Weekly Report

January 10 - 11 2014

January 10


Detroit, MI, USA: Welter: Lanardo Tyner (31-8-2) W TKO 12 Angel Hernandez (16-13-1). Tyner pulls out last gasp win. After flooring Hernandez briefly in the second round Tyner then found Hernandez taking the lead with hard counters to the ever advancing Tyner. Over the second half of the fight it turned into a war with both fighters just throwing bombs and generally ignoring defence. Hernandez built a lead and was on his way to a win at the end of the eleventh. Late in the twelfth Tyner landed a brutal right which put Hernandez down heavily. He made it to his feet but the referee decided he was too groggy to continue and stopped the fight-with one second remaining.  The 38-year-old Detroit “Pain Server” wins the US version of the WBU title-if there is such a thing. After 4 losses in a row in 2011/12 Tyner has rebounded with six wins, five by KO/TKO. Hernandez, 29, is 2-10-1 in his last 13 fights but nearly had this one in the bag


Tacoma, WA, USA: Light Welter: Zahir Raheem (35-3,1ND) W PTS 10 Bayan Jargal (17-5-3). Super Feather: Juan A Rodriguez (26-4) W PTS 8 Yenifel Vicente (25-2-2). Heavy: Lateef Kayode (20-0,1ND) W TKO 6 Jonte Willis (9-8-1).

Rahman vs. Jargal

The “Z-Man” boxes his way to comfortable if uninspiring win over Mongolian. Raheem had too much movement and skill for the limited Jargal. He was able to build a good lead using quick straight punches and having no trouble dealing with the swings of Jargal. Raheem seemed to injure his hand late on the fight and the Mongolian came into over the closing rounds but was unable to eat into the lead built by Raheem. Scores 99-91 twice and 97-93. The 37-year-old Rahman, a former Olympian, at his peak beat guys such as Erik Morales, Luisito Espinosa and Rodney Jones but lost to Acelino Freitas for the vacant WBO light title and suffered a bad kayo against South African Ali Funeka in 2008. Jargal, 31, represented Mongolia at the 2003 and 2005 World Championships. He is 2-4-1 in his last 7 fights.

Rodriguez vs. Vicente

Tall Mexican southpaw Rodriguez had height and reach against Dominican Vicente and was working behind his jab and trying to walk down Vicente. The Dominican had a good first round and after that relied on speedy in and out attacks. In the third Rodriguez rushed Vicente back to the ropes and the Dominican tumbled through the ropes onto the ring apron. He got back inside the ropes and the referee indicated that it was a fall rather than a knockdown. Rodriguez continued the pressure with Vicente trying to turn things around with a big effort over the last two rounds. Rodriguez looked a clear winner, but had to settle for a majority decision. Scores 77-75 twice and 76-76. First fight in the USA for Mexican Rodriguez and his 10th win in his last 11 fights-losing only to Billy Dib in July 2012. Vicente, really a just a super bantam, came in as a late substitute after Arash Usmanee pulled out with a sprained ankle. His only other loss was against Chris Avalos in 2012.

Kayode vs. Willis

Kayode just too strong for limited Willis. Making his debut as a heavyweight the Nigerian alternated between just hiding behind a high guard and letting Willis bang away with two-handed flurries which lacked power, and driving Willis back with a hard jab and then landing hard shots to head and body. Willis was noticeably tiring by the fourth and although he kept getting through with flurries from both hands they were arm punches and Kayode was able to ignore them. In the sixth Kayode was battering Willis around the ropes and with nothing coming back the referee halted the fight. Kayode, 30, look strong but crude and Willis, 30, with 7 losses in his last 8 fights lacked the power to be any danger.


Borbon, Philippines: Fly: Jason Canoy (17-4-2) W KO 1 Aroel Romasasa (11-6). Feather: Jason Redondo (8-2-1) W TKO 9 Bonnie Makiling (4-5).

Canoy vs. Romasasa

“Dodong” Canoy wins the vacant PBF title with first round kayo of Romasasa. The 23-year-old local ended the fight with one wicked body shot. Canoy, already the winner of the PBF super fly title, is No 9 light fly with the GAB. After being unbeaten in his first 13 fights he is 5-4-1 in his last 10. Six losses in a row for Romasasa, 5 by KO/TKO.

Redondo vs. Makiling

Redondo wins the vacant PBF title with stoppage of Makiling. The 19-year-old southpaw makes it 7 wins by KO/TKO as he rebounds from loss to Jimmy Paypa in September. His other loss was to Eman Labanza for the vacant PBF super feather title in 2012.


Lad Sawai, Thailand: Super Feather: Terdsak (52-4-1) W PTS 12 Mark Sales (20-36-3).  Straw: Samartlek (15-4) W PTS 12 Jimmy Masangkay (4-3-1)

Terdsak vs. Sales

Nothing fight sees WBA No 13 Terdsak win very wide unanimous decision against fellow southpaw Sales. Scores 120-108 twice and 118-108 as Terdsak retains the interim PABA title. Terdsak, 32, has lost to Joan Guzman (IBF eliminator), Juan Manuel Marquez (interim WBO feather), Steve Luevano (WBO feather title) and Takahiro Ao (WBC super feather title). Other than those fights his wins have been over modest, at best, Indonesian and Filipinos. Sales, although having a good chin, is typical being rated GAB No 14 at feather,

Samartlek vs. Masangkay

Terrible matching sees WBA No 13 Samartlek win wide unanimous decision over Filipino novice. Scores 118-108 twice and 119-109. Samartlek, 29, retains the PABA title and makes it 7 wins in a row against awful opposition. Just a six round prelim fighter, Masangkay loses for the third time in a row.


January 11


Sart Tilman, Belgium: Feather: Alex Miskirtchian (24-2-1) W PTS 12 Sofiane Takoucht (27-3-1). Cruiser: Geoffrey Battelo (27-5) W KO 5 Mario Lakatos (3-2). Cruiser: Bilal Laggoune (13-0-1) W PTS 6 Tamas Bajzath (8-8-1).

Miskirtchian vs. Takoucht

Armenian-born Belgian Miskirtchian wins an IBF final eliminator for the right to challenge Evgeny Grachev for the title. As in their previous fight this was scored a close one with Miskirtchian getting a majority decision, but looking to have done enough to get a unanimous verdict. From the outset Miskirtchian was coming forward getting inside the longer reach of Takoucht and banging away to the body. The Belgian was forcing the Frenchman to fight on the back foot and Takoucht took three rounds to get his right jab working and get into the fight. The pattern was the same round after round with Miskirtchian coming forward and landing hard hooks to the body with both hands and Takoucht countering with his jab and straight rights. From the mid point Takoucht finally upped his workrate and although still on the back foot was getting off first with his jab and left hand counters. The pattern stayed the same over the closing rounds with Miskirtchian still coming forward and getting inside to score with hooks to the body and Takoucht circling in reverse for most of the time and scoring with his right jab and short bursts from both hands. In the end the higher work rate of Miskirtchian made the difference. Scores 117-111, 115-113 and 114-114. The 28-year-old Miskirtchian, IBF 3 (1), had beaten Takoucht on a split decision in 2011 to take the Frenchman’s European title. He relinquished the European title to concentrate on this eliminator. If he gets the title shot he will be only the third Belgian since the war to challenge for a world title following Jean-Pierre Coopman (1976 vs. Muhammad Ali ) and Jean Marc Renard  (1989 vs. Antonio Esparragoza for the WBA feather). Takoucht, 28, the IBF 5(3), had run up 6 wins and a technical draw after losing to Miskirtchian in 2011.

Battelo vs. Lakatos

Despite being shaken in the first round veteran Battelo eventually took charge and knocked out Slovenian-based Lakatos in the fifth. The 34-year-old former Belgian champion is way past his best and is rebuilding with this being his second win after a run of three losses by KO/TKO . Lakatos, 24, was a very late fill-in.

Laggoune vs. Bajzath

Belgian champion Laggoune took a little while to warm-up but was too good for modest Hungarian Bajzath. Scores 60-54, 60-55 and 60-56. The 21-year-old has yet to be really tested.


Levallois-Perret, France: Super Middle: Samy Anouche (15-1-1) W TKO 4 Attila Palko (17-10). Light Heavy: Mehdi Amar (26-4) W PTS 6 Hugo Kasperski (21-5-1). Light Welter; Denis Farias (17-5-2) W PTS 6 Renald Garrido (10-7).

Anouche vs. Palko

Anouche, the official challenger for the French title, and EBU No 16, just punched too hard for Hungarian Palko. Anouche was stalking Palko for the first two rounds and caught up with him in the third when a right/left hook combination put Palko. He was on the floor again before the end of the round. After another body punch put Palko down in the fourth the fight was stopped. The 28-year-old Anouche was coming off a good win over Hugo Kasperski and has a win over George Groves from his amateur days. Now 6 losses by KO/TKO for 27-year-old Palko and he has lost 5 of his last 6 fights.

Amar vs. Kasperski

A good little scrap saw veteran Amar get a deserved split decision over Kasperski. It was the skill and strong jab of Amar against the aggression of Kasperski. This one had plenty of action and looked to be anyone’s fight after four rounds but Amar kept his boxing together and did enough to have the edge. Scores 58-55, 57-56 and 56-58. Amar, 31, a former French super middle champion, is FFB No 4 light heavy and has won 7 of his last 8 fights. Kasperski, 26, a former undefeated WBC Youth champion, was 17-1 in his first 18 fights, but is 4-4-1 in his last 9. He is FFB No 3 super middle.

Farias vs. Garrido

Farias had the superior skills and was able to blunt the attacks of the Corsican-based Garrido. Farias was able to keep Garrido on the outside and frustrated him enough for Garrido to be deducted a point in the last for a foul. Scores 59-55, 59-56 and 58-56. A loss would have cost the 26-year-old local his position as official contender for the French title . The FFB have called for purse offers by April for his challenge to Chaquib Fadli. Garrido, 30, the FFB No 8 has now lost 3 in a row.


Tokyo, Japan: Light: Masayoshi Nakatani (7-0) W PTS 12 Yoshitaka Kato (26-5-1). Super Bantam: Yukinori Oguni (12-1) W TKO 8 Yuki Fujimoto (7-3-1).

Nakatani vs. Kato

The lanky Nakatani belies his inexperience to take an upset majority decision over WBC/WBO No 10 Kato. Nakatani took the fight to Kato in the early rounds and built a lead. Kato got into the fight over the middle rounds with Nakatani suffering a cut on his right eyebrow and being badly hurt by a shot in the seventh. Despite this Nakatani still held a two point lead on all cards after the eighth round. They both fought hard over the closing four and despite his cut Nakatani staged a strong finish to extend his lead and secure the verdict. Scores 116-112 twice and 114-114. The 5’11” (180cm), 24-year-old Nakatani wins Kato’s OPBF title and will get a world rating. He has good punching power, 5 wins by KO/TKO, and with his physical advantages looks a good prospect. Kato, 29, had won nine in a row.

Oguni vs. Fujimoto

Oguni too good for Fujimoto. The former OPBF champion handed out a one-sided beating to his defensive minded opponent and forced the stoppage in the eighth. The 25-year-old gets his second win since dropping his OPBF title against Shingo Wake in an upset in March. First ten round fight and first loss inside the distance for 29-year-old Fujimoto.


Tijuana, Mexico: Light Welter: Antonio DeMarco (30-3-1) W TKO 2 Jesus Gurrola (20-563). Light Welter: Abner Lopez (17-3) W PTS 10 Humberto Mauro Gutierrez (29-5-2). Light Middle: Rodrigo Garcia (15-0) W KO 4 Claudinei Lacerda (16-10).

DeMarco vs. Gurrola

The former WBC light champion almost ended this in the first. He scored with heavy shots from both hands and drove Gurrola to the ropes with a right. Gurrola’s knee touched the canvas and he was given a count. He lasted to the bell but was already showing a cut on the bridge of his nose and a swelling on his left cheek. In the second Gurrola came out swinging but a left cross sent him reeling into the ropes. He was under pressure for a while but then came forward again swinging more punches. Demarco pushed him back with his right jab and a long, straight left dumped Gurrola down in a corner. He made it to his feet but then spat out a bloody gum shield and the referee stopped the fight. Now 22 wins by KO/TKO for the 27-year-old southpaw who gets his second win in the higher division after losing his WBC title to Adrien Broner in November 2012. He had Freddy Roach in his corner for this one. In the crazy sanctioning body world DeMarco is now not rated in the top 15 by any of the four major bodies! “Pantera” Gurrola was no patsy with a draw against Jorge Paez Jr. and wins over Abner Lopez and in his last fight over Armando Robles (23-2-2).

Lopez vs. Gutierrez  

The above named Lopez came through with a career best win as he took a split decision over former interim WBC feather champion Humberto Gutierrez in an all-action scrap. Lopez went after Gutierrez from the bell and the both parked defence back in their corner. They were just blasting away in a battle of attrition with the youth of Lopez allowing him to absorb what was coming his way and the strength of Gutierrez helping him in the trenches. In the heat of battle they just kept punching away after the bell three times during the fight and both lost a point for various infractions with Gutierrez’s sin being to split his gum shield out to find some respite. Lopez got the nod on scores of 97-93 and 96-93 with one judge giving it to Gutierrez 95-94. The 23-year-old, 5’10” (178cm) local prospect has won 8 of his last 9 fights. Gutierrez, 25, has put on a bit of weight since losing his interim WBC title to Takahiro Ao in 2011 and is now 1-3-1 in his last 5 fights.

Garcia vs. Lacerda

US-based Mexican prospect Garcia gets an inside the distance win in his first scheduled eight round fight. The 24-year-old handed out punishment to the out-powered Brazilian in each of the first three rounds opening a cut on the bridge of his nose and bringing out a swelling under his left eye. In the fourth Garcia had Lacerda trapped on the ropes and unloaded with three hard head shots. Lacerda was throwing nothing back and the referee halted the fight. Now 10 wins by KO/TKO for Garcia. Lacerda, 33, is 2-8 in his last 10 fights.


Veracruz, Mexico: Light Fly: Ramon Garcia Hirales (20-4-1) W PTS 10 Lionel Mark Duran (11-9-2). Bantam: Tomas Rojas (42-14-1,1ND) W KO 8 Vergel Nebran (11-7-1). Super Feather: Nery Saguilan (27-4-1) W PTS 10 Adones Aguello (20-8-2).

Garcia vs. Duran

Southpaw Garcia has the skill to handle the attacks of the Filipino and is never really troubled as he boxes his way to a wide unanimous decision. “The Prince” controlled the fight with his right jab and although Duran kept advancing he was never really able to throw the former WBO light fly champion out of his stride and Garcia boxed his way to a wide unanimous decision. The 31-year-old Garcia suffered back-to-back losses to Donnie Nietes for the WBO title and Roman Gonzalez for the WBA title but has bounced back with four wins including a kayo of former WBC title challenger Juan Hernandez (22-2). He is now hoping for a shot at WBC light fly champion Adrian Hernandez. He is WBC6 fly and WBA/WBO 7 light fly. Duran, 22, is 2-7-1 in his last 10 fights.

Rojas vs. Nebran

Former WBC super fly champion “Gusano/Worm” Rojas gets controversial win over game Filipino. Southpaw Rojas was going all out for the kayo win with Nebran willing to stand and trade. The Mexican had Nebran down in the first with a couple of hooks to the body. The Filipino was down again in the sixth and despite Nebran being competitive it was obvious the fight would not go the full ten rounds. Rojas ended it in the eighth with a left uppercut which put Nebran down and out, but the uppercut looked to have landed very low. Third win for 33-year-old hometown fighter Rojas since losing to Shinsuke Yamanaka for the WBC bantam title in November 2012, and win No 28 by KO/TKO. Nebran, 24, loses inside the distance for the first time.

Saguilan vs. Aguello

Saguilan used a sustained body attack to win this one. Filipino Aguello was trying to match Saguilan and refusing to be driven back even though did not have the power to match the Mexican and was under a constant barrage of body hooks in ever round. Despite this the Filipino scored time and again with counters staying in the fight to the end and making it close. The pressure, firepower and higher punch rate saw Saguilan get a unanimous decision. Scores 96-94 twice and 97-93. The 25-year-old “Panther” won his first 22 fights but is 5-4-1 in his last 10. He had energy to burn as he staged a dance with two of the ring card girls to celebrate his win. Aguello, also 25, the GAB No 2, tried hard to match Saguilan but was outworked and out punched. He was 5-1-1 in his last 7 fights coming in.


Mandaluyong City, Philippines: Super Fly: Sonny Boy Jaro (35-13-5) W KO 1 Charlie Cabilla (13-13-4). Light Fly: Florante Condes (26-8-1) W TKO 1Mazon Cabilla (9-11-1). Light Fly: Jomar Fajardo (13-4-1) W TKO 3 Robel Villegas (9-8).

Jaro vs. Cabilla

Former WBC fly champion Jaro gets a much needed win as he nails Cabilla early and puts him down twice for a kayo win after just 2:22 of the first round. The 31-year-old “Sonny Boy” makes it 25 wins by KO/TKO. His big night was his sixth round stoppage of Pongsaklek Wonjongkam for the WBC title in March 2012 but he reigned for only four months before losing his title on a split decision to Toshiyuki Igarashi. Last year he suffered two defeats against modest opposition so needed to bounce back. He wins the vacant Asian Boxing Federation title (ABF). Cabilla came in as a late sub and this was his sixth loss by KO/TKO in his last 7 fights.

Condes vs. Cabilla

Former IBF straw champion Condes was even quicker than Jaro as he floored and halted his Cabilla in 2:13 of the first round. The 33-year-old “Genius” was also badly in need of a victory after 3 losses in a row including an unsuccessful challenge against Hekkie Budler for the IBO title in 2012. He is now 3-4 in his last 7 fights. Cabilla, another substitute, has six losses and a technical draw in his last 7 outings. Both Cabillas were late replacements for opponents that the GAB had ruled out as not being good enough!

Fajardo vs. Villegas

“Wallopman” Fajardo made it a trio of quick wins on the night as he halted Villegas in three rounds. After dominating the first two rounds Fajardo put Villegas down twice with left hooks in the third to force the stoppage. The 21-year-old, the GAB No 5, collects the vacant ABF title and has 6 wins by KO/TKO.  Southpaw Villegas, 26, had won 4 of his previous 5 but was stopped in five rounds in his last fight by Jerson Mancio for the GAB title and is currently GAB No 14.


Malvinas, Argentinas, Argentina: Light: Roman R Reinoso (12-1-1) W TKO 8 Isaias S Sampaio (15-9). Reinoso easily beats Brazilian Sampaio to win the vacant WBC Mundo Hispano title. The Argentinian scored heavily with hooks and crosses from the start and floored Sampaio with a right cross in the fourth. “22 Volts” kept up the pressure in the fifth and sixth. In the seventh the Brazilian was floored again by a right to the chin and later in the round by a left hook to the body. Sampaio was finished and did not come out for the eighth round. Reinoso, 25, the FAB No 5, makes it 6 wins by KO/TKO and he has 8 wins a draw in his last 9 fights. Sampaio, 27, holds a version of the Brazilian title but this was his 7th loss by KO/TKO.


Mexico City, Mexico: Light Welter: Edgar Ortega (12-1) W KO 5 Arturo Gomez (20-23-5).  “Baby” Ortega makes a successful step-up to ten round status with a kayo of experienced Gomez. Ortega had Gomez in trouble early but it was the fifth before he ended the fight. A left hook to the body put Gomez down and he was unable to beat the count. Now 10 wins by KO/TKO for Ortega including 6 in his last 7 fights. Gomez is 2-9 in his last 11 fights.



ABC=Asian Boxing Council an affiliate of the WBC

ABF=Asian Boxing federation. I assume this is an affiliate of the IBF

ABU=African Boxing Union an affiliate of the WBC

ANBF=Australian National Boxing Federation who administer Australian titles

BBB of C=British Boxing Board of Control

BBB of C Southern/Central/Midlands/Scottish Area etc. British Area titles

BDB= Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer one of the German boxing bodies

B & H=Bosnia & Herzegovina

BSA=Boxing South Africa responsible for administering boxing in South Africa

CBC=Commonwealth Boxing Council a sanctioning body for titles competed for citizens of Commonwealth countries

CISBB-WBC title covering the rump of the USSR and the Slovenian Boxing Board

DRC=Democratic Republic of the Congo

EBU=European Boxing Union

FAB=Argentinian Boxing Federation

FFB=French Boxing Federation

GAB=Philippines Games & Amusement Board responsible for administering boxing in the Philippines

IBA=International Boxing Association a sanctioning body

IBF=International Boxing Federation a sanctioning body

IBO=International Boxing Organisation

JBC =Japanese Boxing Commission

NABA=North American Boxing Association, a WBA affiliate

NABF=North American Boxing Federation a WBC affiliate

NABO= North American Boxing Organisation, a WBO affiliate

NGG=US National Golden Gloves

NZPBF=New Zealand Professional Boxing Federation a national sanctioning body

OPBF=Orient & Pacific Boxing Federation

PABA=Pacific & Asian Boxing Association, a WBA affiliate

PBF=Philippines Boxing Federation, a sanctioning body in the Philippines

UBO=Universal Boxing Organisation a sanctioning body

USBA= United States Boxing Association, an IBF affiliate

USBO=United States Boxing Organisation

WBA=World Boxing Association a sanctioning body

WBC=World Boxing Council a sanctioning body

WBFed=World Boxing Federation, a sanctioning body

WBFound=World Boxing Foundation, a sanctioning body

WBU=World Boxing Union, a sanctioning body


IBF WBA Rating=Both bodies leave vacancies in their ratings so when showing a IBF or WBA rating for a fighter where there is a vacant position ahead of them in the rankings which affects his rating I will put his numerical rating i.e. No 6 and in brackets and his rating based on the number of fighters ahead of him so IBF 6 (5) shows his numerical position is 6 but there are in fact only 5 fighters listed ahead of him due to one or more of the higher rating positions being vacant.