Weekly Report

May 29 - June 2 2013

May 29


Kiev, Ukraine: Light Welter: Viktor Postol (23-0) W PTS 8 Bahrom Payozov (21-3). Super Feather: Oleg Malynovskyy (8-0) W PTS 6 Olim Nazarov (10-2).

Postol vs. Payozov

Southpaw Payozov was in this fight for the first two rounds, but once Postol got into his stride he was able to take charge and box his way to a comfortable points win. Scores 80-72, 79-73 and 78-74. The tall 29-year-old, a former University student, beat Henry Lundy for the WBC International title in March 2012, but that win hardly seems to justify a No 1 rating from the WBC. He is lower at No 2 with the EBU. Uzbek Payozov, 27, has now lost 2 of his last 3. He had an 18 bout winning streak ended when losing to Dejan Zlaticanin for the WBC International title last year.

Malynovskyy vs. Nazarov

The local fighter was just too big for 27-year-old Nazarov and won a clear, unanimous decision. Southpaw Malynovskyy, 24, was down in the fourth but that was rightly ruled a slip. Trained by Viktor Sidorenko, he is nice boxer, but no puncher. Scores 59-55, 59-56 and 58-56. The problem for Uzbek super bantam champ Nazarov is that as an amateur Malynovskyy boxed at 54kg and Nazarov boxed at the 2007 World Championships at 48kg, so a naturally much smaller fighter.


Lop Buri, Thailand: Bantam: Tiger Tor Buamas (14-0) W PTS 12 Richard Garcia (24-16-1). Thai southpaw wins wide unanimous decision to retain his interim WBC Asian Boxing Council title. Scores 109-109 twice and 117-111. Tor Buamas, 27, has won 9 of his previous 10 inside the distance. Garcia has lost 4 of his last five now.


May 31



Walsall, England: Light: Ammeth Diaz (32-11) W KO 7 Martin Gethin (24-4-1) . Cruiser: Neil Dawson (12-2) W TKO 2 Chris Keane (10-1). Light Heavy: Callum Johnson (6-0) W DISQ 7 John Anthony (8-32-1). Welter: Ronnie Heffron (12-1) W PTS 6 Kieron Gray (5-15-1).

Diaz vs. Gethin

Diaz gets off to a fast start and was the busier fighter and more accurate puncher. Gethin was trying to get into the fight but looked sluggish, having difficulty keeping the Panamanian out, and not really getting his jab working. Gethin did better in the fourth as both fighters got through with hard shots in an even round. Although it was not known until after the fight a punch from Diaz in the fifth damaged Gethin’s eardrum. The end was in sight in the sixth when a right from Diaz saw Gethin go down and bleeding heavily from the nose. He got up and made it to the end of the round but looked dispirited. Gethin rallied at the start of the seventh only to be floored by a right hand counter. He got up and made another brave attempt to fight back but when he was put down again by a body punch the fight was over and he was counted out. “Chloroformo” Diaz, 29, makes it 23 wins by KO/TKO. As this was an IBF final eliminator he is now in line for a shot at Miguel Vazquez. The first two slots in the IBF ratings are vacant so effectively Diaz was No 4 and Gethin No 8 (following a sudden pre-fight promotion from No 11) so it is questionable whether either should have been in a final eliminator. Selling Vazquez vs. Diaz won’t be easy. Diaz earned a shot at the title by stopping Lenny Zappavigna, but when he did challenge Miguel Vazquez for the IBF title in January 2012 he lost the decision by 12, 12 and 11 points. British champion Gethin, also 29, had only been rated No 12 by the EBU which is probably a fairer reflection than his IBF rating. He has some good domestic fight waiting for when he recovers from his ear injury.

Dawson vs. Keane

This fight started and finished in the second round. After an even first round Keane shook Dawson with a right hook only for Dawson to bang back and land a heavy left hook that unhinged Keane legs. A follow-up attack from Dawson put Keane down and although he made it to his feet he was in no position to defend himself and the fight was stopped. The 32-year-old 6’4” (190cm), Dawson, the WBO International champion, had jumped into the WBO ratings at No 10 after a first round kayo of Tony Conquest for the International title in December, only to lose to Danny McIntosh in the Prizefighter just 13 days before the Keane fight. He is rated No 18 by the EBU! Local favourite Keane, 27, the Midlands Area champion, had stopped former British champion Shame McPhilbin in January

Johnson vs. Anthony

Frustration seems to haunt the Commonwealth gold medalist. Johnson, 27, was looking to impress in his first fight for a year, but Anthony did not accommodate him. Johnson tried to make it an open fight, but Anthony was there to survive and finally after a number of warnings was thrown out in the seventh round for persistent holding. Injuries and postponements have hindered Johnson’s progress. Let’s hope he gets a chance to live up to his nickname of “The One”. Anthony, 38, is a clever survivor who has lost only three times by KO/TKO.

Heffron vs. Gray

Heffron was the busier fighter and getting through with both his jab and rights to the head. His best round was the fifth when he shook Gray with a hard left to the jaw. “Slammer” Gray fired back on occasion but was never really in the fight. Referee’s score 60-54.  First fight for the 22-year-old Oldham man since losing on sixth round stoppage against Denton Vassell for the Commonwealth title in November. Now eleven losses in a row for Gray, but he usually goes the distance.


Zarate, Argentina: Super Bantam: Luis E Cusolito (16-1) W TEC DEC 4 Julian E Aristule (20-4). “The Squirrel” wins technical decision. Local fighter Cusolito had the better of the first three rounds with his head shots just giving him the edge over Aristule who was concentrating on a body attack. In the third Aristule suffered a cut on his left eye brow caused by a punch from Cusolito. The local was in front again in the fourth until a clash of heads saw him suffer a bad, deep cut on his forehead. The cut was too deep and too long for the fight to continue and it went to the cards with Cusolito winning on scores of 39-37 twice and 40-36. Cusolito, 25, the Argentinian No 4 bantam, wins the interim WBC Latino title. Second win in a row for Cusolito as he continues his campaign to bounce back from a stoppage loss to Max Marquez in December. Southpaw Aristule, 29, the FAB No 7 super bantam, suffers his second loss in a row.


Mansfield, Australia: Light: Brett William Smith (16-2-1) W PTS 8 Rivo Rengkung (30-15-5). Smith given eight hard rounds by experienced Indonesian but gets much needed win on scores of 78-74 twice band 78-75. “Handful” Smith, 32, No 1 challenger in the Australian ratings, had seen a six bout winning streak broken when he was halted in four rounds by Frenchman Yoann Portailler in February. Rengkung did not fight like a guy who had lost 7 of his last 8 fights.


Edmonton, Canada: Welter: Steve Claggett (16-2-1) W KO 3 Paul Bzdel (4-3-1). Claggett vs. Bdzel

Claggett gets back into the winning column. Bzdel came out throwing right hands and had Claggett on the back foot for most of the round. It was the same in the second until Bzdel’s lack of experienced showed. He had set a pace he could not sustain and by the end of the round Claggett was blocking most of Bzdel’s shots and countering with hard punches from both hands. In the third a left to the jaw put Bzdel down. He made it to his feet but a left to the body put him down again and he stayed there for the full ten. Ten wins by KO/TKO for 23-year-old Calgary fighter Claggett. He needed a victory after an upset split decision loss to Frenchman Alex Lepelley in March. First loss inside the distance for Bdzel.


Rivarolo Canavaese, Italy: Light Heavy: Stefano Abatangelo (17-2-1) W TKO 7 Emanuele Barletta (13-1). Minor upset sees Abatangelo win the Italian title with stoppage of champion Barletta. The champion had the edge in height and reach against the 5’7” (170cm) Abatangelo but the challenger just smothered Barletta. His constant all-action style left Barletta no room or time to launch any effective attacks of his own. Despite his nickname of “Hammer”, the local fighter is not a big puncher. His work rate makes up for that. Barletta’s cause was not helped by a cut on his right eyebrow in the third. He tried to rally in the fourth but the cut was hampering him and he could not turn the fight around. He was under pressure and taking punishment in the seventh and just turned his back and the referee had no choice but to stop the fight. Abatangelo, 31, had been down at No 14 with the EU with the 29-year-old champion from Rome Barletta No 11 in the higher EBU ratings. Abatangelo should climb after this win.


Kanchanaburi, Thailand: Straw: Wanheng (28-0) W TKO 10 Raul Pusta (8-2-2). Bantam: Panomroonglek (37-2) W TKO 2 Jemmy Gobel (17-21-5).

Wanheng vs. Pusta

Wanheng retains WBC International title with a stoppage of modest Filipino. The 27-year-old Thai had Pusta down in the fourth but could not apply the finish and it was the tenth before Pusta finally crumbled under the pressure. Only the ninth win by KO/TKO for the WBC No 2. Pusta, 26, is No 4 in the Philippines ratings. Both of his losses have come on the road.

Panomroonglek vs. Gobel

Panomroonglek eases his way back with stoppage of poor Indonesian. The 29-year-old Thai southpaw was having his first fight since losing a split verdict to Koki Kameda in April for the WBA secondary title. Eight losses in a row for Gobel.


Livorno, Italy: Light Middle: Domenico Salvemini (9-2) W TKO 7 Amadeo Maurizio (0-5). Light Middle: Lenny Bottai (19-2) W KO 2 Csaba Torma (10-13).

Salvemini vs. Maurizio

Salvemini given a good test by Maurizio who fought better than his record might forecast. Salvemini was getting through with hard shots and winning the fight, but Maurizio was giving a good account of himself until an injury in the seventh saw the fight halted. Salvemini, 29, has had two unsuccessful shots at the Italian title, now he will be looking for a third. First loss inside the distance for Maurizio who is still looking for his first win.

Bottai vs. Torma

This was almost all over in the first when a right uppercut to the body put the Hungarian down. He managed to survive the round but was floored early in the second. He got up but a right hook to the jaw put him down for the count. Local fighter, and former Italian light middle champion Bottai, 35, makes it four wins since stoppage loss to Jean Michel Hamilcaro in 2011. He is No 16 with the EBU. Torma is 2-5 in his last seven fights with eight losses by KO/TKO. He has fought in Italy, Britain, France, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia and Canada. I came, I saw, I lost!


Albuquerque, USA: Welter: Josh Torres (12-2-1,1ND) W PTS 8 Marcus Brashears (9-16-1). Middle: Joaquin Zamora (20-4-1) W PTS 8 Bernardo Guereca (17-18-1).

Torres vs. Brashears

Torres makes it five wins in a row with routine points victory over Texan. Torres was trying to make the fight, but Brashears was there just to survive. Since Torres is not a big puncher a dull bout went the distance. Scores 80-72 from all three judges for the 23-year-old “Pitbull”. Brashears was having only his second fight since May 2011.

Zamora vs. Guereca

This fight was just as bad. A one-sided no thrills points win for 35-year-old southpaw Zamora as he continues his stuttering career. Scores 79-72 from all three judges. Zamora had a 13 bout winning streak back in 2009, but a loss in 2010 to Ermosele Albert and one in 2011 to Elco Garcia saw him inactive until coming back with a win in November last year. Texas-based Mexican Guereca, 39, has lost 7 of his last 8 fights but his sole win in that sequence was an upset one round stoppage of local Hector Munoz in Albuquerque in March.


Cape Town, South Africa: Bantam: Toto Hlebe (12-3) W PTS 12 Klaas Mboyane (15-10-2). Hlebe retains South Africa title with a split decision over former champion Mboyane. Southpaw “Iron Boy” Mboyane did most of the pressing with Hlebe boxing on the back foot and showing good movement and counters. It was a close fight which could have gone either way. First defence of the title for Hlebe who after a 4-3 start has turned his career around with eight wins in a row. The 31-year-old Mboyane was coming off a career best win over Simpiwe Vetyeka in June last year. A good result as in his next fight Vetyeka beat rated Indonesian Daud Cino Yordan for the IBO feather title.


June 1


Mississauga, Canada: Cruiser: Denton Daley (10-0) W TKO 4 Faisal Ibnel Arrami (15-5). Light Middle: Brandon Cook (10-0) W TKO 1 Fitz Vanderpool (26-8-4). Light: Steve Wilcox (6-0) W Raffaele Laezza (4-2-1).

Daley vs. Arrami

A disappointing end to what was shaping to be a good fight. Daley was boxing well. Picking his punches and slotting shots through the guard of the useful French fighter. At the end of the fourth Arrami walked over to Daley’s corner pointing to his left shoulder and advised that he was retiring from the fight. “Dangerous” Daley, 31, ranked No 12 by the WBC, adds the NABA title to the NABF one he already holds. Frenchman “The African King” Arrami, 28, is a former French champion. He was coming off a loss to previous victim Jeremy Ouanna in June and is EBU No 15.

Cook vs. Vanderpool

No one expected this. The 26-year-old “Bad Boy” Cook was fired up and with about 15 seconds to go in the first round he nailed the veteran with a right-left-right combination that put Vanderpool down. Vanderpool got to his feet but his legs were wobbling and the referee stopped the fight with just one second to go in the round. Vanderpool’s corner protested but the referee could not know just how much time was left and protected Vanderpool. The new Canadian champion, Cook has six wins by KO/TKO, now three in the first round. This was a big step up in opposition for him. The 45-year-ol Vanderpool had been out of the ring for more than seven years before coming back in September and running up two wins. He had retired in 2005 after one round losses to Marco Rubio and Marco Avendano.

Wilcox vs. Laezza.

Former top amateur Wilcox had too much skill for limited but strong Italian. Wilcox built a good lead and held on to it in the later rounds when Laezza forced him to stand and trade more. Scores 79-73 twice and 78-74. The 23-year-old Wilcox, a former Canadian Junior champion and international has good skills but not enough punching power. Laezza was 2-0-2 in his last four fights but had his little streak broken here.

Louis vs. Carman

Louis ends this one with a big left hook in the fifth. Carman managed to get up but was in no condition to continue and the fight was stopped. The Montreal fighter, really just a cruiserweight, had to give height and reach to “Big Country” Carman, but got the job done. Louis lost a split verdict to unbeaten Colombian Oscar Rivas in his last fight. He was below Carman in the last Canadian ratings but will climb after this win. Carman was coming off three inside the distance wins in a row.


Bazelles, France: Feather: Sofiane Takoucht (27-2-1) TEC DRAW 2 Ivan Ruiz Morote (16-3-1). Cruiser: Laid Ait Chaouche (11-0) W PTS 6 Gabriel Lecrosnier (15-20 2).

Takoucht vs. Morote

Takoucht retains his European title in technical draw with Spaniard Morote. After an even first round a clash of heads in the second sees Morote badly cut over his left eye and the fight is stopped. First defence for 27-year-old former European champion Takoucht. Morote, 33, will be hoping for a return but as this was a voluntary defence that is not a given. For my money the correct result is a no decision.

Ait Chaouche vs. Lecrosnier

Twenty-eight-year-old local Ait Chaouche remains unbeaten as he easily outpoints former French title challenger Lecrosnier and takes every round. Referees score 60-54. Fourth win for Ait Chaouche since returning in January after 2 ½ years away. Lecrosnier was No 6 in the French ratings so good win for Ait Chaouche. Lecrosnier again proves durable and only two of his losses have come inside the distance.


Tokyo, Japan: Super Fly: Ryo Akaho (20-1-2) W KO 4 Elmar Francisco (16-19-2). Middle: Daisuke Nakagawa (21-3-2) W TKO 3 Elvin Marbun (14-11-2).

Akaho vs. Francisco

No real test for former WBC title challenger Akaho. Trying to repair his reputation after a poor showing in his title challenge to Yota Sato in December Akaho dismissed Francisco with ease. Over the first three rounds he was just too quick and powerful for Francisco to handle. The end came in the fourth with Francisco on the ropes  and nailed by a left to the body and a right to the head. The Filipino went down and stayed there. Now 13 wins by KO/TKO for Akaho. The 26-year-old Japanese fighter is now WBC No 12, down from his previous No 9, and has a lot of rebuilding to do. Five losses and a draw in his last six fights for Francisco.

Nakagawa vs. Marbun

The lanky Nakagawa, almost 5” taller than his opponent, much too good for the Indonesian. Nakagawa ended it in the fourth flooring Marbun twice to force the stoppage. The 35-year-old former Japanese welter and light middle champion is No 8 with the OPBF and No 1 contender for the Japanese middles title so he will soon be going for a national title in a third division. Former Indonesian light middle champion Marbun, 34, was having his first fight for eleven months and only his second since September 2010.


Mexico City, Mexico: Light: Fermin de los Santos (24-13-2) W TKO 6 Hector Marquez (30-26). Light: Gilberto Gonzalez (21-3) W TKO 3 Juan Pacheco (3-9). Feather: Jesus Galicia (12-6) W PTS 8 Cesar Rojas (13-8-4). Light: Juan Jose Martinez (16-1) W TKO 2 Javier Morales (0-8).

De los Santos vs. Marquez

The durable Marquez suffers rare stoppage loss. This one was all about the pressure applied by “Silky” de los Santos. He kept Marquez on the back foot and forced him to fight off the ropes. Marquez was tiring by the sixth but still fighting back and the stoppage seemed premature. WBC No 10 de los Santos makes 14 wins and a draw in his last 15 fights, and 16 wins by KO/TKO. The 39-year-old Marquez, a former Mexican featherweight champion, is 1-14 in his last 15 fights.

Gonzalez vs. Pacheco

The 5’10” (178cm), Gonzalez goes to 17 wins by KO/TKO as he halts Pacheco. Gonzalez was the harder puncher and more accurate and in the third he scored two knockdowns, each with straight lefts, and the fight is stopped. “Flaco” has won his last three fights inside the distance. Pacheco has lost 5 of his last 6 fights.

Galicia vs. Rojas

Galicia is on a good run and it looked like an early night as he dropped Rojas in the first. However, Rojas got up and fought back and gave Galicia a tough fight before losing a wide decision. After a poor start to his career Galicia is now 9-2 in his last 11 fights including wins over Rodolfo Hernandez (19-1-1), Jesus Ruiz (25-3-2) and in his previous fight in April he beat Romulo Koasicha (19-2) for the WBC US title. Rojas did well to last the distance.

Martinez vs. Morales

Martinez continues to look a good prospect. After dominating the first he put Morales down three times in the second to end the fight. Now 14 wins by KO/TKO (local sources make him 17-1 with 15 wins by KO/TKO). Poor match as Morales way out of his class.


Ecatepec, Mexico: Super Bantam: Hugo Cazares (39-7-2) W KO 1 Gabriel Altarejos (12-2-1). Super Bantam: Hugo Ruiz (32-2) W TKO 2 Giovanni Caro (24-13-4).Super Feather: Nery Saguilan (25-3-1) W PTS 8 Guadalupe Rosales (31-8). Super Bantam: Martin Casillas (12-2) W PTS 8 Marco Chable (5-11-1). Bantam: Rodolfo Hernandez (24-4-1) W TKO 2 Arturo Zamora (12-8)

Cazares vs. Altarejos

Cazares wastes no time on overmatched Altarejos. After getting through with hooks to the head Cazares switched to the body and a right hook put Altarejos on the canvas in a delayed action as Altarejos took a step back and then went down on his knees. He never looked liked beating the count. Win No 27 by KO/TKO for the 35-year-old “El Incredible” as he retains his WBC silver International title. The former WBO light fly and WBA super fly is No 4 with the WBC. He has already taken part in 15 world title fights so No 16 is still a possibility. Filipino Altarejos, 21, out of his depth as he looses inside the distance for the second time.

Ruiz vs. Caro

These two went to war from the start so the finish came early. In the second Ruiz ended an exchange of hooks with a right to the chin that put Caro down heavily. He made it upright only for another right to put him into the ropes where he slumped on to the lowest strand and the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight. Ruiz is another fight who doesn’t do long fights. Thirty of his 34 fights have ended early with “Little Twin” having 29 wins by KO/TKO, 85% of his victories have come that way and he won 15 of his first 18 fights inside one round. The 26-year-old former interim WBA champion was having his first fight since losing his title to Koki Kameda on a hotly disputed split decision in December. The 29-year-old “El Ruso” Caro is 2-5 in his last seven fights but in those five losses there is a split verdict loss to Takalani Ndlovu for the IBF title and a paper thin points defeat against Fernando Montilla.

Saguilan vs. Rosales

Saguilan comes through tough test with unanimous decision over useful Rosales. “Pantera”, 25, is trying to rebound after back-to-back losses in 2012 to Alberto Garza and Alejandro Sanabria. He and “Bronco” Rosales constantly had the crowd on their feet as Saguilan stalked and Rosales blasted back with counters. The unanimous verdict went deservedly to the 25-year-old from Guadalajara as he got back on the winning trail. Rosales, 31, had bounced back from a run of 5 losses in six fights with three useful wins. The only time he has lost inside the distance is when a leg injury forced him to retire in a fight with future IBF champion Juan Carlos Salgado in 2010.

Casillas vs. Chable

Prospect Casillas made it five wins in a row as he took a unanimous verdict over Chable. The 25-year-old has reversed both his losses beating world rated Juan Jose Montes in January to gain revenge for a 2012 defeat.

Hernandez vs. Zamora

“Fofo” gets back in the winning groove as he halts Zamora in two rounds. The 27-year-old makes it 22 wins by KO/TKO. First fight back for Hernandez since losing in two rounds to Moises Flores (17-0) in February. Zamora had lost 5 out of his last 6 going in.


Hermosillo, Mexico: Fly: Hernan Marquez (36-3) W PTS 12 Carlos Tamara (23-8-1). Super Fly: David Sanchez (21-2-2) WTKO 2 Luis Leon (15-8-1). Light Fly: Gilberto Parra (15-1) W KO 3 Jesus Limones (11-7-1).

Marquez vs. Tamara

Former WBA champion “Tyson” Marquez wins wide unanimous decision over Colombian. Looking for a chance to regain his title, Marquez was in charge in this fight from the start. Marquez edged the first two rounds as both boxers took time to settle into the fight. From the third things got livelier. The Mexican was faster, stronger and more accurate and was pocketing the rounds, but former Olympian Tamara was competing hard. The only time he was in real trouble was in the fifth when a good combination ending with a left hook put him down. Tamara got up and although always being a step behind stayed the full twelve rounds. Scores 120-107, 120-108 and 120-109. Marquez, 24, the WBA No 3, has 26 wins by KO/TKO. Second win for Marquez since losing in a WBA/WBO unification match with Brian Viloria in November now he will be looking for a shot at new WBA/WBO champion, the fellow-Sonora State fighter Juan Francisco Estrada who beat Viloria in April. Former IBF light flyweight champion Tamara, 30, is a clever defensive fighter with a good punch. He stopped Viloria in twelve rounds in 2010 to win the IBF title, but lost it later the same year on a split decision to Luis Lazarte.

Sanchez vs. Leon

The “Tornado” blows away late substitute Leon in two rounds. Sanchez used his greater power to boss the first round. In the second Leon decided to stand and trade. Sanchez scored with hard hooks to the body with both hands Leon wilted. It was no surprise when he retired at the end of the round. Now eleven wins in a row and 16 by KO/TKO for Sanchez including a majority decision over highly rated Filipino Marlon Tapales. This listed as a defence of his WBC interim Silver title. Leon, 30, is really only a light flyweight so was never in with a chance against puncher Sanchez. He has mixed in good company, Ulises Solis, Jesus Palacios, Julio Cesar Miranda, Jesus Silvestre etc. but did not have the power to make a match out of this fight.

Parra vs. Limones

Parra climbing whilst Limones sinking. After taking the first two rounds a tremendous right hook from Parra put Limones out. The Sonora prospect has 14 wins by KO/TKO having won his last nine fights, eight by KO/TKO. He retains his WBA Fedelatin title. Local sources give his record as 18-1 with 15 wins by KO/TKO. Now 7 losses in his last 8 fights for Limones.


Puerto Armuelles, Panama: Heavy: Luis Pineda (22-10-1) W TKO 4 Carl Davis Drumond (29-4). “Lumberjack” Pineda chopped down much bigger Drumond. Pineda was giving away height, reach and weight but was the aggressor from the start. He was able to get inside and pound the body of the Costa Rican who quickly wilted. After absorbing hard body shots in the third Drumond did not answer the bell for the fourth round. First fight for Pineda since losing on a sixth round kayo to Luis Ortiz in June 2011 when a spell of 1-1-6 in eight fights convinced him to retire. The former WBC cruiserweight title challenger (he lasted just 87 seconds against Wayne Braithwaite in 2003) gains revenge for a points loss in 2008. The 38-year-old Drumond at one time had won 26 in a row, but then suffered losses against Ruslan Chagaev, for the WBA title, Derric Rossy and Odlanier Solis. He had been starting again with three quick wins in Costa Rica, but this loss was a big blow.


Manchester, England: Light Heavy: Matty Clarkson (10-1-2) W PTS 10 Carl Wild (14-21-5). Welter: David Barnes (27-2-2) W PTS 6 William Warburton (9-46-2). Light Welter: Tyrone Nurse (26-1) W PTS 6 Mark McKray (5-21-1).

Clarkson vs. Wild

The 26-year-old from Preston has to overcome a vertical cut over his left eye suffered in a clash of heads in the sixth but finally runs out a clear winner. Clarkson took the first three rounds looking far sharper. Wild came back to take the fourth and fifth. After being cut in the sixth Clarkson takes charge again, hurts Wild with a punch late in the ninth and finishes the stronger. Referee’s score 98-93. “Magic” building on a good win over South African champion Tshepang Mohale in March and he collects the Central Area title. Third title defence for experienced 27-year-old Wild, but 5 losses in his last 6 fights.

Barnes vs. Warburton

Former undefeated British light welter and welter champion Barnes continues his comeback with points victory over experienced survivor Warburton. Referee’s score 59-56 as Barnes gets in six useful rounds. The 32-year-old southpaw has three wins and a technical draw with Vivian Harris since returning after almost two years of inactivity. Warburton has only been stopped twice.

Nurse vs. McKray

Another competent if uninspiring win for Nurse. He wins every round but again his lack of a punch is evident. Referee’s score 60-54. At 23 he has plenty of time but after 27 fights has not really made an impact. His only loss is to Adil Anwar in the Prizefighter last year. This is his fourth win since then but all mark time fights. Jamaican-born McKray had 10 fights in 2012, and lost 9. He 2-4 in his six fights this year.


London, England: Welter: Colin Lynes (37-10) W DISQ 6 Beka Sutidze (11-7-1). Lynes returns to action after almost a year out and gets a win. Lynes looked sharp in the first round scoring well with body shots and having his jab working. Georgian tries to match Lynes over the first three rounds with no success as Lynes has too much class and is scoring to head and body. In the fourth the Georgian receives two public warnings, one for a butt and the other for holding and pushing. Lynes sticks to his boxing but Sutidze gets wilder and almost bundles Lynes out of the ring in the fifth. The referee gives Sutidze another stern warning and when the Georgian persists with his holding in the sixth he is disqualified. The 25-year-old former British and European light welter and British welter champion was having his first fight since losing a close unanimous decision to Junior Witter in May 2012. Sutidze has yet to win outside Georgia in six attempts.


Pretoria, South Africa: Heavy: Danie Venter (16-6) W TKO 1 Nsitu Mbaya (1-3).  An atrocious match but at least it was over quickly. Venter stalked novice Mbaya and then threw a left hook that ended the fight. The 6’ 4 ½” (194cm) former South African cruiserweight champion was coming off a stoppage loss to Thabiso Mchunu in November in the final of “The Last Man Standing” Tournament. He will now face Shawn Cox for the vacant Commonwealth cruiser title on August 29. All three recorded losses for Mbaya have come in the first round.


Dombasle-sur-Mer, France: Light Middle: Samir Zidi Nettour (18-1) W PTS 6 Andrejs Loginovs (14-27-1). In his first fight for his new team Nettour gets his second win of the year. The 31-year-old was on his way to an easy win when he injured his elbow in the second round and then just boxed his way to victory. The only loss so far for the former French amateur champion and current French No 2 was on a spit verdict against Frederic Serre in the final of the annual French tournament in June. Latvian Loginovs had 16 fights in 2012 and this was his fifth this year. Losing can be profitable.


Sunrise, USA: Feather: Derrick Wilson (10-4-2) W PTS 10 Braulio Santos (10-1). Light Middle: Daquan Arnett (11-0) W TKO 5 Miguel Zuniga (10-2). Light Middle: Errol Spence (6-0) W KO 1 Memo Ibarra (11-4). Light Middle: Jermall Charlo (14-0) W TKO 2 Luis Hernandez (22-6).

Wilson vs. Santos

Wilson just edges unbeaten Puerto Rican. The first saw plenty of action which set the pattern for an exciting, close fight. Wilson probably edged first round and staggered Santos in the second to go in front. Santos had his best round so far in the third as he got through with strong shots to head and body and also edged the fourth. A strong finish saw Wilson take the fifth but the sixth looked even as Wilson took the early part of the round only for Santos to come back strongly at the end.  Santos looked to be timing the fight better as he edged the seventh and eighth, but in the ninth a right from Wilson put Santos down for a flash knockdown making it a 10-8 round. Santos probably knew he was behind and needed the tenth, but Wilson fought hard to the end. Scores 96-93 twice for Wilson and a more representative 95-94 for the winner. Huge win for 24-year-old Floridian who had lost three of his last four fights, but to tough opposition in Javier Fortuna, Alejandro Perez and unbeaten Luis Rosa. Former top amateur Santos, 23, was having his first ten round fight, and he can come again.

Arnett vs. Zuniga

US Championships silver medal winner Arnett continues to look class. The 22-year-old Floridian had won the first four rounds against aggressive Mexican Zuniga and closed out the fight in the fifth with one tremendous left hook. Zuniga had just about made it to his feet when his corner threw in the towel. Arnett’s last three opponent have had combined records of 29-1-2 so they are confident of his ability. He has seven wins by KO/TKO. First fight in 15 months for Zuniga.

Spence vs. Ibarra

Not much for Spence to lean from this fight but he did what was asked of him. A right to the body put the late sub down. He got up and took the standing count only for a right to the chin to put him down and out after just 93 seconds. Olympian Spence, 23, has five wins by KO/TKO, three inside the first round. The Texan southpaw was USA and National Golden Gloves champion in 2009, National Golden Gloves champion in 2010, USA champion in 2011 but came up short at the 2012 Olympics. Mexican Ibarra had been halted in two round by unbeaten prospect Frank Galarza in March.

Charlo vs. Hernandez

Texan Jermall may be running behind twin brother Jermall in progress, but he is rapidly catching up. Newark-based Ecuadorian veteran Hernandez came in as a very late substitute and did not stay around too long. After a quiet first round Charlo cut looses with rights. He put Hernandez down early in the round and when Hernandez went down again from another right the fight was stopped. The 23-year-old Charlo has ten wins by KO/TKO and has ended each of his last eight fights that way. Twin brother Jermell is 20-0 and fights Demetrius Hopkins this coming weekend. Hernandez is 40 and has now lost 4 of his last 5 fights.


Atlantic City, USA: Super Feather: Teon Kennedy (18-2-2) W PTS 10 Carlos Vinan (10-10-5). Super Feather: Jason Sosa (9-1-3) W TKO 4 Georgi Kevlishvili (12-6).

Kennedy vs. Vinan

Kennedy eases back with wide unanimous decision over Vinan. In his first fight in a year Kennedy took a while to get up to speed. Once he did he had too much skill and was too quick for Vinan. Vinan got through with the occasional hard shot, but Kennedy was boxing cleverly and not allowing Vinan to build any momentum. Well ahead after eight rounds, Kennedy tried hard to Vinan away over the last two rounds standing and trading and nearly turned the trick as he put Vinan down in the last, but too late to get a stoppage. Scores 99-90 twice and 98-91. The 26-year-old Kennedy was 129 ½ lbs for this fight so his future looks to be way above the 122lbs he weighed in losing in five rounds to Guillermo Rigondeaux for the WBA title in June last year. Ecuadorian Vinan had a brief moment of fame when he stopped Frenchman Anthony Mezaache in 2010, but a loss to Ray Beltran in 2011 brought him down to earth. This was his first fight since September 2011 so he also had rust to shed.

Sosa vs. Kevlishvili

After a shock in the second round Sosa recovers to halt Kevlishvili in fourth. Sosa was the strong and he bossed the first round, putting Kevlishvili under pressure. In the second Sosa was careless and walked onto a right that put him down. He got up and did not seem badly hurt. However Kevlishvili had some traction and was busier in the remainder of the second and in the third. In the fourth Sosa was rocked again but fired back and knocked Kevlishvili into the ropes with a hard right. Kevlishvili was badly hurt and after a flurry of more shots from Sosa the fight was stopped. The 25-year-old Sosa has six wins and two draws in his last eight fights and this was his fourth inside the distance win in a row. Fifth loss in a row for Georgian Kevlishvili.


Tacoma, USA: Light Welter: Zahir Raheem (33-3,1ND) W TKO 4 Justin Juuko (45-11-1). Raheem has easy night against Ugandan veteran Juuko. After easing his way into the fight over the first two rounds Raheem began to put his punches together in the third and had Juuko down on his knees from a combination at the end of the round. Raheem ended it in the fourth as he had Juuko in trouble on the ropes when the Ugandan’s corner threw in the towel. The 36-year-old “Z-Man” makes it two wins on his comeback and 20 wins by KO/TKO. A win over Erik Morales in 2005 got him a shot at the vacant WBO light title against Acelino Freitas which he lost on a split decision. He went on to lose on a fourth round kayo to South African Ali Funeka in an IBF eliminator in 2008 and retired after a couple of wins in 2010. He is back but will need stiffer tests before we can tell how far he can go. The 40-year-old Juuko should not be fighting as he is just a shadow of the former Commonwealth featherweight champion and WBC title challenger (lost KO 9 to Floyd Mayweather in 1999). Going in he had had only one fight since January 2010.


Cathcart, South Africa: Super Bantam: Tshifhiwa Munyai (23-2-1) W TKO 9 Emmanuel Quartey (14-2). Tough night and nearly a disastrous one for Munyai but in the end he retains his WBA Pan African title. At 5’9” Munyai has height and reach over most opponents and this was no exception. However, Quartey just ignored those facts and plowed into Munyai from the first bell. Munyai was under pressure and finding it difficult hold the Ghanaian off and get any punching room. It got worse in the fourth round when Quartey put Munyai down with a right. The referee was unsighted and called it a slip. Munyai knew it was a knockdown and his legs were wobbling when he was put down again by an uppercut and he only just beat the count and saw out the round. The pace he had been setting began to take its toll on Quartey and in the sixth, as he tired Munyai, shook him badly with a right and from then on was finally able to find room to use his reach and upper body movement to defend or deflect the swings from the Ghanaian. Munyai was on top, but the finish was controversial. In the ninth Munyai got through with some big rights and drove a reeling Quartey into a corner. Munyai threw another hard right which he though was the finisher and he turned away to start celebrating only to find Quartey still upright and full of fight. Munyai went back to the attack and landed another series of punches and the referee stopped the fight even though Quartey was punching back. The 28-year-old former undefeated Commonwealth champion has lost only one of his last eight fights and that was a paper thin decision to Christian Esquivel for the WBC Silver title in Mexico in 2010. With only one fight in 2011 and one in 2012 he needs to be more active. All of the 22-year-old Quartey’s wins have come by KO/TKO but that is deceptive as 11 of his opponents had never won a fight. But he showed strength and aggression here.


Holland, USA: Light Welter: Juan Garcia (15-1) W TKO 1 Jeremy Marts (9-15).

“Johnny” Garcia makes short work of very late substitute Marts. Garcia went after Marts from the first and virtually ended the fight when he put Marts down with a right uppercut. Marts was down three more times and the fight was stopped. Now ten wins by KO/TKO for 31-year-old Holland boxer and second win inside a round since loss to Angelo Santana in November.  Now 3 losses in his last 4 fights for Marts.


June 2


Santiago, Chile: Super Fly: Miguel Gonzalez (16-0) W KO 7 Reginaldo Carvalho (20-15-1). Heavy: Chauncy Welliver (55-7-5) W TKO 3 Saul Farah (43-17-3). Heavy: Billy Wright (40-4) W KO 1 Guido Santana (13-6-2).

Gonzalez vs. Carvalho

“The Needle”, currently the top boxer in Chile, wins the vacant South American title with a kayo of Brazilian. Gonzalez was much the better fighter technically and also more accurate with his shots. By the seventh the soft-chinned Carvalho was ready to go and Gonzalez put him down and out. Only the fifth win by KO/TKO for the 23-year-old Gonzalez. Carvalho was coming off a one round loss in France in October and this was loss No 12 by KO/TKO.

Welliver vs. Farah

Welliver comes in as a late substitute at just a couple of days notice but is too good for Bolivian. Welliver was able to take his time and pick his shots. He floored Farah in each of the first two rounds and after another knockdown in the third the fight is stopped. The 30-year-old “Hillyard Hammer”  was just too big and too good for Farah. Have bags will travel. In his last four fight Welliver has fought in China, Japan (losing in both), Montana and now Chile. Farah had lost only one of his last 15 fights, but nine of those opponents had never won a fight, and the rest were little better.

Wright vs. Santana

Big “Bronco” takes only 65 seconds to flatten Bolivian Santana in a rubbish match. The 6’4” Wright is 48 and turned pro back in 1986. In the early 1990’s he was stopped by both Michael Moorer and Frans Botha, and in 1998 was blown away inside a round by Tony Tucker. He had only one fight between 1999 and 2011 since when he has scored seven stoppage wins. He won the WBC Latino (he’s from Utah!) and the interim PABA titles by stopping Farah in two rounds in November. He has 21 first round wins and is rated No 38 by the WBC, but we are talking a slimmed-down Eric Esch here. Santana, 37, was having his first fight in 14 months and lasted just 66 seconds against Alex Ustinov in 2011.


Shizuoka, Japan: Straw: Ryuji Hara (15-0 W PTS 10 Shuhei Ito (12-3-1). Hara retains his national title for the second time and preserves his world rating with decision over his No 4 challenger Ito. The former jockey was slow out of the gate and Ito built an early lead. Haru eventually imposed himself on the fight as he threw fast, accurate counters and took command as Ito failed to use his advantages in height and reach. Ito staged a big rally in the seventh but Haru withstood the pressure and scored with countering left hooks on the way to a unanimous decision. Scores 97-94 from all three judges. Haru had halted Ito in five rounds back in 2010.


East London, South Africa: Feather: Lusanda Komanisi (14-3) W TKO 8 Nkosana Sobethu (23-13-2).  Komanisi wins final eliminator for national title as he halts No 1 Sobethu. Now ten wins in a row for Komanisi nine of those wins by KO/TKO. Southpaw Sobethu had won his last five fights but has been unsuccessful in three shots at the South African super fly title.


Soweto, South Africa: Cruiser: Daniel Bruwer (23-5-1) W TKO 11 Fikile Nyalunga (3-2-1). After 4 losses in his last 5 fights Bruwer badly needed a win and was a hot favourite. The favourite nearly fell at the second hurdle. Bruwer was disregarding defence as he pressurised Nyalunga through the first round. He was doing the same in the second and was nailed with a right to the jaw which put him down heavily. He beat the count but was still shaky and only just lasted the round. Some thumps from Bruwer got through in the following rounds and Nyalunga’s right eye began to close. Nyalunga nearly ended the fight in the eighth as he again hammered Bruwer with a right which sent the former South African light heavy champion down. Once again Bruwer showed guts and determination to get up and see out the round. It was after this that the lack of experience of Nyalunga came into play. He had never fought beyond four rounds so this was uncharted territory for him. He had put in so much effort early that he had very little left and in the eleventh Bruwer scored two knockdowns on the exhauster Nyalunga and the fight was stopped. Bruwer wins the national title at his second attempt. The 6’3” (190cm) “Billy The Kid” has 20 wins by KO/TKO and his only loss inside the distance was to Alex Alekseev. Nyalunga (local sources give his record as 5-2-2 now) boxed well in this one until he ran out of gas and could come again with a bit more experience.