Weekly Report

May 22 - 28 2013

May 22


Panama City, Panama: Feather: Jezreel Corrales (13-1) W PTS 10 Irving Berry (22-5-2). Feather: Rolando Giono (13-5) W KO 3 Stan Mendez (8-9-3). Super Feather: Ricardo Nunez (9-1) W TKO 2 Julio Camano (8-10-1,1ND).

Corrales vs. Berry

“El Invisible” retains Panamanian title and wins vacant WBC Latino title with clear points verdict over former WBA title challenger Berry. The clever 21-year-old southpaw controlled the fight with his better skills and “lightning” Berry had difficulty landing with any power. A frustrated Berry lost a point in the eighth for a series of low blows, but the fight was already beyond him by then. Scores 98-90, 98-91 and 97-92. Berry has lost 3 of his last 4 fights but the other two losses were to current WBA champion Nicolas Walters and to Will Tomlinson for the IBO title.

Giono vs. Mendez

Giono, 26, shows his power as he floors Costa Rican in the second and puts him away in the third. The 26-year-old makes in nine wins by KO/TKO. After losing twice on split decisions to Corrales he had bounced back with a first round kayo of Fabian Marimon in November. Mendez suffered a fractured jaw in moving to four losses and a draw in his last five fights.

Nunez vs. Camano

 “The Scientist” got an early result as 19-year-old Nunez halted Camano in the second. Nunez had edged the first, but it was a bad cut which ended the fight in the second. Now 8 wins by KO/TKO for Nunez and 8 wins in a row. His loss was by disqualification. Nunez wins the interim WBC Fecarbox title. Camano has lost eight and drawn one of his last nine fights.


Kingston, Jamaica: Middle: Devon Moncrieffe (7-2) W PTS 6 Richard Holmes (3-3). Moncrieffe secures his place in the semi-final of the latest Jamaican boxing series with a clear points win over Holmes. Referee’s score 59-55. Moncrieffe took the first four rounds by working to the body and then coasted through the last two. Moncrieffe, who lost a split decision to Sakima Mullings for the Commonwealth Zonal title, was runner-up in a Jamaican Contender series in 2011 and is hoping to go one better this time.


May 24


Noisy-le-Grand, France: Heavy: Carlos Takam (28-1) W TKO 8 Mike Grant (48-5). Super Middle: Samy Anouche (12-1-1) W KO 5 George Kandelaki (8-3-1). Cruiser: Engin Karakaplan (10-4-1) W PTS 8 Levan Jomardashvili (30-10)

Takam vs. Grant

Takam gets his biggest win and collects Grant’s WBFederation title. Takam was a fighter on fire and Grant was a burnt out fighter.  As usual Grant fought a defensive fight allowing Cameroon-born Takam, fighting in his adopted home, to dictate the pace. Takam sent Grant staggering backwards with a right in the first round and landed three or four more punches as Grant tried to steady himself. Grant had a better start to the second pawing with his jab to keep Takam out. There was no power in the jab and with Grant holding his left at hip level Takam was able to shake him again with a right and have Grant hurt with a volley of shots. The pattern was the same in the third with Grant using his jab to push Takam back but being caught with hooks as Takam came inside the jab. The fourth was a painful round for Grant as he was caught early and then shipped hooks for the rest of the round. Again he was failing to lift his left to defend his chin and even his right was just flapping about and protecting nothing. The pattern in the fifth was of a tired Grant retreating and Takam coming forward and again scoring with hooks. They were all head shots with Takam never throwing one body punch in the fight. The sixth saw Grant rocked early and late in the round and it seemed as though Takam was just one punch away from a finish as he got through with hooks from both hands. Takam was in total control in the seventh with Grant shaken a couple of time and literally running around the ring with Takam in pursuit. In the eighth Grant was caught with hook after hook until a big left sent him backwards and with Takam piling in with hooks Grant ended slumped over the top rope with his back to the ring and his corner threw in the towel just as the referee stopped the fight.  Now 22 wins by KO/TKO for the 32-year-old Cameroon Olympian Takam and ten wins in a row since losing to Gregory Tony in 2009. Retirement seems the only option for 41-year-old Grant who was having his first fight since winning the WBF title by beating Frans Botha in November 2011.

Anouche vs. Kandelaki

Another impressive display from Anouche. He was looking for an early finish with the Georgian holding, running and butting to stay in the fight. Anouche was just too fast and clever for Kandelaki and a series of hooks in the fifth put the Georgian down fore the count. Anouche, the French No 1, is a former national amateur champion and has a win over George Groves in the amateurs. After losing his first pro fight the 27-year-old Anouche is unbeaten in his last 13 with eleven wins by KO/TKO. First loss inside the distance for Kandelaki.

Karakaplan vs. Jomardashvili

Turk Karakaplan continues his good form with a win over Georgian. A one-sided fight saw Karakaplan floor Jomardashvili in the fourth and eighth rounds on his way to a wide unanimous decision. Scores 80-70 twice and 79-71. The 25-year-old Turk is unbeaten in his last nine fights. Jomardashvili is going in the opposite direction having lost 3 of his last 4.


Uncasville, USA: Light Middle: Delvin Rodriguez (28-6-3) W TKO 8 Freddy Hernandez (30-5). Light Welter: Chris Howard (16-2-1) W TEC DEC 6 Issouf Kinda (16-1). Middle: Michael Moore (12-0) W PTS 6 Doel Carrasquillo (17-24-1).

Rodriguez vs. Hernandez

These two experienced battlers fought a hard, close fight which was ended early due to a cut. Over the opening rounds both these tall boxers were trying to dominate with their jab with Rodriguez taking the first and Hernandez the second. Hernandez seemed to edge the third landing the better punches but it was also influenced by a clash of heads which saw Rodriguez suffer a slight cut over his right eye. Rodriguez picked up the pace in the fourth and was busier, but the crafty Mexican was also finding gaps for his counters. A shot from Hernandez in the seventh, his best round, brought a swelling under the left eye of Rodriguez. Early in the eighth Rodriguez was well on top scoring with hard shots when a clash of heads saw Hernandez cut badly over his left eye and the fight was halted and initially it went to the cards. Scores 78-74, 77-75 and 76-76 giving Rodriguez a majority decision. However a later examination of the action showed that the cut had been caused by a punch so the decision was changed to a TKO. Rodriguez, 33, lost a split decision to Isaac Hlatshwayo for the IBF welter title and then was on a roller coaster. He lost to Rafal Jackiewicz and Ashley Theophane in big fights but also beat Mike Arnaoutis and drew and won over Pawel Wolak, only to then lose to Austin Trout for the WBA secondary title at light middle. Now he is back up after a win over unbeaten George Tahdooahnippah and this victory. Hernandez, 34, has lost 4 of his last 5 fights. He lasted just 127 seconds in a challenge to Andre Berto for the WBC welter title, but he was in with a chance in this fight until the cut.

Howard vs. Kinda

Debatable decision costs Kinda his unbeaten tag. Howard was moving up in weight and fighting a bigger and stronger man. Despite this Howard was the aggressor whilst Kinda showcased his excellent skills. After a clash of heads in the first round Howard began to show a swelling on his left cheek and this grew in significance as the bout progressed. Howard was managing to get inside Kinda’s jab and scoring with hooks and Kinda was being forced to stand and trade. With his eye closing rapidly Howard was mostly on the receiving end and Kinda looked to have built a lead. With Howard unable to see out of his left eye the doctor said the fight could not continue and it went to the score cards. One judge had it 59-55 to Kinda but the other two both saw Howard the winner by 58-56. “Hurricane” Howard, 24, really a lightweight, had lost to Arash Usmanee and Mark Salser in 2012 but bounced back in February with a win over Bryan Jargal. Kinda, who represented Burkina Faso at both the 2006 World Junior and 2007 World Senior Championships, had seemed to be on his way after outclassing Mike Arnaoutis in October. He will come again.

Moore vs. Carrasquilla

Ohio prospect Moore, 26, boxed his way to a wide unanimous verdict over veteran Carrasquilla. Scores 60-54 twice and 59-55. Moore represented the USA at the World Cadet Championships back in 2003 where he lost to Britain’s Ryan Pickard and also competed at the 2007/08 Mid West Olympic trials. “The Amish Guy” Carrasquilla, 40, has lost 6 of his last 7 but occasionally springs an upset.


Malvinas Argentinas, Argentina: Middle: Javier Fco Maciel (26-2)W TKO 2 Everaldo Praxedes (10-2-1). Heavy: Hector Avila (21-13-1) W PTS 6 Icho Larenas (6-2).

Maciel vs. Praxedes

Early night and easy win for “The Beast”. Maciel had Praxedes under pressure in the first with left hooks and right crosses. The Brazilian spent most of the round defending himself with his back to the ropes. More of the same in the second with Maciel driving Praxedes into a corner with hooks to the body from both hands. A left hook to the body and two rights to the chin saw the referee apply a standing count. Maciel came in again with body shots and two crosses to the jaw to drop Praxedes and the referee did not even bother with a count. The 28-year-old home town fighter weighed 161lbs for this one. He has 15 wins by KO/TKO and is WBO No 5 and IBF No 11. Now 8 wins in a row, 7 inside the distance since creditable loss on points to Dmitry Pirog for the WBO title in 2011. Brazilian super middle champ Praxedes, 37, suffers second inside the distance in a row.

Avila vs.Larenas

Former Argentinian cruiser champion Avila climbs off the floor to outpoint Canadian-born Larenas. In the first round a straight right from Larenas put the local fighter down. “The Shark” survived and then almost had Argentinian-based Larenas down. Larenas has shoulders like an elephant, but unfortunately is just a bit slower than the big pachyderm He has no skills, but a great chin. Avila was able to get in, score with a few punches, and get out again and as he continued to score with shots to head and body he built a good lead before tiring late in the fight. He had done enough to take the decision on scores of 58-56 ½ twice and 58-55. Last month the 38-year-old Avila was stopped in nine rounds by Dereck Chisora. Although listed as No 5 cruiser in the FAB ratings he was 225lbs for this fight. Larenas, 32, had won his first six fights by KO/TKO, but has now lost two in a row.


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Light Heavy: Diego Sanabria (30-17,1ND) W TKO 3 Diego Villalba (0-3). Disgraceful “matching” sees Sanabria halt Villalba. Sanabria easily took the first round. He then put poor Villalba down twice in the second and halted him early in the third. “The Beast” now has 19 wins in a row, 17 by KO/TKO, but the FAB are not impressed and don’t even rate him. Not surprising when you realise that of those 19 victims 7 had never had a fight, 6 had never won a fight and of the rest most were 4 or 5 fight novices and one had a 1-22-3 record. Villalba’s nickname is “The Terrible”, which he most certainly is. He has lost his three fights inside the distance and this was his first fight since 2005!!


Chimpay, Argentina: Light: Matias Gomez (30-2) W KO 5 Ariel Garcia (12-20-2). Gomez gets back on the winning trail with a victory in another awful match. Typical Gomez fight as he walks forward throwing punches with both hands and pressurising Garcia until he finally gets the kayo in the fifth. “Tsunami” only knows one way to fight and has no plan B. This showed in his losses this year to Thomas Mokwana in South Africa and Andrey Klimov in Russia. The 24-year-old can certainly punch, 29 wins by KO/TKO, but he thinks defence is something you put around de garden. This is his third “fight “with Garcia who he beat in two round and then one rounds in 2012.


Townsville, Australia: Light Welter: Josh King (14-3) W TKO 7 Charlie King (18-5). Light Heavy: Mark Flanagan (12-4) W KO 2 Walter Pupu’a (12-24). Bantam: Brad Hore (3-1) W PTS 8 Tommy Clarke (6-5-2).

J King vs. C King

JK scores good win over Scot CK for interim WBFoundation title. From the early rounds CK was already showing a number of cuts from the sharp punching of JK. Up to the third round it looked like a distance fight, but then JK took control. The end came in the seventh when a left hook sent CK staggering into the ropes and the Scot’s corner threw in the towel. Only one loss in his last eleven fights for JK and win No 7 by KO/TKO. Second loss in a row for 30-year-old CK who lost in seven rounds to Lee McAllister for the Commonwealth lightweight title in 2009. A fight I supervised.

Flanagan vs. Pupua

Flanagan moves up to cruiser and kayo’s Tongan in second. A body shot put Pupu’a down in the first and another finished the fight in the second. The 22-year-old “ Bam Bam” a former WBO Orient champion was bouncing back after a split decision loss to New Zealander Daniel McKinnon in February. He has now won 6 of his last 7 fights. The 38-year-old Pupu’a has lost his last 14 fights.

Hore vs. Clarke

Former top amateur Hore wins State title in first fight since shock kayo loss to Filipino Roberto Lerio. A good boxer, but not a puncher, Hore had Clarke down in the fifth but could not close out the win. Clarke lost a point in the fourth for a rabbit punch. Scores 78-72 twice and 77-73. Southpaw Hore, 31, was Australian amateur champion in 2002, 2004, 2008 and 2009 and represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and 2006 and also at the 2004 Olympics and 2005 World Championships. He has left it late to turn pro. First fight for 14 months for Clarke and second loss in a row.


Barranquilla, Colombia: Middle: Alex Theran (13-0) W KO 5 Gaston Vega (19-7,1ND). Former amateur star Theran makes it nine wins by KO/TKO. The 22-year-old southpaw was working Vega’s body from the second. The Argentinian faded quickly and was ready to go by the fifth. A left-right combination put Vega down and also opened a cut over his left eye. A couple more body punches saw Vega go down and stay there for the count. “The Prince” won a silver medal at the 2010 South American Games and competed at the 2008 World Juniors Championships, where he lost to Errol Spence, and the 2009 World Championships where he beat Terrell Gausha. He looks a good prospect. Fifth loss by KO/TKO for Vega.


Osaka, Japan: Heavy: Gregory Tony (19-4) W PTS 8 Rio Hidaka (10-1). With nearly 8” in height over his in inexperienced opponent Gregory was able to control the bout from the outside and Hidaka was unable to get through with his trade mark hooks. The tall Frenchman was able to register a comfortable unanimous decision. Scores 79-75 twice and 78-76. Not sure why the Japanese should pick the 6’5” Frenchman as an opponent for their much smaller and less experienced fighter. Tony, 34, had lost 2 of his last 3 going in but had all of the advantages here. Back to the drawing board for the 32-year-old Hidaka.


Tijuana, Mexico: Light Middle: Daniel Sandoval (32-2) W PTS 10 Claudinel Lacerda (16-8). Super Bantam: Jose Cayetano (15-1) W TKO 5 Charly Valenzuela (20-17-4). Light Middle: Alvaro Aguilar (23-2-1) W TKO 3 Jose Luis Vazquez (3-4).

Sandoval vs. Lacerda

Sandoval normally does not do distance fights, but Lacerda proved to have a tough chin. When “Galeno” realized that the Brazilian was not going to crumble he settled for boxing his way to victory. Sandoval displayed his full repertoire, but Lacerda scored with good counters and did enough to make Sandoval work hard for his win. This is only the second time the 22-year-old Sandoval has had to go the distance for a win. The other was a six round fight. He had a run of 13 wins by KO/TKO going in with stoppages of Jorge Silva, Michael Robles and Gabriel Martinez. Lacerda is 2-6 in his last eight fights and has gone the distance with Andy Murray and Humberto Soto.

Cayetano vs. Valenzuela

Local hope Cayetano had too much speed and accuracy for Valenzuela. After dominating the first three rounds Cayetano landed two jab and then a right cross and a bad cut opened on Valenzuela’s left eyelid. The cut was too bad for Valenzuela to continue and he did not come out for the fifth round. Five wins for Cayetano since losing to the more experienced Ruben Tamayo. Nine losses by KO/TKO for Valenzuela.

Aguilar vs. Vazquez

Former Mexican lightweight champion Aguilar used a sustained body attack to destroy Vazquez. The referee called it off in the third with Vazquez wanting no more. The 34-year-old Aguilar returned with a win in February after almost five years of inactivity. Vazquez has lost 4 of his last 5 fights.


La Paz, Mexico: Light: Abdiel Ramirez (18-1-1) W TKO 2 Jorge Martinez (11-10-1). Light: Miguel Roman (41-11) W KO 5 Rafael Urias (22-23-3).

Ramirez vs. Martinez

Prospect Ramirez lived-up to his “Mortar” nickname as he bombarded Martinez for two rounds. At the end of the second Martinez retired. Win No 16 by KO/TKO for the 21-year-old diminutive lightweight who collects the WBC Fecombox title. Ramirez’s only loss was to much more experienced Rene Gonzalez which cost him his WBC Silver title. Local fighter Martinez is a non puncher with a suspect chin, but he was unbeaten in his last four fights.

Roman vs. Urias

Roman punished experienced Urias for four rounds before flattening him with a left hook in the fifth. “Mickey”, 27, is a fight anyone anywhere throwback who can give anyone trouble on his night. His only loss inside the distance was a fifth round kayo against Antonio DeMarco for the WBC title in March 2012. He has 29 wins by KO/TKO. Urias has 6 losses and 2 draws in his last eight fights but in those figures are losses to guys such as Fernando Beltran, Carlos Cardenas, Gamaliel Diaz and Mahonri Montes.


Monterrey, Mexico: Welter: Chris Degollado (9-0) W TKO 4 Baltazar Perez (5-6). Bantam: Ruben Montoya (11-1-1) W PTS 10 Francisco Marquez (23-23).

Degollado vs. Perez

Fast and furious action for three rounds. In the fourth a sustained attack from local fighter Degollado put Perez down. He got up as the referee was giving him an eight count, but the fight was stopped. Seven win by KO/TKO for Degollado. Fifth loss inside the distance for southpaw Perez.

Montoya vs. Marquez

Yet another member of the Reynosa Montoya clan. Ruben and veteran Marquez give the crowd value for money over ten tough rounds. Ruben came out on top with a deserved unanimous decision. Ruben, 27, bouncing back from losing his unbeaten tag against Samuel Gutierrez in February. Southpaw Marquez, 37 is a favourite opponent for promising boxers.


Liverpool, England: Super Bantam: James Dickens (15-0) W PTS 10 Dai Davies (9-22-2). “Jazza “Dickens wins but in a disappointing fight. The local fighter tried to force the action but Davies was not going to stand and trade. The Welshman was content to box on the back foot scoring with single counters and not leaving many gaps for southpaw Dickens to exploit. Dickens kept up the pressure in every round but a solid defence and clever moves from Davies meant he had only limited success. Dickens was winning the rounds but was unable to get through with any shots to put Davies in trouble. The Liverpool fighter was a clear winner after a frustrating ten rounds. The referee scored the bout 99-93. The 22-year-old English champion continues to make progress but won’t want to see Davies again. The Welsh champion has now lost his last four fights.


May 25


London, England: Super Middle: Carl Froch (31-2) W PTS 12 Mikkel Kessler (46-3). Super Middle: George Groves (19-0) W TKO 5 Noe Gonzalez Alcoba (30-3). Light Heavy: Tony Bellew (20-1-1) W PTS 12 Isaac Chilemba (20-2-2). Super Middle: Callum Smith (6-0) W TKO 1 Ryan Moore (3-1). Cruiser: Micki Nielsen (8-0) W TKO 4 Paul Morris (5-17-2).

Froch vs. Kessler

Once again the super middleweights provide the super fights as Froch gains revenge for his loss to Kessler in 2010. The deciding factors were Froch refusing to be forced onto the back foot, making a good start where he was busier than the Dane and built a lead with some excellent work with his jab, and then sustained it until the last two rounds and withstood a strong finish from Kessler to win the unanimous decision. Over the first two rounds Froch edged the rounds with his good jab and strong rights. Kessler had his jab working in the third but Froch was now getting through more often with hard rights. Kessler sparing but accurate with his punches and got through with a flurry of punches at the end of the round. Previously Froch had dictated the pace and this was probably the first round Kessler had won. He also takes the fifth, rocking Frock with a big right. Froch closes the round stronger, but again Kessler’s round. Froch hurt by a low punch early in the sixth and Kessler gets through with good shots to head and body with Froch again fighting back at the end of the round. Close, but probably Kessler’s round. Over the next four round Froch builds a fight winning lead. He is dominant with his jab and although both land power punches in each round Froch gets through more often as Kessler is just not letting his shots go enough. The Dane tries to turn the fight around over the last two rounds having his best round of the fight in the eleventh when he shakes Froch with rights and despite a strong closing effort from Froch Kessler edged the last. Froch retains his IBF title and wins Kessler’s WBA title on scores of 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113. This was a warrior’s fight between two great professionals with Froch just being the better man on the night. There does not seem to be any such thing as a poor Froch fight and Kessler probably suffered more damage to his pride than to his reputation. In many ways the division is still benefiting from the standard of fights imposed on it by the Super Six. Froch, 35, wants revenge against Andre Ward and Kessler, 34, wants another fight with Froch. Somehow I don’t think either will get his wish granted but they still have plenty of good fights in them.

Groves vs. Gonzalez

Another impressive win for Groves who seems to grow in stature from fight to fight. Groves took the first round with an array of jabs hooks and crosses that Gonzalez had no answer to. A volley of punches sent Gonzalez tumbling back to the ropes in the second and although the Uruguayan tried to fight back he was being dazzled by the skill of Groves. The pace dropped a little in the third but Groves was still doing the scoring. Gonzalez seemed to want to trade in the fourth, but after sampling some shots from Groves he went back into his shell. In the fifth a devastating combination from Groves put Gonzalez face down on the canvas. He somehow made it to his feet and the referee stopped the fight. Now 15 wins by KO/TKO for the 25-year-old Groves. He wins the vacant WBA Inter-Continental title. He is rated by all four sanctioning bodies as WBO No 1/WBA No 2/WBC No 3/IBF No 7 and a world title shot can only be a couple of fights away. Gonzalez, 34, lost on points to Felix Sturm for the WBA middle title in 2007  and then won 14 fights in a row, 13 by KO/TKO before being blown away in two rounds by Adonis Stevenson in April last year. He had bounced back with two quick wins since then, but was way out of his class here.

Bellew vs. Chilemba

Bellew deservedly wins on points but in a fight that was closer then the scores suggest. Bellew was forcing the fight from the start making Chilemba fight on the back foot. The Brit established an early lead as Chilemba showed good defensive skills but was neither aggressive or busy enough to counter Bellew’s attacks. From the fifth Chilemba was more in the fight getting through with good counters and scoring well inside. Despite losing his gum shield in the sixth he was starting to pick up some rounds. Bellew was busier in the eighth and ninth but Chilemba came back to take the tenth as Bellew’s punches lacked accuracy. The eleventh was a tight round, but Bellew put in a great effort in the last to win that round. Scores 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113. “Bomber” Bellew, 30, retains his WBC Silver title and puts the draw with Chilemba in March behind him. It was a gamble taking on the Malawian again, but it came off. As Bellew is No 1 with the WBC he will be looking to take on the winner of next months Chad Dawson vs. Adonis Stevenson title fight. Chilemba was WBC No 3/IBF No 9/WBO No 9 and remains a good class boxer with an eventual title shot not being out of the question.

Smith vs. Moore

All over in 85 seconds as puncher Smith floors Moore twice for stoppage. Fourth first round win in a row for 23-year-old 6’ 3” tall Smith who is the brother of pros Paul, Stephen and Liam. He won a silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Moore was caught cold and blitzed.

Nielsen vs. Morris

A bit of a messy fight but Danish prospect Nielsen in command. It was a bit one-sided but still a surprise when the referee stopped it in the fourth. Now seven wins by KO/TKO for the tall 20-year-old southpaw. Eight losses in a row for Morris.


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Super Fly: Omar Narvaez (39-1-2) W PTS 12 Felipe Orucuta (27-2). Light Heavy: Marcos Ahumada (10-1) W TKO 4 Alejandro Valori (12-4). Light Welter: Rene Cesar Cuenca (45-0, 2 ND) W PTS 10 Gustavo Bermudez (16-10-2). Light Middle: Brian Castano (4-0) W TKO 2 Cesar Velez (12-4-1).

Narvaez vs. Orucuta

This was robbery pure and simple. Orucuta won at least ten of the twelve rounds only for the judges-well two of them- to turn in disgraceful scorecards. After a first minute in which neither threw a punch in anger Orucuta then proceeded to let go volley after volley of hooks from both hands. Narvaez was swamped driven to the ropes and restricted to single counter punches. Orucuta had a big second round as his relentless pressure and incredible punch rate had Narvaez almost running backwards around the ring. The Argentinian veteran was showing good movement ducking weaving etc. but was unable to launch any sustained attacks as Orucuta never gave him a single moment of respite. The third was the same except that Narvaez was getting through with more counters as Orucuta was both relentless and careless, but for every punch Narvaez threw Orucuta was throwing 10 or twelve. They were not all landing but enough were to more than offset the counters from Narvaez. Orucuta was cut over his right eye in the fifth. It was a vertical cut running from the bridge of his nose upwards and made the blood trickle down into the right eye. Narvaez was better in the sixth and seventh round as he was countering well but again was being outworked and outpunched by the challenger and sometimes it was a case of Narvaez almost running backwards with Orucuta in pursuit. Narvaez stood his ground more at the start of the eighth and traded for a while before the attacks from Orucuta drove him back. Orucuta had a big ninth shaking Narvaez twice with hooks and again it was almost a foot race as Narvaez backed away around the ring with Orucuta in pursuit. If anything Orucuta increased his workrate in the tenth and it was an all action round as Narvaez was finding gaps as Orucuta used all out attack as his defence. The Mexican was warned twice in the eleventh for low blows, but they were more careless than intentional and both his workrate and his accuracy dropped a little. The amazing work rate of Orucuta continued in this round. Incredible from a fighter who had struggled to make the weight. He threw 50 punches in the first minute of the round with Narvaez managing just five in return. The 37-year-old champion had shown a great chin, good defence and amazing stamina as the Mexican made him fight hard for every minute of every round. Despite having a big edge in height and reach Orucuta made no attempt to use either as he took the fight to Narvaez and stood right in front of the little Argentinian and never tried to box on the outside. Scores 115-113 twice for Narvaez and 118-110 for Orucuta and even that was being generous to Narvaez. The amazing “Huracan” was making the seventh defence of his WBO title and he successfully defended his WBO flyweight title 16 times with his only career loss being on points to Nonito Donaire for the WBC/WBO bantam titles in 2011. Orucuta, 27, won this fight. With the relentless attack he showed it is no surprise that he has scored 23 wins by KO/TKO and had won his last nine that way. His only loss was a razor thin decision to current WBO No 1 super flyweight Daniel Rosas in the final of the Azteca Tecate tournament.

Ahumada vs. Valori

Ahumada gains revenge for a loss in March. The tall “Thin Man” Ahumada started well using his height and reach to take the first two rounds and getting through with hard left hooks to the body. Valori was forced to fight on the back foot and was looking to counter punch as Ahumada came forward. Ahumada slowed in the third and Valori came into the fight and scored well with hooks and uppercuts through Ahumada’s guard. It looked as though this might go as per the previous fight when Valori climbed off the floor twice in the first round to stop Ahumada in the fourth. Valori again took the offensive in the fourth but was twice sent staggering back as he walked onto lefts from Ahumada. With Valori backing up Ahumada drove him into a corner and landed a long left into the solar plexus of Valori. The referee started the count, but Valori was shaking his head and as he stood up he spit out his gum shield and started walking back to his corner and the referee stopped the fight. Ahumada, 26, is rated No 5 light heavy by the FAB and it was felt he might lack the strength to win. Valori, 30, the Argentinian cruiser champion, had won his last eight fights, seven by KO/TKO.

Cuenca vs. Bermudez

Southpaw Cuenca boxes his way victory. His fast hands excellent movement and great defensive work allow him to outbox Bermudez. Cuenca has no power at all in his punches but is able to get home with fast accurate shots in every round Bermudez has his best period in the middle rounds but over the last three Cuenca is giving an exhibition, getting in, landing his shots, and out before Bermudez can counter. Scores 98-92 from all three judges. Southpaw Cuenca, 32, has dropped his “Fred Astaire” nickname and is now “The Different” but with only two wins by KO/TKO there is no difference where punching power is concerned. He retains his WBO Latino title and his WBO No 5 rating, but it was not one of his best performances. Argentinian No 8 Bermudez lacked the power or pace to stretch Cuenca.

Castano vs. Velez

Velez comes out at the bell like a wild man throwing blows from both hands as if it was a one round fight. Castano is unable to launch any attacks of his own until late in the round. Also in the first a clash of heads sees Castano suffer a long cut on his left eye lid and he is troubled by the blood running into his eye. A very unpleasant first round for the prospect. Velez starts the second at 100 miles an hour with both hands flailing away. Castano finally managed to get through with heavy counters and staggered Velez with a right. Castano then drove Velez to the ropes with eight or nine punches. Velez slumped to the canvas. He was up at five and took the eight count. Castano was again landing with both hands and Velez staggered across the ring and slumped down in the ropes. Castano was unloading again when the referee stopped the fight just as Velez pushed himself upright and chased Castano across the ring throwing punches until the referee jumped in to tell him the fight was over. “Ray Sugar” makes it four wins, three by KO/TKO. The 23-year-old Castano was captain of the Argentinian amateur boxing team. He won a gold medal in the South American Games and a bronze medal in the Pan American Championships, competed at the 2009 World Championships, and just missed out on qualifying for the Pan American Championships despite beating Myke Carvalho and Errol Spence. He is tipped to be the next big thing in Argentinian boxing but had little chance to show his class in this frenetic bout. Velez was coming off stoppage wins over former IBF welter title challenger Rodolfo Martinez and Azael Cosio (15-1-2) so was no patsy.


Villa Mercedes, Argentina: Light Welter: Martin Coggi (29-5-3,1ND) W KO 5 Diego Gonzalo Luque (12-1). Light Welter: Marcelino Lopez (26-0-1) DREW 10 Sergio Escobar (24-19-3).

Coggi vs. Luque

Coggi took the first two rounds by keeping the fight open and using his speed and reach advantages to score from distance. Luque came into the fight more in the third and was having a good fourth until a right cross from Coggi put him down. The bell saved Luque, but not for long. A hard combination in the fifth had Luque reeling and the referee stopped the fight. “ The Little Prince” Coggi, 29, the son of former WBA light welter champion Juan Martin Coggi, retains his WBC Mundo Hispano title and makes it 16 wins by KO/TKO. His only loss in his last 19 fights was to Brunet Zamora in 2011. Luque, 27, was having only his second ten round fight, and lost his unbeaten tag.

Lopez vs. Escobar

Lopez was a heavy favourite, but he needed all of his skill and guts to win this one. Escobar forced the fight which was packed with action and thrilled the crowd. Many rounds were hard to score which might account for the widely differing scores with one judge scoring it 98 ½-92 for Lopez, another having it 97-93 for Escobar and the third scoring it 97-97. Lopez, 27, retains his WBC Latino title but the result must put a question mark over his No 11 rating with the WBC. “Loco Lima” Escobar, 30, is the Argentinian super feather champion and has lost only one of his last eight fights.


Calgary, Canada: Middle: Albert Onolunose (21-1) W PTS 10 Mike Walchuk (9-10). Light Middle: Sammy Vargas (13-0-1) W TKO 5 Lajos Munkacsy (7-6-3).

Onolunose vs. Walchuk

This should have been a walk in the park for Onolunose but Walchuk used good skills and movement to frustrate and blunt the attacks of the Nigerian over the early rounds. Onolunose’s frustration showed in warnings for low blows in the third and fifth rounds. Walchuk was much quicker than the stalking Nigerian and he was in the fight until the seventh round. From that point on Onolunose was in charge. He staggered Walchuk with a left hook in the seventh and Walchuk lost his mouth piece in the eighth as he tired.  Walchuk gave it a big effort in the tenth as they both tried to close out the fight. Scores very varied at 100-90 and 99-91 for Onolunose and 95-95. The first two were two wide and the last too close. “The Punisher” wins the vacant Canadian middleweight title. Only the second fight for the 32-year-old Nigerian since losing in two round to Grady Brewer in 2009, and his first fight since January 2012. “Flash” Walchuk lived up to his nickname but just did not have the power to go with his speed and he has now lost his last seven fights.

Vargas vs. Munkacsy

Colombian Vargas just too good for travelling loser Munkacsy. The speed, variety of punches, height and reach advantages and extraordinary work rate of Vargas were just too much for the Hungarian and this was never going to go the distance. By the fifth Munkacsy was no longer punching back and after a few more hard shots they referee stopped the fight. Canadian champion Vargas has seven wins by KO/TKO. Munkacsy, 34, was inactive from 2001 until February this year.


Guadalajara, Mexico: Super Bantam: Horacio Garcia (22-0) W TKO 4 Orlando Garcia (14-19). Middle: Bruno Sandoval (14-0) W PTS 12 Rafael Sosa Pintos (42-8). Fly: Armando Santos (11-3) W KO 2 Herald Molina (15-8-2). Light: Francisco Javier Perez (8-3) W TKO 1 Oscar Cortes (23-1).

H Garcia vs. O Garcia

Too easy “Violento”. The 22-year-old makes it 15 wins by KO/TKO as he floors O Garcia twice for a stoppage. The local fighter retains his WBC Youth title. O Garcia losses inside the distance for the third time this year.

Sandoval vs. Sosa Pintos

Sandoval had height, reach, power and age on his side and Pintos never really got into the fight. Sandoval started fast and finished strongly. The little Uruguayan was there to survive and did a good job. He is a clever spoiler with a good chin. Round after round the lanky Sandoval was scoring with jabs, hooks and crosses but Pintos took it all. The pace dropped a bit in the middle rounds but Sandoval came close to halting Pintos in the eleventh. Scores 120-109, 119-110 and 118-109. “The Shark”, 22, retains his WBC US title but sees a run of nine wins by KO/TKO broken. The 32-year-old Pintos has been in with Matt Macklin, Joshua Okine, Anthony Mundine and Khoren Gevor and has only lost twice inside the distance.

Santos vs. Moreno

Nicaraguan Moreno came out firing and staggered Santos with a hard right in the first round. The Mexican threw away his game plan and went toe-to-toe for the rest of the round. It was bombs away again in the second until a left hook from Santos exploded on the jaw of Moreno and the fight was over. The 25-year-old “Cobra” makes it 7 wins by KO/TKO. He collects the vacant NABF title and his second win after 15 months out. Santos was a top amateur winning a silver medal at the World Junior Championships and reaching the quarter-finals of both the World Championships and the Olympics. Only the second inside the distance loss for Moreno who had won his last six fights.

Perez vs. Cortes

Major upset as Perez floors Cortes twice and halts him in the first. Even with six stoppage wins in his eight victories Perez should have provided an easy night for the 19-year-old prospect. This is the second time Cortes has stumbled badly as he was halted in five rounds by Carlos Jimenez in September. The balloon has burst.


Managua, Nicaragua: Fly: Roman Gonzalez (35-0) W TKO 5 Ronald Barrera (31-12-2). Light Fly: Carlos Buitrago (26-0,1ND) W PTS 8 Jose Aguilar (13-10-2).

Gonzalez vs. Barrera

“El Chocolatito” remains unbeaten. The little Nicaraguan was able to find the target with his left hand from the first round getting through with double left hooks. In each of the following three rounds Gonzalez increased the pace of his attacks and the Colombian had no answer to the speed and accuracy. In the fifth a straight right followed by an uppercut put Barrera down. He was badly hurt but somehow managed to beat the count but was taking heavy punishment when the referee stopped the fight. Now 29 wins by KO/TKO for the 22-year-old. The best fighter to come out of Nicaragua since Alexis Arguello. The WBA light fly title of Gonzalez was not on the line. At times he looked a little sluggish. The fight had been agreed at 113lbs, but Gonzalez could not make that weight and it was increased to 116lbs, so Gonzalez will be moving up to flyweight-at least. “Indio” Barrera had lost 4 of his last 5 fights. The 28-year-old southpaw has had shots at IBF/WBA/WBC straw titles and the WBC light fly and interim WBA light fly.

Buitrago vs. Aguilar

Buitrago cleared up some business with a wide points victory over Aguilar. It was a one-sided fight with Buitrago in total control in every round. The 21-year-old “Chocorroncito” had taken a hotly disputed technical decision over Aguilar in October, but there were no doubts this time. Buitrago is rated WBO 2/IBF 4/WBA 5 and WBC 14, all at strawweight. He turned pro at 16 and is considered the next best Nicaraguan behind Gonzalez. Fellow-countryman Aguilar has lost 5 of his last 6 fights.


Cebu City, Philippines: Light Welter: Jimrex Jaca (38-6-3) W PTS 12 Jose E Perea (22-3). Light Welter: Jason Pagara (31-2) W PTS 12 Aaron Herrera (25-2). Super Bantam: Genesis Servania (20-0) W KO 3 Isack Junior (23-6-1).

Jaca vs. Perea

Tough test for Jaca as Mexican comes to win. The tricky southpaw style of Jaca gave Perea problems throughout the fight, but the Mexican kept pressing and was always dangerous. Jaca was cut on his right cheek in the second round but it was not a serious injury and Jaca worked away with his right jabs and left hooks to build a good lead. He needed it as he lost a point in the ninth for a butt and a punch from Perea dropped Jaca in the closing seconds of the last round. Jaca’s early work saw him through and he took the decision on scores of 115-112 twice and 116-110 to win the vacant WBO Orient title, which should get him a rating. The 29-year-old “Executioner “has won his last nine fights, eight of them by KO/TKO. Back in 2006 he lost to Juan Manuel Marquez for the interim WBO feather title, and most of his losses have come against tough opposition on the road. At 29 I guess his dream is one more title shot. Perea, 30, started his career with 21 wins in a row before back-to-back losses to Danny Escobar and Jose “Piston” Lopez.

Pagara vs. Herrera

Pagara gets a win over a very live opponent. After an even first round Pagara dropped Herrera with a right in the second. Herrera got up and proceeded to trade with Pagara until the end of the round. Both were throwing and landing hard shots with Pagara just having a slight edge and Herrera eventually had to cope with a cut over his right eye. Pagara looked on the verge of a stoppage win in the sixth, but Herrera stood up to the punishment. Herrera made a big effort in the ninth to turn the fight his way but despite being shaken Pagara bounced back as they both fought hard over the closing rounds. Scores 115-112, 116-111 and a way out 119-108.  “El Nino” Pagara, 24, retains his WBO International title and his No 3 rating. Pagara has lost only one of his last 20 fights, and he reversed that loss. “La Joya” Herrera has wins over good opposition in Adalberto Borquez and Joksan Hernandez and he gave Pagara a hard fight.

Servania vs. Junior

Servania marches on. He may just be the best young prospect in the Philippines. Indonesian Junior was under pressure from the start. The Indonesian was down in the second, but from a low punch and Servania was warned with Junior given time to recover. A barrage of body shots in the third put Junior down and he stayed there. The 21-year-old “Azukal” may only have eight wins by KO/TKO but in recent fights he has won inside the distance against experienced former world title challengers in Genaro Garcia and Angky Angkotta. Only the second loss inside the distance for Junior.


Villeneuve sur Lot, France: Light: Samir Ziani (15-0-1) W PTS 8 Sebastien Benito (10-5). Typical all-out aggressive performance from Ziani who never lets Benito into the fight. Ziani wins every round but just does not have the power to go with the pressure. He is rated No 1 super feather by the FFB. Benito is No 2 lightweight.


Rouen, France: Light Welter: Christian Sebire (22-6) W PTS 6 Aghilase Ait-Aoudia (10-2). Former French champion Sebire returns after 28 months out and just gets by Ait-Aoudia. It took Sebire two rounds to get into the fight but he fought hard over the last four rounds to claw back the lead and get a narrow win. Referee’s score 58-57. Sebire had retired after 3 losses in 4 fights. Ait-Aoudia, French No 5 lightweight, had won his last four fights


Timisora, Romania: Heavy: Hughie Fury (4-0) W TKO 2 Janos Finfera (0-5). Very poor match, but Fury did what little was asked from him. Early in the first the ramrod left of Fury was jerking Finfera’s heads back. Finfera was reduced to wild right swings. The end was in sight when a series of body shots from Fury had Finfera doubling up and the referee gave the Hungarian an eight count which ended just as the bell went. More body punches in the second again saw Finfera doubled-up and taking an eight count before very reluctantly fighting on. More body shots had Finfera again doubled up and as the referee stepped forward to apply a count a right from Fury put Finfera down and the referee waived the fight off without completing the count. Too easy for the 6’6” 18-year-old who had brother Tyson in his corner as he moved to three wins by KO/TKO.


May 26


Saransk, Russia: Heavy: Oleg Maskaev (38-7) W PTS 10 Jason Gavern (21-15-4). Middle: Andrey Meryasev (14-0) W TEC DEC 6 Alvaro Gaona (12-3). Welter: Aslanbek Kozaev (24-0-1) W PTS 8 Yauheni Kruhlik (11-18-3).

Maskaev vs. Gavern

The 44-year-old Kazak-born “Big O” wins his second fight on his comeback but has to climb off the floor for the win. Maskaev built a good lead before tiring over the last three rounds. Gavern lost a point for a rabbit punch in the eighth but he clawed that point back in the ninth when he floored Maskaev with a left hook. Scores 98-90, 97-94 and 96-93. The former WBC champion took three years out after being stopped inside a round by Nagy Aguilera in 2009. He returned in December with a three round win over Owen Beck. Gavern, 36, well on the way down with seven losses in a row, five by KO/TKO.

Meryasev vs. Gaona

Stocky, muscled Meryasev wins every round before a cut from a clash of heads rules out Gaona. It goes to the scorecards and Meryasev wins on score of 60-54 from all three judges. The 25-year-old from St Petersburg retains his WBC Baltic title-by beating a Mexican! I’m just surprised the Russian did not win Gaona’s WBC Fecombox title. Gaona had won 5 out of last 6 fights, but the loss was a one round kayo by David Lemieux in October.

Kozaev vs. Kruhlik

Russian Kozaev gets routine win but again shows his lack of power as he easily outpoints Belarus boxer Kruhlik. Scores 80-72 from all three judges. Kruhlik a survivor with only two of his 18 losses coming inside the distance.


Kanazawa, Japan: Feather: Mark Gil Melligan (17-4-1) W TKO 6 James Mokoginta (24-11-2). Super Fly: Marlon Tapales (22-2) W TKO 4 Ruben Manakane (12-10). Super Bantam: Jonathan Baat (24-4-3) W TEC DEC 9 Qiu Xiao Jun (6-2).

Melligan vs. Mokoginta

Japan-based Filipino Melligan halts Indonesian Mokoginta who retires at the end of the sixth round. The 24-year-old southpaw has won 8 of his last 9 fights, five by KO/TKO. Indonesian champion Mokoginta has lost his last three but went the full ten rounds with Daiki Kameda last April.

Tapales vs. Manakane

Filipino Tapales bounces back from loss to David Sanchez with stoppage of young Indonesian. The 21-year-old southpaw had a 14 bout winning streak broken in losing a majority decision in Mexico in February to Sanchez in a fight for the interim WBC Silver title. Manakane 20 had won his last five fights.

Baat vs. Jun

Veteran Baat makes it three out of three for the Philippines as he takes technical decision over Jun. Baat only just in front on all three cards when a cut forces the end. Scores 85-84 twice and 86-84. Based in Kanazawa, the 32-year-old southpaw has lost only one of his last 18 fights and decisioned the 22-year-old Chinese fighter in September.


May 28


Hong Kong, S.A.R., China: Super Fly: Rex Tso Sing-Yu (9-0) W TKO 4 Wandee Singwancha (67-17-1). Light Welter: Ekapol Yothinpanawet (14-1) W KO 2 Mike Tumbaga (12-19-2).

Tso vs. Wandee

Big win for “Wonder Kid” Tso over Thai veteran. The Hong Kong fighter had Wandee hurt in each of the first three rounds before finishing it in the fourth. Now six wins by KO/TKO for Tso who retains the WBC ABC title. The 25-year-old trained in the Philippines for this one. He was paid $10,000 for this fight and his management sees him as two years away from a world title fight when the purse will be a lot bigger. The 33-year-old Wandee was WBC interim light flyweight title in 2006 but lost the title on the scales. He has now lost 5 of his last 6 fights.  

Ekapol vs. Tumbaga

Thai southpaw wins vacant WBC ABC title with kayo of Filipino Tumbaga. After dominating the first round the hard punching Thai put Tumbaga away in the second. Now ten wins by KO/TKO for Ekapol. The 34-year-old Thai was inactive from August 1997 until September 2011 and then, after just one fight, again until December 2012. Tumbaga has lost 9 of his last ten fights so no real test.