Aurad

Prospect Figueroa makes it an early night. The hard punching 23-year-old took just 47 seconds and one overhand right hand to put paid to soft chinned Aurad. The referee started the count then called it off when it was apparent that Aurad was not getting up. The “Little Panther” has 16 wins by KO/TKO. He has won 7 of his last 8 fights by that route with only Dominic Salcido lasting the distance in that run. Aurad going in the opposite direction. The 28-year-old from Colorado is 2-6 in his last 8 with five of those six losses coming by KO/TKO.

Spence vs. Torres

Spence still in the early stages of transposing from amateur to pros. After three wins by KO/TKO he gets four good rounds of work against Torres. The 23-year-old Texan, an Olympic quarter finalist in London, and former US and National Golden Gloves champion, has a style that is more suited to the paid ranks. Despite hurting Torres on occasions he was never able to halt Torres who just soaked up the punishment. All three judges scored it 40-36.


Edmonton, Canada: Light Welter: Alex Lepelley (11-1-1) W PTS 8 Steve Claggett (15-2-1). Light Heavy: Steve Franjic (10-0-1) W PTS 8 Gabriel Lecrosnier (14-18-2).

Lepelley vs. Claggett

Frenchman Lepelley surprises local fighter Claggett with split decision. The Frenchman used a fast, accurate jab to control the fight. Claggett was dangerous with rights but Lepelley showed a tight defence, and was the busier and more accurate of then two, and took a unanimous decision with the scores of 77-75 twice and 75-77 which don’t reflecting the Frenchman’s dominance. Third win for 30-year-old Lepelley after being inactive from April 2010 until January 2012. Claggett, 23, loses inside the distance for the second time. He had run up four wins after a disputed stoppage loss in Philippines in 2011. He was rated No 2 in Canada.

Franjic vs. Lecrosnier

The 6’3” Franjic, 25, used his height and reach to outpoint Frenchman Lecrosnier. Lecrosnier had neither the skill nor the punch to get into this fight and it was comfortable for Franjic. Scores 80-72 twice and 79-73.


Moncton, Canada: Light Middle: Francesco Cotroni (7-1) W PTS 10 Rory Coveney (10-2). Light Middle: Fitz Vanderpool (26-7-4) W PTS 10 Roberto McClellan (6-2-1). Cruiser: Frank White (8-7-2) W PTS 8 Sandy Robb (9-1-1).

Cotroni vs. Coveney

Local fighter Cotroni wins the vacant NBA Canadian title with a unanimous decision over Edmonton’s Coveney. Cotroni worked well on the inside and caught the eye with hard rights and body punches. Southpaw Coveney made many rounds close with his all-out aggression, and although losing clearly, did better than the scores of 99-91 twice and 97-93 indicate. Cotroni, 28, had been rated No 7 in Canada and 31-year-old Coveney No 3.

Vanderpool vs. McClellan

Veteran Vanderpool, a Canadian welter champion in 1997, wins the vacant NBA Canadian light middle title. This was a hard one to score with the experience of Vanderpool giving him the edge over McClellan. McClellan got the better of the early exchanges with his superior hand speed. Vanderpool did his best work on the outside and took the middle rounds before holding off a strong challenge from McClellan. Scores 99-91, 97-93 and 96-94 with the middle score best reflecting the action. The 45-year-old Vanderpool had been inactive from May 2004 to September 2012 and this was his second win on his return. McClellan was having his first fight since March 2011 and came in as a substitute when his brother was injured.

White vs. Robb

Badly needing a win former Canadian champion White just never allowed Scot Robb to get into the fight. White just kept pressing and Robb just never really letting his punches go. Scores 80-72 twice and 80-73. White had lost five and drawn one of his last six fights. Robb, 31, turned pro in Scotland, but was unable to continue his career in Britain due to being a diabetic.


Potsdam, Germany: Light Heavy: Dominic Boesel (11-0) W PTS 10 Harut Sahakyan (5-1-1). Boesel wins vacant WBO Youth title with wide decision over Sahakyan. After a feeling out first round Boesel had Sahakyan reeling in the second but Sahakyan survived. From then on the 23-year-old Boesel was getting through with fast combinations and Sahakyan was in survival mode. Scores 100-90 twice and 99-91 for Dirk Dzemski’s prospect.


Tokyo, Japan: Bantam: Ryosuke Iwasa (14-1) W PTS 10 Marjohn Yap (18-9). WBC No 7 Iwasa wins unanimous decision over Filipino Yap. Scores 98-92, 97-92 and 97-93. The 23-year-old southpaw’s only loss was to current WBC champion Shinsuke Yamanaka for the Japanese title in 2011. He has won six in a row since then, including a shut-out against highly rated Mexican David De La Mora. Yap, No 5 in the GAB ratings, had won 3 of his last 4 fights.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Middle: Julio Cesar Garcia (46-8) W TKO 6 Ricardo Valencia (6-18-1).  After three losses in a row Garcia needed a win and got one by halting poor Valencia in six rounds. Still only 25, the lanky Garcia goes to 39 wins by KO/TKO. Valencia has lost 6 of his last 7.


Managua, Nicaragua: Super Bantam: Josech Ruiz (6-0) W PTS 8 Norwin Gallo (6-1).  Ruiz wins this battle of novices and with it the vacant WBA Fedcentro title. Both fighters showed limited skills but Ruiz was the younger and the harder puncher and clinched the verdict with a strong finish. Scores 88-85 ½, 87-84 and 87.5-87. Ruiz, 18, was having his second ten round fight. Gallo, 31, was jumping up from six rounds.


David, Panama: Welter: Aristides Quintero (14-4-1) W PTS 10 Rosemberth Gomez (16-3-1). Light Fly: Mercedes Concepcion (14-3) W KO 2 Abraham Irias (5-17).

Quintero vs. Gomez

Panamanian Quintero wins vacant WBC FECARBOX title with decision over Nicaraguan Gomez. “The Rifle” Quintero, 21, survives a rocky second round,  then makes good use of his height and reach to keep Gomez on the outside and scored with straight rights which Gomez had to absorb to get inside.  Quintero looked on the way to an inside the distance win in the late rounds but had to settle for a decision. Scores 98-92, 98-94 and 96-93. After being 4-4-1 in his first eight fights, Quintero has ten victories in a row, including winning 8 of his last 9 fights by KO/TKO. Gomez, a former Nicaraguan light welter champion, had lost only one of his last seven fights.

Concepcion vs. Irias

Hard puncher Concepcion made it a double for Panama over Nicaragua in a very poor match. The 23-year-old “Chico” had Irias in trouble in the first and was scoring heavily again in the second with nothing coming back when the referee stopped the fight. Now eleven wins by KO/TKO for Concepcion, the last five in a row. Nicaraguan Irias has lost his last 15 fights and had been inactive since 2010.


Columbus, Ohio: Welter: Mike Clark (44-8-1,1ND) W PTS 10 Brian Camechis (20-5). Heavy: Daniel Martz (7-0-1) DREW 10 John L Smith (13-0-1).

Clark vs. Camechis

Predictable win for former top amateur Clark. Camechis had to make it a brawl if he was to win, but Clark had a big edge in speed and skill and was never troubled. Losing a point for butting did not help Camechis. Scores 99-90, 98-91 and 97-92. Clark, 39, wins the interim WBC United States title. He lost to Artur Grigorian for the WBO light title way back in 1999. Camechis, “The Golden Greek” does not have much luster left.

Martz vs. Smith

“The Mountain” Martz, 6’7 ½” looked a little unlucky not to get the decision in this battle of unbeaten heavyweight. Scores 95-95 twice and 97-93 to Martz. The Ohio State title remains vacant.


Rio Bravo, Mexico: Light Fly: Oswaldo Novoa (11-4-1) W TKO 4 Javier Resendiz (13-5-2). WBC No 10 Novoa has Resendiz showing facial damage in the first round. Resendiz fought back strongly until the fourth when a punch split open a bad cut on his left eyelid and the fight was stopped. Four wins in a row for Novoa, but how he gets into the WBC top ten is a mystery. Almost as big a mystery as how Resendiz got to fight for the vacant WBC straw title in his last fight.